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Black life of Black America. Racial overtones of social inequality in the United States

US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump in one of his regular speeches touched on the social situation of the African American population. So, he stressed that African Americans live in poverty, and schools that teach African American children "are no good." Hillary Clinton, in the event of her victory in the presidential election, will provide more jobs for refugees from the Middle East than African Americans who "became refugees in their own country."

Of course, Donald Trump's words are just words. In an attempt to gain support for African-American voters, Trump will continue to promise them to improve their lives if they win the election. But as for the social status of the African-American population, there is no doubt about the truth of Mr. Trump’s words. African Americans are indeed a socially disadvantaged group of the American population - and this despite the fact that they are not immigrants, not immigrants or refugees.

Black life of Black America. Racial overtones of social inequality in the United States

Despite the fact that in the United States, the equality of the white and black population is declared in every way, the socio-economic situation of African Americans is virtually unchanged. Moreover, measures to “eliminate discrimination” are almost exclusively outreach. For example, the use of the word "negro" in the United States has become interpreted almost as a crime, as discrimination against blacks, but at the same time millions of African Americans live in total poverty and in order to get them out of this state, the American authorities do not take any steps. Thousands of films with a positive black hero can be made, special tolerance courses can be introduced into school programs, even a black one can be made president of the country — but in the absence of real measures to eliminate unemployment, increase education, increase wages, all these propaganda steps turn into empty air shaking. There is no correlation between black President Barack Obama and the millions of masses of the socially deprived population of American cities. Some experts speak of modern American policy towards the black population as “positive discrimination”. Now, they prefer not to talk about discrimination of blacks in the United States, ignoring the very fact of the deepest social and economic problems that are associated with the situation of the African American population.

One of the most important manifestations of the true social status of African Americans in the US is economic inequality. So far, African Americans, on average, are much poorer than members of other ethnic and racial groups of the American population. This is due to the conservation of poverty in African American communities. Poverty is inherited, poverty delays, becomes a major obstacle to social mobility. Many African Americans have achieved success in the US - they are present in politics, in business, in sports, in culture. But the majority of African-American countries still remain much poorer than whites. And the poverty of the African-American population is growing, not decreasing. This is facilitated by the specificity of the development of the American economy. As the market demand for unskilled labor declines, more and more African Americans who do not have a normal education remain at the top of the eternal unemployed. If in 2000 the median income of an African American household was 64% of the household income of white Americans, then eleven years later, in 2011, it was already 58% of the median income of the white household. That is, the income of the African-American population has decreased by an average of 6%. In four years, from 2005 to 2009, the gap in the financial well-being of African Americans and whites has widened. If in 2005, African Americans had eleven times smaller assets than whites, in 2009 they already had twenty times smaller assets.

Total poverty forces many African Americans to depend on social assistance from government and charitable organizations. At the same time, it is worth dispelling the illusions of some Russians, who believe that the size of social assistance in the United States is very significant, and the majority of African Americans live exactly on benefits. This is nothing more than speculation. In the end, it is profitable for the American leadership, since the entire responsibility for the social and economic situation of black people in this case is shifted from the state to the African Americans themselves - say, the state does everything it can, pays benefits, and blacks are lazy and do not want work. In fact, in the US, approximately 14 million people receive free social assistance. Of these, 65% are children and adolescents. That is, two-thirds of social assistance comes from helping children from low-income families. As a matter of fact, what else can children live for if not for benefits if their parents are either absent or unable to earn? Most of the remaining 35% of recipients of social assistance are women. And this is not only African-American, but also white. There are even more whites - 38% versus 37% African Americans. The remaining recipients of social assistance are representatives of other racial and ethnic groups, including Hispanics, Asians, and Indians.

Economic inequality among African Americans is exacerbated by social inequality. At one time, the famous French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu wrote about three types of capital - economic, social and cultural. Social and cultural capitals are no less important, since it is their possession that allows families to provide education and careers for their children. For the African American population of the USA, with rare exceptions, social and cultural capital is minimal. Nowadays, over 70% of African-American children are born out of formal marriage. It is clear that most of them are then brought up in single-parent families, where the only breadwinner is the mother. For comparison - only 25% of white children are born out of official marriage. Naturally, this fact alone has a huge impact on the social situation of the African-American population, determining the future of most children at the bottom of the social hierarchy of American society.

Social inequality between African Americans and whites is a natural consequence of the discriminatory policies implemented in the first half of the twentieth century. After all, the abolition of segregation in the United States occurred only in the 1960-s, thanks to an active social movement on the one hand, and a complex international situation on the other. In a country that today is trying to impersonate the stronghold of world democracy, a few decades ago, there was officially confirmed inequality of the rights of representatives of different races. Until now, white and black Americans consider themselves to be representatives of different social groups. African-Americans have their own identity, which in some aspects not only does not overlap with the identity of the whole American, but also contradicts it. What is, for example, the mass distribution among black Americans of Islam. To some extent, the acceptance of Islam was considered by many African Americans as a way to emphasize their “otherness”, belonging not to the world of European culture, associated with Christianity, but to the African-Arab world. However, most African Americans still profess Christianity, although many of them belong to purely African American church communities, which also practically do not overlap with the world of "whites."

For African-American culture is characterized by emphasizing the differences between African Americans and whites. To a certain extent, we are dealing with "vice versa racism." The ideologists of African-American social and political movements in the first half - mid-twentieth century. they tried to develop their own concepts, explaining the differences between blacks and whites and even some superiority of blacks over whites. Africans were prescribed a great sensuality, intuitiveness, unlike the representatives of the Caucasians. In the period of the decolonization of the African continent, the ideas of "African exclusivity" were raised on the shield by many politicians who came to power in African countries. These ideas, in particular, suggest a critical attitude to the achievements of European civilization, which is regarded as less humane than the civilizations of the African continent. Of course, the inhabitants of the African-American "ghettos" in the United States do not think about such high matters, but they draw a line of distinction from whites quite clearly. For example, in the midst of African-American adolescents, the image of a school honors student, a guy or a girl plodding over textbooks and linking their future activities with mental work, is not popular.

In African-American adolescents, another model for achieving success in life is more popular, associated at best with a sports or musical career, and at worst simply with crime. Many African-American children, even those who are capable from birth, deliberately do not show diligence in school, so as not to stand out from the general African-American environment and not to conflict with other blacks. About this, in particular, wrote George Akerlof in the work "Economics of Identity." But if white Akerlof could still be reproached with bias, then what about the findings of another researcher - the Nigerian sociologist John Ogbu, who moved to the USA and settled down to teach at the University of Berkeley in California? Ogbu even introduced the term “poor workout syndrome”, by which he characterizes the attitude of African-American children to learning. Moreover, even children from status and wealthy African-American families, who attend prestigious schools attended by representatives of various racial and ethnic groups, do not want to study. “Positive discrimination” also played a role in reinforcing such an attitude to learning - such children expect to go to colleges and universities for the benefits that exist for African Americans, without making special efforts. It turns out that if the children of the African-American intelligentsia reason this way, then what about the slum children?

Economic and social inequalities are combined with the social deprivation of the African-American population of the country. As is known, the percentage of the Negro population in the southern states that were once the strongholds of plantation slavery was the highest in terms of percentage. There is still a very large African-American population in such states as South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, which are considered the most "black" states of the United States. But an impressive number of African Americans live in major cities of the country, primarily in New York. In places of compact residence of African Americans, sociologists report a much worse standard of living than in areas inhabited by white Americans. “Negro quarters” are essentially social ghettos in which total poverty caused by unemployment, street crime, drug addiction and drug trafficking, alcoholism, prostitution flourish.

At one time, the US government tried to solve the problems of the slums in which African Americans lived, and began to build new residential areas. However, African-American high-rise neighborhoods have become even worse ghettos than old slums. Sociologist Sadhir Venkatesh notes that plans to improve the standard of living of the African-American population have actually failed. In the residential areas where African Americans live, the main problems were: overpopulation of apartments, poor and failing infrastructure of public utilities, mass poverty on the verge of poverty. Of course, in new areas there is also a high level of crime and drug addiction.

Social inequality among the African American population is also evident in the health sector. Since most African Americans belong to lower social strata, they simply do not have the money to take care of their health. Plus, the African-American lifestyle doesn’t help to improve medical performance. The average life expectancy of African-American men and women is lower by 5-7 years than the average life expectancy of white Americans. Diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are much more common among African Americans. Over 30% of African-American men and over 41% of women suffer from obesity, which indicates a poor-quality and unhealthy diet. With regard to the level of the spread of AIDS among the African American population, it is approaching the level of African countries. African Americans make up 48% of AIDS patients, while the proportion of African Americans in the total US population is 12,6%. Needless to say that high-quality medical services for the vast majority of African Americans are simply not available because of their high cost, and the culture of caring for their health is not developed in the African-American ghettos. Despite the fact that African-American families have a fairly high birth rate, the crisis of family values ​​in “black” America is much more pronounced. A huge number of children, as we noted above, are born out of wedlock; in fact, a typical African American family is a mother and children or a grandmother, a mother and children.

Periodically, real uprisings of African-Americans break out in the USA, the reason for which, as a rule, is the cruelty shown by the police. As a rule, the state resolves the issues of suppressing such actions toughly and promptly, without disdaining to use military force, including the introduction of tanks on the streets of rioting cities. At the same time, of course, the US authorities completely forget about pseudo-democratic demagogy applied to other countries. However, the violent suppression of protests does not mean that the problem of social and economic inequality of African Americans can be solved in this way. On the contrary, the situation of the African American population has an obvious tendency to a gradual deterioration, which will be especially noticeable after years, given the higher birth rate.

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  1. Danil Laryon
    Danil Laryon 11 October 2016 17: 51
    America is a country of racists, such was and will be.
    1. romandostalo
      romandostalo 12 October 2016 00: 06
      Protestant education!
    2. DarkMatter
      DarkMatter 12 October 2016 02: 06
      "I grew up in America. I liked my childhood, but as a teenager, I hated poverty. We live in hell, we live in a cesspool, we live in a military zone. And when you go out on the street, be prepared to be tied down immediately. This criminal element, which whites are afraid of, blacks are also afraid of him. While whites are waiting for the next draft law, we live side by side with murderers. All the criminals who are released, they are all here. Or that, since we are black, then have to get along? so what? we need protection too. "

      "Let's be logical. Let's say I know that in this hotel room they give food every day and I knock every day to eat, I open the door, I see a cheerful society, they gobble themselves, throw salami at each other, food is scattered everywhere, and I’m told that there is no food here! See? And so every day. I stand outside, trying to punch my way inside with a song: We are hungry, please give us something to eat, we are hungry, please give us something to eat! In about a week, the lyrics will change : We are starving, we need food! And after 2-3 weeks: Give me food or I will break the door! And after a year I pick up the key to the lock and all the doors open! Do you understand? It's just that a person has reached the handle. We don't want to ask anymore! We asked ten years ago, we asked with the panthers (1), we asked with the human rights movement, we asked! Now those who asked are either dead or in prison. And now what should we do? ... Ask? "
      (1) - (The Black Panther Party is an African-American left-wing organization whose goal was to promote the civil rights of the black population. It was active in the United States from the mid-1960s to the 1970s. In 1969, police conducted large-scale actions to destroy the state of emergency, which resulted in 28 leaders and hundreds of ordinary members arrested. - approx.)

      Here are a couple of quotes from the documentary "Tupac. Resurrection" about Tupac Amara Shakur, an African American who was known to the whole world and was killed in 1996, the killers or customers have not been found. The film is interesting, some corners are smoothed, but in general it shows the situation in America from this unsightly side. Who cares, there is on the Internet.

      It is completely clear that the situation there has not changed and has not changed for decades, everything is as it was, and it remains. The only transport you can ride is sitting in the common seats. And so people also live in a ghetto without light and water, and if they go out into the street, then either criminals or policemen kill them. There is no work, nothing.
      No positive films about blacks that immediately receive Oscars, no African presidents change anything. Obama is not African American, he is rich in color, it is the same as white, even worse.
      I recalled an example from the movie Tarantino Django Unchained, where the Negro was the manager of the house or something like that, so he hated nigga-slaves and did not relate himself to them at all.
      I don’t know what will happen next. This (protests) is happening there all the time for more than one year, not two, not ten, and not thirty. Why suddenly right now should this change something?
      The only thing that has changed is technology, the same twitter and YouTube can play a cruel joke and hit the creators. If earlier uprisings took place somewhere in one city, others either did not know about it, or the information was late and incomplete, contradictory, but now in an hour everyone will be in the know and everyone will see the shots of the murder and so on. The intensity in all places of tension will increase due to incidents in any other place. We will see.
    3. xetai9977
      xetai9977 12 October 2016 10: 24
      Article minus. The author decided to become a Negro lawyer. But he delicately circumvented the fact that the vast majority of prisoners in American prisons are blacks. And not because they were condemned, but because they are very aggressive. Let's face it, how many blacks are capable of intellectual labor? Are there many mathematicians, chemists, physicists, and designers among them? And they have a shorter life because they indulge more often with drugs: drinking, shooting and stabbing. And God forbid the white will be among the blacks!
      1. alex73s
        alex73s 12 October 2016 12: 26
        The author and all his sympathizers should be sent for a month to the black quarter in the USA, if they had survived they would have yelled differently. It is enough to read the opinion of Russian emigrants about blacks in the USA.

        Moreover, the author contradicts himself
        For example, among African-American teenagers, the image of a high school student, a guy or a girl, piling over textbooks and linking his future activities with mental work, is not popular.
        Among African-American teenagers, another model for achieving success in life is more popular, associated at best with a sports or music career, and at worst with a crime. Many African-American children, even capable of birth, deliberately do not show diligence in school, so as not to stand out from the general African-American environment and not to conflict with other blacks

        All questions why blacks live poorly in the USA disappear by themselves. For example, children of immigrants from Asia live in the same or worse conditions, but study like robots, therefore they are more successful. Both schools and hospitals were built in the black quarters, and almost no one went to schools from the age of 15, hospitals were constantly robbed, and as a result, black teachers and doctors were the first to fall down. Near the black quarters, where there was great unemployment, industrial facilities were built, but black did not go there to work.
  2. Uncle Murzik
    Uncle Murzik 11 October 2016 17: 56
    poor blacks, let them move to Russia, we have the largest unemployment benefit of 5600 rubles! wassat
    1. Gav-111
      Gav-111 12 October 2016 01: 26
      5600 rub? Yes, this is a lot for our provincial town. wink We have in Rybinsk (Yaroslavl region) - 4900 rubles. maximum.
    2. 3x3zsave
      3x3zsave 15 October 2016 22: 24
      Nafig-nafig, there are enough of our "visitors"
  3. Yak28
    Yak28 11 October 2016 18: 02
    In Russia, the local population of large cities, to put it mildly, dislikes visitors from Central Asia and the Caucasus, they are like Negroes to the USA, they have high crime rates, they try to bring different countries from their countries. Yes, and social inequality in Russia will give odds anything, the salary doesn’t correspond at all to work and labor, the difference between rich and poor, boss and subordinate, highly qualified specialist and clowns who flashed on TV every day in different shows or traders is simply enormous. And we are sorry for blacks who live better than most of our citizens laughing
    1. Falconmg
      Falconmg 12 October 2016 06: 34
      I agree with every word! I have not read the article to the end, but I don’t understand the purpose of this article at all. I will say for myself, well, for friends, whose friends I know. I was born and raised in the Kuban, I remember how many non-Russians lived in our village and how many Russian people. Since Soviet times, there have been several Armenian families on every street. Our neighbors from the left and from the right were Armenians, we lived together with them, I don’t remember being scandalized, arguing, etc. One of the neighboring families also worked in the village, some as a watchman, some as a cattleman, others were engaged in the garden. But in the 90s, after the collapse of the USSR, very, very many "other" Armenian families arrived. Of these, no one was already working, although there was still work until 2000. They were already engaged in taking old parts, washing them, painting them, and selling them as new. One man bought a launcher on a tractor, unscrewed a candle, turned it around, there is compression, it’s all shiny, he took it. Put on the tractor, it won’t start! He was tormented, he was tormented, dismantled, and the piston was wooden there)) These are the entrepreneurs from the Caucasus. We had a garden, without hesitation we could go into the garden with a cup and pick fruit, do you tell them that they were completely safe ?! In response, what do you feel sorry for, they just grow like that, and you have, but we don’t! In general, I can talk about this for a long time. The meaning is that those Armenians who lived in the village from the Soviet times, they were like hard workers, talked with Russians, they still live and work honestly, we communicate in the neighborhood, we can turn to each other for help, I respect them If you want to believe it or not, I don’t make a difference between a good Russian and a good Armenian. Those who "came in large numbers" in the 90s, 2000s, as they did nothing except scams and huckstering, and do not do, as they lived with their "camp" and live, there is practically no dialogue with the Russian population, the school is full akhtung, (sometimes I communicate with my school teachers). The markets have been squeezed, and they are still dictating to us Russian peasants at what price we should sell our tomatoes! We ourselves raised them, and at what price we want, at this price we sell them. And they outbid, they need to beat off their money, and they with their charter to another monastery ... In general, they both were "come in large numbers" for me, and remained, as I disliked them, and I do not like them, they are for me like blacks in America! I’ll just clarify that it’s not just the Armenian population that is fixated on, it’s just the Armenians who beat in our villages. I will always treat an honest, decent person equally well in the independence of his nationality. Since 2004 I have been living in Siberia, a Georgian flatmate, we don’t drink vodka together)) but as a person I respect him. For Siberia, I can also say that in 2004 the Asian and Caucasian population was almost not in the city, now all markets (clothes, fruits) are all under them, rights are shaking everywhere. More than once I heard bearded arrivals at sellers in a store just because they did not like how the seller answered their question. And to become for them in the middle of the road by car, having met his fellow countryman, open the window, turn on the emergency light and sit out of the cars and talk from the windows, stopping traffic on 2 lanes of 4 is the norm. You can consider me a nationalist, racist or anyone else. But I have always been biased and will treat those who have come in large numbers in comparison with the indigenous, what have these people given to the country? Why do we need to relate to them also, as to those whose ancestors died for this country, restored it after numerous wars, developed it? I think if you came to a foreign country, if you are not a scientist, a doctor, a skilled worker, in general, if there is no use for you, be so kind as to first earn and prove that you are worthy to be an equal citizen, now the situation is reversed. In general, to summarize, I, my friends, are overwhelmingly bad for Caucasians, especially since I’m coming from neighboring countries (Azerbaijanis, Tajiks) from those countries from where they drove the Russian brother into the 90s, and who now we go to us, and we we welcome them.
  4. maxim1987
    maxim1987 11 October 2016 19: 52
    Quote: Uncle Murzik
    poor blacks, let them move to Russia, we have the largest unemployment benefit of 5600 rubles! wassat

    they have Liberia. I've always loved how this topic was covered in Gone With the Wind.
  5. Sergey333
    Sergey333 11 October 2016 20: 03
    Let the monkeys loose in Africa, let them graze on palm trees, what other jobs do they have? Exploiting animals is inhumane.
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 11 October 2016 20: 18
      Quote: Sergey333
      Exploiting animals is inhumane.

      Do not equate people with animals. About a month ago I saw a brigade - two Uzbeks (or Tajiks), and a Negro. The foundation was poured under the garage. And they did it all. feel
      1. Sergey333
        Sergey333 11 October 2016 20: 29
        Quote: Mordvin 3
        And they did it all.

        A palm tree in place of a garage did grow ??? belay
        I explain my position: what makes a person human is not the ability to think (animals know how to do this or not) and the ability to fill the foundation in order to earn a banana, but such concepts as conscience, compassion, obligations to others. For Negroes, all this is absent or in its infancy.
        1. Mordvin 3
          Mordvin 3 11 October 2016 21: 32
          Quote: Sergey333
          A palm tree in place of a garage did grow ???

          No, the garage has grown. True, nursed, like, like, Dagestanis.
          Quote: Sergey333
          I explain my position

          And do not explain anything, I completely agree with you.
          Quote: Mordvin 3
          And they did it all.

          Can't you see sarcasm? wink
        2. Proton
          Proton 12 October 2016 02: 47
          And they also have no feelings? You shouldn’t be so, and a person is judged by his actions, and not by the fact that he can not, can or cannot.
  6. masiya
    masiya 11 October 2016 20: 29
    "In the United States, equality of the white and black population is declared in every possible way, the socio-economic position of African Americans practically does not change from this. Moreover, measures to" eliminate discrimination "are almost exclusively informational and propagandistic. For example, the use of the word" black "in the United States began to be interpreted almost as a crime, as discrimination against blacks, but at the same time, millions of African Americans live in total poverty and in order to get them out of this state, the American authorities are not taking any steps. You can make thousands of films with a positive black hero, introduce them into school programs for special courses on tolerance, even to make a black president of the country - but in the absence of real measures to eliminate unemployment, raise the level of education, increase wages, all these propaganda steps turn into just an empty concussion of the air between black president Barack Obama and m the millions of the socially deprived population of American cities, there is no relationship. "- well, after that, chalk what you want, one conclusion, not a fig in America it will not be better with blacks, and it is not necessary, there are Latinos and a lot of whites live below the plinth, and the authorities don't care, the main thing is that everything is quietly and calmly in the country, in the city, in the village, in the village ... and most importantly RUSSIA IS THE ENEMY ... that's all .. live and stay on your toes the citizens of the United States!
  7. Fox
    Fox 11 October 2016 20: 34
    author, replace "blacks" in the US with "gypsies" in Russia. and then think that they don't like gypsies so much in the Russian Federation. So and there: how many% are blacks in the US and how many% are in jails. Doesn't it remind you of anything? ...
    1. 1rl141
      1rl141 11 October 2016 21: 46
      Quote: Fox
      author, replace "blacks" in the US with "gypsies" in Russia

      It is impossible to equality between the two Roma and niggers. They can fill up black (police officer) and otmazatsya. And it’s difficult for us to do it. Our gypsies are generally chocolate!
  8. older
    older 11 October 2016 20: 55
    A Negro he is a Negro (what the hell is an African American? European Jew Antarcttidophin Australogrek? and they suffer. Whom to wish that ... Reconsider "Brother2" at your leisure ...
  9. older
    older 11 October 2016 20: 56
    Quote: Danil Larionov
    America is a country of racists, such was and will be.

    I hate racists too, even more than niggas wink But what inequality are we talking about? Let them master African virgin soil and not sit on subsidies, IMHO
  10. Chaos
    Chaos 11 October 2016 21: 11
    They don’t want to work, nor study.
  11. maxon106
    maxon106 11 October 2016 23: 06
    Urgently throw a cookie !!!
  12. Pupon63
    Pupon63 11 October 2016 23: 49
    The United States is already on the verge of collapse, isn’t it easier to push it to this? Or have you forgotten what the KGB is? Unleash a civil war there, as they know how! And let them thrash themselves to complete destruction !!! am
  13. igorspb
    igorspb 12 October 2016 00: 10
    I'm not a racist, I just don't like blacks ...
  14. akudr48
    akudr48 12 October 2016 01: 32
    In the foreseeable future, America will ensure a standard of living for all its citizens so that riots do not develop into a revolution. Including blacks (well, African-Americans), Latinos, ...

    Controlling the financial system of the dollar, in which Russia also participates, storing the currency in the Fed, America can always find a hundred or two billion to feed even loafers who have been sitting on the welfare for decades.

    What about cruelty, they kill blacks - violators in many cases, blacks are policemen, so nothing personal, no racism, just business ...
  15. Nova3054
    Nova3054 12 October 2016 02: 45
    I read the comments and wonder. We have intolerance at the top.
    Where I live there are not many immigrants and emigrants, so I have no special reason to be offended by them.
    It has always been that 20% of people spoil the image of 80%. Not all bad and not all mediocrity.

    The problem is not that emigrants take jobs anywhere, or rather, the problem is not in the emigrants themselves, but in the existing economic model of society. It is beneficial for the employer to take visitors, they can be paid less, and vacancies are usually not closed. The vast majority of TOPWAR readers are hardly eager to work as a janitor, including me.

    The main task is to assimilate emigrants in the society into which they are introduced. Completely, of course, it will not work, but they will have a clear understanding of the adaptive model of behavior in their business and social environment.
  16. Nova3054
    Nova3054 12 October 2016 02: 47
    What does the profession of a janitor have nothing wrong with, it is even very useful.
    If you press it and I go to work for them, it's easy.
    1. Simpsonian
      Simpsonian 12 October 2016 03: 12
      it's vryatli - they’ll take a Tajik ... supposedly because it’s cheaper, but in fact, to take a rollback from him at least half the salary, and ... so that you are pressed even more.
      1. Nova3054
        Nova3054 12 October 2016 03: 35
        Interesting opinion. But again, a Tajik citizen should be blamed for last, in this situation.

        Do not think that I live in pink glasses. Nobody has canceled the problem of capital outflow.
        Therefore, the task of state power to balance and regulate this area of ​​economic activity. And our task is not to yell at every corner that the citizens of Tajikistan are villains.
        1. Simpsonian
          Simpsonian 13 October 2016 07: 33
          This is not an opinion, it is actually so. Russian with Tajik citizenship will not be taken either; other Tajik citizens are quite aware that they are taking away work from Russians.
          To the Russians, up to the outflow of capital as to the door, this is generally not Russian capital, they do not have money, and so that they do not appear superfluous (and with them great opportunities), they are monitoring this.
          So far, the authorities are doing the opposite in this direction, entering all other countries only with jobs that are in short supply, and the advantage in hiring is given to locals, not visitors, and your task should not be to shut up on this issue.
  17. Alex66
    Alex66 12 October 2016 08: 03
    Until now, African Americans are on average far poorer than members of other ethnic and racial groups in the US. This is due to the conservation of poverty in African American communities. Poverty is inherited, poverty is addictive, it becomes a major obstacle to social mobility.
    Well, again, an article about the poor life of blacks in America, as in a joke about our collective farm, where they asked that the blacks did not eat up to send them. The author of the article is not a sin to travel through our dying villages, their inhabitants are not much different from blacks.
  18. Buffet
    Buffet 12 October 2016 10: 22
    Freedom to Black America laughing laughing
  19. Normal ok
    Normal ok 12 October 2016 16: 35
    There is only one way out for black Americans: to cut from the states to Russia, and to develop the "Far Eastern hectare" laughing
  20. fix
    fix 13 October 2016 13: 14
    The problem is perhaps not in the racial, but in the cultural difference between white and black Americans. It’s not enough to build houses, schools, hospitals. Culture is much more difficult to instill. Vaccinated mainly in the family. And at school, if there is an element of education (and not just educational services) + a collective.