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Results of the week. “A red flaky stick for you all on the collar ...”

A red flaky stick ... Get it - sign it ...

The formulations that appear on the lips of individual politicians on a wide variety of broadcasts look like poisonous arrows at opponents. “Second Caribbean Crisis”, “nuclear confrontation”, “sabering weapons"And something similar in the same vein has become almost a daily attribute of the recent discussion of Russian-American relations. And the wording of the main question of that and look rolling into the plane: "So what time is the beginning of the Third World War tomorrow?"

The words spoken by Igor Konashenkov in reply to Mr. Carter, Mr. Ernest, Mr. Kibri, and others, either to the gentlemen, or to the non-smiling person, were reminded of the 72 meters:
“Dear American friends, fluff your locators, listen to the free application to our telegraph:
Red flaky stump you all on the collar, in the cast-iron version of the Soviet government, so that the backstage does not get dirty and the head does not hang out. ”

As they say, neither subtract nor add: intelligibly, savory and with taste! ..

Direct and correct answer from the mouth of Konashenkov! Previously, somehow everyone apologized, they gave various explanations.
Now they said it would be like this and let the Americans scratch their turnips!

Gentlemen, we remember that the machine should be kept on stretched so that the molten metal does not drip onto the breech boots ...

Konashenkov said that in vain the Americans think that when they fly, they become invisible ... Stealth technology in its parameters is inferior to the spell "chur, I'm in the house" 35-40 percent.

Americans are afraid that the famous Syrian anti-aircraft gunners Ibn-Petrov and al-Ivanov might one day make a mistake.

Zarobitchano-visa problem in Kiev

On the wave of the conductor's wand, Ukrainian media resources, including Internet portals, radio stations and television channels, began to publish polls as to whether readers (listeners, viewers) support the initiative to introduce a visa regime with Russia.

The presented result: “in unison” ... The polls conducted among the Maidan ghoul who either does not want to understand the consequences of this decision for Ukraine itself, or simply fulfill the role of the talking head of the West, or (more likely) both one and the other showed : about two-thirds of the arms and legs for visa regime with the Russian Federation. True, the block of Petro Poroshenko speaks against. This is understandable: Petya is very annoying of the word “zarobitchane”, because those (not by word, but by deed) can famously return from their “Russian grandmothers” straight to Bankovaya and are unlikely to go to Europe for tourists - the local “grandmothers” are not so friendly as in Russia.

Comments from our readers:

The issue of visas is of course absurd. Kiev really controls the border of the LC and the DNI with Russia? Yes, with the mutual introduction of this, how many Ukrainian choppers will return to their homeland without income received from the aggressor and working for him. Well this is another Maidan, and the skipping rope is not reserved for future use, the old ones have skipped, but the new ones have not been prepared, again zrada.

The visa regime will lead to the need to resolve many issues:
1) immediately more jobs appear and order - and if anyone wants to stay in Russia, then let him draw up the documents in a legal manner.
2) people of military age will move to Europe at any cost and will work there with all their might - at the same time they will understand how people are treated and need them ... And when they start throwing them back, they will get a lot of problems with it, because yet in the EU do not know how many will be willing ...
3) will have to recognize Donetsk and Lugansk, albeit temporarily, at least as, because one of the reasons for the visa regime is the restriction of access to the unrecognized republics. That will increase tensions between the Russian Federation and Ukraine ... and the EU.
4) it will be difficult for a Ukrainian to get to Crimea .. like for Georgians from Ukraine to Russia.
5) and still - if I am not mistaken, it is necessary to demarcate the borders, as far as I know this has not been done yet. A good reason to do this is along the border of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Perhaps with the solution of this issue, many others related to Ukraine will also disappear.

Isy top
When will they dig the wall?

Guarding the Russian sport? ..

The head of the executive committee of the PKR:
“We re-requested the IPC on the issue of recovery criteria. They sent some incomprehensible demands: "Give copies of the speeches of the Minister of Sports, President of the RPC Lukin, from which it is clear that they agree with the IPC, suspend all judicial practice. If you do not suspend, we will not send these criteria today."

Results of the week. “A red flaky stick for you all on the collar ...”

Representatives of the PKR announced that they are ready to withdraw the claims and generally appease the IPC, as it pleases. They say: everything, they say, we recognize - even the fact that prednisone, oxycodone and hydromorphone of Williams sisters and other American sports standards of purity is a vitamin cocktail, and the narzans of the North Caucasus are a cruel dope that needs to be branded, including the “VADovskoy” ban. Only suspend the membership in the IPC cancel ... please ...

All Russian athletes applaud, applaud, and at the end fall for a stormy ovation - the decision of sports officials is “satisfied”. Under the friendly exclamations “you are our savior”, a cast-iron laurel crown is erected on the crown of Mutko, and the Order for Sports Dignity is attached to the chest with anchor bolts ...

Comments from our readers:

Tatar 174
Well, yes, they are well. Who wants just to take and give up soft cracks and probably very good content? I also would not refuse ... in their place. But I am not in their place, but on my own, and therefore I think that the best option for today would be a complete suspension of Russia's participation in the IPC, and maybe in the IOC and the requirement to completely abolish discrimination against Russian athletes and restore justice, dissolving WADA discredited . There is no need to go far for an example. Such a long-awaited step yesterday only took place regarding sanctions against Russia and weapons-grade plutonium.

Same lech
I'm not surprised. About our sport and further and the IPC and WADA will wipe their feet.

Unclear in this stories I have the role of Mutko and Smolina ... Why Mutko continued to be allowed to continue their activities, despite the compromise with the blackmailers from these structures ... All this is strange.

Mikhail m
Defense has never led to victory. Recall of claims - the transition to a dull defense in the position of the guilty. Defeat in such a situation is inevitable. It will turn out that, like, we recognize the blame, and fly to the Olympic Games. Do we need such a close sports manual? It is time to change the horses, the benefit of the crossing is passed, they did not allow for the games.

Once instilled in the mind ...

The UNICEF report says that Ukraine occupies one of the last places in the world (!) In the level of routine vaccination. Such statistics is due to the fact that the authorities of the country actually failed the campaign for the purchase of vaccines against such diseases as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, tuberculosis, measles, rubella, parotitis, polio, etc. All funds - in the pockets of officials and civil war.

Some Ukrainian comrades say that tse is not zrada, but peremoga, because vaccination is evil, and the current Ukrainian authorities are waging an irreconcilable struggle against any evil (and this is widely known). The fact that, in terms of child mortality over the past two years, Ukraine has also stepped into the area of ​​“peremoga”, occupying one of the last places among the countries of the European continent, apparently, should also be considered a struggle against evil. After all, overseas partners suggest (we were once told about the same thing): many mouths are bad, they have to be fed, but the latest modification of the Ukrainian economy is not designed for this.

Comments from our readers:

For the curators of the project, the population of Ukraine does not matter, for those watching the process, too.

The natural course of events: Ukraine, as the most still very young colony, should be gaining momentum in lowering its own population. In case of excessive demographic losses, the empty territories will be populated by Turks, Arabs and Africans, who by definition can do without vaccines and have their own developed immunity over the years of existence of the colonies.

In Ukraine, the last twenty years, there are no cheap drugs, but vaccines for children in any quantity. It comes to the fact that they call from the children's clinic, and they say that the vaccine has been delivered, only for your child. What is in this vaccine only for my child? No child will be admitted to kindergarten or school without a certificate of compulsory vaccination. The question is different. At the Union, vaccines were only their own. Now they bring all kinds of filth from abroad, and for free (for our children). One can only imagine that in these "vaccines". Judging by the article, it is these diseases that are infected with "vaccination". There are many public organizations that are struggling with the universal vaccination of our children with Western vaccines. Do not stand aside. Think about the health of your children.

And in the EU and without vaccinations will not be allowed ...

Technique lay

Savchenko Poroshenko accused that he continues to facilitate the supply of low-quality military equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, this is another manifestation of corruption in Ukroboronprom.

“Technics went where the money is?” - a summary of Savchenko’s claims on Poroshenko.

Uh-uh! Take it easy on the bends, Nadyaha. As a Kremlin agent, you must (may consider this a Kremlin directive) not only raise the issue of bronchist, but also on a quiet Ukrainian night, when "the sky is transparent, the stars shine", and the other units of the latest military equipment, if they have not yet lay down. To you for what the Kremlin gebnya pays money? You are of this ... Do not mess around there ... We will not just assign titles to ...

Comments from our readers:

Now we are free
"The Kremlin prisoner" tried to catch the "Lipetsk chocolatier", that he delivers defective hardware APU? .. Panopticon "Schenevmerly" works stably ...

Oh ... Nadyuha marks in the chair of the hetman, I would not be surprised if Julia with a scythe gets around.

The black
Soon Pets himself will demand Savchenko's return exchange from GDP ... well, for example, to a "journalist."

How Ukraine bypasses the "piece of iron"

Military personnel in the Kantemirovsky District of the Voronezh Region perform the task of creating a new railway track - bypassing Ukraine. At the moment, Russian trains (and passenger trains too) in a southerly direction (to Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar Territory, some republics of the North Caucasus Federal District and back) overcome one of the sections of the route through Ukrainian territory (the territory of the Luhansk region controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine).

It is surprising that the Ukrainian side, with its current uproariness, has not yet used the factor of passing the Russian railway through its territory. Ugh, ugh, ugh - over the left shoulder ... Knocking on a tree ...

When in a car you move along a section of the track, in a couple of dozens of meters from which the ukroblokpost with an armored troop-carrier and a flag fluttering hid, and Kiivstar welcomes you on the phone, not every passenger feels at ease ...
Guys, railway workers, and in fact you are doing the work that is extremely difficult to overestimate from the point of view of the safety of Russian citizens!

Comments from our readers:

Well done! What to say ... We build bridges and roads, others build a fence ...

It's time to go around these "Europeans" ...

The leader of the Redskins
And with me during the reading of the article I was almost embarrassed! I consider, means, a photo, I admire technique and opa! I almost jumped! on the crane in small letters so "Galician" is written! The first association with the division "Galicia", the region of Galicia, etc.! I’m quickly typing on the Internet a "Galician crane" ... And I find out that there is a crane factory in the city of Galich!

About "all propadastes" and women's skirts

Not everything in our army today is as beautiful as we would like. With such an investment in it ... But to write outright nonsense and fiction just to imagine everything in the spirit of 90's is a bust.

It seems that our liberal partners have stopped in their “development” simultaneously with the beginning of the development of the Russian army. This is how they were in the Yeltsin-Gaidar era, and they remained there. And those who did not stay up, seek out the same Liberoveans as part of the Armed Forces (there are such, believe me). And these “warriors”, apparently forgetting about the oath to the Fatherland, and diligently avoiding the positive changes, pick out the dirt from under the nails, telling about the negative only. You see, from Tits of Mammyna, they were torn off for three months, there was no place to hold women's skirts — there was a field all around, and in general “# all lost” - give an apartment in Moscow, we will quit ... Testament of Dagestan police officer Magomed Nurbagandov not for such.

Comments from our readers:

Today the army is really under construction. New Army. For some reason, we pay more attention to equipment and weapons. But the staff itself has changed. The service for a long time, as it was at the end of the last century, does not frighten. On the contrary, men go with pleasure. And the attitude has become the same. And the shit that is being poured on our modern army is from impotence. From malice. From own inferiority.

The glory of the committee of fledging soldiers' mothers haunts some journalists. For them, the main dirt on the fan to throw, and then the grass does not grow. But these "mouthpieces of democracy" some believe.

And personally it seems to me that in the modern army there are too many slavering and liberties. You look at youtube that juvenile boobies get up with respect to the commanders - hair on end ... The foreman tries to find out who, attention, broke a jar of jam! in the cockpit (if someone in my time tried to poke a cookie into the nightstand, I would have pranced half the day on the parade-ground). In response, horse rzhach under shooting, followed by laying out in YouTube. On the builds - half of the team "voluntarily" zvizdyat, laugh in the ranks, comment on the commander, tearing the throat.
Christmas trees-winders! Yes, in our time, and hazing was a lot of things, but there was respect for the officers, there was an understanding of discipline.

According to the regulations of the Supreme Court: A soldier must endure all the burdens and deprivations of military service if he does not change my memory. Attention to the question: are we supposed to be equal to our “pantners”, which without juice, toilet paper, armored diapers and other Labuda will not go into the attack? As for me, entot "dzyadzenka" was related to military service as a pope to zen buddhism ...

"Putin's agents" reported to the world community

Independent experts at the International Syria Support Group came to the conclusion that the shelling of a column with humanitarian aid from the UN mission was a drama. The MGGS experts talk about a planned staging of an attack on a convoy and give the following arguments: in some cases, the photo shows intact and slightly damaged UN truck cabs with a fully burned-out cargo in the back (van). This suggests that the cargo was deliberately destroyed in order to divert attention from the fact that the terrorists took advantage of the movement of the column in the direction of Aleppo for their own cover.

And here is an interesting question: why does the American side not publish video materials from its drone? This sensitive topic should be raised in the UN Security Council.

As for the experts of the MGPA, then we have to wait for an early US reaction. Probably, the speakers will be accused of spying for the Kremlin. Putin's agents are on the alert ...

Comments from our readers:

Thank you, we immediately understood.

Yesterday I saw a TV debate. A man from the West sincerely believes that Aleppo is being bombed by Russians! All Western media shows in "real time" reports in which "civilians" cry out: "Oh! The Russians are bombing us! ”And this is where the entire Arabic and Western tyrnet is killed ...
Infovoynu they definitely win. Hollywood be it wrong!

Oleg Lavrov
Hmm ... and someone else doubted the "timeliness" of the next false US stuffing, to divert attention from delivering an "erroneous" strike on the SAR Armed Forces? !!

No one doubted. And in this news there is nothing unexpected in the words of the experts, it was all immediately clear. For me, the whole point of the news is that there are still independent experts who are telling the truth, and not what the US masters dictate. This is really unexpected.

Merkel settled in Siberia, and Putin - in Berlin

The German government is discussing the possibility of introducing new sanctions against Russia. Such information is published by the American edition of The Wall Street Journal. The material of the American magazine states that the German authorities "anxiously perceive the actions of Russia in Syria."

In parallel, the question of relations with the United States was sharpened in Germany. On Tuesday, Chairman of the Bundestag Committee on Economics and Energy, Peter Ramsauer, commenting on the “Die Welt” tensions in relations between the United States and Germany, said: “There is a long tradition in the United States to use any reason to attack when it is in the interests of their own economy. We are currently seeing extortionate claims for damages in the case of Deutsche Bank. ”

Not only Ramzauer was agitated. In the same “Die Welt”, MKU’s European Parliament deputy Markus Ferber accused the US Department of Justice of attacking the largest German bank as an incorrect answer to the decision of the European Commission regarding the largest American corporation Apple.

The result of growing discontent in Germany was public protests, held under loud satirical slogans.

According to, an action took place in Dresden, in which several hundred people took to the streets with posters "Merkel to Siberia, Putin to Berlin."

The press does not specify whether Comrade is ready. Putin change the place of residence.

Comments from our readers:

Yeah, right now, so she scared all the bears?

Comrade Schucher
Uh !! Forget about Siberia, we do not need this here. Ask the Russians where to send. They will give a huge list of areas with completely unrelated geography.

Call Merkel Obama:
- Barak, I have two news, good and bad ...
- Start with the good.
- Crimea is again part of Ukraine!
- Yes, of braids, and the second news? ..
- Ukraine became part of the Russian Federation!
- The devil, but what about the Maidan? ..
- A Maidan wait in Washington, prepare Alaska. They have already left !!!

Pro nuclear arsenals, plutonium and sanctions

The topic of nuclear arsenals was “sharpened” in the last days by two people simultaneously. US presidential candidate Donald Trump at a televised debate said that Russia is expanding its nuclear potential, and Moscow has “newer” nuclear weapons than Washington does. The head of the Pentagon, Mr. Carter, who recently visited one of the American bases with the Minuteman III missiles, also spoke on the subject of the Russian nuclear threat, and also reported on the upcoming US spending on a program to modernize nuclear forces.

And then the plutonium issue arose on the international arena.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree suspending the implementation of an agreement with the Americans to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium, and one of the reasons for this decision was the “unfriendly US attitude towards Russia”. From sources in the State Duma, there were reports that Russia is ready to resume compliance with the terms of the agreement if the United States lifts all anti-Russian sanctions. In addition, for the resumption of work on the implementation of the protocols of the agreement, Russia requires the US to reduce military contingent in Europe.

By the way, the United States intends to "sober" the Russians with nuclear weapons. More precisely, the fact of its presence, and at the same time the fact of costly modernization.

The head of the Pentagon, Mr. Carter, said that the presence of powerful nuclear forces in the United States should be a "sobering fact" for possible adversaries. Most likely today, the use of nuclear weapons is not in the form of mass strikes, as reflected in the days of the “classic cold war”, but in the form of pinpoint strikes of a limited type. Such “formidable attacks” may be thought of, “for example, Russia or North Korea,” Carter noted. In his opinion, Russia is “rattling” nuclear weapons, while North Korea is engaged in nuclear and missile provocations.

According to Carter, the Pentagon intends to spend $ 108 billion over the next five years. This money is needed for the preservation and improvement of nuclear forces.

Thus, in the United States are actively engaged in the modernization of nuclear weapons. Despite the reduction in defense spending planned by the Obama administration for 10 years, spending on upgrading the nuclear arsenal looks impressive.

Comments from our readers:

The USSR could destroy the United States about thirty times. Now Russia, of course, is weaker, but there are enough forces for twenty times.

A casket, I think, just opens. Americans will not go for the lifting of sanctions, so we can safely deal with our affairs.

Very true remark. The requirement to lift the sanctions says that they (and our counter sanctions) are difficult for us, and physical persons (who are subject to sanctions, and I don’t feel sorry for them) really want to go to the West. There will be no constructive reaction from the United States; all this will only lead to an aggravation of relations. For an external observer, this will be a confirmation of Russia's aggressiveness, for an internal observer - strengthening the image of the West as an enemy (we are surrounded by enemies, we are good - they are bad, and other Labud). And you can push plutonium back into warheads, give it a money kinders Surprise, it will share them correctly - everything is as always.

Airplanes found in the sky

The heavy duty was issued for the pilots of the Air Force of four European members of the North Atlantic military bloc at once. The fact is that two supersonic strategic missile-carrier bomber Tu-160 of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted a flight in the international airspace from Norway in the north to the Iberian Peninsula in the south, and then turned back. Reports about it "BBC".

To escort Russian bombers, fighters of the air forces of Norway, Britain, France and Spain took off. Norwegian Air Force F-16 fighters escorted the Russian Tu-160 to the Scottish air borders, then the Russians were "met" by British pilots on Typhoon fighters. The next stage of escort was undertaken by fighter pilots aviation France - in the Brittany region, “Rafali” appeared in the air. Two Spanish F-18s, which were seen by Russian strategic bombers a few hundred kilometers from Bilbao, were lifted from the Spanish advocates of NATO interests.

According to some reports, we are talking about the very flight of the Russian strategic bombers, when the Icelandic pilot was so frightened, who was controlling the airborne, heading from Reykjavik to Stockholm. Recall that, according to the Icelander, the Russian strategic rocket carriers were moving approximately 2 km from the passenger liner.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation then stated that the Tu-160 performed the flight in full compliance with international standards and did not carry the danger to civilian flights. In Europe, they said that there was a danger, but in fact they should thank Russian pilots for training Euronat aviation, which got used to eat excess “fats” at home, if the “hegemon” does not send “miss” to Iraq and Syria ...

Comments from our readers:

Come on, aired manenko, let them not relax. We practiced, they trained, no one was offended.

Normal work! For one thing, we traced the efficiency, forces and means, and the process of interaction of the aviation of the likely against ... partner!

The black
It reminded the old joke.
Lost a man in the woods. I walked, walked - well, I can not find my way back, that's all. He reached the point of complete despair, stood in the middle of a clearing and yelling: "Ay-yo! Ay-yyyy !!! Somebody help !!! At least somebody, hear !!!"
Here someone is on the shoulder - slam! Looked around - a bear.
- Well, I heard. Do you feel better?

To the question of the absurd

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, in her “Facebook” responded to the Dutch prime minister, who called Moscow’s absurd claims about the work of the investigative team over the collapse of the Malaysian “Boeing” in the Donbass.

“It’s absurd for a few months not to include Malaysia in the joint investigation team and not to let experts go to the crash site of“ Boeing ”under the pretext of their security,” the Vzglyad newspaper quotes Zakharov.

Add on Monday the Ambassador of the Netherlands René Jones-Bos was summoned to the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. There she was given serious arguments about Moscow’s rejection of the working methods and conclusions of the investigation team. “The Russian side still believes that they (the methods of work) were distinguished by secretiveness, opacity and bias. It was pointed out that it was unacceptable to ignore important objective information provided by the Russian side, which undermines the cooperation of Russian experts with the investigation and also compromises the efforts being made to establish a true picture of the tragedy, ”the ministry said.

Comments from our readers:

To whom she proves, nobody listens to our movements in the West. From the very beginning, when the Boeing was shot down, it was clear that we would be guilty if we had at least a thousand proofs of innocence.

Is that the case, just what to do? To be silent and worry that they act unfairly with us? Not! To speak at all levels, even on our "VO", many people around the world visit the site! He who has ears, let him hear!

No matter what Zakharova said, no one will hear her in the West. Because the Western media simply do not publish and do not broadcast public statements of this kind. For example, how many times was in Frankfurt, the information content of “Deutsche Welle” is fundamentally different from the same “RT”. On the pages of newspapers one can only read that, for example, the United States is breaking up relations and what the State Department thinks about this, and not a word about what the Russians think about it. Thus, a stable opinion is formed: that Russians are evil, bad people.

Peacemaker in New York

On CBS, a material was published that a poster with the image of Vladimir Putin against the background of the Russian tricolor and “Peacemaker” sign was posted on Manhattan Bridge in New York. The size of the poster, according to police, was approximately 6 on 9 meters. After some time, the New York police took steps to remove the banner from the bridge.

The representative of the law enforcement officers of the largest city in the United States said that the recordings of surveillance cameras are being studied in order to identify everyone involved in hanging the portrait of the Russian president.

True, the same representative of the police failed to explain which law of the United States of America was violated by those who decided to post a poster.

Perhaps the word "peacemaker" under the laws of the United States refers specifically to representatives of the American government?

Perhaps, the portraits of Putin or the Russian flag in the United States are prohibited - and any "sanctions" apply to them?

As for the American public, other citizens saw in the action of hanging a portrait of “Russian propaganda” and even “Trump’s hand”. According to other citizens, those who insist on propaganda are victims themselves.

We have to admit: alas, the portrait of Putin did not consolidate American society.

Comments from our readers:

gray smeet
About a decade ago, who would have thought that a portrait of the Russian president would be hung out in New York? In Germany - to call on the chancellorship of the president of Russia? Will be popular T-shirts with the attributes of Russia? And remember, more recently, our whole country went in T-shirts with US eagles, on cars - the same eagles ...

Xnumx vis
Or maybe we wish our president health and personal happiness ?! Just happy birthday to Vladimir Vladimirovich! Wisdom and fruitful work for the benefit of Russia and its citizens! Thanks for the fact that Russia did not flinch and was not afraid, recognized Sevastopol and the Crimea with Russian land! Personally from us, Sevastopol, thanks! Right to the end, they did not believe that they would admit ... They thought you would merge us, Russians, as under Yeltsin, coward. True, now because of us sanctions. I know that many from mainland Russia now curse the annexation of the Crimea! ..

Very few, mostly happy. And the sanctions ... Yes, pah on them!

"Kuz'kina Mother" in American

The newspaper "The Sun" writes that in the American generals there was another "brave man" who decided to make war with Russia - at least in verbal form. We are talking about the general by the name of Millie, the chief of staff of the US Land Forces. The general said that he wants to convey the words about the "power of the US Army" to "those who have plans to harm Americans, the American way of life and American friends."

“The US military, despite all our problems, will stop you, and we will arrange for you such a serious beating, which you have never been satisfied with before. We will destroy any enemy anytime, anywhere. ”

"Serious scolding," according to Millie, he is ready to arrange for Russians.

It seems that the brave general is trying to equal himself with Herr Hitler. He planned not only to arrange a scrambler, but also to chop off the territories in the east. The result of the "achievements" of the Fuhrer was the socialist east of Europe.

Comments from our readers:

Yes, he has a serious Shiz! How to explain to the idiot that this lovely lady, I mean Mother Kuzma, was born and still lives in Russia, and is not going to change her place of residence.

Anika the warrior. According to your tomorrow, and in our time, today the question of the indefinite basing of Russian aviation in the ATS will be considered. The Americans are waiting for us to blink and leave Syria to finish off Assad ... but we decided to wait and make it clear that we are here for a long time.

Just another baseball plague from the Pentagon. According to the situation, the “Russians are coming!” Will scream the most and will jump out of the window first.

How many such brave souls prikopano in our boundless fields and forests?

* “A red flaky stick to you all on the collar ...” - a phrase from the movie “72 Meter”

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  1. Knowing
    Knowing 9 October 2016 06: 41
    Well, well, the week definitely passed under the sign of RUSSIA. First, the ultimatum of the President of Russia to the United States, recall:
    - Russia demands a reduction in the American contingent in NATO countries to the level of 2000,
    - the refusal of the United States from an "unfriendly policy" in relation to Russia,
    - repeal of the "Magnitsky law",
    - the lifting of US sanctions and compensation for Russian damage from sanctions and the forced introduction of counter-sanctions (the amount of damage is not indicated in the document),
    - providing a clear plan for the irreversible disposal of plutonium ... Next, the decision to suspend the agreement with the United States on cooperation in research and development in the nuclear and energy fields.
    The deployment of the S-300 complex in Syria with a statement by Igor Konashenkov indicates more than serious intentions of the Russian Federation to respond to provocations in the SAR:
    The combat crews of Russian air defense systems are unlikely to have time to find out along a "straight line" the exact flight program of the missiles and the identity of their carriers. We are also ready to help amateurs to dispel their illusions about the existence of stealth aircraft.
    And as a "cherry on top" comment from the Ministry of Defense previously announced by US intelligence information about the transportation of Iskander missile systems to the Kaliningrad region, in which the representative of our department Konashenkov drew attention to the fact that the Russian defense department did not make any secret of the transportation of Iskander ships across the Baltic Sea to the Kaliningrad region. And one of the missile systems was specifically exposed at the place where the trajectory of the passage of the American intelligence satellite over the territory of the Russian Federation passes. This was done in order to clarify the parameters of the functioning of the aircraft.... And if you add an article
    Times that: Clinton and Trump Debate in Putin
    - I'm sure the President of Russia met his birthday in a good mood ... Well, what are the overseas "partners":
    1. Fei_Wong
      Fei_Wong 9 October 2016 07: 06
      But with the satellite and Iskander it turned out most beautifully, kmk. The unambiguous message of Matrasia, and in both senses of the word.
    2. vovanpain
      vovanpain 9 October 2016 07: 20
      Quote: Knowing
      Well, well, the week definitely passed under the sign of RUSSIA.

      Yes, it's high time, tired in the end of the ridiculous excuse for the assaults of our "partners". It would always be like this. Mattress covers will be worn out and appear in a negative light.

      Representatives of the RCC announced that they were ready to withdraw the claims and generally appease the IPC, as it pleased.

      But to such representatives and personally to Mr. Mudko, a red flaky stump on the collar and a cast-iron medal of Judah on the neck. negative
      1. Smog
        Smog 9 October 2016 07: 34
        Judah's cast-iron medal around his neck.

        I fully support your proposal. Cast a weight that way under pounds and oblige to wear constantly. Until he atones for all his sins am
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 9 October 2016 10: 23
          Meanwhile, at the summit in Lausanne:
          "The World Anti-Doping Agency is awaiting changes. This decision was made by the participants of the Olympic Summit in Lausanne. The IOC leadership has prepared a package of proposals for reforming WADA. It was decided to be divided into two structures, each of which will be assigned a certain set of functions."

    3. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 9 October 2016 07: 34
      Quote: Knowing
      Well then, the week definitely passed under the sign of RUSSIA

      And in response from the "partners" - a refusal to support the absolutely correct and sober resolution of Russia in the UN Security Council in this situation.
      1. EvgNik
        EvgNik 9 October 2016 08: 51
        Quote: Tatar 174
        refusal to support absolutely correct and sober resolutions of Russia in the UN Security Council in this situation

        Plus, the willingness to exchange nuclear strikes In Syria. And since they will all leave from there, it will have to be in Washington.
    4. GYGOLA
      GYGOLA 9 October 2016 09: 58
      Portrait of Vladimir Putin with the inscription "Peacemaker" excited New York
      Xnumx vis
      ... True, now sanctions are due to us. I know, many from mainland Russia now swear the annexation of Crimea! ..
      No, not many, only the banking sector! For they were deprived of the opportunity to speculate with cheap European loans and profit from citizens for whom nothing had changed. For the import substitution program, these sanctions are like a gift of God, in which you also took part.
      1. Alena Frolovna
        Alena Frolovna 9 October 2016 11: 34
        Very few, mostly happy. And the sanctions ... Yes, pah on them!

        The caricature is old, but the essence has not changed: one does not know, apparently, that "a stick has two ends" and "how long does it take to twist a string ..."
        1. Knizhnik
          Knizhnik 11 October 2016 10: 48
          Soviet cartoons are surprisingly accurate and relevant ...
    5. German Titov
      German Titov 9 October 2016 18: 45
      They already "eat". Ties are a national dish.
  2. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 9 October 2016 07: 37
    The UNICEF report says that Ukraine is one of the last places in the world (!) In terms of planned vaccination.

    The best vaccine is a healthy diet (traditionally fat in the diet). So far, there is no problem with this in Kiev and large cities, but where there is no work or everything is ruined by the war ....
  3. Pit Bull59
    Pit Bull59 9 October 2016 07: 40
    I fully support your proposal. Cast a weight that way under pounds and oblige to wear constantly. Until he atones for all his sins am[/ Quote]
    Yeah. Also make a spin on the back!
  4. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 9 October 2016 07: 43
    Review-test with a plus .... and about the behavior of our "pantners" and former "roystvennikov" from 404, an anecdote comes to my mind: Mother-in-law came to visit my daughter. Her son-in-law calls her into the bedroom, turns around, takes off his trousers, and asks the question: Is there hair on the butt? The maddened mother-in-law answers: Yes ... and the son-in-law, not a bit hesitating in response: so that I no longer hear the talk that I came to the family with a bare butt ... - and besides wool there, nothing and netuti .... and nowhere to come from. As Lavrov put it ........................................ well, you understand comrades. wassat drinks hi
  5. Knowing
    Knowing 9 October 2016 07: 43
    Once I read an article that Putin V.V. in the field of armaments, extraterrestrial forces help, but it turns out to be not so simple, it’s not helping the President of Russia, but the Americans ....In a correspondence published by WikiLeaks, John Podesta, head of the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton, warned of an upcoming “war in space” and “aliens from an adjacent universe.”
    The letter, dated August 18, 2015, was sent by the American astronaut Edgar Mitchell. In it, the astronaut discusses the upcoming conversation with Podesta and the danger of a "war in space", "Dear John. Since the war in space is heating up, I wanted to warn you about some factors before our conversation on Skype. Remember, non-hostile ETIs (sentient extraterrestrial beings) from an adjacent universe are ready to help us with zero-energy technologies on Earth. They will not tolerate any military action either on Earth or in space, ”the letter says.. wassat ...
    1. Horst78
      Horst78 9 October 2016 13: 55
      Quote: Knowing
      "Dear John. Since the war in space is heating up, I wanted to warn you about some factors before our conversation on Skype. Remember, non-hostile ETIs (sentient extraterrestrial beings) from an adjacent universe are ready to help us with zero-energy technologies on Earth. They will not tolerate any military action, either on Earth or in space. ”

      The Golden Age for American Psychiatrists
  6. igordok
    igordok 9 October 2016 07: 45
    Technique lay
    Savchenko accused Poroshenko that he continues to facilitate the supply of low-quality military equipment to the Armed Forces.

    The technique drowned. They can’t figure out Soviet technology. They are ruining.
    1. German Titov
      German Titov 9 October 2016 18: 56
      "Ukraine for a mustache". You are a colleague just do not "fumble" in technology. These are the "disguises of the pidvodny choven". Shcha, a cart will bring and stretch the drowned man. You probably haven't seen how guys can ride an SAU. "Ukraine May Talent" - no one asked about brains.
  7. Smog
    Smog 9 October 2016 07: 58
    Off topic, but why not:
    US Republican Party lawyers have begun to search for legal grounds to replace their presidential candidate Donald Trump with another person. About this writes the publication Politico.

    The scandal surrounding Trump's next utterances erupted after the Washington Post published a 7 post on Friday, October 2005, in which a billionaire spoke of harassment of women. About one woman, he, in particular, said: “I made an attempt to fuck her. She was married. I tried to seduce her like a whore, but I could not get it. "

    Trump also admitted that he is attracted to beautiful women. “I'm just starting to kiss them,” he said. “And when you are a star, they let you do it,” he emphasized.

    Trump, who is now 70 years old, has been repeatedly accused of sexism and inappropriate treatment of women.

    Like this. As soon as a normal man appears in the west who is attracted to women, and not to naughty pi .., oh, sorry, gays, he is blamed for this as
    mortal sin. Probably if he wanted some Conchit, there wouldn’t be so much howl. Tolerance however.
    Oh world, where are you going ??????
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 9 October 2016 13: 21
      Quote: Smog
      Off topic, but why not:

      Here I am, as if in addition to the article (which is multi-plus):
  8. Egoza
    Egoza 9 October 2016 08: 15
    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a working visit to the Odessa region proposed the establishment of a winemaker's day and celebrate it on October 7.
    “We have a very large number of holidays, but we do not have a holiday for the winemaker or a holiday for Ukrainian wine. And they think that if we do not have a winemaker's holiday, then there are no winemakers either. This is wrong. I think that it would be very good if we started the winemaker’s holiday, ”Poroshenko said.
    “When this holiday comes, everyone will know that in Ukraine there is fantastic wine, in Ukraine there are fantastic winemakers, you have to come here for this, ” - added the Ukrainian president.

    Here is the answer to what our Petya drinks. Solid fantasy. Therefore, the performances are like that. And at the same time he also hears questions from the people. I feel sorry for the boy, the future historian, he was kicked out of the university. And not figs to say "we will write history." The history of Ukraine is written only by science fiction writers.
    1. Smog
      Smog 9 October 2016 08: 33
      Fidget Today, 08:15
      President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a working visit to the Odessa region proposed the establishment of a winemaker's day and celebrate it on October 7.

      Well, judging by the way Don Pierrot uses the "bitter" winemaker's day should be established for every week, for three to four days, say from Monday to Thursday inclusive, leaving the rest of the week to exit the "bend". And without any fiction.
      1. Arberes
        Arberes 9 October 2016 12: 38
        Quote: Smog
        Well, judging by the way Don Pierrot uses the "bitter" winemaker's day should be established for every week,

        Winemaker's Day is a holiday!
        It treats boredom and migraine.
        Unleash Petro Poroshenko?
        Would celebrate it every day!
        What else is left for him?
        After all, his world is not adequate!
        Will end the storm of fun
        With a fluffy squirrel in the ward.
        His mistakes and foolishness
        You can’t count in festive fervor.
        He will end his existence
        In the native chamber N6!

        Hello everyone! hi
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 9 October 2016 12: 10
      Quote: Egoza
      I think that it would be very good if we started the winemaker’s holiday, ”Poroshenko said.

      hi, Elena.
      The phrase smiled and reminded me of a recent reading. Rummaged, found, demonstrate:
    3. German Titov
      German Titov 9 October 2016 19: 13
      So far, "Zemlyachka", the history of Ukraine is being "transferred" (in the literal and figurative sense of the word). I am a "Donetsk resident" and walk around my City calmly. There is order in the City, which is what I wish for other cities and villages. For some reason I want peace, but everyone is straining for war.
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 9 October 2016 08: 50
    And the Pope cried out ....
    He publicly appealed to the Ukrainian authorities with a request NOT to BREAK the money that had been raised in Rome to help the poor and displaced.
    Holy simplicity! In Ukraine, they are sure that God will forgive, not without reason Petya is so often baptized.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 9 October 2016 12: 21
      Quote: Egoza
      In Ukraine, they are sure that God will forgive

      It is unlikely that the Almighty will forgive "Petya-Judas" in that (afterlife) life, and certainly the normal people of Ukraine will hardly forgive Petya-scound in the near future. This bastard has done too much.
      1. German Titov
        German Titov 9 October 2016 20: 05
        It's all bullshit. It was necessary to serve at least 3 months to obtain a "DB participant". Then there were Afghan and Angola. I served in Afghanistan 2.2 (Shindand, Herat, Lashkar Gakh, Kandahar). Now I serve in Donetsk (excuse me, my Motherland, (Tonya Gerashchenko, you don’t need to figure me out, I’ll come by myself). There’s a lot with the UBD ksivs (ATO veterans) (in the LDNR). Such dabils are always welcome. If only they borrowed their brains from the tadpoles. "Special merits" when calculating pensions in the DPR - they write “participation in the ATO.” "Durka" give out leave? They would have tried to enter Donetsk in the flag of "PS".
        1. Hunt
          Hunt 9 October 2016 21: 01
          You are there, take care of yourself !!! soldier
  10. Egoza
    Egoza 9 October 2016 08: 57
    This planted it !!!!
    A video recording of an interview with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin to the German publication Deutsche Welle appeared on the Web - the official’s answers to the tough questions of a Western journalist can be safely called “26 minutes of Klimkin’s shame.”
    Read the link in detail. Honestly, it's worth it
  11. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 9 October 2016 09: 08
    There is a lot of noise around the visa with Russia and visa-free with the EU, let them do what they want, the incomplete consequences of Kiev will hurt him, and Europe will not find it. And the children of Abama will rub their hands and laugh again, as they deftly fooled both.
  12. OLD FART
    OLD FART 9 October 2016 09: 33
    Well, men, to say by the end ... While we hold on! But the most important thing is ahead ...
    Break through anyway ..!
    1. cap
      cap 9 October 2016 10: 15
      Quote: STARPER
      Break through anyway ..

      What a similarity !!! drinks For the health of the young. laughing
      While we laugh, we are invincible!
      1. Smog
        Smog 9 October 2016 11: 14
        What a similarity !!!

        about the woman, yes. But Clintonshe was clearly flattered -
  13. Semenov
    Semenov 9 October 2016 10: 55
    Not bad. "Ghoul" pleased ...
  14. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 9 October 2016 11: 36
    "The Germans found the hand of the Americans in their pocket and now they suspect the senior partner of waging an economic war ..."
    A comment:
    ..Something in my nose clearing for me there excess
    With amazement I notice a finger in my nose, something not mine
    And the stranger’s hand under him is as healthy as a horse
    This hairy one doesn’t grow out of me

    Not growing from me
    Not growing out of me
    Not growing out of me
    Not growing out of me

    Quickly to the mirror oh my god I stuttered from fear
    I have never met this funny face in my life
    I darted to my bedroom if there was any trouble with my wife
    Ran and smiled sleeping darling with me ..


  15. Lelek
    Lelek 9 October 2016 11: 59
    (Words spoken by Igor Konashenkov in response to Mr. Carter, Mr. Ernest, Mr. Kibri and others ...)

    It should be noted that recently our Ministry of Defense has been famously using the Pentagon with its trolling. Take, for example, the transfer of Iskander to Kaliningrad:
  16. cap
    cap 9 October 2016 13: 47
    Bravo! The week took place, I heard the same words from the General Staff of the Russian Federation, which I had been waiting for a long time. I even cheated on it.
    The last joke about "Iskaders" from "Ambal" is generally a masterpiece.
    Case for small keep your word.
    Further, as in the joke about the boatswain and the torpedo "..... I bet I will split the ship in half with my" X ",
    and split, and a torpedo passed by.
    Thanks to the authors for the review ++. hi
  17. OLD FART
    OLD FART 9 October 2016 14: 46
    Thank you guys for the results ...! Russia is alive ... And to hell with us, brother and FIG you take us .. Break through!
    1. German Titov
      German Titov 9 October 2016 19: 35
      "Old Per ..." skipped a beat. Thanks!!! Russia is alive "and you will take us figs ..." Russia, the legal successor of the Union. We remember the oath, we do not break it. In response, a company commander - combatant:
      Above the vast fields
      Over the forest rifts
      Under the grenade breaks
      The song is a swallow flying.
      Russia, my beloved, native poplar birches, how dear you are, for a soldier, native Russian land. "
      Old, don't get old. Peace to your home.
  18. Starik72
    Starik72 9 October 2016 15: 01
    I read a weekly review, Thanks to all those commenting for comments. And as always, THANKS to the authors, for the briefly and accurately stated weekly events !!! Sincerely.
  19. kig
    kig 9 October 2016 15: 05
    If you care about your digestion, my good advice - do not talk at dinner about Bolshevism and medicine. And - God bless you - do not read Soviet newspapers before dinner.
  20. SKR-1135
    SKR-1135 9 October 2016 15: 24
    The truth is for Russia and everyone can see it very well. I am ashamed of yesterday's demarche of the "non-brothers". We are ashamed, but they are not. Many remembered the tiger Sherkhan and the jackal Tabaki.
  21. Nikolay71
    Nikolay71 9 October 2016 15: 46
    And I was strained by large-scale civil defense exercises. Looks like we walk along the edge.
  22. malvlz
    malvlz 9 October 2016 17: 55
    Quote: Nikolay71
    And I was strained by large-scale civil defense exercises. Looks like we walk along the edge.

    In the USSR, such exercises 70 years later, and no one bzd @ l on this occasion, everyone is still alive.
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. Rock616
    Rock616 10 October 2016 09: 56
    Moderators For what they deleted my koment, I even wrote there that it was a JOKE !!!!! Or just a joke !!!
  25. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 11 October 2016 10: 56
    We got these Yankees:
    "wants to convey the words of the" might of the US Army "to" those who are hatching plans to harm Americans, the American way of life and American friends. "

    Now, point by point. Only the terrorists who are fed by them, who are not paid enough, have plans to harm the Americans. And also in the paranoid minds of the neocons with Clintonich at the head. The "way of life" itself is inevitably destroyed with the help of local liberals, together with emigrants. And friends ... the United States has no friends, it has slaves and henchmen.
  26. Bort radist
    Bort radist 11 October 2016 16: 29
    But the personnel themselves have changed. Service for a long time, as it was at the end of the last century, is not afraid. On the contrary, men go with pleasure.

    Boys serve with pleasure and pride. One friend in contact publishes his photos. He was preparing for service and serving in non-ordinary troops.