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Six militants neutralized in Ingushetia

During the operation in the framework of the counterterrorist regime operating in the Republic of Ingushetia, the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service eliminated six representatives of the gang. Republican information resource Magas reports that four of the bandits were neutralized in Nazran, two more - in the area of ​​the village of Gazi-Yurt.

Six militants neutralized in Ingushetia

According to representatives of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, among the liquidated members of the underground gangs is one woman. NAC data suggests that one of the representatives of a terrorist group recently arrived from Syria, where it was part of the structure of the so-called "Islamic state" (prohibited in the Russian Federation). The fighter was sent to Russia as an emissary of ISIL, who was supposed to focus on recruiting people who already had problems with the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation into the ranks of a terrorist organization. The name of the neutralized emissary of ISIS is Zaybari Sautiev.

The name of another neutralized thug is known. This is Zelimkhan Dakiev, who was considered the leader of the underground gangs of the republic.

An entire arsenal was found at the site of the liquidation of the militants. weapons, which included not only pistols and machine guns, but also hand grenades and death belts prepared for terrorist acts.

The NAC reports that during the special operation in Ingushetia none of the law enforcement officers and civilians were injured.
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  1. Landing Station6
    Landing Station6 7 October 2016 11: 12
    [quote] [/ quote] during a special operation in Ingushetia, none of the law enforcement officers and civilians were injured.
    Well done, professionally worked. Work brothers !!
    1. katalonec2014
      katalonec2014 7 October 2016 11: 18
      Quote: Airborne6
      Work brothers !!

      Well said.
      And why does he take it, he worked and would live for himself and others in joy, wife, children, grandchildren ... what else do you need to meet old age.
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 7 October 2016 11: 22
        all the same it is necessary to throw pork hooves to their graves
        1. cniza
          cniza 7 October 2016 12: 06
          Crush them like bugs, but also create jobs that would have something to do.
          1. St Petrov
            St Petrov 7 October 2016 12: 11
            In Chechnya, factories are now being built normally + fields are being restored after clearance. In general, the region is not left to chance.

            Sicks, schools.

            Just the day before yesterday a new maternity hospital was opened in Grozny. Medical institution GBU "Maternity hospital" is located in the Leninsky district of the city.

            3 days ago (October 4), the following was opened: A compound feed production plant with a capacity of up to 120 tons of products per day was opened in the Zavodskoy district of Grozny.

            Gudermes hospital opened on September 11

            On September 2, the College named after the teacher Shahid Kaliyev opened in the village of Bachi-Yurt. 550 students will be able to study in it in nine areas

            in general, if interested, you can find a lot of information on Chechnya

            On August 11, the opening of a new basin took place at Chechen State University in Grozny. Construction was carried out as part of a social project "500 pools" (and this is only in Chechnya) in regional and federal educational institutions.

            24 of August

            Secondary school No. 19 is located in the Petropavlovsk highway area of ​​Grozny.
            The new school is located in a two-story typical building. There are 12 study rooms, computer classes, a library, a gym, a dining room. In total, the school will accept 308 children, 30 teachers will train them.

            In the district center of the Urus-Martan district - the city of Urus-Martan - school number 8, designed for 720 seats, was commissioned. The project of a three-story building includes two sports halls, playgrounds, an assembly hall with 150 seats, a dining room, etc.

            Another school with 720 places was opened in the Urus-Martan district in the village of Goyt.

            even a shelter for dogs)

            Work brothers, there is nothing to catch in the forest except lead in the head

            1. katalonec2014
              katalonec2014 7 October 2016 13: 36
              Quote: s-t Petrov

              even a shelter for dogs)

              I understand that you will no longer see my koment, but from the heart +.
            2. Razvedka_Boem
              Razvedka_Boem 7 October 2016 14: 09
              There is another site - Made with us. And there you can read a lot of interesting things and see that the positive changes are very significant, that we live and develop.
      2. St Petrov
        St Petrov 7 October 2016 11: 23
        Well it needs to work. Looking for work, getting tired - the same thing every day - monotony. no romance. And here the forest - bearded brothers, the illusion of the struggle for freedom - romance.

        The nature is good there.

        Kadyrov well done - gave the go-ahead - now an excavator comes there after an operation in the forest at the address of the ghouls' residence - and rolls the family estate far and wide.

        And the questions - but they don’t ask us for sho, because everyone knows how to walk in the forest and why. This must be done throughout the Russian Federation.

        Has the son / daughter gone to Syria? The apartment is state owned and auctioned. Parents in the village. increase population density beyond the Urals

        1. Bekas1967
          Bekas1967 7 October 2016 14: 21
          "He will have to answer for every word addressed to my dear nephews." Who is against Emelianenko

  2. hrych
    hrych 7 October 2016 11: 15
    Zaibari (via e) Sautiev even depressed
  3. Hunt
    Hunt 7 October 2016 11: 17
    Dogs - dog death! am am am the gurus are waiting for you!
    1. The black
      The black 7 October 2016 11: 19
      the gurus are waiting for you!
      the gurus now have enough work in Syria ..
    2. vovanpain
      vovanpain 7 October 2016 11: 20
      Quote: Hunter
      the gurus are waiting for you

      Guria do not wait for these, these are waiting for shaitans and iblises and other evil spirits with pans and a spark of fire.
    3. Warrior with machine gun
      Warrior with machine gun 7 October 2016 12: 16
      or furies, how lucky))
  4. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 7 October 2016 11: 17
    Six militants neutralized in Ingushetia
    You can neutralize the acid with soda, but these creatures were simply "filled up". and rightly so ...
  5. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 7 October 2016 11: 22
    More and more often from Syria, the Ishilovites are appearing in Russia! Work for our bodies will soon be many times more - an infection from the Middle East is slowly entangling people with its spider thread.
    1. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky 7 October 2016 20: 38
      Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
      More and more often from Syria, the Ishilovites are appearing in Russia!

      The Georgian corridor is working.
  6. Same lech
    Same lech 7 October 2016 11: 25
    Foreign sponsors of terror do not abandon attempts to foment a terrorist war in RUSSIA by sending their emissaries to us ...
    it is gratifying that the destruction of such guests has been put on stream ...
    the disposal of this scum is carried out by professionals ... what can I say ... very good ... keep it up.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 October 2016 11: 36
    Destroyed almost every week, and they reappear. Elders need to work more efficiently. Although those who look into the forest to the elders no longer listen.
  8. Same lech
    Same lech 7 October 2016 11: 57
    However, an impressive video appeared on the network of the defeat of a column of barmalei by Iraqi helicopters.
    1. parkello
      parkello 7 October 2016 15: 59
      Well so ... give the link or insert in the comment. there is an insertion of media content from other services. click and paste the link. but it turns out that it seems to be, but to climb far ...
  9. Haloperidol
    Haloperidol 7 October 2016 16: 23
    Good news. In the Russian Federation, it is high time to introduce the death penalty for terrorism, drug trafficking, the slave trade, sea piracy, theft and fraud, on a large scale, anti-Russian activity in favor of a foreign state and Russophobia, in any form.
  10. andron-30
    andron-30 7 October 2016 20: 27
    Now the pros are working with a bang, there was an order to extinguish in sartir, then so be it
  11. Olegovi4
    Olegovi4 8 October 2016 01: 06
    the main thing is lossless. good job!
  12. Niccola Mack
    Niccola Mack 8 October 2016 10: 05
    You have to dig deeper, deeper!
    ISIS is most likely only performers.
    Anglo-Saxon ears must be sought!
    In Central Asia, wherever you stumble — MI6 or the CIA.
    But through whom-the Saudis, Qatari, Pakistanis, Jordanians, Igilovs, etc. - does not change the essence of the matter.
    Now it is more difficult to define - before, usually "independent non-profit organizations" started crying - they beat freedom fighters.
    And you could get to the bottom - who is "dancing" them.
  13. yurikh
    yurikh 8 October 2016 15: 57
    Here are the restless. So they climb. Nothing of the earth will digest a lot.