The US agency reports on the possible exchange of tactical nuclear strikes in Syria

The US agency reports on the possible exchange of tactical nuclear strikes in Syria

American news agency Newsroom Article "URGENT: Military Told Prepare for a Nuclear Tactical Nuclear Exchange in Syria! Stateside reports that military experts from the United States who are in and around Syria, together with their family members, urgently recall their homeland.

"We were told to prepare for the exchange of tactical nuclear strikes with Russia in Syria, and the forces in the United States were ordered to prepare for a similar exchange of intercontinental ballistic missiles with Russia after fighting broke out in Syria."

In addition, these instructions included warnings to families of servicemen to immediately move away from the US military bases, which are expected to be subject to a possible intercontinental attack.

The agency confirms this information with contacts with three members of the families of military personnel who are located at various military bases in the Middle East.

According to the agency, the Pentagon refuses to comment on these messages, which is rather strange. As a rule, the Pentagon categorically denies erroneous messages. But not this time. Now the Pentagon answers: "No comments". As of 8: 25 pm EDT 4 October this information is confirmed from the sidelines of the diplomatic negotiations on Syria between the United States and Russia.

It is also alleged that the United States is going to directly attack the Syrian forces around Syrian President Bashar Assad and, possibly, Assad himself. Such a decision was allegedly made because efforts to overthrow Assad with the help of "rebels" because of Russia failed, and the US will not accept this reality.

The article further describes the stages of the development of the conflict around Syria, the objectives of the parties and the results achieved by the parties. The information that the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia 4 of October launched a three-stage operation "Drill" ("Drill"), during which radiation, chemical and biological protection of personnel and the public during emergency situations on critical and potentially dangerous objects. Fire safety, civil defense and protection of civilians in social institutions and public buildings will also be tested.

The agency emphasizes that during these exercises more than 40 million people from the civilian population, 200 000 rescue specialists and about 50 thousands of vehicles will be involved. These facts allow the agency to accuse the US government and President B. Obama of criminal inactivity, since nothing is being done to protect the US civilians.

I do not know how these messages reflect the truth, but the clear concern of the American media speaks of the seriousness of the situation.
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  1. +4
    8 October 2016 07: 12
    c 400 to help you crazy.
    1. +10
      8 October 2016 09: 08
      It’s more expensive to frighten Russians ... Well, why do you need gentlemen? We have nothing to lose, because we will tear to shreds, if that .. And we have something for that! (our grandfathers and great-grandfathers of 25 million fallen are watching us)

      You offended Russia greatly gentlemen ....
      1. +5
        8 October 2016 15: 02
        Quote: STARPER
        scare us

        ... in fact the Yankees have not yet been delivered MAT, but SHAH -
        Rostislav Ishchenko: Rates are increasing
        On the American side, even before General Millie’s statement, there was actually a direct threat to Russia from the State Department - allegedly, in connection with Assad’s support, Russia would send the corpses of its soldiers home in bags and lose planes.

        The Pentagon’s warning immediately follows this statement: The United States is ready to deliver a preventive nuclear strike against Russia.

        What follows is Putin’s response that we are pulling out of the plutonium deal. And then there’s an ultimatum requirement: if you want to normalize relations, here are the conditions: cancel the “Magnitsky law”, lift sanctions, pay compensation, and so on. And the form of our ultimatum is very clear: "Guys, give up and pay reparations and indemnities."

        It is also clear that this response was unacceptable for the United States. Yes, in fact, the reaction was not expected. After all, the United States has not yet lost the war - at least they think so.

        Nevertheless, in a translation into everyday language, Putin’s statement, made almost immediately after the threat of a nuclear attack on Russia, sounds something like this: “We heard. We got it all. Try it if you want. We are not afraid and ready for any format of military clash. ”

        Is it always like in politics? If you said, "I will give you a club on the head," then you should be prepared for what I say: "Well, then, come on." And then you must either give or demonstrate your helplessness.

        The United States said: "We are threatening a nuclear war." They were answered: "We are not afraid."
        And then we must either fight or demonstrate our helplessness. The demonstration of helplessness means that not only allies around the world, but also vassals, slander and all kinds of semi-independent countries like Iran, which oppose the United States, will proceed from what all... The world hegemon, it turns out, can scare, but it can’t act.

        Therefore, the United States seems to be in a critical situation. It is necessary either to raise rates further - but then risk the full-scale nuclear war, or retreat.

        But they were not only told, but also demonstrated. Six months ago, simultaneous Strategic Missile Forces and Air Defense exercises were conducted to repel a nuclear strike and launch a retaliatory strike. And now EMERCOM exercises are being held to protect the population from a nuclear strike. Moreover, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that up to 40 million people are involved - almost a third of the population of the Russian Federation ...
    2. 0
      8 October 2016 23: 00
      There already smells of yars and the governor, and not the S-400.
      1. +2
        9 October 2016 20: 14
        Yes, nothing smells like that! Akella missed! Do you seriously think that they will use nuclear weapons?
  2. +4
    8 October 2016 07: 12
    Insanity grows stronger! The whole world in ruin? Stop where you can evacuate, where is this safe place? It is necessary to negotiate!
    1. +13
      8 October 2016 07: 16
      Quote: Hunter
      where can I evacuate, where is this safe place?

      Only on the moon. request
      1. +6
        8 October 2016 07: 38
        Alexey, pay attention to who or what is giving out this "news" .. Although the world at the moment is really on the edge.
      2. +2
        8 October 2016 07: 39
        Quote: vovanpain
        Only on the moon.

        Well, yes .. only you won’t sit there for a long time! Where will he come back ?.
        And to fly there, perhaps, we need Russian rocket engines wassat
    2. 0
      8 October 2016 09: 41
      Safe places: South America, Cuba, Africa, Australia, Madagascar, India, Indonesia, Malaysia Antarctica, the Philippines and thousands of small islands on all oceans.
      1. +2
        8 October 2016 17: 14
        There are no such safe places. Small islands sweep away the tsunami (remember Phuket), Cuba is too close to the United States, there are military bases in the Philippines, Australia will receive the full as an ally of the foe. Antarctica remains. But how will you be there in "shoes with thin soles"? After all, there won't be enough boots for everyone!
        1. 0
          8 October 2016 20: 56
          What tsunami? Cuba is far from the USA, the Philippines and Australia will not be attacked by anyone, since there will not be enough warheads - the nuclear conflict is one on one - the USA against Russia.
          1. +1
            9 October 2016 21: 06
            enough warheads — you forgot about the nuclear power plant — which will be one of the goals ...
            Europe will also have to multiply by zero, there are also nuclear weapons and bases there .. Japan, by the way, too ...
            Remain - Latin (possibly) and South America, Australia and everything south of Egypt in Africa
            In general, the most problem-free, technically developed, with the country's most powerful industrial potential. feel
        2. +1
          9 October 2016 18: 13
          It was worth Putin to show that you can talk with America in an ultimatum tone, as the President of the Philippines, according to the Chinese, announced the closure of US military bases.

          1. 0
            9 October 2016 20: 00
            Yes, it’s already half a year laughingOnly the media are silent about this in a rag, afraid of Obama's authority to drop!
            1. 0
              10 October 2016 10: 23
              If the Philippines somehow manage to wrest the star-striped hegemon from under the influence of the USA, going crazy is an open claim that in that region, control over the sea routes has been lost. Most likely, China will get carte blanche in this, this is its sphere interests and it is China that is interested in removing the Amer’s gang with its bases in that region.
    3. +1
      8 October 2016 10: 21
      Quote: Hunter
      Stop where you can evacuate, where is this safe place?

      Into the Siberian Wilderness
      1. +1
        8 October 2016 16: 11
        To burn there with the forests? Although of all the possible options, this seems the most acceptable.
    4. +1
      8 October 2016 10: 23
      Quote: Hunter
      It is necessary to negotiate!

      ... agree with the sane, don’t you find it ?!

      The rest of the article describes the stages in the development of the conflict around Syria.

      ... let them dream, trying to harness the Russians into their stupid plans, such as stages of development / escalation, where they think that they will be legislators and leaders.
      Fuck them!
      Will be OUR!
      If necessary, the "MAGNETIC WEAPON" (C) VVZH will be used: "fell asleep in the evening, did not wake up in the morning" laughing
      This, of course, is not WHAT EVERYONE IS THINKING ABOUT ... BUT, nevertheless, the "initiates" know WHAT it is about ... bully angry
    5. +1
      8 October 2016 11: 45
      Who should negotiate with whom and what?
    6. +1
      8 October 2016 17: 46
      Hunter. Who should I negotiate with ??? Crazy people, so what? After all, you know very well that it is not possible to agree with them!
    7. +1
      8 October 2016 23: 07
      Pindosi will not stop themselves, and this means only one thing - Russia and China will have to stop them. The Anglo-Zionists have been building the existing world order for more than a century (since the creation of the Fed in 1913) and they are ready to go to the end ... There are practically no chances for a peaceful resolution of the conflict between west and east, so we need to prepare for a total war of annihilation.
    8. +2
      9 October 2016 08: 42
      the impression is that you are calling us to retreat? or are you going to run away? Stop the panic and remember about your sacred (I apologize for the pathos) duty of the man and citizen of your country.Not one step back[i] [/ i], we have nothing to lose!
    9. 0
      9 October 2016 21: 36
      Quote: Hunter
      Insanity grows stronger! The whole world in ruin? Stop where you can evacuate, where is this safe place? It is necessary to negotiate!

      How? The situation itself, when at least someone is equal to America, is unacceptable for today's America. It does not fit in the mind. Impossible, understand? And this has a real foundation. The USA has revealed such an incredible level of meanness, abomination, and vile things that they are right in something - almost all countries of the world dream of breaking them. For all the good...
      They cannot agree at this level. It is corny that they do not know what to say, what words. They will either rush or break. Of all, the best option is this - they seem to have "not noticed" the whole situation. That is, they merged without merging. This will allow them to somehow save face. The very fact of negotiations is impossible!
      After this, the Americans will make every effort, all the opportunities and money to somehow wash us. In some ways, it is real to infringe, and not as with sanctions. And all this will mean that the world is lucky. We were lucky. Everyone was lucky ... Or war. Death. Alas, this is possible, almost already real. Just because they cannot repay debts, already this can destroy everyone on Earth.
      Well, we have built a world in which humanity can be destroyed at any moment ... because of money. It may well be that the next dead end version of human civilization (somewhere around the twentieth, as I understand it) is about to be erased.
    10. 0
      9 October 2016 21: 48
      We traveled with friends, antip..tintsy (I'm also not a fan) in Europe, and they told me: he will bring us to nuclear war. Me: yes you were stunned, hell needs it. And it seems my friends are closer to the topic.
      By the way, the first comment on the article was deleted (quite harmless), and without a trace. My (first version) also disappeared, and not immediately, but after an hour somewhere. It seems that the mention of the name of the president of the Russian Federation automatically leads to deletion.
  3. +7
    8 October 2016 07: 13
    I do not know how these messages reflect the truth, but the clear concern of the American media speaks of the seriousness of the situation.
    The situation has long been serious, worse than the Caribbean crisis, but before nuclear exchanges, that’s too much. request
  4. +5
    8 October 2016 07: 25
    Hmm ... Bluff !!!
    1. +12
      8 October 2016 08: 00
      Not just a bluff, but sheer nonsense and lies!
      In fact, NEWSROOM is a news portal, BUT ... only in the American SERIES of the same name authored by Aaron Sorkin!
      And all the news there is POPULAR!
      Gentlemen, moderators, at least occasionally check such afftors for their mental health .... otherwise the 3rd World War will really begin ... on the VO website!
      And you three-star generals need it ?????
      1. +4
        8 October 2016 10: 37
        And all the news there is POPULAR!
        Either they intentionally wrote it, or you don’t know the Russian language. Use test words when writing, in this case, the test word THOUGHT. hi
        1. +1
          8 October 2016 14: 17
          Rather "thinking" hi
        2. +2
          8 October 2016 22: 25
          Thoughts, as such, I did not see in this nonsense, and therefore wrote through "O".
          Although you are right, in this case the word POSITIVE should have been put in quotation marks.
        3. The comment was deleted.
      2. +4
        8 October 2016 15: 10
        I wrote everything correctly, I saw this "news" the day before yesterday on the friendly site "Military Materials" and also did not find anything about the source, except that this is a series. So you can just as zealously discuss "Game of Thrones" for example. Or is there already the reliability of all do not care? You just have to potryndet and yell urya? Maybe all the same you need more serious?
        1. AUL
          9 October 2016 15: 25
          Well, cheers here have yelled deceitfully, both old and young. Likes gathered on shoulder straps. But to think about what it could result in, to see, the gray matter was not enough. Thank God, the article is fake!
  5. 0
    8 October 2016 07: 28
    Does Abama know about this? Something is not visible and not audible, so that he would prepare the ark ...
  6. +1
    8 October 2016 07: 32
    The striped ones dream of destroying the world far away from themselves and prospering at the expense of their own destroyed world. Let us recall the Second World War, when, at our expense, they entered the destroyed Europe on a white horse as “victors” (but even then they were beaten). Irreplaceable liars and impudent people.
    1. +2
      8 October 2016 23: 15
      With the modern level of armaments, the Americans are not shining, which, however, does not exclude the danger of starting a nuclear war. Fed owners can write off the US as an unsuccessful project and start a war to cover their tracks. The USA is just a power tool to achieve world domination of usurers, and the think tank is located in a completely different place, for example, in a small mountainous country in the center of Europe. When WWII raged with might and main in Europe, in the country of cheese, banks and watches, a policeman guarded the border.
      1. 0
        10 October 2016 05: 37
        Quote: mr.redpartizan
        Fed owners may write off the US as a failed project
        So the tail began to wag the dog ...
  7. +1
    8 October 2016 07: 32
    a f t a r!

    This is hysteria in the ovsky style, not an article!

    Nobody will use nuclear weapons, even tactical ones - this is the end of everything!

    How many games of limited nuclear power in the defense departments were not spent, it always led only to GLOBAL!
    1. +2
      8 October 2016 10: 22
      Quote: Titsen
      How many games did not spend computer

      Games ended dear, reality has come
      1. +3
        8 October 2016 17: 36
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Games ended dear, reality has come

        Well yes ... Came Scheduled "Matthew", swept half of Florida ... and the President can only give advice; - "save yourself who can!"
        And do you seriously think that with such a "readiness" for an emergency, the amy will go to the provocation that threatens TMV?
        No need to consider the enemy worse than yourself. The chatter of politicians is not the same as the operational-tactical calculations of the GOU GSH!
        Of course they will, but none of them can step over the "unacceptable damage" without a crushing response from the Russian Federation.
        It is necessary to prepare for provocations and throws in anticipation of the presidential election in 2018.
        Therefore - endurance, firmness and patience to all of us.
    2. 0
      8 October 2016 20: 58
      "Nobody will use nuclear weapons, even tactical - this is the end of everything!" What is this to everything?
  8. +3
    8 October 2016 07: 35
    They say that the EMERCOM exercises have already passed. And where are these 40 million citizens? What is absurdity? Hence the whole article is delusional. Or a specially thrown in infa, "accidentally" leaked from the families of military personnel ...
    1. +1
      8 October 2016 10: 44
      Quote: AlexDARK
      They say that the EMERCOM exercises have already passed. And where are these 40 million citizens? What is absurdity? Hence the whole article is delusional. Or a specially thrown in infa, "accidentally" leaked from the families of military personnel ...

      About - "They say that the EMERCOM exercises have already passed. And where are these 40 million citizens?" - Do not you think that they took place in the form of a command post exercise (command post exercise, with a payroll). And certain types of ASDNR (emergency rescue and other urgent work) were carried out significant (from the scenario of the current exercises of the Civil Defense and Emergencies Ministry 04-07.10.2016):
      - in Moscow, an electric train will "collide" with a fuel truck that has fallen from a bridge (transport accident, fire),
      - "break through" the dam in the Kuban (terrorist attack, TNW strike?),
      - in Crimea, a dormitory building in Artek will "catch fire" (terrorist attack with fire in crowded places).

      Quote: AlexDARK
      Hence the whole article is delusional. Or a specially thrown in infa, "accidentally" leaked from the families of military personnel ...

      ... from what is written in the article, the most plausible is the evacuation of the Yankees' families, in view of the EXPECTATION OF THEIR Explicit Defeat in Syria ...
    2. 0
      8 October 2016 10: 47
      Moscow. 2 October. INTERFAX.RU - The Ministry of Emergency Situations will conduct an All-Russian training on civil defense, which will cover more than 40 million people, Oleg Manuylo, director of the Ministry's Civil Defense Department, told Interfax.

      "The training will take place from 4 to 7 October. More than 40 million people, over 200 thousand specialists of emergency rescue teams, about 50 thousand units of equipment will take part in it," he said.

      Federal executive bodies, regional leaders, local authorities and organizations will be involved.

      Also, emergency contingent formations will participate in the development of civil defense measures. During the training, the reality of the plans drawn up for various periods and the readiness of all forces and means for action will be checked.
  9. 0
    8 October 2016 07: 35
    Strange .. We live in Russia, already on the 8th, about any teachings of the Ministry of Emergencies did not hear .. Ah! This is the American News Agency .. That's it.
    1. Amr
      8 October 2016 12: 23
      But are you sure that you are among those who will need to be saved?)) If not, why do you need to know where the bunker is?)))
  10. +1
    8 October 2016 07: 37
    ... jumped .. wassat
    In fact, something similar happens from time to time throughout the entire time of the global confrontation. Throwing into the basement, looking for a saving bunker, is definitely not worth it wink But in Fashik there are enough "hot heads" who, instead of a brain, have only the ambitions of a world "hegemon"! They have enough foolishness to start a "little nuclear war." And then everything will depend on Are we ready - RUSSIA - to go to the end?
    1. +3
      8 October 2016 17: 58
      Quote: avia1991
      They have enough foolishness to start a "little nuclear war."

      Well, well ... ask (at your leisure) who has the right to give permission for the use of tactical nuclear weapons. (The so-called "decision threshold") .... to start this very "little nuclear war" can the commander of the forces on the continent in wartime, but in peacetime?
      So, wars start politics!
      "Military", like dogs, can bark ... But attack - only with the permission of the owner.
  11. +6
    8 October 2016 07: 42
    But people who believe in the tale of "nuclear weapons are the end of the planet" are also funny. More nuclear weapons were detonated on the ground as tests than the United States and Russia have. And nothing, we live and smell. Far-fetched fantasies. It is impossible to kill 7 billion people. Even in World War 125. Even the most dangerous viruses cannot do this. Whatever losses were, in any case, civilization cannot be erased. And there are still great dreamers who think that even one warhead can almost split a ball. Yes, there the radius of the explosion is scanty, the maximum size of a city area, or not a larger town. , even though there will be several thousand of them ... Reptilians do not believe that. Don't worry where to be saved? Taiga for all times, tickets at the box office. P, S don't have to live with legends from movies and science fiction books.
    1. +3
      8 October 2016 08: 11
      On the ground, more nuclear weapons were blown up as tests than the United States and Russia have. And nothing, we live and smell.

      These tests were extended over time. A massive nuclear strike will lead to disaster. However, you will be right, or I, it will have absolutely no significance if this happens.
      "... and the survivors will envy the dead."
      1. +2
        8 October 2016 10: 52
        Quote: Razvedka_Boem
        A massive nuclear strike will lead to disaster.

        ... as experienced people say - "wait and see".
        But, "going to die, seeds and a cart for the spring - get ready!" (c) folk words.
        This refers to the "alarming suitcase", evacuation routes and gathering places with like-minded fellow soldiers, militias. After all, former officers do not exist ... bully soldier
        Someone - always lucky! Intuition suggests - there will be a lot of them ... laughing
        1. +5
          8 October 2016 11: 54
          Need no luck. a clear plan of action:

          1. To the military personnel - to keep the machine gun outstretched so that the molten iron does not drip on state boots

          2. Civilian - turn into a radioactive cloud and fly to infect the enemy

          We will win only Tak)))
      2. 0
        8 October 2016 23: 25
        The most powerful thermonuclear explosion occurred in 1961, its power was 58 Mt (the design power of the ammunition with the third stage was 101,5 Mt). A full salvo of SSBNs "Borey" - about 16 Mt, and "Ohio" - in the region of 90 Mt. The danger in the course of a nuclear war is the destruction of NPP power units, not the explosions themselves.
        1. 0
          8 October 2016 23: 31
          And the explosion of such a product is no longer terrible for you?
    2. +1
      8 October 2016 19: 38
      Quote: AlexDARK
      more nuclear weapons were blown up as tests than the USA and Russia have.

      According to 23.08.2011, 2053 explosions of nuclear warheads were produced. The United States and Russia have a total of 15300 nuclear warheads. And this does not include the remaining 8 owners of nuclear weapons.
      Quote: AlexDARK
      It is impossible to destroy 7 billions of people. Even in Xnumx World War.

      Why so much? It is enough to blow up one nuclear weapon, super-powerful, so that Mother Earth says goodbye to the atmosphere.
      Or another option: with a nuclear power supply unit, "set fire to" the deuterium / tritium of the World Ocean - Here's a super-new for you! called Gaia.
      Quote: AlexDARK
      in any case, civilization cannot be erased.

      And is it nothing that we on this planet are already 6 civilization?
      And where did the previous 5 go, do not tell me the case?
      Quote: AlexDARK
      No need to live the legends from the movies and science fiction books.
      Right! Only among other things, scientific books are useful to read and, if possible, get a technical education, and not just graduate from the Central Computer School, and at the same time have the audacity of an categorical judgment on nuclear physics and ecology.
      1. +1
        8 October 2016 21: 16
        "Why so many? It is enough to detonate one super-powerful nuclear warhead for Mother Earth to say goodbye to the atmosphere." Such explosions have already been Castle Bravo 15 megatons
        Castle Rameo 11 megatons
        Cast Janke 13 megatons
        And our trials of 13, 19, 20, 24 and 57 megatons - And nothing happened to the atmosphere, even the ozone layer was not damaged.
  12. +3
    8 October 2016 07: 42
    I already suggested somehow, so I repeat. Comrade GDP needs all western l(P)leaders (substitute the required letter yourself, and immediately apologize, but there are not enough normal words in the light of the latest news), especially hawks (although it is quite possible that one gray witch will be enough) from the United States to invite to New Earth, to put them in such a more or less "safe" trench (but something would be well felt, otherwise it will not work) and recoil 150-300 kT. I will repeat kt! and then show how many MT are some "lousy" 1500 deployed towards the SGA and their six warheads. And then ask who needs it) I am more than sure that not a single vile soul from the West will dare to raise the topic of global nuclear war even in the worst nightmare for 20 years.
    1. 0
      8 October 2016 08: 21
      It wouldn’t hurt of course, but in addition to this, just get AA27 out of stocks and talk about it, while adding that if this thing flies up, only the place will be left from the USA.
    2. 0
      8 October 2016 23: 33
      And be sure to invite Pan Geletey.
  13. c3r
    8 October 2016 07: 51
    Not any exercises of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with "40 million" in the period from 03 to 04.10 were not noticed. Or maybe all the same it would be necessary!
    1. +2
      8 October 2016 08: 28
      We checked the 5th siren ... feel
    2. +2
      8 October 2016 08: 53
      In Saratov 3 day of the siren of the Ministry of Emergencies in the city yelled
  14. +1
    8 October 2016 07: 54
    US news agency Newsroom in its article "URGENT: US forces have been ordered to prepare for a similar exchange of ICBM attacks with Russia after hostilities erupt in Syria."

    The main thing about this American stuffing is not to tell my elderly aunt, otherwise she will grab the cart and rush to the market to buy salt, matches, canned food ... and looking at her, all her friends and neighbors will rush, and greedy traders will greedily rub their hands and rejoice in hysteria ...
  15. +4
    8 October 2016 07: 56
    Well, how long can you spread such fakes?
    Someone, somewhere, once farted. We have grandmothers in the yard on the bench a model of truthfulness in comparison with this. Well this needs 40 million people to participate in the Emergencies Ministry exercises
    The total population of Russia as of January 1, 2016 is 146 544 710 people (with Crimea) according to [1-Rosstat] (according to data dated March 09.03.2016, 01.01.2016 on the estimation of the population as of January XNUMX, XNUMX).

    It turns out every third, given the infant ?. well, cool
    Author: Alexander Nikishin
    bent over. Seem too much.
  16. 0
    8 October 2016 07: 58
    But the criminals really are in power in the United States, when they are faced with a confrontation, they start agony. With such it is necessary to act strictly according to the law-isolate from the normal World.
    And Aleppo must be taken by the Syrians faster, then everyone will be calmer.
  17. +1
    8 October 2016 08: 04
    horror stories horror stories are another horror stories, during the Cold War the situations were much more tense and the fingers were at the buttons, now it’s the hysteria of Western media that sculpt the image of the enemy, of course this is done for a reason. but the exchange of blows is bullshit
    1. 0
      8 October 2016 08: 55
      How do you know how real it was during the Cold War and how real it is now?
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. 0
    8 October 2016 09: 31
    Quote: Valery Kondratyev
    But really, criminals are in power in the USA,
    But they are also businessmen, they still have children, and they also want to live ... Otherwise, why the heck do they have their loot, business, yachts, women, children ...? Discarding the husk, we come to the conclusion - FAKE!
  20. +1
    8 October 2016 09: 37
    I think that for tactical attacks on nuclear weapons in Russia, Europe will go into the Mesozoic, and in the place of the USA there will be a strait named after I, V. Stalin, Well, Canada and Alaska will again be settled by the indigenous population, by 3217.
    1. 0
      8 October 2016 09: 47
      There will be no spills, but the population of Europe in the USA and Russia after the exchange of warheads will decrease significantly - during the first year.
  21. 0
    8 October 2016 09: 47
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation needs to give more spatial statements and comments, which are aimed primarily not at senile politicians, but at the world community, from which it will be clear to everyone - the rulers of the United States who have played with the world hegemon and gendarme have not only lost their sense of reality and impunity, but and forgot about the inevitability of retaliation and the impossibility to sit out the collapse "in Miami" or somewhere else. The potential of the Russian Federation is not the DPRK, which the United States and its neighbors scare, but "drain urine in their pants" from possible decisions and consequences of an inadequate ruler!
  22. 0
    8 October 2016 10: 21
    ("We were told to prepare for a tactical nuclear strike with Russia in Syria, and US forces were ordered to prepare for a similar ICBM exchange with Russia after hostilities erupted in Syria.")

    Particularly noteworthy is the beginning of the quote (they told us !!!). Who said? Facebook or official from the Pentagon?
    Immediately I remember (IMHO) V. Vysotsky: "... he went out and poured out:" the triangle will be drunk, whether it is a parallelepiped, whether it is a circle, a louse is edren " Only the person involved is not a drunk, but early. of the headquarters of the US ground forces, General Mark Millie (and this is already fraught not with banter, but "head to head").
  23. 0
    8 October 2016 10: 23
    The United States would have dealt a long NUCLEAR strike on Russia if it knew that it would receive an adequate response in its own country. The USA after such a blow will cease to exist in its present form.
  24. 0
    8 October 2016 11: 22
    "We were told to prepare for the exchange of tactical nuclear strikes with Russia in Syria, and the forces in the United States were ordered to prepare for a similar exchange of intercontinental ballistic missiles with Russia after fighting broke out in Syria."

    Complete insanity seasoned with the next portion of Russophobia. Here, not even the roof went, but a complete "rope".
  25. +1
    8 October 2016 11: 33
    Apparently, the history of the past century did not teach anything from the NATO soldiers.
  26. +2
    8 October 2016 12: 25
    Pentagon tricks, think of your children. You do not mind the strangers, but at least take pity on your own.
  27. 0
    8 October 2016 12: 57
    So far, everything is calm, but everything is possible.
  28. +2
    8 October 2016 14: 09
    These are 2 facts to think about:
    1.) Civilian family members of American personnel in Incirlik were evacuated to America from the very beginning of the Russian operation in Syria.
    2.) Large-scale exercises on the topic of the Ministry of Emergency Situations will be PLANED. Yes, we have not conducted such comprehensive and large-scale testing, only in fragments. And our leadership still when !!! planned to play this mosaic and see how Russia is ready in practice for these types of threats. If you compare this with practicing the actions of such purely civilian sectors as banking or the Ministry of Health, it is clearly manifested as the state tests and improves all levels of its security (from RVSN calculations to workers kindergartens).
    Therefore, I believe that the analytical calculations in the article are a bit far-fetched (and sensational as newspaper people love), but in general it has been noticed that the risk of direct clashes between Americans and ours is very ... ... .......
  29. 0
    8 October 2016 14: 56
    "Drill" is in the spirit of the Americans. We would call it something like: "chamomile" ...
  30. 0
    8 October 2016 15: 00
    The feeling that we and the states are planes that go head-to-head on ram, now. Straight up shots from the Heavenly slow-moving. The question is, who will be the first to collapse?
    It should be noted that we have long walked to this moment, on which our future depends in full. States cannot be minimized because they have already calculated that after 5 years they can no longer oppose Russia. Therefore, now. But the whole question is in the degree of their and our readiness. How prepared are our commanders for decisive action, because victory will depend on the very first minutes of the beginning of the hot phase. We urgently need to decide: a local war or a global one. The actions in these cases are completely different. If it’s global, then first of all we need to heat the SSBNs of the states and their allies, and everything else is blowing dust and all kinds of pulling and shredding ... If the war is local, then we must immediately destroy all the key points of the coalition’s military infrastructure in the region, what can be reached with conventional weapons, in the beginning, relying on EW defense means (Krasukhi and Khibiny with containers). KVM.
    1. +1
      8 October 2016 23: 37
      Unfortunately, finding and destroying all Ohio SSBNs is impossible even in theory. The same applies to our SSBNs.
  31. 0
    8 October 2016 15: 15
    If in the first act a gun hangs on the stage, then in the third it should shoot ...
    Experts, what act of world tragedy is played out now in Syria?
  32. 0
    8 October 2016 16: 31
    "Particularly emphasized is the information that the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia on October 4 launched a three-stage operation" Drill ", during which radiation, chemical and biological protection of personnel and the population during emergencies on critical and hazardous facilities. Fire safety, civil defense and protection of civilians in social institutions and public buildings will also be checked. " All very seriously dear sirs, everything is grown-up, the games are over, we have nothing to lose!
  33. 0
    8 October 2016 17: 01
    I think you just need to calm down. Yesterday, an SMS from Sberbank flew in, a loan for one and a half lama was approved, I did not submit an application. I went to the bank, just issued, called-approved, come for
    take it. I refused, I do not need him. Bankers can sense the danger for miles, like the Jews, although they are. If they give, then it’s not time yet, because if there is time, who will give it back?)))
  34. +2
    8 October 2016 17: 21
    "The agency emphasizes that more than 40 million people from the civilian population will be involved in the course of these exercises" - this is about every fourth inhabitant of Russia ... Is the country not paralyzed during the exercises? I would like to ask the employees of the agency - gentlemen, are you familiar with arithmetic? About logic, the question is not appropriate
  35. +1
    8 October 2016 21: 01
    Oh and bullshit!
    The agency reports ... from the words of three unnamed soldiers.
    Right now, it starts .... first in Syria, and then we'll see.
    Well, in general, it does not fit into any framework.
    Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.
    The Armageddian, as always, will come suddenly. Like, typically, winter in Russia.
    I see only such a beginning of the war. Nuclear. Last one.
    In general, I’ll say even more specifically - nothing will happen at all.
    If only after the elections in the States, the local Fed will not introduce a "new currency" instead of dollars.
    They did not cope with Russia through Syria - they cope through the Bucks. They do not occupy this mind.
    And here we are ... be at least four times drawn up for war - we won’t cope with this.
    I give a tooth!
    Nuclear strikes near Israel? And the inhabitants of the "promised land" will not scratch themselves?
    Yes, they put these rackets in glasses, in a single family, Obama will shove ... with the help of the Mossad.
    And they won’t think for a long time.
    I give the second tooth.
  36. 0
    10 October 2016 10: 03
    Crap all this. The TNW is intended for the opening of a (guaranteed) echeloned defense by the forces of the division at least. Conventionally, this task in the Russian army is solved in one gulp of a battery - two 300mm Smerch systems (and they are present in Syria), and the USA has carpet bombing with the B-52. Wherever you were in Syria saw a layered defense?
    1. 0
      10 October 2016 11: 08
      This is just one of the destinations. TNW is capable of solving a wide range of tasks, from front-line to point destruction as objects, headquarters. control centers and individuals

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