The last fight - no rules

The fighting of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria brought a lot of positive results, but serious problems also emerged.

Today, the main attention is paid to positive political and partly military-strategic results. The main result is rightly called the preservation of legitimate power in Syria - the friendly Russian regime of Bashar al-Assad. Our country has demonstrated its determination to defend its interests with military force and its effective use even with a limited number of troops. The authority of Russia in the world, especially in the zone of the Near and Middle East, has grown significantly. One of the main strategic military results - Russia received a base in Syria.

Middle Eastern polygon

Of the military-technical results, first of all, it should be noted the development of the use in combat conditions of the latest cruise missiles X-101, X-55, "Caliber-NK" and "Caliber-PL". Shooting was carried out both from distances close to the limit - more than 1600-1700 kilometers, and from a distance of several hundred kilometers. The cost of hitting one target was two or three missiles, which is significantly less than the typical Tomahawks, allocated by the Americans to solve similar problems. The flight paths were chosen to bypass the air defense zones and areas of the dense location of the Islamist armed groups. Objects of strikes - control points of the operational and strategic level, weapons warehouses of central subordination or repair nodes for military equipment of the IS prohibited in Russia. Our rockets have shown high reliability.

The system of high-precision bombing SVP-24 was developed. It is characterized by the 20 – 25 indicator of the standard deviation of free-fall bombs from the target. This is quite enough to reliably hit the designated objects with minimal damage to civilian buildings around.

High efficiency was shown by the X-29 and X-25 missiles used in Syria with both laser and television guidance systems, and the KAB-500L and KAB-500Kr air bombs. Their main carriers in Syria are Su-34 and Su-24. The accuracy of hitting the target is exceptional: the standard deviation is two to three meters, which gives a guaranteed direct hit on a small target. Moreover, the destruction zone of adjacent buildings does not exceed 15 meters. In the SAR, such weapons destroyed heavily protected IS facilities in areas of dense urban development.

High effectiveness was demonstrated by Russian ground forces weapons. It is also important to note that our military science was successful in solving the specific tasks of the fight against terrorist organizations. The Americans could not solve a similar problem neither in Iraq, nor in Afghanistan, nor in Syria.

Bad stability

Now - about the problems.

For all military experts, including foreign ones, it became clear: Russia does not have enough trained military personnel capable of solving combat missions on modern aircraft. The composition of the group was clearly insufficient. Senior officers were killed in battles, which means well-trained lieutenants, senior lieutenants and captains in Russia aviation too little or not at all. The fact that the Admiral Kuznetsov TAKR is only now going to the region, and before that, had not participated in the operation for a year, indicates that we do not have trained deck-based pilots (more).

The Syrian campaign has demonstrated: in the Russian Navy there are few fully combat-ready ships of the far sea and ocean zones. Grouping fleetoperating in the area - two or three ships of the main classes: cruiser, large anti-submarine and patrol. That is, the level of readiness of the Russian fleet to conduct large-scale hostilities is low. Foreign military experts draw appropriate conclusions.

The launches of the CD were sporadic, they were used at long intervals, which indicates: there are no sufficient reserves in the arsenals, rockets were used from the wheels.

Next: the joint large-scale offensive operation, which began with the opening of hostilities of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria, actually choked. After seven days of bombardment - from September 30 to October 6, inclusive, the most ambitious offensive operation of the ground forces of Syria against the IS forces was launched in the last three years. The first day marked an unprecedented pace of attack. A group operating in the direction of the city of El-Lataman, near which the fortifications of militants of the Dzhebhat al-Nusra and Ahrar ash-Sham, banned in Russia, are located, covered 70 kilometers. The large settlements of Maarkaba and Atshan were liberated, several key heights were taken, including Sakik and Al-Havir. About 50 kilometers passed on the first day of the operation a group operating east of the Qalaat al-Madik fortress, where government forces liberated the city of Kfar Nabuda and occupied the strategically important heights of Tell el Sakhr and Tell Osman.

The coalition's actions were conducted in full compliance with the provisions of military science, which decisively predetermined their success in the first stage. The enemy’s defense was opened with a “fire shaft”, which made it possible to reliably suppress resistance and reduce the losses of the advancing units to a minimum.

However, after four days the advance slowed sharply, its front shrank. The enemy, recovering from the shock, partially restored operational control and conducted counterattacks in other directions, diverting government troops and Russian aviation from the main attack line, which they succeeded. The business was not helped even by a sharp activation of the VKS, which operated with the limiting voltage.

In the future, the parties fought with varying success. The Syrian Arab army with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces for a long time achieved only tactical successes. In fact, by the end of 2015, the front was basically stabilized, the CAA advancing on separate directions. This situation persists to the present.

Do not flatter yourself and outlined truce. In chaos, local leaders attempted to “lay off” from the central government, and today they agreed to cease hostilities. However, the main terrorist forces - the IG, "Dzhebhat al-Nusra", the Syrian Free Army with the smaller organizations that joined, continue the fighting.

Candidates for losers

The last fight - no rulesWe must realize that this war is not an internal affair of Syria, it has geopolitical roots. After the “Arab Spring”, failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, the authority of the United States in the region has been undermined. Reliable and tightly controlled mode they have left here. Therefore, Washington’s plan to set up a puppet government in Syria, precisely in the coastal provinces of the country, is quite understandable. In this case, the Americans are able to control the flow of Qatari gas to Europe and the most important strategic military base in the Eastern Mediterranean. After the counter-revolution in Egypt with the strengthening of the Russian vector in the policy of Cairo, the United States has nothing else to do in this zone.

For Turkey, the situation in Syria at the time of the cessation of hostilities means a complete failure of the course of the ruling elite led by Erdogan: the Ottoman Empire-2 project is falling apart and at the same time hostile Kurdish autonomy is created on the southern borders of the country.

For Qatar, there is no hope of creating a strategically important gas pipeline to the Syrian ports or through its territory to Turkey for further transit to Europe with the displacement of Russia from this market.

Saudi Arabia is also losing a lot, above all, hopes to defeat Iran’s main ally in the Arab world and thus leave the Islamic Republic in isolation, weaken its influence in the BSV zone. The project of a new caliphate, with the idea of ​​building which the royal dynasty has been worn for more than one decade, will have to be forgotten forever. The preservation of the current status quo in Syria for the Saudis is already a serious defeat: the role of Iran in the BSV region is increasing, threats to the stability of the ruling dynasty are growing.

Coalition of winners

In clear win Russia and Syria. For the Russian Federation, the conclusion of peace with the current status quo means a military victory, albeit limited. This leads to a significant increase in influence in the region. In the CAP - the growing popularity of the current president as a symbol of opposition to aggression. Keeping his government in power even with the prospect of re-electing Bashar Assad as president of the country means the emergence of a Russian strategic bridgehead in the Eastern Mediterranean, a breakdown in the construction of a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe and the emergence of autonomy on the southern border of Turkey, which is close in ideology to the Kurdish Workers Party.

Iran preserving the existing status quo (with the prospect of defeating the IS and other organizations recognized as terrorist, with which all external players of the Syrian drama agree) also gives the status of a winner as a member of the coalition led by Russia. This greatly strengthens its position in the Islamic world, especially in the Shiite Ummah. Next may be followed by mass demonstrations of the oppressed Shiite population in the monarchies of the Persian Gulf.

Naturally, great opportunities are opening up for the active introduction of China into the region as an ally of Russia and Iran with the economic replacement of American influence.

Thus, even the preservation of the status quo in Syria means the victory of a coalition led by Russia, and the defeat of the United States, Turkey, KSA and Qatar with dire consequences for them. A new round of armed confrontation is inevitable - the Americans and their allies will seek revenge.

Risk concentration

The war went into a protracted phase. Since this theater is for Russia at a fair distance, we need to either achieve victory as soon as possible, or achieve peace under the existing scenario. Tightening exhaustively exhausts the army of Bashar Assad, in which there is already a lack of personnel.

Probably, it should be recognized that we will not succeed in achieving complete victory and crushing terrorist groups. The United States and its allies will not allow this to happen, they will be transferred to the category of “moderate opposition”, will be supplied with weapons and ammunition, they will be equipped with militants. ATS and RF do not have comparable capabilities. Therefore, their goal should be to achieve peace on acceptable terms. In any war, it is possible to bring him closer only by inflicting defeat on the enemy, which will force him to negotiate. With regard to Syria, it is about Aleppo. The defeat of the militant group surrounded in the eastern part of this city will not only significantly weaken the terrorists, undermine their moral and psychological potential, which will be a significant operational success, but will also help to achieve the territorial integrity of the government controlled by Syria and will be a significant military and political result.

But for the defeat of the encircled grouping, additional forces and means are needed. The pace of advancement of the CAA, despite the intensive support from the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force, is extremely low. Terrorists are constantly counterattacking. Delaying the liberation of Aleppo gives the United States and its allies time to create a powerful terrorist attack force that can unlock surrounded bandits. Therefore, the Russian Federation needs to take emergency measures to raise the combat capabilities of the Syrian troops in this area, to strengthen their aviation support to a level at which they can completely liberate Aleppo in the next two to three weeks. A contribution to this is to be made to the “Admiral of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov” marching to the combat area of ​​the TAKR, which the air group within 26 machines is capable of effectively promoting the Syrian forces during 7 – 10 days.

At the same time, efforts should be made to increase diplomatic support for Syria by other countries interested in maintaining its independence.

With a favorable development of the situation and the capture of Aleppo in the near future, the Russian Federation and Syria, with the help of friendly states, primarily the PRC, could achieve peace on acceptable terms. Otherwise, there are not so many chances for a favorable end to the war. The transition of the American coalition to the open support of terrorists is very likely. The attack on the Syrian troops, clearly coordinated with the subsequent attack of the militants, calls for the US military leadership to create a no-fly zone over Syria indicate that the Americans are ready to start fighting against the Syrian armed forces, even despite the high risk of a collision with the Russian Aerospace Forces. The United States may fall for such a tough scenario even earlier if the Syrians demonstrate obvious success in defeating the terrorists in Aleppo.

Today, the situation is such that the risk of a Russian-American conflict becomes quite real and significant. Experts predicted the inevitability of such a development of events for a long time, at the very beginning of our direct speech on the side of Damascus. Forces of one regiment change the course of the war is very difficult, if not impossible. And even more so to solve the problem of defeating the IG, as it was supposed, before the new, 2016 year.

Our intervention was forced, "fire". Early measures would allow Russia to support the legitimate government of Syria more effectively and, possibly, without direct participation in the conflict. All this indicates that we do not have adequate analytical support for serious military and political decisions at the highest levels of government. This confirms the whole story of the Ukrainian crisis - Russia did not act in the best way. Therefore, we need to urgently create a highly efficient system of scientific and methodological support of military-political decisions.
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  1. Gur
    5 October 2016 15: 47
    That's so charade
    1. +2
      5 October 2016 18: 08
      ATS and the Russian Federation do not have comparable capabilities. Therefore, their goal should be to achieve peace on acceptable terms.

      Smash by all means without paying attention to the howl of amers and their vassals!
      1. 0
        6 October 2016 06: 33
        China is somehow pale. I decided to sit behind the RF.
  2. +9
    5 October 2016 16: 05
    I always want more than I can.
    Syria is an excellent developer for all aspects of the activities of domestic institutions: the military potential, and logistics, and personnel policy, and the economy.
    He will open his eyes to many things and many.
    And where else to get such a real experience? from the fake reports of fake teachings?
  3. +3
    5 October 2016 16: 09
    The Yankees are doing everything to turn Syria for the Russian Federation into an Afghan for the USSR. So far, they have been doing pretty well, although the situation for all these ISIS and others (they seem to be approved for use) is rather complicated. But it is also difficult for the Russian army. Either pour the loot and send troops to help the SAR, or urgently look for ways of reconciliation. Both will be a defeat for the Yankees, so ... "this music will be eternal if I don't change the batteries ..."
    Optimists last year gave 2-3 months before the victory. And now even they will not name the exact year the conflict ends.
    And if Ukraine also explodes? ..
    1. 0
      6 October 2016 00: 05
      Quote: erased
      And if Ukraine also explodes? ..

      “This, of course, is a lie and a lot of stupidity. It seems to me that any sane person will understand: if any theoretical state with a population of 40 million people with a bankrupt economy, a collapsed army, with a corrupt leadership and a state that is in a state of deep socio-political crisis, intends to wage war against Russia, it can last three, four, maximum five days. But Kiev has been fighting a war against its own population for almost a year and a half, ”the speaker of the parliament concluded.
  4. +19
    5 October 2016 16: 14
    For the first time I completely agree with K. Sivkov.
    Everything is very, very difficult and extremely stressful.
    And the saddest thing is that besides Iran and the remnants of Assad’s army, we don’t have a single faithful ally on the Syrian issue.
    These are the real "successes" of our foreign policy, which they love to mention here on the forum! The Americans are just mocking us ... they need to regroup the bandits, please, a truce, have done their job - withdrew from the truce. And ours only "blow bubbles" - they say they are treacherous, how can you do that? Ay, ay, ay ... you can't do that.
    Damn, some kind of babble, already taking evil!
    The breakthrough in relations with the Turks is especially "happy" ... we charter them with tourists and the green light for junk with tomatoes, and they "thank you" for the free passage of convoys with weapons from their territory for the "barmaley" (see yesterday's report our military correspondent N. Poddubny from Aleppo).
    Once again, I repeat, Sivkov is right ... whatever you touch, everywhere you go to work, everywhere there are "firemen". Both in Ukraine and in Syria.
    Assad had to start helping 3-4 years ago, when everything was just beginning, and now "hell knows" - no matter how late it was ...
    1. 0
      6 October 2016 09: 42
      Quote: kepmor
      And the saddest thing is that besides Iran and the remnants of Assad’s army, we don’t have a single faithful ally on the Syrian issue.

      the rest look and conclude who they will kiss their feet and look in their mouths and status rather vassals will have and have, and not allies. The number of allies of the Russian Federation is limited by the army and navy.
  5. +10
    5 October 2016 16: 16
    Quote: "The Americans have not been able to solve a similar problem in either Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria."
    Come on. Are you seriously? Do you really believe that the task of amers is to destroy the terrorists? If this point of view is, then, of course, yes, they can’t do anything at all. Well, if you look from the other side? - the task is not to destroy but to create the appearance of a struggle? - then they do their job perfectly!
  6. +3
    5 October 2016 16: 23
    "Russia does not have a sufficient number of trained military personnel capable of solving combat missions on modern aircraft. The composition of the group was clearly insufficient. Senior officers were killed in battles, which means that there are too few or no well-trained lieutenants, senior lieutenants and captains in Russian aviation."
    I don’t understand again - in addition to the treacherously shot down Erdogan a year ago, did we still shoot down a Su-24? Did I oversleep?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +3
      5 October 2016 16: 42
      no, this is some kind of boob trying to give an opus about the incompetence of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation! But, as usual, there is a lot of Fuk, meaning zero!
    3. +13
      5 October 2016 17: 01
      Other crews were also killed. The point is that Russia is reaping the fruits of a destructive attitude towards its army and unbalanced combat training. The pilots were not properly trained for a long time, with the exception of those who did not get out of Chechnya, but those who started in '94 also work there. I hope Korenovsk allaverds for Khabibulin. It's good that the attitude is changing, it's bad that it is slow.
  7. +6
    5 October 2016 17: 22
    The launches of the CD were sporadic, they were used at long intervals, which indicates: there are no sufficient reserves in the arsenals, rockets were used from the wheels.

    Or maybe the missile launches were only at the right time, for a certain effect. What do you need to run them from morning till night?
  8. +5
    5 October 2016 17: 25
    VKS just showed the greatest efficiency in Syria. And the fact that Kuzya is only now going to that region, so no one canceled the scheduled repair. We have enough birds, and every year new lieutenants replenish our airborne forces ... another question is that according to Sivkov, we have a problem with deck pilots ... only, excuse me, there are 100 aircraft on the Kuza so that there isn’t enough pilots?
  9. +1
    5 October 2016 19: 15
    Yeah, this is the second article from the new, predicted by me, series "preparing public opinion for a multi-walk" how to leave beautifully.
    1. +1
      5 October 2016 21: 00
      This expert will not believe - on American carriers in hangars 40-45 years old. apparatuses. On the deck, the aggressive environment and aircraft engine life need to be cherished (for many it is on the verge), when crossing the sea from the deck, everything is removed to the hangar. If the weather permits, the duty forces lift them up (reconnaissance, anti-submarine patrols and demonstrations of presence + a duty link (3 units in our link 4 sides) have only 10-15 sides. The rest of the air wings (up to 80-95 pcs.) Get their on the move from dry land to dry land and with refueling, and only if a large outcrop is planned somewhere else, and even now they have not enough flyers for all aircraft carriers (about 50% percent (60% a couple of years ago) but 4 aircraft carriers in the sea were also available. a maximum of 5) and with the technique of the problem (the boards are pulled - a certain percentage of flightless carcasses are present in the hangars). They intercept the relay from country to country, Bravo - and what if the war really will fly on what?
  10. +1
    5 October 2016 19: 35
    In short, judging by the author, the process of the technical creep of the Russian galactic-cosmic forces from this sunny country will probably begin. And you are their lasers, lasers !!
  11. +4
    5 October 2016 19: 56
    the recognition of individual victories and the restoration of the defense capability of the Syrian state by Mr. Analyst modestly flowed into collecting RA flaws, where to start? With an insufficient grouping of forces of the Russian Navy? So a few years ago, there wasn’t even a word about any grouping of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean, a single campaign to fight the pirates looked like a feat, an insufficient raid of pilots on deck aircraft? The thread was only 2 years old as it was not Ukrainian, Kuznetsov was being repaired, and apparently the problem with the engine resources was not without reason that there was a separate resolution on the restoration of engine production for the SU-33. A raid by land pilots, I’ll allow myself to disagree at all, now they fly a lot, even compared to the beginning of the zero, I don’t say about the nineties that senior officers head units, they were commanders, they taught us how to do it like me, not do it like I said. Well, as for the restoration of the combat capability of the almost defeated one, which had suffered enormous losses from the Syrian army, which turned out to be able to cross-counterattack after it snarled from the last forces, losing the territory step by step, well, special research is needed and I would be grateful if VO posted a comment by a specialist specifically in Syria and the Middle East.
  12. +3
    5 October 2016 20: 02
    And again Sivkov. The genius of analysis and strategy. After his publications, I understand what freedom of speech is in reality. Although in my subjective opinion, boots should be sewn by a shoemaker, not a plumber.
  13. +5
    5 October 2016 20: 16
    "The grouping of the fleet operating in the area is two or three ships of the main classes: a cruiser, a large anti-submarine warfare and a patrol." , but how? What would all the royal cavalry and all the royal army? Maybe it was just enough "two or three ships of the main classes: cruiser, large anti-submarine and patrol."
    1. +1
      5 October 2016 21: 42
      Everything is simple - nobody really knows which war ship order to equip, what kind of conflict it will be, what intensity it is, what real forces it is, gulch open your face - what is the real strength and effectiveness of modern weapons with large-scale use, so to speak - horns in horns. .. What is the combat stability of opponents and the performance of their weapons. Some of its species will not work, either from our side or from theirs. There was no real and modern war! Therefore, out of the availability, they make the balance of the ships as universal as it seems. Or maybe a lot of small, but toothy and there will be an optimum? In reality, an evil conflict is needed for verification, but without loafing into the loaf. According to the results - the conclusions ... strategies, tactics, and even then it is possible to form an almost regular warrant for ships with which weapons and against an already known enemy. While the war between aliens and aliens is real, we did not feel them and they did not feel us ....
      1. +5
        5 October 2016 21: 52
        So, as I understand it, you don't need to throw all the cards on the table at once ... Moreover, "Foreign military experts draw the appropriate conclusions."
  14. 0
    5 October 2016 21: 06
    Most likely, Putin will go all-in and transfer part of the Russian Armed Forces to develop an offensive on the entire front and consolidate the natural borders of Syria. + This guarantees the safety of the Syrian troops from coalition attacks. Well, or war ..
  15. 0
    5 October 2016 21: 07
    ... our military science was successful in solving the specific tasks of combating terrorist organizations. The Americans could not solve a similar problem either in Iraq, or in Afghanistan, or in Syria.
    What "specific" tasks are implied?
  16. 0
    5 October 2016 21: 10
    All this indicates that we do not have adequate analytical support for serious military-political decisions at the highest levels of government.

    rather, not enough opportunities, I do not quite agree with the article.
    1. 0
      5 October 2016 22: 13
      I doubt that on the basis of the scribble of the self-proclaimed strategic analytetega from the NPO Academy of Strategic Studies, it is possible to do some analyzes besides medical
    2. +1
      5 October 2016 23: 34
      I wrote a little higher. You can’t have, as you said, a serious analyst (to calculate?) Of military-political decisions at the preliminary stage without a real event and action (its future military unit is unknown ... so far it is close to fantasies and Wishlist). There is no object or event to analyze for future actions, you need to see how serious the intentions of the enemy are and whether he is bluffing. The only option is to get involved - to impose your own series of events locally on the enemy (which we did in Syria), like in chess, and then more globally (by feeling the enemy and opening his face) try to narrow the field for his actions physically (past - mountains of bombs on the heads of the goofy , Turtsyya_ airplane_tourists_pomids_gas, and again the mountains of bearded bombs, today's S-300s, we are intensifying aid to Syria) and politically (for example, plutonium and poison cooperation), Now we’ll analyze the analysis of the past, draw conclusions and outline the following actions according to the circumstances and expand and deepen them. These events were initially with a bad scenario, directed but not completely managed in essence with elements of chaos and not invented by us, + many games on the field. It’s impossible to calculate and predict right actions right away, but it’s also impossible to endure wiping our feet. Get involved in a battle .. To win, this is art, and luck, and circumstances, and fighters (causing fire on themselves, one on the road with a Pecheneg against a crowd of Georgians ..) and their commanders.

      the word Conscience from Russian to English -> Conscience (Google), and vice versa -> awareness, consciousness, awareness, "A sense of one's existence, intuitive knowledge" - this is such a conscience
  17. +1
    5 October 2016 22: 04
    Chew snot less and thieves from 5 columns did not protect.
    With such solvers as edros, not only in Syria we will be scattered, but we will also sell our country to aperpedriles ...
    1. +2
      5 October 2016 22: 36
      Mr. Volzhanin, stop chewing snot to spoil and protect the thieves from the fifth column and do not sell your country to these like his aperpedrils, I also recommend giving up cute small mushrooms and finally get out of the food
  18. 0
    5 October 2016 22: 59
    Quote: erased
    The Yankees are doing everything so that Syria for the Russian Federation turns into Afghanistan for the USSR

    You're so smart. Abaldet is simple. No one could have imagined
    Sivkov took lessons and go ?? Which well told everything and intelligence does not trkuyut. And about the opportunities and the ministry ...
  19. 0
    5 October 2016 23: 01
    Quote: Masya Masya
    So, as I understand it, you don't need to throw all the cards on the table at once ... Moreover, "Foreign military experts draw the appropriate conclusions."

    That's it!
  20. 0
    5 October 2016 23: 07
    Without overcoming the consequences of "friendship with America" ​​in the economy and social sphere, the Russian Federation will remain an object of management, a raw material, financial and military-political appendage of the West. This is where all the problems in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia stem from .... The main problem is within the country. But the author said nothing about this.
  21. +1
    5 October 2016 23: 14
    Well yes. Everything CAN, but ....? WE CAN'T, BUT WE CAN! The RF, as the heir to the USSR, the only country whose peoples are capable of self-preservation to the detriment of any national, political, economic and other conditions, is the result of hundreds of years of coexistence. Any national path of development is measured not by "friendship with someone and a developed economy," but by the ability of the country's people to independently resist any aggression. Friendship and the economy are measured in dollars, and the ability to sacrifice for the sake of the country has no value. And only the peoples of the USSR and its successor, the Russian Federation, have such a mass character beyond the national tradition - this has been proven by hundreds of years of coexistence! Today, of all the countries of the world, only two countries have such an opportunity in political, economic and psychological terms - Russia and China! The rest, united and "uncompromising" only in the statements of temporary little people - politicians!
    1. 0
      6 October 2016 11: 26
      Quote: Vladimir61
      RF, as the heir to the USSR

      And below is also a continuous set of empty slogans.
      The USSR has no receivers, and the Russian Federation is an anti-Soviet state.
  22. +1
    6 October 2016 09: 31
    yes, dizziness from success really does not work, but where does such awareness about the training of the flight personnel of the Russian Air Force and the Navy of the Russian Federation come from, in my opinion, the Russian Defense Ministry did not consciously activate all of its functional military potential at once what was called a typical test of strength coupled with diplomatic means of influence ...
    1. 0
      8 October 2016 15: 37
      Any military-diplomatic pressure in the conditions of PEACE TIME implies a gradual buildup of this pressure itself, in the hope of the adequacy of the enemy.

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