105 celebrates the birth of our Great Compatriot S.P. Korolev

105 celebrates the birth of our Great Compatriot S.P. Korolev

2012 year - the year of high-profile dates and anniversaries. 12 this January, an outstanding Soviet designer and scientist Sergei Pavlovich Korolev would have turned 105 years. If we talk about people who have devoted their entire adult life to work for the benefit of the future of their country, then Sergey Pavlovich, of course, refers specifically to this cohort of people.

Sergey Korolyov was born in the city of Zhitomir 12 in January 1907, in a teacher's family. His father was Pavel Yakovlevich Korolev, who was engaged in teaching, and his mother was Maria Koroleva (Moskalenko), who also had a teacher’s diploma.

Young Sergei began his studies in Kiev, where he began to attend preparatory courses, and a couple of years later became a first-grader at the Odessa gymnasium. However, in the gymnasium, the future designer did not study for long, as the school was closed due to the change of power in the country. Therefore, the Queen had to comprehend the basics of school at home. His mother and stepfather became his teachers (his parents divorced when Sergey was barely three years old). Stepfather Sergei Pavlovich - Gregory Balanin received a brilliant education. In 1904, he graduated from St. Petersburg Teacher's University, in 1909, he received a degree in electrical engineering from German Mittweed, and in 1913 he graduated from Kiev Polytechnic with a degree in process engineering.

Sergei Korolev’s biographers are inclined to believe that it was Gregory Mikhailovich, Korolev’s stepfather, who had so positively influenced his stepson’s passions. Even during his studies at the Odessa construction vocational school, Sergei Pavlovich showed a remarkable interest in various kinds of equipment. After meeting with a group of pilots in 1921, the young Korolev chose for himself the main vocation - aeromodelling and conquering heights.

For two years, Sergei Korolev was a student of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute itself, who once finished his stepfather. After these two years, Sergei Korolyov finds himself in Moscow, where he enters the Moscow Technical Technical University. During his studies at the Moscow Higher Technical School, Korolev showed his great talent, which formed the basis of all his further work. Contemporaries testified about the young Sergei Pavlovich’s indefatigable engineering research in the field of aircraft manufacturing. Gliders "Red Star" and "Koktebel" were the first major success of the young designer. And the creation of the ultralight SC-4 showed everyone that the Queen’s potential is truly limitless.

The meeting with Tsiolkovsky was fateful for Sergei Pavlovich. An entire sculptural composition in Kaluga is dedicated to this event. However, as to whether this meeting was in fact, the controversy is still not abating. Relatives of Korolev claim that Sergey Pavlovich and Konstantin Eduardovich met in 1929, after which Korolev “fell ill” with space dahl. In principle, by and large, it doesn’t matter at all whether the meeting between two geniuses is true or a fiction, but the fact remains that by the early thirties Sergei Pavlovich was seriously thinking about how to conquer outer space.

Thanks to Sergei Korolev’s enthusiasm in 1931, the famous jet propulsion group, GIRD, appeared in Moscow, on the basis of which the designer began work on the creation of rocket aircraft. Two years after the creation of the GIRD, the first successful launch of a liquid ballistic missile took place.

1938-th year became black in the fate of the Queen. In June, he was arrested and charged with sabotage due to the fact that not all created missiles successfully rose into the sky. And from 1939 to 1944 years, Korolev spent in camps. The most surprising thing is that the years of camp life did not put out his research fervor in the Queen at all and did not set him against his state. It is worth saying that it was during the serving of the conclusion that Korolev met yet another brilliant Soviet designer, Andrey Nikolaevich Tupolev, with whom they (in "sharashka") developed the Tu-2 and Pe-2 bombers.

In 1945, Sergey Korolev was included in the team of specialists who were sent to Germany in order to conduct research of captured equipment. Since September, 1945 begins its active work in defeated Germany. Studying the collected German "V-2", Korolev gathered a lot of useful information for the future creation of the famous "eRock".

Well, then - Sergei Pavlovich Korolev’s triumphal procession as the designer of the first artificial satellite of the Earth, the rocket that brought the first man into space, as well as the creator of automatic devices to study the already natural earth satellite, the designer of the orbital station, one of the authors of the so-called lunar project ". At the same time, every Soviet and not only Soviet people knew about Yuri Gagarin, but the name of the Queen became public only on the day of his death.

14 January 1966, the world finally found out who was the very man who had paved let him to the limitless spaces of space. And the name is Sergey Korolev, who without unnecessary words can be called our Great Compatriot.
Sergey Korolev. Fate

His name has long been behind seven seals. Later he became one of the most famous people on the planet. But worldwide fame
spawned a sea of ​​legends and myths.
... 18 January 1966 of the year. The Red Square. The funeral of Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. Frames that have not been seen before.
People escorted to the last journey of the legendary designer. What kind of man was he? What secrets did he take with him? The fact that Korolev -
wonderful designer, they know, perhaps, everything. Many people know that he possessed an amazingly strong character. But few people know
that in the life of Sergei Pavlovich there were two loving and beloved women, relations with whom were as complex as the trajectory
rocket flight. It turns out that this "iron" man could be incredibly gentle and affectionate. By the way, with the risk to own
Korolev saved the lives of his staff from the all-powerful MGB and Beria. And very few people know that the stern Korolev was
a wonderful artist, master of practical jokes. He loved poetry, painting, sometimes he even sang at his pleasure. Having a terrific
with a sense of humor, Korolyov slightly redistributed a famous song about the conquerors of space, calling it the Rocket Makers Anthem:

I believe, friends, that few years will pass,
And our path will go from star to star,
But in the form of fragments of various rockets
there will be our footprints.

In general, the life of the Queen - a series of strange and surprising patterns. He was repressed, almost died in prison, and then on
Kolyma. But fate seemed to have kept him for other, only her driven purposes. Taking part in the film: MD
N.S. Queen, Deputy S.P. Queen, Hero of Socialist Labor, academician B.E. Chertok, cosmonauts A.A. Leonov, P.R. Popovich,
I.V. Sevastyanov, V.V. Aksenov and many other relatives and colleagues of the legendary designer.

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  1. Jeen
    14 January 2012 11: 55
    Sergey Korolev was born in the city of Zhytomyr, Ukraine
  2. prykordonyk
    14 January 2012 11: 56
    Fertile Ukrainian land! Eternal memory to the great designer!
  3. +3
    14 January 2012 12: 37
    Let us remember the Queen with a kind word. The man who gave us space, 1 person in space and much more. It is thanks to him that our country is at the forefront of the space program, the rockets that he created are still alive today, or rather, their modifications. SO LET BOW TO THE EARTH THE OUTSTANDING CONSTRUCTOR C, P, QUEEN!
  4. Farkash
    14 January 2012 13: 28
    It is a pity, a man died early, did not have time to do much of what was planned. If it weren’t for 5 years of camps, perhaps our astronauts were the first to fly to the moon.
  5. Reader
    14 January 2012 20: 29
    Bright Memory to the Great Man!
  6. 0
    15 January 2012 11: 03
    Korolev and Gagarin are the idols of Soviet boys! They are the heroes of all mankind!
  7. polukazak1
    15 January 2012 11: 52
    On the role of personality in history, Korolev died, a series of accidents began. "Lunniks" never took off.
  8. 0
    15 January 2012 13: 35
    A man with a capital letter!
  9. +1
    20 January 2012 15: 42
    R-5 (8A62) copy of the FAU-2. Glory to Sergey Palych, but von Braun must be given credit.

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