October 4 - Space Forces Day

October 4 1957 of the year the Soviet Union put into the near-earth orbit the world's first artificial Earth satellite. A large role in this project was played by the command-measuring complex for controlling spacecraft. By the third anniversary of the launch of the first satellite, a professional holiday was established - the Day of the Command and Measuring Complex. Subsequently, this holiday changed in accordance with the realities of the armed forces. Currently, October 4 celebrates the professional holiday of the Space Forces.

During all the years of its existence, the space forces were at the forefront of technological progress. This led to the continuous development of technical means, as well as to structural changes. Thus, during the first decades of its existence, the units responsible for the grouping of spacecraft were a structural unit of the Strategic Missile Forces. Only in the mid-eighties, they became a separate structure, subordinate to the Ministry of Defense. Finally, in the 1992, the Military Space Forces were officially created, which became a separate branch of the direct subordination. Later, these forces re-entered the Strategic Missile Forces, but since 2001, they have become an independent branch of the military - the Space Forces.

October 4 - Space Forces Day

After recent transformations, the Space Forces are one of the main components of the Aerospace Forces. Their task is to control the orbital satellite constellation, to issue data for antimissile defense, as well as to operate numerous ground objects for various purposes. According to open data, the Space Forces have a Plesetsk cosmodrome, several main centers responsible for monitoring the situation and warning of attacks, as well as a satellite constellation consisting of almost 150 devices for various purposes.

The duty crews of the Space Forces around the clock, without breaks and weekends, monitor the situation in the near space, as well as monitor the situation on Earth. In the event of any threat, they are ready to take appropriate measures by doing military work independently or by ensuring the actions of other troops. Also, the work of soldiers and officers of the Space Forces is to launch and operate a variety of spacecraft.

The development of technology and technology has long made space one of the environments that can be used for aggressive purposes. The answer to such threats is the continued work of the Space Forces. Conducting observation and assessing the revealed situation, over the past few decades, they have been protecting their country from possible attacks using certain means.

Today, the personnel of the Space Forces celebrates their professional holiday. The editorial staff of the Military Review congratulates all current employees and those who previously served in the Space Forces!
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    1. Cat
      4 October 2016 05: 54
      HAPPY !!!
      1. +5
        4 October 2016 08: 57
        Happy Mozhaika! Happy Plesetsk! Happy Holidays!
        1. +1
          4 October 2016 11: 10
          Quote: DIMA45R
          Happy Mozhaika! Happy Plesetsk!

          Well done! !!!!!! Baikonur side ????? and where did it all start ????? Yes, in 1957, Plisetsk was unprecedented in piers. where on April 12? or not on Yu’s rocket, did Gagarin go into space? and where the afternoon of November 19? or is it not those troops? I served 1976-1978. in which troops? then it was the Strategic Missile Forces. but engaged in space. let's divide into polygons. who and what launched first. gathered in a bunch of horses, horses, guns ....
          1. +1
            4 October 2016 11: 55
            I have not been to Baikonur, the last part of the congratulation relates to it: Happy Space Forces!
            And in Mozhaika I studied, in Plesetsk I served ... on this personally. Well, you uncle are a bore.
            1. 0
              4 October 2016 16: 32
              Happy Holidays to all involved in the videoconferencing!
              You are our pride and space support in defending the USSR / RF and the national interests of Russia!
              Success and prosperity to you EVERYTHING!
              Hurrah! soldier hi love drinks
        2. 0
          4 October 2016 16: 49
          Thank !!! Happy holiday)))
          Hi Mozhayka)))
      2. +4
        4 October 2016 10: 40
        Happy VKS! soldier Previously, it was possible to read about such troops only in science fiction novels, but today we congratulate the military personnel of the VKS - fantastic !!!
        1. avt
          4 October 2016 11: 43
          Quote: Sith Lord
          Happy VKS! Previously, it was possible to read about such troops only in science fiction novels, but today we congratulate the military personnel of the VKS - fantastic !!!

          drinks It's only the beginning ! Just imagine - the Americans are flying on a masked rocket to Mars, and there are already Russian border guards and customs at the checkpoint of the Russian VKS bully
          1. 0
            4 October 2016 12: 10
            Quote: avt
            Just imagine - the Americans are flying on a masked rocket to Mars,

            Well, they arrived, the Martians covered them with an armored dome. they turned on all their equipment. Well there lasers ... everything that was, worked for about 8 hours .. got out. next to the Martians. Well, they ask.
            - how do you like our technology?
            - normal.
            - the best?
            -maybe the best, but a week ago the Russians flew in, so they scraped it and some kind of mother in 10 minutes
    2. +8
      4 October 2016 06: 18
      Happy Space Forces !!! I congratulate everyone who is involved in this holiday! For peaceful space, and for the flag of Russia on the moon and on Mars! drinks soldier good
    3. +4
      4 October 2016 06: 21
      Happy Holidays, fellow soldiers! !!!
    4. +4
      4 October 2016 06: 23
      Happy holiday of the Russian Aerospace Forces!

      Give space !!! ... to spite those who claim that RUSSIA gas station ... smile
      I am confident in the future of RUSSIA as a space power ... only three (now two - RUSSIA and CHINA) countries in the world can regularly launch spacecraft in COSMOS and RUSSIA.
    5. +4
      4 October 2016 06: 41
      Who controls the Cosmos, controls the Earth. Russia has a unique kind of troops that exercises such control. Soldiers and officers, scientists and engineers, their families and everyone who puts all their strength, health and soul into strengthening the space shield of Russia, with a holiday! Health, success in service and new breakthrough achievements for the good of the Motherland!
    6. +4
      4 October 2016 07: 04

      "It's good when your comrades are with you, to travel and pass the whole universe.
      Leaving our Earth you promised --- and apple trees will bloom on Mars! "
    7. +5
      4 October 2016 07: 08
      All involved, Happy Holiday !!!
    8. +6
      4 October 2016 07: 23
      Happy holiday cosmonauts, ground and space, and successful starts and landings for you, and peaceful and distant space. Happy VKS.
    9. +5
      4 October 2016 07: 38
      happy holiday !!!!
    10. PKK
      4 October 2016 07: 41
      Happy VKS Warriors! You are our main "eyes" of our Country and the avenging Sword.
    11. +11
      4 October 2016 08: 14
      Happy Holidays! love

      To overseas trunk
      Evil did not threaten us with a bomb
      And we couldn’t fix the harm,
      Need cosmic power.
      We have such power.
      And covers like an umbrella
      Country, people, powers of honor
      From birds of prey on the horizon.
      While the warrior is on guard
      Fear is not known to us,
      And be worthy of this honor
      After all, this umbrella is in yours; hands! love
    12. +4
      4 October 2016 10: 58
      Congratulations to all involved in the videoconferencing. Special congratulations to all employees and employees of the 8 OIICH (01349) Colleague's holiday! drinks hi
    13. +5
      4 October 2016 11: 17
      All who served in the videoconferencing system (GUKOS systems on KIK ah), etc. etc.
      Happy Holidays. !!!!
      Thu 34436. Evpatoria 19, DMB-90
    14. +2
      4 October 2016 18: 22
      This is the date, so the date !!! - I sincerely congratulate !!! This is, to say the least, not a day (faceted glass). Some of the best minds in the field ... - do not even grasp and enumerate. And now a little pride. Who the hell is behind you! - Happy holiday to you !!!

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