International festival of historical medieval battle "Battle of the Nations"

In May of this year, near Prague, an international festival of historical fencing, “Battle of the Nations”, was held. In the competition took teams from many countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, European countries, Israel, USA, Canada, and even such exotic as Mexico, Argentina and New Zealand. Exotic, because where is Mexico or Argentina - and where are the knights! As it turned out, no one is alien to the chivalrous romance.

In addition, each participating country fielded three teams. Thus, it turned out quite a lot of participants. By the way, the Russian national team played with the St. George ribbon pinned to the Cotts.

Russian team

National team of Ukraine

Team Belarus

Competitions were held in the following categories.

1. Fight 1 on 1 in three types weapons: one-and-a-half sword, buckler sword, sword shield. The winner was considered the fighter who struck the enemy a greater number of accented strikes.

2. Fight 3 on 3 on arbitrary weapons.

3. Fight 5 on 5 on arbitrary weapons.

4. Fight 21 on 21 on arbitrary weapons.

A women's tournament was also held, in which representatives of the fair sex showed that they were far from the weaker sex and, if necessary, could stand up for themselves.

The rules and limitations of the battle were limited only to the safety of the fighters and the historicity of the equipment.

In all battles, except duels 1 on 1, the participant was considered withdrawn from the battle if he:

1) touched the ground with a third point (body, buttocks, hand, knee, shield, etc.). The rule also applies if the fighter has fallen along with the enemy;

2) came with both feet or fell beyond the lists;

3) an element of protective equipment used to protect joints, head, hands, groin or neck, as well as to protect a large area, broken or lost;

4) leads active offensive actions without a weapon in his hand (a shield is not a weapon).

Because of the need to knock down an opponent on the ground, fighting basically turns into a fight, although Sambo does not help with knockouts after strikes to the head.

The festival has been held for more than 5 years, and every year the Russian national team takes prizes in all categories. Also every year excellent results are shown by national teams of Ukraine and Belarus. This year, once again, the main rivals were the national teams of Russia and Ukraine. Not for nothing on the Maidan, they lit up in knightly helmets and shields, love this thing.

According to the results of competitions in the 5 group on 5, the first place was taken by the first team from Russia, the second place - the first team from Ukraine, and the third - also a team from Russia. Places from 4 to 6 were distributed between the third team of Russia and two Ukrainian. From 51 one participant only Russian and Ukrainian teams argued for the top places!

In the 21 group on 21 the first place was taken by the Russian team, the second - the Ukrainian team, and the third - the Belarus team.

In the women's wrestling 3 on 3 Ukrainian women won, in the second place girls from Russia, in the third - the French.

In the men's duel 1 on 1, all three first places were taken by the participants of the Russian national team.

In the women's duels, our girls took the first and third place, in second place - German.

After the competition for those who wish, the organizers held a battle “all against all”, when the teams were formed from those who wished without being tied to the national teams. But the fighters of our team said they were not going to fight each other, so they turned out to be “all against the Russian national team” format. And although it is more difficult for a hodgepodge from different countries to agree among themselves than for fighters of the same team, it’s also difficult to carry out several battles without changing. And the convincing victories of our guys in these conditions are again worthy of respect and pride.

Competitions showed that the warriors in Russia did not translate, but in Europe the knights are running out. It was still thought, what is it that the same Americans go to competitions practically as extras, because the main struggle is between Ukraine and Russia? Or maybe the whole thing in the correct motivation of Russian athletes? Although WADA didn’t check anyone there, it’s obviously a matter of traditional doping for Russian athletes.

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    6 October 2016 07: 20
    The heroes in the Russian land have not yet changed.
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      6 October 2016 10: 12
      Quote: LazyOzzy
      The heroes in the Russian land have not yet changed.

      Yes, in Russia they have never been translated. Well done, our guys.
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    6 October 2016 12: 15
    Here is a sight to get crazy.
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    6 October 2016 12: 36
    Khokhlov and without a signature you can find out.
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      6 October 2016 13: 40
      Yes, there, in general, all without signatures can be found. Everyone had either a state flag or a coat of arms on their clothes
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    6 October 2016 20: 00
    Thank you!
    I regularly watch videos.
    What is characteristic is our best!

    Download from youtube - get a lot of buzz!

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    7 October 2016 05: 27
    They will cover the competition or begin to convict our heroes in the use of aspirin, for example))

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