Results of the Colombian referendum lead to the continuation of the civil war

In recent weeks, the Colombian press has reported historical agreements between the country's authorities and representatives of the so-called Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). In Colombia itself, the FARC, which includes rebel armed groups, was considered a terrorist organization. Based on the agreements of the country's authorities with the leaders of the FARC (FARC), the end of the long-term civil war in Colombia was even announced.

At the same time, the issue of peace with the FARC was submitted to a national referendum. His results were such that they say that until the end of the confrontation in this Latin American country is still very far away.

Results of the Colombian referendum lead to the continuation of the civil war

According to RIA News, during the plebiscite in Colombia, 49,76% who came to the polling stations voted for peace with the FARC, about 50,2% expressed their unwillingness to support such an initiative of the authorities. This suggests that the country is divided into two almost equal camps, one of which is in favor of continuing military operations against the mentioned rebel forces, who call themselves Bolivarians.

It is worth noting that the leader of the FARC some time ago did seem to be impossible. He delivered a speech to all Colombians and asked for forgiveness from the relatives of the victims of the civil war. However, judging by the results of the referendum, this did not work for more than half of the voters. Now, the further actions of the Colombian authorities are not completely clear, since the nominal majority actually spoke in favor of continuing the armed confrontation with the rebels, despite the fact that the leader of the FARC announced his full readiness to cease hostilities.
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  1. +4
    3 October 2016 07: 37
    Unclear. If
    FARC leader announced full readiness to end hostilities
    , then why was the referendum held?
    Or were the authorities convinced in advance that a nominal majority would speak out for the continuation of the war and thereby wanted to reinforce their right to armed suppression of the FARC?
    And in general, some kind of nonsense: more than half of the citizens spoke in favor of continuing the civil war !!! That is, they said: we want the fratricidal war to continue ... We want to kill each other and want to be killed.
    This is instead of saying: let's solve everything in peace, seek compromises, take into account the opinions of each other.
    I don’t understand a damn thing at all!
    1. +9
      3 October 2016 08: 00
      They already have a way of life ... but there is still a factor of the USA, they muddy there to the fullest.
      1. 0
        3 October 2016 09: 37
        I agree 100% ------ lifestyle !!!!! Hot Latin American guys --- is a compromise possible? !!!!. Probably, who continued the military operations ---- those came to the polls. And who are against --- they simply engaged in these military operations, did not come. Falsification !!!!! That's what! !!!
    2. 0
      3 October 2016 09: 51
      In recent weeks, the Colombian press has published reports of historical agreements between the authorities and representatives of the so-called Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC)
      I am not very well versed in the essence of the issue, but I understand one: "a bad peace is better than a good war" .. By the way, the most interesting thing is that they signed with the mediation of Raul Castro. While Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Baraka Huseynovich Bombed Hospitals and Weddings
  2. +5
    3 October 2016 07: 37
    Colombia is the best emeralds in the world, and lots of cacaine! Near the United States, so the civil war there will go on forever.
  3. 0
    3 October 2016 07: 55
    It is strange to bring the issue of the end of the civil war to a referendum.
  4. +2
    3 October 2016 07: 55
    ..One of the conditions of the ceasefire was the land reform .. 50,2% said they were against this reform .. is it that large latifundists?
  5. 0
    3 October 2016 07: 56
    Quote: Jacket
    Unclear. If
    FARC leader announced full readiness to end hostilities
    , then why was the referendum held?

    I also ask myself this question. First, under the cameras for the whole world, they sign an agreement on the cessation of hostilities, and then they begin to hold a referendum. Perhaps this is such a national tradition.
    1. 0
      3 October 2016 09: 45
      This is probably a world tradition and they joined it. So, a demonstration of democracy ---- democratically voted to continue the Civil War !!!!!
      ABALDETY !!!! So it is possible democratically that you want to propagandize !!!!!!
  6. +3
    3 October 2016 08: 01
    Civil wars themselves are merciless ... a referendum was probably a mistake ... a long-term path was needed for mutual reconciliation of the parties ... the integration of people who grew up with a machine gun into civil society ... the preparation of civil society (despite hard feelings) to accept former enemies .. .
  7. +2
    3 October 2016 08: 52
    Quote: parusnik
    One of the conditions of the armistice was land reform.

    That is, the article does not have all the information? That is what commentators have misunderstandings about.
    1. 0
      3 October 2016 10: 33
      Interestingly, the main supplier of weapons to the Colombian government is the Israeli regime. Apparently, Israel has established a mutually beneficial barter for Colombia’s weapons, and in return for Colombia, drugs that Tel Aviv then distributes through its channels.
      Well, of course, Israel also sells to Colombia various low-quality crafts or copies of weapons "ripped off" by them from other countries, like a file-finished copy of the Mirage-5 stolen by Israeli Jews in Switzerland. Indeed, the Israeli regime itself, due to its extreme backwardness, is simply unable to create something of its own.
      Colombian Air Force will purchase 24 fighters to replace the “Kfirs”
      Colombian Air Force Commander Aviation General Guillermo León León announced plans to replace Israeli-made Kfir fighters with other combat aircraft.
      According to him, the existing Kfir aircraft have serious defects in the hydraulic and electrical systems, as well as in the J79-J1EQD engines.
      14 /

      Apparently, the United States and the Israeli regime get the drugs they need from Colombia that they then distribute around the world and this is one of the reasons that there will be no peace in the near future in this country.
  8. 0
    3 October 2016 17: 00
    Horseradish they will understand what they want: sign agreed to end the civil war, and then a referendum.
    By the way, we already discussed earlier the question of ending the war in Colombia

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