Spy upside down

Spy upside downIn the mid-twentieth century, the acquisition of technical information by illegal methods was called commercial espionage, which was usually used by competing companies operating in the private sector of the economy. But in the 1980s, when entire branches of the rival powers took over the theft of technology, the term “industrial espionage” appeared.

Unlike economic intelligence, which mainly deals with open sources of information, industrial espionage involves obtaining information in traditional secret ways: through the recruitment of secretaries, computer program specialists, technical and support staff. As a rule, employees of this category often have the most direct access to information of interest, and their low positions and low wages provide room for various manipulations by recruiting officers from foreign special services.


Authoritative experts of the secret services note that the line between economic intelligence and industrial espionage is very subtle and conditional. The fact that for one country - economic intelligence, for another - industrial espionage. China, for example, keeps its economic statistics under such tight control that at the end of 1980's even announced the introduction of restrictions on the flow of financial news inside the country. In the Celestial Empire, it is traditionally considered that the unauthorized disclosure of any financial information is just as serious a violation of the norms and rules of safety as the disclosure of military information.

At 1980, industrial espionage peaked, and all Western intelligence agencies, primarily American, were concerned not only with traditional recruitment among the staff of foreign industrial firms, but also with the creation of fictitious companies that have fake licenses to acquire industrial equipment that cannot imported into the country legally.

In this illegal trade - industrial espionage - all engineering and technical workers are involved, and with the tightening of the "war of technologies" he is also "rejuvenated." Today, students of foreign educational institutions of different levels - especially in the traditions of the countries of Southeast Asia - while receiving an education, espionage skills are additionally inculcated.

At the University of Tokyo, students of any faculty who have agreed to spy on research institutes or industrial facilities in Western European countries are exempt from military service. When receiving higher education, they undergo special training, and then are hired free of charge by laboratory technicians to local scientists engaged in research in the area with which they will later have to deal in a country of abandonment.

In China, there is a technical college, which Western intelligence agencies long ago called the "forge of cadres" of industrial espionage. There adherents are taught the basics of scientific and technical intelligence, then they are sent to Germany, the UK, France, Japan, and the United States to acquire practical intelligence experience through cultural exchanges.

So, in 1982, in Paris, during a tour of the laboratory of the world-famous Kodak company, Chinese students, performing the task of secret tutors from the special services, “accidentally” dipped the tips of their ties into chemical reagents to find out who were in them Components.

In the 1980-s, the USSR-GDR “Wismut”, a highly-regime joint venture for the extraction and processing of uranium ore for the Soviet nuclear industry, was the object of top-priority reconnaissance aspirations of NATO intelligence.

The main production facilities for the enrichment of uranium ore were concentrated near the Ore Mountains, in the city of Karl-Marx-Stadt, and the Federal Intelligence Service of West Germany, BND, took the most active actions to infiltrate its agents into the structure of the joint venture. Attempts of agent-based penetration were combined with recruiting approaches of West German intelligence officers to employees of the enterprise.

Recruitment in the Forehead

On a May morning 1980, Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Kazachenko, taking up duty on duty at the representative office of the USSR KGB in Berlin, received the applicant, who identified himself as Walter Giza. Following the job description that forbade accepting written statements from representatives of the titular nation, Oleg recommended that he turn to the duty officer of the Ministry of State Security of the GDR (popularly known as the Stasi). The visitor rejected the proposal and declared in good Russian that for a couple of hundred marks he was ready to inform the “older brothers” - the KGB officers - as a Gustav Weber tried to recruit him the day before.

Kazachenko perceived the words of the visitor with distrust: during his service in counterintelligence, he had to deal with so many swindlers and eccentrics that you inevitably doubt the decency and mental health of the entire human race! Noticing the doubt in Oleg's eyes, Giza presented the service certificate of the Wismut engineer and added with a smile that not only the internationalist’s duty made him turn to the representative office, but also his desire to “cut off a bit of money”, but he could not wait for them from the Stasi’s money-makers ...

To learn more about the applicant, Kazachenko praised his Russian language. The trick worked, and Gise told how in 1943, he, who served in the SS, was captured, and before 1955, he restored the destroyed objects of the national economy of the Soviet Union, where he learned the language of Pushkin and Tolstoy.

The story of Giza sounded convincing, his sincerity inspired confidence, and Kazachenko, an ambitious officer-agent officer, could not resist the temptation to acquire in the person of this cynical, but, as it seemed to Oleg, reflecting a small source of information. He playfully recruited the German, reassuring himself that the winners were not judged - after all, the mental model of the operation to compromise the officer of the West German Federal Intelligence Service (BND), which Giza reported, seemed to him win-win.

Kazachenko’s initiative was supported by his head, Colonel Kozlov. Together they worked out a line of conduct for Giza that would win the trust of the West German intelligence officer in order to expose him and seize him red-handed. But the head of the mission, Major General Belyaev, was categorically against the sole decision of the spy’s fate. His arguments were indisputable: “Bismuth” is a joint venture, which means that work with Giza for the implementation of all activities must be carried out jointly with German comrades! ”General Belyaev did not limit himself to this maxim and agreed on the operational development of the scout with Chief of Intelligence (GUR) Marcus Wolf It turned out that even before the appearance of Weber in Karl-Marx-Stadt, General Wolf had a puffy file on him, so all the activities were carried out under the personal supervision of the head of the GUR.


Walking with a basket of willow twigs through pristinely untouched forest in the vicinity of Karl-Marx-Stadt and collecting maroons - noble mushrooms, in color and size resembling ripe chestnuts - Gustav Weber, employee of the 1 department for atomic physics, chemistry and bacteriology of the Scientific and Technical BND management, thought about his fate in a similar vein: “Monte Carlo, cabaret, stripping agents in intermissions between acts of love fit next to the Russian general and perform your task in bed - ask him about the operation x the Warsaw Treaty Organization; instantaneous cocktails at diplomatic receptions and social events — recruiting ambassadors and ministers of unfriendly countries; dashing attacks on couriers and kidnapping of enemy ciphers; packs of crispy banknotes in a diplomat and sexy orgies with long-legged blondes and big-breasted mulattoes ... Wasn’t it like this 20 picture years ago that we graduated from in Pullach intelligence school? My God, how naive it all is, if it were not so sad ... However, I myself am guilty of my disappointments: I thought up a carefree journey overflowing with vivid adventures, forgetting about the reality of being a scout, where the whole path is littered with traps and mines and not entertainment ... Yes, the candidate for intelligence is akin to an applicant for the medical faculty: he doesn’t even think that he will one day become a proctologist and deal with hemorrhoids ... Could I imagine 20 years ago that I would knead dirt in the wilds Ore Mountains and act as a mushroom picker? No, of course! .. Stop-stop, Gustav, is it time to remember the wise advice of mentors from the intelligence school: “Never do self-programming and never think bad of yourself!” Debit with a loan you have already reduced, right? And what's the bottom line? Is there something positive there? Still would! Three months ago, we managed to recruit the secretary-carrier from “Wismut” - Walter Guise! .. Thanks to Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler, who managed to send a card file of SS personnel to Munich before taking Russians to Berlin in 1945. And I was not too lazy to go there and spent a week searching and thoroughly studying the Giza profile. At the meeting, I reminded him of his Aryan roots, of the SS past, and of the humiliations he suffered as a captive to the Russians. All this had a proper effect on him. In conclusion, I made him an offer of cooperation, which he could not reject, and within a day he contacted me! Moreover, at the first appearance, he brought in information of such interest to the Scientific and Technical Department of the BND that in an instant he was registered as a particularly valuable source under the pseudonym Yantar. After that, however, it was necessary to reorganize "on the march" and cancel all personal meetings with him in the city Gastets, and to use only caches for communication. Nothing can be done - conspiracy above all! .. At the last turnout, Amber gave a description of three caches. I have already processed the first one. Today is the turn of the second ... Stop, in my opinion, I'm at the goal! ”

Weber stopped at the edge of the clearing, put a basket of mushrooms at his feet, took out a piece of paper from his vest pocket and checked the cheat sheet. A stumpy oak tree towered in the center of the overgrown glade grass. In the trunk, a meter and a half from the ground, gaped hollow. The German winced: high! It would have been better if the hollow was at the level of grass - it bent down, as if to cut off a mushroom, and in fact gutted a cache.

The scout walked around the clearing around the perimeter and, finding no one in the bushes, approached the oak. He thrust his hand into the hollow and immediately with a cry yanked aside: “Damn! Yantar did not take into account that I was two heads lower than him, and my hands were correspondingly shorter, so I can’t reach the bottom of the hollow where the container lies! ”

Cursing and cursing the tall man Yantar, Weber, the short man, once more examined the bushes in the district and, making sure that there was no one there, paused in thoughtfulness opposite the oak. Finally, by spitting himself with a cry: “The Aryans do not give up so easily!”, He thrust himself against the tree with his chest.

Breaking the nails of the mossy age-old bark, skinning the skin from the palms, Weber slowly began to climb up. After 10 minutes of incredible effort, he managed to climb the lower branches. Staring at them so that the buttocks were higher than his head, he again dipped his hand into the hollow and with his finger tips found the coveted container. Before getting it, he turned his head to make sure that no one was watching him, and saw only the roof of a building with a round attic window in the end. To the building was about a kilometer.

Of course, Weber, an experienced intelligence officer, understood that this was not a distance for a telephoto lens, but he was so sure of the reliability of Amber that he did not attach importance to what he saw. To the pain in his shoulder with one hand, he grabbed the branch and, sharply leaning forward, snatched the container from the hollow and put it in his pocket.

Drenched in sweat, with broken nails and bloodied palms, in tattered jeans, Weber jumped to the ground. He picked up a basket of mushrooms - genetic German accuracy worked - and, reeling, went to the "trampant" left on the autobahn, where he immediately found himself in the arms of the police and people in civilian clothes. From the pocket of their vest, they removed a container with microfilm films and presented them to "conscious German citizens" who happened to be passing by the scene.


Weber protested. Shaking a diplomatic passport of an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of West Germany, he swore that he had found a container, collecting mushrooms, and picked it up out of sheer curiosity. The people in civilian clothes who surrounded him and the police nodded their heads in agreement and, smiling, made a protocol. Conscious passers-by, reveling in their role of witnesses, were outraged by the treachery of the “mushroom picker diplomat”.

Weber refused to sign the protocol. However, the signatures of the other participants of the action were enough to declare him persona non grata and send him out of the country.

The procedure of drawing up protocols on the detention of Gustav Weber in connection with actions incompatible with his diplomatic status was coming to an end, when suddenly Kazachenko saw that a Mercedes was looking out of the window of a driving up "Marcus Wolf!" He waved his hand to the capture group and, after giving Weber one of his most captivating smiles, he invited me to take a seat in the backseat. Then he demanded to transfer the container and protocols seized from the scout.

Passing by Oleg, dressed in the form of a GDR police officer, Weber cut his dagger eyes and hissed: “Damn it, sometimes you think that Fortune smiled at you, and suddenly it turns out that you just laugh her!”

“We cannot see orders, Comrade Colonel,” seeing Oleg moving away, said Oleg, “General Wolf drove into our backs into paradise, and we naively rolled out our lips, and drilled holes on our uniforms ...”

- Do not drift, Oleg Yuryevich! - Kozlov patted Kazachenko on the shoulder. - This is called "work on the contrast." We are with you - bad uncles, and General Wolf is a good one. He plays the role of a savior, who will surely help the failed scout to get dry and clean from the sewage into which he has run.

- How?

- For starters, General Wolf will show Weber a photo of where he, uncoiling himself upside down on an oak tree, is trying to "process the hiding place" - get a container from the hollow. He will explain that his photograph and a lengthy commentary on a spy with a diplomatic passport, which conscious citizens detained red-handed at the location of a special-mode facility, will appear in the newspapers of all Warsaw Pact countries and in all Western European communist publications. There is no doubt that the publication with a photo of Weber will first be found by the Information and Analytical Department of the BND, and then they will be on the table of his leadership ... Next, General Wolf sympathetically complains that the path of each scout is littered with banana peel, and often it lies on ice. Karl-Marx-Stadt is the very ice and the skin on which Weber slipped and fell - well, who does not happen! .. And at the end of the conversation the general will knock the last nail into the coffin of the unlucky scout: he will sympathize with interest, will not be affected whether the failure of the operation on obtaining information about “Bismuth” on the amount of Weber’s pension benefit - after all, he had lost his vigilance and did not recognize the bases in the person of engineer Giza! And when General Wolf becomes convinced that his arguments have reached the goal and Weber is perceived positively, then he will begin to talk to him as a professional with a professional: he will make him an offer that he cannot refuse ...

- Namely?

- Offer to work on the power steering!


- Famously, the girls dance, and such as Weber, risking his stomach, plowing ...

"Cartridges" in the holder of the Stasi

Gustav Weber eagerly accepted the offer to work in favor of the Main Intelligence Directorate and became another “combat cartridge holder” by Marcus Wolf. However, he was not alone.

According to the plan developed by the KGB and GUR, the deputy head of the NATO Logistics Service, Rear Admiral Herman Lyudka, was recruited in due time, because of his official position all the tactical nuclear bases were known weaponsstationed in Western Europe.

The KGB and GUR also attracted the cooperation of the head of the mobilization department of the German Defense Ministry, Colonel Johann Henk, and the Deputy Head of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) of West Germany, Major-General Horst Wendland. For a number of years, Hans Schenk, the head of the department of the Ministry of Economy, worked fruitfully in favor of the GDR and the USSR.

It is noteworthy that after the exposure, the earthly path of the mentioned persons was interrupted by a violent death, however, no expert will undertake to assert that these were suicides. West German officialdom filed it as if all the officials chose to commit suicide rather than admit that they were agents of the KGB or GUR and were humiliated during interrogations and during court proceedings. However, many historians of the secret services believe that they were removed by the CIA and the BND in order to avoid shame and prevent a trial of them, as a result of which a shadow would fall on the state institutions of Germany. But be that as it may, we venture to suggest that the undisclosed KGB agents from among the top officers of the Federal Republic of Germany and high-ranking officials, who to this day “carry chestnuts out of the fire” for the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation and for the General Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff, have a lot more than descended from the race.

For reference. Marcus Wolf was born in 1923 to the family of Jewish doctor Leiba Wolf. In the 1933 year, after Hitler came to power, the whole family, miraculously avoiding being shot, fled to Switzerland, from where it was transported along the Comintern line to Moscow, where it settled in the famous House on the Embankment. 10-year-old Markus, possessing phenomenal linguistic abilities, mastered not only Russian, but also, while studying at the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, learned and spoke fluently in six European languages. In the 1952 year, having received a higher civil and KGB education in the USSR, Marcus was placed at the disposal of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the GDR, which he managed for almost 30 years - an unprecedented case in stories intelligence world!

In the 1989 year, already in united Germany, a trial was held over Marcus Wolf. The first president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, publicly rejected Wolf. Help came from an unexpected side: given Wolf’s Jewish origins, Israel sent four of its best lawyers to Germany to defend him. After the acquittal verdict, Israeli lawyers offered Marcus Wolf the post of adviser to the head of MOSSAD. Wolf refused and, with the help of fellow KGB associates, was hiding in Moscow. He died the legendary head of GEDER foreign intelligence in 2006 year in Germany.

That was the ally of the Soviet intelligence. And rival.
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  1. +6
    October 1 2016
    The first president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev publicly refused Wolf
    ... Duc traitor .. betrayed the country with people .. and about the rest and say nothing ...
  2. +3
    October 1 2016
    Immediately I remembered the parable of the sparrow, the cow and the cat: not everyone who was robbed of you by the enemy and not everyone who pulled you out of the @ ram by a friend. The Stasi was a very serious structure that "drank a lot of blood" from NATO intelligence services.
  3. +9
    October 1 2016
    Welcome all!

    The author of the article, Igor, is a big plus from me. The history of special services is never completely open, and for a long time 50-100 years, and maybe more, remains hidden.
    And besides trusted employees, few people know it in detail, alas, the specifics of the work of special services does not tolerate wide publicity.

    IT IS NEED TO BE SPECIALLY NOTED that to the credit of himself Marcus Wolf, he turned out to be ONE of the few high-ranking communist intelligence officers, which after the collapse of the SVD and the USSR REFUSED to transfer or sell agent lists, secrets their intelligence services to Western intelligence !!!
    1. 0
      October 9 2016
      Stasi and M. Wolf worked perfectly. He really remained to the end an ideological communist.
      I do not accept Leninist ideology, but I respect courage and loyalty to idioms
  4. +6
    October 1 2016
    In Moscow, the "Stasi" was located on Partizanskaya Street, where the military enlistment office is currently located. I had to go there before business trips to the GDR. After business trips to the USA, England, France, and the Federal Republic of Germany, our specialists often cited information of interest to the enterprises of my ministry. And the first product that was "borrowed" from the British was the principle and frequency of the ILS instrumental landing system. Borrowed them back in 1940 by I.M. Vekslin, who was there on a business trip. He told me about this in 1977. Then he himself was the Chief Designer of the already domestic instrumental landing system, then he was twice awarded the State Prize. The first prize was Stalin's First category. I have the honor.
  5. +1
    December 6 2016
    For a long time and with interest I have been getting acquainted with the materials about Markus Wolfe. Ideological Professional who loves his homeland. Not smearing himself with Betrayal. It is from this "alloy" that the aces of the special services are made. There was also a Pole - Wojciech Jaruzelski. Until his death, he did not renounce the principles. Land them in peace. Thanks for the Article Igor. A plus.

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