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Solid arm support

Among the people who faithfully served the sovereign in the years of turmoil, it is worth highlighting the capital's mayor, Major General Vladimir von der Launitz. He was so fiercely hated by the enemies of the throne that they did not leave him alone even after death.

Vladimir Fedorovich was truly a Russian in spirit, although he came from the Baltic nobles. He was born in August 1855 in the Elatomsky district of the Tambov province (now the Sasovsky district of the Ryazan region). According to family tradition, one of the ancestors was in the retinue of Sophia Paleolog, the niece of the last Byzantine emperor - the bride of Grand Duke of Moscow Ivan III.

Vladimir began his military career in the elite Corps of Pages, where officers were trained for the royal retinue. After studying, the young von der Launitz was released by a cornet to the Alexandria Hussars. With the beginning of the war with Turkey (1877 – 1878) for the liberation of the Bulgarians and Serbs from the Ottoman yoke was asked to the front. As part of the Grodno Hussar Regiment, part of the corps commanded by the future Emperor Alexander III, participated in the battles. Subsequently, he served as an orderly for the commander of the 2 Guards Cavalry Division, General Joseph Gurko. At the front, he showed himself brilliantly, was awarded the Order of St. Stanislav 3 degree with swords and bow and St. Anne 4 degree with the inscription "For Bravery".

After the brilliant victory of the Russian weaponsVon der Launitz, with a penchant for administrative work and wanting to help the liberated quickly establish a peaceful life, remained in Bulgaria. In 1880, he returned to the regiment, and in 1887, with the rank of colonel, giving the army 20 years of impeccable service, he resigned.

People's Governor

The hero of the war of liberation is soon elected leader of the Kharkov nobility. Seen in this post by the authorities, he was appointed by the Arkhangelsk Vice-Governor in 1901. From August 1902, on the proposal of the Minister of Internal Affairs V.K. Plehve, becomes the Governor of Tambov. At all posts he works with full dedication, considering himself primarily a servant of the tsar and the Russian people, whom he showed constant concern. Having headed the vast Tambov Governorate at that time, he began to work there to solve social problems, as they would say now, while continuing to help out of his personal funds to the poor, orphans, and widows. The governor did not disdain to go into the slums and easily communicate with their inhabitants.

Solid arm supportVon der Launitz organized and ensured an event unprecedented for that time in importance and scope - the visit of the imperial family to the quiet town of Sarov in connection with the glorification of the righteous old man Seraphim resting here in the face of saints. This event took place in the summer of 1903. At the grand celebration, many pilgrims from all over Russia were expected, but their number surpassed all the preliminary calculations - more than 300 thousands of people arrived. On the day of the meeting of the august family, situations arose that threatened to turn into tragedy. But thanks to the resourcefulness and diligence of the governor, accidents were avoided.

With the beginning of the Russo-Japanese War, an old soldier applies for an immediate departure to the front, but is refused. In the harassing rear of the experience, the servants need more. And the governor with double zeal is taken to help the front: opens hospitals, organizes the collection and shipment of food packages and medicines, mobilizes militias. I had to deal with the pacification of riots erupted in the province.

When landlord estates flared up, strong peasant farms were plundered, blood was shed, there were almost no troops subordinate to the governor, there were not enough police officers. What to do? Vladimir Fedorovich began to seek support among the people. And he found it in the person of the voluntary organization of the Union of Russian People named after Serafim Sarovsky, formed by the comrades of the governor G. N. Luzhenovskiy and N. E. Bogdanovich. Seduction was strangled, but both faithful assistants died at the hands of terrorists.

The experience of von der Launitz aroused genuine interest in the head of the neighboring Saratov province P. A. Stolypin, where the situation got out of control. Vladimir Fedorovich shared a secret: "Faith in God and a firm hand helped."

Metropolitan Mayor

Soon, a firm hand was needed in Petersburg, where by the end of 1905, the unrest had become systemic. Vladimir Fedorovich, appointed on the last day of the outgoing year as the capital's mayor, combined with the post of chief of police chief, Vladimir Skilfully and energetically took up the duties assigned to him. He, remembering the Tambov experience, launched a merciless struggle with an armed revolutionary mob, widely relying on the people's militia and members of the Union of the Russian People, formed from among the townspeople. When the king decided to dissolve the Duma, the mayor promised to stop the possible unrest.

It should be noted that in relying on the right, Vladimir Fedorovich was virtually alone among the authorities, where liberal sentiments predominated. Even the influential Prime Minister P. A. Stolypin did not support his rapprochement with the Black Hundreds, who had the reputation of a reactionary, but had a hand in weakening this organization by introducing a split into its ranks. What turned out such a policy soon became clear: there was no one to hold back the onslaught of the revolution in 1917 in an organized manner in the lower ranks.

"I am not afraid of death ..."

Back in the Tambov period, von der Launitz, the terrorists sentenced him to death. For several years - 15 assassinations. When relatives and friends asked Vladimir Fedorovich to resign, leave the capital, he certainly answered: “I’m not afraid of death. We are all in the hand of God ... I will stay as long as the emperor needs. ”

He was killed that day, which the holy fool Pasha had predicted to him during the Sarov celebrations, December 21 (old style) 1906 of the year. The shooter turned out to be a member of the Combat Organization of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, Yevgeny Kudryavtsev, who could not be identified for a long time, which is why his alcoholized head in the bank was put on public display.

The sovereign experienced the death of his loyal, who was buried with great honors in his native estate. He donated a large black granite cross to the grave, which, despite the efforts of the God-fighting men who came to power, was not succeeded. But the body of the deceased was subjected to abuse. The revolutionaries did not want to leave him alone even the dead. In the 1921 year, despite protests from the peasantry, local party activists uncovered the burial. The body, according to eyewitnesses, turned out to be incorruptible, but this did not stop the blasphemers: the coffin was sent to the village council for washing the linen, and the well-preserved general's boots pulled the commissioner over. The fate of the remains of Vladimir Fedorovich is unknown.

In 2000, materials about his life, work, and martyr's demise were transferred to the Commission on canonization at the Holy Synod of the ROC MP.

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  1. captain
    captain 2 October 2016 06: 50
    Amazing thing, no comments from our cheers. And you can understand them, because for them the history of Russia began in 1917, and before that everything was miserable and bad. Talented people could only be members of the CPSU or under the leadership of the great Leninists. Thanks to the author for the article.
    1. Aleksander
      Aleksander 2 October 2016 09: 58
      Remarkable was the mayor who destroyed the terrorist rabble and returned the rule of law and order to the capital.

      The bad news is that the overwhelming majority of the terrorists and bandits of the 1905 putsch were pardoned from the death penalty, in exile they ate hazel grouses and prescribed pianos and skates in Shushenskie shops and "gained weight." Therefore, they were able to continue their terrorist activities in 1917.

      As experience shows, terrorists only need to destroy.
    2. V.ic
      V.ic 2 October 2016 10: 19
      captain "Well, for them, the history of Russia began in 1917, and before that everything was wretched and bad."

      It is easy to throw mud, as soon as you yourself do not get shit. With the light hand of modern scribblers like you, everything in RI was anointed with honey, starting with the "anointed one ..." and up to the last of the udege. Continuous milk rivers with jelly banks!
      The Bolsheviks / not Trotskyists! / Twice restored Russia after WWII and WWII.
      1991 - 1922 = 69 - 69 (WWII) = 5 How much was done in 64 years of peace (although they were peaceful: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan)! How much was lost when squandering the legacy of the USSR in 64 years (24 - 2015 = 1991)! It's time to find a new N.A. Nekrasov writing on the topic "Who is living well in the Russian Federation?"
      My grandfather, along with his cousin-year-old, began his career by breaking a flagstone for sale for construction (it's 12 years old!). Vat soot cost from 5 to 10 kopecks, depending on the quality. Would you offer your son a flagstone to break / open a hole with shovels, not a bulldozer, crowbars, a sledgehammer and wedges to lay a stone, raise it to the surface and transport it about a kilometer to the house /? At the age of 16, with a masons' artel, already a helper, he laid down a house for a wealthy owner 40 km from his native village.
      1. Dart2027
        Dart2027 2 October 2016 10: 39
        Quote: V.ic
        It is easy to throw mud, as soon as you yourself do not get shit. With the light hand of modern scribblers like you, everything in RI was anointed with honey, starting with the "anointed one ..." and up to the last of the udege. Continuous milk rivers with jelly banks!

        In fact, the practice of pouring mud on stories was not invented now, namely by the Bolsheviks during the revolution. Of course, in the Republic of Ingushetia there were neither dairy rivers nor jelly banks, but there was no hopeless terror either.
        1. V.ic
          V.ic 3 October 2016 06: 47
          Dart2027 "Actually, the practice of throwing mud at history was not invented now, but by the Bolsheviks during the revolution."

          Then, in your opinion, the first Bolshevik in Russia was the Kiev prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich, who adopted the Christian name Vasily. Who, if not he, was showing off over pagan idols?
          1. Dart2027
            Dart2027 3 October 2016 19: 50
            Quote: V.ic
            Then, in your opinion, the first Bolshevik in Russia was the Kiev prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich, who adopted the Christian name Vasily.

            Let's start with the fact that Princess Olga was the first to adopt Christianity. Let us continue by the fact that after the adoption of Orthodoxy, there was no custom in Russia to spit on its history - they renounced paganism, but they did not destroy everything for the sake of the "new world" either.
            An example of such an approach to history, before the Bolsheviks, is the support of the myths of cruelty of Ivan the Terrible, which came from the side of the Romanov dynasty, but again this was not a denial of everything and everything, but a special case.
            1. V.ic
              V.ic 4 October 2016 06: 42
              Dart2027 "Let's continue by the fact that after the adoption of Orthodoxy, there was no custom in Russia to spit on its history"

              Is this YOU seriously? However, each hut has its own toys!
              Dart2027 "They renounced paganism, but did not destroy everything for the sake of the" new world "either."

              "Ha" three times! Sailing along the Dnieper Perun himself jumped there? Where did the Latin word paganus (village) = / filthy come from in Russian? Huge strata of national history were left outside the Christian religion. And not only in Russia "Read the trilogy" Christ and Antichrist "at Merezhkovsky's leisure. Part one
              "Death of the Gods. Julian the Apostate". Greek-Roman culture also got "nuts" ...
              Not being a specialist in chronology, I nevertheless remember that Petya the First threw 5508 years out of mythological Russian history with a stroke of the pen (not to mention the introduction of tobacco smoking and the introduction of widespread drinking of the Russian people). Here is HE = a typical example of a "civilizer"!
              The poet Maximilian Voloshin aptly called him the "First Bolshevik," and the philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev called him "Bolshevik on the throne."
    3. Stas57
      Stas57 2 October 2016 10: 28
      urapatriyets generally possess selective knowledge, be they red or white, or monarchists like Alexander.
      one only has a different sign, after 17 it’s complete w * pa.
      I am extremely respectful to Alexander III and not bad to Alexander I.
      however, it was not they who profiled the empire, but their heir, to put it mildly, not the best ruler of Russia
      1. Bloodsucker
        Bloodsucker 2 October 2016 10: 40
        Well ulta yes, but in this case, white ultras, it’s not good with something.
        When you ask a question to these zealous Nikolka fans who is the Second-WHERE in the Republic of Ingushetia, tractor and auto building, where is the aircraft industry, where is the chemical industry, where is the optical and so on on the list, in response to a slurred moo and tellings about what if we were yes naam ... and ultimately, WHITE couldn’t, Nikolai couldn’t. RED could have created a country for the first time in history that was not subject to anyone, the most far-sighted of the Russian monarchs could only dream of such power. This, Bely could never understand.
        And the words of one of the Romanovs.
        I talked a lot with a wonderful Russian person
        _vitalyevich Vasily Vitalievich Shulgin, a monarchist and White Guard, a prisoner of the Vladimir Central under Stalin, and under Khrushchev who settled in Vladimir on Kooperativnaya Street, where I visited him. And he talked a lot about Lenin, about his special respectful attitude towards him. And not only Shulgin, but also many other minds and politicians of pre-revolutionary Russia pay tribute to the statist devotion of the Bolsheviks and their leader. For it was Lenin who elevated Russia to the status of the red Third Rome, the strongest power in the world, and glorified Russia and the Russians forever. - The original is taken from roman_n in Romanov about the USSR
        It doesn’t matter that I was a grand duke. I was a Russian officer who took an oath to defend the Fatherland from enemies. I was the grandson of a man who threatened to plow the streets of Warsaw if the Poles once again dare to violate the unity of his empire ...

        Suddenly, a phrase came to mind of my very same ancestor seventy-two years ago. Right on the report of the "outrageous actions" of the former Russian artillery officer Bakunin, who in Saxony led the crowds of German revolutionaries to storm the fortress, Emperor Nicholas I wrote in arshine letters: "Hurray to our gunners!"

        The similarity of mine and its reaction amazed me. I felt the same when the red commander Budyonny defeated the legions of Pilsudski and drove him to Warsaw. This time, compliments were addressed to the Russian cavalry, but otherwise little has changed since my grandfather.
        Further on the link

        THIS is not seen at point blank range, лющushchenka and others, to the author of stupid tales and creators of dirty myths, including screaming here, from among the untouchables ..
        1. Stas57
          Stas57 2 October 2016 18: 58
          therefore, it is necessary to study the reasons without relying on all sorts of inventions, the Germans \ British \ Japanese \ Tsar \ Bolsheviks \ Social Revolutionaries and peasants are to blame for everything.
          then the slope along which the empire slid becomes clear
        2. baudolino
          baudolino 3 October 2016 10: 10
          [quote] [/ quote] - Obviously, the horizons of your opponents who do not know what to answer come close to yours. Since they also do not know that the main projects of the first five-year plans were created on the basis of pre-revolutionary plans. And GOELRO, and the plant to them. Likhachev, and the St. Petersburg metro, etc. planned and created under the tsar-priest.
    4. Bloodsucker
      Bloodsucker 2 October 2016 10: 33
      Quote: captain
      And you can understand them, because for them, the history of Russia began in 1917

      What stupidity .. is that where you were taught this?, the political leader, a fan of priests and the monarchy of Ilyushchenko ... this is the same shifter that graduated from the Lviv bursa of the political balalaika .. and does anyone believe him?
  2. Basil50
    Basil50 2 October 2016 07: 27
    An amazing thing. With such enthusiasm a person who did not solve the population’s problem was described, but * became famous * for creating private combat * formations * that bloodyly and mercilessly hung-shot-flogged, without even the appearance of a court. Complete enthusiasm for * success * suppression.
    The dislocation of consciousness is confirmed that * the light of the divinity of the tsarist government * allows you to create anything, without any trial with almost any peasant and in no case can be called to account * tiligent *. Just like in a joke: * just touch, I’ll write about you that you are a husband or something else *.
    Today such a * point of view * is being strengthened and such publications do not just appear.
    1. Dart2027
      Dart2027 2 October 2016 10: 40
      And what was he supposed to do during the armed rebellion?
    2. Basil50
      Basil50 2 October 2016 10: 59
      Some comments show that there are those who are professionally engaged in squabbling. I do not believe that there are sincerely believers in * peasant * uprisings in the Tambov region, Kroshtadt or in Siberia. I can’t believe in the sincerity of those who lie about 1917, misinterpreting dates and cause-effect relationships. As I can’t believe in the * disinterestedness * of whites who fought with their people with imported weapons and imported money, they tried to split RUSSIA into zones of occupation.
      The GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR showed that all evil spirits will come out and serve enemies, justifying themselves with different reasons, but themselves knowing that they are renegades and they will be destroyed. It’s a pity that not everyone was shot.
  3. Cat
    Cat 2 October 2016 07: 52
    It is easy to divide everything into black or white only. There are no people in state affairs without a skeleton in the closet, but against their habit there is no desire to get it. Everyone has their own truth. Let everything remain as it is, since black and white is our story, but it has no syllable.
    The only idea of ​​communion with the saints was a little ....... surprised. Let, for all judgment of God. Nicholas II with his family is canonized.
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 2 October 2016 08: 13
    Dear man, instead of solving the problem peacefully, he created militant groups .. by hanging, shooting and pacifying the population ..
    The shooter was a member of the Socialist Revolutionary Organization Evgeni Kudryavtsev
    ..This is by the way the party that in 1918 raised uprisings in Siberia, on the Volga, in the Caspian region .. and so on. It created Komuch’s army, the People’s army .. and in these ranks noble white heroes fought against the Reds ...
    1. captain
      captain 2 October 2016 08: 41
      That's why I love the communists. so much for their ability to wriggle out of any situation. Take for example the esteemed Vasily50. His phrase: "With such enthusiasm a man is described who did not solve the problems of the population, but * became famous * for the creation of military private * formations * which were bloody and mercilessly hanged, shot, flogged, without even the appearance of a court." Everything seems to be correct, but why not recall the actions of the communists to suppress the peasant uprising in the Tambov region? During the suppression of the unrest in 1905-7, 17 thousand were killed and wounded. man, this is with the soldiers. Cossacks, policemen, officials, etc. And during the Tambov uprising up to 35 thousand. only peasants and their families, including hostages. They used gases against the population and everything seemed to be fair and fair. That's how interesting this is. that the Tambov uprising was not the largest in scale. There were also Shadrinskoye, the Chepannaya War - these uprisings were superior in scope to Tambov and the repressions there were stronger, but the communists do not like to remember the guys. how they destroyed the Russian people.
      1. My address
        My address 2 October 2016 09: 18

        And nothing that the Bolsheviks actually picked up the power falling to the ground? And they destroyed the power to October 25 1917 not they, namely, the WISE intelligentsia am , the inactive state apparatus, the rotten top of the army, and other Kerenskys. By the October Revolution, the Bolsheviks were a little bit, and even a little. And at first, the Bolsheviks offered these bastards to live together, offered posts in the power system, announced an amnesty. And those (I'm talking about a mean tribe of intellectuals and others who were in power before that) directly fled. Right now, Toko Slippers Adeny and begin to plow! Nothing that the red terror appeared as the answer to the white terror? And already there the soul rushed to heaven. And at the high posts I had to put forward middle peasants at best, and what a devotee with advanced experience can now see without experience. Medvedev belay listen and want to cry.

        And still nothing that gazed the peasants with the gases of our liberals, the culprit of the Warsaw defeat of Tukhachevsky?

        Normal managers managed to bring up only by the end of 30's.

        This is very brief from the lectures on the "History of the CPSU" in the UPI of the 60s. Martynenko read them to us, and not according to the book "Short Course ...", but according to documents and life. And it is also clear from what I have written that I am not an intellectual, my diploma says "engineer".
        1. captain
          captain 2 October 2016 09: 45
          Order of the Plenipotentiary Commission of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee on the beginning of
          repressive measures against individual bandits and their families sheltering

          N 171, Tambov
          11th of June 1921

          To the commissions of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
          Starting from June 1 a decisive fight against banditry gives
          quick calming edge. Soviet power consistently
          restored, and the laboring peasantry
          goes to peaceful and quiet work.
          Antonov’s gang was defeated by decisive actions of our troops,
          scattered and caught separately.
          In order to permanently eradicate the Socialist-Revolutionary gang roots and
          in addition to previous orders, the Plenipotentiary Commission of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee
          1. Citizens who refuse to give their name, shoot on the spot
          without trial.
          2. To villages where weapons are hiding, by the authority of the political commissions or
          District Political Commission to announce a sentence of seizure of hostages
          and shoot those in case of failure to return weapons.
          3. In case of finding hidden weapons to shoot on the spot
          without trial of a senior worker in the family.
          4. The family in whose house the bandit took refuge is subject to arrest
          and expulsion from the province, its property is confiscated, senior employee
          in this family is shot without trial.
          5. Families harboring family members or property of bandits,
          regarded as bandits, and the senior employee of this family
          shoot on the spot without trial.
          6. In the event of the family’s escape, the property should be distributed among
          loyal to the Soviet regime by peasants, and burn the abandoned houses
          or disassemble.
          7. This order is enforced severely and mercilessly.

          Chairman of the Plenipotentiary Commission of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee Antonov-Ovseenko
          Commander Tukhachevsky
          Chairman of the Executive Committee Lavrov
          Secretary Vasiliev
          Read at rural gatherings.

          GATO. F.R.-4049. Op. 1. D.5. L.45. Typographic copy.

          The next day, on June 12 of June 1921, M.N. Tukhachevsky signed order No. 0116 on the use of chemical weapons against rebels [16] [17]: This is what the Communists did according to the law !!! And in court.
        2. creak
          creak 2 October 2016 10: 38
          Quote: My address
          Normal Managers managed to bring up only by the end of the 30s.

          And how could it be otherwise, because within the framework of the elimination of illiteracy, they also liquidated the "very literate" ... Ask at your leisure, for example, the tragic fate of the great scientist Vavilov, where and under what circumstances he died ... Only in the History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which they copied so many times, within the framework of the next fluctuation in the party's course, for some reason nothing was said about this, as well as the fate of other scientists ...
          Quote: My address
          (this is me about vile tribe of intellectuals and etc.,

          An interesting passage - and Lenin and the entire Bolshevik leadership of which it was? Really from the machine?
          So the proletarians are not visible there (if you know, call) - all representatives of the dastardly tribe of intellectuals and scared to utter - nobility...
          About nationality and say no ....

          Quote: My address
          ... And it is also clear from what I have written that I am not an intellectual, my diploma says "engineer".

          This, of course, is clear, who would doubt .... hi
      2. parusnik
        parusnik 2 October 2016 09: 52
        Well yes.. there were spontaneous uprisings in Tambov, Shadrinsk ... without the political leadership of the Social Revolutionaries .. Autumn of 1905 the peasant movement covered more than half of European Russia, almost all regions of landlord tenure. In total for 1905 3228 peasant uprisings were recorded, for 1906 - 2600, for 1907 - 1337. Contemporaries spoke of the peasant war that began in Russia against the landlords, for the transfer of all the land to those who cultivate it with their labor. "The slogan of the rebels ... served the idea of ​​ownership of all the land to the peasants ", - wrote to Nicholas II Minister of Agriculture S. Ermolov, evaluated the village events of the spring of 1905. The landowner, who understood what was going on and tried to cut down the forest that belonged to him, the peasants forbade it: “Don't you dare! All of ours! And our land and our forest! ... " The appearance of the punitive forces met with universal resistance: "Take everyone ...", "Beat us, shoot, we won't leave ..." "" Anyway, our land! " According to various estimates for 1905 - 1907. in European Russia, 3 to 4 thousand were destroyed noble estates - from 7 to 10% of their total number. By the number of defeated landlord estates stood out Saratov, Samara, Tambov, Kursk, Kiev and Chernigov provinces. At that time, blood was shed exclusively on one side - the blood of the peasants was shed during the execution of punitive actions by the police and troops, during the execution of death sentences to the "instigators" of protests. A certain procedure was developed for the implementation of violence from above while suppressing violence from below. In the Tambov province, for example, punishers, upon arrival in the village, gathered adult male people for a gathering and offered to extradite inciteers, leaders and participants in the riots, and return the property of the landlord economies. Failure to comply with these requirements often entailed a volley in the crowd. The dead and wounded served as evidence of the seriousness of the requirements. After that, depending on the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the requirements, either courtyards, residential and farm buildings issued by the "guilty", or the village as a whole, were burned. However, the Tambov landowners were not satisfied with the impromptu reprisal against the rebels and demanded the introduction of martial law throughout the province and the use of military courts. Here is a typical order of the Minister of Internal Affairs P. Durnovo to the Kiev Governor General. "... immediately exterminate, by force of arms, the rioters, and in case of resistance - burn their homes ... Arrests now do not reach their goal: it is impossible to judge hundreds and thousands of people. " These instructions were fully consistent with the order of the Tambov vice-governor to the police command: "arrest less, shoot more ..." Governor-generals in the Yekaterinoslav and Kursk provinces acted even more decisively, resorting to shelling the rebellious population. The first of them sent out a warning to the volosts: "Those villages and villages, whose inhabitants allow themselves any violence against private economies and lands, will be shelled by artillery fire, which will cause destruction of houses and fires." In the Kursk province, a warning was also sent out that in such cases "all the dwellings of such a society and all its property will be ...
        1. captain
          captain 2 October 2016 10: 37
          Dear parusnik, this is what the bourgeois did, by definition, and in 1921 and subsequent years, they destroyed the peasants who helped the Communists come to power (naively believed Lenin (Blank), Trotsky (Bronstein), Kaufman, Uritsky, Sverdlov (Yeshua Solomon Movshevich), Zinoviev (Appelbaum) and other guardians for the Russian people), and then their gases. The peasants paved the way for communists with their blood and thanked them with executions. Novocherkassk shot workers in 1962 who? Bourgeois or communists? And in 1958 in Grozny? What did Durnovo Russian press?
          1. parusnik
            parusnik 2 October 2016 13: 18
            What did Durnovo Russian press?
            [/ quote] ...
            Eeeee ... winked how it incurred you .. already Durnovo for you is not the faithful son of the Fatherland .. and bourgeois .. smile
            ...but as [quote] Peasants paved the way for communists with their blood
            ..Enlighten .. Krestyansk detachments in the literal sense of the word participated in the storming of the Winter Palace, the Krasnov-Kerensky revolt was crushed .. They took Lenin-Trotsky hostage and, under this threat, the Communists proclaimed the Peace Decree? .. In 1958 and 1962, Durnovo were their own. . and indeed Durnovo ... in the literal sense of the word .. By 1962 .. unfortunately the communists began to degenerate into the bourgeoisie .. Gorbachev, Yeltsin beat themselves in the chest proved that they were never communists .. And Zyuganov in his time. .proved to the Socialist International that I really wanted to join that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is not at all a communist, but the most that neither is a social-democratic party ... Well, Tukhachevsky acted with his class methods, noblemen ... About gases ... don't tell me any more ... I studied this issue .. And what is interesting ... the theme of "good" tsarism and bad "socialism" .. who promotes .. all the same .. who yesterday with tears in their eyes the International sang .. and now lets a tear when he heard God the king keep ... for me ... the tsarist authorities in 1905-1907 acted oval decisively and harshly, otherwise the country would have collapsed back in 1907 ... in the event of the victory of the liberals ... and these are all sorts of cadets, Socialist-Revolutionaries ... the Soviet authorities acted just as harshly and decisively ... with the same goal ... Russia-the USSR has always been in the ring of enemies .. For a country with such resources is a tidbit .. and such a piece, friends cannot be, parasites and enemies will always be ..
      3. Aleksander
        Aleksander 2 October 2016 10: 24
        Quote: captain
        Everything seems to be right

        But where is it right? I do not agree!

        Volunteer squads led by OFFICIALS state, with the police, defended LEGAL PROCEDURE in the country against terrorist rabble and rebelswho a priori violated the laws of the country and killed tens of thousands of law-abiding subjects, and even during the war with the Japanese invaders !.

        The participants in these squads are great, as is the wonderful Tambov governor.

        No wonder it was the Tambov peasants who later fiercely resisted the Bolshevik usurper coup.
      4. Bloodsucker
        Bloodsucker 2 October 2016 10: 56
        Quote: captain
        so for their ability to get out of any situation.

        Quote: captain
        Everything seems to be correct, but why not recall the actions of the Communists in suppressing the peasant uprising in the Tambov region

        Well, why are you getting out?
        KOMUCH-Socialist-Revolutionaries, Tambov uprising-Socialist-Revolutionaries. At the same time, the reasonable actions of the authorities to end the armed rebellion cause you regret and crocodile tears upon the fact of mythical shells with chemical weapons, from which ONE, the lame horse died.
        Maybe we recall that KOMUCH and his affairs?
        There were also Shadrinskoye, well, let's see who fought there ...
        k / 213-vosstanie-v-fevrale-1921g-v-shadrinskom-uez
        de-khronologiya-sobytij, Chepan war - these uprisings were superior to Tambov in scope and the repressions there were stronger and degenerated into the actions of criminal gangs. In principle, the same attempt at rebellion as the one in Russia today was, the rebellion of the nationality-Chechnya.
        The state has the right to violence in order to preserve-A) Territory, B) peace of the population, B) the destruction of gangs, will you say the opposite with a blue eye?
        Or, in response, give an index of the drunk of all Russia, Yeltsin? Then give the indexes of the Corn leader, about the rehabilitation of the Trotskyists, for clarity, who essentially you are.
    2. Hapfri
      Hapfri 2 October 2016 09: 05
      Dear man, instead of solving the problem peacefully, he created militant groups .. by hanging, shooting and pacifying the population ..

      We are now witnessing similar phenomena in the Caucasus. The civilian population took up arms and kills police, government officials and the clergy. Peaceful villagers in cities rob pick-up vans (in tsarist times - mail carriages). People just need to be given the opportunity to live well. But we do not understand this. We kill the poor fellow in rented apartments, and in houses where workers and peasants lived calmly and peacefully, peacefully brewed dynamite, we put them in severe casemates forever. ...
      Well, let's take off and pay off for now, but then these guys will demand more. And they will come to your home already
      ..This is by the way that party which in 1918 raised uprisings in Siberia, on the Volga, in the Caspian region .. and so on. It created the Komuch army, the People’s army.

      This was after another party made a coup in Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1917, abolished the right to trade and property, confiscated bank deposits, plunged the country into the abyss of hunger and bloody bacchanalia
      Although both parties were not much different from each other
      1. Bloodsucker
        Bloodsucker 2 October 2016 09: 28
        "This revolution is an obvious example of how, with the loss of stability, the foundations of the economy were essentially destroyed and the prospects for economic growth were lost for many years. (- another ebb in granite, it would be better to be silent than to speak, to look smarter)
        That is why, it seems to me, we should value everything we have now - both the political results that have been achieved quite recently, and those, perhaps timid, but existing today successes in economic and social life, "Medvedev said, summing up plenary session of the Investment Forum in Sochi.

        I do not like the novel "Heart of a Dog", but the phrases there are simply killer.
        Here, for example, is very suitable for what the Prime Minister said.
        “You are at the lowest stage of development,” Philip Filippovich shouted, “you are still a forming, mentally weak creature, all your actions are purely bestial, and you, in the presence of two people with a university education, allow yourself to give advice on a cosmic scale with swagger and comic stupidity about how to share everything, and at the same time, you swallowed tooth powder! ..

        What, he really confused October with February?
        Or is he simply an ignoramus and does not know about the "arts" of the Februaryists?
        How did they destroy the monarchy, how did they destroy the territorial integrity of the state?

        And what kind of "long years without economic growth prospects" does a citizen broadcast about?
        Yes, the planet simply did not know the rate of growth shown by the young Soviet state.

        Not tired of lying, or in the wake of the premiere sign the complete ignorance?
        1. captain
          captain 2 October 2016 09: 49
          On June 12 of June 1921, M.N. Tukhachevsky signed Order No. 0116 on the use of chemical weapons against the rebels [16] [17]:

          Troop commander
          Tambov province number 0116 / operational-secret


          12th of June 1921

          The remnants of the broken gangs and individual bandits who escaped from the villages,
          where Soviet power is restored
          in forests and from there raids on civilians.

          1. Forests where bandits hide, clean with poisonous gases,
          precisely calculate to a cloud of asphyxiating gases
          spread completely throughout the forest, destroying everything that was hidden in it.

          2. The artillery inspector must immediately bring in the required number of cylinders
          with poisonous gases and the right specialists.

          3. The commanders of the battle areas persistently and vigorously carry out this order.

          4. Report on measures taken.

          Commander Tukhachevsky
          Chief of Staff of the General Staff Kakurin

          Russian State Military Archive F.34228. Op. 1. D.292. L.5

          The Plenipotentiary Commission of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee recommended the following method of cleaning up the settlements covered by the uprising by issuing order No. 23 on June 1921 of the year 116 signed by its chairman Antonov-Ovseenko and commander of the troops Tukhachevsky [16]:

          All-Russian Central Executive Committee Plenipotentiary Commission No. 116


          23 June 1921 d. One feels real concern for the Russian peasant by the Communists. And the tsarist general, of course, was a strangler of freedom for the Communists.
      2. captain
        captain 2 October 2016 09: 56
        The Red Terror began long before 1917. I give a list of the dead officials of the Russian Empire; Famous victims of terror:
        Minister of Education N.P. Bogolepov (14.02.1901),
        Minister of the Interior D. S. Sipyagin (2.04.1902),
        Ufa Governor N.M. Bogdanovich (6.05.1903),
        Minister of the Interior V.K. Pleve (15.07.1904),
        Governor-General of Moscow Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich (4.02.1905),
        Moscow Mayor Count P.P. Shuvalov (28.06.1905),
        former Minister of War Adjutant General V.V. Sakharov (22.11.1905),
        Tambov Vice Governor N.E. Bogdanovich (17.12.1905),
        Chief of the Penza garrison, Lieutenant General V. Ya. Lisovsky (2.01.1906),
        Major General F. F. Gryaznov (16.01.1906), Chief of Staff of the Caucasian Military District,
        Tver Governor P. A. Sleptsov (25.03.1906),
        Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Vice Admiral G.P. Chukhnin (29.06.1906),
        Samara Governor I.L. Blok (21.07.1906),
        Penza Governor S. A. Khvostov (12.08.1906),
        commander of l-guards. Semenovsky Regiment Major General G. A. Ming (13.08.1906),
        Simbirsk Governor-General Major General K. S. Starynkevich (23.09.1906),
        former Kiev Governor General Member of the State Council Count A.P. Ignatiev (9.12.1906),
        Akmola Governor Major General N. M. Litvinov (15.12.1906),
        Petersburg Mayor V.F. von der Launitz (21.12.1906),
        Chief Military Prosecutor V.P. Pavlov (27.12.1906),
        Penza Governor S.V. Alexandrovsky (25.01.1907),
        Odessa Governor-General Major General K. A. Karangozov (23.02.1907),
        Head of the Main Prison Administration A.M. Maximovsky (15.10.1907). Well, Stolypin.
        1. Cat
          Cat 2 October 2016 14: 04
          Was it red?
          This "Makar" suppression of the uprising of the Decembrists can be called "white terror."
          And the village "Pervomaisky", which until 1930 bore the name of the village of Grobovo, in connection with the mass burial of the Decembrists who died from hardship on the Siberian highway in winter in 1827, was renamed "new Katyn".
          Colleagues why no one wants to realize that there is no truth in a civil war, it’s just the truth of all and sundry, but it’s not there and it’s not only ungrateful to look for its cause, but essentially useless and meaningless.
          Since those events, five generations have grown. And what do you propose to do to those who have intertwined that "good comrade - a Bolshevik" and "his nobility - a white officer". Probably it is necessary to evaluate by actions, and not to hang markers because of "color".
          1. Stas57
            Stas57 2 October 2016 16: 11
            Yes, comrades are very peculiar, they are for the tsar, RI, and the white movement, while "for some reason" they forget that characters like General Alekseev did everything to remove the tsar himself, but also to take power into their own hands, but the trouble is did not hold back, and the country began to chaos.
            weird people....
            1. Cat
              Cat 2 October 2016 16: 48
              Everyone is to blame, starting with the tsar, who destroyed the state in two decades, the interim government, which you rightly said "you did not hold," the white, green, red, who did not allow terror. Even that Vasya and that Klava are to blame, but this is our story and we must not allow you to wipe our feet about it. Yes, everything ended in a terrible civil war, where the brother went against the brother, and the son against the father. We will not be able to change it like our patronymic, but we need to understand and study it. At least in order to re-prevent the collapse of Russia and civil war.
        2. Rastas
          Rastas 2 October 2016 22: 22
          Captain, the trouble with people like you is that you identify the interests of the country with the interests of the ruling elite. Therefore, personally, I have never felt respect for the person described in this article. For von Launitz, there was a ruling dynasty and a system that he defended. They considered the common people who inhabited the territory of Russia as their servants, and the territory of the country as their fiefdom. For von Launitz it was usual, who had to constantly poke in the face and remind him of his unquestioning obedience to "noble masters".
      3. parusnik
        parusnik 2 October 2016 10: 00
        Hapfri..First, the Petrograd Socialist-Revolutionary-Menshevik Council, led by the Menshevik Chkheidze, declared in March 1917 that no Mikhail Alexandrovich would be on the throne ... but there would be a Republic ... And the Provisional Committee of the State Duma agreed with this requirement ... the coup was even earlier in February 1917 ... when the big bourgeoisie, the generals ... were overthrown from the throne of Nicholas II ..
        1. Hapfri
          Hapfri 2 October 2016 22: 02
          For starters .. The Petrograd Socialist-Revolutionary-Menshevik Council, led by the Menshevik Chkheidze, announced in March 1917 that no Mikhail Alexandrovich would be on the throne ..

          Yes indeed, this is a political meanness committed by the Socialist Revolutionaries. In the rear of a warring country, the February Revolution breaks out.
          ..a coup was even earlier in February 1917 .. when the big bourgeoisie, the generals .. were overthrown from the throne of Nicholas II ..

          Yes, a group of villains have suspended the legitimate ruler of the state.
          But at the same time the foreign policy line was continued. Obligations to the allies were not violated, the army while holding the front. Enterprises worked, legal institutions functioned.
          But as a result of the October Revolution, the state itself was destroyed.
          Feel the difference as they say.
  5. Hapfri
    Hapfri 2 October 2016 08: 49
    It was on such people that Russia held on.
    The bacchanalia of terror unleashed by the revolutionaries destroyed the foundations of society and eventually swallowed the country. Starting with the individual terror of Gershuni and Savinkov, the revolutionaries then moved on to the "mass terror" of the Leninists, drowning the country in blood. Most perished in Stalin's prisons, for they could not build, but only knew how to kill. This is the highest justice
    1. Bloodsucker
      Bloodsucker 2 October 2016 10: 05
      Why repeat the Trotskyist nonsense?
      Something you soon in the wake of Trotsky get to the point that the USSR of Stalin is fascism. Do not believe it?
      This is a fact, every anti-Soviet is always a Russophobe, even if he does not understand what he writes, speaks and thinks (to think about the question, what place)
      The civil one was unleashed by the Whites, with the full support of ANTANTA in exchange for resources and territory, an indisputable fact.
      To calculate the losses of Russia from the atrocities of Bely with patrons? Or do you find yourself?
      There was no reason for Red to destroy the country, but the losers, Belykh-was, do not get to anyone, this was done by them.
      The total material damage amounted to about 40 billion rubles in gold, and taking into account property losses of citizens, the figure increases by another 10 billion. The decline in industrial production was 80%, coal production decreased by 70%, oil more than doubled. The enterprises of the Donetsk coal basin and the Baku oil province were practically destroyed. Cast iron production in 1923 was only 4% of the pre-war period. At the same time, the material and technical base of industrial enterprises and transport infrastructure, which was not updated for many years, was in a deplorable state. Agricultural production fell 40%. Summing up the results of the Civil War in Russia 1918-1922, we can say that it was a natural ending to the long-standing spineless policy of the tsarist administration.
      The fierce class struggle expressed the hatred of the socially disadvantaged lower classes for everything that the fallen regime personified. Read more at
      1. Dart2027
        Dart2027 2 October 2016 10: 42
        Quote: The Bloodthirster
        The civil one was unleashed by the Whites, with the full support of ANTANTA in exchange for resources and territory, an indisputable fact.
        To calculate the losses of Russia from the atrocities of Bely with patrons? Or do you find yourself?

        Tell me, who paid for the overseas life of most revolutionaries, including Lenin? And with what money were armed groups of militants created?
        1. parusnik
          parusnik 2 October 2016 13: 28
          Tell me, who paid for the overseas life of most revolutionaries, including Lenin? And with what money were armed groups of militants created?
          ..You all revolutionaries mean: the Social Democrats - the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks, anarchists, socialist revolutionaries .. all kinds of nationalist parties? .. They, you will not believe, were all revolutionaries .. Recently, a lot has been paid to where the Bolsheviks got their money from ... But somehow it is silent .. where did the Mensheviks, Socialist-Revolutionaries, Anarchists, nationalists of all sorts of stripes get their money ... And now, what is surprising, the Mensheviks, Socialist-Revolutionaries, Anarchists, nationalists of all sorts of stripes successfully undermined the foundations of the Russian Empire ..
          1. Dart2027
            Dart2027 2 October 2016 14: 02
            Quote: parusnik
            You mean all revolutionaries

            Everyone who traveled abroad, regardless of party affiliation. And those who did not leave the Republic of Ingushetia should have lived on something, but there is still some doubt, though ...
            Quote: parusnik
            And so, what is surprising is the Mensheviks, Socialist-Revolutionaries, Anarchists, nationalists of all sorts of stripes successfully undermined the foundations of the Russian Empire

            No wonder. Absolutely everyone who fought against the authorities began to fight the country and the people. Likewise, those who fought with the USSR took the side of its enemies. I have already quoted "Tsar" more than once:
            ... I doubt that schisms will ever end in good. Moreover, if the enemy approaches, defeat is inevitable, since a weaker party will join the attackers, and a strong one will not be able to defend the city.
      2. Hapfri
        Hapfri 2 October 2016 22: 12
        There was no reason for Red to destroy the country, but the losers, Belykh-was, do not get to anyone, this was done by them.

        That's just everything was exactly the opposite.
        The Bolsheviks made any compromises, including with the enemy - the Germans. To stay in power, they gave vast territories, paid indemnities.
        In the territory controlled by the Bolsheviks, the actions of many laws were repealed, the judicial system, the legal profession and the prosecutor's office were destroyed .... the state machine was destroyed, replaced by military communism
        White did not compromise, fighting for a united and indivisible Russia.
  6. moskowit
    moskowit 2 October 2016 09: 13
    "... According to the results of the final exam, all pupils of the senior special class are divided into four categories:

    assigned to the 1 category are issued by second lieutenants or cornets to the guard, or by the same ranks to the army or to special troops, with one year of seniority, and receive RUB 500 for uniforms, three of the most excellent of which can be attached to the guards artillery;
    assigned to the 2 category - by second lieutenants and cornets in the army or in special troops, with one year of seniority, and receive uniforms according to the 225 r .;
    assigned to the 3 category - by the same ranks in the army, without seniority; get the same amount for uniforms;
    assigned to the 4 category are transferred to the army infantry or cavalry units by non-commissioned officers for 6 months, after which they can be promoted to officers, but exclusively for vacancies.
    All assigned to the first three categories are issued in units of the troops of their own choice, at least they did not have vacancies, but in the guard units only in those where the super-staff of officers does not exceed 10%.

    Those incapable of military service are awarded civilian ranks: the first 2 category - X class, 3 category - XII class and 4 category - XIV class.

    For the education received, those who graduate from the corps course are required to stay on active service for 1,5 years per year in special classes ... "(from Wikipedia)

    Well, where is it clear and where did the authors get the idea that the Corps of Pages trained officers for the royal retinue? The educational institution was prestigious, but not by the level of education, but by the principle of recruiting. In the Corps of Pages, the offspring of persons of the first three classes according to the Table of Ranks and noble families entered in the 5th and 6th Velvet Book (these are ancient families that proved their ancestry until the middle of the 17th century and earlier) were accepted. In principle, before the introduction by Peter of the so-called "granted nobility" ...

    One more thing. Almost always in the list of Imperial orders they do not explain the Order of St. Anne of the 4 degree ...

    "... At the front, he showed himself brilliantly, was awarded the Order of St. Stanislaus 3rd degree with swords and a bow and St. Anna 4th degree with the inscription" For Bravery "..."

    The Order of Anna of the 4th degree was worn on a melee weapon assigned to a branch of the army (saber, saber, dagger, etc .....) The inscription "For Bravery" was engraved on the weapon and the oval sign of the order was attached to the hilt of the weapon. A red lanyard was attached to the award weapon. Young officers who were awarded this first officer's order called him "Cranberry" after the color of his lanyard ...
  7. V.ic
    V.ic 2 October 2016 10: 35
    The article is good, no words! Drawn by honey ... Allow a fly in the ointment?
    "Vanya (in the coachman armory). Dad! who built this road?
    Dad (in a coat on a red lining). Count Peter Andreevich Kleinmichel, darling!
    Conversation in the car

    Straight path: narrow embankments,
    Columns, rails, bridges.
    And on the sides, all the bones are Russian ...
    How many of them! Vanya, do you know?
    Chew! exclamations were heard formidable!
    Stomp and gnashing of teeth;
    A shadow came upon the frosty windows ...
    What is there? The crowd of the dead!
    They overtake a cast-iron road,
    That is the parties running.
    Do you hear the singing? .. „On this moonlit night
    Love us to see our work!
    We were torn under the heat, in the cold,
    With forever bent back
    Lived in dugouts, fought hunger,
    Frozen and wet, sick with scurvy.
    The literary foremen robbed us,
    The bosses were seized, the need crushed ...
    We have undergone everything, God's warriors,
    Peaceful children of labor!
    Brothers! You are reaping our fruits!
    We are destined to rot in the earth ...
    Do all of us poor remember good
    Or have you forgotten a long time ago? .. “

    You know, the sight of death, sorrow
    It’s a sin to revolt a children's heart
    Would you show the child now
    The bright side ... -
    “Glad to show!
    Listen, my dear: fatal works
    Ended - the German already puts the rails.
    The dead are buried in the ground; sick
    Hidden in dugouts; working people
    In the blue caftan is the venerable meadows
    Thick, greasy, red, like copper,
    A contractor is going on a holiday line,
    Goes to see their work.
    The idle people parted decently ...
    Pot wipes the merchant's face
    And he says, akimbo picture:
    “Okay ... something ... well done! .. well done! ..
    With God, now home, - I congratulate you!
    (Hats off - if I say!)
    Barrel wine workers exhibit
    And I give the arrears! .. “
    Someone “cheers” screamed. Picked up
    Louder, friendlier, longer ... Look:
    With the song, the dozens of the barrels rolled ...
    Here and lazy could not resist!
    Harnessed the people of horses - and the merchandise
    With a cry of “Hurray!” He rushed down the road ...
    It seems hard to please the picture
    Draw, General? .. ""
    Nikolay Nekrasov "RAILWAY"
    1. Dart2027
      Dart2027 2 October 2016 11: 41
      Quote: V.ic
      The article is good, no words! Drawn by honey ... Allow a fly in the ointment?

      - What kind of people are coming with us? - asks a foreigner in a crowded bus.
      - These are the masters of the country!
      - And who drove it? - he points to the "Seagull" that has overtaken them.
      - And these are the servants of the people!
      In the USSR there were also those who are more equal than others, such is life. And the stories about 100500 million dead almost word for word are repeated about RI and the USSR.
      1. Rastas
        Rastas 2 October 2016 22: 07
        Dart, don't make my slippers laugh with such lovely anecdotes. By the way, what a democratic society there was in the USSR. Servants of the people on seagulls drove past the buses. Notice not on the geldings, not with an accompanying cortege, and the road was not blocked from buses and other "masters of the country."
        1. Dart2027
          Dart2027 5 October 2016 22: 42
          Quote: Rastas
          Note not on geldings

          That's why they ruined the country to do all of the above. By the way, the merchant from the verse is also not on the gelding.
          The bottom line is that there will always be different layers and nothing can be done about it.
    2. Hapfri
      Hapfri 2 October 2016 22: 22
      Nikolay Nekrasov "RAILWAY"

      The life of a German worker was not better. Like French. People lived hard then. English women often moonlighted as an ancient profession. Such was the time
      1. Rastas
        Rastas 2 October 2016 22: 44
        There was not such a time, but such was the system called capitalism, in England, in Russia, in France with Germany. But everyone noted, nevertheless, that in the Western countries the position of the workers and peasants was still more bearable. Have you read Saltykov-Shchedrin "abroad"? Dialogue between a boy in pants and a boy without pants?
  8. Dart2027
    Dart2027 5 October 2016 06: 08
    Quote: V.ic
    Huge layers of Russian history were left out of the Christian religion.

    Christianity denied paganism, not the history of its peoples.
    Quote: V.ic
    Not being a specialist in reckoning, however, I remember that Peter the Great with a stroke of the pen threw 5508 years out of mythological Russian history

    In fact, he simply joined the more common calendar. The notorious 5 thousand years is from the creation of the world.