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Top bloggers will not show you this, they are greedy ...

Asked for more detailed photos from the Azerbaijani exhibition of weapons Adex? Get it, sign it.
Radar-50, artillery, tank closer, Ukrainian and Azerbaijani models of boats, Pakistan and something else - only today and in a better resolution (2000 points on the long side).

By the way, about the use of width - there is not much space in the hangar, so that the tank in the photo without distortion turned out to be in profile, you need to press into the wall.

Azerbaijani shells.


Pakistan offers several aircraft models.

Serbian garnetmortar adjacent to the drone, which will monitor the accuracy of hitting the target.

Serbian shots.

Machine gun for the helicopter.

Several fragments of the Ukrainian exposition.



The Turkish company Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation.

And this is the Russian "devices".

Illustrative examples of injuries are made on rubber mock-ups for medical training of military personnel.

Azerbaijan, the latest bomb BETAB-250.

And this last year, they say, has already been shown. QFAB-100SAB.

Below BETAB-100 and a couple more.

Also Azerbaijani novelty.

Simulator for the sniper. Choose any one you like and shoot.

120 mm grenade launcher.


And all the beautiful, but deadly.

Top bloggers will not show you this, they are greedy ...

A bit of Russian.

"Tactical rocket armament".

A pair of ships from the Netherlands Damen.

And in the end here is such a thing, which at first seems something "for beauty".

This is an electric wind turbine module with an alternator with a peak power of 7,5 kW.
When the wind blew, he spun silently and beautifully.

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  1. marshes
    marshes 1 October 2016 09: 15
    The tank in the photo, maybe it's the T-72 B-3 in the export version.
    A windmill, a great thing.
  2. corporal
    corporal 1 October 2016 10: 52
    Can anyone enlighten what kind of product it is in 12 photos below with the inscription MDM-2?
  3. aba
    aba 1 October 2016 10: 55
    Several fragments of the Ukrainian exposition.

    A pair of ships from the Netherlands Damen.

    Even just looking at the models of sea vessels is enough to understand who is more convincing.