Brzezinski lost faith in American power

The article by Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Towards a global restructuring,” demonstrates the disbelief of some influential people of the American establishment in strengthening US hegemony in the Middle East and in the Asia-Pacific region. But earlier it was Brzezinski, this prophet of “geostrategic imperatives,” who believed that the Middle East and Asia are almost the patrimony of Washington.

New views Brzezinski comments Mike Whitney on the site "The Unz Review".

The “chief architect” of Washington’s plans to “manage the world” has now abandoned his previous “schemes” and even called for the establishment of relations with Russia and China.

Although Zbigniew Brzezinski’s article in “American Interest”, entitled “Towards Global Restructuring”, was largely ignored by the media, yet it clearly shows that the US establishment no longer believes that Washington will continue to try to adhere to the principle of its hegemony in the Middle East and Asia.

Earlier, Brzezinski was a leading proponent of this idea and drew up a whole plan for the upcoming "imperial expansion" (it was outlined in the book "The Great Chessboard: America's domination and geostrategic imperatives" (1997). Now the strategist made a turn on 180 degrees and "dramatically" called for a revision of the former strategy.

Through “American Interest,” he declared that the era of global dominance is “ending.” Moreover, in rebuilding the “global architecture”, the main role should be assumed ... The United States! The time has come to understand that the redistribution of global political power and the political awakening in the Middle East signal the “new global restructuring” stage. The United States is still powerful - politically, economically and militarily - however, given the complex geopolitical shifts and changes in regional balance sheets, Washington can no longer encroach on “imperial power”, i.e. power “all over the world ".

But this “chess player”, triumphing over the collapse of the USSR, not so long ago assured the entire planet that the United States is “the paramount force in the world.”

And where did the former aplomb go?

Until the United States, there never was a truly dominant global power in the world. A new global reality arose precisely with the advent of America on the world stage - at the same time the richest and most militarily powerful country. In the second half of the 20 century, no other power, even approaching the USA, simply existed. But “this era is now ending,” Brzezinski noted in a journal article.

Why does the era end? What has changed since 1997?

Brzezinski writes about the growth of Russia and China, the weakness of Europe, about the "violent political awakening of postcolonial Muslims." All this gave the immediate reasons for the unexpected reversal.

Most of all, Brzezinski is worried about the strengthening of economic, political and military ties between Russia, China, Iran, Turkey and other Central Asian countries.

The reckless foreign policy of the Obama administration, commented by Mike Whitney, in particular, the idea of ​​overthrowing the government in Libya and Ukraine significantly accelerated the growth of anti-American coalitions in the world. “In other words, Washington’s opponents appeared in response to Washington’s behavior. Obama can only blame himself, ”the author mocks.

According to Whitney, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to the growing threat of regional instability and the deployment of NATO forces on Russia's borders by strengthening alliances with countries around the "perimeter" of Russia and the entire Middle East. At the same time, Putin and his BRICS colleagues (Brazil, Russia, Iran, China and South Africa) created an alternative banking system (BRICS Bank and Chinese AIIB), which ultimately gave rise to a powerful challenge to the dollar system. “That's why Brzezinski made a quick turn of 180 degrees and abandoned the plan of American hegemony, because he is concerned about the danger of a system of non-dollar calculations arising between developing and developed countries that can replace the Western oligopolists in the form of their central banks,” indicates analyst. And if this happens, the US will lose its “grip on the global economy.” The "kingdom of extortionists" will end.

Unfortunately, the author continues, the rather ambitious Hillary Clinton, who “firmly believes in imperial expansion by force”, most likely will not follow Brzezinski’s cautious approach. weapons».

It was Clinton who was the first to introduce the concept of a strategic “core” in her speech in 2010. She reported on the "Pacific Century of America." Her speech was published by the Foreign Policy magazine. In particular, she pointed out that in the coming 10 years, the United States should be “smart” and systematically think about where to apply the forces and means to “preserve our leadership, secure our interests and promote our values”. One of the "most important tasks of American statehood over the next decade," Clinton called investment (diplomatic, economic, strategic) in the Asia-Pacific region. "Curbing" the growth and dynamism of Asia is central to American economic and strategic interests and is a key priority for President Obama, Clinton wrote.

If we compare Clinton’s speech with Brzezinski’s comments made by 14 years ago, we will see a lot in common: “For America, the main geopolitical“ prize ”is Eurasia ... The state that dominates Eurasia will control two of the world's three most developed and economically productive regions ... 75 percent of the world's population lives in Eurasia, and most of the world's physical wealth is in the same place, both in its enterprises and under the ground ... Eurasia accounts for 60 percent of world GNP and about three quarters nd the world's known energy resources ... "

The strategic goals of Clinton and the “chess player” are identical, the only difference is that Brzezinski corrected the course to account for changing circumstances, as well as “growing resistance to bullying, domination and sanctions,” the author notes.

Nevertheless, we add, Brzezinski’s advisor to Madame Clinton is not, and she is unlikely to hire him to work in the White House if she wins the election and becomes the first woman president.

Clinton has repeatedly stated that she is determined to continue spreading American hegemony, including in the Asia-Pacific region. She is hardly aware of the danger that such an expansion and the desire to “slow down” the development of China can turn into. If Brzezinski seems to have become afraid of a world catastrophe, which may be caused by the confrontation between China, Russia and the United States, then Clinton, confidently striving for victory in the elections, does not perceive geopolitical risks.

In a word, in our time, Brzezinski as a counselor would have approached Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. +9
      3 October 2016 13: 04
      What a collapse of ideals laughing so many years and effort laid on empty laughingIt would be more crazy, maybe it would not be dishonored. Victim of American ideology
      1. +8
        3 October 2016 14: 29
        For ambitious and cynical people, this always happens - at first it was accelerated and reached the set goal, pushing the rivals with elbows and exposing the steps, and climbing to the 1st place of the pedestal I saw that the 1st place of the pedestal is the 1st step of the endless staircase, the goal was not achieved, partners exhausted, there are no friends and rivals, whom it seemed to him had already overtaken, stand on the same steps with a cheerful look.
      2. +6
        3 October 2016 15: 17
        Quote: Wend
        What a collapse of ideals laughing so many years and effort laid on empty laughingIt would be more crazy, maybe it would not be dishonored. Victim of American ideology

        With bz Dezhinsky already dust is pouring, and everything about the former power of the USA dreams
        1. 0
          3 October 2016 17: 58
          Donhapa Today, 15:17 PM ↑ New
          With bz Dezhinsky already dust is pouring, and everything about the former power of the USA dreams

          My grandfather came to me recently. over 70 for a long time. I found on the Internet a scheme for restoring former male power. asked to solder. It's a pity, of course, to Grandpa. but refused, I do not believe in such tales. So this old fellow Brzezinski puffed up everything, wants to keep the former hegemony of the staff. Nobody already believes in such tales.
          1. +2
            3 October 2016 22: 38
            The West accused the USSR of the "world socialist revolution," and Hillary is going to "... ensure our (Amer) interests and promote our values." So what is it called? Double standarts. It would be simpler to say: a united Eurasia (from the EU to Southeast Asia) is a verdict and decline to the power of the United States, which will remain overseas, on the periphery - therefore, they will "shit and drive wedges" as soon as they can. hi
            1. 0
              4 October 2016 00: 04

              If H. Clinton voiced her values, you would spit for a long time ...
          2. 0
            3 October 2016 23: 08
            Quote: kush62
            scheme for the restoration of former male power.

            - Tell me, does ginseng root help with loss of potency?
            - It helps! If you tighten it tight ...
      3. +1
        5 October 2016 00: 53
        There were no ideals. Brzezinski is not an idealist. He is the ENEMY ...
    2. +10
      3 October 2016 13: 21
      Clinton, confidently striving to win the election, does not feel geopolitical risks

      This is a disaster for the whole world ... such a lady in a fit of rage can confuse the red reset button with the button in the nuclear briefcase.
      About 10 years ago, American intelligence agents made predictions about the collapse of RUSSIA and now I see how they are screwed up heavily on their own heads.
      The US State Department still can not understand that it is better to be friends with RUSSIA and not fight ... however, it will correct the hunchbacked grave.
      1. +13
        3 October 2016 14: 59
        But I don’t see much difference between H. Clinton and D. Trump and I suppose that the trouble for the whole world does not come personally from any US president, but the people who stand behind him and manipulate him or direct him.
        It is another matter that the USA unleashed in the last years of the war are personified with a specific president and the country itself, but nevertheless, the president’s personality in the USA is secondary in this case.
        Take any US president over the past 30 years - Reagan, Bush (dad and son), B. Clinton, Obama - and you will see that all of them are followed by bloody traces in the form of wars and coups in different parts of the world and countries.
        Therefore, one should not take so closely all this show, called in the United States "Presidential race", as something honest and objective. Firstly, this is a show and it should be perceived as a show for ordinary people, and secondly, the jury of this show (or competition) decides on the winner according to their own rules, which are not spelled out in the US Constitution, and in their own interests.

        As for the understanding of the United States about the need to be friends with Russia. And why should the United States be friends with Russia if they (the USA) understand that Russia will not attack them and will not unleash a war against them. Based on their mentality, it makes no sense for them to become our friends, but they can pretend to be our friend when they see the weak president of Russia, and only for their own selfish purposes. We have already gone through this, and the last time it was in the early 90s of the last century.
        1. 0
          3 October 2016 20: 37
          absolutely right. US president is a talking head. as I remember from Reagan. politics has always been one.
          1. +1
            4 October 2016 00: 10
            Yegor rustic

            Trump is the talking head of those who want to change US policy for internal development. Hilary voiced the desire of those who do not care about the United States and everyone else.

            It is unlikely that under Trump, something of Russia falls. Rather, the voltage level simply decreases.
            1. 0
              5 October 2016 11: 08
              Hillary is literally possessed.
              Satanists and Sodomites rule the United States.

              Trump doesn't seem to be one of these. Although, perhaps, he is being launched as a Negro Obama, so that the USA itself does not explode from the inside.
    3. +9
      3 October 2016 13: 27
      This pshek can be trusted only in one case - seeing his corpse.
    4. +15
      3 October 2016 13: 32
      The "old Nazi galosh" senses that in the near future all the work of his worthless life will go to the trash can.
      1. +2
        3 October 2016 15: 56
        It is good that the devils did not hurry and did not pick it up ahead of time ..
        1. 0
          5 October 2016 11: 18
          Brzezinski should know his place and not be smart.

          In 1993, this Polish stinker, zbigniew Brzezinski, declared, "Now we have only one enemy left - the Russian Orthodox Church."

          we are now putting on a Polish stink - Zbigniew Brzezinski with a device.
    5. +10
      3 October 2016 13: 42
      "The reckless foreign policy of the Obama administration," how convenient it is now to blame everything on Obama, he has not long left ... As if he was deciding something ...

      Think Clinton will steer? Step to the left, step to the right shot ...
      1. +1
        3 October 2016 16: 35
        It is somehow strange that Brzezinski writes about Obama, because the collapse of US foreign policy was laid by Bush-ml and his team of neocons with their cowboy habits for any external challenges. It was the actions of Bush-ml that brought a politician like Obama to the presidency of the United States, it could not be otherwise.
    6. +4
      3 October 2016 13: 43
      he already needs to think about something completely different, and he’s all about managing the world ...
    7. +2
      3 October 2016 13: 48
      This shriveled grandpa turned the shafts the other way, why would it? ... what It remains only to guess and build versions ... well, or, simply - wait. hi
    8. +3
      3 October 2016 13: 48
      Worried about old age. Where to live thinks if the states fall apart. He put on a tie with an interesting coloring. hints? ...
    9. +7
      3 October 2016 13: 49
      BRICS colleagues (Brazil, Russia, Iran, China and South Africa)

      What time! But what about India? Mr. Whitney, learn the materiel!
    10. PKK
      3 October 2016 14: 30
      Poor grandfather, he lived so well, and here Putin ruined his happy old age. For this, Khrushch made Zbigniew a happy childhood.
    11. +6
      3 October 2016 14: 35
      But this "chess player", who was triumphant over the collapse of the USSR, not so long ago, assured the whole planet that the United States was the "paramount force in the world."

      And where did the former aplomb go?

      Sorry sight. A person has spent all his life on some goals in order to write in the end a completely opposite reality in an article. I used to think Brzezinski was a strategist, but his act in favor of the fact that he is just a "talking head". It would be better just to be silent and live on savings, not to lose "face".
    12. +1
      3 October 2016 15: 18
      Played in geopolitical chess old foxes. Opponents of the United States have grown several war queens, which are more expensive to touch. Therefore, the United States quit playing chess and smoothly switched to poker with speckled cards and bluffs. But they play poker very badly. Wherever they have a full house, Russia has a square.
    13. +1
      3 October 2016 15: 51
      But this "chess player", who was triumphant over the collapse of the USSR, not so long ago, assured the whole planet that the United States was the "paramount force in the world."

      He assured me. But as soon as the exceptional began to involve NATO members in their adventures, it became clear that the arrogance was not the same, the jitters played and the accomplices, just in case, would not interfere. Firstly, if something happens, you can hide behind them, sharing the responsibility, and secondly, it turns out to be more impudent. For example, the case with Syria - "The entire American coalition is in step, and the rest are bombing hospitals." Shredded, gentlemen. As one Englishman said: "I cannot dictate to the secretary what I think of you, because she is a lady. But I cannot say directly, because I am a gentleman. Well, you yourself understood who you are."
    14. +2
      3 October 2016 15: 59
      The US will lose its "grip on the global economy." "The kingdom of extortionists" will come to an end. - I especially like the last phrase !!! It is no secret that they are ready to sell "soul to the devil" for dollars (although there is already talk that the devil rules America). The end is near because Russia and China have reached a new level of military power, which is capable of withstanding, but also surpassing the power of the United States !!! Hence the turns of "comrade" Brzezinski by 180 degrees - scary !!! Well, an organized criminal group, led by mattress makers, cannot rule the world.
    15. +2
      3 October 2016 16: 21
      If Brzezinski seems to be afraid of a global catastrophe
      What is he afraid of? the devils with lanterns are already looking for him in the other world. am
    16. 0
      3 October 2016 16: 55
      Brzezinski is a sly fox, I think that under the age of years, he got a little late, realized that there would be a good dildo on the most exceptional asshole and realized that this would happen in his lifetime, and he could not get a magnificent funeral, they would bury and forget.
    17. 0
      3 October 2016 17: 35
      Old man Brzezinski holds his nose in the wind! The circumstances have changed - the forecasts have also changed. At each definite time point, the probabilities of events can go in different directions, i.e. as at the intersection, you need to choose a further direction of movement. So there is nothing surprising in Brzezinski’s judgments, it’s just that the United States at some point turned on the wrong road. laughing
    18. 0
      3 October 2016 18: 21
      (Brzezinski seems to have become afraid of a global catastrophe)

      They are mummies, they are afraid of fire. In addition, two morons (Clinton and Brzezinski) in the White House are too much, which the "zaluzhy" establishment understands. bully
    19. +1
      3 October 2016 18: 26
      Quote: The same Lech
      Clinton, confidently striving to win the election, does not feel geopolitical risks

      This is a disaster for the whole world ... such a lady in a fit of rage can confuse the red reset button with the button in the nuclear briefcase.
      About 10 years ago, American intelligence agents made predictions about the collapse of RUSSIA and now I see how they are screwed up heavily on their own heads.
      The US State Department still can not understand that it is better to be friends with RUSSIA and not fight ... however, it will correct the hunchbacked grave.

      They did predictions, you look at them ... everything that works TAM doesn’t work for us by definition ....
    20. +2
      3 October 2016 18: 47
      The main enemy of Russia was sad. laughing
      Good news. Brzezinski with sheds Obama come and go, but Russia has been, is and will always be.
    21. 0
      5 October 2016 07: 34
      Late. It’s a pity that this Pshekomerzikos offspring will not see the collapse of its filthy country and the bloody mess that will begin there soon. An animal is about to die and will end up in the same cauldron as a fucking geek ...
    22. +1
      5 October 2016 08: 07
      The old mrazmatik put on the right tie. He knows what to wear. Tricolor.
    23. 0
      5 October 2016 10: 48
      Brzezinski lost faith in American power

      It would be better if he lost faith in his life, a stupid hyena.
    24. 0
      7 October 2016 10: 36
      Strange, it seems that this is just Pan Bzdyshek "old grandfather - he doesn't care." Clinton will somehow be younger, but behaves as if it is she who is deeply violet, that there will be after her, even the flood, even the end of the world itself. And grandpa calls for caution.

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