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Bear, Eagle and the Black Crow

Bear, Eagle and the Black Crow

Two years ago, a Malaysian black crow was shot down over a dense forest. Forest residents, led by the treacherous Eagle, blamed the incident on the Bear. The other day Kosolapogo wine was officially "proven."

In the kingdom of the thirtieth kingdom in the thirtieth state there was an eagle and a bear. Honestly, the relationship they never developed. The character of the eagle was nasty, very nasty - all the time he tried to subdue the weaker animals. And, unfortunately, he did it. Residents of the dense forest in which the eagle was looking for regular followers did not understand the true intentions of the “sovereign” and blindly followed him wherever he indicated. At the same time, the “patron” took away from them a part of the booty obtained by the animals with honest labor and forced them to pay tribute in the form of brushwood for kindling a fire. But the pets still continued to obey their master and carried out any of his instructions.

All this very frustrated bear, and forced him again and again to be disappointed in the bird of prey. He wanted everything to be fair, and tried to show all the inhabitants of the forest how their idol is two-faced. However, Bear spent a long time in hibernation, and other animals, forgetting about his former power, stopped listening and respecting him. It must be said that the eagle constantly used this and imposed on the inhabitants of the forest a false representation of reality, and, oddly enough, the animals took his word for it, without demanding any evidence.

Feeling that the bear could soon reach its goal, the bird of prey decided to expose its foe to the forest community. She ordered her henchmen to knock down an innocent crow that flew over a dense thicket. When the deed was done, the eagle immediately accused the bear cub of the crime and, as usual, absolutely groundless. But the animals did not need evidence, they again firmly believed in the credibility of an eagle's opinion.

Not wanting to put up with flagrant injustice, Mishka decided to conduct his own investigation of the incident and prove his innocence to everyone. But the cunning bird started a dishonest game, and all the factual material collected by the bear was not taken into account by the forest community. More often, a special “oak commission” was created, which was supposed to cool down the bearish fervor and defend the opinion of its “patron”. Fortunately, the name of the inspection is quite justified. All that she was able to show kosolapomu years of investigations - the testimony of unknown witnesses who allegedly saw how he knocks a black crow out of a slingshot. Representatives of the commission apparently forgot about Gustaf Flaubert’s famous statement, which states that “one cannot refer to evidence of the crowd as evidence, because it is impossible to verify them”.

Therefore, the arguments of the “investigators” only smiled at the bear cub, and he continued to calmly study his collected evidence. When Mishka finished and opened his foggy eyes to the inhabitants of the thicket, the bird of prey turned into an ordinary chicken and everyone began to live-live and make good.

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  1. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 1 October 2016 06: 50
    It's time to clean up the forest .. And then the raven will not remain at all ..
  2. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 1 October 2016 07: 35
    Therefore, the arguments of the "investigators" only smiled at the little bear, and he continued to calmly study his collected evidence.

    You can smile at a neighbor who told a funny joke, but there are only two options:
    1. To score on the OR, after sending the conclusions of the crow to the chicken coop.
    2. Insist on the creation of a commission to verify each of the arguments of the commission with the inclusion of bears in it, as a person, in their opinion, otmazyvaetsya.
    Since both options are not viable, there is only one way out, snap back and prepare for a fight with the deaf and stupid.
    1. Ulan
      Ulan 1 October 2016 14: 32
      I am also surprised that Russia is not included in the Commission, as are the representatives of the Boeing concern. "
      They are the aircraft manufacturers, the Almaz-Antey concern is the manufacturer of the Buk complex from which the Boeing was allegedly shot down.
      Without these representatives, the commission is inferior.
      But surprisingly, even representatives of Malaysia were included in the commission only THROUGH a year after it began to work.
      In general, there can be no trust in such a bargain, especially since the investigation is being closed. and what they fantasize about is not known to anyone.
      They refer to some anonymous experts and anonymous witnesses. Very comfortable position.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 1 October 2016 07: 36
    The tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it - a lesson for plucked eagles.
  4. ochakow703
    ochakow703 1 October 2016 08: 37
    The tale is a lie, but there is a hint in it - a lesson for good fellows. Passion as I love Russian Folk Tales. They have so much wisdom and meaning hidden from the non-Russian mind that the poor zapadentsy (all together, along with the servicemen) cannot figure it out. Damaging.
  5. Retvizan
    Retvizan 1 October 2016 09: 05
    When Mishka finished and opened thicket foggy eyes to the inhabitants, the bird of prey turned into an ordinary chicken and everyone began to live, live and make good.

    And when will it be?
    Things in the "forest" have not changed, the miracle has not happened. The fairy tale will not come true.
    PS / in a real "forest" there are no Good bears and "bad eagles" and the rest of the "inhabitants" have their own plans .. All are good ...
    1. Cat
      Cat 1 October 2016 12: 37
      Everything is relative!
      Learn not only to look but also to see.
    2. aba
      aba 1 October 2016 19: 37
      And when will it be?

      Soon the fairy tale affects, but not soon the thing is done (s)
  6. Andrew3000
    Andrew3000 1 October 2016 13: 31
    Well, something like this :
  7. 0255
    0255 1 October 2016 13: 33
    It is very "funny" to write such "fairy tales", speculating on the theme of the dead passengers of a Malaysian Boeing negative Would put a minus if there was an opportunity.
    1. Ulan
      Ulan 1 October 2016 14: 27
      It's not a fairy tale. But the article probably should still be more serious.
      But by the way, no one interferes with a serious discussion of the topic.
      leave the tale aside. Moreover, unlike a fairy tale, in real life there is no end.
    2. Skeptic Self-Taught
      Skeptic Self-Taught 2 October 2016 22: 53
      Chistyulya found!
      Nice man - politics is always done on a par with dirt. And "victims" - they should serve the politicians. even after the estimate.
      Take my word for it. if it is necessary to rip off the skin from newborn babies - a politician of the "President" level will do it without being upset or tormented by moral doubts. And if the "babies" are completely strangers, then the question is not even worth raising.
  8. Ulan
    Ulan 1 October 2016 14: 25
    I am surprised at the position of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the leadership as a whole. There is a resolution of the UN Security Council that the investigation should not be delayed, that no one has the right to interfere with it (Ukraine), that it should be open and public. That the progress of the investigation and interim results should be regularly heard at meetings of the UN Security Council.
    None of this is being done, and Russia is silent.
    This topic needs to be constantly raised both in the UN and in the statements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Russia. You can not give rest to these falsifiers. so that they can calmly, behind closed doors, adjust the facts to the previously announced result by the US president.
    We need to create a commission ourselves, invite ICAO representatives, as it should be, in violation of all international norms and rules. foreseen during the investigation of such disasters, they simply removed from the investigation and conduct it ourselves, regularly informing about the progress of the investigation.
    But of course, the main trump cards, if any, for example, data from the Voronezh military radar station should be reserved, since this self-appointed Dutch commission has postponed the end of the investigation, obviously for the presidential elections in Russia.
  9. falcon
    falcon 1 October 2016 14: 38
    "... a Malaysian black crow was shot down."
    The author fell into childhood, or what? There were actually people there, children.
    Infantilism is the wildest. Did your dad and mom explain the meaning of the word "mockery" to you?
    1. alex86
      alex86 2 October 2016 00: 20
      For the sake of a red word, he will not regret his father either ...
    2. Skeptic Self-Taught
      Skeptic Self-Taught 2 October 2016 22: 57
      Hm. Aleppo also has children ...
      Yes, and in Beslan, too, children ...
      Those. who incites there is no concept of "children" ... It's just an additional weapon. whose death can be blamed. well in this case the RF.
      I want to convey such a thought.
      When the Swiss dispatcher clicked his beak and two planes collided in the sky - one of them had OUR CHILDREN. But we, you see, sissies ... if Kaloev had not sewn it on. he would have served his time so calmly. and remained a "law-abiding" citizen ...
      Understand at last ... children. old men. women - NO this concept in politics. Especially. when the two powers clashed. And the sooner we take this lesson to completion. the less will be the victims of our children in the future ...
  10. 094711601
    094711601 1 October 2016 21: 53
    I would add - To the usual BLACK CHICKEN!
  11. TOR2
    TOR2 1 October 2016 22: 12
    There is nothing surprising in such provocations. The mattress goes along the beaten path.
  12. romandostalo
    romandostalo 2 October 2016 01: 42
    So are witnesses generally from another forest .....
  13. vladim.gorbunow
    vladim.gorbunow 2 October 2016 12: 12
    Fairy tale of the level "At the dictates of the pike, at my will." Mishka-Emelya lies on the stove, indulges in fantasies about the triumph of truth. But in fact, a giant puncture. First of all, the failure of intelligence and counterintelligence. We did not notice the preparations for a large-scale and complex provocation. And there could be no leaks. Anatoly Shariy noticed that ukrozhurnalists, only 40 minutes after the disaster, at a briefing asked exactly about Buk. If so, then it is clear why Fradkov became the best friend of the Russian railroad workers. And why do you need to create an MGB.
  14. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 2 October 2016 14: 51
    You are foolish, my friend? Well - well ... Come up with a joke for tomorrow, ditties ... Petrosyan and he, it seems, did not go down to such a level. To put the article in a bold "minus", and one more - to the moderator for what is missing. it is sinful to laugh at someone else's grief. Not otherwise childhood in someone's head has not disappeared. For a start, review at least a photo from the crash site. Children's toys, shoes, and then think again to write or not write? And if you decide to write, then there are enough articles with argumentation, facts, reflections on VO. Or is there not enough intelligence on serious topics?
  15. Palch
    Palch 3 October 2016 19: 47
    EEhhh ... inspired by a distant and happy childhood, as well as by the patriotic tales of A. Gaidar. But, unfortunately, someone Valery Denburg decided to shift Malchish-Kibalchish in a modern way based on the tragedy with the Malaysian airliner. And I apologize for the complete blasphemy and also smells of rotten. The article is a fat minus! The author sucks.