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Split personality in Ukrainian

Split personality in Ukrainian

Does a person have the right to celebrate his birthday in a big way? Of course. And does the president of a country that, in his own words, is subject to aggression, have a moral right to celebrate its birthday abroad in a big way? Can we imagine that, for example, Stalin, during the Great Patriotic War, went to rest on a foreign resort? Or, if you take an example from modernity, so that the president of Syria will go on vacation, say, to the Canaries somewhere? Absurd, right?

But Mr. Poroshenko, it turns out, met his “Jam Day” (26 of September he was 51 a year) in a luxury villa in the Maldives. According to the well-known journalist Konstantin Dolgov, a source in the administration of the Ukrainian president told him about this. “I will not indicate the cost of the tour, so as not to disturb the imagination of the citizens of Ukraine, most of whom, after the victory of the so-called. “Euromaidan” barely makes ends meet, ”the journalist said.

Yes, the standard of living of Ukrainians is steadily decreasing after fervent leaps on the Maidan, but this is done under the slogans of “patriotism” and “war to the bitter end”. Poroshenko constantly says that Ukraine is in a state of war, that it is "attacked by the aggressor" - that is, Russia. But if there is a war - where should the Supreme Commander be? That's right, at his post. Or he has the right to rest abroad, but then no war and no aggression exists.

Even the closest associates of the bloody chocolate baron began to pay attention to the fact that he behaves somewhat duplicitously. The head of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction in the Rada, Igor Gryniv, reminded the chief that he had not sold his business, in particular, the confectionery factory in Lipetsk. According to the deputy, Poroshenko must fulfill his promise.

But, as we see, war is war, and business is business ...

Whatever the Ukrainian authorities take up - all the time a well-known joke is remembered: “You either remove the cross or put on your underpants”. A few days ago, on September 22, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry asked the Russian authorities to preserve the Library of Ukrainian Literature. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appeals to the fact that allegedly in Ukraine “appropriate conditions have been created for the free exercise of the rights of all national minorities” and on this basis they also urge Moscow to abide by the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and other bilateral treaties.

Suppose this is a normal request, it is a concern for culture. For this you can even ask the "aggressor". But, contrary to the statements about the "appropriate conditions for the realization of the rights of all national minorities" in Ukraine - in fact, just the opposite is happening. For over two years, we constantly hear news about the ban on Ukraine of Russian books, Russian films and serials, then about the persecution and even the initiation of criminal cases against Russian artists.

And just yesterday, the Ukrainian Ministry of Education issued a new decree, according to which the education staff should speak only the Ukrainian language. Apparently, the “mova” does not take root in everyday life - stubborn teachers and teachers still strive to speak the “language of the aggressor”.

And the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine ordered that no more than 20% replicas in Russian should sound in movies. And where is the “proper conditions for the realization of the rights of national minorities”?

After this, it would be very strange to turn to Russia with requests to preserve the library, which houses many books glorifying the “heroes” - Bandera, Shukhevych and others like them.

By the way, about these very "heroes" and their reverence. Because of this, a scandal arose during the visit of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to Kiev.

September 27, speaking to the Ukrainian parliamentarians, Rivlin said that it is unacceptable to exalt the OUN - an organization involved in the murder of Jews during the Second World War.

Modern ukronatsionalisty began to express violent indignation. Rada's Vice Speaker Irina Gerashchenko called this assessment of the OUN "undiplomatic," and the notorious Oleg Lyashko demanded a formal apology at all "to the state and the people."

Moreover, this scandal happened right on the 75 anniversary of the tragedy of Babi Yar. On the one hand, Ukraine is preparing for celebrations in memory of the victims. On the other hand, the state machine honors their murderers - the very "heroes of Ukraine" who were shouted "Glory!" On the Maidan

But right before the outbreak of scandal, Rivlin called Ukraine "a beacon of democratic values." And the Maidan authorities expected him to "support the territorial integrity of Ukraine." And the Israeli president had to leave Square ahead of time - due to the death of Shimon Peres, but it is possible that due to the scandal, including.

How exactly are these values ​​realized in the “beacon of democratic values”? And this is evident, above all, in the attitude of the Ukrainian authorities towards freedom of speech and its bearers - journalists.

So, September 22 Ukraine’s Ambassador to London Natalia Galybarenko appealed to the British authorities demanding to deprive the well-known British journalist Graham Phillips of his passport.

It is clear that the Donbass reports of this courageous person are like a bone in the throat of ukrovlasts. Throughout the war, Phillips showed the truth about the shelling of the peaceful cities of the DPR and the LPR, was wounded, went to Ukrainian captivity, and was awarded an award for his head. Now one "democratic" country officially asks another "democratic" country to silence a journalist.

Why are there a request to deprive a disagreeable employee of the foreign passport media when Interior Minister Arsen Avakov actually approved the recent arson of the studio of the Inter TV channel!

So the journalists are fleeing away from the “beacon of democracy,” which sometimes can burn. So, the owner of the TV channel "112. Ukraine ”Andrei Podshchipkov appealed to the Belgian authorities with a request to grant him political refugee status.

Edak will remain in the Square journalists of the level of Vitaly Sediuk. He did very well, democratically - during the Haute Couture Week in Paris, the famous American fashion model Kim Kardashian tried to kiss a little lower back. The latter obviously did not appreciate such democratic values ​​- she intends to sue the quick ukrozhurnalista in court. And what else can a journalist do in a postmaid country if they can set fire to an unguarded word in politics? Is that not glorified political affairs.

As a result of the junta’s rule, Ukraine is more and more like a patient suffering from a split personality. And as a result, those who brought the victory of the Maidan in their time are suffering.

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  1. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 29 September 2016 15: 25
    And well, Petruchio has done well, so modestly ...
    1. vovanpain
      vovanpain 29 September 2016 19: 21
      And what else can a journalist do in a post-Maidan country if they can set fire to a careless word in politics?

      Ragule has long been ready to burn and kill, but is afraid for now negative
  2. BOB044
    BOB044 29 September 2016 15: 38
    In Ukraine, heroes await, and d-e-b-and-l-s are born. hi
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. cheburator
    cheburator 29 September 2016 15: 58
    Everything is possible for him, he is Mr. Nida! negative
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 29 September 2016 20: 25
      Quote: cheburator
      He is Mr. Nida!

      You are mistaken - he is a fat louse.
  4. g1v2
    g1v2 29 September 2016 16: 38
    Well, words are words. But the second Roshen plant (now in Kaluga), people are gaining. There is infa that the third Roshen Petya plant in Chelyabinsk begins to build. A person from the rostrum screams about the aggressor country, but really invests in us.
  5. afrikanez
    afrikanez 29 September 2016 16: 39
    This article, it would not be bad to quote on UN sites. If only the whole world would listen and maybe understand what the Ukrainians and their state managers are doing and saying.
  6. vobels
    vobels 29 September 2016 17: 00
    ".. Mr. Poroshenko, it turns out, met his" day of jam "(September 26, he turned 51) in a luxury villa in the Maldives .." Peter is tired of the labors of the "righteous", so he is resting. According to merit, it would be better to go to the Kolyma ..
  7. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 29 September 2016 17: 34
    Quote: afrikanez
    This article, it would not be bad to quote on UN sites. If only the whole world would listen and maybe understand what the Ukrainians and their state managers are doing and saying.
    Do not be so naive. You might think that those from the UN do not see or hear anything. Petya behaves like a petty bully of a middle group of kindergarten, and these from the UN, OSCE, PACE ... are kindergarten staff, look at him and laugh, and he still steeper chips. And so they live, everyone has fun.
  8. Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 29 September 2016 20: 34
    Fakin Crazy! fool Nothing else comes to mind. Feast during the plague - the mildest name!
  9. Retvizan
    Retvizan 29 September 2016 22: 02
    the topic may be good for the information war - but firstly it is aimed at Ukrainians, and there are almost none left. The bullets of patriots cheers and the shells of the same war mowed for the opposite opinion ...
    So it loses its significance - if it is designed for the internal Russian space - where there is no money but a good mood. Where is exactly the same, and a feast during the plague is a common occurrence.
    Elena - why are you persistently writing "Junta"?
    This is a government recognized by the Russian Federation! This is-Dear Ukrainian partners. And an article about Dear Peter Alekseevich !! The best choice of the Ukrainian people and in general .... Contradict the Kremlin’s policies.
    So Pyotr Alekseevich doesn’t have any prohibitions to celebrate his DR. Unless we are here on the Internet can gossip about it. But who cares? Such events about the bourgeois happiness that in the Russian Federation, that in Ukraine is full ..
  10. freejack
    freejack 29 September 2016 23: 19
    Split personality in Ukrainian

    Only a "personality" can have a split personality ... This is a pig's snout ... This State Department's bedding .... This spirited liar and coward ... I belittle you guys what kind of "personality" are you talking about? ... Pigs there is no face !!!
  11. Boris63
    Boris63 30 September 2016 12: 10
    As the giblets were taught, "war is war. And lunch is on schedule." So he "eats" in the Maldives ...
  12. aba
    aba 1 October 2016 17: 27
    I read the article ... I read the comments ... And it became clear what and who Poroshenko cares about.
    Everything is expected ...