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On the centenary of the plant named after Degtyaryov: from the machine gun Madsen to KORD. Part of 6

One of the latest developments of the Degtyarev plant is the 12,7-mm heavy machine gun CORD. This machine gun is produced in Kovrov from 1998 of the year, mass production was established in 2001 year. The new machine gun continues the glorious traditions of Kovrovsky weaponsthat were laid down by the first Soviet heavy machine guns DC and DShK. The name of the new large-caliber machine gun is deciphered as follows: "Kovrov gunsmiths-Degtyaryovtsy."

The machine gun was designed in 1990-ies as a replacement for the machine gun NSV ("Cliff"), the production of which after the collapse of the Soviet Union was partially in the city of Uralsk in independent Kazakhstan. As a replacement for the "Cliff" in Kovrov, at the Degtyarev Plant (ZID), a new large-caliber machine gun with tape feed was developed for the cartridge 12,7x108 mm. CORD is designed to combat lightly armored and unarmored targets, as well as fire weapons and clusters of enemy manpower at distances up to 1500-2000 meters, as well as defeat low-flying air targets at a distance of up to 1500 meters.

An analysis of the use of large-caliber machine guns in combat operations of the late XX century showed that during operations in the combat formations of the infantry, the weight of such machine guns should not exceed 40 kg. In addition, the need was established for a single 12,7-mm machine gun, which could be used both on armored vehicles and cars, and on helicopters, and after being removed from them directly in combat formations of infantry. At the same time, the KORD machine gun created in our country became the first large-caliber machine gun in the world that allows firing from a bipod. It is currently the lightest full-fledged 12,7-mm machine gun in the world. For example, the American Browning M2 Heavy Barrel weighs 58 kg (on a tripod machine), but even the body of this machine gun weighs 38 kg, which is almost 20% heavier than the machine gun Kord on bipod. The American heavy machine gun XM312, which is lighter than CORD, cannot be called full, as its rate of fire is 260 rds / min (the mass of a second salvo of 207 g / sec against 520 g / sec at the Russian CORD).

The main reasons for replacing the large-caliber machine gun NSV "Cliff" after almost 20-year of its use on CORD were identified shortcomings of the "Cliff", in particular, the accuracy of shooting from it no longer met modern requirements. As well as the fact that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, enterprises engaged in the production of NSV machine guns found themselves on the territory of independent Kazakhstan and Ukraine. As a result, work on the modernization of a large-caliber machine gun "Rock" began at the plant named after Degtyaryov in Kovrov, gunmakers Yu. M. Bogdanov, V. I. Zhirokhin, N. M. Obidin, A. A. Namitulin took part in them.

In the course of creating the machine gun, its creators managed to solve 3 important structural problems:

- reduce the impact of machine gun automation mechanisms on the barrel, which made it possible to eliminate its resonant vibrations and significantly improve the accuracy;

- to reduce the recoil energy and increase the stability of a large-caliber machine gun, which made it possible to create a variant of the CORD infantry machine gun on the bipod;

- significantly increase the survivability of the barrel of the machine gun and to provide the possibility of completing a large-caliber automatic weapons with one barrel.

The machine gun CORD is an automatic weapon with belt feed (the feed of the machine gun belt can be carried out both on the left and on the right side). The weapon is built on the principle of a vapor-operated automat, in which a gas piston with a long stroke is located under the barrel. Automation machine gun CORD is based on the use of removal of powder gases, locking the barrel of the machine gun is carried out by turning the gate larvae and engaging the larvae lugs for the barrel warheads. The trigger mechanism of a large-caliber machine gun - lever type, is equipped with a safety device against accidental firing, as well as a device that prevents the cartridge from being fed into the barrel of the machine gun when cocking moving parts in the trigger position on the safety device. Reflector cartridge case pivotally mounted in the bolt carrier frame and throws it forward or down-to the right (depending on the specific model of the machine gun). At the same time CORD is the only large-caliber machine gun in the world that allows firing from a bipod. The maximum weight of the machine gun along with all the accessories (fry, sights, ammunition) does not exceed 40 kg.

The power of the machine gun is made using a metal tape with an open link, the feed of cartridges from the tape to the barrel is directly carried out. Food is carried out by tapes containing 50 cartridges. The trigger mechanism of a large-caliber machine gun can be controlled both manually (from the trigger mounted on the machine) and from the electric trigger (implemented on the tank version), it has a safety lock against accidental shots. USM allows firing not only in long or short bursts, as well as continuously, but also with single shots. The main sight of the machine gun is an open, adjustable sight, marked up to 2000 meters, but it is also possible to mount a night or optical sight on the CORD.

The barrel of the machine gun is quick-change, air-cooled, it was designed according to the company's technology of the Degtyarev Plant, which provides uniform heating during firing, and hence even thermal expansion (deformation) of the barrel. Due to this, the accuracy of shooting in comparison with the previous large-caliber machine gun NSV was increased approximately 1,5-2 times when firing from the machine (when shooting from a bipod, the accuracy of fire KORDa is comparable to the NSV installed on the machine). In the end, when firing at a distance of 100 meters, the QUO (circular probable deviation) for the CORD machine gun is just the 0,22 meter. The barrel of the machine gun was equipped with a highly efficient muzzle brake-flame arrester. The design of the barrel allows intensive firing without additional cooling with high preservation of accuracy. The use of new constructive materials and the use of an improved technology for the production of the trunk made it possible to increase its resource to 10 thousands of shots. Its similar vitality is comparable to the resource of the body of a large-caliber machine gun, which allows you to equip a weapon with only one barrel.

The purposeful work of the Kovrov gunsmiths on the creation of a new heavy machine gun was completed in 1998. After that, the KORD machine gun was adopted by the Russian army in three main versions: tank (GRAU index 6P49), infantry (6P50) and left-handed power (6P51). Tank machine gun version used in anti-aircraft machine gun installation on the turret of the T-90 tank. The infantry version of the 12,7-mm heavy machine gun is designed to be placed on machine tools and in machine-gun installations, it is used as an extremely effective means of fire support for combat operations of motorized rifle units and subunits. The KORD large-caliber machine gun with left-side power is designed for use with conventional machine guns in coaxial ground or sea-based installations.

Large-caliber 12,7-mm machine gun CORD with bipods complete with machine-gun installation and stand can be easily installed on any automotive and armored vehicles, boats and ships, helicopters, railway platforms, providing accurate shooting. If necessary, it can easily be removed from the rack or machine-gun installation and used in combat formations of infantry for their direct fire support. The design of the machine gun with the CORD when placed on the object of armament ensures the fixation of the machine gun "traveling", mounting the cartridge box on the swinging part of the installation, collecting links of the tape, as well as the sleeves or their reflection, the rapid displacement of the large-caliber machine gun relative to the installation for placing it inside the carrier from doors, hatch, etc.

At the same time, the large-caliber machine gun KORD provides effective firing from both prepared and unprepared firing positions, fixed or moving vehicles, as well as from buildings and structures at any position of the shooter. At the same time, the relatively small weight of the entire machine gun and the possibility of its quick transfer from the marching position to the combat position and vice versa make it possible for the CORD calculation to easily change its firing position. The change of position, in turn, significantly increases the survivability of the machine gun, surprise and effectiveness of the impact of its fire on the detected targets.

The ammunition CORD machine gun included 12,7-mm cartridges: with armor-piercing incendiary and incendiary-tracer bullets. ZiD declares the main ammunition for the machine gun B-32 and BZT-44. At the same time, along with the machine gun, MDZ cartridges can also be used - instant-igniting incendiary and BS-41 armor-piercing incendiary cartridge, whose bullet has a tungsten core, which significantly increases the armor penetration rate of the ammunition. So if the bullet B-32 is able to penetrate 20 mm of steel at a distance of 100 meters, then the bullet of the BS-41 cartridge pierces the same 20 mm of steel, but already at a distance of up to 750 meters. The bullets fired from the machine gun are able to pierce the brick walls of buildings, they do not notice the vegetation during a fight in Zelenka, they are well hit by lightly armored vehicles. Kord machine gun bullet hit a person - guaranteed death, from which no body armor will save. Therefore, the military even ironically called the machine gun KORD "humane" weapon.

Today, CORD machine gun is used in robotized complexes. In particular, a fighting robot was created at the Degtyaryov Plant together with the Advanced Research Foundation, which was named Nerekhta. Currently, the robot is being tested. This machine is armed with machine guns KORD and PKTM and has a universal purpose (patrolling the area, reconnaissance, direct participation in hostilities). In the future, it is planned to equip the combat robot “Nerekhta” with an even more powerful machine gun, which will be specially created for him on ZiD.

Performance characteristics machine gun CORD (modification 6P60 infantry machine 6T20):

Caliber - 12,7 mm.
The cartridge - 12,7x108 mm.
The initial speed of the bullet - 820-860 m / s.
Length - 1980 mm.
Barrel length - 1070 mm.
Height with a sight - from 475 to 575 mm.
Height without sight - from 395 to 495 mm.
Width - 860 mm.
The mass of the machine gun without sight and spare parts - no more than 50,6 kg.
Weight 12,7-mm machine gun on the machine with a bipod 6Т19 (6П57) - 32,6 kg.
The weight of the infantry machine - 18 kg.
Firing Rate - 600-750 rds / min
Target range - to 2000 m.
Technical resource - 10 000 shots.
Type of ammunition - tape for 50 cartridges, 150 cartridges (tank version).

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  1. bionik
    bionik 29 September 2016 07: 32
    From the article ...... CORD - this is the only heavy machine gun in the world that allows you to fire from bipod .....The video is shot by a girl with a KORD machine gun. Https: // V = GjDwiQ6yKS0
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 29 September 2016 08: 09
      Quote: bionik
      The video shoots a girl with a KORD machine gun

      Interesting - was she in a diaper? laughing She almost crushed her glasses with an eyecup.
      They put a bipod on the "Kord" in my view for the sake of what it would be
      this is the only large-caliber machine gun in the world that allows you to fire from bipod
      In practical use, a tripod is more convenient and practical, although it makes the design heavier. hi
      1. Mooh
        Mooh 29 September 2016 09: 52
        And not only from the bipod. Somewhere I came across a video with a certain "terminator" pouring bursts from the hip from the KORD.
      2. SOLGA
        SOLGA 29 September 2016 11: 39
        with a tripod - one can carry it only a few meters (it’s not just a heavy construction, but also bulky, I couldn’t put it on my shoulder myself, and it was not convenient to carry it in girth. In Chechnya there was a fighter with a tripod on the back of which machine gun tied smile ) When firing, a duffel bag with sand was fastened to the front paw. Well, the beauty of handling a tripod is knocked, pinched and torn fingers.
      3. adma
        adma 29 September 2016 14: 32
        Shot from Korda from the bipod. In short bursts of 2-3 rounds, it’s quite comfortable to shoot. A long line pulls back quite noticeably. In general, the shooting experience is quite positive.
      4. Stas57
        Stas57 29 September 2016 16: 08
        Quote: Ingvar 72
        In practical use, a tripod is more convenient and practical, although it makes the design heavier.

        Today it has finally reached my turn to test the subject. The most positive impressions. The expected terrible return was not observed: subjectively, the machine will be even softer than the PKM. Apparently, due to the developed muzzle brake. Excellent accuracy and controllability when firing. He worked on the BTR-70 hull at a distance of 300m. With "twos", both bullets easily fit into a target such as a tower or a wheel. When shooting with a continuous burst of a 50-cartridge burst, without any special extra efforts, it was possible to keep most of the "heap" within the armored personnel carrier (it was easy to control - MDZshkami worked). And all this was shot from the bipod! The only thing is that when firing, the bipod burrows into the ground very strongly. After shooting, each tape has to be rearranged to a "fresh" place. But this is so, the lyrics - anyway, after such a shooting, the position will have to be changed. The only "but" - a very strong unmasking effect of the muzzle brake: the snow on the sides of it is blown up almost to the height of human growth. So when equipping a real position, this will have to be taken into account and in winter to trample (or freeze) snow in a radius of about 3-5 m, and in summer when shooting from dusty soils, water it with water. In short, as when working with an RPG. Another is the not very convenient mount of the optical sight. You have to lift your head too much, and the edge of the sight is dangerously close to the eyebrow - although the latter is more of a psychological moment. Well, it suppresses when shooting, of course, great. It is very unpleasant to be in the plane of the muzzle brake up to 30-40m ...
    2. igordok
      igordok 29 September 2016 08: 12
      Question. Is it possible to call KORD a single machine gun? Although large-caliber, but single.
      1. avt
        avt 29 September 2016 08: 46
        Quote: igordok
        Question. Is it possible to call KORD a single machine gun?

        Answer: You can name anything you want and whatever you want. At least a pot. Here, logically, the previous series, well, if it comes up historically and in accordance with the accepted classification by caliber, it should be called "From Madsen to Pecheneg", well, today's ... FROM DShK to KORD "Well, in terms of content and more dynamic, it seems, for my taste, but in general, yes - a normal survey cycle for the anniversary.
        1. AUL
          AUL 29 September 2016 14: 11
          It is indicated that the machine gun has a quick release barrel. And at the same time, it is emphasized that this is not necessary. So what for the goat button accordion and the complexity of the design?
  2. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner 29 September 2016 08: 52
    As you read the article, the muzzle brake disappeared from the photographs, and, in theory, it "takes" up to 30% of the recoil. Or am I not understanding something?
    1. kov123
      kov123 29 September 2016 09: 15
      In the last photo, in my opinion - The Cliff. And he did not have a muzzle brake.
      1. Rusfaner
        Rusfaner 29 September 2016 09: 34
        Yes, at a higher magnification of the picture, the inscription on the plate is visible - "Cliff".
      2. Großer feldherr
        Großer feldherr 29 September 2016 09: 38
        no cord too
  3. Resistance
    Resistance 29 September 2016 11: 32
    Does anyone have information when it goes to arms stores for sale to citizens of the Russian Federation? In one hand no more than two: o)
    1. Captain Pushkin
      Captain Pushkin 29 September 2016 12: 11
      Are you, my friend, a weightlifter, bodybuilder, masochist?
      You can’t hold this little thing in one hand for a long time ...
  4. uskrabut
    uskrabut 29 September 2016 16: 18
    An interesting gizmo, there’s still a forged barrel. By the way, paired with a machine gun, the rifle is also available with the same barrel
  5. Raphael_83
    Raphael_83 29 September 2016 18: 53
    So the author got to the real living legend of the domestic defense industry "personal small-sized semi-universal portable large". I could not check in the previous articles (I especially liked about the "dashka" and the "handbrake"), so belatedly - thanks.
    From SW. hi
    I had a chance to hold onto somehow both DShKM (Chinese, it is true), and "Mudus", but for a similar unit - with an emphasis on the shoulder - no, only at exhibitions I saw. ZIDovtsy all the same great, you will not say anything.
  6. mr.redpartizan
    mr.redpartizan 1 October 2016 09: 11
    Excellent machine gun, much better than the American M2. It would be nice to develop a modern machine gun chambered for 14,5 mm to replace the outdated CPV.
    1. cast iron
      cast iron 5 October 2016 19: 10
      There is no sense in KPVT. In terms of dimensions, it is not much smaller than 20-30 mm autocannons, and in terms of the power of ammunition it is far behind them. It is impossible to replace 12,7mm machine guns in the troops with 14,5mm - they are too bulky and the ammunition load is much less with the same weight.