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Kiev mission of Rivlin: Speech in front of Banderovites about Bandera crimes

Visit of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to Ukraine, which almost was called in Kiev historicalsomehow didn’t go right away. “Those who stood behind the Maidan” after reports that the European Parliament committee approved the “speedy introduction of a visa-free regime” with Ukraine, decided that the suit went - and if the Israeli president arrived, it would at least give money. Apparently, not all representatives of the Maidan “elites” got acquainted with the plans for Reuven Rivlin’s visit to Kiev, and therefore they naively believed that Israel could also throw at least credit guarantees.

And the plans of the head of Israel revolved around a single event, and this event, unfortunately for the Maidan "elites", was not connected with the economy in any way. Rivlin arrived in Ukraine to participate in memorial events on the occasion of the 75 anniversary of one of the most terrible Nazi crimes of the Second World War - the tragedy of Babi Yar. Until now, historians cannot agree on the exact number of Jews, Gypsies, and Soviet prisoners of war killed by the Nazis in the Kiev suburb in 1941 in the year. According to the most modest estimates, Babi Yar became a huge grave for 120 thousands of people.

From the announcement of the German governor of Kiev from 29 September 1941 of the year (Russian version of the text is saved):

All Jews of the city of Kiev and its environs should appear on Monday 29 September 1941 of the year to 8 hours of the morning at the corner of Melnikova and Dokterivskaya streets (near the cemeteries).

Take documents, money and valuables with you, as well as warm clothes, underwear, etc.
Who among the Jews will not fulfill this order and will be found elsewhere will be shot.
Who among the citizens will get into the flats left by the Jews and arrogate to themselves things will be shot.

When Poroshenko brought Rivlin to the Verkhovna Rada, as they say, nothing foretold. But as soon as Rivlin found himself at the oratorical platform and began his speech, the Ukrainian radicals fidgeted, feeling extremely uncomfortable, unlike the Israeli president, who was cutting the uterine truth in front of those who several weeks ago vigorously applauded the appearance of Bandera Avenue in Kiev.

About 5 with more than minutes, Rivlin told that his family, among many others, suffered at the hands of Nazi criminals during the Second World War, after which he turned to a statement of facts, from which, in present-day Ukraine, certain activists start to itch.

Reuven Rivlin during his speech in the Verkhovna Rada:
It was autumn. Yar was in green. The hand pulled the trigger over and over. More than 33 thousands of Jews were killed only in 2 of the day. They died a terrible, cruel death. Gentlemen, I am describing that terrible picture not to shock anyone. I say this because tens of thousands of people died at Babiy Yar at the hands of the Nazis: Jews, Gypsies, Ukrainians, representatives of other nations. They were killed by the Germans and their Ukrainian accomplices.

How "their Ukrainian accomplices"? - The question swept through the heads of the “winners” Maidan. What other Ukrainian accomplices of the Nazis can there be if the whole progressive world knows that the Ukrainians "fought solely for the independence of Ukraine, without swearing to anyone or anything." The official documents of the Bandera oath to Hitler - that is a vow of moskalsk propaHand ...

And Rivlin continued (translation 112 Ukraine):
About 1,5 million Jews were killed on the territory of modern Ukraine during the Second World War. Not only in Babi Yar, but also in many other places. They were shot in the woods, near the ravines and moats, pushed into mass graves. Many accomplices of crime were Ukrainians. And among them the OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) fighters stood out, who mocked the Jews, killed them and in many cases betrayed them to the Germans.

The further words of the Israeli president did not perceive the radical parliamentarians as they imagined the picture of a “full-fledged Zionist conspiracy” - Poroshenko specifically led Rivlin to Rada to throw mud at the “holy image of the OUN-UPA” ...

I selected words to comment on the statement of the President of Israel, the head of the so-called Institute of National Remembrance of Ukraine, Vladimir Vyatrovich. Nothing else but accusations against Rivlin that he, he said, a victim of Soviet propaganda, could not invent:
It is a pity that the President of Israel, in his speech in the Ukrainian parliament, repeated the Soviet myth about the participation of the OUN in the Holocaust. Memories of the victims of Babi Yar would be more sincere without using myths from those who erased the memory of these victims.

Here Mr. Vyatrovsky deliberately decided to rig the facts. The fact is that war criminals of OUN and their descendants should thank Soviet historians for the fact that the “general line of the party” deliberately instructed them to bypass the far side of the topic of participation of Ukrainian radicals from the OUN in Nazi crimes. Therefore, if in the USSR even the memory of the tragedy of Babi Yar was “erased,” it was only in the sense that some people of the Ukrainian SSR who did not spare Jews, Russians, Poles, or others were directly involved in this tragedy (who swore allegiance to Nazi Germany). Ukrainians themselves.

Kiev mission of Rivlin: Speech in front of Banderovites about Bandera crimes

The speech of Reuven Rivlin, who after the speech almost immediately (before the end of his visit to Kiev) departed for Israel on the occasion of the death of Shimon Peres, of course, draws attention to himself. But the reaction of the Rada attracts even more attention. This silent swallowing of what, in a different scenario (if someone from the compatriots maydanuty was on the podium), would have caused shouts, screams and a scuffle with a man-tossing person in the trash can. And here all the people's deputies resembled those anecdotal mice that injected, cried, but continued to eat the cactus. So these - experienced cognitive dissonance, sharp mental agony, quiet fart gnawed nails from megazrad, but in the presence of Rivlin were silent. The same president of Israel showed them all that they were the dirt of the past and nothing more. It is said - to be silent and listen, sat and listened. Where are the irreconcilable fighters for the “truth and glory of the OUN” from “Samopomichi” and other Maidan departments of parliamentary kunstkamera? Where are those "combat"? Yarosh-seed? Languages ​​swallowed? .. Or they really do not care what Rivlin said, and anyway, whom to sing as heroes, and whom to brand in the image of enemies - just to feed the cookies in time ...

In order to prove to the “electorate” that it was not all the same, they began to wave their fists after the plane of the Israeli president had broken off from the airport runway. The leader of the current OUNovtsev (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation by court decision) a person with a talking name Bogdan Chervak ​​on Facebook broke out with a post:
What the President of the State of Israel did in the Ukrainian parliament can be interpreted unequivocally - a spit in the soul of the Ukrainians. The President of the State of Israel never saw the new Ukraine.

No, no, it was the “new” Ukraine that Rivlin saw, and with it all the “worms”. And Rivlin didn’t spit into the soul of Ukrainians, but of Banderovites, although what kind of soul? .. That soul has long been sold by them.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 29 September 2016 07: 26
    "For more than 5 minutes, Rivlin talked about how his family, among many others, suffered at the hands of Nazi criminals during World War II."

    Not everyone has sold the graves of their ancestors in order to please the political situation.
    1. Samy
      Samy 29 September 2016 07: 37
      To the respect of the Israelis, they have never done this.
      1. dumpy15
        dumpy15 29 September 2016 13: 08
        I would finally like to hear the opinion of Israeli officials on this character who financed the neo-Nazi armed groups after the February 2014 coup:
        1. One of you
          One of you 29 September 2016 14: 04
          There were no condemnations of K., from Israel, and most likely there will not be, since he financed the death battalions not for the purpose of terrorizing exclusively the Jews of Ukraine, but for the purpose of "putting things in order" in the Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine, where the majority are still Russians ...
    2. seti
      seti 29 September 2016 08: 45
      Personally, I do not like Jews or Israelis if they like it more. But I take off my hat before the courageous act of Reuven Rivlin. Thank you for the truth in the den of Banderstan.
      1. One of you
        One of you 29 September 2016 11: 02
        Personally, I did not see courage in Rivlin’s speech in the Rada.
        What courage, if Rivlin spoke surrounded by a sufficiently large number of ethnic Jews, for the colorful moment they call themselves Ukrainians.
        Yes, of course, in the hall there were also those who, in a different situation, would argue with foaming at the mouth and with their fists to the opponent about how glorious and kind were the “heroes of the UPA-UNSO”, but the fact of the matter is that sort of catch-ups - when they turn on then they turn.

        Let us take as an example the tighter Tymoshenko, who, when Yanukovych was in power, practically at every meeting of the Rada, organized loud scandals and "denounced" the government of that time for theft and corruption. During the 2,5 of the year that passed after the coup, theft and corruption in the country did not diminish, and Tymoshenko is still sitting in the Rada, but she sits quite quietly, as if she had taken water into her mouth. Why? Yes, because the team was not from abroad to arrange bucha.

        The same applies to Lyashko, Bereza, Parasyuk, Semenchenko and other local rascals, who arrange scandals and provocations only when a command comes from above from the owners of Ukraine, i.e. USA. Therefore, none of them is outraged when D. Biden sits in the chair of the president of their country and begins to conduct a meeting or gives instructions to their president, since there was no FAS command.

        So in the situation with Rivlin, there was no similar team, so they sat quietly, and now they started yelling like mongrels from the gateway, when the caravan had left for a long time to please the “UPA-UNSO heroes” in front of the fans.

        P.S. By the way, the recognition of Bandera’s national heroes may turn out to be sideways for Ukraine, since in this case the descendants of those Jews who died at their hands in Ukraine and Poland, using materials from the Nuremberg trial, can sue for compensation for their relatives, by analogy with the FRG. Given that the owner of Ukraine will simply close his eyes to this, the amount of indemnity for Ukraine may turn out to be simply unbearable.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 29 September 2016 11: 35
      Ravlin told more than they told us in the USSR. He is clearly an agent of Putin! Then don’t go to the priest laughing
      1. One of you
        One of you 29 September 2016 13: 51
        Ravlin did not say anything new, why this would not be known in the USSR.
        In the USSR, the topic of Bandera was more and better covered than in the current schools of Russia, and even films were shot where this topic was touched upon.
        This speech was simply resonant only because it took place within the walls of the Rada, where recently the topic of Bandera has become a cult and national heroes have been blinded from them.

        V.V. Putin at one time spoke more loudly in Munich, so this became the number 1 topic in the world media. The message was aimed at the fact that Western politicians have cooled down a bit and will begin to look for ways of contact in establishing more constructive ties with Russia. However, the result was predictable and the position of the collective West towards Russia has not changed in recent years. Therefore, we have what we have and Ravlin’s speech for the stubborn Svidomo nationalists and admirers of Bandera rabble will remain the same shiver, and not a reason for repentance.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 29 September 2016 07: 37
    The same president of Israel showed them all that they are insidious dirt and nothing more.
    ... They already knew who they were ... but that would be so ... The shadow must know its place
  3. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 29 September 2016 07: 47
    I read komenty Ukrainians, the feeling was that Putin himself became president of Ukraine. The world has not yet seen such whining, as if they themselves had been dragged into the Babi Yar. The most popular komenty: hang an old Jew, bury, shoot, take to Babi Yar, and so first bury and then shoot.
    1. One of you
      One of you 29 September 2016 11: 07
      When Israel brings a claim to Ukraine to pay compensation for the innocently murdered relatives by Bandera degenerates, who are now recognized as national heroes in Ukraine, then they will sing differently and their first question will seem to be as usual - "And what for us?"
      1. sherp2015
        sherp2015 29 September 2016 13: 03
        Quote: One of You
        That's when Israel will sue Ukraine for compensation for innocently murdered relatives of the Bandera geeks who are now recognized as national heroes in Ukraine, then they will sing differently

        Will they expose themselves (theirs)?
        1. One of you
          One of you 29 September 2016 13: 34
          Of course they won’t put themselves (or theirs) and they won’t impose an arrest on the property of the same Poroshenko, Kolomoisky or Groysman.
          The bill will be issued to the state, as is the case with the FRG, and not to the Jews of the FRG.
          His is his own, and the public is public, from the public, i.e. state budget and Ukraine will make payments.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 September 2016 07: 48
    Well done, gave out on the most "I do not want". I wonder how long it will take Svidomo to digest this?
    About 1,5 million Jews were killed in modern Ukraine during World War II

    And at the same time, the slogan (password) of Bandera is constantly being heard. And not only in Ukraine, but also in our country, and that is typical of people with characteristic surnames at the demonstration, supposedly against the war, carried Ukrainian flags and chanted the same thing. The comparison directly begs - the fascist Jews of Russia.
  5. German Titov
    German Titov 29 September 2016 07: 56
    A good video from A. Sharia on the subject. Http://

  6. novel66
    novel66 29 September 2016 09: 02
    Well, finally, at least one of the leaders called the Nazis fascists, I’m not surprised that it’s a Jew - as they know, they have a long memory, but it’s time for Euro-leaders to have their eyes open or pretend that they just hatched
  7. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 29 September 2016 09: 26
    But the ukronazist Paruby was absent from the meeting. Apparently, I felt something. laughing

    Here is the cognitive dissonance: laughing

    Uk-ry - Tse-Europeans.
    In Europe, Holocaust denial is a criminal offense.
    All Rada in full force - felons.
    Well, why do they need visa-free travel?
    1. alexej123
      alexej123 29 September 2016 09: 42
      Look carefully at the photo in the article. Parubiy sits right behind the back of the President of Israel. He just did not know that they would start to smear him with shit.
      1. Gormenghast
        Gormenghast 29 September 2016 11: 20
        Parubiy in profile looks more hairy than in face. laughing But apparently he is. Thank.
    2. Alekseits
      Alekseits 29 September 2016 09: 59
      So the Europeans do not care who you are - a Bandera criminal, a lawyer, or a fucker with a note in the chair of the chairman — we’d only be happy to bark at Russia, with foam at the mouth and from the leash to break to bite.
  8. Vyatich
    Vyatich 29 September 2016 09: 36
    As my Grandmother said (the Kingdom of Heaven to her), - "Each cattle should know its stall!"
    So they were shown their stall.
  9. Serzh_R
    Serzh_R 29 September 2016 09: 43
    It’s Reuven Rivlin’s speech from the heart and mind and the place is chosen for sure!
  10. Operator
    Operator 29 September 2016 09: 56
    It was an internal dismantling of Bandera and Zhidobandera.
    Lovely scolding only amuse.
    We are not interested.
    1. tihiy
      tihiy 29 September 2016 10: 08
      Quote: Operator
      It was an internal dismantling of Bandera and Zhidobandera.

      Which are the same
    2. padded jacket
      padded jacket 29 September 2016 11: 43
      Quote: Operator
      It was an internal dismantling of Bandera and Zhidobandera.

      Quote: tihiy
      Which are the same

      You are absolutely right almost ALL the leadership of today's Ukraine consists of Jews starting from their current president Poroshenko (Valtsman) and different Jews of a lower rank like the same Groysmann Birch and so on, and it is they who give orders to the army and various Nazi groups like the Right Sector to bomb and shoot Donbass ..
      And the fact that the Jews are in the same Right Sector of Yarosh and Israeli instructors teach Kiev punishers to kill for a long time is no secret so that all Rivlin’s anger is purely ostentatious and working for the public to earn cheap credibility in the world of an allegedly implacable fighter against Nazism
  11. arslan23
    arslan23 29 September 2016 10: 27
    In fact, he said this to the leaders of the euro union. So that they remember who the Nazis are, and what they can do. Maybe they think.
  12. Taygerus
    Taygerus 29 September 2016 11: 00
    The act deserves respect, stepped Bandera nits on their quirks, designated their Nazi entities, take off my hat hi
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 29 September 2016 16: 46
      Quote: Taygerus
      The act deserves respect, stepped Bandera nits on their quirks, designated their Nazi entities, take off my hat hi

      Yes, Rivlin's speech does not deserve any respect, this is ordinary PR and a shaking of the air solely for raising his image and the image of Israel in the world. And instead of remembering Babi Yar, which was already a very LONG time, he would "shame" the Jews who are NOW in the leadership of Ukraine, including the president of the country and the Jews who are NOW fighting in the ranks of the army of the Kiev regime, including in the ranks of the Nazis against Donbass.
      And since Rivlni did not touch on the current situation in the Donbass, it means that he fully approves and supports the extermination of the inhabitants of the DPR and LPR by the Poroshenko (Valtsman) regime that is happening NOW.
      So it turns out that his speech with the subtext saying that Jews cannot be killed is bad and requires world condemnation, and if Russians are killed in the same place on the territory of Ukraine, this is what they say - "little things"
  13. Egoza
    Egoza 29 September 2016 11: 15
    Kiev hoped that Israel will throw money? three times "HA". after such a speech, they are more likely to present a bill for participation in the Holocaust. laughing
    Lyashko today recalled all the "sins" of Israel at the international level. And the Holodomor was not recognized, and the genocide of the Ukrainians was not recognized, and they did not vote for the integrity of Ukraine ... it is clear that he restrained himself and did not cry out: "For sho? We are all yours here!"
    I wonder how Klitschko will take part in the events on Babi Yar. Previously, he carefully ignored them. But his ancestors, Etinson, and his mother were miraculously saved by neighbors there, but Vitalik does not remember this.
    The congress of the Israelis in Uman begins. God forbid hassles begin there. Israel will certainly not abandon its own, and again emphasize the activities of Bandera.
    1. novel66
      novel66 29 September 2016 11: 53
      Klitschko turns participation in any event into a clowning, therefore it is impossible to let him in to the Indian yarn, or to shut his mouth with something
    2. revnagan
      revnagan 29 September 2016 18: 52
      Quote: Egoza
      Kiev hoped that Israel would throw money

      This question in itself sounds like a joke. Israel .... will throw money? laughing
      Another short, "flat" two-word anecdote: a generous Jew ...
  14. loginovich
    loginovich 29 September 2016 12: 06
    No, no, it was the “new” Ukraine that Rivlin saw, and with it all the “worms”. And Rivlin didn’t spit into the soul of Ukrainians, but of Banderovites, although what kind of soul? .. That soul has long been sold by them.

    Two and a half years ago, I didn’t hear “Moskalyaka on Gylaku”, I was silent in a rag, and then I punched the truth into my uterus. Apparently Israel has decided to make friends with Russia. Only business or anything personal.
  15. kit_bellew
    kit_bellew 29 September 2016 12: 13
    Have I missed something and is Israel now conducting an independent foreign policy independent of the United States?
    Of course, the maydanutyh was doused with slops notably, but wait, rejoice. Visa-free - it's not just that. Visa-free - it is not for the garn lads to travel around Europe, but on the contrary - in order to calmly move the "refugees" from Europe to an independent country, closer to the Russian borders. And Bandera's members were exponentially doused with feces so that they would not rock the boat.
  16. M0xHaTka
    M0xHaTka 29 September 2016 12: 18
    Hmm ... It's a shame. They wanted money, and he FIG. They wanted praise, and he told them the truth. Bad visit turned out.
  17. Taoist
    Taoist 29 September 2016 12: 52
    One Jewish acquaintance of mine (by the way from Donetsk) wrote an interesting thing about this:

    “First, I'll tell you a few stories.
    The first story.
    It’s not a secret for anyone that the state of Israel was created on May 14 in 1948 by a UN resolution on the initiative of the USSR as well. And under the UN resolution, there is also the signature of V.M. Molotov.
    And in the first Arab-Israeli war, the Israelis very successfully repelled the aggression of Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Transjordan on Soviet-made tanks. (As damned experts corrected me - Czechoslovak production was armament, and not tanks, but shells, ammunition, small arms and aviation. In other words, the USSR helped indirectly through Czechoslovakia) the USSR was also actively pouring funds into the Israeli economy, there was even a joke in the Union that Israel is the sixteenth republic of the USSR.
    All this ended overnight with a statement by G. Meir about the country's further pro-American policy and its visit to the United States. She could not help but understand how this statement would turn out for Soviet Jews. The so-called struggle against cosmopolitanism, served as the beginning of the first wave of emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel. 160 thousand Soviet returnees. The country needed a scientific and creative intelligentsia.
    The second story.
    The ancient Yemeni Jewish community lived no worse and no better than its Yemeni neighbors and did not plan any changes / relocations in their lives. In Yemen, in the entire modern history, not a single pogrom was recorded, and as a result, the Jews did not see any sense in leaving the country with the aim of repatriation. After the failure of Israel's propaganda policy on this issue, unexpectedly, a wave of pogroms swept across Yemen. After that, the "Flying Carpet" operation or, as it was also called - "Eagle Wings" - 50000 repatriates from Yemen turned out to be possible. The country needed working hands.
    There were many such stories. But I'm talking about something else ...
    On the one hand, I am very happy about the fact that Rivlin was wagging the OUN in the face of the facts related to the tragedy in Babi Yar. Everything is correct, everything is fair. But I would not understand the purpose of this statement, if not for the first two stories ... "(c) / Alexander Kofman /
    1. sherp2015
      sherp2015 29 September 2016 13: 14
      Quote: Taoist
      After the failure of Israel's propaganda policy on this issue, unexpectedly, a wave of pogroms swept across Yemen. After that, the "Flying Carpet" operation or, as it was also called - "Eagle Wings" - 50000 repatriates from Yemen turned out to be possible. The country needed working hands.
      There were many such stories.

      They were the birthmarks and organized the pogroms themselves ...
  18. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 29 September 2016 13: 43
    Quote: sherp2015
    They were the birthmarks and organized the pogroms themselves ...

    This is according to the principle - beat your own, so that strangers are afraid! But in fact, Israeli leaders are doing everything for the image that brings them benefits. Otherwise they will be silent like a fish! Israeli citizens raised in the memory of the Holocaust and others. Speech would not be forgiven on such a date! hi
  19. Scud
    Scud 29 September 2016 14: 01
    Actually, it’s not that the president of any country, but just a decent person doesn’t show a nose at this. Nasty Bendery stall under the chase of Rada. Who was he going to remind the truth about? Where was your eloquence in the murders of the Berkut soldiers, the burning of Odessa, shelling from Smerchy civilian population of Donbass and Lugansk? Almost all capitalist countries are saturated with sophisticated cynicism of double triple morality.
  20. uskrabut
    uskrabut 29 September 2016 14: 43
    And what did these hoopoes expect? For the President of Israel to glorify the exploits of the OUN and UPA during the Second World War? As they say in your area "ZVYNYAYTE", but literate people know who the OUN and UPA are, and this was said from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine without fear or looking back.
  21. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 29 September 2016 14: 48
    Visit of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to Ukraine, which in Kiev was called almost historical

    And where is our "friend" from sunny Israel Atalef", sort of like his theme, but he is silent. Here the other day about the Malaysian" Boeing "was already very active, threatened us with lawsuits. Ay! Where are you? Tell me something, dear.
    1. Retvizan
      Retvizan 29 September 2016 21: 52
      Despite 2 articles with odes to the President of Israel, the Israelis themselves do not rush to topics)
      In general, that's right. I already anticipate comments like "these Jews ..."
      As for the speech, the President of Israel before the Jews of the Ukrainian spill said what he thinks.
      I can only envy that their Jew says this, and our (that Russian is Ukrainian) Jews are degenerate and incapable of much.
      Actually, the use of "Bandera and Banderostan" got a little tired - after all, Bandera is not a hero of Ukraine. (The country is still Ukraine, and not some kind of country ...) And the majority are critical of it. The fact that the nationalists are running around with him is not up to them anyway. And they often dunk them in it, that the Poles are that the Israelis.
      Today is the mourning of the Babi Yar tragedy. And despite the fact that in the territory of modern Ukraine, Jews have received their genocide more than once, the Nazis and their accomplices simply put genocide on the stream. My condolences to the descendants of the victims, regardless of their origin, faith, nationality ...
  22. iouris
    iouris 29 September 2016 21: 17
    The program has been completed, let the attack aircraft "prepare for the ground." Why has official Israel been silent for 25 years?
  23. cedar
    cedar 30 September 2016 15: 10
    Words are words, but deeds are deeds. If Izrail wants to, Vukrayna will not come off the hook of The Hague ... We will see.
    1. iouris
      iouris 2 October 2016 12: 00
      Israel is the only superpower in the sublunar world. If they wanted to in Israel, then there would be no just Bandera, no Zhidobandera, no Holocaust.