The Syrian army is developing an offensive on different parts of the front

From Syria, reports have come that the SAR government troops are continuing successful military operations against terrorist groups and other armed radicals who have not accepted the ceasefire. After success in the Al-Farafira quarter in the old part of Aleppo, the Syrian army developed an attack on the positions of militants. In addition, the Syrian aviation inflicted a series of attacks on the positions of "Jebhat al-Nusra" (banned in the Russian Federation) in the area of ​​the settlement of Khan-Tuman (Aleppo province). These airstrikes allowed the destruction of several units of armored vehicles and SUVs equipped with anti-aircraft installations.

Fighting against terrorist groups are conducted in the province of Damascus. There according to AMN, the units of the 105 Brigade of the SAR Armed Forces, with the support of the Syrian National Defense Forces, are attacking militant positions in the area of ​​the cities of Al-Reyhan and Tal-Kurdi. The offensive, with the support of artillery, yielded significant results: the Syrian army took control of large agricultural areas, dropping the militants several kilometers beyond Tal-Kurdi. In the city itself was discovered a large warehouse with weapons militants group "Jaish al-Islam."

Further advancement to Al-Reyhan allows you to cut the grouping of militants into two parts, one of which is in the ring. The plans of the Syrian army are the complete destruction of the Jaish-al-Fatah groupings that have been hosting near Damascus for the last 3 years.

The Syrian army is developing an offensive on different parts of the front

According to Syrian sources, there is currently a clash in the suburbs of Damascus Qudsija. There, the militants of the renamed "al-Nusra" together with the so-called "Syrian free army" attacked the positions of the SAR forces. During a surprise attack, 6 Syrian soldiers were killed. To prevent terrorists from gaining a foothold, units of the Republican Guard were sent to the area, which blocked a group of militants in a small area in one of the neighborhoods. After the militia entourage, they were called upon to lay down their arms, but they did not heed the appeals. After unsuccessful negotiations, the Republican Guard launched an assault on the area where the terrorists were actually locked up. As a result of the first wave of the offensive, about 20 militants were destroyed. The resistance of terrorists weakens.

Regarding the resumption of antiterrorist actions by the Syrian troops, the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation circulates a statement in full support of the actions of the SAR army
We emphasize our firm commitment to continue to assist the Syrian government in its efforts to combat terrorism and to promote an early political settlement of the Syrian crisis in accordance with the United Nations Security Council resolution 2254.
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  1. +4
    28 September 2016 13: 01
    Offensive of terrorists in the province of Hama

    City of fighters in Latakia
    1. +6
      28 September 2016 13: 06
      Now the whole West will raise a howl and will start up fakes about the killing of civilians.
      1. +5
        28 September 2016 13: 11
        Why are women doing well in Hama?

        Yesterday they threw an 2 hail package over AB Ham and blew up the MiG.
        They drive like good old columns in 4-5 units of armored vehicles. Kishlaks take on impudence.

        The best babahsils have thrown at Hama now:
        Jude Al Aksu
        Ansar al Din
        Ahrar fully engaged with self-propelled guns, guns and tanks
        Nusra also pulled up artillery and tanks
        1. +1
          28 September 2016 13: 18
          video addition to your words
      2. win
        28 September 2016 13: 40
        In the 21st century, the news tends to deny only the truth
    2. +3
      28 September 2016 13: 13
      Romanian pencils brought by the way - S. TOHAN SA
    3. +3
      28 September 2016 13: 40
      Babaek squeeze is just a matter of time. On this and squeal in Fashington and NATE. The proteges went to expense lol
    4. +5
      28 September 2016 13: 47
      In the first video - staged shooting. To raise morale and shame cowardly enemies.
      After such a survey, it is not at all clear why the militants have not yet conquered the whole world?
      1. +2
        28 September 2016 14: 48
        yeah, before this SAA never ran away from the position leaving technology and bk laughing
    5. +1
      28 September 2016 15: 12
      The shots are staged, although the Syrians are not so hot what fighters, but fleeing like rats from far away having noticed some kind of technique there - nonsense. Well, then - who is where - is generally not clear. Maybe just a showdown of local gangs - they sit in a cart ...
      1. 0
        28 September 2016 15: 24
        this is one of the five auls captured by militants yesterday in Hama, it is clear that the army fired back, at the 25th second they nearly knocked out a Basmachi tank, and most likely escaped due to thoughts of a suicide bomber on the BMP.
    6. +5
      28 September 2016 17: 42
      Initially, it was clear that it would be very difficult to win in this conflict, because everyone made mistakes, and Assad for a long time rested in a proud position that he himself did not even give REAL preferences, and WE long smeared shangi and waited for the Syrian troops to be completely ineffective, and the United States and comrades working on principle "and so it will come down ..." Well Duc is reality, not a computer game .. So the most important question arises WHAT TO DO? Here's what to do? Especially for us, the noneshnyaya idiot can last for decades, there will be enough resources for this (especially the entire democratic world) weapons for this type of conflict have been prepared for tens of years, the people who are ready to fight, too, through the efforts of human defenders cannot be counted .. We generally have nowhere to retreat really behind Moscow (someone doubts where this rabble will rush after it will devour Syria?) And why? How to handle this situevina? There is an option to dramatically increase our contingent that way up to 500 aircraft and a couple of three divisions of soldiers with all means of reinforcement .. But are we ready for an order of magnitude (orders of magnitude) losses and completely different material expenditures, but completely different conversations will go in the political game (ay Courchevel, real estate, bills, and children abroad) are the ones who really decide ... I'm not sure .. Especially in the result we need, since they will also react adequately from the other side .. And the second option is to BREAK SO SO THAT THE GIFT OF SPEECH IS LOST FROM SURPRISE, AND WOULD BE HEARED PITTY WHATTING ... Partners should piss themselves out of fear, as should their immediate performers. how to do it? It is possible with conventional means (which I doubt is not the striking power of our Armed Forces yet), but it is also possible ... at the same time we will solve many strategic tasks ...
  2. +2
    28 September 2016 13: 02
    That's why the US State Department is howling! The Russians are to blame for everything! Finish off the Barmaleev!
    1. 0
      28 September 2016 23: 24
      Howl from the State Department and the UN at the beautiful Samantha and her British counterpart was a serious occasion.
      For 62 killed Syrians and three Russian officers, Moscow responded with Caliber rocket fire. Russian warships located in Syrian coastal waters destroyed the center of foreign military operations, as a result of which over two dozen Israeli and Western intelligence officers were killed.

      To name the cause of howls and the outcome as syrup - to acknowledge the patronage of the American coalition over their barmalei children. And the answer is adequate for all 100!
  3. +6
    28 September 2016 13: 08
    Once again I was convinced - DO NOT INTERFERENCE !!!!
    Do not stop the Syrians from beating the adversary, and they would have long ago strangled the nits in her lair.
    1. +2
      28 September 2016 15: 42
      Of course, do not bother ... Let the barmalei sit in Aleppo for another 3 years. This is how to fight! Our VKS will clear the way, but the Arabs do not go into battle, you don’t see any motivation!
      offensive waves were destroyed about 20 militants. Terrorist resistance weakens. Is this a police operation, or military action, huh? Tanks, armored personnel carriers, MLRS, aviation, artillery, all this colossus against the carts with ZPU and barmels with grenade launchers. Yes, they also have a certain amount of armor and artifacts, but they cannot be compared with the army. However, one should not be surprised, these are Arabs, and if it weren’t for the political interests of Russia, they would have gone all out.
  4. 0
    28 September 2016 13: 12
    Sorry no map.
    1. +5
      28 September 2016 13: 19
      It is sad in Hama (the blue is the line of contact at the beginning of the Babakh attack). To Hama on the road 1 village and 8 km.

      In Aleppo, so far - the battles are more than local significance. It seems that they have advanced in the Citadel + from the south they struck quite well, and in the north there are stubborn battles for Khandarat - the broads sent strong reinforcements there. The Palestinians were thrown back from the ruins of the hospital and now Khandarat is a battle zone.
      1. 0
        28 September 2016 13: 29
        Quote: donavi49
        It’s sad in Hama

        Duck, I'll see, in all of Syria everything is sad and on the rise. Uncles from overseas joined the "game" as an adult - and the game took on a completely different shade ...
        1. +1
          28 September 2016 13: 46
          So far, they have not yet switched to Plan B. Just the lag of time has not passed yet.

          Although on the active use of MLRS of all types in Hama from the Baboons, perhaps a signal came - use stocks, new large deliveries are on the way.

          The offensive in Hama, the Baha’s began under the armistice and is now developing it on the flank - removing the threat of a flank attack from Ma'an (as in 2015), just taking the village and surroundings. Now they are developing success in the sector where the defense of the campaign on the Maan site was built (once the attacks of fright pass and the army men run throwing the equipment out in the first message - video).

          At the same time, Ahrar and Nusra are concentrating their forces on Hama.

          On the other hand, the army has now transferred additional forces, Fadel writes that an operation has begun involving the deployed units of the 3 tank, Sokolov, units of the 4 and 11 divisions (the latter is extremely questionable, it is she who has been raking mainly in Hama for the past few months and is very battered, especially 87 team).
  5. +8
    28 September 2016 13: 16
    The saddest thing is that Assad’s army very quickly moves from the offensive to a retreat ... Somehow, against this background, the garrison of Der-a-Zora differs for the better, but apparently there’s no sense in retreating there, but there is no sense in surrendering It’s better to shoot yourself.
    1. +3
      28 September 2016 13: 47
      The saddest thing is that Assad’s army very quickly moves from the offensive to a retreat

      Without particularly exaggerating, we can say that the bravest, most efficient and motivated soldiers, unfortunately, died in the very first years of the war. Of course, you can't cut them all one size fits all - for example, the legendary commander of the Syrian special forces unit "Tigers", Colonel Suheil, is very popular among the people. , who have to immediately be thrown into the heat, and there is no need to talk about some kind of fighting spirit.
      And conscription in Syria (for many reasons) is a real problem.
    2. +2
      28 September 2016 13: 57
      Quote: svp67
      The saddest thing is that Assad’s army very quickly moves from the offensive to a retreat.

      But did Damascus fall? And so this is quite a common thing, remember, for example, the Civil or Great Patriotic War in our country, we also lost large territories there, and then who finally won?
      The situation near Aleppo.

  6. +2
    28 September 2016 13: 21
    The Syrian meat grinder continues ... anyway, there will not be a definite victory for either side. There is only one name left from the state of Syria, and the territories are full of anarchy and lawlessness.
    1. +1
      28 September 2016 15: 32
      Horns and legs remained from the country of the Soviets, the northern capital was surrounded, panic in Moscow, the Nazis already divided seats on the podium of Red Square, millions of prisoners, fleeing Red Army soldiers, abandoned equipment and there were a lot of whiners and all-round dogs. Cruel discipline, detachment of detachments, betting on commanders who can win with minimal forces, destroying enemy resources, ways of transporting ammunition and fuel quickly changed the situation earlier and now it is also possible. A series of cease-fires brought the situation back, but at the beginning of the VSK operation, the situation was simply catastrophic. Well, what were you hoping to see in the Qatari videos - they are not, but we don’t need to be idiots either
      1. +1
        28 September 2016 17: 12
        The USSR had more resources than the Germans. The Germans wanted to defeat in an impudent manner, knowing all the weaknesses of the Red Army and having good intelligence and knowledge of the plans of the Red Army command. The problem was not decided by the detachments but by changing the structure of command and control and weakening of the German army in the process of fierce resistance of the Red Army. The Germans did not achieve the desired results (almost achieved but not completely) and the resources became scarce. This eventually destroyed them.
        in the first place, all renewable resources, including L / S, decide. If the United States and its satellites stopped supplying the barmaley, they would scatter in a couple of months. But the United States and its allies have more resources than the Russian Federation.
  7. win
    28 September 2016 13: 37
    The US said Syrian intelligence could not eavesdrop on US military conversations with the Islamic State, as they always go through an encrypted channel
    1. +6
      28 September 2016 13: 43
      Quote: Siegen
      The US said Syrian intelligence could not eavesdrop on US military conversations with the Islamic State, as they always go through an encrypted channel

      Ah ha ha! it turns out ... (((that is, the United States recognizes that they communicate with the ISIS via an encrypted communication channel ... and there is still communication.
    2. +1
      28 September 2016 15: 08
      Quote: Siegen
      The US said Syrian intelligence could not eavesdrop on US military conversations with the Islamic State, as they always go through an encrypted channel

      And who said that Syrian intelligence? Our funds there are also in bulk, Rubella alone is worth ...
      1. win
        28 September 2016 15: 46
        Of course - this is a joke.
        Americans can't the truth to tell. They do not have such a word in the vocabulary ...
  8. +6
    28 September 2016 13: 37
    The West has NO mission to destroy Daesh and Al-Nusra. They didn't create them for that. They will interfere with all their might. With the Kurds, ours turned out dashingly. As soon as they bend under Matrasia, our people stopped threatening the Turks with "heavenly punishments." As a result, the "victorious liberation of Raqqa" by the Turkish-Kurdish forces, threatening the dismemberment of Syria, disappeared from the agenda. wassat Learning a little. The benefit of the teacher is good, vile already it hurts teeth.
  9. +1
    28 September 2016 13: 58
    Before the elections in mattress, you need to decide with Aleppo. Any price. And there it will not be difficult to clean up the district, even with flamethrowers, even with bulky ammunition ...
  10. +1
    28 September 2016 14: 25
    Everything is as always: "let them kill each other for as long as possible (for our money)." Without isolating the area of ​​hostilities, everything will continue. I suspect that very soon the "opposition" will have serious air defense.
  11. +3
    28 September 2016 17: 43
    Jews in their role, they also fought in Afghanistan for a month, preparation, then an unexpected blow, this speaks of good intelligence, well, we do not go beyond funding our exercises, because we need to fight not by number, but by skill, although de jure what 16 tanks can do t90? many are also inclined to believe that it is high time to start an alternative war, for example, near the borders with Israel, it is also not bad to suddenly create a kind of "state" between Mexico and the United States; Houthis need to step more boldly on Jewish drill and oil refineries in Saudaravia
    1. +4
      28 September 2016 20: 42
      "Jews in their role, they also fought in Afghanistan" ///
      "attack Jewish drilling and oil refineries in saudaravia" ///

      Jews are especially dangerous with delirium tremens - they then come from everywhere, sit on the headboard, about
      bottles ... am
  12. +2
    28 September 2016 17: 59
    Quote: iouris
    Everything is as always: "let them kill each other as long as possible (for our money)." Without isolating the area of ​​hostilities, everything will continue. I suspect that very soon the "opposition" will have serious air defense.

    The Zionists are trying to pull ISIS on Syria, but this rubber product of the Anglo-Saxons is not dimensionless, full of holes and tears, not without our help. I suspect that soon the Amrekans will fully harness for ISIS, along with their strategic ally. Naturally, there will appear a serious air defense, etc., etc. ... So what we have is only a warm-up. See the root.
    1. 0
      28 September 2016 23: 43
      Khrushchev is missing with a boot (nuclear)!
  13. 0
    29 September 2016 08: 07
    the only way to act in an ultimatum is to give up the offer to lay down arms and surrender, in two to destroy, the third is not given, for those who disagree, read paragraph 1 again.

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