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Mossberg 500 ATI Scorpion Pump Gun

The company TALO, which specializes in the sale of exclusive models of firearms weapons, began selling pump mossberg 500 ATI Scorpion. According to experts, the novelty is a classic Mossberg 500 shotgun, which was additionally equipped with accessories manufactured by Advanced Technology International (ATI). This specialized version of the popular 12 caliber pump pistol has become one of the 2016 weapon launches of the year.

In fact, this is a second life for the very popular and widespread American Mossberg 500 shotgun, which is popular not only in America, but also in many countries around the globe. This pump-action shotgun is a smooth-bore hunting shotgun that is the leading pump-action shotgun in the United States today. All shotguns of the Mossberg 500 series are distinguished by an affordable price and at the same time are renowned for their reliable operation even in conditions of severe pollution. The weapon was designed by OF Mossberg & Sons, also known simply as Mossberg, which was founded back in 1919 and is still considered the oldest privately owned American company specializing in the production of firearms. The new model inherited the main structural elements from the classic Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun: the barrel, receiver, trigger mechanism and underbarrel magazine, while the rest of the shotgun parts are ATI products.

The ATI Scorpion version differs from the base model of a pump-action shotgun by the presence of three Picatinny slats (two located on the barrel, another on the receiver), an ergonomic pistol grip, a barrel thermal housing and a six-position telescopic butt that absorbs the recoil force. In addition, a cover with 6 removable holders of cartridges appeared on the receiver of the weapon. All of the above accessories are manufactured by ATI, and they are also on sale. Thanks to this, all owners of the Mossberg 500 pump shotgun can purchase them independently, having assembled the ATI Scorpion model in their homes. But in this case, tuning a gun will be released on 30-50% more than just buying an Mossberg 500 ATI Scorpion assembly, the price of a new shotgun in the US market is about 580-650 dollars (the manufacturer's recommended price is 588 dollars). At the same time, the weapon is produced only in the 12 caliber and is equipped with a barrel gantry designed for 6 cartridges.

The shotgun is equipped with a TactLite T4 butt, which is fully adjustable. The butt is equipped with a back plate and does not have elements that would cling to the equipment and the shooter’s clothing, plus the TactLite T4 offers double-sided QD attachment points and a sash designed for a gun belt, which is located above the pistol grip. The sling can be located on the left or on the right side for the convenience of the shooter. The ATI Halo free floating heat shield allows you to prevent any possible contact between the weapon’s owner’s arms and the barrel.

The standard, time-tested Mossberg 500 pump gun was taken as the basis for the creation of this modernization. A barrel with a 467 mm long cylindrical channel is placed on it, an ATI heat shield with two Picatinny strips is installed over the barrel, the length of the slats is 6,9 cm (located on each side of the shotgun). They are installed between the barrel and the magazine of the magazine, at a distance of approximately 4 cm from the muzzle of the weapon. 6 12 / 70 ammunition caliber cartridges easily fit into an existing magazine. It is possible to supply weapons with a magazine capacity limiter, but removing it is not a particular problem.

Mossberg 500 ATI Scorpion Pump Gun

In addition, the side saddle (base) of ATI Halo Side Saddle was installed on the shotgun receiver, the element is made of anodized aluminum. You can attach to it without special problems up to 9 holders for ATI cartridges (3 on the right side and 6 on the left side). In addition, ATI Halo Side has holes for installation on top of another Picatinny rail. In the center of the slat was a groove that serves as a whole. It is paired with a rectangular-shaped front sight, which is located at the end of the heat shield.

All this splendor is completed by ATI's Akita polymeric handguard and the Scorpion TacLite stock produced by the same company. The shape of the forearm (its diameter is 5,71 cm) provides the shooter with a full grip, and the TacLite stock has an impressive range of adjustment of the distance from the butt pad to the trigger - 83,8 mm. Butt can be fixed in six positions, and also has an adjustable comb. Although it is not possible to adjust the position of the ridge as quickly as we would like, such an opportunity makes it possible to achieve the correct positioning of the shooter’s eye and open sights or an optical sight.

The butt of an ergonomic shape helps to soften a noticeable impact when fired, so shooting with a pumping rifle is quite comfortable. The shape of the forearm, butt, as well as the weight of the gun help the shooter quickly enough to make the second and subsequent shots from it. The weight of an unloaded weapon is 3,06 kg, according to information from the Mossberg website. In this case, experts note the convenience of the rubber lining, located on the back of the pistol grip. It can be called a pleasant feature of the Mossberg 500 ATI Scorpion model, it feels good with the palm and, of course, contributes to ease of operation and grip density, does not allow slipping.

Of the shortcomings of this weapon, experts point out that it is inconvenient to reach the fuse, which is located on the top of the receiver. This flaw applies to all Mossberg 500 pump guns with pistol grip. As satirically noted in some editions, if your palm is not the same size as a gorilla's paw, then you will have to loosen the grip in order to turn off or turn on the fuse. In addition, someone may not like the lack of a front swivel on a model. However, you can always buy a belt clip on the market, which you can install on the front plate yourself, so this is not the biggest problem.

Tactical and technical characteristics of Mossberg 500 ATI Scorpion:
Caliber - 12-th.
The type of mechanism - pump.
Length - 924 mm.
Barrel length - 467 mm.
Weight - 3,06 kg.
Magazine capacity - 6 cartridges.

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  1. TeKuS
    TeKuS 28 September 2016 16: 03
    The usual semi-aluminum ancient mossberg with whistles and fakes. The rubbish which is far from 870 as always.
  2. Blue fox
    Blue fox 28 September 2016 16: 20
    Among the shortcomings of this weapon, experts single out that it is inconvenient to reach the fuse, which is located on the top of the receiver. This drawback applies to all Mossberg 500 pump guns with a pistol grip.
    In fact, this applies to other models of this company and not only with a pistol grip. Example, Mossberg 590.
  3. PKK
    PKK 28 September 2016 16: 39
    I had such a reliable one as a Kalash 9-charger. I sobered up one night at the track, sobering up at night on the track, with a little nostalgia for it.
  4. PKK
    PKK 28 September 2016 16: 41
    Quote: TeKuS
    The usual semi-aluminum ancient mossberg with whistles and fakes. The rubbish which is far from 870 as always.

    In order for you to be scared, its appearance is enough. And you are not just scared and dumb.
    1. TeKuS
      TeKuS 28 September 2016 17: 06
      I was 16 years old and IZH-18 was enough to grayen the contents of a pair of nines))))
      The thing is that this is a hobby and far from the norms of the pump.
  5. PKK
    PKK 28 September 2016 16: 45
    Quote: Blue Fox
    Among the shortcomings of this weapon, experts single out that it is inconvenient to reach the fuse, which is located on the top of the receiver. This flaw applies to all Mossberg 500 pump action shotguns with

    There are no shortcomings, no one turns on the fuse. 500 is applied and is suitable for the nearest graters. In Russia in the 90s, it was sold with a wooden butt, which changed to a handle.
  6. cap
    cap 28 September 2016 18: 25
    However, it is always possible to purchase a belt mount on the market, which can be independently installed on the front bar, so this is not the biggest problem.
    As some publications satirically note, if your palm does not compare in size with a gorilla's paw, then you will have to loosen the grip in order to turn the fuse off or on.

    Nothing needs to be added. And any palm fits.
    Police in the United States vote "with a ruble" ....
    Conclusion just buy "Saiga" laughing

  7. gladcu2
    gladcu2 28 September 2016 20: 54
    Advertising article. Thanks to the author.

    I will add from myself.

    The price of a pump-action shotgun, in principle, should not be large. The value of a pump action shotgun is an alternative to the shotgun. Possession of which is prohibited in most countries of the world.
    You need to choose a pump-action shotgun only by holding it in your hands and determining its balance. To the butt of the gun to the shoulder of the bed, none of the hands did not experience more load.
    The second is the number of rounds per gun. In my opinion 6 is optimal.

    Well, Picatinny slats .... Why are they needed for a pump action ... Well, maybe a calimator can be attached. True, the calimator is more expensive than the gun itself.

    Therefore, sometimes it is worth thinking in favor of SCS. The price rank is the same. But versatility is higher. Well, this is an amateur matter.

    Ideally, you need to have both.
  8. PKK
    PKK 29 September 2016 03: 30
    Quote: cap

    Police in the United States vote "with a ruble" ....
    Conclusion just buy "Saiga" laughing

    Neither Saiga nor Hammer is rolled for a pocket shotgun. Too bulky, clearly visible to everyone around.
    And Mossberg is almost invisible, hiding everywhere.
    1. Samuel Marshak
      Samuel Marshak 1 October 2016 13: 54
      Well, you at least look at the Boar nomenclature .... there is a very compact one.
  9. PKK
    PKK 29 September 2016 03: 37
    Quote: gladcu2

    Well, Picatinny slats .... Why are they needed for a pump action ... Well, maybe a calimator can be attached. True, the calimator is more expensive than the gun itself.

    You are right, the strips are perplexing. For example, skeet shooting. Planks are not needed, you just close the target with a barrel and shoot with wiring. A vague guess, if only for attaching a flashlight, for working with a gun at night.
    The capacity of the store, when removing the limiter, becomes 9 rounds. And the butt is often removed, put the pen.
    Replaces a short barrel with overlapping. Superweapon.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 29 September 2016 14: 51

      There are tactical lights from which the light dazzles even during the day, and even more so at dusk. But the meaning of having such a lantern, for a civilian, is absent.

      Therefore, extra bars, just extra. It is clear that by hanging these thorny ribbed strips that collect dust and stuff themselves with dirt, you can increase the price of the product. Of course, the Livanov-Fursenko generation's shitheads will behave like fuckers "according to Zadornov." Although enough, only the presence of the mount

      The cost of a pump-action shotgun is in the range of 350-500 dollars. It is clear that the top price is due to these extra canopies.
  10. Ronol
    Ronol 29 September 2016 07: 19
    Well, now the sofa experts will put everything on the shelves!
  11. fzr1000
    fzr1000 29 September 2016 10: 43
    The trunk is not chrome plated. There is no gut.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 29 September 2016 14: 11

      The trunk is cheap. To shoot with buckshot, it makes no sense to chromate.
      1. Samuel Marshak
        Samuel Marshak 1 October 2016 13: 57
        Why is this? And if buckshot in the container?
  12. mr.redpartizan
    mr.redpartizan 1 October 2016 08: 56
    I never understood the concept of pump action shotguns. The semiautomatic device is much more effective in hunting and in battle due to the rate of fire.
    1. Samuel Marshak
      Samuel Marshak 1 October 2016 14: 05
      Americans resist the ability to quickly change the type of ammunition without taking the barrel off the line of sight. And our quality of 12-gauge ammunition was so-so, so "manual" reloading ruled where life was at stake.
      1. mr.redpartizan
        mr.redpartizan 2 October 2016 18: 15
        For a quick change of ammunition, many guns have a magazine cutter. For self-defense, Saiga-12K is ideally suited, having a relatively short length, a detachable magazine for 8 rounds, and also high reliability of the AK circuit.
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 4 October 2016 01: 33

          Compared to pump-action reliability, Saiga will lose anyway. It is very painful to the type of ammunition.

          Saiga is not very good at protecting the house.


          Saiga has a store load. Keeping a fully equipped store near a gun for years is not very good. And the spring sits down, and maybe something can get into the store. Some kind of small garbage. You never know what.

          In a pump-action shotgun, it’s not in vain that the first stock is installed on the stock. Shotgun grabbed. Ammo at hand. Immediately put a couple in the receiver. You are ready and confident.

          For this reason, Americans also keep massive revolvers at home. Always 5-6 rounds ready to fire.
    2. would
      would 3 October 2016 05: 13
      A semiautomatic device is more effective not only because of the rate of fire, but also largely due to the fact that you do not need to own the recharge technique. Just shooting. But with pomp you need to learn how to correctly distort the fore-end: That the cartridge would be sent, that the trunk would be withdrawn from the target as little as possible, etc.

      As for the concept, the situation is as follows. A pump is, first of all, a reliability which semiautomatic machines did not even dream of. The reloading is carried out by the muscular strength of the shooter, and therefore it doesn’t matter what kind of weight of gunpowder, if the ammunition with a small weight does not reload the semiautomatic device and you have to reach the shutter handle (which is inconvenient), then you simply distort the forearm. Also, the pump is much more picky about the quality of the ammunition, and for example, if the semiautomatic device normally doesn’t have to extract the sleeve from the best (and often the best one doesn’t) make a self-cool screw (you will have to shake it yourself later), then the pump will throw out without choking. Also, in view of the fact that the energy of powder gases is not used, the pump has a much simpler device and is at the same time more reliable, for example, there is no gas exhaust pipe where carbon deposits are formed and must be constantly cleaned. That is, in theory, you can shoot from a pump without cleaning much more than from a semiautomatic device.

      Well, also due to the insensitivity to the hitch in the cartridge, the pump is very loved by the police who use special ammunition with a small weight of gunpowder.

      Something like that.