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As the masters of the West unleashed the Third World War

“... they say America is the leading country. Of course, but only in what respect? By the number of crimes! ”
Theodore Dreiser

Immediately after World War II, the masters of the USA and England unleashed the Third World War - the war of the West against the Soviet (Russian) civilization, which embodied the idea of ​​justice and building a society of creation and service on Earth. The masters of the West, parasitic clans, sucking up blood resources from all over the world, could not coexist peacefully with the Russian superethnos on the planet, which in its code-matrix carries the ideals of justice and goodness.

It is not surprising that after World War II the whole story The leader of Western civilization is a chain of large and small, monstrous and cynical, brutal and vile crimes. Inspired by the enormous booty, captured from the entire blood-drenched world, as well as the defeat, humiliation and complete subordination of a competitor within the Western project - Germany, the occupation of Japan, the United States is developing furious activity against the Soviet Union. The plans of the masters of the West to crush the Soviet civilization during the Second World War, when the Anglo-Saxons managed to set the Germans against the Russians for the second time, failed, but many of the tasks of enslaving the planet were solved. It remains only to destroy the USSR-Russia.

In 1946, Churchill and 1947, Truman declared Great Russia (USSR), the so-called “Cold war”, in fact, became the Third World War between the West and Russian civilization. Thanks to the sound policy of Stalin and his government, the Soviet Union became such a powerful force — a superpower, with the best army in the world, independent economy, advanced technologies and science, the best education system in the world, that the West simply could not start a new open war against our people. Therefore, local and regional conflicts occurred in the territories of other countries. The ideological, informational and secret (war of the special services) war went on continuously. There was an economic war. In general, it was the Third World War: The West sought to destroy the USSR, which offered the planet a different path of development, the idea of ​​social justice, to solve the “Russian question” forever, that is, to dismember, assimilate, destroy the Russians, deprive them of their memory, make slaves of the new world order.

Inside Western countries, the “struggle against communism” begins, suppressing freedom and publicity. A wave of arrests and repression is being rolled across the US. Many innocent people were jailed for "anti-American activities." It is indicative "for espionage in favor of the USSR" that the Rosenberg family is executed. As a result, the atmosphere of a “witch hunt” is established in the United States, which allowed the owners of the United States to mobilize society from the inside, and to direct fear and hatred to the USSR. In fact, although America liked to accuse the USSR of totalitarianism, it was in the United States that a totalitarian, neo-slave society was created, where only a few parasite clans had real power and wealth, which with the help of money could push any “parsley” into the governors and presidents. Like the current Barack Obama or the cheerful fool D. Bush or henpecked Clinton. Simple people got “freedom”.

At the same time, using the atmosphere of total fear, the myth of the “Soviet (Russian) threat” was created, which has now been resumed. Artificially raised fear, hysteria made the population of Western countries an obedient toy in the hands of the true masters of the Western world. Fear allowed to establish totalitarianism inside. Huge sums were thrown into militarization, the creation of a network of military bases, a NATO bloc, and the development of new weapons.

Similarly, the masters of the West are still active. The Fourth World War has been unleashed by intensifying radical (“black”) Islam, which should turn Eurasia into a huge battlefield. And the “islands of security” - America and England (with their “empire” -wealth) should receive all the benefits from the destruction of the old world. At the same time, they actively recreate the image of the “Russian threat”. Russia and the Russian people have long been sentenced to destruction. The territory of Russian civilization, according to the plan of the architects of the new world order, should become the source of raw materials for this order. It is also possible that a new territory will be located if a global biosphere catastrophe occurs.

As the masters of the West unleashed the Third World War

Milestones of the Third World War

The United States suppresses the newly created UN. In February, 1947 was a treaty with Canada, which de facto makes this country an American protectorate, the financial and economic part of the American empire. Canada is also part of the military unit with the United States. In the same year, the United States concluded a military agreement with Iran. Crushing Persia under him, approaching the "southern underbelly" of Russia.

In July, 1948 of the year, not allowing European countries to quit dependence on the United States, Washington imposed Europe on t. Marshall Plan. The plan declared by the United States was to rebuild Europe’s war-torn economy, eliminate trade barriers, modernize European industry and develop Europe as a whole. In reality, the United States economically enslaved Western Europe, making it its own semi-colony. It was during this period that primacy and domination in the western project completely transferred overseas. The US has become the main "command center" of Western civilization. However, England, despite the collapse of the colonial system (it was actually replaced by the neo-colonial system, with more subtle methods of control and subordination of Latin American, African and Asian countries), remained part of the ruling global tandem. Washington and London are still the main centers of the West.

4 April The North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) was founded on 1949. The first members of NATO are the 12 countries: USA, Canada, Iceland, Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Italy and Portugal. The military-political bloc was anti-Soviet. The Alliance was engaged in preparing for aggression against the USSR-Russia. However, he could not start an open war, as Moscow could create an atomic weapon and create the best army in the world with the very best defensive and offensive systems themselves. After the collapse of the USSR, the NATO bloc was used to establish the power of the “American gendarme” in the world and to destroy recalcitrant countries (Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, etc.), which caused an increase in chaos and the emergence of centers of the Fourth World War.

In the same 1949 year, in order to prevent the revival of a strong, national, and free Germany that could challenge the Anglo-Saxons, the Western Allies united the administration of their zones of occupation to Trizonia. Then they created the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), which was made a semi-colony of London and Washington (control of finances, political elites, presence of military bases) and a springboard for NATO to attack the USSR. Thus, part of the German military and economic power was revived and directed against the USSR, and also dismembered the German people.

In the 1950 year, the United States crushed Thailand and under an agreement on economic and military assistance stationed troops there. In the same year, the United States took under its wing Taiwan, where they fled, having suffered defeat during the civil war from the troops of Mao Zedong, the head of the government of the Republic of China, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and his party Kuomintang. Later, the United States supported Taiwan’s independence from the rest of China by force of arms. As a result, China did not complete the national unification and got the Taiwanese problem, which has not been resolved to date.

At the beginning of the 1951 of the year, the United States, with the help of another treaty, podmimayut Portugal. Portugal provides the Azores for US military bases. In the same year, the Americans impose their "help" on Afghanistan and strengthen their positions in the Philippines. Also, the United States is creating its military infrastructure in Iceland. Japan imposes a "peace treaty", which allows you to turn the Japanese islands into a huge land "aircraft carrier" of the United States, directed against the USSR and China. As a result, Japan is still a US semi-colony, the financial and economic system of Japan is completely dependent on the masters of the West. Japan has strategic US military bases. And Japan, thanks to the policies of Washington, is still a source of danger for the Russian, Korean and Chinese peoples. In recent years, the United States has allowed Japan to begin a new militarization, creating a hotbed of the Fourth World War in the Asia-Pacific region. Japan has territorial disputes with Russia, Korea and China. Thus, the masters of the West plan to use Japan for the third time in order to start a war in the region and strike at China and Russia.

In 1952, the US is creating a new aggressive bloc directed against national liberation movements in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, as well as Russia and China - ANZUS (eng. ANZUS Security Treaty - Australia, New Zealand, United States), or “Pacific security pact. The new aggressive bloc included the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

In 1953, US President D. Eisenhower threatened China with a nuclear strike. The reason - the failure of the United States in the occupation of the Korean Peninsula. The USSR and China supported North Korea and the plans of the West to seize Korea failed. However, under the threat of nuclear bombing, the United States divides Korea and the Korean people into two parts. Thus, the owners of the West are guilty of the division of the Korean nation and the bleeding of the southern and northern Koreans. Currently, because of US policy, the Korean Peninsula is another hotbed of war that could blow up the entire Asia-Pacific region, and create a lot of problems for China and Russia. The Americans have so far shared and vented two Korean states, as well as strengthening military infrastructure on the peninsula, directed against Russia and China.

In 1953, the US imposes a bonded treaty on Spain and uses its territory on its bases. In 1954, the US is spreading its influence over Pakistan. It should be noted that the division of British India by Anglo-Saxons into India and Pakistan (then East Pakistan - Bangladesh will stand out) will become a huge problem for South Asia and Indian civilization. The West will support Pakistan and will create another constantly smoldering hot war on the planet.

The masters of the West during this period create the neo-colonial system, which will replace open occupation and colonies. Direct aggression and revolutions, palace coups in changing undesirable regimes alternate with political and economic pressure of such force that states are forced to sign enslaving conditions, to be drawn into the parasitic “financial pyramid” (dollar system) as donors and “food”. US dollars for green paper - get real resources. Western state institutions, TNCs and TNB suck the victim countries. As a result, there are regimes where the comprador and thieves elite flourish, which participates in the plunder of the country, and the rest of the population is plunged into complete poverty. From time to time, the West makes a “circumcision” of the local “elite”, which is beginning to be conceited or simply for prevention. Those who want to take the place of "independent" dictators, kings, presidents are always enough. At the same time, the West has created a system for educating local "elites", whose children always receive Western (English, French, American) education and education, often living in Western countries on a permanent basis. In the West, the “elite” of peripheral countries, donor states, keep most of their capital. As a result, the owners of the West always have the personnel base for new “reset” of semi-colonial countries that are formally “independent and free”. On paper and in the media, full “democracy” and “freedom” of human rights flourish, but in reality this is disinformation, propaganda, which has a zombie (coding) effect. Often, military bases are placed in semi-colonies to fully ensure control.

In 1955, because of the treacherous policy of Khrushchev, the United States and the West squeeze the USSR out of Austria, which the Soviet troops liberated from the Nazis. NATO is strengthening its position in the center of Europe. True, soon the masters of the West got into trouble at the very nose. In 1956, Fidel Castro and his comrades landed in Cuba, and by 1959, he freed the island from the Americans and the local comprador regime. The US is losing its brothel resort. It is worth noting that from the beginning the Americans looked at Castro through their fingers. They thought that this was just another regime change, that the new dictator would follow the path of the former “kings”, and the words about “freedom” and “people” are the usual demagogy. However, Fidel Castro turned out to be a real leader of the people and devoted his life to the creation of an independent Cuba, relying on the friendship and support of the USSR. Cuba became the only free territory in the Western Hemisphere. Castro had many assassinations organized, but they all failed. In 1961, the United States launched a direct military aggression, landing troops from Cuban traitors. But the courageous Cubans destroyed the mercenaries. Cuba declared: “Motherland or death! We will win! ”And Cuba survived, becoming a territory free from Western predators. It is clear that if the USSR did not exist on the planet, the USA would simply crush Cuba. Cuban crisis 1962 of the year confirmed Cuba’s right to freedom. Cubans were loyal allies of the Russians and made a great contribution to the victory of socialism on the planet.

In 1961, the United States sent special troops to South Vietnam. The beginning of a "special" war. Washington planned the occupation of Southeast Asia, and then the destruction of communist China.

In 1963, the United States, having fully implemented its nuclear testing program, imposed on the USSR a "treaty banning nuclear testing in the atmosphere, in space and under water." At the same time, the United States, realizing its weakness and lag in space technology, is imposing on the USSR a "treaty on non-launching of nuclear weapons into space." These concessions restrain the development of Great Russia and give time to the masters of the West to further develop the nuclear and space sphere. It should be said that the “fifth column” in the USSR (Khrushchev was its personification, later Gorbachev) was able to stop the rush of the Russian (Soviet) people into space, many programs on the exploration of the Moon and Mars turned as well as a number of programs to create new breakthrough technologies. Together with the blinking and formalization of ideology, this deprived the USSR-Great Russia of a bright future, which we see in the film “Guest from the Future”.

In January 1964, the US military staged a bloody massacre in the area of ​​the Panama Canal, shooting mass anti-American demonstrations. August 1964, the Tonkin incident occurs. American ships violate the borders of Vietnam and shell Vietnamese coast guard ships. The Vietnamese respond with fire. The consequence of the incident was the adoption by the US Congress of the so-called Tonkin resolution, which provided President Lyndon Johnson with legal grounds for direct aggression against Vietnam. In 1965, the American aviation begins regular bombing of North Vietnam. The United States is moving troops to South Vietnam. In the summer of 1965, the Americans began a large-scale ground operation in Vietnam. In this war, Americans are betting on genocide: they are massively using aviation against civilians, all the latest weapons. The Americans even used chemical weapons, which led to numerous civilian casualties and severe environmental consequences. Due to chemical weapons, tens of thousands of people died, millions of people suffered, became sick.

To be continued ...

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  1. leshiy076
    leshiy076 27 September 2016 07: 19
    [Quote] [/ quote]
    As for Gorbachev, I completely agree. But Khrushchev can hardly be attributed to agents of Western influence. Just look at the recordings of his performances. He had his own cockroaches, but he was never a traitor.
    1. iouris
      iouris 27 September 2016 12: 25
      Is this an established fact?
    2. NordUral
      NordUral 27 September 2016 13: 25
      It was the enemy, not even a traitor.
    3. Gormenghast
      Gormenghast 27 September 2016 13: 32
      About Khrushchev - I join. He was, so to say, stupid in a variety of issues (including the military), but nevertheless he cannot be equated with Gorbachev.

      We must recall, at least the Caribbean crisis - it did not end with the surrender of the USSR. The United States also had to adjust its position.
      And then, the assassination of Kennedy a year later hints that the evil part of the American establishment was unhappy with him; apparently, just considered him a traitor.
      1. Andrei946
        Andrei946 29 September 2016 12: 00
        Quote: Gormengast
        He was, so to say, stupid in a variety of issues (including the military), but nevertheless he cannot be equated with Gorbachev.

        Gorbachev came to conduct the final stage of the collapse of the country. Stalin took the country very far ahead, so Khrushchev (who was essentially a Trotskyist) did not succeed in ruining the country. Brezhnev’s stagnation period was swept in order to somehow prepare for the collapse of the country. And along the way, support the West with its resources. After all, if the USSR did not do this, then by the 80s of the twentieth century, the Western economy would be torn to shreds.
    4. Andrei946
      Andrei946 29 September 2016 11: 55
      Quote: leshiy076
      But Khrushchev can hardly be attributed to agents of Western influence.

      Then how to understand at least the reform of 1961? When the ruble was unilaterally depreciated against the dollar, creating conditions for the export of natural resources of the USSR to the West. And the liquidation of the MTS and the sale of agricultural machinery directly to collective farms, which greatly undermined the economy of Agriculture (Stalin wrote in his "Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR" why this is absolutely impossible to do). And how to understand the activities of Khrushchev on the collapse of the Soviet car industry? When were the ministerial-level design approvals introduced?
      It is a pity that the author does not concern Brezhnev’s figure, apparently forgetting that modern Gaidars, Chubais and others like them were brought up precisely during the reign of Brezhnev.
  2. with
    with 27 September 2016 07: 22
    A very correct article - a series of local wars since 1945 for world domination. But this also includes globalization, which formats people for "common people" - cinema, TV, contemporary art, "world" public catering, etc.
    1. Velizariy
      Velizariy 27 September 2016 08: 57
      And then this "state" "tore" Gaddafi and his country ... Thus, proving the correctness of Gaddafi.
      1. Andrei946
        Andrei946 29 September 2016 12: 06
        Muammar Gaddafi essentially sold his country, bargaining with the Western elites for a gold dinar. Yes, even at the level of Sarkozy! Globalists could not forgive him for this. European elites with pleasure dared the so-called Gaddafi’s regime by the hands of the same Sarkozy, because what happened in Libya for Western Europe was a living reproach !. Of course, our luntik also contributed to the destruction of Gaddafi, because if Russia had been opposed, then China and a number of other countries would have supported Russia. In this case, the military operation that the West conducted in Libya would not have been possible.
    2. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 29 September 2016 01: 51
      And let's remember the "Dropshot" plan, and let's remember the "Unthinkable" plan ..... The Second World War is not over yet - and already ...... And even with the involvement of the Wehrmacht .... Colleagues, damn it, partners blea. ..............

      I served twenty-odd calendars with the thought of a "probable enemy", I saw him in person more than once and I know that the Cold War is not over - Hitler also spanked medals for the capture of Moscow and Stalingrad ....... "Partners" hurried to spank medal and even hang it on Gorbaty - the new Stalingrad is ahead ...
      1. Andrei946
        Andrei946 29 September 2016 12: 12
        In fact, May 9, 1945 is the surrender of the West to the Soviet Union! Indeed, in fact, Stalin was able to achieve a re-signing of surrender, which the Allies signed on May 7, 1945. On the part of the USSR, it was signed by General Susloparov, but he signed with a postscript that it would be possible to sign on other conditions. Indeed, in fact, the document of May 7, 1945 was illegitimate. Since May 8, 1945 European time from Germany, Wilhelm Keitel signed the surrender, it was impossible to find a steeper leader in the Third Reich at that time. Therefore, the West wants a review of the outcome of World War II.
        But the post-Stalinist leadership of the USSR could not act like that.
  3. PKK
    PKK 27 September 2016 07: 30
    It’s a pity that the author is not aware of the reasons for that War. And the reason is that Dear Stalin refused the primacy of the dollar in the World, sent him away in Russian. For this reason, he aroused the wild hatred of the zapadents. They tarnished in their feelings a trilic or even two and they destroyed the USSR, which fell to them after betrayal, as if without it, it’s completely in the hands. Betrayal has been driving Politics for several thousand years of the History of Mankind. But no one is studying this scourge. There is an opportunity for VO to cover the topic of betrayal in Politics. will not, VO secretly supports who knows. But everything secret, when it becomes apparent.
    1. 34 region
      34 region 27 September 2016 12: 48
      07.30. PKK! In the 90s, we recognized the primacy of the dollar. So what? Our economy trampled on leaps and bounds? ISIS uses dollars. And also flourishes?
      1. Zoldat_A
        Zoldat_A 29 September 2016 01: 57
        Quote: Region 34
        In 90 we recognized the primacy of the dollar. So what? Our economy trampled on leaps and bounds?

        G. Kissinger in the late 90s said: "Your elite has money in our banks. So think about whose elite it is ....."

        When will we already have ALL the leaders of the FSB colonels whose mentality does not allow us to keep money in America?
      2. Andrei946
        Andrei946 29 September 2016 12: 15
        So in the 90s, the Territory of the former USSR appeared in the sack of a bag, where extra dollars were pushed to, this allowed to clear the financial bubble and stabilize the Western economy. And that the post-Soviet economy of the countries fell into disrepair, it was only to the West's advantage.
  4. PKK
    PKK 27 September 2016 07: 36
    Khrushchev, an ardent Trotskyist, hated the greatness of Stalin. Stalin and Kalinin built a unique state with a single national economic complex. Khrushch made a lot of efforts to destroy the legacy of Stalin-Kalinin.
    1. Gormenghast
      Gormenghast 27 September 2016 13: 38
      The fact that Khrushchev hated Stalin does not mean that he was a traitor. In any case, he did not destroy the USSR, like some. And "pounded shoe"at the UN (I don't remember how it actually was), in contrast to purebred american Kozyrev (living now in the USA and recently released another libel about Putin), who faithfully looked into the eyes of the gentleman, doing to him, at that time, the very thing that Sikorsky admitted laughing

      He did not call joyfully to the United States with a report on the work done to seize power and the collapse of the country. He did not saw the nuclear submarines to applause and for the money of the State Department.
      1. Andrei946
        Andrei946 29 September 2016 12: 17
        He was a Trotskyist and that’s enough. It was just that they were not able to ruin the country sharply, or the informational state, therefore, they had to behave appropriately in public. As soon as he went too far he was exchanged for Uncle Lenya.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 September 2016 08: 12
    [quote] “... they say America is a leading country. Of course, but only in what respect? By the number of crimes! ”
    Theodore Dreiser [quote]
    A great epigraph, putting everything in place. And it was not written yesterday.
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 29 September 2016 02: 04
      Dreiser's Trilogy is the essence of the American economy. The Financier-Titan-Stoic is the quintessence of the American economy. Nothing new, except speculation, has not been invented since then. And "American Tragedy" is the essence of freaky American psychology ........
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 September 2016 08: 14
    Gentlemen admins, but what happened Fix ? New changes or just a technical overlay?
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 27 September 2016 13: 28
      Accustom to order in thoughts and clarity of their presentation on paper.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 27 September 2016 19: 16

      Click no link


      There you will have a "fix" link
  7. South Ural
    South Ural 27 September 2016 08: 25
    This would be understood by our entire population! Massively ... But the cultural level, alas, is far from allowing everyone to realize reality
  8. Buffet
    Buffet 27 September 2016 10: 04
    Well, about Khrushchev and Guest from the future, this is a bust. Khrushchev, of course, was that wrecker, but history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood, Anyway, if only ... Enough to sprinkle ashes on his head.
    1. Gormenghast
      Gormenghast 27 September 2016 13: 41
      laughing Yes, a guest from the future, against the background of such a pathos text, is somehow inappropriate.

      am Does anyone else remember that GG Guest, after the collapse of the USSR, drank too much and died very early in some terribly ugly history? Thanks to comrade Yeltsin for our happy childhood.
  9. iouris
    iouris 27 September 2016 12: 37
    The most realistic scenario - aliens arrive and eliminate the causes of conflict.
    Guys, whose fortune is measured (conventionally, of course) in trillions of dollars, are waging wars among themselves. Moreover, "nation states" are the assets of these actors. The USSR was also someone's asset. The Russian people were used for the development of Siberia and the industrialization of Asia and Africa, for drawing the resources of these regions into the world economic turnover. Thanks to all. You're fired.
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 27 September 2016 13: 30
      Do not bother to dismiss.
      1. iouris
        iouris 28 September 2016 01: 34
        You did not notice that you have long been standing under the tricolor. And who said this year in 1943 that the time would come and the tricolor would develop over the Kremlin?
  10. Alexzora
    Alexzora 27 September 2016 12: 53
    The author clearly, concisely and to the point listed the facts. but as you start to read and understand your head swells, it is clear that "historians" are paid for the number of letters, so they "fill" the essence with boltology.
  11. NordUral
    NordUral 27 September 2016 13: 22
    Once again I regret that after the death of Stalin there was not a single ruler worthy of our country. Still.
  12. uskrabut
    uskrabut 27 September 2016 13: 44
    The USA is really a parasitic country, its standards of American life cannot be transferred to the entire population of the planet - the Earth will not stand this and will turn into a planet of Garbage and Waste. It is in order to provide the US middle class with these high living standards that donor countries are needed, on whose resources (labor, natural resources) can be parasitized and due to which the negative balance between the real capabilities of the United States and the declared standards is covered. That is why the United States surrendered everything so that the dollar became the main world currency, and the Fed had the opportunity to replenish its reserves at its discretion in order to please the needs of the population of the parasite country. Article +, unambiguously. This would be a topic and on the 1st TV channel in primetime. And then our people do not really understand xy from xy. Instead, TV imposes on us "Screaming" talk shows, where every clever word drowns in the incessant scream of the participants. I am ashamed that our TV has become this way.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 27 September 2016 19: 20

      There is no middle class in the USA. There is no way to distinguish a group by income and education, which can be characterized as the middle class. In the United States, society is very fragmented.
  13. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 27 September 2016 13: 49
    Soviet (Russian) civilization, which embodied the idea of ​​justice and building a society of creation and service on Earth.

    To equate the hopelessly neutered Soviet project with Russian civilization, this is the author of ... strongly pushed. But these, in general, are small details of a major failure. That's right, Russian civilization offered a different path. And now the demand for this very different path is growing and expanding in the world! It turned out that the western path goes into the abyss, with virtually no options. Well?
    And the bleak picture at the moment is as follows. Take a look at yourself. Take a look around. Do you and I have something to offer the future? Where is he, that same Russian project? Where is he another way? Where is he in us? Where is he in what we built?
    Do we follow the paths of conscience, truth and honor? Does the state and society that we built stand on these paths? How does it work, what chooses, how does the machine of life built by us solve the problems? It's a shame, the people are Russian. I'm terribly ashamed. For millennia, our ancestors have been building what we famously cheated, sold, betrayed, and forgotten.

    At this moment, there is NOTHING to offer the world to us as a special way.
    1. michajlo
      michajlo 27 September 2016 17: 50
      Greetings Michal3!

      Alas, the namesake, you are TOTALLY RIGHT!

      Your definition is sad, but accurate.
      Nothing to brag about to us PATRIOTS OF THE FATHERLAND!

      In our new Russia, 2016 for this year grew by 20% SALE of expensive cars !?

      And the old men and women, OUR PENSIONERS in neat or dirty clothes, most of whom have worked honestly all their lives, are NOW DEFINITELY counting pennies and rubles near the cashier of a grocery store to buy bread, cereals, butter and other "FIRST NECESSITY products" ...

      And what awaits us all, older working people and not sick patients?
      I’m only 55 and still have to live up to retirement ...
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 27 September 2016 19: 24

      Which way did the Russian project propose? What is this Russian project?

      The USSR knew the Russian project, I heard it for the first time.

      Can briefly explain. Emotionless.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 27 September 2016 23: 41
        I'll try. Although briefly ... I'll start a little from afar. Does it surprise you that you "heard" about the Soviet project, but actually know nothing about Eternal Russia? Considering the fact that the Soviet project lasted how long? But the fortress in Izborsk is at least 3,5 thousand years old ... And it was, to put it mildly, not the first.
        In general, the "Russian project" is a specific vision of the world and ways of reacting to life circumstances, methods of solving life collisions inherent in the Russian Universe (it is strange to call this a country). In short, our world is within us. Russian inside is much more than outside. It's not clear, right?
        What holds back, guides, limits and spurs the Western man? External conditions and circumstances. To kill or not? On the western side, the answer is: if there is no external limitation, then of course kill. Remember - as soon as their authorities weaken, Westerners immediately rush to rob and atrocities. They can, because there is no one to stop them.
        And our measure is within us. What difference does it make if the police see me or not? Is there a law or not? Is there a limitation around or not? I measure with my conscience whether to kill or not. And if my conscience tells me so, I might rather die myself. Conscience and truth for the Russian "project" is much greater than life.
        Do you understand? Our world "settles" itself, because the Russians are really governed not by the law, written somewhere on a piece of paper, and not by a punitive club, a chopping block, or hard labor. Russians are ruled by the truth that is within us, and which we have been looking for in ourselves all our lives. We are all trying to understand - do I really live or not? It's painful, painful, hard, harsh to live like that.
        But that is precisely why "Russian barbarians burst into villages and camps, leaving behind cities, universities, theaters, and museums." So the Truth commands. The one inside us. Today - inside those few in whom she is still alive ...
        1. tracer
          tracer 28 September 2016 01: 22
          Yes exactly. I fully confirm your words. I have something to compare with, I have been living overseas for a long time. And I can see this colossal difference in the perception of the world more clearly than many others. They cannot understand us and they cannot. Why .... you have already described. I know a lot of our emigrants. No one ever became an American or a Canadian. Children grow up in English, babble without an accent, but the soul is Russian all the same. And a handful of each other, considering "them" strangers to their mentality. If something happened ... we "landed" in the rear of the probable "partner". God forbid, of course, but let's not fail if that.
          1. iouris
            iouris 28 September 2016 01: 39
            It seems to me (God forbid, of course) that it is more likely that the inhabitants of S. America will have to take part in a new civil war in which there will be no rear. Something like this.
            1. Mikhail3
              Mikhail3 28 September 2016 18: 25
              I don't think so. Have you seen the very good Watchmen movie? Perfectly shows the difference and, so to speak, the heights of their civilization. Why in the film does America decide to attack the USSR? Because the USSR has an OPPORTUNITY to hit America. For a Westerner, this is absolutely enough. Since someone has the ability to hit a Western person, this someone will certainly hit him!
              So when the United States is still weakened, and considers itself in parity with the main enemy, they will strike immediately. For us or for China. Just because they don’t imagine anything else. So it will not be civil, but world. Alas.