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Large-caliber sniper rifle Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm (South Africa)

Modern large-caliber sniper rifles have high firepower, due to the use of appropriate ammunition, but do not differ ease of use. The use of large-caliber powerful cartridges leads to an increase in size weapons, which to some extent makes it difficult to operate. Various ideas of one kind or another are proposed to solve this problem. Another attempt to rid the weapon of the existing shortcomings was made not so long ago by Truvelo Armory Manufacturers. A few days ago, the perspective CMS 20x42 mm rifle was first introduced.

Over the past few years, Truvelo Armory Manufacturers from the Republic of South Africa has presented a number of high-precision sniper rifle projects in which large-caliber systems occupy a special place. Of the eight Counter Measure Sniper (CMS) products, five have a caliber from 12,7 to 20 mm, with the largest caliber being used in three projects at once. Through the use of powerful large-caliber ammunition, it was proposed to increase the firepower and range of rifles. The newest rifle in the family is the CMS 20x42 mm.

General view of a Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm rifle. Photo Truvelo Armory Manufacturers /

In mid-September, an exhibition of weapons and military equipment AAD 2016 was held in South Africa. During this event, several manufacturers of military products showed their latest developments in this field. In particular, Truvelo Armory Manufacturers for the first time showed a new large-caliber rifle of the CMS family. It should be noted that information about the CMS 20x42 mm project was first published a few weeks before the exhibition, but the official "premiere" of the rifle took place only in mid-September.

According to the company developer, the goal of the new project was to improve the existing weapons systems in order to improve some of the characteristics, especially operational ones. A characteristic disadvantage of the so-called. Antimaterial rifles are large weights and dimensions that impede the transportation of weapons. The main objective of the Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm project was to reduce the size and weight of the rifle while ensuring the required high fire performance. The objectives of the project were achieved by using the appropriate design of the weapon itself and the correct selection of ammunition for it.

As is the case with other CMS rifles that have a caliber 20 mm, there is some problem with the classification of advanced weapons. The 20 mm caliber is traditionally considered the lower threshold of artillery, which is why the CMS 20x42 mm product can be considered a small-caliber gun. At the same time, by its design and method of use, this weapon is a rifle. In addition, the already not simple situation with the classification of the sample makes it difficult to type used ammunition. The 20x42 mm projectile was originally designed as a shot for a promising self-loading grenade launcher. Therefore, in order to simplify the problem to some extent, it makes sense to listen to the manufacturer's recommendations and refer to the CMS 20x42 mm product as a large-caliber sniper rifle.

View of the left side of the weapon. Photo Truvelo Armory Manufacturers /

The Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm rifle is similar in design to other products in its family. In this case, with rifles marked with the letters SR, it is related only to the caliber, while other design features make you think of products that have the abbreviation CMS in their names. In particular, the general layout was borrowed from products of a smaller caliber, as well as some design features, such as a bipod or a folding stock.

One of the main objectives of the recently presented project was to reduce the size of the weapon, which is why the rifle received a barrel of reduced length. As with other CMS rifles, the barrel connects with the receiver and freely hangs over the box and its front beam. All major weapon assemblies are mounted on an oblong bed with a hinge for a folding adjustable butt. The shooter using the CMS 20x42 mm product gets the opportunity to use various aiming devices and other accessories.

The rifle received a rifled barrel of reduced length. Because of the need to reduce the overall dimensions of the rifle, the length of this unit had to be reduced to 380 mm, including the muzzle brake (19 calibers). This adversely affected the acceleration of the projectile, however, allowed to solve the main problem. The barrel has attachments for installing the muzzle brake. Almost the entire outer surface of the trunk has valleys. Thickened breech is equipped with mounts for connection with the receiver. The barrel bore with a diameter of 20 mm has four grooves in 1: 22 pitch.

The weapon has several standard slats for additional equipment. Photo Truvelo Armory Manufacturers /

In the basic configuration, the Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm rifle is equipped with a three-chamber muzzle brake of the active-reactive type. This product has a box body with a set of partitions inside. At the exit from the barrel, the powder gases interact with partitions, as well as to the side and back. This design of the muzzle brake can compensate for about half of the recoil impulse and reduce the impact on the arrow.

The barrel of the rifle is based on ideas developed during previous projects of the CMS family. A faceted unit is used, in the front of which there are attachments for the barrel, and inside there is a channel for moving the bolt. On the upper surface of the box Picatinny rail is placed to install the shutter, to the right of it there is a window for ejection of the sleeves. Through the hole from the bottom is the supply of cartridges from the store. The back of the receiver is equipped with a stop for the shutter handle.

Applied "traditional" for rifles firm Truvelo Armory Manufacturers longitudinal sliding gate. Its main part is a cylindrical product with spiral grooves on the outer surface. Various additional parts are attached to the inside and outside of the shutter. The use of four lugs engaged with the barrel is envisaged. Inside the gate is placed a spring-loaded drummer. The operation of the shutter is controlled by the handle located in its rear part. When the barrel is locked, the handle contacts the stop of the receiver and is an additional means of holding the bolt.

The scope is chosen by the customer independently. Photo Truvelo Armory Manufacturers /

The rifle is equipped with a trigger type trigger. The shot is made using the mainspring, interacting with the trigger. The latter must hit the drummer, placed inside the gate, and initiate a shot. Fire control is carried out using a trigger placed inside the protective strap in front of the pistol grip. Before the trigger is located the safety lever.

All units of weapons are mounted on the bed, developed with a wide use of ideas and solutions of previous projects. The receiver is installed on parts of relatively large length of complex shape. In this case, all mechanisms and devices are placed in the corresponding cavities of the box. The front part of the box has a remote beam with attachments for a bipod on the end. Side surfaces of the beam have Picatinny rail for mounting optional equipment. In front of the trigger bracket in the box, the receiving shaft of the store is provided. Behind the brackets are located the pistol grip and butt hinge.

Like some other rifles of its family, Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm received the butt of the frame structure with the possibility of adjusting the buttplate and cheek. The latch and the hinge allow you to fix the stock in the unfolded state or fold it by turning it forward and to the right.

CMS 20x42 mm, front view. Photo Truvelo Armory Manufacturers /

With a rifle it is proposed to use detachable box magazines with a capacity of five rounds. The magazine is placed in the receiving shaft under the receiver and is fixed in place with a latch. The design of the store is similar to the structure of other similar products for the CMS family of weapons, however, it has been modified in accordance with the dimensions of the ammunition used.

Like other Truvelo CMS rifles, the gun chambered for the 20x42 mm is not equipped with a standard sight. Instead, the shooter is offered to independently select equipment with the required characteristics. The sight is mounted on a standard receiver bar. Thanks to this, the CMS 20x42 mm rifle can carry various types of day and night sights.

The goal of the Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm project was to reduce the size and weight of the weapon. This task was successfully solved. The rifle in the firing position is only 980 mm - about half the size of other 20-mm rifles of the CMS series. When folded, the rifle has a length of 700 mm. The height of the weapon without taking into account the sight and the bipod is 200 mm, width - 60 mm. The mass of the rifle with a sight and equipped magazine is determined at the level of 11,5 kg.

Large-caliber sniper rifle Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm (South Africa)
Projectiles 20X42 mm PAW (from left to right): practical, high-explosive fragmentation, armor-piercing, high-explosive fragmentation, armor-piercing. Photo

For use with a shortened rifle is proposed cartridge / projectile 20x42 mm PAW. This ammunition was developed and introduced in the middle of the last decade by the South African company Denel. A new ammunition has been proposed for use with the advanced PAW-20 self-loading grenade launcher. As a basis for this shot, 20-mm projectiles of small-caliber guns were selected. The shells themselves underwent minimal changes, but at the same time they were completed with a shortened sleeve length 42 mm. High-explosive fragmentation, armor-piercing, high-explosive and practical projectiles were created. Depending on the type of ammunition, the initial speed reaches 300 m / s. An important feature of 20x42 mm PAW shells is the reduced recoil momentum, allowing them to be used with hand weapons.

The use of the existing grenade launcher allowed the Truvelo CMS 20xXNNUMX mm rifle to show fairly high performance. The rifle's sonic projectile flies at a relatively low trajectory, the effective firing range is 42 m.

Implementing the principles already used, the authors of the CMS 20x42 mm project offer shooters to determine the working configuration of the rifle themselves, choosing the most suitable sights, bipods, etc. At the same time, some additional products and repair kits are being produced. The manufacturer of the rifle manufactured cases and covers for carrying, belts, etc. With the help of repair kits, the operator can replace some parts: a drummer with a spring, a gate ejector, etc.

Rifle Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm in the exposition of the exhibition AAD-2016. Photo

The Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm large-caliber sniper rifle is designed to attack various targets at ranges up to 1 km. The task of the shooter, armed with such a rifle, is the defeat of manpower and lightly armored vehicles, as well as a variety of systems, devices and complexes that can be destroyed or incapacitated using 20-mm projectiles. Such opportunities allow to use a perspective rifle in various sabotage and other similar operations.

The main advantage of a rifle chambered for 20х42 mm PAW, distinguishing it from other products of the CMS family, is a remarkable combination of dimensions and firepower. With a length of 980 mm and a weight of 11 kg, the 20-mm rifle turns out to be smaller and lighter than any other large caliber sample from Truvelo Armory Manufacturers. For example, the CMS 12.7x99 mm rifle when folded has a length of 1,19 m and weighs 14 kg. At the same time, more compact weapons are more firepower, due to the increased caliber. The only advantage of an 12,7-mm rifle is the effective range to 1800 m.

The emergence of a larger-caliber anti-material rifle has led to the expansion of the existing CMS product line. Now the customer has the opportunity to get a weapon not only with the required parameters of firepower, but also with suitable dimensions. Thus, the next addition to the Counter Measure Sniper family can have a positive impact on its commercial prospects. The new project CMS 20x42 mm "closed" the previously empty niche, and now allows its developer to fight for a new market sector. The rifle was first shown only a few days ago, because of which any information about the supply of such weapons is not yet available.

The Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm rifle is not the most powerful specimen of its family, losing to other 20-mm rifles according to some basic characteristics. At the same time, the newest model has a significant advantage in the form of small dimensions and weight. As a result, even without showing the uniquely high parameters of fire, the rifle is of great interest, at least from a technical point of view. Whether this interest can lead to orders for the production and supply of weapons is too early to say.

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  1. igorspb
    igorspb 27 September 2016 15: 57
    less gunpowder, a shorter barrel, but still the same 2 MOA for 500 meters .... strange .....
  2. mivmim
    mivmim 27 September 2016 16: 59
    A few days ago, the promising rifle CMS 20x42 mm was first introduced.

    And who determined that it was promising? You must first drag in the sand, splash in the jungle in the water, and shoot.
    1. AUL
      AUL 27 September 2016 19: 25
      I just don't understand where this device will be used. No, well, there may, of course, be situations where he turns out to be "the very thing", but I think most of these situations can be resolved using traditional means. Have one in the army? You can't put a parasite with such a gun in every platoon, and if there is only one such gunner per battalion, then you will be able to get it, if the need arises, and the situation in battle changes quickly. In the DRG? Carrying 11 kg (not counting ammunition) with you for not very likely use at the expense of the mobility and secrecy of the DRG? One shot from such a howitzer, and the DRG is exposed. For the police? The same logic ... It seems that they created a cannon because there are cartridges for it, and there is nowhere to put them!
  3. Raphael_83
    Raphael_83 27 September 2016 17: 38
    From full-fledged long-barreled "artillery systems" we pass to the review of "sawn-off" small-caliber artillery, uv. author? good
    But seriously, I don’t immediately remember such reprimands for even a comparable caliber - no, there’s enough for 12,7 mm (the same American "rolls"), but so that ...
    From SW. hi
  4. the47th
    the47th 27 September 2016 17: 55
    300 m / s is less than the initial velocity of a bullet fired from the PM. Instead of optics, an artillery sight and a spotter are clearly asking for a second number.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 27 September 2016 21: 46
      By the way, yes. They powerfully limited the combat capabilities of their "rifle". The Chinese approached the location of the sight much more far-sighted.

      By the way, there is no need for a spotter or an artillery sight. For a long time already there is an electronic sight to the grenade launcher with a laser rangefinder and a ballistic computer. Set it correctly so that you can shoot with large angles of aim, and that's all.
  5. satellite24
    satellite24 27 September 2016 18: 34
    a good cave - the very thing for the city! laughing
  6. russmensch
    russmensch 27 September 2016 20: 11
    Whatever they say, but personally I would not want to shoot from it. I think that I will make 2-3 shots and the shoulder joint will fly to hell. The return will still be very decent.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 27 September 2016 20: 49
      There are much more powerful devices, Chinese. And nothing complain
      1. Bersaglieri
        Bersaglieri 28 September 2016 16: 54
        This is a grenade launcher. 30mm
        "Creative rethinking of caramaltuk Baryshev" :)
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 27 September 2016 20: 51
      By the way, not only the Chinese do not complain
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 27 September 2016 21: 12
        It seemed like there was a video, in LDNR they shot from the PTR from the shoulder ...
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 27 September 2016 21: 40
          PTR is a completely different matter. It hits the target precisely due to kinetics.

          Well, what the South African "sniper", that the Chinese QLZ-87 are grenade launchers. With far from outstanding energy of the shot.
  7. Balferov
    Balferov 27 September 2016 21: 29
    General view of a Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm rifle. Photo Truvelo Armory Manufacturers /

    some kind of strange look ... is it probably a sawn-off shotgun, not a rifle?
  8. Großer feldherr
    Großer feldherr 27 September 2016 22: 38
    Personally reminds me of the American Barrett XM109 and our TKB-0249 "Crossbow", which have been around for a long time, but have never found popularity with the warriors.
  9. magician
    magician 27 September 2016 22: 47
    how insulting it would be to be killed with such a screw from an ordinary SVD. but he felt like a superhero.)
    1. Bersaglieri
      Bersaglieri 28 September 2016 16: 52
      From the SCS or AK-47, because - South African rebels :)
  10. Lekov L
    Lekov L 27 September 2016 22: 47
    Two angular minutes?
    I am from a tulku two-bore on 70 so I shoot after 200 white.
    Well, maybe a little exaggerated winked
    But not much. - nifiga not a sniper.
    From an RPG, a skilled people will also give a head start.
    Sincerely ...
  11. Mikhail Polnikov
    Mikhail Polnikov 28 September 2016 08: 10
    A sniper? With a barrel of 380 mm ?? For comparison: 620 (SVDS, total), 565 (SVDS). By the way, as far as I remember the performance characteristics of the SVD, it has a range of 1200 meters from an open sight, and this piglet has 1000? No, guys, I'm not proud, I’m quite happy with the SVD, it will work fine with lightly armored vehicles))) Yes, and 5 kilos against 11 is also a lot ...
  12. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 28 September 2016 13: 41
    20x42-?. What "sniper"? AMR curve, or rather an analogue of the XM-8 - "under-runner". Only without programmed fuse controlled by LIDAR. "Weapon perversion", in a word. Is that for the police, for throwing "cans" and breaking doors.
  13. VEK2021
    VEK2021 3 October 2016 20: 21
    A good show is more expensive than money! Perhaps it will fit for a safari on large animals!