145 young trees were planted in the Mytishchi district in memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War


On September 24 145 young trees were planted in memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War in the course of an environmental campaign organized by the Dmitrovsky branch of the municipal institution "Mosoblles", MKU "Lesparkhoz" and local residents in the Heroes Park . The event was attended by more than 100 people.

In the village of Trudovaya-Severnaya, cottages were given twice Heroes of the Soviet Union Vasily Chuykov and Mikhail Katukov, Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Sokolovsky, marshals Pavel Rotmistrov and Alexey Proshlyakov. 11 Heroes of the Soviet Union, five marshals and 120 generals lived in the village. And today, from 500, 150 villagers are direct descendants of heroic warlords.

Memorial Park Heroes, dedicated to the memory of the heroes of the victors in World War II, is located on the territory of the village of Trudovaya-Severnaya. Park Heroes was created in 2015 year on the initiative of the residents of the village Trudovaya-Severnaya, formed in the Moscow region on the instructions of I.V. Stalin in 1946 year to improve the living conditions of military leaders and officers of the Red Army.

Thus, in the Park of Heroes, forces “Mosoblles” planted 70 seedlings of pine and birch. 75 saplings of weeping birch, split alder, linden and juniper rocky became a contribution from Lesparkhoz.

As Tatiana Maleshina, General Director of the Lesparkkhoz MKU, told us, we embarked on the beautification of the Heroes Park with great joy, because here is a special aura, a special atmosphere. “We work in coordination with Dmitrovsky forestry. It is nice to see among our assistants descendants of great marshals, children from patriotic clubs, residents of the area. They work together with us - actively, with a twinkle! Together we can do a lot. The Park of Heroes will be a favorite place for recreation for the residents of the Moscow region and at the same time it will remain a traditional venue for patriotic events. It - story our homeland! ”, - emphasized Tatiana Maleshina.

In turn, Nikolai Chuikov, the chairman of the board of the organization “Labor-Severnaya”, added that, in addition to the beautiful trees, our municipal and regional partners organized the planting of a cotone kiln 150 bushes. “The landings are located around the busts of the five great marshals, as if guarding them and emphasizing that these are the very heroes that the people praise and who owns the Park of Heroes,” he concluded.

The state organizations took care not only of that the Heroes Park receive tree saplings, but also provided for their part additional land for planting, as well as labor. Everyone helped with the landings: the residents of the Trudovaya-Severnaya settlement - the descendants of great heroes, the guys from the patriotic clubs of Moscow and the Moscow Region, the city enthusiasts and even the residents of the neighboring village of Nekrasovsky of the Dmitrovsky District.
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    1. 0
      27 September 2016 05: 49
      The news is good, but what does it have to do with VO?
      1. +2
        27 September 2016 06: 02
        What’s the attitude? People just remember their Heroes. By hard work, then these dachas deserve blood .. Yes, and the name of this village is Trudovaya, These are the current owners of life who live on Rublevka (they’ve cut the loot and that’s the name that’s suitable) .. has nothing to do with it ..
        1. +6
          27 September 2016 07: 55
          It is very pleasing that the children are attracted to such events, thanks for the memory and our future.
      2. +5
        27 September 2016 06: 08
        Indeed, the memory of the Marshals of Victory, which is related to military affairs ..? No, probably ...
        Whether it was a business celebrating Luzhkov’s anniversary the other day --- 6000 people came to plant trees in honor of a kind and generous measure (and at the same time get freebies in commemoration of this glorious date). Here I understand that the prince is celebrating and the yard is fun. that this topic would arouse wide interest among our readers.
        And here, you think, the ancestors of Katukov and Chuikov live and they remember the rest of the locals and their children will not let them forget that the USSR was defended not by Mannerheim and Krasnov, but these same marshals who received their orders from the entire Soviet people and personally from a friend Stalin. Alternativeists, hell ...
    2. +3
      27 September 2016 05: 51
      Great idea to remember about veterans and heroes.
    3. +1
      27 September 2016 05: 58
      Build a House, plant a Tree, Raise a son - what more could a Real Man wish for. For the wise - to raise a son there is a CHILD. hi IMHO:
    4. Fox
      27 September 2016 05: 59
      this is news! how glad I am for the Mytishchi district! I plant trees every year ... and we also help rangers with guys on plantings in the spring .. but, we don’t blow the whole country about this! himself (SAM !!!) wiped his ass ...
      1. 0
        27 September 2016 06: 33
        This is not a sanitary planting of trees, but local enterprises with the participation of local residents laid
        Heroes Memorial Park, dedicated to the memory of the victorious heroes in World War II
        .Not from above they let down this instruction, and the local bosses themselves fuss.
        And I suppose I should not keep silent from modesty.
        In every city, in every village there is a monument to soldiers and officers who did not return from that war. But for the most part they were opened even at the councils. And if they still open, it means there is hope that our memory will not be killed and the youth of not only Pokemon will be to catch, but also to touch in such places the living (and not from the history textbook) memory of the great feat of arms.
    5. 0
      27 September 2016 06: 44
      Sorry, but there was not enough space, or were you able to buy exactly 175 saplings ??? It's a good thing, but who prevented from planting, say, hundreds of three trees ??? especially since not all of them will live up to a year - I've seen places where people planted dozens trees, and the modern "youth" broke them at night drunk, and even in protected parks and squares !!!
    6. 0
      27 September 2016 10: 05
      Very nice to read such news!
      If, more such news came from BV, from Ukraine ......... and not what we hear. I would have thought that I went to Paradise!
      And indeed, behind these shelling, by the Americans, Poroshenko, our "favorite" opposition ...... You can't see anything!
      And then the Garden was planted! And how quiet and warm it became!
      Thank you for the news and those who contributed to this, those who planted this garden!
      I remember the cartoon was (in our time) when people stopped fighting, dropped their guns and started planting trees!

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