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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Where is Ukraine? Mentally or psychologically

Greetings, my good friends and devoted readers! Today historical day. Russian sanctions first touched my family. Oh, and I'll get it today from the Cockroach. In full, as it seems to me. Do you know how she talks about us men? Do not know? She says: “Who said that men don’t cry? You just need to be able to bring them ...” So she decided to write notes before it started. A cockroach knows how to bring. The fact is that the night that "feeds the day" was in vain. She will not feed a day with anything. I did not do anything for the family today.

Do you think economic sanctions have touched me? Or is it political? In vain. Sports sanctions touched me! You did not enter? Yeah. And who reached the semi-final with Spain in futsal? And in the semifinal of the Canada Hockey Cup? Pope or mother Teresa? You are out! Moreover, for the first time in the history of the championships, the Spaniards in small football have rocked. My hearts went in turns. Your players have arranged such a nervous system for me. And now, hockey players continue to fumble for the soul. 2-2 before the 3 period ...

You know, I got the impression this week, that today our soul is beginning to dominate more and more in Ukraine. The rest is almost gone. But the soul of the people there. You can't kill her so easily. The body is secondary. Who has been to our clinics, knows. Try to go, for example, without a queue to the therapist. What will be the result? Those who tried, they know - will have to defend the turn to the traumatologist. But you can go to church without a queue. Koso look, the maximum.

Why am I doing this? Remember our procession? How many provocations were announced. How many Svidomo and other abominations appeared in our media with threats against believers. And they went. They went without political slogans. They went without fights and not reacting to provocations. And reached!

Probably, it was then that the authorities realized that they had not destroyed the spirit of the people. And at the heart of this spirit is Orthodoxy!

Now Kiev, with the filing of the EU and other friends, decided to strike at the saint. On September 21, at the working meeting of the European Broadcasting Union, the National Television Company of Ukraine, the Kyiv City State Administration and the representatives of Stockholm, it was decided to hold the Eurovision opening ceremony in ... St. Sophia Cathedral of Kiev!

Saint Sophia is the mother of Russian Orthodoxy. Mother! And the opening ceremony also falls on May 9! On a great day in a holy place for all believers. Greater bestiality is impossible to come up with. Red carpet at the cathedral. Bearded whether men, or women. Boys with blue-faced and pink girls ... European essence. Ugh!

Only the Orthodox faith is from the thousand-year-old, that it can stand up for itself. Able not only to heal souls, but also to knock besity from stupid heads with fire and sword. Power thinks that only men will rise. No, get the full program. There will be no grandmothers dumb, old men, sadly nodding their heads. It will be the soul of the Ukrainian people. Awakened and formidable.

Poroshenko still not understood. If I, or rather we, those who are against, do not like, do not need to poke a finger at us. It is much easier to poke yourself with the same finger in the eye. And there will be no problem. You will definitely not see. And if you also poke something in your ears, then you will not hear.

Especially because you are tired, the "Kiev rulers" are already to everyone. Worse bitter radish tired. Even the Americans. Therefore, our president received a tinsel in full at the UN. Everything. Continue or perform, or die. Option Yatsenyuk not pass. Escape will not work.

In general, an interesting such assembly turned out. The UN is starting to “set on fire” not only Ukraine, but also its owners. And suddenly ... We saw a metamorphosis. They want to bring us back. Want those who talked about European integration. Want those who "breakfast about visa-free" fed for three years. They say those who ... Yes, a lot has been written about this. Including in my notes.

We are today as a young wife, which the husband is trying to drive back to his parents. Only here, after the wedding, the father-in-law with the mother-in-law stopped responding to calls and did not open the door. Russia has changed and does not really want to return to the status quo. Understand this oh how can ...

Biden announced the victory of the Donbass! So far, only announced. But in such terms that there is nowhere to go dill. The state that once was Ukraine will again be Ukraine? Donbass has always been Ukraine. I felt like Ukraine. And then, when the rest of the territory became the focus of human abomination, it was Donbass that preserved Ukraine.

They are already actively talking about granting special status to Donbas. Soon the powders, avaks, saakashvili, fat, lutsenki will start speaking ... They will start saying that they have been offering this for a long time. What exactly they constantly conducted work on federalization of the country. And it is their merit in establishing peace. Everything will be as usual. And we will swallow it ...

But will Donbass agree to this? Will the residents of the republics agree to forget the dead children? Forget terbat robbery? Forget violence against women? Forget vile shelling of cities at night? Forgive the mother of the killed militia? The father of a murdered son or daughter? Forgive the son of an old woman who died of starvation? Terrible questions. And they will be more and more.

And what about us? On the territory, as it turns out, the "so-called Ukraine"? And we have everything as always. Ukraine in its own juice! You know, I always wondered how it was in its own juice? Now, I probably understand. Like "language in its own juice." Tongue in drool. And we are the same.

22 September, we are very concerned about, for the umpteenth time, the fate of the Crimean Tatars. Not those in Kiev. Those in the Crimea. They did not think for a quarter of a century, but when these same Tatars became Russians, they thought about it. Conducted parliamentary hearings! Even the resolution was adopted!

"According to the results of parliamentary hearings, it is proposed to consider the issue of changing the status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to the Crimean Tatar Autonomous Republic.

Participants in the parliamentary hearings also recommended that the president consider the creation of a consultative and advisory body under the President of Ukraine on the issues of de-occupation and reintegration into Ukraine of the temporarily occupied territories of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol.

Parliament was also recommended to adopt laws on the State strategy of de-occupation and reintegration of Crimea to Ukraine temporarily, on collaboration and purification of power (lustration) in Crimea and to recognize the law on the creation of the free economic zone "Crimea" as invalid. ".

Perfectly! And what about 20 million Russian? With the Ruthenians, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians? Are they not allowed autonomy? Or will we also provide for “not controlled territory”? Poles in Poland, Hungarians - in Hungary? Well, and so on? Or maybe Long Live the Tatar People's Republic? And, given the number of Georgians in Odessa, the Georgian People’s Republic with its center in Odessa? There alone and will not have to change anything. Only if the people "clean up" ...

And with the Crimea in general, something strange is going on. From the point of view, of course, of Kiev. You just read the messages of our media (from the latter).

"Only in the past 24 hours, military personnel from the Kherson and Berdyansk border detachments noticed 10 Russian helicopters that flew along the administrative border and recorded the use of a Rysa-type balloon, probably with a view to video surveillance."
"Also near the administrative border, border guards observed the movement of Russian military equipment, personnel and the movement of air-cushioned boats on the sea sector."

No, of course, I understand that this is the training of Ukrainian border guards. To know what helicopters and hovercraft look like. Again, the American "high-precision binoculars" tried. Well, the balloon ... It's even a shame to write here. Only, the Crimea is already de facto recognized as Russian. And what are we to foreign territories? Medieval European, by the way, the law - what fell from the air, then disappeared. Or are we not yet Europeans?

Yes, we have a holiday peremoga! Well, the anniversary of the blockade of the Crimea! You know that, like a proud idiot. On the minibus late. Runs behind the car. Hands waving. The driver stops. A "proud" runs past. We are talking about the love of the Crimeans, but "run by", and celebrate the anniversary of the blockade. Including the Crimean Tatars. Anniversary "without light." Anniversary "without products." Anniversary "without Ukrainians". Well, at the same time already, the three-year drought without the Dnieper water. Sea blockade, finally.

On this occasion, Chubarov "stirred up" the Tatar public of Kiev!

“During the year of existence, I can already say that the civil blockade of Crimea adopted a different format, now there is the organization Asker, translated as“ warrior. ”We expect that there will be a military unit in which people can serve, in particular Crimea. We also have a few ideas so that people do not forget about Crimea. "
"We made a big march to the administrative border with the occupied Crimea. Then we went straight to the Russian administrative border. I gave a speech. I said that most people from the Crimea, under the ban, keep their words honest and expect to return to Ukraine."

I hope, dear readers, did you understand why the Russian border guards raised the ball?

I explain in order to better see and hear Chubarov’s fiery speech. Should at least a fraction of the truth penetrate the Crimea. This is not for you to deceive tourists clogged beaches. This is Chubarov. The only thing that is not clear is whether the Tartar was taken out of the eroded support or is still sitting, blocking.

Autumn in the yard. Something was getting colder. Remembered Tarakanushka. Especially since your players lost to Canadians in the semifinals. I remember, on the same night, Tarakanushka to me - “Honey, hug me, I'm cold!” ... But she didn’t know how cunning I was. He hugged, but only to warm himself! Do you know why you remembered?

And I remembered this story because I want to tell you about the treachery of republican DRGs! They, these Donbass saboteurs are so insidious. No worse than me. Fortunately, our media knows about such "tricks" that a simple person already has an "arrhythmic heart." Wrote a word ...

In the village Lebedinsky, in the Donetsk region, in the dilapidated hostel found "stretch marks". Exactly so right on the stairs leading to the attic.

"Explosive traps were set on the way to the attic. For everyone who wanted to inspect the village from a height of the 4-th floor, waiting for 2 grenades" RGD-5 ", brought into combat readiness."
"The locals are confident that the stretch marks were supplied by a sabotage and reconnaissance militant group that could enter the frontline village and set traps for the residents. Dangerous stretch marks are not found here for the first time."

Imagine? Here I wanted a peaceful resident of Lebedinsky to admire the village from a bird's-eye view. True birds fly there at the level of the 4 floor. And once ... This is treachery. And it was not too lazy to go over the line of demarcation, to risk their own lives. And how should the peaceful ones treat this? And how are we? Who of us is an idiot? The one who believes this, or the one who writes it?

Brad we have more and more. Even laugh tired. Brad in everything and constantly. And lies. He overheard a conversation of a faithful in the courtyard with her friends. "You news watched -No, I missed just once half a year ago and never watch. Anyway, nothing is clear. The plot is so confusing ... "

After all, I remembered about autumn and for another reason. Over the fall winter will come suddenly. Well, it's still from the USSR left. In Russia, probably the same story. Winter comes on suddenly. And with the cold. So, our mayor, clearly said - figs with her. We 90% of homes equipped with meters! Now we are not afraid! True, the question of payment through these heat meters somehow sly answered.
City government does not form utility rates. "They let us down from the top."

You know, a meme has already appeared in Ukraine: “in vital's style”. Remember the great - "To get out of the heating season you need to enter it"? But you know, the mayoralty went to Vitalik for the benefit. Sometimes thoughts can already be understood. And the words, by the way. For example, a comment on the ban on the sale of alcohol at night.

"In many cities in developed countries, this is successfully working. And we are introducing global experience. I am sure that this is one of the steps that we must take to contain crime."

Morning gradually more and more "hit" in the eyes of sunlight. And together with the sun laziness arises in me. Or, for the cockroach, fatigue. It seems all night worked. The only thing that my laziness is powerless about is the desire to go up to the refrigerator and chew on something while the wife is laying the table.

I would also like to write about one news that did not fit into today's notes. But the news is quite interesting. Like absent-mindedness for a drinker. You know, in the morning instead of a glass of water I drank a glass of vodka. Pleasant such absentmindedness.

So, Nadia Savchenko again begins to "like" the Ukrainian people. Well, and those who have the "trough" (the owner said). Remember the recent ignore in all the media and the company to "debunking" the national heroine? Everything. Now, again, "mind, honor and conscience" of Ukraine.

"As for the format of the Minsk agreements, I submitted my ideas at European and American sites, as I see it. Special status - it cannot be any for Donetsk, for Donbass, for Lugansk. It should be spelled correctly for the whole of Ukraine. We have long overdue the time of decentralization, Maidan stood for it. People did not want all funds to be concentrated in the hands of one Yanukovych, now, I think, they do not want funds to be concentrated in the hands of the current president, "she said. According to Savchenko, "it is necessary to make changes to the Constitution, but when they are ready and only when more self-government will be given to people on the ground."

Do you understand the reason? According to our cockroach information, Nadezhda "sounded" during her visit to Poroshenko in the United States. Like, she doesn't want to do anything. Money mastery stupidly eats and drinks. And for your money, the owner of whom you want "will break like a warming bottle as a tuzik". So I got the target and the blank check on my statements and actions.

True, Vyshivanok right on the snot comes. "To whom her opinion is interesting! She works for the FSB!". But in general, it turns out interesting. Most do not even understand that Savchenko "works" not for the Kremlin, but for Poroshenko. Decentralization is nothing like federalization. This is now the "great dream" of Kiev Ukraine. It goes to the confederation, at best. And then to the collapse (which is most likely, in my opinion).

Okay. I'll go make a stupid face and blame for not fulfilling promises. Cockroach forgive. And feed. Yes, and sleep lay. I will say that in the evening I will begin a new life. Now I will do nothing but carry everything into the house. All the same, she will not believe, but she will be pleased to hear.

And you the same fret in the family. Great understanding and love. In the end, women, when they get married, understand that now they will have several children at once. The first is a husband (for training). The rest is already with the help of her husband.

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  1. lis-ik
    lis-ik 26 September 2016 15: 22
    We have more and more delirium. We even get tired of laughing. Delirium in everything and constantly. And a lie. Once I overheard the conversation of the faithful in the courtyard with her friends. "Have you watched the news? -No, as I missed one time six months ago, I still don’t watch it. I still don’t understand anything. The plot is so confused

    Better, perhaps, you can't tell why I stopped watching "Novosti", although I live in Russia, they really look like a series and if a little off topic, then you won't understand anything. I got tired of it all, especially about the most honest elections. Previously, he was not a fan of the Internet, now he helps out on the topic of news, and the radio.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 28 September 2016 10: 58
      In the style of a cockroach:
      We made a renovation - cockroaches disappeared, but South American ants appeared, dichlorvos does not take. Sanctions were imposed - the ants disappeared. They started bombing Syria - spring came a month earlier and the wheat harvest was unprecedented. United Russia won a constitutional majority in the elections - the second Indian summer has come, but food prices have gone up sharply. Zhirinovsky sang "God Save the Tsar" - on the poplars, the leaves began to wither and dry blackening, but not yellow, as before. Experienced "Bulava" - clear weather came. In general, "the plot is so confused." laughing
  2. hagrid
    hagrid 26 September 2016 15: 42
    something this time very sad
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 26 September 2016 20: 06
      (something this time really sad)

      Duc autumn, drizzle and flies huddled in the cracks. There is only a booty on a tree stump and guessing. So the hetman of the former Ukraine is scratching a melon, what should he do if the West cancels its sanctions against Russia, because this is the way to go, and the hetman's plan "B" is only a headline.
    2. tilovaykrisa
      tilovaykrisa 26 September 2016 22: 20
      Today I returned from Cherkasy (my wife’s relatives) and drove my father-in-law to pay for funerals, to say that, to say nothing in the city itself, everything got stuck at the level of 14, there isn’t much difference, state employees breathe but it’s become tighter for the kamunalka a lot of people who don’t help relatives hang with everything, porridge, soups, etc., were moved to a simpler meal, 10 km the village of Shvak, who previously did not have cattle or a garden (with hands) was completely shvak, the brainwashed were very much but the closer to the city the less, the people so far only had turnips scratches and habitually blames Muscovites, even in 87-90 I heard from them that they feed Moscow right now about the same current, now we robbed them, there are also adequate but there are few, usually those who have worked or lived in Russia for a long time, it's a pity it's a pity there it was good, I rested with my soul from Russia better than any Egypt, the people are embittered and no longer know who to blame, therefore they blame everyone.
      1. gaura
        gaura 27 September 2016 07: 20
        Nevertheless, they themselves must be ill with their Svidomo. Moscow no longer buys their products, and has not gone anywhere. Suddenly it turned out that they are not feeding the Russian Federation.
        In 2014, we had a lot of liberoids who painted a hungry, ruined country with bread from glue, which keeps repeating "But Crimea is ours." Two years have passed and our Crimea and bread is still normal. They will survive their propagandists too
  3. EvgNik
    EvgNik 26 September 2016 15: 46
    We always had trouble for two: in Ukraine, the Colorado potato beetle - and in Russia it is the same. And for the first time divided. This year we didn’t have the Colorado potato beetle. Gone. One remained, and that Okoloradsky. It is pleasant to read (it’s good that he is competent, he knows how to write), and even think. Thanks, laughed and calmed down.
    1. domokl
      domokl 27 September 2016 05: 53
      belay Damn, but the truth ... That's what it means to see and not see ... Rights Cockroach ... I forgot how to see something ...
  4. Egoza
    Egoza 26 September 2016 17: 34
    Hello Cockroach! Well, about Hagia Sophia ... she was transferred to the "Kiev Patriarchate", and therefore their leader, ugh, you, "patriarch", and the devil will run there in order to attract the attention of the "companions", otherwise the procession showed that there are more mountain-a-azdo supporters of the Moscow Patriarchate. Trying to distract from May 9th? Come on, whoever went to the graves of Soviet soldiers on May 9, he will walk, you will not be seduced by their "European dance songs". So .... let's live!
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 26 September 2016 20: 14
      "she was transferred to the" Kiev Patriarchate ", and therefore their leader, ugh, you," patriarch ", and the devil will run there in order to attract the attention of the" associates "

      Greetings, Elena. hi They break it through the knee, and the current leadership of Ukraine lackeys in this black mass, disgusting, to God, how can one bend so much. recourse
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 28 September 2016 13: 21
      Oh well. Or they forgot how everyone fed the Tamagotchi and changed diapers for him. Not saved. All died out. Now we chase pakemon and feed virtual "cockroaches". How long can you stand it? what Well, wool is better in the head than cockroaches! It will be calmer.
  5. Prince of Pensions
    Prince of Pensions 26 September 2016 17: 49
    Forgive the mother of the murdered militia? The father of the murdered son or daughter? Forgive the son of an old woman who died of starvation? Scary questions. And there will be more and more.
    The tribunal will be needed. Find and punish everyone.
    1. Scud
      Scud 26 September 2016 18: 18
      I confirm!
    2. Baloo
      Baloo 27 September 2016 09: 40
      In the morning I watched Mlechin's film about the Nuremberg Tribunal on ORT. Brothers, how it all looks! Germany of the 30s and the current Banderkraina. only instead of the Jews Muscovites, Colorado and Donbass. The same motivation, the neighbors suddenly become enemies, the Jews “devoured and robbed” the Germans, now everything can be taken away from the enemy, and he is in the gas chambers. Remember the letter of the Galician-dill from the ATO zone? “I don’t promise the car, but I’ll drive the tractor ...” How!
      The position of the Ukrainians "my house is on the edge" will lead nowhere.
      Ukrainians, you do not know your story well. Read at least your writers about the years of the Civil War.
  6. Milana
    Milana 26 September 2016 20: 06
    All this is somehow sad.
    Terrifying even.
  7. Retvizan
    Retvizan 27 September 2016 14: 59
    I wonder why all this Ukrainian cuisine dumped on the Russians? They have their own kitchens.
    As for Kiev, so even forgot how to write in Russian here. Distort as they can.
    As for the conduct itself.
    The opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Kiev in spring 2017, will be held on the territory of the complex of the National Reserve "Sophia Kievskaya", writes Interfax-Ukraine.
    According to the website of the First National TV channel, the decision was made at a working meeting of representatives of the European Broadcasting Union, the National Television Company of Ukraine (NTKU), the Kyiv City State Administration (KSCA), as well as representatives of Stockholm, where Eurovision was held in 2016.
    Part of the opening ceremony of the festival is the "Red Carpet", where delegations from all countries participating in the competition gather, the press and fans will be present. "The holding of RedCarpet in Kiev in the spring of 2017 is scheduled for Sofia Square. From there, the red carpet will lead to the location of the opening ceremony - the territory of the Sofia Kievskaya complex," the message says.
    The very Eurovision opening ceremony, which is held 6 days before the opening of the final show, is planned to be held on the territory of St. Sophia Cathedral, since abroad it is known for being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On Sofia Square, screens will also be installed on which the ceremony will be broadcast.
    "St. Sophia Kievskaya now does not act as a temple - it is a museum. Therefore, we will not offend any religious feelings of believers," said the deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration Alexei Reznikov during the presentation of this location.
    After the opening ceremony, delegations go to the official party at. Euroclub, which will be located in the Parkovy exhibition center on Parkovaya alley.
    "Euroclub" is the official location of the Eurovision Song Contest, where private parties are held for members of the delegations of the participating countries, in particular after dress rehearsals and performances of the contestants.
    but the rest is unimportant. Oops in one word and it works poorly
    1. domokl
      domokl 27 September 2016 16: 02
      Probably because you are our neighbors and not very adequate. It's one thing to watch and listen to ours. Another thing is a look inside.
      And in Sofia ... Interestingly, we will someday become as independent to conduct a concert in Kremlin churches ...
    2. svoi
      svoi 28 September 2016 07: 35
      It would be funny to read the same lengthy explanations regarding the date of passage. And so it is logical to turn the temple into a museum, and the museum into a nativity scene. The main thing is to give what is happening the right name, and there at least take out the carpet from the mosque. I wish Ukraine to win this contest! By the way, how to spell Kiev?
      1. domokl
        domokl 28 September 2016 12: 01
        Quote: svoi
        By the way, how to spell Kiev?

        Be quiet, gentlemen, hussars! Just try to answer. I’ll shoot a warning! bully
  8. jonht
    jonht 28 September 2016 02: 48
    Everything is wilderness and wilderness .... Voice of reason in Ukraine, it’s a pity for those who at least try to do something good .....
    Hold on there, Cockroach!
  9. revnagan
    revnagan 28 September 2016 10: 51
    I quote: "Donbass has always been Ukraine. I felt like Ukraine. And then, when the rest of the territory turned into a focus of human abomination, it was Donbass that saved Ukraine." belay
    Donbass wanted - HOW TO KRYMU.What the hell, Ukraine? If Donbass really positioned itself as Ukraine without the Nazis, without the Bandera oligarchs, as a part of Ukraine that rebelled against the usurpers of power in Kiev, then the situation there now would be completely different. But instead of declaring that the legitimate government of Ukraine is located on the territory of Donbass, that liberation of the state from the Nazis will begin from there, Donbass declared that it is part of Russia and wants to go to Russia. To liberate Ukraine from the Nazis? Where to Donbass to Russia. The result: Russia was not taken, the Russian population of Ukraine, which, by the way, in a minority, was left without prospects, adequate Ukrainians, of whom there are many, the so-called "ATO" did not support, but also to oppose Ukraine, so that Donbass went to Russia as it is in no hurry.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 28 September 2016 13: 05
      Now everyone is being run by oligarchs. And their common fund is international. In the Donbass, the same oligarchs rule. And what is their benefit in uniting with Russia? They are so in her, as at home. Or Poroshenko thinks differently?
  10. grandfather Mih
    grandfather Mih 28 September 2016 13: 46
    Quote: Balu
    In the morning I watched Mlechin's film about the Nuremberg Tribunal on ORT. Brothers, how it all looks! Germany of the 30s and the current Banderkraina. only instead of the Jews Muscovites, Colorado and Donbass. The same motivation, the neighbors suddenly become enemies, the Jews “devoured and robbed” the Germans, now everything can be taken away from the enemy, and he is in the gas chambers. Remember the letter of the Galician-dill from the ATO zone? “I don’t promise the car, but I’ll drive the tractor ...” How!
    The position of the Ukrainians "my house is on the edge" will lead nowhere.
    Ukrainians, you do not know your story well. Read at least your writers about the years of the Civil War.

    Not only about your history is desirable. The horse rake is an amazing thing. Enlightening not "just everyone." After the speech of the President of Israel in the Rada, the organization of the genocide of Russians by the Jews in Ukraine in 1914-1916, the organization of hysterical Russophobia in foreign affairs, it seems that the Jews were involved in the massacres of Jews. Zionism and howls about unfortunate Jews - more accurate and fuller for the curious:
    ml. In particular, he wondered: "The Association of Material Claims of Jews for the Holocaust since 1951" received from Germany about $ 70 billion. " The German government agreed to pay 266 million dollars in 2015 during negotiations with the association, 273 million dollars in 2016 and 280 million dollars. ” Guess "because": after 2017, Ukraine will pay. # they are children.