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Rogozin denies reports that the fire on the Ekaterinburg submarine caused billions of dollars in damage

Rogozin denies reports that the fire on the Ekaterinburg submarine caused billions of dollars in damage

Dmitry Rogozin, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, considers the information that appeared in the media that the loss from the fire on the Yekaterinburg nuclear submarine amounts to more than 1 billion rubles is unreliable.

"As to the extent of the damage, it is necessary to use official information, and not the data of the woman Claudia Dmitrievna, who is prone to exaggeration," Rogozin wrote on Twitter in his microblog.

“The underwater part of the first compartment suffered, the GAK antenna and fairing are located there. After fault detection, restoration repair will begin, ”the deputy prime minister wrote.

“We plan to start repairs in June. It will be combined with the planned restoration of technical suitability, which should have been started in 2013, ”wrote Rogozin.

“Northern the fleet a modernized submarine will be returned with a longer life, ”he said.

Rogozin also said that on the eve he conducted an inspection together with Vladimir Vysotsky, the commander-in-chief of the Navy.

“The boat passed from the torpedo to the reactor from the outside. I talked to the captain and crew, ”he wrote.

The VZGLYAD newspaper reported that on Tuesday, a source in the Russian military-industrial complex, following the results of the work of the interdepartmental commission to clarify the circumstances and causes of the incident, stated that as a result of a fire at the Yekaterinburg submarine, the vessel’s sonar system was destroyed and the damage exceeded one billion rubles.

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  1. alatau_09
    alatau_09 12 January 2012 18: 11
    Pancake! A military facility, and "news of the magpie on the tail" carries ... or "platypuses" ...
    People in the morning mislead ...
    We discussed this billion here, who should be shot, transplanted ... and by the evening they "got a mistake, sir" ...
    1. Varnaga
      Varnaga 12 January 2012 19: 36
      Here are the sheep, God forgive me, is it really not clear that media reports should be treated very, very carefully. How many examples this year: Vanguard plant, Pacific Fleet exercises, etc., etc. Well, all the same it’s clear with these leaky media, my God ...
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 12 January 2012 20: 17
        Quote: Varnaga
        media reports should be treated very, very carefully

        As with Rogozin’s messages. He is one of the journalists. They obviously could have lied, but more often than not they voiced the data that they managed to get from eyewitnesses, witnesses, participants, repairmen, etc. from the scene (in this case, a fire)
        We still do not know how the Kursk actually died, but here some kind of fire
        1. Varnaga
          Varnaga 12 January 2012 23: 27
          an unsuccessful comparison, after all, in his position, he has a much more complete package of inf., not based on lies and journalistic guesses.
  2. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 12 January 2012 18: 20
    Can the cost of damage to specialists overestimate? To fix the boat and build a couple of cottages? Who will tell the truth. Rogozin, it seems, someone ripped off plans ... Young, hot.
    1. Centuri0n
      Centuri0n 12 January 2012 18: 32
      You are right.

      Nobody has yet canceled the kickback scheme, they would have quickly put things in order.
    2. 12 January 2012 19: 16
      Or maybe someone is deliberately inflating according to the principle: the worse the better ("how bad life has become!")?
  3. redmont
    redmont 12 January 2012 18: 53
    People of course you forgive me .... But I believe Rogozin .. he’s smart man)
    1. J_silver
      J_silver 12 January 2012 19: 11
      And I would doubt his words - you would think that he had not done much in the previous time ...
      1. redmont
        redmont 12 January 2012 19: 37
        Look ... in my opinion it’s not very bad for a man.
  4. Ascetic
    Ascetic 12 January 2012 19: 02
    A billion rubles ..... Serdyukov probably wants to get insurance.

    I’ll tell you that when we talked with the Minister of Defense about the cost of land for the stadium, I also felt that our stadium should cost 1 billion 510 million US dollars.

    - How much ?!

    “I was just wondering why Wembley is cheaper. Three times more in London - but cheaper. From this it turned out that 10 percent, which the Ministry of Defense claimed, was worth 151 million. I tell them: yes, you can build two stadiums for 151 million! But the ministry's thoughts were different. Ultimately, we found common ground. We paid and received the land. - From an interview with E. Giner of the owner of PFC CSKA to the newspaper "SE"
    from 27.12.11
  5. Khabarov
    Khabarov 12 January 2012 19: 05
    Along the way, a billion still takes place, but not only for repairs from the fire, but for the entire planned modernization ??.
  6. morpex
    morpex 12 January 2012 19: 06
    Journalists, as always, made an elephant out of a fly. Sensation however! And in their opinion, the more damage - the greater the sensation. Who will pay attention to the ordinary fire.
  7. J_silver
    J_silver 12 January 2012 19: 13
    Billion not a billion, but I think that the damage is large enough, and it is unlikely to be restored soon ...
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 12 January 2012 21: 20
      Rogozin promised in an interview in 2014
  8. SenyaYa
    SenyaYa 12 January 2012 20: 29
    I have been living in this country for a long time and therefore I will never believe the authorities!
    1. predator
      predator 12 January 2012 22: 07
      right Senya, me too,
      wooden scaffolding and nuclear submarine! nonsense! with ... ka you ragozin!
        FREGATENKAPITAN 12 January 2012 22: 14
        Do you think the Pindos forests are plastic or titanium ????? Believe me ... it's not like that ...
  9. 12061973
    12061973 12 January 2012 21: 09
    when will she go out to sea and will she come out at all?
    FREGATENKAPITAN 12 January 2012 21: 35
    Guys, think at first how much the RPK CH 667 bdrm of the project initially costs - a billion - this means nothing should be left from the ship ..... if such a sum is actually announced, then only one thing can mean --.... "The modernized one will be returned to the Northern Fleet. a submarine with an extended service life, "he said." Well, if so, there is a silver lining .... the main thing is that the boys have not ruined anyone again ...
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 12 January 2012 21: 47
      there they consider in rubles not in dollars, it’s calmer, $ 1mrd a new boat costs, and here we are talking about $ 30 million
        FREGATENKAPITAN 12 January 2012 22: 12
        From damn it, I agree ... I did not think ... guilty, I will correct it .... :)
      2. PSih2097
        PSih2097 12 January 2012 22: 13
        Guys, think from the beginning how much the RPK SN 667 bdrm project initially costs

        Roughly $ 1cc without missiles + R-29RMU2 Sineva missiles - 16 pieces ...
          FREGATENKAPITAN 12 January 2012 22: 27
          Yes, I am in the know .... but thanks anyway!
    2. predator
      predator 12 January 2012 22: 59
      you don’t say that, Comrade FC, I will say the words of Vice Admiral Shevchenko: Is 10-15 years the life of a nuclear submarine? And how many boats were thrown under the needles, on the Shtatov bucks? HUNDREDS!
  11. Jupiter
    Jupiter 12 January 2012 22: 24
    Well, God forbid, that the damage was less!
    Although it would not hurt to understand the situation. Find the perpetrators who did not comply with safety requirements when conducting hot work, who developed measures for the safe performance of work, who prepared the place, who organized the whole process, etc.
    So that another time they think twice, and then do it.
  12. LiRoy
    LiRoy 12 January 2012 22: 27
    With his overly adequate statements, Rogozin is an interesting person, and his appointment smacks of electoral mess, with the goal of dragging the electorate to the right side.
  13. XXXL
    XXXL 12 January 2012 22: 56
    It is necessary to prepare for a protracted, paritsan war, Not Hitler, and our "potential allies" overpowered Us (((- We were defeated - pacey accountants !!!! Who has not understood This yet? !!!
    1. LiRoy
      LiRoy 12 January 2012 22: 58
      As Suvorov said: "In a year, you can safely hang any intendant."
      1. XXXL
        XXXL 12 January 2012 23: 19
        It's hard, This is to say (((, But You are right brother (((
    2. Jek boroda
      Jek boroda 13 January 2012 01: 12
      + 10000000!
  14. XXXL
    XXXL 12 January 2012 23: 04
    I will add! Fearfully?!!! - YES !!!, but We will go through THIS !!!
  15. patriot_serg
    patriot_serg 13 January 2012 12: 28
    C events: