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Results of the week. “What do I mean? "I" are different "

Do you have a certificate?

The work of Fancy Bear on exposing a very differentiated approach to estimating the use of prohibited drugs by one or another WADA athlete did not go unnoticed. The British edition of The Guardian this week came out with a material stating that officials of the World Anti-Doping Association "are afraid of certain decisions by the International Olympic Committee."

In the offices of WADA despondency reigns. Corridor coolers are empty - the water is gone to wash down stress pills, which are on the list of prohibited drugs, but for which WADA officials, of course, have permission from the local doctor ...

Rumor has it that Putin personally called the IOC and demanded the Lytsarey to cover up the doping. Craig Reedy grabbed his nails in his leather chair and, perishing to allow medical certificates from Williams sisters to use those drugs to improve erectile function, he removed the American administration number from his favorite contacts.

Comments from our readers:

The Ministry of Sports turned out to be an elementary feeder for people from * elites * and nothing more. It becomes clear and why athletes frankly * thrown and framed *. Until those who openly scoundrel arranged in * the heads of doping * and other officials from the sport will not answer, nothing will change. Well, there will be a regular meeting or something else, but apart from * embedding into the international system * there will be NOTHING. Athletes only interfere, require something, and to go for the sake of their interests to the conflict NO ONE WILL BE WITH ANYONE.

After the n-th number of years, this illustrative example will be included in all textbooks as one of the elements of the hybrid war of the West against Russia ... De Coubertin is pitiful - the naive was a man, reviving the Olympic Games for humanity, dreamed of friendship and peace! Immediately in sight - the Frenchman, but if he were Anglo-Saxon, he would first create WADA, and only then he would revive the competitions themselves ...
I still think that WADA WADA, but the real situation has arisen among our athletes because of the incompetence and laziness of our Ministry of Sport and the Minister personally! There are no other ministries and departments - a federation, a trainer and an athlete! Everything! And then we have one 20 official for officials, but for some reason they couldn’t protect them from the machinations of a pro-American organization! Question - why the hell goat bayan?

The trouble is that the Olympic Games have become a commercial show, and all the filth flies for a lot of money. Further, I think, it will not be better, the IOC will overcome WADA or vice versa. The idea has outlived itself.

Pro circles and sticks

The first thing that frankly draws attention to itself after the completion of the parliamentary elections in our country and summing up the results of the Central Election Commission is a very low-key reaction of the so-called Western partners. There are no cries about “millions of violations from Kaliningrad to Chukotka” that have become an integral attribute of any electoral process in Russia, nor sputtering over the “total lack of democracy”, or any other such loud accusations on duty and attacks.

Start took a low, not all reached the finish. Certain candidates, clearly inspired by the example of the American women's team at the relay in Rio, say that they dropped their “wand” because their rivals were hindering them from running with their sidelong glances. But with our judges you will not play around - by the goal, it means by the goal.

In general, with a “wand” you need to be more careful with everything ... At least to pass on time, and not to wind extra circles without transmission ...

Comments from our readers:

I advise you to save emotions for more useful things. The turnout is not high, but isn’t many who predicted this when they objected to holding elections in September: harvesting at summer houses, a velvet season for vacationers. I’m not mistaken if I estimate that many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who, being registered in one place, are registered at the place of stay and actually live in another, or even not registered at all. And what, you seriously think that voters will pay many hundreds, if not thousands of rubles for the dubious pleasure of going for an absentee ballot to another region. Believe it yourself !? In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the people are slowly, but learning to understand what deputies should and can really deal with. And that boredom, which the candidates put on the debate, pushed many away. Here, perhaps, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, who actively took a personal part in them, was more orienting. But ... and he, and Zyuganov, and Mironov did not offer anything new: neither in politics nor in frames. And the EP has managed to take advantage of the opportunities of the ONF to satisfy the hunger for staff from among the new, unbrowded people, and cut off the most odious people through the primaries. Hence the great success in single-member districts. And as my friend put it, United Russia demonstrated at the elections (at least in its precinct) a fairly high level of organization, up to the control of party members' turnout to the elections. Doesn't this remind you of the times of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the work of agitators who ran about in apartments and reminded voters of the need to vote? And the last. The leaders of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Fair Russia did not understand that their electorate is shrinking mainly due to the death of veterans, and, of course, due to the not-so-large voting of votes by various parties and parties.

The EP is an association of people who want to be in power. If in the future the party gains less than 50% of seats in parliament, it will disappear, and its members will flow into the following party of power: the CPSU-NDR-ER-?

The complete failure of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is interesting: the loss of 60% of seats in the Duma means that voters refuse to trust the communists ...

May it be to you! Stop looking for a black cat in a dark room ... I’m absolutely sure that the majority have chosen "ER" for one simple reason - stability! You can say of the worst chose the best, somehow. I, if it were not for my principled position not to participate in the elections, most likely, I would also vote for United Russia, but my spouse did it for me ...

All sorts of “perestroika” and reforms from “new” political figures are already in my liver since 1985! Let the rest of the years live peacefully, without the idiotic upheavals of comrades rushing to power, who decided from something that they were better than the current ones ... We passed all this!

And if the tape?

From notes ukvolontera:
“We meet 4 000 trunks hopelessly spoiled for our money. Four thousand new AK-74 machines disfigured as an upgrade. For mad grandmas. On the stolen and Krivorukov copied Israeli dodger technology. This is really big money, which was paid not only for the work (hack), but also for the work of the design bureau, which was copying the finished product. There was a machine gun with a wooden butt. Instead, the butt was broken off and on three cogs they screwed up the tube with a device that should make the butt fold. They called it AKM-TK. ”

Results of the week. “What do I mean? "I" are different "

Brief instructions for creating the latest Maidan weapons: I pinned my covenant to the Soviet Zbroy and the first Dili zpility from her front sight, which did not work out ...

With AK-74 a little confused - not cut the fly, but the butt. Therefore, in the rifle subunits of the Ukrainian army one can now often hear: “Mykola, do you have glue in tebebe?” - “No, not so much. E Scotch double sided.

Comments from our readers:

I want to shake hands with the partisan who organized this zradu. Well done, shit! More "grandmother" slepil!

Managed to break unbreakable. Bravo!

If the "modernizers" kill their country, that they have everything else.

As in the joke: they gave two steel balls - one broke, the other lost.

Fused tear

Petro Poroshenko at the UN General Assembly session:
"Russia has deployed a 38-thousandth illegal armed group in the Donbass."

Mother, mother ... Well this is read three invisible divisions. But this week it was reported that the Russian developer had just begun to test the invisible cloaks of special fibers for military equipment. It turns out that all lies ... Not only for military equipment. And the tests themselves have actually been completed long ago, and at least 38 thousands of individual-style stealth coats, in which Russian servicemen are wrapped, are deployed to the troops and plow through the expanses of nenki. But stealth is a stealth, but not for the keen eyes of Peter Alekseevich. The invisibility veil from Russian soldiers with ease is disrupted by the latest Ukrainian development SS-2016GM - “The fume tear deeply modernized”, systematically tested by the president.

Comments from our readers:

Glassmaking is a dangerous thing. It also says: "NOT TO ACCEPT INNER"

Well, straight pride takes! Three deployed divisions were redeployed, and no one buzzed until Peter Belochkin went into reconnaissance.

Well, this figure is for internal use. To the Nazis were in good shape.

Armenian Iskander ...

The main event of the rehearsal of the military parade in Yerevan was that the most advanced Russian operational tactical missile systems (PTRK) Iskander took part in the rehearsal.

Well, right away, Armenia received the Iskander ... This is the same as saying: the Romanians received American anti-missiles. Romanians separately - anti-missiles separately.

And in the case of Iskander, all the sisters remained with earrings, because the PTRC on the territory of Armenia is an element of that very collective security, the agreement on which Yerevan, Moscow, and also Astana, Minsk, Dushanbe and Bishkek signed at the time.

Baku’s nervousness is understandable. And in order not to be nervous, maybe that ... also in the CSTO - you see that your Iskander will appear in Azerbaijan, if necessary, of course ...

Comments from our readers:

You can shower with hats - but I think that this is the wrong decision. Tactical missiles can do more harm to Armenia itself than to its opponents. Still, it's a small country, with a small army. These missiles will not allow it to win a war with a larger neighbor (even with Azerbaijan) - but they will give extra reasons for a preventive "threat removal".

How will this be treated in Azerbaijan? Clear. Because one need not be a rocket scientist in order to understand - everything has been done to perpetuate the conflict in Karabakh. Will this add love of Azerbaijan to Russia? I doubt it.

And where does Azerbaijan? Armenia is actually a member of the CSTO.

In general, it was precisely the leadership of Azerbaijan that decided not to take additional seats for Paralympians at Rio-2106, and I did not hear anything like that about brotherly Armenia ...


RIA News referring to the FSB Department for the Trans-Baikal Territory, it was reported that two residents of one of the cities of Transbaikalia decided to make a remarkable scam. They wrote letters to the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States and offered to contact them to obtain "secret materials through the Department of Defense." In particular, the letters contained allegations that the two residents of Borzya know “secret data” that “the military hide”.

Well, if there were two who decided to send a letter to the CIA about the non-existent location of the missiles, then it is time to find people who will start writing letters to other American and international "instances". For example, a letter to OPEC with a “top secret” message that oil in Russia remained two or three times to refill, or a letter to the Pentagon with coordinates of Bashar Asad’s bedroom corrected in the Kin-Dza-Dza galaxy ...
Interestingly, when they wrote the letters, did the marks even stick? ..

Comments from our readers:

Jokes jokes, and in fact could put men.

They scolded potential traitors of the Motherland, and one soldier, and called it - the CIA trolling! Yes, just these two idiots did not know anything secret, and if they knew, they would have sold it all without a twinge of conscience and anxiety over the interests of the country. Judah!

As in the old joke
The call: "Is this the KGB? Bad job ..." - cotton is on the shoulder - "KGB, KGB ..."
Ah, not much time was given to the CIA.

Disappointing conclusions

During the week it became known that one of the active critics of the “Maidan” Yevgeny Zhilin was killed in the Moscow region. He was the leader of the Ukrainian organization "Oplot", which made efforts to oppose the law-cutters and other Maidan puppets, who spoke out as a labor force of the anti-constitutional coup.

From publications, starting around February 2015, the commander of the Lugansk militia squad was killed in the LPR, the leader of one of the people's self-defense centers was killed near Lugansk (Happiness, etc.), the assassination attempt was made on the head of the people's republic, the leader of the oppressed “Oplot” was killed in Moscow region . As you know, once - an accident, two - a coincidence, three - a pattern. And this pattern, apparently, concerns only representatives of anti-Maid resistance, who die at the hands of the “unknowns” not only in the Donbas, but already in the territory of the Russian Federation. It would be necessary to draw conclusions, but here's the bad luck - they are still some kind of disappointing ...

Comments from our readers:

USSR 1971
Well, probably it is time for the country's law enforcement agencies to figure out why the broad patriots of Ukraine are already shooting in the Moscow region. Probably, this is not an ordinary cafe showdown, but an order, and with a political background.

Perhaps, it is necessary to understand not only law enforcement agencies, but first Russian politicians? What is the policy of Russia in Ukraine really no one can make out. Today, "at hand" is a hostile state with a zombie population, which is not shy in expressions and actions. Hybrid warfare - what is IT ??? The Russian business operates in Ukraine (VTB and Sberbank), energy is being supplied, despite the destruction of everything Russian in this country. There is a systematic destruction of dissidents in Ukraine, and now in Russia. The murder of the leader of the "Oplot" is first and foremost a political assassination of the enemy of the Poroshenko regime, and it is completely in the territory of Russia. I am sure that in the Ukrainian media this will be described as a successful operation of the Security Service of Ukraine in the territory of the invader. People who oppose the Kiev junta no longer feel safe in Russia. Why is the border-passage yard still? Why do drugs flow into Russia? I don’t raise the issue of introducing a visa regime, but the question of admitting all former ATO participants to the territory of Russia has been discussed in the Duma for a year now! Will this "column of migrant workers" from Ukraine 5-oh column during the "W" ??? First of all, all these questions should be answered by politicians, not by law enforcement agencies. Security agencies must receive an order and report on the implementation!

The feeling that the entire rescue committee of Ukraine is spinning near Rublevka.

Independence was not in vain ...

I found out the need for any legislative changes and for the repayment of which debts the International Monetary Fund allocated a billion tranche to Ukraine. Earlier, Ukrainian media reported that more than 400 million dollars (more than 40% tranche), Kiev was forced to immediately transfer to the repayment of previous tranches from the IMF.

With the 40% tranche of the parting right away - on account of repayment of interest on previous accumulated debts. As much Poroshenko "rolled back" by pushing the decision of the IMF to allocate a tranche and "million" guarantees. Percentage of 10 - to Sebe ... Remains 10% (although ... this is too optimistic). And now they are “saving” now the Ukrainian economy, which, after the release of the tranche, Ms. Lagarde jumped so much, jumped so much that people are literally bathing in prosperity and luxury - they eat away golden loaves ... And, considering the fact of the new mega-peak from Kiev Vladyka - the abolition of visas with the state of Saint Kitts and Nevis (the population does not reach 50 thousand people), we can safely say: the Maidan was not in vain ...

Comments from our readers:

Ukraine: we will become slaves to spite our neighbor.

The black
Conscience sold, left the land to sell.

It is difficult to disagree with Zelensky. Nosko noskoy complete.

Earlier in stories there was no state with the name of Ukraine, therefore everything is being done in Ukraine itself to correct this mistake. It remains only to add: "Glory to Ukraine ..."

God mr obama

In his last speech at the session of the UN General Assembly as head of the White House, Barack Obama condemned Moscow’s desire to regain world influence "in a violent way" and called on everyone in the world to become "co-workers of God." It was probably a fat hint that God was registered in Washington.

The president outlined the cornerstone of his political faith as follows: “That's what I believe in: we can all be co-workers with God. And our leadership, our governance, this whole UN must reflect this truth, which cannot be reduced to anything else. ”

The Washington Post Browser Whose Opinion Quotes RIA News", writes that Barack Obama, of course, demonstrates idealism, clarity of thought and calm intellect, but only now the world is in more confusion than when Obama moved into the White House: "Obama was creating light in a world that is becoming darker." Moreover, it is sarcastically noted that the UN is not the best place for such speeches, and it is better for the speaker to try his art “in Bible study courses”.

Here, we note, there is an open hint at the dubious term “co-worker of God”, used by the president and invented not by a speechwriter, or B. H. Obama himself. Also evident here is some irony over the notorious American “exclusivity” that Mr. President likes to mention in his speeches. If the world is plunging into disorder, and the “exceptional” this mess has not slept, or has created, then what kind of “exceptional” are they? Especially their leader Obama?

Eugene Goltz of the University of Texas (Austin), whose opinion is cited in the journal "The National Interest"says that it would be a mistake to think that the United States is capable of driving the trajectory of world development.

Obviously, add, the idealist Obama thinks differently, despite criticism of him. This is not surprising: the “co-worker of God”, declaring “leadership” and “control” of the USA and only later mentioning “all this UN” in his speech, is not capable of thinking differently.

Comments from our readers:

Three things never come back: time, word, opportunity.
Three things in life are unreliable: power, luck, fortune.
Three things destroy a person: wine, pride, anger.
It is terrible that you will not be. And how to remember you will be.

Anatole Klim
Maybe I will say a seditious thing, but the weak politician Obamku we still remember with a kind word. If the epileptic Hillary wins, she definitely has no brakes, we will be pressed several times stronger. Trump still talks and promises a lot, but this stray will do nothing, the car is running, and he is not the helmsman.

Mountain shooter
Listen to the president's speeches, which already has the “ex” prefix on his forehead, which, against all the laws of physics, “pushes” a frankly weak “hawkish”? Let the office hamsters listen to him ...

Felled on Russia

The Syrian army or the Russian VKS could have struck the UN humanitarian convoys in the Aleppo area, but in any case, Russia should be responsible for the bombardment “in this space”, said US national security adviser Ben Rhodes.

Meanwhile, a representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major General Igor Konashenkov, informed the public about who could actually strike at a car convoy carrying humanitarian goods. According to Konashenkov, a few minutes before the car ignited, an American drone drone entered the area of ​​the Urum-el-Kubra settlement.

On the eve of the Ministry of Defense spread video frames, which show how, in parallel with the humanitarian column, the vehicle of militants with a mortar installation was also moving.

Recall, the UN humanitarian aid convoy was shelled on Tuesday night in the Urum al-Kubra area, north-west of Aleppo. The Red Cross confirmed the death of one volunteer and several civilians.

Earlier, Moscow called the accusations against the air forces of air strikes on the convoy unfounded. The Ministry of Defense also said that neither Syrian nor Russian aviation They didn’t strike at the Humcon convoy.

Comments from our readers:

The black
Did this surprise you? I am not. I don’t want to talk about all Americans, but the leadership of the States is scoundrels of what to look for. Cannibals! Chikatilo compared with each of them - an angel!

And before we were stupid. It is now smarter than steel - they have waited until the level of the star of the mattress reaches the red level, when in hysterics they no longer pay attention to other events and ... oh oochen a cold shower of irrefutable facts to expose this star.
Finally, we started to work properly. As they say, in order to show convincingly, you need to give the balabols a chance to finally break out.

As soon as our military men declared possession of objective data on the American drone drone precisely in that place and at that time, the Pentagon declared that the attack on the humanitarian convoy was not at all inflicted from the air. The same claim and German military experts. It turns out that Ban Ki-moon deceived the world community. And what to do, passed the version with our planes. Official denials of the regular propaganda duck from the United States have not been received.

Hegemon does not ask permission

Recently, Sergey Lavrov and John Kerry agreed and adopted a document on Syria. Negotiations Lavrov and Kerry lasted more than 14 hours and led, as some analysts believed, to a serious breakthrough in the Syrian issue. However, now the agreements reached were in jeopardy. The reason was the airstrike of the so-called international coalition on the positions of the Syrian army.

As a result of four attacks on the Syrian troops 17 September 62 soldiers killed, about a hundred people were injured. According to representatives of the Pentagon, they were confident that they were bombing the positions of "IG" (prohibited in Russia). When the Russian military informed them about the error, the military coalitions stopped the operation. The United States and the Russian Federation exchanged sharp diplomatic attacks. In essence, there was a real political scandal that reached the UN Security Council.

September 19 in Syria came under fire a joint humanitarian convoy of the UN and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. Eighteen 31 convoy trucks were destroyed. Victims: two dozen civilians. The White House took the opportunity and suggested that the blame for the attack lies either in Russia or in Syria. However, there is no evidence from Washington - only unsubstantiated accusations.

The bottom line: the UN has suspended all humanitarian missions in Syria.

The second result: the agreement on a cease-fire in Syria, reached between the United States and the Russian Federation, was under threat. The situation is heated.

America does not seem to want to stick to the agreements. The world hegemon does not intend to ask anyone for permission or advice: he is a hegemon ...

Comments from our readers:

According to flashed information in the media, the Predator UAV dangled in the air above the convoy. He is a shock drone. And everyone knows their ability to shoot unarmed.

And then they will be waving at the UN in a test tube, that remnants of saliva from Uncle Vasya from Omsk were found on the wreckage, and that Omsk urgently needs democracy ... When will we work ahead of the curve? Why does the UN not raise the issue of blackmailing in the state of Texas and that there is an urgent need to introduce democracy? To hold free democratic elections (where, of course, the "United Russia" will win)!

We put ourselves in such a way that now we insolently blame what we did not do. And our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, instead of snapping at the raised tones, is becoming more and more justified, like a naughty schoolboy. In short, if there is no silenok either to cut in, or to bellow (so that everyone is at least stunned), then what for was it to go into a fight?

Special category

It turns out the details of the American proposal to create fly-free zones in Syria. Recall that the initiative to create zones in which it would be impossible to use military aircraft, was voiced by the head of the US foreign ministry, John Kerry. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the American initiative inoperative.

Now it becomes clear that the "inoperability" of the American initiative is, perhaps, a too soft term. It turns out that the Americans understood the creation of no-fly zones for the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force, but not for the planes of their own “coalition”. This was stated by the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter: “The Pentagon is not considering the possibility of stopping the flights of the US Air Force and the coalition in Syria. This is out of the question, as the American coalition delivers pinpoint strikes and tries to avoid civilian casualties. ”

Carter had previously been distinguished by frankness - almost the same that is inherent in Michael McFaul, who had previously worked as an ambassador to Russia. Well, and now he and McFaul eclipsed. He said bluntly: “The ban on flights should apply only to Russian aviation and Assad. They are with us in different categories. ”

No one doubts.

The "category" of aviation of the American coalition has been well known since the bombings of wedding processions, excavators and the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Recently, the "category" was confirmed by attacks by the US coalition aviation against the positions of the Syrian military in Deir ez-Zor.

Comments from our readers:

Such an initiative "Triumphs" look incredulous ...

In response to the Americans' proposal for a no-fly zone for the Russian Aerospace Force, the Russian Ministry of Defense promised to organize a non-stop zone for American aircraft.

Again wet dreams and children's threats? As recent practice shows, Americans do not care about Triumphs.

Mountain shooter
They do not even give a damn about Iranian air defense. They fly only where they know for sure that there is nothing to fear. And honestly admit it.
If they “spat” on Russia, they would simply not pay attention to it, as in 99 during the bombing of Yugoslavia. And now, too often, Russia is remembered out of place and out of place. With a country that is "spat", do not behave. It just does not pay attention.

Captain in black

The information resource Amaq, which is controlled by the terrorist group ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation), writes that the igilovtsy managed to shoot down an ATS air force aircraft near the Syrian capital. The material said that the plane was fired from an anti-aircraft gun and fell a few kilometers from Damascus. The same source claims that the Syrian military pilot was killed.

On the eve, shots appeared on the network in which people who call themselves igilovtsy represent a man dressed in a black robe with an inscription in Russian “kafir” (the Islamic concept is “wrong”). The man said that he is "the captain of the FSB, a freelance officer of 2-th operational department of the FSB of Russia in Moscow." Called his name - Yevgeny Petrenko. According to the man represented in the footage, he was captured by ISIS, while allegedly performing the tasks of the Russian special services in the territories controlled by this grouping in Syria.

There are many reasons for doubts in this case: from the fact that the igilovtsy all their prisoners never donned their own color — black, but orange robes were put on them, and even before “the freelance captain of the FSB” states that he is registered in the city Tsaritsyno, Moscow Region ...

Or maybe the "captain" from the hail of Kitezh of the Tight-hearted province of an empty parish?

Comments from our readers:

In the Moscow region there is no Tsaritsyn, but there is a Tsaritsyno district, in which there is no ul. Pioneer, but there is a mental hospital №14. Freelancers are identity assistants or secret officers, but there are no freelance officers. There is no such unit in the Moscow administration of the FSB! There are no such posts in the FSB. Fake 100%.

There is clearly a lack of theatrical education for this unfortunate captain with the appearance of a prison regular.

Banishing liberoids
Yes, the Igilov directors screwed up in Hollywood: there is no Tsaritsyn city, because it is the city of Volgograd, and the non-staff intelligence officer suddenly found himself in Syria - what wind and what goals did it take? In the script, a large school is visible a mile away.

"Mistrali" on oars

“Cairo sent an official request in early September: the Egyptian side is interested in turning these ships into full-fledged combat units as quickly as possible. Due to the fact that the composition of the air group (Ka-52K) was determined and the time frame for training the flight personnel was agreed, the question arose of equipping the Mistral with Russian radioelectronic equipment, as expected by the original project, ”the newspaper source said "News".

According to him, “the coordination of the set of on-board equipment supplied between Russia and Egypt took almost a year, in particular, Egypt considered some radio-electronic systems provided for by the initial Russian-French project and already installed on the helicopter carriers, redundant and unresponsive to the tasks of the national military sea ​​forces. "

Earlier, Morinformsystem-Agat and Radioelectronic Technologies (KRET) announced their readiness to equip Mistrals after selling them to third countries with a “combat information management system and radio-electronic protection complexes”. Mentioned, including the complex EW 5P28 "Winner", which is installed on large ships such as aircraft carriers (helicopter carriers, cruisers) and providing a multiple increase in their survivability.

Recall that recently, two UDCs of the Mistral type, which were originally built for the Russian Navy under the names Vladivostok and Sevastopol, were transferred to Egypt by the French side. New ship names: "Gamal Abdel Nasser" and "Anwar Sadat."

Thus ends a long and instructive story with French helicopter carriers, who are likely to become one of the historical landmarks of the unpopular president F. Hollande.

Comments from our readers:

At the oars let them walk;))

They do not ask us for diesel, and we don’t have such a diesel.

That was sarcasm.

How predictable everything was! Helicopter them, e-stuffing ... Next - EW?
Grandmother! Give me a drink, otherwise I want to eat, so there is no place to spend the night !!!

Niccola Mack
It is with us, sinners, go, and they will have to SAVE.
Interestingly, maybe we still have to order an aircraft carrier in France.
Egypt will then be able to set up AVUG - the carrier-helicopter strike group.
The Americans will fall into a stupor: we do not, and Egypt has !!!

They do not have time

Russia will be able to deploy its troops in Great Britain for 2 days, while the Alliance will take months to deploy such a group on its own territory, ex-commander of the British joint forces Richard Barrons said recently.

“During the Cold War, the NATO commander in Europe could draw up a plan to repel aggression and mobilize all forces. But after the collapse of the USSR, they left such planning. As a result, in the event of an attack by Russia after a part of Europe is occupied, the council of participants from 28 will discuss for a long time what to do, ”the general said. "Free press".

Mikhail Alexandrov, a leading expert at the Center for Military-Political Studies at MGIMO, believes that the general really appreciated the situation: “The British general really assesses the situation, NATO really cannot quickly transfer troops to Eastern Europe. The inability of the alliance to act in Eastern Europe was laid initially, at the time of Poland and the Baltic states joining NATO. In Eastern Europe was the infrastructure of the Warsaw Pact, not NATO. And this infrastructure gradually decomposed, collapsed. The armed forces of these states are degraded. In the Baltics, there were no troops at all; it was part of the Soviet Union. Our troops left, and there was nothing left at all. ”

According to the expert, the only more or less strong army can be considered Polish, since it is able to put up to one hundred thousand people. However, in terms of aviation, the Poles are weak. In addition, they do not have modern means of electronic warfare, modern high-precision weapons.

Comments from our readers:

As accurately noticed. NATO fighters without lace panties, dry closets, cafe-bistros and other amenities do not know how to fight ...

Not worth so dismissive. All these “warnings” about NATO’s unwillingness to conflict with Russia have a clear basis.
But the guys can overdo it: they will eventually inspire it in their own cortex, and voila.

Voila is what? In the window from the tenth floor with a cry "Russian go"? For God's sake. Everything is simple: give money.

Decay and destruction

"What was, then passed." This phrase can briefly describe the historical transition of the USA from the past to the present. Foreign experts recall that after the Second World War, the United States really dominated the planet, releasing half of industrial production, controlling 2 / 3 gold and foreign exchange reserves in the world and possessing the most powerful military potential. But today even the most steadfast defenders of the former “liberal” order predict the end of the era of American hegemony.

After 1991, when the USSR fell, the bosses in the USA decided that the “end of history” had come (painted by the famous idealist F. Fukuyama in the eponymous book), and Washington, with its liberal democracy, will begin to set the tone for the entire planet. But that was an illusion! Many foreign experts today do not doubt the precariousness of the current American "hegemony". Now the “Pan American” age is coming to a natural ending - not to the fantastic democratic end of history, but to the renal end of hegemony. And ideology has nothing to do with it. The former hegemon simply squeezes China out of his throne.

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
Again, the "kapets" of the omerige ... I basically do not mind, but the kapets are too long and prolonged ...

"kirddykomerige" scares the whole world. Is that why the whole world, including us, is so diligently investing our earnings in American assets? Everything is exactly like the situation with the rat kings that the whole pack cares about.

Danil Laryon
Unlike everyone, there is RUSSIA, it does not falter, and it will stand for ages, not move.

There is an old saying that is suitable for the United States ... "To become cleaner, it is not necessary to wash. It is enough to conquer others."
If you rephrase it, then ... "To live better, it is not necessary to raise your country. It is enough to drive everyone else into the stone age."
China as a new world leader is also uncertain. And they have a lot of problems and not everything is so smooth. And the economy is tied to the West.
At the moment, a breakthrough in science is needed for a breakthrough. For example, the transition to a new, more efficient type of fuel.
Or ... war.

* “What do I mean? "I" are different "- a phrase from the cartoon" Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all "
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  1. izya top
    izya top 25 September 2016 06: 54
    Barack Obama, of course, demonstrates idealism, clarity of thought and calm intelligence
    here he roared in a voice wassat
    and to yesterday’s celebration by the ukrotatars of the anniversary of the blockade of Crimea laughing
    1. dmi.pris
      dmi.pris 25 September 2016 06: 59
      Well, about neighing ... After provocations, and even a soldier and employee died, I would not have neighing .. Just kept my ears stuck ..
      1. OLD FART
        OLD FART 25 September 2016 13: 25
        Soon at the borders, citizens of Ukraine .... bully
    2. evil partisan
      evil partisan 25 September 2016 10: 27
      Quote: izya top
      here he roared in a voice

      Those. You Izya can still laugh without a voice? Yes, my friend, a phenomenon ...
      Sholom! drinks
  2. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 25 September 2016 06: 57
    Well, about WADA, these poop still show themselves .. Defenders are tightly aware.
    1. delfinN
      delfinN 27 September 2016 07: 10
      the latest trend is not WADA, but WDA (doping agency).
  3. dmi.pris
    dmi.pris 25 September 2016 07: 14
    And about the elections ... Yes, they just accustomed all these critics .. There is simply no other way to argue and resent it is useless. It will only cost more for all these prokhorovyh, curls, hodors ..
  4. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 25 September 2016 07: 36
    Quote: dmi.pris
    And about the elections ...

    When the Liberal Democratic Party was ahead of the Communist Party at 0,2-0,5%, Zyuganov was complaining about mass violations and threatened with non-recognition of the elections and almost a boycott of the new Duma, it was worth going to the 2 place and shut up.
  5. thinker
    thinker 25 September 2016 09: 12
    "Russia has deployed a 38-strong illegal armed group in Donbass." Not impressive, listen to the translation - 38 million!
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 25 September 2016 10: 07
      All right under the propagandist tracing paper! Just as the Ukrainian press spoke
      1. Bloodsucker
        Bloodsucker 25 September 2016 11: 11
        Kiev Jews decided to award a medal after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, on the obverse "For the liberation of Kiev 1986", on the reverse "For the capture of Crimea 1986"
        Now the new medal will probably be "For the liberation of Donbass-2014", on the obverse, and on the reverse "For Free Syria 2016."
  6. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 25 September 2016 10: 03
    Petro Poroshenko at the UN General Assembly session:
    "Russia has deployed a 38-thousandth illegal armed group in the Donbass."
    - Do you think our Rosochka will become a singer or dancer?
    - I think a dancer.
    “Have you seen her dancing?”
    - No. We heard her sing. -
  7. dima-fesko
    dima-fesko 25 September 2016 10: 11
    The former hegemon is simply squeezed from the throne by China.

    Here I am about the same. Exceptional verbiage of democracy is a waste material. I'm afraid of China with its "Asian-Eastern loyalty". The country accumulates "capital" in all directions - economic, military, political. While Russia and America are slapping each other in the face, China, with its inherent philosophy, is watching its opponents "wear out." The time will come when he will stop taking into account both of them.
    1. fox21h
      fox21h 25 September 2016 12: 52
      It’s a pity that we are not yet, but I put emphasis on the word while
  8. Starik72
    Starik72 25 September 2016 13: 12
    I read the Weekly review with pleasure. As always, accurately, succinctly, intelligible language and with excellent humor !!! Thanks to the authors for YOUR work !!! Sincerely.
    GYGOLA 25 September 2016 13: 50
    Layout of the week with humor is always a promising option. Without humor in any way, thanks for the work.
    1. OLD FART
      OLD FART 25 September 2016 14: 09
      Quote: GYGOLA
      Layout of the week with humor is always a promising option. Without humor in any way, thanks for the work.

      Humor will save the world ...! We know how to humor, without malice (including ourselves ...) Even if we are in mortal danger ...!
      And this is for the "proud Balts, etc.)))) Should Russia tell you? And if we count ...
  10. morpogr
    morpogr 25 September 2016 14: 25
    Capacitively, in essence and with humor! But as always! smile
  11. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  12. Shuma
    Shuma 27 September 2016 18: 09
    Regarding Armenia and Azerbaijan: in my opinion, the commentator kotdavin4i is right, it was "non-brotherly" Azerbaijan that refused to raise quotas for Para-Olympic inrah at the expense of Russia. Let's remember Eurovision 2016. The Russian jury gave 12 points to Armenia and 10 to Azerbaijan. In response, they received 12 points from the jury of "non-brotherly" Azerbaijan and 2 (two!) Points from the jury of "brotherly" Armenia. Somehow it makes you think.
  13. Gost171
    Gost171 28 September 2016 00: 04
    .. grandfather, give WADA, not WADA, but WATER, does the grandfather have you WATER? Not WATER, but WATER, yes you went with your VADOM ... Article plus with plus.