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The boy who saved the partisans (about Sasha Borodulin)

I first heard about Sasha Borodulin during an excursion to the Upper Mandrogi, a tourist village in the Leningrad Region. The village is very beautiful, interesting and original. It was necessary to get to it by a small ferry, it is better to even say a ferry boat, a sort of wooden raft, which was controlled by two young men in Russian shirts. That day there were many excursion groups, behind us - from Germany.

We hurried to stay on the ferry, but all could not. Amazing and funny, but there was no place just for one person. In order not to break up the group, the guide volunteered to stay on the shore and get to us together with the foreigners. “I will cover you, in which case,” she joked. - How Borodulin.
At that moment, a rare, sonorous name, unfortunately and shame, did not tell me anything. It seems that other tourists, too - in any case, it was not repaired. Therefore, the phrase just dissolved in the air. But my last name was remembered by my voicing. Borodulin, Bo-ro-du-lin - like the booming sound of an old pioneer drum.

Not immediately, not immediately, I undertook to open a new page for our stories - feat of young partisan Sasha Borodulin. And the more I learned, the more clearly I understood the stupidity and inappropriateness of the guide's joke.

Sasha, Shurik, was born in Leningrad 8 March - International Women's Day. “There will be a nezhenka!” Said the old angry nurse to her mother. These stupid words are Sasha's mother, Maria Feodorovna, and I would not have remembered, if only a year later it had not turned out that my son had rheumatism.

Doctors have advised to change the climate. Moving began: Karelia, Novgorod region, and then again - Leningrad. Only the family has settled not in the northernmost capital, but in the seventy kilometers - the village of Novinka.

Shura grew intelligent and reasonable. And although often had to be treated, and in the cold time to dress very warmly, the boy did not look at all like a sissy. On the contrary, he was a ringleader and a leader among his peers. So, once in winter, a boy fell into the Kremyanka River under the ice - sledding and landed on a weak area. A band of kids ran to the rescue.

The boy who saved the partisans (about Sasha Borodulin)- Stop! - Sasha shouted to them. - You break the ice!

He got two poles and handed them over to those in trouble. So pulled that kid.

The older Sasha became, the harder he fought against rheumatism. In the winter, I skied every day, in the summer I swam, played football, and practiced on the horizontal bars. He was allowed not to engage in physical education at school, but he was offended and went to class. I really wanted the boy to be the same as everyone else.
The Great Patriotic War began. Fifteen-year-old Shura, of course, was not taken to the front. In the partisan squad too. Mother and father handed over an order from the partisans: to stay at home and observe everything carefully. To say that Sashka was upset by such an order meant to turn an elephant into a fly. The boy got so angry that, having gathered his friends, he invited them to write a letter to Voroshilov himself! Compiled the text of the telegram. Unfortunately, literally he did not survive. The only known line is: “With all our might, please take us to fight!”

Sasha carried the telegram to the post office - he did not trust anyone, he decided that his friends were slaughtered at the last moment. The postal worker, seeing the boy’s determined face, did not refuse. But the telegram is not really sent.

And the guys were waiting for an answer. We waited with all our might. A week, another, a month, another ... Voroshilov was silent. So, perhaps, the war will end. And Sasha went to look for partisans. He left alone, because he had no exact information. The family left such a letter: “Mom, Dad, Tasia, Irochka (these are sisters), I can no longer stay at home. My place among the partisans. Please don't cry for me. I will return when our Motherland will be free. We will win!"

That first time, Shura did not find the partisans. But - that's patsansky luck! - found a perfectly serviceable carbine in the forest. He was overjoyed and completely grown-up, sensibly, figured out an unexpected "gift." With such a "roll" in the bosom and with the Fritz not to fight? No, this is not borodulinsky.

And Shura, having chosen the day, went away from his native Novinki. Found the road on which the car drove. Zalёg in a dense bush. And in the same evening alone he knocked out a motorcycle and destroyed the fascists who were riding on it! Captured the trophy weapon and documents that were carried by the Germans. Again went in search of partisans. And I got it!

Skillful, quick-witted, sensible lad immediately won the sympathy of the fighters. Especially because I brought very valuable information. The papers contained information about the plans to restore the railway - according to it, the invaders were going to deliver fresh forces and weapons. For these purposes, the German garrison was stationed at Cholovo station.

Sasha was immediately sent on reconnaissance, and he coped with it brilliantly. Under the guise of a poor boy, I found out everything that was required. It was Shura who advised his comrades to attack the garrison during the day. The boy realized that the Nazis were so confident in their abilities that they did not expect an attack at all. But at night, on the contrary, they keep their ears open.

Sasha was right. The squad defeated the whole garrison and safely escaped. Only here Borodulin wounded. And even if the wound was not life-threatening, good care was required. The young partisan was transferred to Novinka, to his parents. Our fighters wanted Shura to get better quickly, but it turned out the opposite: he had a bad cold during the road. The rheumatism, which had receded during the peaceful school years, again made itself felt.

Sasha spent several months at home. But not only treated. He helped his mother fight the enemy - he wrote leaflets. And in the spring, 1942 of the year returned to the detachment, which by that time had united with other partisan detachments and began to advance towards the front line.

For a minute, leave Sasha and the squad, let's pay attention to this. The more I learn about the young heroes who died during World War II, the more often I come across a terrible point in their destinies: treachery. Lara Mikheeva, barefoot garrison, Vitya Khomenko, Sasha Filippov ... And how many of them, such guys, have lost their lives because they were given out!

Such a terrible point is in the biography of Sasha Borodulin. The detachment had a sort of food base - a hut in one of the villages where food was passed through the owner. This path became known to the traitor. The detachment had already moved into the forest. They were able to catch up with one of the women who brought bread, warned. Giving a fight meant to die, the forces are too unequal. Several people volunteered for a protective barrier. Among them - sixteen Sasha. Permissions to this were not given to him - everyone understood that the boy would go to certain death. But Borodulin, until that minute, clearly maintaining the distance between the adult fighters and himself, the schoolgirl of the day before yesterday, suddenly soared:
- I did not ask, but warned! I stay! You will not take me anywhere with you, not that hour.
And stayed.

... He fought to the last, and was himself the last, because all the comrades from the barrier died during that battle. Sasha could still get away from the Nazis, but he saved the squad. The more time the fascists spend now, the farther the guerrillas will go. He, the boy himself, gave them the most precious time. Together with your life.

When the ammunition ran out, Shura pulled out two grenades. First threw at the enemies. Then he waited for the Germans to encircle him, and got the second one ...

... For a long time the motor ship of the Baltic Shipping Company Sasha Borodulin went on a voyage (now it has been decommissioned). There is Borodulin Street in the village of Novinka, the name of the brave partisan was worn by many pioneer squads.

Note: illustrations to this text were painted by artist Victor Nelyubov.

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  1. PKK
    PKK 26 September 2016 07: 15
    This is a feat.
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 26 September 2016 07: 58
    And the film about Sasha Borodulin, will not be removed right now ... Not the format .. Yes and no one ... and they won’t give money for such a film .. About Mannerheim will be removed ... Thank you, Sophia .. Excite the memory ...
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 26 September 2016 18: 08
      Alexey, read it in the morning, but could not answer. There were just no words. I am writing in the evening. Thank you for answering for me. Sophia, thanks too - reminded. And I remember Sasha Borodulin.
  3. igordok
    igordok 26 September 2016 08: 26
    Thank you, I didn’t.
    I’ll fix it a bit.
    Relocation began: Karelia, Novgorod region, and then again - Leningrad.

    Novgorod region before the Second World War did not exist. It was formed in 1944. from the areas of the Leningrad and Kalinin reg.
  4. revnagan
    revnagan 26 September 2016 11: 34
    "I remain in the barrier", Sabilo I., Chashchin I. - one of the most beloved books of childhood, a birthday present.
  5. Rusfaner
    Rusfaner 26 September 2016 11: 59
    Alexander became a man and went to Eternity at age 14! How far away are today's Internet boys from such an ability to make a decision and be prepared to pay the highest score for it ...
    Or am I grumbling like an old man?
    1. Palch
      Palch 26 September 2016 17: 28
      No, probably you were just born with a cleaver in your hands, unlike other children. Our children should be taught to live, not die. And if God forbid the time comes, then there will always be a place for a feat and for those who accomplish it. You shouldn't think so disgustingly about the modern generation and assume that you are our everything! And teaching children to die correctly (.. "to be ready to pay the highest score for this" .. - in your editorial office) is, first of all, a crime from the point of view of the law, and from the point of view of psychiatry, it is a serious illness!
    2. _Krechet_
      _Krechet_ 26 September 2016 17: 30
      Better think about how many modern adult men are capable of doing this.
  6. Palch
    Palch 26 September 2016 17: 39
    Article deuce. A solid copy-paste from
    html with a little art polishing. Guys, well, you don’t want to strain at all already ????
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 26 September 2016 18: 23
      Read about state elections. You’ll become smart, and we’ll be like something. And there is not only copy-paste, there the presidency is going on. Ratsh you in your arms and go, to the bright victory of capitalism. For which you will not undermine yourself. Feel free. Justify.
    2. Sofia
      26 September 2016 18: 24
      Thanks for the deuce. Are you offering me to write a new biography of Sasha? Where did you see the copy?
  7. midshipman
    midshipman 26 September 2016 18: 33
    Sasha Borodulin grew up in the village of Cheremna, Leningrad Region, Luga District. The Nazis occupied this village on August 1, 1941, liberated its parts of the Red Army only in 1944. The boy’s feat is amazing, and how many there were such boys and girls who gave the most sacred - their life for our Motherland. These guys loved our country, their family. I wonder how it would be possible to present this love for the country in our life now. When the children of a certain part of the population (one percent of the population owns 99% of the national welfare) do not even think about working here, much less living in this country. I had to write a lot of military essays about the fighting of the Red Army at the BBK, in Tikhvin, B. Izhora, but Sasha’s feat is amazing. Eternal memory to him. I have the honor.
  8. Sofia
    27 September 2016 09: 54
    Thank you, dear members of the forum! Yes, such as Sasha, can not be forgotten. As for the modern guys ... There is such a story in my collection of memories. Once I went to high school students for a class hour dedicated to the war. I come. Persons, I must say, skeptical. Just silently listen to the teacher - but no more. Very worried: now they will give me the floor. And then it dawned on me. I began to tell the story of Varvara Zhdanova - I already wrote about it here. Like a girl, the sleigh was dragging behind itself with the mother-in-law and the baby, and the wolves surrounded them at night. And Barbara said to the wolves that real animals now walk on our land and live in her village. For the whole night the animals circled around the sleigh, and left in the morning. Apparently, this story hurt something in the guys - it was noticeable by their faces. They asked questions - good, interested. That day I decided: it is necessary to tell in any way that only will be at my disposal. And maybe at least something, at least one man, but I will change.