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Duma posledumiya. Revelations of the former elected schemer

I repent publicly and publicly: I was a sinner by elections for many years. But right before being here, I decided to do something with this affair. Not even because my last candidate, who I shoved into power, lost miserably. Just tired, although the election - a thing very hilarious and profitable for those who know what and how. But one thing is to play in elections, not being sure of the result, and quite another when the result is known in advance.

Although the last time we were sure that there were chances, but ... the loot won. And after that I started what is called. Meaning to tear one place on the British flag, if there is no chance of defeating the EP? And there is no chance to win - no bonuses. Everything is fair and simple.

Moreover, I never played for the EP, there were “Motherland”, “Fatherland - all Russia”, “Fair Russia” and independent candidates. Total 18 choices in the account. In the presidential, too, did not participate, this is a game of one gate. City, regional Duma, the State Duma, mayoral and gubernatorial elections.

And now, almost a week after the next one, after talking with former colleagues, I decided to make some of my thoughts public and share some secrets. Firstly, it will be informative, and secondly, many things will fall into place in the light of these revelations.

First, about the "vnutryanka" electoral process. About the most delicious - about stuffing. I must say that I did not take part in this fascinating process. Not because such an honest, just a throw-in is the inheritance of the elect. But, since our city is small, and all the elected crows know each other, then this procedure, of course, has been heard from those who ... We only have the Communists alone, the rest are quite talking to themselves and thumping with each other. Both before and after. And why not, the crow has never pecked a crow.

So, stuffing ... What everyone showed from the site in Rostov is nothing more than a performance. Well delivered and directed. Here, they say, like us! The enemy will not pass!

In fact, dear ones, do you really think that the chairman of the electoral commission does not know that his cameras are standing? And that in such a case on the site will be another chairman? Yes, the work is, say, not particularly dusty, but nervous. And - normally paid. But that's not the point. The essence of the subtleties behind the scenes.

So we will leave, perhaps, behind the scenes, the sudden absence of parties on the site of observers from 13, representatives of the electoral commission (2 person, other than the chairman), the police (well, went out for a smoke). Summary one - the play. In which the actors received assurances that they will not be anything in the future. There you can also shove a video with loss of consciousness by the chairman of this commission and receiving the head injury at the visit of the investigators. She, too, will be nothing.

All this is designed for the average consumer. Who claps his hands and expresses his approval.

Normal real stuffing is done wrong. For this, there are also ballot boxes, and, most importantly, the administrative apparatus in the person of the employees of the passport office. When the passport service was at the REPs, a “manual” passport, which in its area knows everyone and everything, can not only provide passport data to fill out the list.

And, of course, the main stuffing made closer to the night. When unprepared observers are already frankly tired and want to go home. And they will sign anything, not just a statement, in which there are more bulletins on 20-30. And on the way to the district electoral commission, the wheel can pierce, and while it is being changed, you can calmly and without shaking add the missing passport data and tick the bulletins.
This is from my personal practice. A fair one, I tell you, was a scandal then ...

30 bulletin is a bit? Well yes. And the scale of the area? This is 600. And in the city? This is already a few thousand. So, in a drop, and forged victory.

Well, what happens in the region, in the district centers, where the chairman of the local administration, the king and god, I think, is not worth talking. It's still easier there. Because the bulk of postscript and stuffing usually comes from there, from the provinces. In big cities, do not go too far.

I would like to emphasize that on 90% everything depends on the chairman of the commission. If a person is honest and knowledgeable - who the fuck will throw something. I personally know several of these. And the stories about how such people behave themselves, fortunately, I have in my supply no less than about the crooks. But alas, this is a system. Honest chairmen are not needed by anyone. Looking for an executive and understanding.

In fact, if there are people at the site who are fully adept at counter-throwing tactics, then the enemy will not pass. Verified You just need to know the mechanics of the commission. And, not least, the rights and obligations of an observer, both with and without the right to vote. And in this way, it’s not just possible to drink blood from competitors, but in a way that Dracula will envy.

But let us digress from the intricacies of local elections to elections in general.

By the way, understanding the figures of the voting results, I found an interesting feature. Statistics in general is an original thing. Take the 200 residents. 100 went to the polls, 100 scored on this matter. About them a little later, first about the 100 voters.

Each received a 2 newsletter. One - the party list, the second - single-member. And it was here that miracles began that I cannot interpret normally.

54 people are supporters of the party EP. And they give their votes for the beloved EP. And on the first list, and single-mandate. This is normal.

But what about the rest of the 46 people? And here are the miracles. According to the first list, they vote for their parties, from “Motherland” to PARNAS. And on the second ... again for the EP !!!

Not voters, but direct political prostitutes. They do not want, you understand, that their favorite party won seats in the Duma. They want, you understand, that Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov and Mironov sat and understood “for three”. No fractions.

Dear readers, do you believe that? Personally, I - no. If I voted for the Patriots of Russia, I voted on both ballots. And also, for example, my father voted for the Communists. And mom - for the party of pensioners. And my former colleague from the election of "apple" gave their votes for their own.

But we all turned out in those miserable 10% who did not vote for the EP. And 9 of 10 voters in single-mandate constituencies voted for the EP! And supporters of the "Motherland", and the Communist Party, and the Liberal Democratic Party, and the CP. All merged into a single orgasmic impulse and provided the EP with a constitutional majority.


But I now believe that the EP really wanted to win. Moreover, according to all the data of polls and preliminary ballots, the majority of them saw it anywhere, just not in the Duma. However, half of this mass refused to vote with their feet. And just did not go to the polls.

Here, by the way, almost no complaints. I even understand those who did not go. This is also a kind of vote "against all." For the faces of all of them are already pretty fed up. And we were hardly offered new ones. More precisely, it may have been suggested, but I began to understand it in detail? I learned through habit, as a result, I changed the Liberal Democratic Party and voted for "patriots".

Those who did not go, thus expressed their attitude towards this circus, proudly called the “election”. One plus in all this: The EP is obviously pierced. Well, the electoral schemers playing for the EP did not count on the fact that so few people would come to the polling stations. However, the work has been done, do not throw away the same now?

As a result, we have a farce, called “voting in single-mandate constituencies”, which in the very near future will still have us. In general, it already has, if you look at the Voronezh prices for gas and gasoline, which immediately jumped so much on the 2 ruble. But I am sure that all the most interesting is yet to come. And VAT, and pension insurance, and much more.

EP drew a convincing victory. That all this is a lie and a fake, I personally have no doubt. But nothing has changed. For the next 5 years we are doomed to enjoy life under the control of United Russia, which will build bridges and roads, hold championships and all that. But at the same time, it is sometimes indicative of planting particularly Zorovitsky type of people who have fallen out of their ranks, who use the garage instead of the wallet.

Life, dear, will be better, life will be more fun. Laugh, feel.

But the worst thing is now the system. The system, to which, finally, reached the point that it was not necessary to buy votes, as was customary before. They are simple enough to draw. Savings just awesome.

And to change something today (and tomorrow) is simply unrealistic. So there is, and so will be. There can be only one way out of the situation: if during these five years a new political force suddenly grows that can compete with the EP. What I personally doubt very much.

The Liberal Democratic Party, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the CP are already reaping the benefits of their “sitting” in the Duma. Sitting somewhere, then what? And then Wang: farther, nothing. These parties have no future, because they do not have at least some imputed present. The present is left there, with 53% not coming to the plots. And our demobels from politics, as practice shows, already don’t really believe it.

But even some kind of political force appears, not a single appearance. There should also be an appearance of voters casting votes for her. And the very appearance of voters in the polls.

But we have the EP, which solved and will solve all our problems. I wouldn’t be surprised, by the way, if the next Duma elections will not be allowed to go anywhere, but, for example, vote on an iPhone. Indeed, and why drag, if the result is known?

System. Matrix, if you want. And today, quite tough, not ashamed of anything, even a frank farce. I can understand everything, but here the adherents of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and other types of oppositionists, enthusiastically voting for candidates from the EP, my head can not accept.

The most interesting thing about this is that, despite all this disgrace, I did not become a liberal. Moreover, as never before, I do not support Putin, I even sympathize with him. In the end, it’s him to work with this gang first and foremost, and I only have to scoop up the results of the “EP concern” in my address. Morally already ready, as financially - time will tell.

So once again I congratulate everyone on the convincing victory of the EP in the elections and I wish that everyone! So that everyone would not have to be very disappointed in what happened.

I wanted to write "not very disappointed in the fact that they stayed at home." But even that would not really change anything.

But now many of us who remember those times will not be surprised by words like “the decisions of the party and the government are real!” The party is now really one.

And the last. It so happened that in this election, my co-author and I were on opposite sides of the barricades. And, once it happened, it is possible to discuss this topic on the air. On Sunday, according to the old tradition, we will conduct a stream of stream and the planned series “Dancing on a rake” on our YouTube channel. We invite everyone to participate.

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  1. Volodin
    Volodin 23 September 2016 15: 22
    54 people are supporters of the party EP. And they give their votes for the beloved EP. And on the first list, and single-mandate. This is normal.

    But what about the rest of the 46 people? And here are the miracles. According to the first list, they vote for their parties, from “Motherland” to PARNAS. And on the second ... again for the EP !!!

    Some strange conclusions from this part of the article. Single-mandate candidates enter parliament by a simple majority of the votes cast for them. Why the remaining "46" for the passage of United Russia must by all means vote for the United Russia? .. According to this logic, it may turn out that in some districts "54" who supported United Russia on party lists heaps of votes for Shaikhutdinov from the "Civil Platform", tk. he went to the Duma ...
    1. woron333444
      woron333444 23 September 2016 19: 39
      But what about the rest of the 46 people? And here are the miracles. According to the first list, they vote for their parties, from “Motherland” to PARNAS. And on the second ... again for the EP !!! fellow
      My wife voted for a single-mandate member from the LDPR, and for the Just Russia party. Why is it necessary to vote for a party and a single-mandate from the same party? As I want and vote
    2. Botanologist
      Botanologist 23 September 2016 20: 54
      Firstly, 500 ballots can be thrown at the polling station with 400 voters. This Sunday I watched 650 stuffing at 500 come. But this is not in Rostov.
      Secondly, a person calmly votes for the United Russia in one ballot, and knows for hell who in another. Therefore, experienced people always "build up" ballots from each other. Especially if we need to hold a list, for example, SRs to the regional Duma, but not to the City Council at the same elections. So they build two lists from each other. Especially if you work in a multi-member constituency.
      Thirdly, no one will ever throw in without the chairman of the commission. There were cases when a member of the PEC was thrown from the "dead souls", but this is not serious, a maximum of 25-30 people can be entered in a day.
      Well, fourthly, you work for any customer, at least EP, at least CP, at least LDPR. What does disappointment have to do with it? Work is work.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 26 September 2016 10: 06
      Thanks to Roman for the article! In many ways I agree with him. The result of the vote was unexpected even for the "edrosov" themselves, and not just for the others. It turned out that which cannot be! And all in just two hours from 17 to 19 Moscow time belay Now for sure - Putin will be responsible for everything. Does he need this?
  2. erased
    erased 23 September 2016 15: 42
    If the motion vector does not change, these choices may be the last in the history of the Russian Federation. Then there will be no Russian Federation, no parties, or, worst of all, people.
    Who saw the nightmare of Nagorno-Karabakh, who caught the butts in Transnistria, who participated in the Chechen showdowns and who (and this is exactly all) knows about Ukraine maydanut - they are horrifiedly awaiting a civil war in Russia. For this is the final finale of everything and everyone. The conflicts of the last 60 years, taken together, seem like pranks compared to this tornado.
    1. SPACE
      SPACE 23 September 2016 19: 27
      Quote: erased
      If the motion vector does not change, these choices may be the last in the history of the Russian Federation.

      And indeed, Give the King! Long live the Emperor.
      Quote: erased
      For this is the final finale of everything and everyone.

      Yes, the "liberals" campaign is a complete scribe, I sympathize with you with joy.
      Quote: erased
      Then there will be no Russian Federation, no parties, or, worst of all, people.

      No, this is definitely not an opinion, but a manifestation of classical idiocy.
    2. AUL
      AUL 23 September 2016 19: 34
      Don’t scare us with a civil war! It will not be there for a number of reasons:
      1. The National Guard is ready for this case, the number of more than the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
      2. Unfortunately, our mentality is not the same. No matter how you bend us down, no matter how you have it, we just laugh: "We are e..t, but we are getting fat!" Like, relax and have fun.
      3. No one will stand up first, everyone is waiting for his uncle to come and do everything for us. And if the uncle comes, no one will believe him, and they will do it right. Nobody will rush to the embrasure disinterestedly for others now.
      So sleep well.
    3. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 26 September 2016 07: 45
      In America, it will explode sooner! Glavnyuki America therefore act mediocre, brazenly and hastily. Because the empire of lies is stuffed with weapons according to the tonsils, wild social stratification and racial contradictions will simply tear this filthy country to shreds. We’ll wait, but we’ll be preparing - if something heavy boots on the teeth must be given on time.
  3. Engineer
    Engineer 23 September 2016 15: 47
    I repeat, DO YOU BELIEVE IN IT?

    According to the stories of their friends and colleagues, how they voted - plus or minus, it turned out as a result. Because on my fan you will not succeed in throwing anything, dear.
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 23 September 2016 18: 49
      The novel managed to work out for everyone. My life, just UG.
      1. poquello
        poquello 26 September 2016 01: 36
        Quote: lelikas
        The novel managed to work out for everyone. My life, just UG.

        just a talker-storyteller, does not reach the blessed one, he remembered about the observers in Rostov, and accidentally forgot about the accounting procedure for the exit (hee, hee), but what a fairy tale happened
  4. raf
    raf 23 September 2016 15: 51
    If it were not for the author's signature, I would have thought about another "daughter of a Russian officer" with "not everything is so simple"! Very similar!
    1. poquello
      poquello 26 September 2016 01: 38
      Quote: raf
      If it were not for the author's signature, I would have thought about another "daughter of a Russian officer" with "not everything is so simple"! Very similar!

      here is a huge plus to you, but I still thought the smell was familiar
  5. guzik007
    guzik007 23 September 2016 16: 08
    Wow! Wow! Banshee has burst! And he, it turns out, is a decent person in the soul.
    But remember, as Orwell used to say, in a country of triumphant totalitarianism, telling the truth is already extremism.
    Well, thank God, we are still far from totalitarianism. but that which is abundant.
  6. vetka
    vetka 23 September 2016 16: 16
    C'mon, my dear husband, according to one list for EP, the second for Russia, because we have a candidate from EP - the doctor should treat people, and not sit in the Duma.
    And how many are not logical in the country?
    1. poquello
      poquello 26 September 2016 01: 43
      Quote: Vetka
      C'mon, my dear husband, according to one list for EP, the second for Russia, because we have a candidate from EP - the doctor should treat people, and not sit in the Duma.
      And how many are not logical in the country?

      and I’ll add another option, people came specifically to vote for one, it’s good if you didn’t put the rest of the ballots in your pocket
  7. cedar
    cedar 23 September 2016 16: 28
    Your crying is inconsolable. Right now, I, Mr. Skomarokhov, will console you ...

    There will be no president. Putin will become the head of the State Council ...

    Insider sources on Kremlin plans for a global transformation of the political landscape
    Rumors about the Kremlin’s plans to carry out a total restructuring and purification of the entire state mechanism have been around for a long time. It is impossible to assess the accuracy of the information contained in this material - time itself will do it. However, if the author is right, in the near future we will actually see a new state, similar to the Soviet Union, something in between the presidential and parliamentary republic, with the State Planning Commission, the KGB and the official opposition.

    Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin Photo:

    The news was information about the upcoming reforms.

    I confirm.

    This is getting ready. And for a long time already. (Do not forget who was the first to report the Russian National Guard). (The author of the text, artemdragunov, is sure that he was the first to know and report on the creation of the National Guard. - Ed.)

    I will inform you that I know.

    The FSB will be reformed (as in the text. - Ed.). Strengthened, reinforced. I confirm it.

    Whether the word “Ministry” or the word “Committee” will be in the title has not yet been decided. But the functions will be like that of the KGB. And the word Committee will also be introduced.

    And there will probably be a phrase “State Security”.

    Functions - external intelligence, counterintelligence, control of public services, the protection of critical facilities and entities, internal security and all that.

    I admit something like this: FSO, SVR, KGB, SVB (internal security service), GSK (state investigative committee), FSK (federal control service) and a number of other services.

    An analogue of the Coast Guard Service will be created as part of the Border Guard Service (border guards) within the Ministry of Security.

    There is an option to create a service for the protection of airspace or sky (SOVP - SON).

    There is an option to create a water protection service (SOVP).

    The Ministry of Civil Defense (also known as the Ministry of Civil Security) will be created on the basis of the Ministry of Emergencies, rescue services, civil defense, etc.

    The tasks of the IHO are the creation and maintenance of civil defense infrastructure, rescue operations, security control, etc. .. Until the development of safety standards, etc.

    There is an option to create a Civil Information Service (essentially warning, propaganda, etc.)

    Although the Ministry of Defense has a plan for the separation of the Ministry of Emergencies and Civil Defense between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which also has its advantages.

    The decision will be made the other day.

    In the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a new patrol police service (SPP), criminal police service (UPC), customs service (FCS), migration service (FMS), traffic police service (SDP), SOPP (law enforcement service), etc. will be formed .

    Most likely, all the dispatching services will be handed over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and they will create the Control Service (in fact, the Accounts Chamber and the OBHSS).

    The Rosguard is likely to be directly subordinated to the president and his Presidential Security Service (SBP).

    There is an option that this service will be called the KGB. Putin is considering options.

    I admit the creation of the Presidential Guard, although the word President itself will soon disappear.

    Most likely the scheme will be adopted:

    Ministry - Federal Services - Administrations.

    "CHAPTER" OR "CHAIRMAN"? ....... "
    Well and further in the same vein ...

    More information on BUSINESS Online:
    And you are elections, elections. Light wedge, or something in the election converged?
    I say: "LOOK INTO THE ROOT".
    1. Dante Alighieri
      Dante Alighieri 23 September 2016 18: 07
      Well, if you propose to see the root, then here's a link to my vision of the problems of parliamentary construction in our country, part 1 and part 2 .html By the way, the activities voiced by you fit into my causal paradigm.
    2. lelikas
      lelikas 23 September 2016 18: 51
      Write also that they will disperse the thought - I’ll get drunk and go with joy.
    3. AUL
      AUL 23 September 2016 19: 42
      Here's to me, well, absolutely purple, what words will be written on the board, what will hang on the building of this service. "At least call it a pot ..." The main thing is who will work there. And since the old deck is being shuffled, there will be nothing new (except for new feeders)!
    4. golikov
      golikov 24 September 2016 13: 06
      Is there enough money?
      For one renaming of the militia, only officially it took 30 billion.
    5. Sotskiy
      Sotskiy 25 September 2016 16: 28
      Quote: cedar
      More information on BUSINESS Online:
      And you are elections, elections. Light wedge, or something in the election converged?
      I say: "LOOK INTO THE ROOT".

      I will repeat myself. The author of that "blizzard" is either a science fiction writer or just a dreamer.
      There will be no president. Putin will become head of the Council of State. ???
      How do you imagine all this without changing the Constitution? If you have nothing else to believe in besides this "blizzard", I sympathize with you. hi
      1. cedar
        cedar 26 September 2016 18: 08
        So United Russia now has a CONSTITUTIONAL majority and for the first time it can change the Constitution, but not 1 and 2 of its chapters. To change them, a referendum is necessary, and for it the Constitutional Assembly, which has not yet been created, but now it will be possible to "break through" this legislative blockage ... So that the long-term legislative storm of the trap (4500 laws issued from Washington and London, including "our" Constitution) must finally end, otherwise we will end ... If you do not believe in this, I sympathize with you, but I can not help you in any way, except perhaps ... ripen at the root.
    6. libivs
      libivs 25 September 2016 16: 50
      In place of Volodin, now Kirienko. Well, gentlemen, patriotic guardians, can we now doubt what the future course of your party, your government and your president will be? The question is rhetorical.
  8. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 23 September 2016 17: 43
    About voting on single-mandate and party lists, everyone has long been saying that it’s chernukha. So everything is clear here. I already wrote that soon the iPhone and the guarantor will vote on cameras and the elections will be recognized as valid. And the "electorate"? But who needs it. Well, bos and legs apart. These are not Timchens with Rotenbergs.
    1. Tambov Wolf
      Tambov Wolf 23 September 2016 17: 53
      Yes and yet. They complained about Churov with his 146 percent. We got Ellochka the cannibal Pamfilova (who equalized the pensions of the Gypsies, with people who plowed the country for life, (suddenly, the gypsy grandmothers do not have enough money) when they were in pensions,). Gorbachevskaya.
    2. Volodin
      Volodin 23 September 2016 18: 06
      Quote: Tambov Wolf
      all have long said that dill

      Well, just like that and "all ".

      The election came (if officially) 48%, but they say, for some reason, all... And where did these "all" sources of information come from ...
      1. AUL
        AUL 23 September 2016 19: 51
        When the tendency became clear that the people stopped going to elections, Edro quickly canceled the voter turnout threshold. The column "against all" is also removed in order not to fly over. In fact, now the elections can be held by one person in the entire Russian Federation, who came to the elections. But, I think, edro will work out the procedure, and elections can take place without voters at all - and who, nafig, needs them!
        1. St Petrov
          St Petrov 29 September 2016 12: 27
          and what’s the problem of going to the polls taking this hour?

          Like when others vote for you? Well, why be surprised? Fell on EP.

          Bon appetit for those who stayed at home.
  9. Homo
    Homo 23 September 2016 18: 41
    The article is a good throw-in for "raising the wave" after the liberals outright lost elections. And the comments are like a blueprint - "hurray", "approve" (article), "everything is gone", Putin bought everyone, there have never been fair elections in Russia, etc. The order is rushing from all cracks! am
    1. Svist
      Svist 23 September 2016 19: 03
      And what has to do with the "wave" and the liberals ... Personally, I voted for Putin at one time. And now I would vote for him. But not for United Russia. And I will never believe in her "triumphant victory". Because people say how they were crushed so that they would vote "the right way." Among all my acquaintances, I do not know a single one who voted for "edro". For the communists, Zhirinovsky - as much as you like, but for the EP ... Not at all. Personally, I voted: to the Duma for the Motherland, locally - for the communists. We have no candidates for local "bodies" from the Motherland.
      1. woron333444
        woron333444 23 September 2016 19: 48
        And we have many voted for EP. In our sector, 30% of LDPR and 35 EP, and in the second sector, 60% of EP, and the rest a little bit. If my friend always voted for the Liberal Democratic Party, this time for EP. Just no one wants to admit that it didn’t turn out as they wanted. And now it smears the snot on the keyboard.
      2. Homo
        Homo 24 September 2016 04: 09
        Quote: Svist
        Because people say how they were crushed so that they would vote "as it should".

        Who pressed whom and how? No.
        Quote: Svist
        Among all my acquaintances, I do not know a single one who voted for "edro".

        And I know very many who think and who have a head. Yes
        Quote: Svist
        Personally, I voted: in the Duma for the Motherland, in the local - for the Communists.

        A good position, I do not like the ruling party, so I will vote for anybody (of which there will be no sense). Patriotic, already breathtaking! request
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. abarth
    abarth 23 September 2016 18: 56
    to the author of the article, I voted for what it happened, don’t rock the boat, maybe you are sailing in it, in Petrodvorets (St. Petersburg) there was also a clown with stories about money, with lists and stuffing, and you ask people who are listed. .... parties themselves must agitate their constituents to come to the polls, even if they take them by car to polling stations ... if your voter doesn’t come and you carry a complete crap in the box, then I vote for stability and sympathy ..
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 23 September 2016 19: 08
      Quote: abarth

      You have a strange logo, but I still like it, because you are 100% right. And to eat the bird and not to rip the ass off now does not roll. bully
    2. Svist
      Svist 23 September 2016 19: 10
      Quote: abarth
      I vote for stability and sympathy ..

      From Hungary?
    3. poquello
      poquello 26 September 2016 01: 58
      Quote: abarth
      even if they carry them in cars to polling stations ..

      it’s not good if you noticed - to the chairman and the outfit to the car
  12. Dwarfking
    Dwarfking 23 September 2016 19: 44
    But what about the rest of the 46 people? And here are the miracles. According to the first list, they vote for their parties, from “Motherland” to PARNAS. And on the second ... again for the EP !!!
    Probably, I am amazed at "faith in a good king", but in those 3 or 4 ballots that were given, I voted differently. And far from because I have a split personality or intra-head controversy is off scale. It happens that other reasons happen. And the author began to reveal the interior kitchen of the plots beautifully, write more. For the most part, all those who have been to that kitchen will agree.
  13. Altona
    Altona 23 September 2016 20: 07
    He came to the polling station, looked at the board with the candidates, looked for candidates from the Communist Party and ticked them in the State Council of Chuvashia, for a single-mandate constituency and a checkmark in the party ballot. He put everything down in one batch.
  14. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 23 September 2016 20: 14
    Just like children. You must always remember the "golden rule" of our elections: "after the announcement of the" results ", you can" wave your hands "as much as you like and generally go ... to court. wink
  15. Colonel
    Colonel 23 September 2016 21: 16
    Novel, laurels of Nevzorov haunt?
  16. terminator978
    terminator978 23 September 2016 21: 37
    If everyone did not vote for United Russia, except for a couple of people, then why did they win? For me, something is not clean here and those in power will not give up their feeder just like that. Regarding the so-called "stability" from the United Russia: prices are steadily growing, wages are stable at the level of 5 years ago, those in power steadily take bribes, family ties at state-owned enterprises are flourishing (although the ban on them was introduced a year ago), they promise to cancel transport tax (others are additionally introduced), they consistently promise what people want to believe in, they are consistently engaged in showmanship (strictly before the elections, they begin to patch roads, build children's towns and solve urgent issues, although they did not repair roads in our town this year) ... Yes, I understand those who consistently earn more than 100 tyrs per month and travel to the seaside every year, they simply have to idolize the United Russia party, and the rest of the population murmurs and whispers deafly as in Soviet times. The ruling leader of the LADY party simply scoffs at us, declaring openly, there is no money, but you are holding on, and you do not like to work by vocation, go into business. And what if all the teachers go into business, then our children will be taught by dropouts, or they will generally say the Internet to help you, only come every year to take the exam (Unified State Exam), it is easier to manage uneducated cattle, they just need bread and circuses (bread is a doshirak, a spectacle - TV (for example, the stupidest channels TNT, STS, MTV and NTV). I have a friend of a young man, we work together, in 15 he graduated from the evening Institute of Mythi, he has only drunkenness in his mind, games (the money earned at work, part, invests in these games), TNT channel (comedy club with idiotic humor), Internet casinos (trying to make money again for drinking and games.) Well, he would be the only one, but nowadays all young people are like that, and they were raised by the ruling party. For a long time I wish that the death penalty was introduced for thieving officials, the policemen were renamed back to the police (I do not trust those who helped the fascists in the war with this name), introduced a tax on wealth, prisoners (all and in particular godfathers or whatever the holders zones n are called) forced to work on an equal basis with everyone, let them feed themselves, and not the state in our face with you and introduce a ban on holding an official position for more than 5 years. This is of course a utopia, and the EP will never take such measures, otherwise they themselves will have to be executed through one.
    1. libivs
      libivs 25 September 2016 17: 04
      I fully support it. Well, supporters of EP and "stability", tell us about at least one successful reform of your merry rule in 16 years (although in general, everything has been going on since the time of Benny Yelkin). Maybe the social sphere? No, there was "monetization" and other merrymaking. Education? Also no, there is a USE and a complete mess. Healthcare? Also no, the "doctors" were turned into clerks who could only fill out papers. In general, for the sake of completeness, I highly recommend lying down for a couple of days in an ordinary city or district hospital, even at your own expense. Pension? There is generally a pitchfork, a cumulative cube in an unknown direction, as you might expect. And this ugliness was crowned with something immortal: "there is no money ... you keep here ... good mood ..." Your only trump card is the military one. But even then he easily beats that it is not completed, and is also soiled by the stool and his female battalion of accountants.
  17. Lumumba
    Lumumba 24 September 2016 00: 10
    I voted for EP. Wife voted for EP.

    Of the 10 people I knew personally, 4 were not able to vote, as they were visitors from other regions, and they did not begin to shuffle for three stars for the sake of absentee ballots. Of the remaining 6 - 5 voted for EP, and 1 voted for air defense (the Great Patriotic Party with Starikov). As you can see, this correlates well with the election results.

    I can’t say why others voted for EP, I will say for myself. So, in my opinion, there are no other alternatives. And for whom to vote?

    For the Communist Party? So since 91, they have been sitting in the Duma "without regaining consciousness." And there will be no more communism, capitalism in the yard, okstytes.
    FOR LDPR? So this is "the party of one jester ...", excuse me, man. Zhirinovsky. Zhirinovsky, he is like Yura Khoy, there is Zhirinovsky - there is the LDPR, there is no Zhirinovsky - there is no LDPR. What's the point of such a party?
    For Fair Russia? Forgive me, but I have no confidence in them. Representatives of this "party" where I live are mired in window dressing and real everyday corruption. And I don't like Mironov. Slippery type.

    Or maybe for Parnassus and other liberals? PORNas had a cool video on YouTube: "I'm sorry that my grandmother goes to the pharmacy less often." First of all, I thought that my grandmother probably received qualified medical care, so now she goes to the pharmacy less, but the customers of this video, me and others like me, apparently consider the clinical debts that should make the "necessary conclusions": Medicines have risen in price, yeah ... Yes, and all this scum Kasyanov and comrades is aimed only at the collapse of Russia and its delivery with giblets to "progressive humanity", following the example of Ukraine.

    Thus, we come to the real non-alternativeness of EP. There is no one else to choose. All sorts of small parties do not count.

    One should not forget that behind every party in any country, even in the "stronghold of democracy", there are real clans. Financial, industrial, military, power. And each of them has their own interests. There have long been only two parties in the "stronghold of democracy": "Choose!" The Democrats are the party of the Rothschild clan, the CIA, and IT corporations. Republicans are the Rockefeller Party, the Pentagon and the military-industrial complex. And our parties are no different from the parties of the "stronghold of democracy" in this respect. I would even say that we still have too many parties. This means that there are too many clans in the country pulling the blanket over themselves and unable to agree, and this situation gives rise to tendencies towards destabilization and chaos, which we have in reality. Judging by the election results, this trend has finally begun to change for the better.

    I also believe that the elections were generally fair. Yes, there were stuffing, and violations, somewhere without them, birthmarks? However, they affected the overall picture slightly. Maybe they affected 3 and 4 places, but nothing more.
  18. maxim947
    maxim947 24 September 2016 00: 15
    even if this is true, and this is far from so, only partly, I want to say - "To live with wolves, howl like a wolf" you need stability ...
  19. gladcu2
    gladcu2 24 September 2016 04: 35
    Great sarcasm.

    Roman, you have found your role.

    To be honest ... you're right. But inside resentment.
  20. tolmachiev51
    tolmachiev51 24 September 2016 05: 10
    As long as there will be a "corrupt man" behind the vote counting system, nothing will change !!! technologists will change and whatever you want. It's time to switch to a "stupid" electronic system without a person's admission, but I think this will not be-not profitable.
  21. aleks57
    aleks57 24 September 2016 11: 49
    it is interesting to read articles and comments on them, the latter especially. Some may not believe it, but it was our current president, Vladimir Putin, who became the hostage of United Russia, who was the most disappointed with the results of these elections. The parliamentary majority of the EP is the biggest nightmare for Russia, because any movement forward is born in a struggle of ideas, and we will face stagnation in the economy, a drop in living standards, the further flourishing of embezzlement in various forms. Some people don’t believe, for example, Mironov or were disappointed in the Communist Party or LDPR, but these elections deprived these parties of any chance to prove themselves in the legislative field of the country, so we congratulate ourselves on this great victory and tie up our belts
    1. Radical
      Radical 26 September 2016 23: 05
      Poor, poor president! Got hostage! We must do something, we must soon save our Guarantor! wassat Do you yourself believe in what you wrote, or so - for fun? belay
  22. ARES623
    ARES623 24 September 2016 19: 46
    Bringing out the brains of readers with "truthful" articles, how the United Russia "draws" voices, Mr. Skomorokhov said one intelligible truthful thing - "There can be only one way out of the situation: if during these five years a new political force suddenly grows capable of competing with United Russia. personally, I doubt it a lot. "
    In a word, draw, do not draw, and if the LDPR-KPRF-SR does not "pull" by its positive influence on life, then the fact that someone called the elections a farce will not change the outcome. And the opposition parties are well aware that it is easier to serve a term in the Duma with a "potato sack", without answering for anything, than to earn a name for the next elections by hard work. Having experience of informal communication with people involved in work in election commissions, I will say that the author is not correct here either. The chairmen of the precinct election commissions do not receive very much money, while they bear criminal responsibility for such deliberate violations (crimes) as "stuffing". Usually, a person who is capable of thinking is appointed as the chairman of the PEC. And these people fully understand that it is easier (more painless) to "fail" the United Russia elections than alone (the senior leader, who "recommended" "to help" United Russia, will immediately turn away, will not help) to excuse himself from the prosecutor's office. Here we need such motivation that these 30-50 votes (2-3% of those who voted at the polling stations) are not worth it. It's easier to pay the voters themselves in cash. Of course, there are party "fans", but there are not many of them.
  23. Fox
    Fox 25 September 2016 19: 28
    I came across all this back in the 90s ... only Roman can explain everything without a mat, but I don’t hi
  24. lopvlad
    lopvlad 25 September 2016 21: 23
    I read the article, the author's name and once again realized that the saying "by last name and life" is once again confirmed.
    The author of this opus accused everyone who could except himself and left the "program" of those who screwed up the elections.
    Naive and not burdened by reason among those who go to vote, as in the 90s, in Russia we still have a few percent.
    Thanks to the 90s and the first half of the zeros, we went through an evolutionary selective leap from full faith in every word, dividing candidates into angels and demons to trusting only those whose words were confirmed by deeds and understanding that we choose between shit and even more shit.
    This is not Edro pierced and their opponents crap in full that they themselves even admitted.
  25. sv-georgij
    sv-georgij 26 September 2016 09: 57
    I can say that our town is not big, we practically know each other, and so in a conversation with many, they voted for whom, they said they voted for different parties, but they voted for single-mandate people they know, and they are members of United Russia so it didn’t bother them at all.
  26. siberalt
    siberalt 26 September 2016 10: 29
    Quote: poquello
    Quote: lelikas
    The novel managed to work out for everyone. My life, just UG.

    just a talker-storyteller, does not reach the blessed one, he remembered about the observers in Rostov, and accidentally forgot about the accounting procedure for the exit (hee, hee), but what a fairy tale happened

    You "fall short" even of the elementary rules of decency, not to mention the site rules. when you go on to humiliate the personality of a decent person and a respected author of numerous publications. From me you a revolver with one cartridge, if you are not a coward? am
  27. zav
    zav 26 September 2016 14: 11
    Here it is necessary to bring some clarity. Those who say that our voting related to the Duma elections will not affect anything are not quite right. Affects, but not right here and now. Who will sit in the State Duma, and what laws will be issued by them at first, have long been known to those who are supposed to know this. The choice in favor of certain laws and deputies is made throughout all the years that have passed since the previous popular expression of will. The way we voted, how we worked and fought, how we loved and suffered, what we rejoiced or distressed, what we bought and where we went, how, in the end, we replaced, sawed and stole - everything is evaluated, analysts draw certain conclusions, and on Based on the conclusions, a future deputy corps is being formed (still on paper). (If it seems to the electorate that the Russian authorities are not doing anything like that, then he thinks poorly of his power). This is followed by the stage of its legitimization: articles, speeches, interviews, considerable amounts for preparation and promotion, throwing mineral water on television debates, black PR, white PR, then primaries (ticks in ballots for fun), then elections (checkmarks for real) and, finally, obligatory banquet. Since all issues were mostly resolved in a working order long before the champagne was opened, the ineradicable bickering of the people's representatives immediately after the banquet and even during it for membership and leadership in committees and subcommittees, the echoes of which are heard on the press, seems completely unworthy and unnecessary. Further, in the next five years, “work with documents” and working out a scenario for the next election.
    There can only be one objection to this technology: its prohibitive cost. And taking into account the service and food allowance of the elected deputies, the price of visibility of parliamentarism generally becomes awkward.
    So it’s worth a long time to think about how to optimize the technology of legislative activity. If you allow (that is, oblige) the leader of the nation to single-handedly form for these purposes a working group of, say, one hundred sane citizens with an adequate salary and controlled work schedule ... and so on. Indeed, nowhere in the tablets is it written that laws must be issued by a collection of a motley public, often putting their personal interests above public ones. In addition, the growing pressure from partners suggests that on critical days there simply may not be time left to lift deputies from bed to make crucial decisions
  28. androv
    androv 26 September 2016 14: 53
    I also voted on the list for the United Russia Party, and for the "single-mandate" candidate from the Fair Russia. In our district, this is a person whom I personally know, worked at the plant where he was a director, although in the end the United Russia candidate for the mayor of our town passed anyway.
  29. Mestny
    Mestny 26 September 2016 20: 47
    The author of the article either did not participate in the elections at the polling station level, and is simply a troll. Or participated, but just lying.
    Because absolutely nothing of what he describes actually happens.
    Let's start with a "well-paid job" in a "small town" polling station. I inform you that the payment of a member of the election commission is 30 (thirty) rubles per hour, for the chairman - 32 rubles per hour. On average, for the entire process of preparation and the actual elections, it turns out about 3000 rubles per person.
    Now enchanting "Well, of course, the main stuffing is done closer to the night."
    Again I inform you - polling stations close at 20-00. From this moment, any manipulation with the hut. ballots, in addition to counting them in the MANDATORY presence of observers, is a reason for canceling the voting results in general at this polling station.
    Observers, no matter how tired they are, are present, and are closely watching, do not worry.
    When counting and sorting, he demonstrates EVERY bulletin.
    These aunts, members of the election commission, are ordinary state employees who have not stolen nails in their entire lives. Believe me, their main task is to finish everything HONESTLY. That is, to count everything as it really is.
    The whole process is immediately accompanied by the completion of the relevant protocols, again in the presence of observers and with their consent. At the slightest suspicion of an error, the necessary link is recounted again.
    And they, the commission, are doing this work. They have no motivation to engage in muhlezh with unknown consequences. They want to keep their good name, and calmly go home.
    Of course, observers from individual parties are trying their best to find all kinds of violations. Of course, violations leading to the cancellation of the results are not committed 9 are not really committed), but minor technical nuances that do not affect the results are sometimes found. For example, in one of the statements for an exit vote one of the members of the commission did not sign on time, etc.
    And here the observers from individual parties and specially called representatives seize a dead grip on these unfortunate aunts from the commission - complaints, protocols, nerve-racking.
    Particularly zealous, comrades from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. (I haven’t met any big rednecks. Honestly. Is it really such a struggle for the electorate, or is it there for fair elections by watering Mr. ... with everyone else?)

    Keep in mind - everything, absolutely any piece of paper, and even more so, the ballot is issued strictly at the expense, which is repeatedly recorded in various documents again in the presence of observers.
    If all of a sudden, when calculating the votes, it turns out that there is 1 (one) more ballot in the ballot box than issued according to numerous documents, the results in this section are FULLY CANCELLED.
    (But the observers from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation are not discouraged! Throughout the whole day of the vote, they periodically try to make a scandal - you see, according to their calculations, more ballots were thrown than came to the polls.
    The chairman must respond to all this. Spending time on tedious calculations and checks on books of the number of voters and notes on a piece of paper of a crazy aunt from the Communist Party. Of course, it turns out that everything is correct, the number corresponds.)

    And finally, the final. Everything has been calculated, and with the CONSENT OF OBSERVERS, preliminary results have been transmitted by telephone to the TEC, all documents have been filled out, and have been repeatedly checked by observers and the commission.
    Each observer was given copies of the relevant protocols, certified by a seal and signatures. All originals are sealed in the presence of observers.
    In the yard 4-30 in the morning.
    All documentation is taken to the territorial election commission.
    And then suddenly !!!! According to the author of the article, a wheel breaks, and the chairman of the commission begins feverishly redoing the voting protocols !!!
    This is fierce tin.
    The author of the article is lying, and lying for a certain purpose.
    And now the last.
    After all this, after the claims of observers, after the rudeness of representatives from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, after all, when everyone agreed that the elections were without violations, the result was 51.5% for EdRo.
    Turnout - 56%
    The people so decided. No matter how anyone wants to call this people wrong.

    Comrades from the Communist Party, I appeal to you. I observe in many elections - I have not seen more boorish, more scandalous behavior from any representative from any other party. The people are looking at all this, and apart from anger, they show no other reaction.
    Your colleagues have done much more to fail the Communist Party in the elections than your opponents.
    1. Captain45
      Captain45 27 September 2016 17: 08
      I did not participate in the elections as an observer or a member of the electoral commission, but insofar as I worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then since 1987 I have repeatedly had to ensure the maintenance of order at polling stations and see the whole process from the inside, because for two days (it was like that before) you take over the security and until the pre-commission hands over the ballots and protocols at the PEC you are next to it, so that what the local colleague wrote in his commentary (if I understood the nickname correctly) corresponds in all respects to the actual situation at the elections, there is even more petty fuss This was especially true in the late 90s and early 2000s, when a dozen parties and voters began to register. It was then that all these "independent" observers and representatives showed themselves in all their glory with protests. And in my humble opinion, they ... for representatives and observers, it is not so important to identify violations as to raise a scandal and light up on this wave. You will remember, and there you can nominate your candidacy in the next elections as honestly th, principled and incorruptible. As it is written IMHO.
  30. Former battalion commander
    Former battalion commander 29 September 2016 18: 47
    The worst thing in Russia is that THEES dressed up as PATRIOTS and convinced the population of their patriotism ... In my opinion, this was the BEGINNING OF THE END ... Well, I don’t believe in a thief of a patriot ...