As Yu-88 fired from “Parabellum” from LAGG - 3 fought off, injuring the pilot

As Yu-88 fired from “Parabellum” from LAGG - 3 fought off, injuring the pilot

An amazing case of successful use of a pistol in aerial combat is recorded in the memoirs of C.N. Ikonnikova. At the time of the described event, he served as a weapons engineer in an air defense fighter regiment equipped with LAGG-3 fighters. Here is what happened to one of the young pilots:

“6 of April 1942 of Mr. A. Bomko flew in alarm to intercept an enemy intelligence officer paired with Sergeant A. Zaitsev. In the pursuit of the enemy due to the weak engine thrust driven behind. Bomko had to fight alone. According to the pilot's story, he, having overtaken the fascist scout from behind, opened fire on him from a cannon and machine guns from close range. Continuing to come closer, he gave a few more bursts from the gun. As a result, damage to the left plane of the enemy plane was clearly visible, and the shooter knocked off a cap-fairing from the cockpit. Shooter ceased fire. But even our pilot stopped shooting a ShVAK gun, and then a large-caliber machine gun of the BS. Recharge recover weapons failed. The pilot gives the enemy several more bursts of quick-fire ShKAS machine guns of caliber 7,62 mm, but the destruction of the enemy's aircraft cannot be achieved. Then Bomko decides to ram the scout, strike him with a propeller on the tail plumage. He makes a slide and, with a decrease, rushes at the enemy, but slips one or two meters from the tail of the scout. No, it is necessary to come closer slowly and strike neatly with the end of the propeller blade. In the cockpit shooter no one was visible. When, before the enemy plane, there were only meters 12 ... 15, according to the pilot, a healthy red-haired German appeared in the gunner’s cabin and fired several pistol shots at the fighter. One of the bullets, breaking through the glazing of the fighter cockpit lantern, wounded the pilot in the neck. The pilot has weakened attention to the management of the aircraft. As a result, the fighter fell into the air stream of the reconnaissance engines and was thrown down to the side. The plane almost fell into a tailspin. The altitude was lost, the engine was shaken, the fuel remained only to return to its airfield, the pilot had to stop the pursuit. When inspecting the aircraft, damage was detected by a bullet of one propeller blade, which caused the engine to shake. Four bullets hit the plane of the aircraft, was interrupted by the attachment of the air cylinder. The bullet that pierced the cockpit cannon hit the pilot's armored seat and ricocheted. ”

Fear has big eyes?

It is clear that the report of the young pilot about such an extremely peculiar fight caused certain doubts in command:

“The regiment commander, Lieutenant Colonel F.A.Pogreshaev, received the pilot’s report But he didn’t believe in “red German”:

“What do we get,” he said, “the fighter, having a cannon and three machine guns, one of them heavy, cannot knock down a fascist reptile, and the winner is a red German with a lousy gun. Quite surprising. Correctly they say - fear has big eyes. Apparently you, Athanasius, started shooting from a kilometer distance, uselessly spent all the ammunition. Here the weapons engineer will look at the PCF film and report exactly what the distance was when firing. I will have to remove you from combat duty, until the shooting test for an engineer is dealt with. And there was no worse punishment for the pilot. It was easier for the pilot to get the most severe disciplinary action than to see his comrades on combat duty, how they were sent to fly, and he was forced to remain on the ground. ”

The commander of the regiment ordered the author of the memoirs: "Ikonnikov, figure out what happened to the weapon." And the weapons engineer began to carry out the order: “The plane was turned in a safe direction, the engine hoods were removed. I inspected the gun and machine guns with the weaponry outside, checked the traction and cable wiring. Few ammo still left. Having taken a seat in the cockpit, I try to reload the gun with a pneumatic recharge. But it does not work. We begin to look through the entire recharge circuit, and find the cause of the failure - one of the bullets hit the plane touched and crushed the air tube. Air did not enter the reload cylinder. Having moved the control stick of the plane to the side and put my feet on the pedals of the control of the plane, with two hands, leaning back, vigorously tugging and releasing the cable with the reload handle. A clear blow of the bolt from the cannon is heard, which has sent a cartridge into the barrel. The mechanic reports that the cartridge that was previously in the barrel, as it should be, fell to the ground through the sleeve and passes it to me. I look around. Nakol caps briskly. So there was a misfire in the air.

I give the command "From the aircraft" and click on the gun trigger. A short line shook the plane. There is no blame for the pilot. The reloading pneumatic system was put out of action in combat, and it was very difficult to reload the gun in the air manually while operating the aircraft. I opened the lid of the BS machine gun. The cartridge twisted and jammed. The pilot in the excitement of air combat too briefly pressed the reload button. Air, to throw back the moving parts of the machine gun completely, was not enough.

Mechanics removed from the aircraft weapons for cleaning and inspection. Ammunition to the parking lot already delivered. FKP cassette shot. An hour later, the film will be shown. Made on epidiaskopepe interpretation film FKP. The young pilot, trying to quickly bring down the hated enemy, opened fire not from "close range", as he claimed, but from 400 m, firing first directly into the tail, when the area hit was minimal. Later, the queues were given from a distance 50 ... 60 m, when the pilot performed a small slide. Aiming was carried out correctly - first in the direction of the air gunner, and then on the left engine of the scout. The last few shots showed that Bomko approached the enemy's plane almost closely. "

Everything turned out to be true

And a few days later it turned out that the part of Pilot Bomko’s story about the German pistol shooting that had caused the greatest doubts was quite true:

“Yevgeny Postyko, a technician of the plane on which Bomko flew, approaches me,“ Comrade engineer, when replacing the control cable of an airplane, I, removing the armored seat and the seat of the pilot, look at what I found. ” And shows a flattened bullet. Oh, I know such a bullet well. This is undoubtedly the bullet of the German Parabellum pistol. To explain the reasons for such confidence, must make a digression in his story. During the formation of the regiment, we received a small number of revolvers "revolver", and the rest were "parabellums", as there were not enough domestic weapons. Before handing out revolvers and pistols to personnel, the armament equipment was re-activated, inspected and tested in a dash. Domestic "revolvers" were trouble-free and their battle was much better than the trophy "parabellums". Therefore, all the revolvers issued to the pilots. Among the pistols, three turned out to be faulty. I took them to the apartment and in the evening I started debugging. Two pistols corrected, and the sleeve was not thrown out of the third one. In the process, the sleeve was wrinkled, but I did not have a spare one. Oholost war cartridge could not - there was no vice to pull a bullet. And early in the morning tomorrow, the weapons must be handed over to the officers of the regimental headquarters. Well, I will carefully debug a weapon using a live cartridge. When reloading, the barrel of the pistol is sent, just in case, towards the Dutch oven. And suddenly the shot slammed. The bullet, having made a deep dent in the iron lining of the stove, ricocheted and bounced into the corner of the room. How many times the teachers at the academy warned us, the listeners, about caution when handling a weapon, that even an “unloaded” weapon could fire, and I made such a mistake !. .

And yet, to finally make sure that the technician found a bullet from the captured gun in the cockpit, I decided to conduct an additional check. On the outskirts of the airfield, they installed an armorpiece from a LaGG-3 written off. On the sides reinforced anti-richer wooden shields. On the Bomko plane, the angle of its meeting with the surface of the armored backboard was determined from the hole in the visor of the cockpit and the mark of the bullet on the armored backrest. From the same angle from different distances in the presence of the deputy commander of the squadron, Captain A. Okunev, and several other pilots, I fired a series of control shots. Picked up and inspected the bullets. The closest collapse of the bullet, compared with the mechanic found, occurred at a distance of 15 ... 20 meters. It was confirmed that indeed, Bomko was injured not by a bullet from a machine gun of an air gunner, but by a bullet from a “parabellum” pistol. Perhaps the "red German". Considering the distance from the gunner’s cabin to the reconnaissance aircraft’s tail, the propeller of the Bomko plane cut the air already a few meters away from the U-88 tail tail (The Germans used this reconnaissance bomber). A few millimeters separated the pilot from death. Saved Bomko that his neck was thin. The squadron foreman was always tormented by picking up his tunic. And all exactly had to take the gate. If you were in the cockpit of a fighter, the pilot would be of medium build, the carotid artery would probably be affected. Bomko also got off with a slight burn and a wound to the neck with two small pieces of a pistol bullet that bounced off when she was hit in an armored seat. ”

We are accustomed to memories of how our soldiers and officers improvised in the most seemingly hopeless situations. But it must be remembered that the Germans were also capable of such. Air gunner machine gun does not work - it means that the “parabellum” will be used. And in fact he achieved his “red German”, saved himself, the crew and the car. Not clowns with weapons were defeated in the end - the warriors - the victors in the Great Patriotic War, but formidable, skillful and very persistent enemies.
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  1. +10
    24 September 2016 06: 47
    "Not clowns with weapons defeated ..." Of course ...! In general, this is a unique case: to practically win a dogfight by shooting a fighter with a pistol.
    1. +2
      24 September 2016 12: 56
      Quote: sub307
      In general, the case is unique:

      Read here Vizbor described the story of one pilot from the Civil Air Fleet, much cooler and more interesting, here is an excerpt:
      1. +2
        24 September 2016 14: 12
        I read the story on your link. The story is excellent, but I would not dare to cite it as an example of a real battle. There it is completely from the section "pilot's bikes", but here perhaps a really real story.
        1. AUL
          24 September 2016 17: 52
          What's surprising? Situation from the series "If you want to live, you will not be so hot!" (C) And you will fight off the plane from the pistol!
    2. +1
      24 September 2016 20: 08
      Quote: sub307
      In general, the case is unique

      From the whole article, it seemed to me the most implausible: "Domestic" revolvers "were trouble-free and their battle is much better than trophy" parabellums "". request
      1. +3
        24 September 2016 20: 18
        Quote: Vladimirets
        From the whole article, the most implausible to me seemed to me this: "Domestic" revolvers "were trouble-free and their battle is much better than captured" parabellums "".

        And what is implausible here? Any revolver no-failure semiautomatic device.
        1. +1
          24 September 2016 20: 45
          Quote: Mordvin 3
          And what is implausible here?

          In the much better battle of the Nagan revolver.
  2. +8
    24 September 2016 07: 59
    They started a whole investigation. They even found a holy bullet.
    Although that just does not happen. SS General Eike, for example, was shot down by a Red Army man from a rifle. True, Storch was there. But nonetheless.
  3. ICT
    24 September 2016 08: 13
    Quote: Hupfri
    They even found a holy bullet

    usually they are always there, but a little later
  4. 0
    24 September 2016 08: 21
    Interesting case ... Thanks ...
  5. +12
    24 September 2016 08: 37
    "Three linear rifle on a canvas belt" (AT Tvardovsky). This is when Vasily Terkin fired at the plane. And here is the distance for shooting a pistol. The Germans already knew that the Russian pilot had problems with the use of ammunition. And about the fact that ours are able to use the ram, too, in the know, i.e. were ready. At all times and in all armies, the most worthy and courageous were taken for reconnaissance. Here, our pilot can only be reproached with one thing, after the defeat of the firing point he did not care about the return fire, and approached the enemy without hiding behind the tail of the enemy aircraft. But he certainly did not expect such agility from the German.
    I remember reading as a child how A. Kozhevnikov chased the same scout in the Hurricane and was ready to ram, and he was with pre-war training. And also not without problems.
    What! Our grandfathers destroyed a very powerful enemy. The more expensive is our victory.
  6. 0
    24 September 2016 08: 37
    Yes, it’s interesting only the fascist was probably in the headset or maybe with a red beard))
  7. +5
    24 September 2016 08: 44
    Not surprising, given that in the first world pilots in full swing mocked at each other from revolvers.: =)
    1. +2
      24 September 2016 09: 40
      I don’t remember where and who, but the bomber fought off the attack by the fighter, threw the leaflet shooter. Hit the screw, a cloud of dust, the fighter quickly fell off. wink
      1. +6
        24 September 2016 16: 55
        Quote: Yarik
        I don’t remember where and who, but the bomber fought off the attack by the fighter, threw the leaflet shooter. Hit the screw, a cloud of dust, the fighter quickly fell off. wink

        Silantiev V.I. Airborne scouts.

        "... The Germans were seriously preparing to defend the approaches to Germany, urgently created fortified areas, and their air defense service was not asleep. During the reconnaissance of the highways and railways, as well as the Lodz railway junction, Petrov's crew noticed the Messerschmitt-109." The scouts did not flinch. and, having turned the plane towards the sun, they continued their flight with a climb. The fighter did not stop pursuing, and then Victor had a bold idea.
        In the hatches of his plane were thousands of leaflets in Polish. He gave the command to Malinkin to drop all the "propaganda load" on the vulture. Malinkin pulled the handle, and a long white trail instantly formed behind the pawn. A minute later, the radio operator reported that the pursuer went down sharply - apparently, the leaflets hit him in the water radiators, and the engine began to overheat. "They knocked down the bastard with leaflets!" - said the scouts upon returning to the Krynki airfield. Returned, as usual, a low-level flight ... "

        Very interesting memories of the aircraft mechanic Drap.
  8. +1
    24 September 2016 11: 08
    Quote: samoletil18
    Here our pilot can only be blamed

    Of course, after the wartander, with 10 shot down in one departure, everyone imagines himself a strategist seeing a battle from afar, and becomes an ace not inferior to Pokryshkin, Kozhedub, Hartman, Bong,
    It's ridiculous! the dude sits on the couch, puffing out his cheeks, and teaches the combat pilot how to shoot down airplanes and still reproaches them.

    But on the merits of the article, I read the memoirs of a German or an Englishman (I don’t remember) how he fired over the lamb when fighters began to shoot him forward and, in his opinion, the shells flying back thwarted the attack.
    1. 0
      24 September 2016 14: 19
      Have you read the article? Or so, we went over.
      1. 0
        24 September 2016 16: 48
        And I read your commentary with reproaches from a combat pilot who "did not hide behind his tail". Well, at 88, the pilots only did that when they saw the fighters from behind, they refused to maneuver and began to flee in a straight line, so that the attacker could be covered by his tail. It's easy to sit on the couch and talk right. Try from a car moving on the ground to hit a target that is motionless and does not shoot back. And these are planes
        1. +1
          25 September 2016 01: 35
          Reproaches were from the command to the pilot. My words about reproaches relate to parsing in the regiment. Why should I blame the pilot?
  9. +2
    24 September 2016 12: 27
    Interesting case. Thanks to the author for the article.
  10. +2
    24 September 2016 14: 12
    The German was also not timid.
  11. +4
    24 September 2016 16: 22
    I wonder if the Luftwaffe command believed the "red-haired German". that he shot down a Russian fighter with a "parabellum"?)))))
    1. +2
      24 September 2016 20: 23
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      I wonder if the Luftwaffe command believed the "red-haired German". that he shot down a Russian fighter with a "parabellum"?)))))

      Unlikely. The machine gun did not fix, request
  12. +1
    24 September 2016 17: 47
    Once I read an article long ago that the shooter was a radio operator on Ili - 2 shot down a plane from a German submachine gun, though I don’t remember his last name ...
  13. Alf
    24 September 2016 18: 40
    In 1940, when draping from Dunkirk, the navigator of such a unique Westland Lysender aircraft shot down Thompson, who was too close 109th, from an abnormal submachine gun.
  14. +2
    24 September 2016 20: 07
    I am a bastard with these Russians: during the war they made such a consequence. What's the point?
    1. Alf
      24 September 2016 21: 13
      I am a bastard with these Russians: during the war they made such a consequence. What's the point?

      The meaning is very simple. During the war, the reasons for the abnormal withdrawal from the battle were very strictly determined. It was necessary to find out the reason - the pilot's cowardice (and then the "bloody gebnya" entered the business) and the pilot risked ending his career prematurely or refusing materiel with appropriate conclusions for the ground technical personnel.
  15. +1
    24 September 2016 23: 28
    Exactly !!! We defeated the strong, trained, cunning enemy ... Glory to the winner of the Soviet people, people !!!
  16. +1
    25 September 2016 08: 52
    My father once told me such a case, allegedly being in their regiment. He drove the "messer" Po-2 so that he had nowhere to go - he played like a cat with a mouse, drew level beside him, smiles and points his thumb down - either now I'll fill it up, or sit down. Our pilot realizes that now he will have a cover, in a fit of despair, he grabs the TT and shoots the German several times. Hit right in the head! Messer collapsed, and ours safely returned to his airfield. Such was the case.
  17. 0
    26 September 2016 16: 40
    History finds confirmation. Moreover, right down to the characters and equipment (LAGG-3, in fact, is not quite the "that" aircraft for completing the air defense regiments that they tried to arm with MIGs).
    So, in accordance with
    33152-291.html Lt. Col. Pogreshaev Fyodor Arsentyevich was commander of the 721st Kastornensky Order of Suvorov and ALEXANDER of the NEVA Fighter Aviation Regiment from October 1941 to July 1942, where according to http://podvignarid&id&il=26224479 = navD
    etailManAward Bomko Afanasy Karpovich was a fighter pilot and the regiment was armed with LAGG-3 fighters, and Sergey Nikolaevich Ikonnikov was the senior lieutenant technician in this regiment during this period = 11516262 & tab = navD
  18. 0
    1 October 2016 12: 01
    Quote: sub307
    "Not clowns with weapons defeated ..." Of course ...! In general, this is a unique case: to practically win a dogfight by shooting a fighter with a pistol.

    Hero of the Soviet Union Igor Kaberov described the case when a German descending by parachute from a parabelum wounded a pilot who shot down his plane, which in turn flew on LaGG-3. They then shot the canopy of the parachute and the German was slain, for nefig.

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