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Tomorrow for Obama: Hawk? Rather, lame duck

Today, most of the world's leading media cover the regular session of the UN General Assembly. Interest in this session is clear. Too many questions of world politics are not resolved. Too dangerous the world has come to a dangerous point beyond which is chaos. Too much lawlessness and death.

By tradition, such assemblies begin with a speech by the President of the United States. The 71 Assembly is no exception. Let me remind you that President Obama’s first speech was in 2009. Many readers remember his speech, which two months later was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yes exactly. It was the performance that was honored with the Nobel Prize, and not the activity as president of the United States.

"I know very well what expectations are connected with my rule around the world. But these expectations are not related to me personally, but rather based on rejection of the status quo, in which we were too dependent on emphasizing the differences between us. They are also based on the belief that real change is possible. "

The last speech of the “lame duck” is already permeated by completely different ideas. 8 years of governing a country such as the United States, numerous wars in various countries, the collapse of the world system of economic relations, millions of migrants - this is only a small part of the "achievements" of Barack Obama. Nobel laureate "screwed" the world enough.

Naturally, the American president urgently needed a scapegoat. With a sore head and a healthy one. Fortunately, the candidate for this position should always be. And if it is not, then we must urgently come up with. How al-Qaeda was invented at the time. But since then, a lot of water in the brains of overseas leaked, so that with the new products it has become difficult. So new is good (?) Forgotten old. That is Russia.

"In our world, which had left the era of empires long ago, we see Russia trying to regain its glory by force."

"One of the signs of the imperfection of world diplomacy is the fact that some countries allow themselves to violate international law."

And what's new? Where?

As you can see, the usual American "focus." Black is now white, and white has turned black. It was as if the world had forgotten about the sacrifices that made it possible, or rather, organized "some countries" headed by the country of Obama. Verbal casuistry, designed not for serious diplomats, but for the crowd of “frail” Clinton voters.

However, was Obama's speech so unexpected for Russia? Did we even know in general about its content? Naturally.

In one of my articles I wrote that the Pentagon and the White House are well aware of the weaknesses and advantages of their army. And the armies of states - likely opponents, too. And the conclusion is the same. The modern American army cannot guarantee victory over Russia or China even one by one.

Deprived of its advantages in the air, it has become a tool to fight against third world states. In tool to oppress weak countries. The appearance of modern types of weapons in such countries acts on Americans as a cold water tub. Sober instantly.

And as if in confirmation of my findings, the New York Times newspaper 6 of September publishes an article by David Sanger. The essence of the article boils down to the fact that after some doubts and discussions in the White House, President Obama agreed to the possibility of "delivering a nuclear strike first."

As I think, the epic of "Obama's peacemaker" ended. I remember the months-long information processing of Russia and China through the same newspaper and several other government publications. The world was convinced that Obama wants to stay in stories as a peacemaker. As president, abandoning the doctrine of a preemptive strike on a likely opponent.

All played up. I'm tired. And, like a normal man and the master of his word, having given him, he took it back.

The growth of the combat power of Russia and China as a thorn in ... the Americans. Numerous provocations on the Russian borders and in the South China Sea are not particularly disturbed by the Russian and Chinese authorities. The answer is ready or almost ready. The US military is increasingly facing a violent response to such provocations. "Invincible American ships" are "pushed out" from the territorial waters. Fearlessly American scout planes were sent there without fear.

According to the American edition, the “parents” of the new US doctrine were Secretary of State Kerry, Secretary of Defense Carter and Admiral Hayni, head of the Strategic Command. They "persuaded" President Obama. They were the ones who made Barack Obama “forget” his own words spoken by 7 years ago.

The United States, "as the only nuclear power that has already applied nuclear weapon"wants" to seek peace and security in a world without nuclear weapons.

Even at the beginning of this year, the American president said roughly the same thing. I mean his performance when visiting Hiroshima. Remember his call to members of the nuclear club - "have the courage to break out of the logic of fear and strive for peace without it"?

Today, without much pomp and publicity, the United States embarked on a deep modernization of its nuclear potential. Moreover, this is done at once in many directions.

So the famous American submarines of the Ohio class are planned to be replaced by more advanced ones equipped with new ballistic missiles. The cost of such a replacement is staggering - almost 100 billion dollars.

The US Air Force will be replenished with another hundred B-21 strategic bombers. This machine is already a new generation. And they are planning to equip them not only with nuclear bombs and missiles, but also with "long-range cruise missiles" with nuclear warheads that are being developed today. Such missiles will practically deprive the enemy of the possibility of a retaliatory strike, since they can be used even before the borders of the other side. This "pleasure" today will cost American taxpayers approximately 80 billion dollars.

The development of new ICBMs has begun. Pleasure is also not cheap - about 85 billion dollars. Missiles of the new generation will be able to overcome the enemy's missile defense. Some answer to the Russian "doomsday weapon".

In general, today we can say that the Americans are returning to the days of the cold war and the arms race. Simply put, they fell into the pit that they had dug for a long time in Russia. According to Western experts, today the modernization of nuclear weapons and carriers, the Americans will need more than a trillion dollars. What kind of "printing press" will withstand such loads? Only the best in the world is American.

It is clear that the upcoming elections in the United States have become the catalyst for such decisions. Candidates are forced to "reveal cards." And the closer the decisive day, the more such "cards" we will see. If you look closely at what is happening today at the US electoral sites, it becomes clear which of the candidates is more dangerous for us. Who actively "push" the hawks of America.

In the same way, it becomes obvious that Russia has correctly chosen the vector of development of the army and fleet. This is probably the first time we are not catching up, but ahead of it. Let in some parameters, but still ahead. And this inspires some confidence in the future.

Returning to Obama's speech at the UN Assembly. I will return only because in the light of the described decisions and plans of the United States, his words are very ambiguous.

"A lot of work has been done that has changed the lives of many people and that would not exist without the desire to cooperate." "If you compare the current situation with the end of the Cold War, the world is now more prosperous, less cruel, although more unpredictable."

Indeed, the best can not be said about the "time of Obama." Much more ... unpredictability and "prosperity." Especially where Americans "have changed the lives of many people." There everything just blooms and smells. The whole question is just what.

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  1. Alena Frolovna
    Alena Frolovna 22 September 2016 15: 15

    Running under the clouds,
    Paper Kite taking down
    In the moth valley
    “Believe it!” He shouts, “I can see you a little bit;
    Confess that you are jealous
    Look at my so high flight. "
    "Enviable? Really, no!
    In vain about yourself you dream so much!
    Although high, but you are flying on a leash.
    Such a life, my light
    From happiness is very far;
    And I, though, really, not high,
    But I'm flying
    Where I want;
    I’m just like you, for fun for another,
    I have not burst for a whole century. "

    Krylov’s famous “Kite” is a moralizing tale of arrogance, stupidity, and true freedom. The main characters here are the freedom-loving Moth and the arrogant Serpent - though highly flying, but meaningless and empty.

    8 years of idle talk, arrogance, stupidity, pride and not a single good deed. Barack, Barack, what have you done. As a small child you make excuses. But we Russians cannot get used to slander, the dirt, as you know, having dried up, falls off itself.

    How right is Grandfather Krylov. He has fables at all times.
    1. OLD FART
      OLD FART 22 September 2016 18: 48
      What can I say, the last bark of Obamych! It's just that nothing will change in the politics of the arrogant Saxons, who would not be the president ...
      But such simple guys in Russia will stop them ... Otherwise, nothing!
  2. sgazeev
    sgazeev 22 September 2016 15: 32
    “I am well aware of the expectations associated with my rule around the world. But these expectations are not connected with me personally, but rather are based on the rejection of the current status quo, in which we were too dependent on emphasizing the differences between us. belief that real change is possible. "] Who cheated from whom? Klitschko's banana or vice versa. wassat
  3. Teberii
    Teberii 22 September 2016 15: 59
    Nothing is independent of him.
  4. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 22 September 2016 16: 06
    TOMORROW for Obama does not exist ..
  5. Anatole Klim
    Anatole Klim 22 September 2016 17: 11
    Maybe I’ll say an seditious thing, but we will remember the weak politician Obama, with a kind word, if the fit of Hillary wins, she certainly does not have any brakes, they will put pressure on us at times. Trump says a lot and promises so far, but this stray will do nothing, the car is running, and the steering is not there.
  6. Masya masya
    Masya masya 22 September 2016 17: 34
    The last shaking of air written off in circulation ...
  7. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 22 September 2016 17: 58
    Listen to the speech of the president, who already has the prefix "ex" on his forehead, who is against all the laws of physics, "pushes" an openly weak "hawk"? Let the office hamsters listen to him ...
  8. Retvizan
    Retvizan 22 September 2016 18: 40
    Parameters of military power is one of, but not the main lever of the United States.
    I do not agree with the definition
    This is probably the first time we are not catching up, but ahead of it. Let in some parameters, but still ahead. And it inspires some confidence in the future

    What is the lead then? And why does it inspire confidence.
    An article about what Americans say and do. And they can afford a lot. And despite the skepticism of their power, it is still there. And the main weapon is the system. Why should anyone win if everyone is built into the system? Within the system, they are just fine.
    So much attention is paid specifically to the United States, all global decisions even in Russia depend on elections in the United States - doesn’t this say a lot?
    But Obama is still a good politician. After all, we somehow forget that there is still domestic policy in the United States.
  9. Baloo
    Baloo 22 September 2016 20: 39
    The most stupid, unreasonable, irresponsible and short-sighted president of the FSA. fool
    1. OLD FART
      OLD FART 22 September 2016 21: 22
      Quote: Balu
      The most stupid, unreasonable, irresponsible and short-sighted president of the FSA. fool

      Thanks to him for everything! Russia began to revive and we understood a lot ...
  10. parusnik
    parusnik 23 September 2016 06: 26
    Lame duck, with a beak of a hawk ...
  11. Baloo
    Baloo 26 September 2016 17: 18
    Duck? And what does harmless birds have to do with it? belay
    Macaque, just a Fashington macaque. wink The genes of the Kennedy clan disappeared in vain. lol
    Saray Obama is the most unfortunate president of the FSA. fool The military-industrial complex practically does not obey him. The pentagon with the companions like pyromancers set fire to everything around. am
    I will never forgive Columbus discovery of America. laughing