Ukrainian modernizers "killed" 4 thousands of AK-74

Armed Forces Armed Forces continue to publish data on low-quality rifle weaponswhich comes after the "modernization" in the troops. Just a few days ago, one of the representatives of the Ukrainian army published a video saying that it is impossible to shoot from a “modernized” machine gun, because after a short queue the cartridge is poked and the lid opens.

Now it turns out that low-quality Kalashnikov assault rifles (AK-74) are also entering the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian "specialists" for a considerable amount of money "modernized" about 4 of thousands of Soviet-made machine guns, deciding to equip them with "modern body kits". However, after the implementation of the work, it turned out that the weapon was transformed from a highly reliable one into one that simply could not be operated normally.

Commentary on the "new" machines leads Ukrainian volunteer Roman Donik, who raised funds for the needs of the so-called "ATO". From his message in Facebook (spelling, punctuation and style of the source saved):

Against the background of the alleged openness and readiness for changes in the MoD, against the background of all these meetings with bloggers and volunteers, after all these trainings and courses leading to nowhere and nothing, I still occasionally drop the bar when I see these things. with one hand, and with the other hand, stupidly pi ... sya money and enormous harm is done. On this fact was silent, waiting for the reaction. But I can not wait. Now on Friday they will make an open door and everyone will be in unison orgasm from the new Talanian berz, which will give the guest a guest.

We meet 4 000 trunks hopelessly spoiled for our money with you. Four thousand new AK-74 machines disfigured as an upgrade. For mad grandmas. On the stolen and Krivorukov copied Israeli dodger technology. This is really a lot of money, which was paid not only for the work (hack), but also for the work of the design bureau that hand-made the finished product.

I am very short so that everyone can understand, even housewives.

There was a machine gun with a wooden butt. Instead, the butt was broken off and on three cogs they screwed up the tube with a device that should make the butt fold. They called it AKM-TK and AK-TK. Three screws that secure the new butt, after the 40-50 shots are unwound. Cogs are not easy. 2 screws M4 with a pitch 0,5 flat head slot and 1 screw M6 pitch 0,75 cross head. If you lose the screw you can not unscrew it from somewhere. rare type. But that's not all. The very loop that should fold the butt and fix rigidly in the unfolded position with backlash. Just hanging out. But that's not all.

The design of aluminum forearm with a collimator. Vent tube - part of the forearm. Heat is given by the tube forearm and warms the collimator. There are cases of breakage. But that's not all. After cleaning the gas outlet, the collimator must be shot again. Or do not clean the gas tube. But that's not all. It is impossible to roll it back, because the plant that received this order for hundreds of thousands of dollars milled the butt plate (the back of the receiver). And now even to return the paddle will not work. These machines look like Tipo cool. But in the operation of complete shit. We specifically waited and collected information on three divisions. Everywhere diseases are the same. Butts hang out after two shot stores. Fight for one full BC, cogs fall out and these machines can be used as samopalyami. Well, with batons. All who have automatic machines, butts dangle.

but they b ..., dudes are harsh, landing, special forces, complaining and writing a report to write zapadlo. Suffer, collective farm. Volunteers again come, repair, put on elbow or superglue. But now there is no fighting. But the kneading will start, and during it, the butts will begin to fly off en masse, and the 200-s in the jambs.

Who will we blame? Or, again, "Heroes do not die" and home? And these bitches cut down the money and spoiled 4000 machines, laugh, and go on vacation at sea. For earned on suckers.

And the question is only one - what sample was tested and who conducted these tests? Is he already sitting?

Ukrainian modernizers "killed" 4 thousands of AK-74

From the comment of the Ukrainian serviceman:
Give us the usual AKMs, not this shit. They now also do not put the GP.

In general, thanks to the modernizers for the fact that these weapons are extremely difficult to use in the Donbass, which means there is a chance of saving hundreds of lives ...
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  1. +39
    21 September 2016 14: 43
    Ukrainian modernizers "killed" 4 thousands of AK-74

    Break not build wassat
    What is the super-duper sniper of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which turned out to be a Mosin rifle, which was simply mechanically "finished off" and put on a bed "embossed in Europe" ...

    The diagnosis of these modernizers:
    Full ohm request
    Amba ...
    1. +104
      21 September 2016 14: 53
      I want to shake hands with the partisan who organized this "zrada". Well done, asshole! Also, the "grandmother" slup!
      1. +33
        21 September 2016 14: 57
        Quote: Monos
        I want to shake hands with that partisan ...

        Our man, Putin sent him along the way laughing
        1. +74
          21 September 2016 15: 18
          Able to break not breaking, bravo laughing
          1. +9
            21 September 2016 21: 58
            Really. To spoil the "Kalash" is cool. As I imagine what they will do with lethal weapons from the United States ...
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. +3
              22 September 2016 00: 30
              These were just too lazy to see the AKS-74 and began to reinvent the wheel with an invented car, but Ukrainian land has become impoverished!
              1. +4
                22 September 2016 07: 56
                Yes, they were not too lazy, the AKC is a Moskal machine, but it’s not hydraulic. That’s what they are sculpting Mr. - but everything, the main thing is that it would not be a shovel.
                1. +6
                  22 September 2016 09: 59
                  Quote: Andrey K
                  Our man, Putin sent him along the way

                  It may well be what And what? Such an efficiency! 4000 Kalash to kill! To do this, more than one year, you must learn to be a spy. Personally, it seems to me that the military-industrial complex of Ukraine (as well as other ministries and departments) is headed by personnel officers of the FSB. Well, the villagers can not so qualitatively sack their nenka! Even if you try! Only the invaders!
              2. 0
                22 September 2016 13: 31
                Well, dig not to build.
        2. +5
          21 September 2016 15: 23
          They are all there in the defense, either corrupt or agents of the Kremlin.
          Accordingly, the order is either stolen or sabotaged with 100% probability.
          1. +10
            21 September 2016 16: 28
            Union of the indestructible republics free
            Great Russia forever.
            Long live the people's will
            A single, mighty Soviet Union!
        3. 0
          21 September 2016 16: 19
          It is quite possible that the GDP is not at work, for military and bobble it is to Waltsman.
        4. 0
          21 September 2016 21: 45
          Just a retired ensign
        5. The comment was deleted.
      2. +18
        21 September 2016 15: 11
        Some "masterpieces" of the so-called military-industrial complex in second-hand Ukraine ...
        "Ingenious" a la "bullpup" "Malyuk" (once again they made fun of AK, killed him completely):

        This is the World's Best Maidan KM-7,62 (kulemet, razroleniya in Ukraine at the plant "Mayak" for the scheme of PKM kulemet ...). In fact, "killed in the trash", "modernized" PC. The one who "the cartridge is stuck, and the lid opens ...":
        1. +3
          21 September 2016 15: 39
          Interestingly, they are all such golovoz there ... cephalopods, that the construction absolutely working in the most difficult conditions was turned into a metal club, with the function of a certain number of shots ???
          1. +13
            21 September 2016 19: 26
            To be able to spoil so competently.
            What can not even be returned back.
            To the rewards of all!
        2. +3
          21 September 2016 19: 51
          Found a video of this.

      3. +6
        21 September 2016 16: 22
        Indeed, it remains to say a big "human thanks" for such a modernization, continue in the same spirit.
    2. +5
      21 September 2016 15: 07
      Either pests, or partisans. And the acceptance of finished products is just as corrupt.
    3. +18
      21 September 2016 15: 22
      In general, thanks to the modernizers for the fact that these weapons are extremely difficult to use in the Donbass, which means there is a chance of saving hundreds of lives ...

      Or maybe I should say thank you to them, not all the stoned Svidomites and jumpers are racers, because many still understand that the same "separatists" of the "Colorada" are their compatriots, but a pro-Western bunch of puppets is in power, the SBU is already rename the CIA mini-Gestapo, for an extra word the same Pravoseki and other evil spirits can be mutilated, and people need to feed their families like that, but maybe they help the LDNR at least by sabotaging, well, these are my thoughts, if this is how I think, then many thanks to them, 4000 barrels will not shoot at their own. Somehow, IMHO. hi
    4. GUS
      21 September 2016 15: 50
      Quote: Andrey K

      What is a super-duper sniper APU, which turned out to be a Mosin rifle,.

      Do you remember the "sniper rifle" from the DShK?

      No less elegant vundervaffe
      1. +13
        21 September 2016 16: 48
        Class! Thanks to the Kovrovites Degtyarev-Shpagin for the excellent weapon. They would have been surprised by the Ukrainian "machine gunners" who got used to firing single shots from their 33 kg machine gun, praising the weapons of the Muscovites.
      2. +2
        21 September 2016 17: 07
        I have a two-screw fly mount on pneumatics, after fifty shots it starts to hang, and in the video the muzzle brake is on two bolts! (It’s interesting to put up a washer-grover to guess?) What can happen to him after the 12.7 shots, one can only guess ...
      3. 0
        22 September 2016 08: 17
        And that ptr ended?
    5. +8
      21 September 2016 16: 18
      it’s not a bad thing for the bosses with Maskalev’s Kalash’s to fight? in SCONEVMERLAND, all but the farm horses are welded
    6. +10
      21 September 2016 16: 48
      Quote: Andrey K
      What is the super-duper sniper of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which turned out to be a Mosin rifle, which was simply mechanically "finished off" and put on a bed "embossed in Europe" ...

      "Super-not duper", but personally I would not want to put my head under the shot of the Ukrop sniper, who has this pumped-up "mosinka" ...
      Be that as it may, she shoots. And not bad. Trust me Yes

      By the way, the Americans also do not disdain the old woman’s upgrade, and at the same time achieve certain positive results, good "material" it allows ...
      1. +1
        22 September 2016 11: 50
        mind you - "do not shun the upgrade", not downgrade, and degradation.
    7. +1
      21 September 2016 20: 33
      Quote: Andrey K
      Break not build

      Ukrainian modernizers "killed" 4 thousands of AK-74

      These "modernizers" are killing their country that everything else is
    8. +1
      22 September 2016 10: 28
      What is a super-duper APU sniper?

      As if ... "Mosinka" is, in principle, one of the best rifles in terms of accuracy ... And to attach to it a modern bed with modern "special means" is quite an option to make candy out of shit (old stuff). (I don’t know how about candy from Ukrainian gunsmiths.)

      On the face is a simple method and get rid of old weapons in warehouses and get a profit.

      And everyone earns as he can. Someone spoils a good AK74, someone screws the Mosin mechanism to a polymer board, someone "planes" new models which in reality remain piece copies, because "the old cast-iron AK47 is reliable as scrap" and the army is quite happy with it (in the blaze of mass weapons).
      1. AUL
        22 September 2016 13: 57
        Give the fool a crystal member - he will break the thing and cut his hands!
  2. +41
    21 September 2016 14: 47
    Ukraine killed the unkillable
    1. +5
      21 September 2016 17: 16
      Quote: -sh-
      Ukraine killed the unkillable

      In short, do not express yourself good
  3. +13
    21 September 2016 14: 47
    I liked superglue, but rather let them try to glue snot
  4. +3
    21 September 2016 14: 48
    Chinese fasteners are to blame ... But no! This is Muscovites .. They put poor-quality fasteners!
    1. +3
      21 September 2016 14: 54
      Yes, the rivets on the sight bar are unique .. The engineering corps of the Azov regiment probably put their hands growing in the wrong place.
    2. +2
      21 September 2016 14: 55
      smile Well yes. In a conspiracy with the Chinese. On the G-20. Where pidoroshenko not allowed. Now it’s clear why laughing For the machines conspired
  5. +9
    21 September 2016 14: 51
    each fighter with a set of drills and electrical tape
    1. +2
      21 September 2016 14: 52
      Quote: poquello
      each fighter with a set of drills and electrical tape

      and a fountain pen - shoot yourself
    2. +5
      21 September 2016 15: 20
      And superglue in zip
  6. +12
    21 September 2016 14: 53
    I used to say that only a glass member can be entrusted to Ukrainian warriors, but now I have to make changes to my statement - the member should be at least in steel packaging, and preferably wrapped with ten layers of adhesive tape, then it can be given to Ukrainian warriors fool
  7. +2
    21 September 2016 14: 54
    they even cannot get cogs in case of loss. What anti-terrorist operation? go home. smile
  8. +2
    21 September 2016 14: 56
    There are no words, only positive emotions ... Well done !!! Keep it up!!! Go on ... Give the hell ... laughing laughing
  9. +2
    21 September 2016 14: 58
    Ruinian warriors should be wrecked to fight from a known Russian machine gun. Where is your pride in the urine. It's time to switch to the shotguns of the Mauser system or to the system of the supposedly none of Urin's designer. The monuments have been demolished, it is time to throw out all the "Russian" weapons.
  10. +7
    21 September 2016 14: 59
    Ukrainian designers decided that the Piccottini bar as well as sniper sights should be attached directly to the bullets lol
  11. +1
    21 September 2016 15: 00
    The brilliant Khokhlyat designers managed to break the unkillable Kalash.
    1. +4
      21 September 2016 15: 48
      With a fool you can and x ... break. Modernization of the name of Bandera-Kolomoisky.
      It is not so much the level of engineering that is surprising as the endless desire to remake everything Russian and Soviet (even at the cost of such idiocy).
  12. +6
    21 September 2016 15: 00
    But what, normal diversion. Immediately 4000 trunks were disposed of. So also 4 military personnel, if that, will prove to be not combat-ready. They would have used some sort of artillery to do something like that (they succeeded with mortars!) So that they would vomit when fired - and all their ATO would quickly merge.
  13. +3
    21 September 2016 15: 01
    The next Uroine development is a machine gun with a barrel twisted into a bay fool
  14. 0
    21 September 2016 15: 01
    Still it was necessary to grind the strikers and bend the trunks
    1. +2
      21 September 2016 21: 58
      .and flies to burn and grease Vaseline om.
  15. 0
    21 September 2016 15: 02
    and nothing to say horses horses fellow
  16. +2
    21 September 2016 15: 02
    I want modernized helicopters ... !!! ))) am
    1. +5
      21 September 2016 15: 29
      Quote: Black_PR
      I want modernized helicopters ... !!! )))

      They have already.
      The combat helicopters of the Army Aviation of the Land Forces of Ukraine were “restored” with the help of component parts restored by deft businessmen, which were given a new or repaired appearance at specialized factories of the Russian Federation. The result is a catastrophe.

      At the crash site of the Mi-24VP helicopter of the 08 board that occurred on 24 in March of 2015, near the town of Vasilkov, Kiev region.
  17. +1
    21 September 2016 15: 04
    In order to fight with the Russian Army, no need to shoot.
    Suitable upgrade.
  18. +2
    21 September 2016 15: 08
    Only gods can kill unkillable
  19. +6
    21 September 2016 15: 14
    1. Once again happy for the wars of the DNI, LC, civilians on both sides of the front and animals.
    2. Punishers directed against their fellow citizens are not at all sorry.
    3. The opinion of the volunteer about the harsh special forces of the cyborgs who do not complain and wait for the help of the volunteers silently perfectly characterizes the above-mentioned individuals as non-initiating sheep. My fighters, with a split according to rasp .... oversight butt sincerely, without blinking an eye, offered to cut a similar one out of a tree over night.
    4. Recall the imperishable from Lavrov. :))
  20. 0
    21 September 2016 15: 18
    Correctly do what they write and make noise. Without theft, it does, they cut money in any weather and war even more.
    1. +7
      21 September 2016 15: 51
      Quote: Retvizan
      Correctly do what they write and make noise. Without theft, it does, they cut money in any weather and war even more.

      The sense of the noise is the same as with the Panda or the Pasechnik. That is - zero.
      BA "Dozor" is an example of this. And he broke, and sank, and covered with cracks - and the program goes on and on.
      Or you can recall the armored boat "Leninskaya Forge" ... wink
    2. +3
      21 September 2016 15: 55
      On this site you are minus. Let them saw as much as possible. They’ll save more lives. And the welfare of the pilots doesn’t fuck anyone. am am am
      1. +2
        21 September 2016 16: 40
        So am I really against cutting in Ukraine?
        I simply point out that the new government there is no different from the malicious government: as before, you can write and make a fussbut nothing will change.
        However, no - there are changes: now those who make too much noise can quickly be put into the agents of the Kremlin and Putin's spies. smile
        1. 0
          21 September 2016 18: 36
          My answer is for Retvisan. I will write more specifically ... I apologize ...
          1. 0
            21 September 2016 19: 03
            Quote: VadimLives
            My answer is for Retvisan. I will write more specifically ... I apologize ...

            I’m sorry - I took your comment for the answer to my own.
  21. +8
    21 September 2016 15: 23
    Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
    I used to say that only a glass member can be entrusted to Ukrainian warriors, but now I have to make changes to my statement - the member must be at least in steel packaging, and it’s advisable to wind up ten layers of adhesive tape

    The steel packaging will be cut off with a gas cutter, a member will be broken as usual, hands will be cut to heaps of assholes, as hands grow from there. laughing
  22. +1
    21 September 2016 15: 24
    Not in the subject, but where is the news as a friend of the Russian Federation "Erdogan promised Poroshenko to support Kiev's claims to the Crimea" ????
  23. +7
    21 September 2016 15: 25
    Quote: Gray Brother
    In order to fight with the Russian Army, no need to shoot.

    It is necessary that this "analogue of the machine" be killed completely to a non-repair state. laughing
    PS By the way, I am constantly freaking out, what for these "military" collimator sights and other bourgeois things? They thump without drying out. What do they see there in this "collimator"? This is the first thing. AKM and AK-74 are a machine gun for a peasant, solid minimalism, nothing more. The ATO warriors apparently imagine themselves to be tough specialists (and not peasants) who constantly need some kind of unique body kit. This is the second. Third, in the western subdivision at the position there is simply a stupid stock of weapons, already ready for a specific task, you do not need to run around with sights, making a sniper rifle out of a spit-box. You take Barrett and work as a sniper, figuratively speaking, if necessary. If you need to take the M60 "kulemaker" and work as a "kulemaker". But the villagers still don't know about it.
    1. +6
      21 September 2016 17: 10
      Quote: Altona
      This is the first. AKM and AK-74 - this machine for the peasant, sheer minimalism, nothing more.

      The fact that nothing more, I agree.
      But given my worker and peasant origin, I would not refuse a "collimator", or even a holographic sight on my RPK74 ... RPK, in skillful hands and with the right eye, this is SNIPERSKY KALASHNIKOV Yes .
      But so far, unfortunately, I will not "pull" the kit for the money. request But this is a business. What are our years wink
  24. +3
    21 September 2016 15: 36
    Actually, they have good teachers, so no wonder) ...

    In the power plant of the latest destroyer of the US Navy Zumwalt during the preparation of the ship for testing, a malfunction was found, the repair of which will take about two weeks.

    Outboard water got into the lubrication system of the engine servicing one of the propeller shafts of the ship. The incident occurred at the Norfolk naval base the day before the destroyer went to sea for another test, a source at the US Navy said to the portal of the United States Naval Institute (USNI).
  25. +2
    21 September 2016 15: 46
    Ukrainians only know how to destroy ...
    1. 0
      22 September 2016 08: 36
      Well no. I was arguing with a "comrade" from Ukraine in an article about Platov (nickname 2-0). I explained to him that the Ukrainians were worth something back then, when they were part of the Empire. So this individual was mocked. They did what was worthy only when they were part of the Great Whole.
  26. +2
    21 September 2016 15: 47
    What good modernizers ..!

    Let me tell you: You can still all this resulting shit
    to paint in blue-purulent cheerful colors ..
  27. +6
    21 September 2016 15: 50
    As in a joke: they gave d..rack three steel balls to play - two broke, one lost. lol
  28. +3
    21 September 2016 15: 54
    Previously, there was a joke about the Russian and 2-titanium balls ....... in general, these are much cooler.
    1. +6
      21 September 2016 16: 59
      Quote: Strezhevchanin
      Previously, there was a joke about the Russian and 2-titanium balls ....... in general, these are much cooler.

      You are mistaken! A joke about a banderve ...

      One kulu (ball-ukr) evil, ruining a friend (lost-ukr) laughing
      So that's it. No surprises.
  29. +4
    21 September 2016 15: 55
    Well done! Designers, manufacturers and military acceptance did a good job! I think our government needs to somehow reward them. We look forward to continuing, new "modifications" - you are dragging out the Ukrainian military budget to the bottom! good laughing hi
  30. +3
    21 September 2016 15: 58
    "Mayak" is where the tape recorders were made?
    Riga residents at the WEF will collect tin grenade launchers firing with electric fuses.
    In Kaunas, there was also a good radio factory, now there, probably for Kiev, the picatinny rail is cut from plywood with a jigsaw.
    Spoleta from Kharkov.
    Well, they know how to assemble tanks: as many as three or four (Malaysia was thrilled)
    The old specialists, thrown out into the street, rejoice, presumably the new government. New "specialists" - to break the loot, leave Pound and Fuchs in "Horns and Hooves" and screw them into Europa ...
  31. +1
    21 September 2016 16: 08
    Well, it’s better then when the Estonians go to the Israeli Galil))))
    1. 0
      23 September 2016 10: 16
      And this after the director of "Dvigatel" said that he needed a week to start the serial production of AK (25 years ago). Apparently Mart was in advance (the guns are the same in these times).
  32. +3
    21 September 2016 16: 14
    One is bad - only 4 thousand would be more.
  33. +4
    21 September 2016 16: 19
    I love "neighbors" - it's boring to live without people like them ............
  34. +4
    21 September 2016 16: 24
    Whatever the child would entertain, if only not with his hands ...
  35. +1
    21 September 2016 16: 37
    With such successes, they themselves will soon die. We can only wait.
  36. 3vs
    21 September 2016 16: 43
    These "partisans" worked in the enemy rear of their country! bully
  37. +5
    21 September 2016 16: 52
    .... and better let them try to glue snot

    It is only in winter laughing In the army, this is called "Trans-Baikal cement".
  38. +2
    21 September 2016 17: 24
    To whom is war, to whom is mother dear? I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but it’s like they drove our marriage to the first Chechen one too, but the bandits almost brought open new trunks from the factories.
  39. +2
    21 September 2016 17: 27
    Another thing is strange: after all, Ukraine had a very powerful defense industry. Are there really only armless ones left belay
  40. Mwg
    21 September 2016 17: 38
    a joke about two steel balls recalled that in a closed room one character 1 broke, another lost
  41. +4
    21 September 2016 17: 49
    Overflow! laughing

    Well, a new line in the famous verse:
    "They smashed the machine gun - it's Putin's fault!"
  42. +1
    21 September 2016 17: 57
    Quote: Altona
    AKM and AK-74 - this is a machine for the peasant, continuous minimalism, nothing more

    and who in the west runs with m4, g36 and other "non-peasant" trunks? I will answer that the same peasants, workers and even illiterate idiots, there are, of course, the beloved "professionals" and specialists of different stripes, but there are more of the former. All this Western peasant-professional mass runs with practically the same trunks. Not a single machine gun, including our AK, has been created and is not being created to arm illiterate fighters. And only AK must be called "workers and peasants". Disorder!
  43. +2
    21 September 2016 18: 21
    The main thing is to look ... like a'la west, and there at least the grass does not grow.
  44. +1
    21 September 2016 18: 27
    The most important thing from the above is that our announced modernization just doesn’t pass either!
  45. +1
    21 September 2016 19: 21
    what country is such a weapon
  46. +2
    21 September 2016 19: 21
    comments on this scribble are utterly lost ...
  47. +1
    21 September 2016 19: 22

    Square circus
  48. 0
    21 September 2016 19: 55
    At first, they considered it their destiny to shit to the Muscovites ... Then, reveling in their own `` greatness '', they decided to remake everything done by the half-witted Muscovites, wanting to show how to do it, and shit to themselves ... Keep it up!
  49. 0
    21 September 2016 20: 30
    Ndaa! You have to be "an enchanting dol ... bodyyatlom." To ugandoshit ak - you have to be able to! wassat GENIUS BRAVO!
  50. 0
    21 September 2016 20: 42
    Quote: Venceremos
    But taking into account my worker-peasant origin, I would not refuse a "collimator", or even a holographic sight on my RPK74 ..

    Why do you need it? Calling in the garden, wrapping in an oil rag, you never mind what?))
  51. +1
    21 September 2016 21: 25
    You should ask the Chinese - they have enormous experience! True, the shooter, after the shot, moved a little in space.
  52. 0
    21 September 2016 21: 44
    I don’t know how they copied it, but the body kit for Kalashnikovs from the Israeli company fab-defense is one of the best in the world, on a par with magpul and anti-aircraft guns. I don’t know what needs to be done to ruin the body kit like that. Serdyukov has a lot to learn from the crests. I was touched by the severity of their specialists, like complaining and writing reports is a waste. And dying stupidly, apparently, is not a bad thing. Let them continue in the same spirit.
  53. 0
    21 September 2016 22: 33
    They will again ask the West for lethal weapons, and for this they are turning normal weapons into . On the subject of a plot from the film "Formula of Love" about repairing a carriage: ....can you fix it in a week? The master needs an assistant here. "It looks like someone really helped the Ukrainians with modernization :)
    1. 0
      21 September 2016 22: 47
      It’s scary to trust them with anything other than lethal. And lethal... it’s scary to think about. Two woodpeckers decided to saw up the Bulgarian “fly”. Well, it’s terribly interesting what’s inside. The earth is glass for them with cotton wool.
  54. The comment was deleted.
  55. 0
    22 September 2016 05: 39
    What's the point of redoing something that's already been done?
  56. 0
    22 September 2016 06: 38
    Kremlin agents are EVERYWHERE!!!
  57. 0
    22 September 2016 07: 31
    Oh well, everything is fine..Russian partisans in the rear of the Armed Forces of Ukraine know their work..In the fields, and in design workshops, and in factories..
  58. 0
    22 September 2016 07: 42
    They'll have an open house on Friday.

    Vitalik needs to take note.
  59. 0
    22 September 2016 08: 02
    Bring back the old Review design :(
  60. +2
    22 September 2016 12: 29
    The idiots weakened the butt plate by cutting off the stamped part that gave rigidity to the entire receiver.
    secured with 3 shear screws! The fact that this “miracle” was put together without any understanding of the design is certain.
    People call this “collective farming” - when they try to redo something without understanding how the load is distributed throughout the structure and what consequences this will entail.

    In its present form, it is impossible to secure the new buttplate part with screws - this is simply impossible, since the thickness of the stamped box does not allow a reliable threaded connection to be made in it. You can't install a through pin either - the box won't be rigid enough, because the original butt plate has been removed.
    Riveting it will give a temporary improvement, since the rivets will be crushed by the force of recoil; make the rivets rigid - the holes in the stamped receiver will begin to wrinkle.
    All that remains is to weld it - in this case the strength of the entire receiver in the area of ​​the weld will be lost - since the receiver is formed by cold stamping, which enhances its strength, during welding the metal will be released and the receiver can be thrown into the trash.

    In general, the weapon is hopelessly damaged.
    The reason is illiterate technical analysis or its absence; it seems that the alteration was carried out by handicraftsmen without any engineering education.
  61. 0
    22 September 2016 19: 20
    The hole is from a donut, not an AKM. AKM Soviet weapon, i.e. weapons of the quilted jackets. And therefore, it is subject to decommunization according to your tattered laws. Let your great Khokhlyat defense industry continue to supply you with these digging sticks.
  62. 0
    23 September 2016 02: 52
    Hokhlodrochers did not understand (or did not want to understand) that all parts of the receiver of an AK of any model are not screwed on, but are exclusively riveted.
  63. 0
    23 September 2016 09: 43
    Maybe this is a classic Ukrainian business - marketing, leasing, stybzing and swapping. Or maybe Ukrainian civil resistance with sabotage and sabotage in occupied factories. In any case, the damage to the junta has already been done.
  64. 0
    23 September 2016 13: 21
    For the Anti-Midas, everything turns into Anti-Gold.
  65. 0
    23 September 2016 18: 54
    Even the Papuans know a lot about OLDSCOOL

  66. 0
    24 September 2016 11: 06
    The guy has not yet realized that this is the system that he is protecting.
  67. 0
    24 September 2016 23: 40
    During the 2nd World War, the anti-fascist underground did its best to help fight fascism, rendering weapons and equipment partially unusable for failure at the front, apparently the lessons of history have not been forgotten!

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