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The "ceasefire" regime helped the fighters of the Al-Nusra Front take a stretch of road near Aleppo

As the famous expression in mathematics says: “that was what was required to prove.” The same phrase is quite applicable to events in Syria. On the basis of agreements with the United States, Russia called on the Syrian army to move away from the strategically important Castello road. The Americans and the so-called moderate opposition demanded such a withdrawal with the following argument: this would allow for the intensification of the delivery of humanitarian aid to Aleppo. Only two days have passed since the Syrian troops left the road, and "Castello" was partially captured by militants "Dzhebhat al-Nusra" (banned in the Russian Federation). Thus, all the previously achieved advantage of the SAR army in this sector has evaporated.

Of messages Russian Coordination Center for the Reconciliation of the Parties in Syria:
As a result of fierce fighting, the militants managed to oust government troops and national militia units from the southern outskirts of the Al-Shkayf quarter, taking temporary control of a section of the Castello road about one kilometer in length.

The "ceasefire" regime helped the fighters of the Al-Nusra Front take a stretch of road near Aleppo

At the same time, Washington threatens Russia with a “redefinition of relations” in connection with the events in Syria. State Department spokesman John Kirby said that the United States "sees Russia's failure to fulfill its obligations in connection with the shelling of the UN convoy." And when will the United States see the non-fulfillment of their obligations on their part? And what kind of revision of relations can we talk about, if, in fact, there is no such relationship, and if the United States already openly supports terrorist groups?

After firing on a UN humanitarian column by militants, the Syrian army announced its withdrawal from the cease-fire regime.
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  1. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 20 September 2016 06: 27
    You see more contracts with the usa, they’ll give us hands not only in Syria, and not only hands, because by all sorts of stupid agreements we undo our hands
    1. cniza
      cniza 20 September 2016 07: 28
      The United States achieved its goal, gave the barmaleas a rest, carried out provocative actions and blamed Russia for everything - all the forum users voiced it even before the armistice.
      1. Evil543
        Evil543 20 September 2016 07: 38
        Everything fell into place, as required. Although again no one will believe.
        1. Black Colonel
          Black Colonel 20 September 2016 08: 55
          And the evidence cost tens of Syrian lives and the loss of control over the strategic road. It seems that our leaders, responsible for the situation in Syria, did not know about such consequences in Chechnya and the Donbass. Truly smart, he learns from the mistakes of others, d.u.r.a.k. on their own, and I.D.O.T.T. not studying at all.
          1. Gelos
            Gelos 20 September 2016 11: 25
            Why did you decide that it was another mistake ?? There were a whole bunch of such "mistakes" in Chechnya and Donbas. Heap! And not one or two ... And therefore - this is a purposeful and successfully worked out scheme of betrayal. I would even say - MANAGED betrayal.
        2. Ivan Ivanov
          Ivan Ivanov 20 September 2016 14: 52
          Quote: Evil543

          Do our diplomats themselves prove the same theorem, or are there any advantages?
      2. Ruswolf
        Ruswolf 20 September 2016 08: 29
        cniza The United States achieved its goal, gave the barmaleas a rest, carried out provocative actions and blamed Russia for everything - all the forum users voiced it even before the armistice.
        And this again we must admit! There are far from stupid people!
        But the country's leadership, too, understands, but plays a bad game!
        "Russia is always justifying itself!"
        That’s it! And they will be accused of disrupting (if not already blamed) the agreements and of shelling a convoy with humanitarian aid.
        They know that Russia will begin to not decently prove the opposite and call for an unrealizable dream: the PPP "Understand! Stop! Believe!"
        Why don't they argue with the USA? They imposed a "handful" and immediately found the culprit and did not discuss, but move on!
        If the Americans reserve the right to protect their military personnel. Why does Assad not have such a right? Because Russia does not support?
        1. aksakal
          aksakal 20 September 2016 11: 33
          here an interesting version from the Yahya Kaptan account, such as the reason for the attack - Russian officers successfully interrogated the captured Igilov officers, and they told them a lot of what the Americans are very would not want to make public. Therefore, an allegedly erroneous blow was dealt. Disruption of the agreement, then a blow to Deir Ez-Zorr - and now I can’t wait until finally, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin already recognizes the United States and the collective west UNSUFFICIENT! (and it is, we have already seen this again in Ukraine, and here, and even earlier in the events in Georgia and Chechnya) and will begin the corresponding policy - a specific indirect war. I understand that I am voicing terrible things, but what is happening now when Putin is trying to exhort the US elite - we have already gone through this. They also tried to exhort Hitler with how this ended - study history. Putin himself was beating himself in the chest, that one should not be exhorted, one must be beaten first - and what, empty-handed? Vladimir Vladimirovich, a question for you ... It is useless, the course taken by the collective West is the destruction of Russian civilization, and DO NOT STOP them with any treaties! This is already visible now. Quickly push through the law on PMCs, then these guys will be assimilated by Assad - to water everyone there, who is not a Syrian citizen, and even if he is a citizen, but recognized as a terrorist. ALL!
    2. Vend
      Vend 20 September 2016 09: 43
      Quote: Expelling Liberoids
      You see more contracts with the usa, they’ll give us hands not only in Syria, and not only hands, because by all sorts of stupid agreements we undo our hands

      Everything is so simple. This step drops the United States even more in the eyes of the world. They trumpeted that Russia did not want to cooperate. We went for cooperation, the result appeared.
    3. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 20 September 2016 11: 33
      here, another truce with the militants
  2. Dimy4
    Dimy4 20 September 2016 06: 29
    ... if the US already openly supports terrorist groups?

    And without the support of its creators, the United States, militants are not good at fighting.
  3. with
    with 20 September 2016 06: 30
    To emphasize, repeat, record in the minutes at all briefings - previous agreements with the United States were not implemented through the fault of the United States and its wards. In case of non-fulfillment of the portion of the following - to the crooks penalties.
    Capitalism - nothing personal.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 20 September 2016 06: 35
    Washington threatens Russia with a “revision of relations”

    Or maybe it's time for Russia to reconsider relations with the United States, incl. and Syria? Now all the bigwigs for disrupting the "ceasefire" will fall on our country and Assad, despite the fact that the Americans openly support the militants and push them to combat. So we will probably continue to live forever justifying ourselves to scoundrels.
  5. vitaz
    vitaz 20 September 2016 06: 35
    Something is not heard any reaction from anyone about the actions of the "warriors of light". What else does the World need. For Babama to sit at the helm? They pressed everyone - "democratised"
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 20 September 2016 08: 31
      The Americans have already corrected the reality, saying that Assad started everything and, in general, put bearded kittens of prisoners of war under bombs:
      US Air Force and International Coalition erroneously attack Syrian army positions near Deir ez-Zor due to the fact that the Syrian military were not dressed in the appropriate form, and also did not have visible conventional weaponsCNN said US Army officials.

      In addition, officials said that among the Syrian military who came under attack there could be prisoners of war of the Syrian armywho just were not wearing uniforms, CNN reports.

      The channel calls this version "working theory”Of what caused these air strikes. Officials also told CNN that the United States does not yet have accurate information about exactly who died during a coalition air raid, details may appear as a result of an analysis of aerial photographs and a survey among direct participants in the incident.

      According to military officials, the US does not deny that it was the Syrian military who “covered” the bombs, but at the same time they are trying to understand how this could happen.

      However, according to Washington,envelopes in Syria from a coalition strike were dressed in civilian clothes, and trucks with machine guns mounted on them in a convoy of ground troops, which is not typical for the Syrian army.

      At the same time, CNN sources did not exclude that this column near Deir ez-Zor could have been deliberately placed in this area in order to confuse the coalition.

      Kerry is already vomiting and mosquing, hinting at sanctions against Russia, believing that once the Russians have concluded a deal, they are to blame for stopping the ceasefire:
      "Well, it’s not the Syrians who do this — they didn’t make the deal. The Russians made an agreement. Thus, we must hear what the Russians will say, "he said and added that the Syrian position cannot be disregarded either, because" the Russians must influence (Syrian President Bashar) Assad, who is obviously indiscriminately bombing everything, including humanitarian convoys", - quotes the words of Kerry, the press service of the State Department.

      According to him, the United States will raise the issue of this incident in negotiations with Russia. "Given the flagrant violation of the ceasefire, we will redefine the prospects for cooperation with the Russian Federation”, He emphasized.
      The US Foreign Office is confident that this was not an aircraft of the US-led coalition. “We don’t know at the moment, whether the Russians did it or the regime", - said one of the senior representatives of the department during the teleconference.
      According to the State Department, in any case, Russia is responsible for the fact that this happened - as it is obliged to refrain from such actions itself and to keep the Syrian authorities.
      1. jjj
        jjj 20 September 2016 10: 30
        Russia responded by saying that after seven days, which were set aside for a ceasefire, it began to thrash the barmalei according to its plan, without taking into account the wishes of the American side. Putin's hands are untied as a result of past elections
  6. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 20 September 2016 06: 43
    “What does Comrade Zhukov think about this?” It’s interesting to hear the Kremlin’s opinion on this matter. Are we going to sit down at the round table with the villains again?
  7. mr.redpartizan
    mr.redpartizan 20 September 2016 06: 48
    It is high time for Russia to reconsider relations with the United States, the EU and the deadly - to withdraw its diplomats from these countries and close the hell out of their NGOs with us. After the non-recognition of elections to the State Duma, the President of the Russian Federation is obliged to declare the complete absence of democracy in the West and refuse to recognize the legitimacy of any elections there. Refusal to recognize the will of Russians is a spit in the face of every citizen of Russia. No more negotiations on Syria, Ukraine, arms reduction - only an attack on the enemy, no matter what.
    1. INTER
      INTER 20 September 2016 08: 18
      You would make a good adviser to the Cold War era. I think that not stupid people are sitting in the Kremlin, if something is being done, then there is a reason for it. By and large, although this has not been officially announced, we are moving towards a mobilization economy and we just need time, as in the prewar years with the Molotov Rebentop package, and then the leadership realized that war could not be avoided, but every month that was delayed was good for us .
    2. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 20 September 2016 09: 00
      Refusal to recognize the will of Russians is a spit in the face of every citizen of Russia
      Personally, I FSU that they recognize, do not recognize.
  8. varov14
    varov14 20 September 2016 06: 51
    It is interesting to once again stand on the rake how many Americans unfasten our "peacekeepers".
  9. engineer74
    engineer74 20 September 2016 06: 51
    Got it ... It's time to accuse the United States of supporting terrorism at all corners, to hint that there are facts about 11/09, "but we won't show them to you - they are secret", to recall the "Boston Marathon" - to declare that the Tsarnaevs are still in Chechnya CIA verbanulo, etc., with slight pulling on the ears and twitching. wink
    1. mark2
      mark2 20 September 2016 07: 51
      You can blame the United States at any time and for anything. It just won't be of any use. No one will hear the crying voice, except on the territory of Russia. From here, the information goes there very filtered. They do not watch our media. I meant the citizens of the West. RT is also "watching the bazaar" otherwise it will be closed faster than the speed of light .. Russian diplomats behave like graduates of the institute of noble maidens, which is also not a superfluous word. Russia initially, from the time of Peter the Great, chose the role of the second violin, an alternative to the West. Nobody tried to think about the leading role. Never. So this time the negotiations will continue, Kerry is flying, and maybe Lavrov. Everything will be the same
      So everything from the USA is like water from a goose!
      1. Ruswolf
        Ruswolf 20 September 2016 08: 38
        The United States can be blamed at any time and in anything. Only there will be no use in this.
        To blame, you need to know that someone needs it! And no one needs this! Except Russia!
        Every case has consequences and consequences! The accusation of the United States - has neither one nor the other. Everyone knows and sees everything!
      2. Gur
        Gur 20 September 2016 08: 58
        The role of the first violin is only for me like most, but the first economy is needed for the first violin ,,,,, and while our investments are not received by professionals (efficient enterprises, entrepreneurs, etc.), but by an approximate principle - as not sad but for now they will invest friends there will be no breakthrough in the economy
      3. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 20 September 2016 09: 01
        Nobody tried to think about the leading role. Never.
        Read the story
        1. Gur
          Gur 20 September 2016 09: 09
          Well, I agree with this except (the USSR, he played a leading role), which is nice. Russia almost always behaved decently. But despite this, there are still those who wish to mock at the monuments (those who are only admonished with their faces on the floor)
  10. Yak28
    Yak28 20 September 2016 06: 55
    The USA has been fooled Russia for 25 years, but our leadership is still short wink
    1. INTER
      INTER 20 September 2016 08: 21
      What would be your actions?
  11. Dave36
    Dave36 20 September 2016 06: 58
    Now the barmaley are actively ironing, and everywhere ... The truce will no longer be))
  12. Franciscan
    Franciscan 20 September 2016 07: 02
    as they say, you can not thank.
  13. Franciscan
    Franciscan 20 September 2016 07: 03
    Quote: Dave36
    Now the barmaley are actively ironing, and everywhere ... The truce will no longer be))

    they also said it in the Donbas, however ...
  14. 20 September 2016 07: 09
    We’ll be convinced of everything, ube-e-ezhda-a-ah-ah ... and we can’t make sure that fry are scoundrels and all their so-called politics are talking ... feel oh ... complete nonsense and sheer lies !!! Insolent lies !!! And until when will we convince ourselves of this ?! And after all those vile and vile tricks of the cold we are still forced to make excuses as ridiculous children! And they are becoming more and more impudent greyhounds and stop seeing the coast !!! I think that it’s enough to endure the outcasts of geeks from behind puddles and we must proceed to harsh measures both in relation to Syria and in relation to Donbass !!!
  15. Thirteenth
    Thirteenth 20 September 2016 07: 11
    But what, does the Syrian army have no means of air defense? What the hell are they bombing, and they just wind the snot on a fist. To bring down a couple of NATO falcons so that it would be disgraceful ...
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 20 September 2016 08: 21
      In DeZ, based on air defense, only blacks have been around for six months now.

      They keep the airfield in direct line of sight (for the sake of justice, they held 2 altitudes before the US strikes, but after the strikes, the altitude closest to the airfield also fell).

      All deliveries to DeZ - Mi-8 to special platforms inside the perimeter and parachute containers from Ilov.

      From DeZ to the nearest army positions more than 200km in a straight line.

      But Americans don’t bomb from the start of Khmemim or Damascus. They choose those places where you can bite painfully and not get answers. For example, Khasake - the army did not have the opportunity to regroup, since the enclave was located deep in another region of Syria with 700km from the nearest positions of the unenclosed army. The result is an imposed treaty according to which the army leaves Hasake, to the bases to the south.

      If the Americans collapse DeZ, then the Kurds and the US Special Forces (which have 19 km before it) will triumphantly release it. Or greens and USS. In any case, oil and the most important city with an ab on the Euphrates will be their trump card in the subsequent division of the country.
  16. PKK
    PKK 20 September 2016 07: 12
    Whatever the United States promises, the Jewish sacher will enter, as always, and complete deceit, which will bring grief to many. Is it worth it to go about the cunning and the vile, no.
  17. 1536
    1536 20 September 2016 07: 16
    Well, you can’t be more cunning? Do not scare the adversary, do not incriminate lies and betrayal, but agree, lament, admit your mistakes and systematically, methodically destroy the enemy, make a no-fly zone over Syria and squeeze the Americans out of this country, saying thanks all the time. Americans criminals and will not come. Is it really not clear to someone else?
    1. with
      with 20 September 2016 07: 32
      All provocations of the USA, Turkey, Ukrainian Maidanschiks are aimed at drawing Russia into the war.
      So that later "the whole civilized world" can squeeze out everything that can be squeezed out, freeze everything that can be frozen (Yanukovych is still under sanctions, his property has been arrested, and on February 22.02.14, 23.02.14, diplomats handled and took pictures with him. And on February XNUMX, XNUMX, he was written off).
      Probably, the Russian leadership and the General Staff know more, since they have not yet succumbed to provocations. The situation is no better now than in June 1941.
      1. INTER
        INTER 20 September 2016 08: 27
        I completely agree with you, it takes time, we, as 5-10 years, recovered from the action, and the 90s still have a lot to think out, do, and therefore we can’t do it right, but how it turns out we do.
    2. Scalpel
      Scalpel 20 September 2016 16: 50
      And do not overwhelm with 20 planes do no-fly zone?
  18. ICT
    ICT 20 September 2016 07: 20
    You see more contracts with the usa, they’ll give us hands not only in Syria, and not only hands, because by all sorts of stupid agreements we undo our hands

    Well, it seems like we have already beaten the road to the return line
  19. Sars
    Sars 20 September 2016 07: 41
    And how are things going on with Basher Assad with the Onyx? Are there any American ships in their range.
  20. jetfors_84
    jetfors_84 20 September 2016 07: 53
    The scumbag Kirby blundered again, apparently the owner pressed on top.
  21. Almatinets
    Almatinets 20 September 2016 08: 15
    eeeeeh, now how many forces and lives must be put in order to recapture this road !?
  22. Watchdog
    Watchdog 20 September 2016 08: 46
    The United States announced that after shelling the humanitarian convoy, the UN would reconsider its cooperation with the Russian Federation. Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the United States is like cooperation between Molotov and Ribbentrop. As if there was no American attack on Deir Ez Zor, direct support of ISIS and Al-Nusra. Propaganda. Goebbels would have been envious. The United States, like a capricious child, stomps its feet in the store and shouts "Mom, I want! I want Assad!" This child is used to always getting his own. It would not be bad for him to get what he really deserves once. These uncles from the Fed, the wolves of Wall Street, are ready to unleash a "hot" world war, just to maintain their position and once again increase profits. However, for some reason it seems to me that everything will end unexpectedly for them - the old elite will be destroyed, replaced by a new one. Civilization has long been ready for a new scientific and technological revolution, for the development of progressive areas of knowledge and technology, but it stalls on smartphones and iPads only because the ambition and greed of individual representatives of the Homo clan dictates the cult of a depraved primate, mired in statuses and fetishes. They, these tycoons, believe that they are playing a clever game, but in fact, each step brings them closer to inevitable death. Blinded by the brilliance of their wealth, they cannot see that they are standing on the edge of the abyss.
  23. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 20 September 2016 08: 49
    I have one misunderstanding on this issue - Truce!
    Truce with whom?
    If, according to the media, after a US air strike in the DeZ area, ISIS went on the offensive. ....
    Why couldn't the "Act of Retribution" be applied to them at once? And why, knowing that there are large forces controlling the heights, ...... Are these forces still there?

    And as for the UN convoy, for some reason I did not initially believe that it would reach!
    For some reason, the UN sends convoys (as in Ukraine) not where there is security provided by the troops and Russia in particular, but where it is stopped, fired upon, and they can claim that it is not safe for them!
  24. 3vs
    3vs 20 September 2016 08: 52
    Did anyone doubt it?
    "Like children ..." ((c) "Genius") laughing
    Our need to supply the shells of Syria, run them on the arrogant Saxon and others take off airplanes,
    they’ll bring down two or three, the occupiers will think ...
  25. awg75
    awg75 20 September 2016 08: 58
    step by step we step on the same rake. it has long been necessary to understand that there is absolutely nothing to agree with the Americans about. all the same, they will deceive, violate and make us guilty. And their mongrel around the world will support.
  26. Yutas
    Yutas 20 September 2016 10: 32
    Yo-mayo, but you can’t send Americans a forest, declare a no-fly zone - are we legally there, at the invitation of the SAR government - and together with the Syrians roll out the Barmalei?
  27. 20 September 2016 11: 23
    The Syrian army, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, repelled the terrorist attack on the northern outskirts of Aleppo
    Я lol neighing wassat again, well, I can’t I guys read it on the Internet without rusting like a horse !!! laughing The RUSSIAN VKS and the Syrian army repulsed the attack of the rotten geeks and immediately the scattered screams: - "We will reconsider the strategy of cooperation with RUSSIA in Syria" It did not work for the scum to drive over the ears, they decided to break the "cooperation" and the campaign will openly support the rotten ISIS.
    America will review the prospects for cooperation with Russia in Syria
  28. Serzh_R
    Serzh_R 20 September 2016 11: 32
    The Syrian people should be informed that they do not need war, just as Russia does not need it. The United States has brought war to their homeland, and now, they are absolutely powerlessly trying to refuel on their territory.
    Where is the investigation of legal theft of oil?
    It is necessary to chop off the economic roots of this war, as long as there is something to take from this camp.
    So far, the landscape of cities and towns in Syria has not become level with the ground.
  29. Serzh_R
    Serzh_R 20 September 2016 11: 51
    Link to article:
    “At the time this event took place, Yahya Kaptan shared with his subscribers the following information:“ There is information that an intelligence post and three Russian officers were hit, and important Russian intelligence officers were killed. It is said that the Russians were interrogated at this point. They caught ISIS members and revealed their ties to the US, which is why the site was bombed. Russian agencies cite claims that Israeli planes were also involved in the attack, which killed at least 80 members of the Assad regime. "

    If this information is correct, then the game is just beginning, and Russia will not confine itself to convening a UN Security Council meeting. And if Israeli planes are also involved, then everything has returned to its starting point! "
  30. arlekin
    arlekin 20 September 2016 15: 44
    Some inconsistency in the article.
    The author claims that the Syrian army itself withdrew from the road and was captured by militants, and the Coordination Center reports "As a result of fierce battles the militants succeeded in ousting the government troops. "
  31. Belarus
    Belarus 20 September 2016 15: 45
    I have always said and will say that negotiating with the United States is the same as negotiating with the devil himself - they will still find a way to deceive. But a completely different approach is needed, I would even say an ultimatum approach.
  32. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 20 September 2016 15: 57
    Unfortunately, our politicians are playing too! What did they want to show with this contract? The fact that the SGA only withstands those contracts, in case of violation of the terms of which it will receive "mordas"? So it is known since the times of the USSR!
    And to whom did they want to demonstrate their incompatibility? European pseudo-elite - so they have it on a short leash, and everyone else knows it! The main weapon of the Russian Federation in the fight against international bandits led by the SGA is the victory in Syria, and everything must be done for this, and not untie their hands with these fig agreements! Recently I wrote here that the sky of Syria should closed for aviation of this gangster coalition! Declare this and perform rigorously, otherwise the SAA will be bombed, and the IS will only have broken excavators. It’s a pity that ours do not respond toughly to this, but make a feigned goggle - this will only inspire the enemy! Yes, here would be IV Stalin - not one would dare to do anything without our permission. am
    1. Scalpel
      Scalpel 20 September 2016 19: 35
      There was war in Korea under Stalin. It ended in a draw, despite the fact that the assistance on our part was disproportionately higher and China was for us.
  33. Yak28
    Yak28 20 September 2016 18: 08
    Quote: INTER
    What would be your actions?

    Actions on what? Are you sick or an eccentric letter M?
  34. razved
    razved 20 September 2016 19: 12
    Something similar was expected ...
  35. Lord blacwood
    Lord blacwood 20 September 2016 19: 48
    The Americans have shown once again that they cannot be trusted. Hope this was the last "truce".
    1. Bath
      Bath 21 September 2016 17: 11
      They once again showed Shaw know where the pennies of our otamans wassat
  36. Rostislav
    Rostislav 21 September 2016 15: 12

    No one doubted that the penguins would deceive. I believe that the purpose of this step was the opportunity to poke them with a "face on a table" in front of the whole world and once again voice: "The US CANNOT be believed!"
    The efficiency of this step will be small, given the US control over the world media, but Russia desperately needs active actions in the information war unleashed against us by the "exceptional Monkey" (I am writing with a capital letter, after all, the president).
  37. Galleon
    Galleon 21 September 2016 22: 37
    Nothing, in a month and a half, new ammunition for TOS-1A will do, many questions will be closed. And there will be no new agreements, I hope. So that there was no one to separate.