ARMY-2016. Tracked transporters. "We are not afraid of dirt too!"


Our today's story will be about two-link tracked transporters. And even in two ways, today and tomorrow.

With today's day everything is clear: we have transporters. And they do not just eat, they are still good and really, they are not afraid of dirt, snow, or swamps. Even areas contaminated by radiation or any other kind of rubbish that is poorly compatible with human activity also do not care for them. Will reach and the cargo or personnel will be taken.

In the most extreme case - swim. For they can too.

We were shown at once three such heroes. Let's start with the youngest. In general, they are all three of the Vityaz family. The question is only in size.

So, Alyosha Popovich, aka DT-3PM.

The weight of the conveyor in the equipped 11 t, carrying capacity - 3 t. Absolutely calmly, you can still use the trailer with a total weight up to 4 t.
Number of seats in the cockpit of the first link - 5. In the second link, the number of seats is 12.

"Heart" "Vityaz" - diesel power 240 l. pp. that provides speed on solid ground up to 55 km / h, on wetlands up to 30 km / h, on water up to 6 km / h.

Transmission hydromechanical, automatic.

Power reserve up to 600 km.

Armament "Vityaz" 7,62-mm machine gun, but in principle, the conveyor can be converted into a platform carrier of any weapon, suitable in size and weight, from missile launchers to large-caliber artillery and mortars.

“Dobrynya Nikitich”, aka DT-10.

The weight of this hero is 27,5 tons. Capacity - 5 people in the cockpit and 57 people in the compartments of the links. And 10 tons of cargo.

The engine is already serious, 710 l. with. The machine can move on hard ground at a speed of 45 km / h, through a swamp 23 km / h, sail at a speed of 6 km / h. Power reserve 700 km.

The armament also consists of a machine gun, and just like the younger brother, the DT-10PM can be converted into a carrier platform.

"Ilya Muromets", aka DT-30PM.

It can not even be photographed properly, does not fit into the lens. Huge just.

Conveyor weight 29 tons. Can carry "in especially severe climatic conditions of the Far North, Siberia and the Far East" cargo in 30 tons. Plus 5 seating. Heavy truck. Very heavy. But very useful.

HP 710 engine provides speed in 37 km / h on the ground and 4 km / h on water. Power reserve 500 km.

Today, this trio of “Knights” personifies our transport force in any area that can only be reached by tank. But even a tank that climbed into such terrible places that abound in the vastness of our country needs fuel and all that. We are simply silent about people. Useful heroes.

And you can not say that clumsy. Two-link is a very handy thing. Ascents and descents up to 35 degrees, obstacles up to 2 meters in height are about nothing. Reach. Slopes to 25 degrees are also not scary. With a very impressive maneuverability.

But at the exhibition we saw another sample.

This is GAZ-3344-20. A model created on the basis of the GAZ-3344 snow and swamp vehicle specially for the needs of the Ministries of Defense and Emergency Situations.

Currently, GAZ-3344-20 passes (very successfully) State tests.

What are its main differences from the “Vityazi”, you ask? The fact that it is smaller, even than DT-3PM, is evident. But just in size lies the essence.

Performance characteristics are almost the same as those of GAZ-3344, the engine is the same, Yaroslavl diesel engine with 189 horsepower, the same automatic gearbox from Alison (I don’t know if this is good or not so much in our time) weight in 7,5 tons, but the payload is already 3 tons. The same 5 people in the first link and 12 in the second.

The speed on the ground 60 km / h, on the water 6 km / h.

Increased transportable fuel stock, now the range of the car is 800 km. Significantly enhanced suspension and hydromechanical group.

The secret of the car is that the total width of the hull (a little more than 2 m) allows it to pass along forest roads designed for Belarus tractors, whose width ranges from 1,6 to 2 m. GAZ-3344-20 quite normally pass. Yes, the same GT-30 will just make a new road, but this does not always make sense. In addition, the width of the track corresponds to the railroad adopted in Russia, respectively, if necessary, or the inability to work one's own way in another way, GAZ-3344-20 is perfectly able to pass along the rails. There are many places in our country where there are railways, but there are no other.

The car is very comfortable. There is a heater and air conditioning for those in the compartments. Plus, it can all be enhanced, depending on customer requirements.

On the first (and on the second, too) look - a very catchy machine for the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the military.

Especially in a country where there are many where there are no roads, but only directions.
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  1. +1
    19 September 2016 07: 55
    A gorgeous car! Good story.
    1. 0
      19 September 2016 12: 31

      An interesting symbiosis turned out! Nose - GAZ-66, cabin - GAZ-3307 (two!). The second half is a derivative of the Gazelle ...
  2. +6
    19 September 2016 08: 04
    The Russians will make any world-class all-terrain vehicle, just not to build good roads. Even "Tigers" are afraid of Russian dirt.
  3. avt
    19 September 2016 09: 01
    What are its main differences from "Knights", you ask?
    GAZIK also has an articulation unit as it is more accurately executed purely externally.
  4. 0
    21 September 2016 11: 49
    It can not even be photographed properly, does not fit into the lens.

    And if you really want - breaks.

    And where did the designation DT-30PM come from? On the plate in black and white in Russian is written DT-30P.

    But in general, the article is interesting.
  5. +2
    21 September 2016 12: 23
    All-terrain vehicles in the USSR (as well as in Russia) were. So what? Maybe within the framework of "Army-2016" military buses were also shown?
    All-terrain vehicles are specific to the North and Siberia. The hysterical Defend the Arctic campaign has begun. The strangest thing is that I have not heard that someone was going to attack the Russian Arctic. This is an exclusively Russian idea - to fight for the Russian Arctic territories, as well as to land Arctic landings on the Arctic ice. "Let's protect our natural resources!" Yes, no one encroaches on these natural resources yet. The territory of the Sahara is more valuable today, since a huge amount of solar energy comes to its surface. And this energy already today can be utilized cheaper than the development of those gas and oil fields that have not even been properly explored in the Arctic.
    Yes, there is a problem related to the fact that the Americans want to take our Arctic seas under tighter control, since it is from there, for the time being, that our strategists can more or less safely shoot. But, instead of a competent approach to solving this problem, another "splitting" of budget funds began on the sly of another PR campaign. You have no money there, but you are holding on. The Arctic must be protected!

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