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90 pilots in Chelyabinsk received new apartments

90 pilots in Chelyabinsk received new apartmentsOn December 28, the commander of the second command of the air defense and air force, Major General Sevostyanov, arrived at the Shagol airbase located in the Chelyabinsk region. The commander handed 90 to the garrison servicemen the keys to the new service apartments. New settlers have become technical and flight personnel. House №6 on the street. Burdenyuk was erected in the town of the Chelyabinsk Higher Military Aviation Red Banner School of Navigators at the expense of the Ministry of Defense.

Victor Sevostyanov said: “Today's housewarming is an excellent gift for the New Year holidays for military aviators and another confirmation of the successful implementation of the program for the provision of housing for military personnel of the Central Military District. High level of soc. protection of technicians and pilots will further improve the quality of combat missions. "

This garrison soldiers' housewarming is already the second in 2011. The keys to 224 apartments 25 August pilots handed Colonel-General Chirkin, commander of the Central Military District.

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  1. Bad thing
    Bad thing 12 January 2012 07: 22
    The house is so-so ... in Grozny more beautifully built houses smile
    1. CEO
      CEO 12 January 2012 10: 51
      Well done Kadyrov raises the republic from the ashes ...)))))))))))) We need to ask him to build houses for the military .. You probably wanted to say that.
      He’s still such bastards as you are driving through the forests)))) In general, a well-done guy.
  2. Reader
    Reader 12 January 2012 07: 25
    Administration time to remove Bad
    in addition to jokes, the bot site will fall asleep
    1. Bad thing
      Bad thing 12 January 2012 07: 27
      It’s time to remove you for inciting hatred and terry anti-Semitism.
      1. Reader
        Reader 12 January 2012 07: 28
        hatred for you bot is good
        yes and clone wvivon
        for Russophobia and flood
      2. CEO
        CEO 12 January 2012 10: 54
        Well done Bad. .. So let them reptiles do not climb to the fagots. Gnobi their gnobki))))))))))))))) Support with your mighty word vrotberuchek.))))))))) lol
      3. Ascetic
        Ascetic 12 January 2012 16: 25
        “The Russian people have a place in prison, and not just anywhere, but in the prison bastard ...”
        (Valeria Novodvorskaya)
        “In order to buy, you need to have money. Russian can not earn anything, so they can not buy anything. "
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        “How nice to come to America and see the sea of ​​smiles spilled! Well-being, appearance largely depend on the standard of living. There is only one way to smile - through the realization of the right to wealth. ”
        (Boris Khazanov)
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        (Natalya Gevorgyan)
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        1. esaul
          esaul 12 January 2012 19: 23
          Ascetic, I welcome you, buddy and thank you for your comment! Nice to read a smart person! I shake hands and all the best to you!
          And on the topic - thank God that our fighters are beginning to create human conditions for life!
  3. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 12 January 2012 07: 25
    I am very happy for the pilots. There is a roof over your head, and now it’s much easier to fight. One problem has become less. winked
  4. azgard
    azgard 12 January 2012 08: 15
    happy for fellow countrymen smile
    that's just so many apartments needed ...
  5. CEO
    CEO 12 January 2012 10: 55
    Normal situation. In 90, you could only dream about it.
  6. 443190
    443190 12 January 2012 11: 34
    I ask without jokes. I was in this house for a housewarming party with friends. Good house. Handed over it in 2 receptions. The article briefly mentions this (90 and 224). All apartments are 100% service !!! At the same time, they threw all those for whom it was planned. They gave housing for the transferred units to form an air base (2nd Guards BAP with support units). If anyone wants to argue, I myself served in this regiment. Glad for some and sadly for others.
    1. petor41
      petor41 12 January 2012 17: 50
      Well, you can write normal comments, with meaning, with content, without a mat, then not completely lost to society wink
      1. 443190
        443190 12 January 2012 23: 08
        Thanks of course. But I also have my opinion on some topics. So do not be offended if I argue. wink
  7. Centuri0n
    Centuri0n 12 January 2012 16: 17
    I am sincerely happy for the families of the pilots, let's hope that gradually all the Russian officers whose families are in need will receive apartments.