Sea Shadow (IX-529)

This is an experimental boat built by Lockheed for the US Navy to study stealth technology on the water. And then sold at auction with the only condition: the buyer had to destroy it.

This is not a new development - Sea Shadow was launched in the distant 1984 year, but until 1993, its existence was kept in the deepest secret. This is not exactly a catamaran; Sea Shadow layout is called SWATH (English Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull, a double-hulled vessel with a small cross-sectional area at the waterline).

Boat in 1999 year

Such an arrangement allows the ship to remain stable when 6-ball rolling (waves from 4 to 6 meters in height). Subsequently, similar technology was used on oceanographic vessels, for which the pitching factor plays a significant role in the research process.

At the same time, Sea Shadow was never considered as a boat for, say, military missions. There are two benches on board that can accommodate 12 people, a microwave and a refrigerator, and that’s all the equipment. Even body armor has nowhere to lay down.

Sea Shadow (IX-529)

After the end of the trial period, from 1993 to 2006, the boat was put up not so much for everyone to see, but, let's say, was available to the press. Then he talked about the transfer of his museum, but the Navy insisted that the boat should be disassembled, and previously sold at auction (that is, in fact it was a question of selling for parts).

By the way, in the film “Tomorrow Will Never Die Never” with Pierce Brosnan there is a boat, one-on-one similar to Sea Shadow.

Key Features of Sea Shadow

Crew: 4 person

Year Built: 1983

Manufacturer: Lockheed Corporation

Length: 50 m

Beam width: 21 m

Displacement: 572 t

Draft: 4,6 m

Maximum speed: 26,3 km / h

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  1. +10
    18 September 2016 06: 46
    Experiment. All inventions in the US are first for war and assassination. This is their essence.
    1. +14
      18 September 2016 14: 14
      Not all - iPhone !!! good
      Is there any peaceful innovative invention in Russia?
      1. +7
        18 September 2016 15: 45
        "The YotaPhone, the world's first phone with two screens: LCD on one side and EPD on the other, won the prestigious Golden Lion Award in the Innovation category for the first time this year at the Cannes Lions International Creative Festival." Led by renowned advertising professional David Droga (agency Droga5), the YotaPhone is an innovative product with a range of unique capabilities: a device that makes smartphone communication more natural, emotional and enjoyable. It is also a platform that allows businesses interact with your customers in a completely new way, advertise and promote your products and services. " -
        quite to myself)) but in general there are successes in nuclear energy, applied chemistry, go to the site done with us and drive in a tag - science, I hope you will rejoice for success. In the meantime, I'm going to vote against everyone))
        1. Alf
          18 September 2016 22: 44
          "The YotaPhone, the world's first phone with two screens, LCD on one side and EPD on the other, was honored with the prestigious Golden Lion Award in the Innovation category for the first time this year at the Cannes Lions International Creative Festival." Led by renowned advertising professional David Droga (Droga5 agency), the YotaPhone is an innovative product with a range of unique features: a device that makes smartphone communication more natural, emotional and enjoyable. It is also a platform that will enable companies interact with your customers in a completely new way, advertise and promote your products and services. " -

          And what is in this yutafon of RUSSIAN? Packing? The entire element base is made over the hill.
          1. +1
            19 September 2016 13: 56
            everything is the same in an apple
        2. 0
          19 September 2016 13: 26
          Quote: Pajama
          YotaPhone is the world's first dual-screen phone:

          The research company GfK began to include data on sales of smartphones Yota Devices in its reports, an employee of one of the vendors told Vedomosti and confirmed the manager of a large retailer. From these reports (Vedomosti got acquainted with them), it follows that in December Yota Devices sold 436 smartphones of YotaPhone 2 and 227 pieces of YotaPhone of the first generation, in January these figures amounted to 714 and 6 pieces, respectively, say the interlocutors of Vedomosti. GfK does not comment on these data: the company does not disclose information on individual players, said a representative of the research company Natalya Ignatieva.

          Over the first weekend since the start of sales, 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were sold. For comparison, the iPhone 4S sold over the same period of time in 2011, 4 million times, the iPhone 5 in 2012, 5 million.
      2. +1
        18 September 2016 21: 08
        Quote: voyaka uh
        Is there any peaceful innovative invention in Russia?

        Kimberlite pipe "Mir"? what
        - A cloud-based medical CRM system, founded in 2008 by Khabarovsk programmers Dmitry Lazutkin and Vladimir Kovalsky.
        - VitaVallis is a unique development of the Tomsk company Akvelit, which is an antimicrobial sorption material and wound dressings.
        -CDNVideo is a virtual content transfer platform.
        - AddReality and PILIGRIMXXI - Augmented Reality
        we have a lot of peaceful interesting developments wink
        1. 0
          24 September 2016 07: 32
          I’ll continue the flight of thought from the photo ... laptop waffle-iron, laptop pants steamer, garbage can-laptop ... and it started
        2. 0
          24 September 2016 19: 56
          just write "Shvabe" when asked such questions
      3. +1
        19 September 2016 08: 42
        Quote: voyaka uh
        Is there any peaceful innovative invention in Russia?

        And in Israel? laughing
        1. +1
          19 September 2016 12: 54
          Quote: Engineer
          And in Israel?

          Israel has something to be proud of, which is already there

          or ICQ (ICQ was developed in 1996 by four students of Tel Aviv University: Arik Vardi, Yair Goldfinger, Safi Wigiser and Amnon Amir)

          The smallest DNA computer in the world: April 28 2004, Ehud Shapiro, Yaakov Benenson, Benjamin Gil, Uri Ben-Dor, and Rivka Adar announced in Nature magazine that they built a DNA computer with a data input / output module, which theoretically capable of diagnosing cancerous tumors at the cellular level and releasing anticancer drugs after diagnosis. This computer was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest biological computing device on the planet.

          again, strawberries in the Kuban and Stavropol are taught to grow
      4. +3
        20 September 2016 19: 07
        Sorry, I didn’t understand something, but what is the innovation of the iPhone? Maybe explain?
        and another question - do not you think that the larger the number of the iPhone, the more it resembles a mockery of the word innovation?
        finally, to make products in such a way that they can hardly be repaired - this already has absolutely nothing to do with progress
      5. +3
        24 September 2016 16: 03
        IPhone - also has a dual purpose. Serving the owner, he also faithfully serves American intelligence: collects data about your interests, contacts, your personal data, such as fingerprints, voice, location.
      6. +3
        24 September 2016 21: 56
        What are you sick ... On the whole head. Is the iPhone an innovation? Giblets - Chinese, sapphire - Russian ... Russia is building a new icebreaker - the US is making a new iPhone. Russia is building a floating nuclear power plant - the US changes the number on the iPhone. Etc. Without Russian components, there will be no Boeing, and neither will the iPhone in the form on which we fallomorph. Enough to make people laugh, uncle.
        1. 0
          14 February 2017 19: 38
          You are a little wrong! wink
          Yes, it is assembled in China, and our sapphire glass: but the filling is developed in the USA, equipment for growing crystals of microcircuits is also theirs. Yes, we, too, are not at a loss for good development; no doubt; but the yotafon is all Chinese stuffing, we have no two displays apart from the idea. Yes, we made an elbrus (processor), but there is no equipment that can reproduce it, but the Chinese have it because the Americans installed their plants there that can make crystals. And we do not have this equipment and will not have it because no one will sell it, when it becomes obsolete then please. Probably 99 percent could have done this on their own, but state will is needed, commerce will not be invested in it because the payback period is long, and they are used to 100% profit and quick
      7. 0
        18 August 2019 17: 29
        Commission meeting on the priorities of inventions.
        The representative of the United States rises.
        “We, (Wright brothers) invented the plane.”
        Everyone applauds.
        The representative of the USSR rises.
        - Sorry, but A.F. Mozhaysky a few years earlier.
        Everyone applauds violently.
        The representative of Italy rises.
        - We, (Marconi), invented the radio.
        Everyone applauds.
        The representative of the USSR rises.
        - Excuse me, but A.S.Popov invented the radio - a few months earlier.
        Everyone applauds violently.
        The representative of France rises.
        - We, (French) invented a blowjob.
        Everyone applauds violently.
        The representative of the USSR rises.
        - Back in 1550, Tsar Ivan the Terrible said: Bolt to you, boyars, I can see you through radishes!
        The last phrase applies to the Germans, otherwise they will now claim that X-rays are their invention.
    2. +2
      19 September 2016 06: 26
      In this connection, I can’t fail to cite one passage:
      “A box ...” repeated Kabani's father in a fallen voice. “We say this as if we were making it up.” In fact, everything was invented a long time ago. Someone invented everything a long time ago, put everything in a drawer, made a hole in the lid and left ... He went to bed ... Then what? Kabani's father comes, closes his eyes, puts his hand in the hole. - Father Kabani looked at his hand. - X-grab! Invented! I, says, this is what I’ve invented! .. And whoever doesn’t believe is that ... I shove my hand - r-time! What? Barbed wire. What for? The farmyard from the wolves ... Well done! I shove my hand at the door! What? The cleverest thing is a meat spin called. What for? Tender minced meat ... Well done! I shove my hand - three! What? Flammable water ... Why? Kindle raw firewood ... Ah ?!

      Kabani's father fell silent and began to lean forward, as if someone was bending him, taking him by the neck. Rumata took the mug, looked into it, then poured a few drops on the back of his hand. The drops were lilac and smelled of fusel oils. Rumata with a lace scarf carefully wiped his hand. Oily spots remained on the scarf. The unkempt head of Kabani's father touched the table and immediately turned up.

      - Who put everything in a drawer - he knew what it was made up for ... Spines from wolves ?! It's me, - from the wolves ... Mines, mines are woven around with these thorns ... So that state criminals do not run from the mines. I don’t want to! .. I’m a state criminal myself! And they asked me? They asked! Barb, are they warming? Thorn. From the wolves, gr? From the wolves ... Well, they’re done, well done! We will cover the mines ... Don Reba himself has braided. And he took my meat spinner. Well done, grit! Head, grit, you have! .. And now, then, in a fun tower, tender stuffing does ... They say, it helps ...
  2. +3
    18 September 2016 06: 59
    Nothing so steamboat.))))))
    I would like to know, but how many green ones have they drank on this Kazanka?
    1. +4
      18 September 2016 07: 27
      Quote: mivmim
      Nothing so steamboat

      Yeah, and the characteristics are impressive: draft of 4,6m with a displacement of 570t. For comparison, RTO 1234 of the project with the same approximately displacement has a draft of 3 m. Well, a speed of 26km (about 14 knots) is generally on the verge of fiction. smile
      1. +1
        18 September 2016 10: 04
        Another thing is important here: "This layout allows the vessel to remain stable with a 6-point roll (waves from 4 to 6 meters high). Subsequently, a similar technology was used on oceanographic vessels, for which the roll factor plays a significant role in the research process."
        Most likely, it was designed to operate in the coastal waters of foreign countries (hence the stealth technology) and to lift especially important cargoes from depth (bulky lifting mechanisms are not needed in shallow water, but high stability is needed).
        1. +2
          18 September 2016 10: 16
          Quote: Tujh
          Most likely it was developed for action in the coastal waters of foreign countries (hence the stealth technology)

          Somehow it does not fit with his declared speed of 14 knots. While he enters the "coastal waters of foreign states" not only will they have time to notice him, but a whole program of the meeting will be prepared.
          Quote: Tujh
          lifting critical cargoes from depth (in shallow water bulky lifting mechanisms are not needed, but high stability is needed)

          I doubt that such a prodigy is needed to lift objects in shallow water. request
        2. PPD
          18 September 2016 11: 19
          in shallow water with a draft of 4 meters with figs.
          No, I certainly understand that American shallow water is great and exclusively like
          America itself, but our shallow water is definitely not vkurse. Remember such a class of ships as Prama, there is a draft of 3 m (or even less) just for operations in shallow water. Or the battleship Novgorod, to that, too, set such a task, it’s round for just that.
  3. 0
    18 September 2016 08: 10
    Thanks for the topic, but - "It will not be enough" (c)
  4. +5
    18 September 2016 08: 50
    Yes, they would give it to Hollywood, chtoli ... As a props, quite a worthy "little thing".
    1. 0
      18 September 2016 10: 54
      Yes, there are such requisites, that a fool has a makhorka ... Although the "galoshe" is beautiful.
  5. +1
    18 September 2016 09: 04
    Already so many copies of this topic have been broken, including on VO, that it is not even interesting. The fate of this pepelatsa is similar to the fate of "Buran" - he also stood in the hangar until the roof collapsed.
  6. +3
    18 September 2016 09: 51
    What is the article about? About nothing!
  7. +3
    18 September 2016 10: 14
    An absolutely unpromising development. The main combat qualities of the ship were sacrificed to the stealth technology. And the cost of RPM coating is simply prohibitive, given the surface area.
    1. +1
      19 September 2016 04: 06
      And no one endowed her with any prospects, so this sarcasm about her speed, combat qualities, or other parameters is inappropriate. This vessel is not the final development, but simply a platform for studying stealth technologies and a suitable form to achieve maximum stealth and stability. And given the year in which it was launched, it worked its own.
  8. +1
    18 September 2016 11: 57
    It looks spectacular, but the characteristics ... not impressed ....
  9. +1
    18 September 2016 12: 10
    It looks more like an iron than a ship.
  10. +1
    18 September 2016 12: 52
    Looks like "utopian futurism".
    And what's the use?
    What is there inside him? Are there any schemes?
  11. +1
    18 September 2016 18: 23
    The achievements on this ship will not be wasted.
    Useful in the future! And yes, a funny dish!
  12. +1
    20 September 2016 12: 17
    Maximum speed: 26,3 km / h

    For a 500-ton boat, the speed is very small.
  13. 0
    24 September 2016 09: 21
    Who sneaks - that does not need speed)))

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