Results of the week. "Whoever comes to us with a sword, he will perish by the sword"

About prevention and intensive care

Valeriy Gerasimov, commenting on the situation around the Crimea and the power of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, said that if someone suddenly found a craving to test the strength of Russia in the Crimea, then this person should remember that the Armed Forces have all the strength and resources to destruction of an enemy landing even before he sees the Crimean coast, from where this landing would come.

Results of the week. "Whoever comes to us with a sword, he will perish by the sword"

Valery Gerasimov: "The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation will destroy the enemy landing even in the ports of loading"

There is such a thing, that it would be even better to destroy the actual enemy landing and its command of the thrust being loaded somewhere to attempt to “take the Crimea”. Although the thinking “partners” understand this, it’s not for the coastal banks of the uproarity, especially since it’s with their own hands that the same thinking “partners” are raking in the anti-Russian heat. So the statement of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is clearly not without preventive meaning. If prophylactic does not come, they will use intensive therapy.

Comments from our readers:

Remember these words as our father! This is with regards to all the sworn partners of Russia! A baltussy in the form of a laxative can be read.

Whoever comes to us with a sword, will die of the sword ... (A.Ya.Nevsky) - everything is relevant and after 774 of the year !!!

To be honest, I was pleased with this:

“Russia is ready at any moment to block Ukraine’s access to the sea and inflict rocket and air strikes from the Crimea,” said Deputy Director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies at a press conference in Kiev.

According to him, Ukraine will have nothing to respond to such actions.

“On the borders of Ukraine, especially from the east and north, sufficient forces have been assembled in order to conduct ground operations. In Crimea, the ground group will carry out distracting ground functions. The main task of the Crimea will be drawing aviation, missile strikes, landing and sea operations to block the communications of Ukraine ... At any time, Russia can block the work of any fleet in the Black Sea, first of all, the Ukrainian one, to establish a zone of prohibition for flights of Ukrainian aviation and the passage of the Ukrainian navy, navy and civilian fleet in the Black Sea. In Ukraine, there are no forceful means of countering Russia now, "Samus said."

Finally, some in Ukraine began to reach.

At the same time, the former commander of the Black Sea Fleet hopes that at the head of the United States there will be a person who "will wean the American generals in a row." In his opinion, today not all the armies of the world are composed of military personnel who possess the same exposure as Russian soldiers and officers ...

Need to drink less. Should drink less!

The statement of the people's deputy VRU Brigints:
Here are the morning pictures of the aircraft. From the first time it is difficult to disassemble them, because the distance is significant and the device is not perfect. But if you view several photos one after the other, then you will notice how the contrails of the aircraft are moving. Let me remind you, we fixed the 4 aircraft in the region of Donetsk-Yasinovataya-Gorlovka near 6: 00 in the morning. Then the 5 plane appeared, and perhaps one of the 4 returned and arranged to show off over Gorlovka. If the headquarters do not know about it, I am ready to provide the device and information.

Ukrainian people's deputy saw "all the sky in Russian fighters"

Recently we went out with a camera for the night looking “at the yard” - click once, click two. Here you are at least “Messers”, even “Junkers”, at least ... Then “Drying” went, “Drying”. I shout: kick! lie down! ..

And I consider myself - 1-I “Drying”, 2-I, 3-I, 27-I, 30-I SM, 35-I ... The camera says to me: Sasha ... Briginets ... again vodka with beer I washed down, your division ...

Comments from our readers:

If you look at the picture
But you can't see the planes.
This is not a disease
And your eyes do not lie
Just someone early in the morning
Became a bit separatist
And a week later
Turn into moskalya.

If you do not see in the sky
Bunch of russian airplanes
Or you stubbed at close range
Armored regiment on horseback

So you spy damn
Putin's agent is corrupt
Thirty-ruble eye
Saturn, colorad, katsap!

Every Ukrainian hydraulic
It has a wonderful view
What gives him from birth
Proto-ukrovsky genome

This vision allows
See what is not visible
In the ultra-hyper-infrared spectrum
Unavailable to others

Russia broke for a long time
In parallel reality
And prepares evil machinations
Secretly from other people

But the Ukrainian does not sleep
He is on guard with us Geyropy
Reveals Evil Wiles
Crafty Kremlin

Will rise to breast protection
Dressed in embroidery
What is non-penetrating pattern
Reflect the pressure of the enemy

And then the All Geyrop
In the hands of the hero will make
Sweet gingerbread feed
And visa-free forever will give

And then to all Ukrainians
Right from birth
And what is important - without work
There will be a pension to pay.

From the first time it is difficult to disassemble them, because the distance is significant and the device is not perfect.
First, it’s not a device, but a drug ... I agree, it’s not the first time that it’s not perfect ... Well, there’s nothing to strive for ...

I'll talk for you

In the video presented LINK, you can not only see the whole process of “work” by the Ukrainian military with “vundervaffe”, but also hear very juicy comments, which mention both the manufacturers of these machine guns and the modernizers-developers. Perhaps the most gentle definition from the Ukrainian military about the creators of this “miracle isweapons»Sounds like a word describing representatives of gay sex orientation.

Try to shoot ... the Ukrainian Armed Forces about the Ukrainian "modernized" machine guns
Ukroboronprom presented the "newest" helicopter Mi-24PU1

Well, the Ukrainian servicemen in the latest developments of Ukrainian "lefties" do not understand anything. Opening the lid of the machine gun - then there is an advanced cooling system. 5 generation. Maid Ying Dupa Unlimited. Innovation of the Year Award.

And the “newest” Mi-24 helicopter is a breakthrough. During the flight of the “modernized” screw is not shot off - and then Peremoga! .. Well, the fact that the name is not fully communalized is a fixable matter - they can easily be renamed to KB-1. "Wing Bandera disposable" - an option!

Comments from our readers:

But what, we in childhood also made all sorts of garbage. Who does not remember the air of bicycle pumps and bolts with nuts, filled with sulfur from matches! Well, here they are bullshit.

Now we are free
Wow! Mi-24 took off, and ... FLY on! Wow, but they said that Ukraine could not do anything, ha ha ha Sikosi-nakushi! This is what can be achieved in 2,5, the Nezalezhnosti and Central Europe! What is there Russian Mi-28-110 units (the version of MI-28 NM with super-radar radar and duplicated control system is already built and tested) and Ka-52-100 units, Mi-8 300 units, there is also Mi-8 (as modified) AMTSH ...
Sarcasm is sarcastic and the old Soviet technique seems to be blushing and turning white from the fact that it is ruled by the current valtsmano-bendery scum that betrayed even its own oath, the oath of Ukraine ...

If you paint the stars
And in the name of the helicopter
Add a couple of letters and numbers
And write - "Gvintokryl"
That any designer will tell
Tse newest model!
Well, and you thought of everything
You can sell a patent!

Do you know how many machine guns we have?
We have seven of them.
What are you talking about? Yes, I'm a machine gunner myself.
And you know how to fix?
Well, it depends.
Three pieces - nothing, and the other three pieces ...
One jams, the other, like a mad bounces.
And the third, a reptile, in their own bullets ... And the seventh, I am secret from pan Ataman, traded for these pants ...
x / f "Wedding in Malinovka"

On the methods of calculating the "Russian military" in the Donbass

The noise raised by the Ukrainian SSO during an unsuccessful operation in the Crimea began to calm down. Already no longer heard statements by politicians and "patriots" on both sides. No one is already looking for evidence on the Internet that there was a group or there was no group. The Russians were reassured by the fact that the FSB and special forces worked more or less well. The opinion that "the border is locked" has become stronger in us.

Crimean terrorist attack. What turned the MTR of Ukraine

And at this very time, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate (yes, intelligence!) Of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported that this same Ukrainian intelligence once again counted the number of "Russian military in Donbas." Says, if you do not take into account the two buildings with a total number of 35 thousand bayonets, then it is 7 thousand people. Important question: WHAT did the GUR MO of Ukraine use to calculate? Probably, the ornithological rings, with the help of which thousands of “aHressors” were already counted as many as 42. Each "Russian military" was "ringed" and entered into a special multivolume Kiev registry called "The Integral Method of Calculating the Military Forces of the Russian Federation from Donbass to Proxima Centauri with Low-Controlled Heavy Drug Use".

Comments from our readers:

Maybe not in the topic. But after the coup in 2014, I'm interested in the question. What went with the officers of the SBU, who were against the junta? Have you stayed in the service of the junta? Dismissed (and they just do not let go of those)? Or quietly disappeared (who are secret paths far away from the country 404, who are in the dungeons of the "native SBU" and other options). Who has any opinions?

Viktor fm
It seems that with us rose-colored glasses will never fall. Few photos from Donetsk, Lugansk with mutilated, murdered children and their parents, old people? Ostensibly this is the work of the mythical Bandera. This is the work of all those who live in the rest of Ukraine, and no one else.

Started for health

Dear comrades! And do we not become witnesses of the fact that just yesterday, in today's realities, it was difficult to imagine - how the authorities are trying to raise a hand on the “holy” - on the activities of representatives of the oligarchic environment?

The power took over the ticks for the oligarchs?

It must be noted here that the beginning of the next series of a sizzling fight against corruption and fraud on a large scale in our country always looks like an “action”. Once - 120 million dollars and two million euros under the bed, two - 300 million in the accounts of poor relatives, three - a stable of elite cars. And here such a “platinum” colonel declares: oh, I feel, I am in danger ... That is, when I was dragging everything into the house with honest and unbearable work, I didn’t feel the danger, but here you are! ..

But the ending of "action" is not always such that "the forces of light" overcome the "forces of darkness." Maybe the reason is that the forces of darkness and the forces of light still have a not always perceptible connection for a mere mortal, which is sometimes pulled by a string for a new tuning, but it rarely breaks off?

Comments from our readers:

No, do not become!
I recall the fate of individual oligarchs at the beginning of zero. Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Khodarkovsky ... Everyone else remained on their own behalf, or dropped out for other reasons. The class can not gobble up itself.

Even the longest journey begins with the first step ...

Against the background of such events: the amounts of bribes and the consequences of bribes, doubts arise in * democracy * or in the system that is so * obscenely named. Even more doubts are caused by that shaft of negativity which is splashed on I.V. Stalin, who built the state and punished the thieves and traitors, despite their cries about * democracy * or about * revolutionary * merit. Look, they just hurt * the Democrat-liberal *, and at once there is a whole bunch of those who start yelling about lawlessness or arbitrariness, and even about returning the 37 of the year, and what is even more strange is that almost everyone and * the Democrats * and * liberals * are not very poor. Today, those who protect them are getting richer, in addition to lawyers who have always been * not poor *, those who spill into * the public * consciousness about * the inviolability * of stolen property and the incompetence of punishment for theft on a large scale or in what works for foreign state, frankly selling the interests of RUSSIA.

Drop on lobsters for a pace

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, commented on the visit of the PACE delegation to Russia with the intention of discussing the issue of Russia's return to full-fledged work in a parliamentary assembly. Klimkin's statement was drawn to the thesis in the style of "either I or she." According to the Foreign Minister, “Square”, if the Russian delegation returns to PACE and if all its rights are restored, Ukraine will leave PACE.

Klimkin threatens PACE: "Either Russia, or we ..."
Sad prospects for Ukraine: Americans will not leave Kiev
Tse Europe. Lviv turned into a big trash can

We decided to drink champagne at the PACE during the week, have a snack on lobster. They popped into the treasury - and there the ball rolled. They began to look askance at each other. Who, they say, did not fold? Balts, fumbling in their pockets: we threw off ... The Poles, straining on eating their apples: and we, too, threw off. They looked at the Greeks - the Greeks were silent and turned their eyes to the side. Well, these, they say, then promised to throw off - after the 101 credit tranche. Then they remembered: there are no Russians! Here, from whom you need to collect lobsters. Well, it means that the delegation was sent to Moscow. You supposedly hint there, let them come back, but let them not leave the wallet at home. The Ukrainian delegation seems to be against it, but it also does not want to skip lunch for someone else ...

Comments from our readers:

Yes, you go to ... along with the pace ... Kings garbage ...

In the UN, Russia has the right to veto and the status of a permanent member of the Security Council, and Ukraine only has the right to dust the seats where their owners sit and the status of eternal beggars, and PACE just needs an annual contribution from Russia, nothing from Chugunkin and the company to take, so let Plobes from the PACE take Pasha Chugunkin under his arm and walk through the forest.

People turned into slaves, put it up to the top and use for their own purposes! And they jump like semi-fools and dream of geyrope, but they are already there at the bottom only. Amerikosy did, do and will do any dirty tricks, just to spoil Russia and more. It is necessary to correct the mistakes made by us not by our will, but by the weakness of the past.

Can and send

Here and there, various statements by government officials and army commanders about the postponement of arms deliveries for a while, so to speak, sound. About the postponed descents of the ships on water. On the adjustment of the delivery time to the troops of something.

Dizzy with success, or "Anxiety" in the Russian army
Where is the general to find lieutenants?

During the week, the Ministry of Defense started talking about the fact that soon they plan to offer officers who were dismissed as part of Serdyukovo and other “optimizations” to return to service. One side - news positive. But one can only imagine the feelings of the officers, who at first, forgive, threw out, and after a few years, they kind of remembered them so as not to spend money on training new servicemen. People of honor. After all, they can send ...

Comments from our readers:

I do not think that there will be a sharp reduction. The problem in the future will be when the army is sated. There will be no large defense order. Therefore, the government now advises leaders to think about diversification.

New weapons, new technologies, all this is good, but where are the frames? All this should be exploited by literate people, and in order to train them you need time and training facilities and much more.

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that the problems started much earlier than Serdyukov ... I remember at the beginning of 90-s cutting the army and firing almost the regiments ... my father was an aviation engineer, he went into the army from a flight engineer before the deputy regiment commander for engineering and aviation service. He served on garrisons and bases in the Far East. One "beautiful" day comes home - that's all, he served. Constructed on the parade ground in 1992 year - "everyone who is older than 40 years, a step forward!" and that's all, thanks for the service ... Well, the father had enough service for retirement, and many don't ... More than half of the neighbors in the garrison (pilots, engineers, etc., many with combat experience) suddenly became young pensioners .. There is no work, there is no experience in the civilian world, in general, it is fun, and then they are surprised that there are not enough commanders in the army and they have fired not the "courtiers", but the combatants.

Boneless tongue

For modern Ukraine, the language issue is fundamental. It was he who was once raised on the shield of Ukrainian nationalists. On Euromaidan, the language issue was raised more than once, and Ukrainian nationalists stubbornly argued that there can be only one state language in the country, even if at least half of its inhabitants are native speakers of another language.

The language situation in Ukraine. Linguistic discrimination as a tool of nationalist politics

Amazing country ... Amazing airs. He is in Ukrainian, in response, in Russian. On the other channel - the opposite is true. One says, scream, stop it, another: “not start”, but opisviv. (as there Azarov ...). Teaching MOV strained, but they are told: it is necessary. Those together take the hood and continue to speak Russian ...

Against this background, VRU adopted a law on the basis of which at least 70% of TV and radio broadcasts of Ukraine should belong to American, Canadian and European media content. One question: why only 70? Give Maidan hundred percent!

Comments from our readers:

There, the Ukrainian language is taught on TV, each time inventing new words in return for those they speak. What is the Ukrainian language in general? This Selyukov language is Russian-distorted. We in the villages also spoke in every way, with different intonations, before the advent of the TV. When I came from the village as a child, I was looked upon as wild, because I spoke a little differently.

Guys, that's what the hell we argue about and we get to some sort of comment ...
But if we judge this in a rural way: Russian-Ukrainian-Belarusian languages ​​... Each of us practically understands each other ... Does this not speak of common roots of languages?
In the same Western Ukraine, there was and is not the Ukrainian language, but a mixture of Ukrainian, Magyar and Polish ... Residents from Central and South-Eastern Ukraine found it difficult to communicate with them ...
We also have dialects and dialects in Russia - nemeryanno, there are features, however - everyone understands each other ...

Well, so let's understand each other, and not to escalate the situation once again ...
She already and further divorces us further and further, and the enemies of the Slavs are just that.

The language of the "true" Ukrainians, who seized power in Kiev, mainly consists of a set of corrupted words: Polish, Russian, Hungarian, and Jewish. At the same time, the Ukrainians of the “west” and the Ukrainians of the “east” practically do not understand each other, not only in conversation, but also in religion and ideology, i.e. between them there is nothing in common except the territory of Ukraine, collected by the Russians for 1000 years and donated to the "brotherly" people!

Courage junior lieutenant

Two petitions have been published on, in which citizens demand that police lieutenant Magomed Nurbagandov be rewarded with courage.

Before shooting policemen in a forest near the village of Sergokala (Dagestan) 10 July 2016, the bandits made a video. 31-year-old Nurbagandov was among the policemen. Militants called him wrong and offered to appeal to his colleagues with a call to leave the work in the police. However, Magomed refused. “The record clearly shows and hears how an armed gangster tries to get a policeman to speak on camera so that his friends and brothers leave law enforcement agencies. At this young police officer turned to his colleagues: "Work, brothers." After these words, a shot was heard, ”the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Dagestan said.

“The officer's killers were found and destroyed during a special operation in the Kirovsky district of Makhachkala, as well as in the city of Izberbash on September 7th. A record was found in the phone of one of them, ”the press service specified.

Russians demand to award policeman shot by gangsters in Dagestan

“I sign, because I saw in this a truly heroic act, at least for courage. For the bravery of this young man deserves a medal and the help of relatives. He is a real man and such a great country like Russia should not leave it unattended. He inspired many people to fight evil with this act, ”the commentary says under one of the petitions.

Comments from our readers:

Ingvar 72
A man with a capital letter!

Reward uniquely !!! And the school in which Magomed Nurbagandov studied, to name him! Imagine how many children will grow up the same devotees to their homeland, courageous and persistent, what was he!
To the near and dear ones, friends and colleagues the most sincere condolences!

My condolences to the family of Magomed Nurbagandov. Courageous deed is worthy of the Order of Courage!

When the debtor gets into debt

Petro Poroshenko’s pleas for a third credit tranche for Ukraine were heard by officials of the International Monetary Fund. Roughly violating the charter of the fund itself, the IMF voted for the allocation of the next tranche to Kiev - in the amount of 1 billion dollars. Recall that the charter of the fund prohibits lending to countries that refuse to pay sovereign debt. Ukraine is such a state. Kiev refuses to repay a loan debt in the amount of 3,075 billion dollars to Russia.

Ukraine will receive a billion dollars loan from the IMF
Russia in the IMF will vote against the allocation of the next credit tranche to Ukraine

The Ukrainian government, we note, arranged almost a holiday about the next billion. Poroshenko wrote: "I welcome the positive decision of the IMF Board of Directors just taken to continue the program of cooperation with Ukraine and to allocate additional amounts of financial assistance."

But the population is not particularly celebrating. Citizens rightly believe that "additional volumes" will traditionally be taken away by officials.

Comments from our readers:

It is strange that even China (after the courtesy of Russia in the form of joint exercises in the South China Sea) voted for.

Is it time to stop paying contributions to the IMF?

So Russia is not going to give the money? Although the IMF also throw.

The black
But this is unlikely. The IMF is not an organization that can be thrown with impunity ... They will throw the ruin under the hammer and they will let it go bare-booty all over the world.

Putin is voting for Trump

The FBI decided that the US presidential election is vulnerable to hackers. Of course, we are talking about Russian hackers - they are all on the shoulder. Moreover, the scouts are confident that Putin "went to the intervention" in the democratic American elections: he does not like C. Clinton, and he intends to conduct his friend D. Trump's Oval Office.

US president will choose Putin
"This is Putin's fault"

Today, both Democrats and Republicans are calling on the White House to publicly accuse Russia of conducting hacker attacks, but Obama still refrains from taking such a step.

It must be assumed that the "lethargy" of Barack Obama is not so much connected with his uncertainty as with the fact that with his accusations he can only add fuel to the scandals accompanying Hillary Clinton's election campaign. Most likely, Mr. Obama keeps his mouth shut because he is very much afraid of the opposite reaction: he will come up with accusations, and the Republican political rivals criticize him for supporting the Democratic candidate. As a result, the rating of Madame Clinton can go down and she will give way to Trump.

Comments from our readers:

USSR 1971
Well, then, the referendums on Alaska, the Indians, the Blacks ... And our deputies from the State Duma have to choose them so that they can live like us, not rich and rich.

But of course, after all, at the regular elections in the United States, without a doubt, United Russia will win, and you don’t even have to go to the fortuneteller.

Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia. Surely again, Putin? Trump forbade his team to be ironic about her state of health, and merciful Americans ask her to leave the elective race.

I have a certificate!

Cyber ​​group “Fancy Bears” has published a new batch of exposures by the World Anti-Doping Association. Hackers are presented with WADA documents, which state that the top of the association allowed the use of 25 doping by athletes from 8 countries. All of these athletes were admitted to the Rio Summer Olympics, and 14 of them became prize winners.

Earlier, Fancy Bears published evidence that four American athletes used real doping cocktails, two of whom became Olympic champions in Rio. Recall that these athletes were "certificates", on the basis of which WADA allowed them to use illicit drugs.

New batch of WADA revelations from a group of hackers Fancy Bears
Pharmaceutical wars with real victims
WADA accuses Russia of hacking secret databases on the use of doping by US athletes
Media: WADA allowed the use of doping to athletes from the US

No one was probably surprised when the World Anti-Doping Agency announced that Russia was involved in the attack on its databases. A spokesman for the WADA administration stated bluntly: “We were informed that these attacks were organized from Russia.” According to WADA officials, the “anti-doping administration and management system (ADAMS)” contained “certificates-permits” for the use by certain American athletes of real cocktails from forbidden medical preparations. In WADA they say that they "have nothing to justify, since we are talking about an exclusively therapeutic use of drugs."

Well, how could it be otherwise? What the Russian cripples, the American is treated!

Comments from our readers:

SRC P-15
Well done, our hackers: drop by drop, drop by drop, you see - and there will be a stream!
Often it is necessary to dip WADA into their own ...

Vasilenko Vladimir
This is not the case on the media field, we are losing, and so far, unfortunately, outright.
Well, it will come out, well, they will write fine dough where the thread in the unreadable paper, that they were mistaken, and then what?
The fact that the Russians accept meldonium, they screamed in such a way that they laid their ears, but that everyone (except Masha) was acquitted after that - quietly, modestly and imperceptibly.

Our federations now need to make a huge noise around the machinations of WADA. Now is a very good time to get even for our athletes who are not admitted to the Olympics. Connect the press, file a lawsuit in various courts for moral and material compensation. Why our sports officials and lawyers are silent, another such occasion may not be.

SANA: Syrian air defense units shot down an Israeli fighter

A SANA report alleges that the UAV and fighter jets were shot down by Syrian air defense units. The submission says that Israeli military aircraft carried out an invasion of Syria’s airspace in Quneitra province.

According to the Syrian Defense Ministry, an Israeli plane attacked the positions of the Syrian army fighting against ISIL militants (banned in the Russian Federation) and other terrorist organizations in the area of ​​Es Sasaa. In this case, the official representative of the armed forces of the SAR declares that in this way the Israeli military pilots were engaged in de facto aiding the terrorists.

Damascus announces downed Israeli fighter

The Israeli defense ministry denied the statements of the Syrian side, saying that all the means of Israeli aviation returned after the fulfillment of combat missions on the airfields of deployment. Israel itself explains the combat operation by another rupture of a shell that flew in from the Syrian territory in the Israeli part of the Golan Heights. At the same time, the Israeli military routinely do not go into the details of exactly who fired at this part of the Golan Heights: the Syrian government army or, nevertheless, the terrorists, who could well arrange a provocation, the purpose of which was the Israeli bombardment of the positions of the SAR army.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
Let's wait a little, when the smoke from the information explosion will shatter. Who is right and who is wrong ... that is the question.

My opinion is that the launch on Israeli aircraft was, but the defeat of the target did not happen. It did not happen because there was no such task.
Assad is not crazy, so now to "wipe out" is also with Israel.
At the same time, the raids already reached out and this was a kind of last Chinese, or psychological attack.
And the fact that the Israelis are behaving like this is definitely the American hand ...

If they brought down where the wreckage, or they fell on the territory of Israel?

Russian task forces deployed in Syria

Groups of Russian troops deployed in the Syrian provinces in order to ensure a cessation of hostilities, reports RIA "Novosti" message of the Russian Armistice Center in the republic.

“In accordance with the Russian-American agreements reached in Geneva with 19.00 12 September 2016, the cessation of hostilities was resumed throughout the Syrian Arab Republic. In order to provide it in all Syrian provinces, the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the warring parties in the Syrian Arab Republic deployed operational groups, ”the bulletin says.

The defense Ministry explained the need for the deployment in Syria of the Russian task forces

Armistice mode entered into force on September 12. After 48 hours, and then 5 days, the Joint Executive Center will begin operations, within which the Russian and US military will coordinate strikes against targets banned in the Russian Federation and other countries of the Dzhebhat an Nusrah group (Dzhebhat Fatah ash-Sham) , The IG and other terrorists in the agreed areas. In these areas, Syrian aviation will be suspended. Thus, the division between terrorist formations and groups of moderate opposition will be achieved.

Comments from our readers:

If only the Americans, with a fright, as they usually do, do not start to “friendly” fire on us.

Well, we can also answer "friendly", so at least eat me, but I don’t expect anything good from this agreement with the whales, it can very well again be a knife in the back.

A couple of days ago in one of my posts I meant it when I wrote that I could not write openly, but now this is open information presented to the public! Unfortunately, without an active ground operation, full-blooded control over the situation cannot be achieved ... Secondly, our presence will cool many hotheads, including in the Pentagon, thirdly, this little-looked, isolated military-political factor is the world, against the background Syria and our decisive actions there completely began to forget about the Donbass, almost forgot about the Crimea and does not want to hear anything about Ukraine ... Poroshenko is even forced to gather in his mud hut all the foreign representatives who are serving duty in Nenko chki US ambassador to plead, occasionally kneeling, the community did not forget Square ...

Nonprofessionals from Tehran

Last Saturday, the Iranian military threatened to shoot down two American reconnaissance aircraft flying in close proximity to the republic’s border, RIA Novosti reports a Fox News message. According to the channel, “10 September, the P-8 Poseidon aircraft, carrying nine people, and EP-3 Eries with a crew of 24 man flew 13 miles from Iran’s coast (the state’s territorial waters stretch 12 nautical miles from the coast ) ".

During the flight, the Iranian military told the Americans on the radio that they were at risk of being shot down. However, the pilots ignored the warning, continuing the flight in the same course - at an extremely small distance from Iranian territory. "We wanted to experience the Iranian reaction," a Pentagon source explained to the TV channel.

“It's one thing to tell someone to get out of your lawn, but we were not on their lawn. Every time you threaten to knock someone down, this is not considered professional behavior, ”the source said. The Pentagon noted that the behavior of Tehran was not only unprofessional, but did not pose a real threat to American aircraft, since no air defense installations were recorded in the area.

Fox News: Tehran "unprofessional" threatened to shoot down two American reconnaissance aircraft

Of course, the American military pilots prefer to "professionally" behave (that is, fly) where previously there were no air defense installations. As soon as the installations are “fixed”, the “Iranian reaction tests” will be completed.

Comments from our readers:

hedgehog in the fog
Therefore, they were so greyhounds and flew in the area, because they were sure that there were no air defense installations.

That's why they fly, which is not fixed. Although impunity is deceptive. A striking example is Ukraine. On the Maidan they "crumpled up" from impunity, dispersed until their teeth were knocked out in the Donbas.

When shot down, then the actions will be considered professional?)

Is the Russian threat strong?

His version of the study of “threats” was recently proposed by The Christian Science Monitor, which published an article by Anna Groub, “How big is the military threat is Russia, really?” (“How big is the military threat from Russia?”).

The author cites the opinion of the former CIA head David Petraeus and military analyst at the Brookings Institution Michael O'Hanlon. They believe that the steps of the Russian authorities remain well thought out. In addition, they recall that the Crimea has historically been Russian. Also D. Petraeus and M. O'Henlon touched upon the Russian operation in Syria. They write that Mr. Putin began the Syrian operation last fall only after it was determined that the Barack Obama administration adheres to a policy of limited intervention. Perhaps these actions were cynical or reprehensible, but they cannot be considered reckless, accidental, or particularly violent for a military conflict. The former head of the CIA, in collaboration with an analyst, concludes that Russia does not represent a real threat to the basic interests of NATO.

Otherwise, behave "not the former."

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, during his recent speech recalled the Russian “annexation of the Crimea”, Moscow’s interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine, and also assistance to the Syrian authorities. According to the general, even under the conditions of serious economic pressure, the Russians "modernize their nuclear facilities and modernize their submarine forces."

The Christian Science Monitor: how great is the military threat from Russia?

From the material “The Christian Science Monitor” it is clear that not all American experts agree that Russia represents a military and political threat to the United States. This is especially true of the "former" - the same David Petraeus. Among the "non-ex" statements about not very dangerous Russia are extremely rare. Well, let's wait, when the former will be General Dunford and his high-ranking colleagues ...

Comments from our readers:

I do not want to list where the submarines of the "partners" and their aircraft are plying. From "the mountains and steppes of Ukraine to the coast of the Byelorussian Sea", further everywhere.
Whose cow would mumble, and the NATO paused.
Worried about Russia's activity? Do not scrub, will not be disturbed, as the doctor says.
Listen to and read well, just tiring.

It should be understood that all US actions are aimed at peace (Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., etc.), and Russia is a potential aggressor. Well, not insanity?

The cries of the Soviet (Russian) military threat must be treated with understanding as something inevitable. Do we not react to regular blowing winds? So here. After all, the military-industrial complex and the generals of the United States and the USSR (Russia), although they have significant differences, are in fact not very different from each other. Both the one and the other MIC are trying to snatch as much as possible for their products. To one and the other the military industrial complex, to some extent, they are trying to "give their hands" to lower the price.
Both those and other generals spoke, talk and will speak about the threat from another country, especially from a country that is in the military aspect of the same weight category. As soon as it is necessary to "knock out the headstock" to a new, more expensive "toy," they immediately recall the "threat."
A little excursion into history.
1. Air parade in Moscow, where M-4 was demonstrated. In the number of 3-x pieces. But ours decided to “fool” the foe, and this trio went around several times in a circle. The Americans had already flown their B-52, but the generals started talking about the threat of lag in bombers. And what is the result? They knocked out money not only to increase the production of B-52, but also to expand B-58, releasing only B-52 of the 700 order. We have all stalled on a hundred pieces.
2. Talk about missile threat. In the middle of the 50, the US, like the USSR, is developing its own ICBMs. Not feeling a particular threat from the USSR, the development was neither shaky nor roll. But it was only in the year 1957 to test us our ICBM P-7, as the Americans immediately began talking about the missile lag. And got the money. As a result, we encountered the Caribbean crisis with the number of strategic intercontinental missiles approximately three times smaller than in the United States.
There are hundreds of examples. That's life. A man, especially a military man, cannot be changed. He will always see in the military from the other side of the ocean the enemy. During the warming of relations, rhetoric changes. Instead of the name "enemy" or "enemy No. XXUMX", terms such as "partners" appear. But the essence does not change.
Summary. These statements in the press should be treated calmly, without emotion, philosophically. This is my IMHO.

* "Whoever comes to us with a sword, he will perish by the sword" - a phrase from the movie "Alexander Nevsky"
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  1. PKK
    18 September 2016 06: 59
    Clinton was found to have pneumonia, so the fellows realized that while before pneumonia she had undetected bronchitis and had ARI in front of him, the same was not noticed. And ARI is treated with one rinse. Another hanging of noodles on the ears. Americans have never reached puberty.
    1. +6
      18 September 2016 07: 13
      Clintonsha will do more advertising for this, because you must be able to get infected with an infectious infection!
    2. +6
      18 September 2016 07: 24
      Quote: PKK
      And ARI is treated with one rinse. Another hanging of noodles on the ears.

      I don’t know what Clinton’s bronchitis or pneumonia is, I’m not a doctor, but even in the American press amid the adoration of Hillary, there are reports of her psychological adequacy, and even if this is a pre-election Chernukha, there is still reason to think.
    3. +17
      18 September 2016 08: 36
      Well, how could it be otherwise? What the Russian cripples, the American is treated!

      About WADA, Yunna Moritz Champions Get the right to these "drugs"! Hackers hacked so that everyone could see the worldwide swindlers' shop on the line. Hackers are not thieves, banks are not robbers, Nothing was taken, the naked truth except! .. The world shop of crooks from sports According to the laws of crooks, it requires comfort: Hackers to pursue and judge! And in the shop Doping is not subject to a medical certificate! Hackers hacked so that everyone could see the world shop, where the swindlers are. Are these hackers thieves and robbers? And swindlers demand to judge them! Mockery? To me, such hackers are not enemies, but friends: The shop of the world's crooks is in fright, The hackers did not take anything when hacking, They did not take anything - the naked truth except! fellow
  2. +2
    18 September 2016 07: 03
    On the poster with the "Guintowing" another zrada: Mi-24 PU 1! Again, POO-well, Putin is everywhere! belay
  3. +4
    18 September 2016 07: 07
    In Syria ... In my opinion, the moment came when it is necessary to show who is in charge there .. What kind of negotiations, a truce? Talks with a nation of scammers do not help. You need to conduct them the way they behave ..
  4. +5
    18 September 2016 07: 13
    And all would be fine, but the Americans again, in view of their exceptional stupidity, spoiled everything in the bud by the bombing of the Syrian Government ... Could, of course, not literally put it in regard to them, BUT doze off to the moderators hi not auger, but because:
    What do you think about the reaction from the United States representative to the UN ... That's right, she accused RUSSIA of raiding the US Air Force:
    "We called on Russia to convene an emergency meeting, but only with Assad. The US coalition from 67 countries is fighting terrorists, this is not a game for us. But the best way to end ISIS is to stop airstrikes," she said, once again accusing Bashar al-Assad in complicity with terrorists, and Russia recommended "to stop the cheap transfer of arrows and focus on the implementation of the agreement :
    After her speech, Samantha Power refused to comment and answer questions from journalists. In addition, she did not even listen to the speech of Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council, Vitaly Churkin, leaving the hall under the pretext of communicating with the media.

    And what can this misunderstanding of nature say if:
    U.S. spending on security, national defense, and veteran affairs after September 11, 2001 reached $ 5 trillion, but at the same time, according to a study by professor of political science at Brown University Net Crawford, despite all the costs, terrorism has increased by 2002 6500%. - mind-blowing "fight", isn't it ...
    Well, lastly (staff!). Guess whose words: “The problem arose because of the Kremlin team. Although Putin decides everything, there is a whole team that supports him. In such circumstances, we must act decisively, until Russia itself changes. You see how big changes have occurred in Russia over the past two years. There is no longer a strategic reserve, no economic growth, a significant decrease in living standards, no modernization, no investment. Even for the construction of this notorious bridge there is no means ”,, - for sure, Poroshenko, after Baracktrema obamai - this is the name of the worm in honor of the semi-ruberoid ... Poroshenko dreams of using something named after him, CHO ... laughing If only the name of the infection ...
  5. +9
    18 September 2016 07: 13
    Learn Mow strained
    especially Mishiko-semi-Georgian Odessa wassat

    in the anti-doping administration and management system (ADAMS) there were “certificates-permissions” for the use by certain American athletes of real cocktails from banned medications. WADA says that they "have nothing to justify, since we are talking about the exclusively therapeutic use of drugs."

    to authors hi
    1. +2
      18 September 2016 09: 07
      In December 2013, I was in Sumy on a business trip. We are sitting in the Sumy medical facility with one chief, we communicate, in Russian ess-nno, we laugh, we laugh, vodka, everything ... Here the call. He went to the phone, looked at the number, realized that they were calling from Kiev from "Naftagaz", picked up the phone, tensed up and began a conversation on mov. When the conversation ended, he was red as cancer from exertion and sweat poured from him in a stream. Here she is so energy-consuming, this mova ...
      Hi Izya! drinks
      Have you looked at the bumpers? wink
      1. 0
        19 September 2016 05: 50
        You shouldn't be like that. Normal "language" if it is the "language" of L.Ukrainka or T. Shevchenko. But the language spoken by 70% of the so-called Ukrainians is surzhik. I will never forget the language teacher from Rovno. We are the first month it was simply not understood! And this tendency (to send graduates of pedagogical universities from western Ukraine to the east) began in the late 70s.
    2. +2
      18 September 2016 09: 18
      ... and then to all Ukrainians
      Right from birth
      And what is important - without work
      There will be a pension to pay.
  6. +2
    18 September 2016 07: 15
    Regarding WADA ... These scoundrels are waiting for a retaliatory political move in Russia. They want to completely squeeze us out of the Olympic movement (although it has recently discredited itself). Strong evidence of fraud by doping agents is needed ..
  7. +4
    18 September 2016 07: 36
    Thanks for the review !!!!! Substantially - as always !!!! Sunday always start with a review.
  8. +10
    18 September 2016 07: 42
    and also about the singing language (Sunday same)
    1. +3
      18 September 2016 13: 45
      You are angry, Andryukha! I’ll now have horror all night belay
      1. +2
        18 September 2016 16: 17
        Quote: perepilka
        I’ll now have horror all night

        And you ask the dog to drive them away. Let havchik fulfills. Yes
        Hi, taiga power engineer! drinks
        1. +1
          18 September 2016 17: 49
          Hello Jura! Duc didn’t teach him about horror, he rubbed it and watched it, so it would calmly go to sleep 18 hours a day, if I didn’t disturb it, and do not care that I’m nightmares recourse
  9. +1
    18 September 2016 07: 53
    Valery Gerasimov: "The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation will destroy the enemy landing even in the ports of loading"

    I'd love to believe. But all this is painfully doubtful, except for the talking room, nothing goes further. And I still believe in our armed forces ...
  10. +2
    18 September 2016 07: 59
    Alas, even on election day there is an election advertisement. And alas, to destroy the "apple", "parnassus", etc. loading in ports has not yet been successful.
  11. PKK
    18 September 2016 08: 03
    The team, the American countrymen, the Clinton party, gave the bombing on the Syrian Army. They don’t benefit from agreements on the World. They only need War.
  12. +6
    18 September 2016 08: 33
    But the population is not particularly celebrating. Citizens rightly believe that "additional volumes" will traditionally be taken away by officials.
    Something seems to me ... citizens rightly believe. Which of this tynara is not extradited either x ..
  13. +1
    18 September 2016 08: 44
    Quote: aszzz888
    Valery Gerasimov: "The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation will destroy the enemy troops in the ports loading "

    I'd love to believe. But all this is painfully doubtful, except for the talking room, nothing goes further. And I still believe in our armed forces ...

    Do you propose moving from words to deeds and conducting a dress rehearsal for destruction ...?
    1. +1
      18 September 2016 09: 09
      And then - how is it? We can continue, but only the time has not come yet.
  14. +6
    18 September 2016 08: 50
    An explosion sounded in Manhattan, as a result of which 29 people were injured ... And not a bit of a pity ... Why, but .. request
  15. +10
    18 September 2016 09: 08
    Time is 9 o'clock (Moscow time), I went to the polls, I’ll go take my father, we’ll go to vote for the worthy. Father will again send for a bottle afterwards, for him the elections are a holiday, he will drink a couple of glasses, hold a few rallies, and even go to bed until evening, get up and watch the preliminary results and hope for the best. In general, "we will live" ...
    1. +6
      18 September 2016 10: 47
      Also went ... Voted as usual! For EP, the general and the business manager with \ x .. And most importantly for the Communist Party! There is one candidate (there was a registry, convicted of bodily harm ..)))) I voted for him with pleasure ...! laughing
      And honestly, anxious at heart ....
  16. +9
    18 September 2016 09: 08
    We dropped the wand, dope got drunk, we had permission. I remembered an old joke about Lieutenant Rzhevsky. We sat down to play cards for money, gave out cards Lieutenant Rzhevsky announces an ass and takes the money, they ask him what the meaning of the game is, and he explains who the first to say the ass he won. They distributed it for the second time, here everything is immediately an ass, an ass, an ass. And the Lieutenant announces a trump ass. So, in this Olympics, everything is thought up in the process.
  17. +10
    18 September 2016 09: 24
    The FBI decided that the US presidential election is vulnerable to hackers. Of course, we are talking about Russian hackers - they can do anything. Not only that, intelligence agents are confident that Putin "went into interference" in democratic American elections ...
    Yeah. The whole is made up of little things. A simple person will think, are you the boss in your family, if you allow your neighbor to interfere in your family affairs? So now it's not easy for the "lame duck". From the latter. They didn't serve the gangway, they didn't treat me to ice cream, they called him a son of a bitch. And I am tormented by vague doubts whether this Cossack is sent to the FBI? You care less about yourself than about Russia. It’s how to lower our own people, how to exalt the Russians, who can do everything. Well done. Good PR, hasn't hurt anyone yet. In the meantime, the conclusion that the Horse in Apples and the Peking duck are two different things.
  18. +5
    18 September 2016 09: 42
    There, the Ukrainian language is taught on TV, each time inventing new words in return for those they speak. What is the Ukrainian language in general? This Selyukov language is Russian-distorted. We in the villages also spoke in every way, with different intonations, before the advent of the TV. When I came from the village as a child, I was looked upon as wild, because I spoke a little differently.

    As I understand it, the glory of "CensorNet" haunts the administration? Or the order came for inciting ethnic hatred?
    It is a pity, it was a good resource, but over the past year it has slipped into frank chauvinism, and this is disgusting.

    PS - a separate "thank you" for the "quick" resolution of the issue with the HP flag.
  19. +3
    18 September 2016 09: 53
    He says, if you do not count two buildings with a total number of 35 thousand bayonets, then this is 7 thousand people. An important question: WHAT used the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to calculate?

    "Fighter! Do you see a gopher? No. And he is." (DMB). There was still a lot of useful "about flying saucers".
  20. +1
    18 September 2016 11: 21
    The FBI decided that the US presidential election is vulnerable to hackers. Of course, we are talking about Russian hackers - they can do anything.

    Glory to the Commander-in-Chief! At least once America has recognized - in Russia there is a "branch of the armed forces", unlike the Aerospace Forces and the Navy "professionally"To do the job! It's a pity the construction battalions have disbanded ....
  21. +5
    18 September 2016 11: 22
    WORLDWIDE 05:47, September 18, 2016
    Belarus sent 45 tons of humanitarian aid to Syria
    Moscow. September 18th. INTERFAX.RU - A joint action to deliver humanitarian aid to Belarus to Syria was carried out by the Republican Emergencies Ministry and the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties.
    "It is especially pleasant that the cargo contains children's clothes and shoes, and that it arrived in time for the new school year, which begins in Syria on September 18," said Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Syria Alexander Ponomarev at the Khmeimim airfield.
    IL-76 of the Belarusian state airline landed at the Khmeimim airbase with 45 tons of clothing, shoes, canned goods, medicines and medical equipment, and basic necessities.
    According to Ponomarev, "this is probably the most visible action of support for our friends."
    "The aid is intended for the most affected and needy segments of the population. It will be delivered to Aleppo, Latakia and Damascus, camps for internally displaced persons, orphanages, hospitals." “The position of Belarus is in unconditional support of Syria in the international arena in the fight against terrorism, in preserving its territorial integrity and sovereignty. We have a lot of projects in various fields, this is not the last action,” the Belarusian diplomat added.

    Although I constantly criticize Lukashenko, but here I support and say thanks. Please support Donbass, Alexander Grigoryevich!
  22. +4
    18 September 2016 12: 31
    The events of recent days are destroying all my ideals: how can I now trust Forbes magazine if its analysts overlooked Zakharchenko ?!
    1. +2
      18 September 2016 13: 17
      Quote: Vasilyev u
      The events of recent days are destroying all my ideals: how can I now trust Forbes magazine if its analysts overlooked Zakharchenko ?!

      Overlooked ...! How much could this money be raised on a swamp folk? ..?
  23. +2
    18 September 2016 14: 04
    Thanks for the review! I read it with pleasure.
  24. +5
    18 September 2016 14: 19
    I read the review. As always written in an accessible language, and the comments deserve attention, there is something to laugh about, and something to think about, weigh and compare. Thanks to the AUTHORS for the review, and to the commentators for the comments !!! Sincerely.
  25. +4
    18 September 2016 17: 35
    Get Kudrin from the twin! wassat
  26. +2
    18 September 2016 22: 26
    Now the people before the election leaked the 1st person, who, apparently, did not share on time. And it turned out very well for EP - such a resonance, cleaning, etc. But for some reason no one said that he alone would have been able to crank this out without the knowledge of the senior bosses and the help of his subordinates. And this will be given for 3 years conditionally, but all the rest in the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be able to eat three throats calmly before the elections ...

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"