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ARMY-2016. Cluster VCS. Part of 2. Space is space!


The second part of our narration about the new cluster of the Patriot park will be filled with exclusively positive emotions. Firstly, because not every Russian can afford not only to touch it, but even to see what was shown there.

Generally, a masterpiece. In blue tones a hefty room where ... It is better to watch.

The general panorama did not work out, but it was shot quite well with a video camera. And we will go on exhibits.

The first exhibit, to which we were led, is as unique as everything in this room. But in its own way.

This is a monkey capsule. Yes, biosatellites with monkeys flew. And they did not just fly, but, unlike satellites with dogs, they returned to Earth.

The capsule was intended to be sent into space by monkeys weighing up to 5,5 kg. During the preparation for the flight, the monkeys learned how to perform certain operations, for which they received an award. Edible, of course.

These three monkeys not only flew into space one by one, but survived after "retirement" to 8-9 years. What proved that in space living organisms can exist.

Next was the shrine. The descent vehicle of the ship "Vostok". It is clear that he did not fly anywhere, but served as a simulator for the first cosmonauts.

This is the compartment of the descent vehicle from the inside. Do not swing.

Lodging of the cosmonaut. In those days, the lodgements were not made individually for an astronaut, it was easier to choose an astronaut by the size of the chair.

This one is from the first series.

At hand - control semi-automatic parachute complex.

And this is the information console of spacecraft "Vostok" !!! To call it the control panel the language does not turn, there was nothing to control there. The specially elected (that is, to us) were allowed to even ... touch it or something. I do not know how anyone, but I felt awe and a sense of the deepest respect for those who flew with this.

This is all the same as from the "Mercedes" of the latest model to sit in the "Ford T". Not quite a correct comparison, of course, but ON THIS OUR PEOPLE ARE FLIGHT IN SPACE !!!

In principle, I think anyone will understand the purpose of these simple devices. Deepest respect our VKS for this exhibition.

But that is not all. There is one more space walker, more precisely, a moon walker.

The descent vehicle "Lunnik" and "Lunokhod-1".

Again, it is clear that these devices did not fly anywhere, but served for testing. As they explained to us, all the equipment in the room is absolutely working systems. And they are designed to test something new. By weight, placement, balance, and the like.

Specifically, this complex served just for the life tests of communication modules and everything related to the work of the Lunokhod.

The wheels, of course, are amazing. Having carefully looked, I found out with awesomeness that the spokes on the wheels of the “Lunokhod” were made under a painfully familiar bicycle key. I could not resist asking the lieutenant colonel who accompanied us about this. The answer was simple: "What is great to invent? About the pencil in space you heard? That's all the same. And the needles made the Frunze plant in Tambov. Only not steel, as usual. Easier and stronger."

Space Curvimeter. Allowed to measure the distance traveled by lunar craters. The one that actually worked measured 10 540 meters.

On the working "Lunokhod" this block, of course, was not. This is the difference between devices.

Official status: the first terrestrial planetary rover, successfully working on the surface of another cosmic body. Fat point.

Booster rockets. Layouts. Sorry, did not indicate the scale.

Then came the spacecraft of the last century, and quite modern.

This is "Mozhayets". Very small but interesting machine. In principle, it is attributed not even to a spacecraft (spacecraft), but an ICA (small spacecraft). But now there are about a dozen up there. “Mozhayets” is something like Yak-130. Training. It can perform various tasks of communication and radiation research, but its main task is to teach today's cadets to control spacecraft.

"GLONASS-M". Who does not know what it is? Everybody knows. Good.

Here, however, we were told another joke. That's all that yellow is foil. Because this satellite will not fly into space. And the real device also has almost a foil. But golden.

This is not a satellite. This is part of the Azure spacecraft. And at the same time such a blow to the ego that can not be expressed. This is LENS. For the camera.

Two tons of glass and a bit of metal. Well, and electronics is present. Lens ... But it is able to photograph objects as large as 20 cm at any point on Earth. Why is there radiation and what is there, behind the cover, we were also interested. But ... alas.

Zenit-2. The first domestic reconnaissance satellite, as we were told. This is the Americans spy satellites, and we have intelligence. He was washed down by Sergei Pavlovich Korolev on the base ... right, "East." From the "East" they threw out all the unnecessary, put 4 cameras (the system "Fluorine-2Р") and this "Zenith" very well from 250 km altitude shot everything on the square in 150 on 150 km.

By the way, "just in case" was equipped with a self-exploding system ...

Spacecraft "Forpost"

Purely marine thingy. The main task is communication between the ships of the Navy and submarines and coastal communications centers. Can even clarify the coordinates and transfer to the lost ship.

SC "Cyclone".

Looks like an outpost? Right! This is his son. He is also a communications specialist, but quite well as GLONASS, he can indicate the coordinates, correct the course and “highlight” the radio signal, where they will say if someone doesn’t tolerate a missile with a rocket.

Spacecraft "Lira":

The main task is to check for accuracy and adjustment of radar early warning and radar precision guidance.


An interesting device. Designed for geophysical research, creating a grid of coordinates, blah blah blah and all that. Its main "trick" is that the device itself is just a satellite with all the necessary personal belongings, and the container with the equipment is suspended separately below. Under the petals of the solar panels. And, you know, you can hang anything there. And this then "hiccup." It was after the withdrawal of these satellites into orbits from our "potential partners" that the screams began about the threat from space.

The lower part was asked not to shoot. And in general, it is better to shoot from afar.

SC "Selena-2":

Communication satellite MO RF. Able to provide (and provide) communication where there is simply no other connection.

Spacecraft "Luch":

This is a whole series of devices. Connected. They can broadcast everything that is difficult to access for other communications, from telephone communications to the Internet and television.

In general, a very impressive exhibition. But we would not be by ourselves if we had not dragged one of the representatives of the VKS to a dark corner to talk. And talk to a few points of interest to us. For example, about the landing of Americans on the moon. Or some aspects of space wars.

Heard and recorded by us allows us to return to this topic separately and tell what we heard. In the very near future. For it is one thing when research journalists write something there, and quite another when professionals talk about it. And we spoke with a professional who witnessed what was happening.

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  1. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 16 September 2016 08: 26
    The space age has just begun, and how much has already been done! And what will happen in as many years? This park is a good thing, for posterity the memory and history of the country and an excuse for pride to us.
    1. Berkut752
      Berkut752 18 September 2016 01: 09
      The article is probably interesting, but when the title is dirty, the meaning of the article is simply disgusting. "Cluster", but it was possible not to trash the article and write the DISTRICT, VKS ZONE, IN FACT BETTER THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE YOU CANNOT FIND A WORD AND DO NOT EXPRESS THOUGHT. Authors degenerates USEshniki. When I read this stupidity I remember how I heard this word from D. Medvedev, and then it started, time zones, honey, no money, but you hold on.
  2. guzik007
    guzik007 16 September 2016 08: 30
    +++ ... Especially the photo with the equipment for correcting the descent to Earth. I don’t understand how our cosmonauts, in the presence of THIS, dared to fly. Although at that time it probably seemed, and was, the height of achievements
    1. NordUral
      NordUral 25 June 2017 16: 21
      You then look at the equipment of the Apollo, then you will definitely say that it was impossible to fly to the Moon with such a thing.
  3. Dimy4
    Dimy4 16 September 2016 09: 48
    How much stuff flies in orbit!
  4. 17085
    17085 16 September 2016 10: 17
    Thanks to the author, a good review, good photos, well-written comments, as if he himself had visited the exhibition. Thank.
  5. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 16 September 2016 11: 19
    And talk about a few points of interest to us. For example, about the landing of the Americans on the moon. Or some aspects of space wars.

    Heard and recorded by us allows us to return to this topic separately and tell what we heard. In the very near future.
    Intrigued, just scary! Now we will suffer from curiosity good
  6. uskrabut
    uskrabut 16 September 2016 12: 02
    Space has always been and remains a mystery, which is why it attracts us so much, that’s why so many books about space have been written by science fiction writers.
  7. Max repp
    Max repp 16 September 2016 12: 45
    Thank you very much to the novels!
  8. Old26
    Old26 16 September 2016 20: 58
    Thank. Good photo story. Although one phrase is not quite like
    This is a capsule for a monkey. Yes, biosatellites with monkeys flew. And not just flying well, unlike companions with dogswere returning to Earth.

    Not quite correctly said. Laika died from overheating and stress, Chanterelle and Seagull at the withdrawal stage. The bee and the front sight were blown up. Everyone else has returned. Therefore, to say that, unlike companions with dogs, companions with monkeys always did not return correctly. Only Laika did not plan to return. And the monkeys have been flying since 1983. the difference is still a quarter century

    Quote: Tartar 174
    The space age has just begun, and how much has already been done! And what will happen in as many years? This park is a good thing, for posterity the memory and history of the country and an excuse for pride to us.

    Not so "just begun". Still 60 years old
  9. avaks111
    avaks111 18 September 2016 08: 08
    Our Lunokhod’s wheels are simply fishnet, and their all-terrain vehicle on supposedly Moon has ordinary tires!