South Africa is interested in promoting Russian weapons in Africa

South African government and defense companies are interested in working together to promote Russian weapons to Africa, transmits report Statement by Sam Gulube, Defense Secretary of the Republic’s Defense Ministry, at a meeting of the Russian-South African MTC Commission.

South Africa is interested in promoting Russian weapons in Africa

South Africa “is particularly interested in expanding military cooperation with Russia aviation and helicopter supplies, ”said Gulube. In particular, he said, the idea of ​​"the joint promotion of services and supplies of helicopter equipment to other African countries" is of interest.

He said that companies such as Denel SOC and Paramount Group are ready to participate in these projects.

Also discussed projects in the field of armored vehicles and EW equipment.

In addition, as part of cooperation, a training program for South African officers in the Russian Federation was launched last year.

According to Gulube, “in 2015, 17 officers from South African armed forces, including five pilots, went to Russia”.

The training program consists of 2-x main parts - language and professional. “In the future, the volume of cooperation in this area will be increased,” said Gulube.
  • Evgeny Biyatov / RIA News
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  1. +8
    15 September 2016 14: 12
    South Africa is moving in the right direction.
    1. +6
      15 September 2016 16: 16
      We are moving where we need to. And the South African mainstream is catching what suits us.
      1. +1
        15 September 2016 16: 23
        The desire of South African companies to earn extra money on our weapons can only be welcomed. It's time to accustom African countries to Russian brands.
      2. 0
        15 September 2016 17: 21
        Well, yes, well, the topic is profitable !!!
        And we (South Africa) are also interested in promoting!
        Like falling on the tail?
        Promoted without you. Buy better !!!
    2. +1
      15 September 2016 17: 51
      No wonder the US Secretary of Defense recently "screamed" that Russia was violating world order ...
      We are ours, we will build a new world, whoever was nothing will become everything!
      And we will agree with South Africa ...
      1. +1
        15 September 2016 21: 14
        In Africa, so almost everyone runs around with AKs or drives T-xx, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers Soviet-grown. production. There are 7 countries under the French, Amer. etc. protectorate.
        Interestingly, after Iraq, the Westerners as soon as they did not curse the Sov.-grew. weapons. And now the oil painting ... the USA is buying Mi-17, AK, etc. for "allies"; and the whole world, after the start of the operation in Syria, is breaking into the military. exhibitions to Russia. I would not be surprised if NATO members "muddied" their rearmament program, but I'm afraid the money will be needed ... and it will be unclear with what success (judging by the cost of the F-22,35). hi
  2. +1
    15 September 2016 14: 15
    And why is South Africa so concerned about the promotion of Russian weapons to African countries? angry
    1. +10
      15 September 2016 14: 23
      He wants to earn money on the commission, serve, and produce something.
    2. +11
      15 September 2016 14: 25
      she is also a member of BRICS, she will have indulgences and joint productions, and she will establish a re-plant and training in Africa, she will cut coupons
      1. +1
        15 September 2016 15: 08
        Yes, that's just them, for some reason, they want to develop this in their homeland, investing money in their state, creating jobs for their citizens and gaining access to advanced OUR technologies! For some reason, South Africans do not go to Russia to develop it, for example, the mining industry! So we are also in BRICS, if we also have all sorts of trading and other concessions!
    3. +2
      15 September 2016 15: 15
      "And what is South Africa so concerned about ..."
      Obviously, they want to make money on mediation and service ..., to become official "dealers". Otherwise, why send officers for training?
    4. 0
      15 September 2016 20: 14
      Quote: Vik66
      And why is South Africa so concerned about the promotion of Russian weapons to African countries?

      Specialists from South Africa have good experience in modernizing our weapons and can also make money on the sale of new weapons.
      Here's an example:
      The South African company Advanced Technologies and Engineering (ATE) is another firm outside Russia that is leading its own successful Mi-24 modernization program. The order for the revision of 40 Algerian Mi-24s was placed in 1999 and the first modernized twenty-fours), known under the Super Hind brand, were delivered to the customer a few months later.
      By 2004, the helicopters modernized by South Africans had already flown 14000 hours. Satisfied with the work of the Algerian Air Force in 2002, they proposed to ATE to develop a proposal for further modernization of the machines.
  3. +4
    15 September 2016 14: 25
    Everyone wants to make money on a good product. And Russian weapons are a good product, they do not require unnecessary advertising. Here South Africa and "roused itself."
    1. jjj
      15 September 2016 14: 40
      It’s time for us to start printing bonds under arms contracts. So money can be made from the air
    2. +2
      15 September 2016 15: 34
      In any case, South Africa's mediation will not harm our military-industrial complex. Extra orders will not hurt. There will be an additional incentive to improve productivity and debug production.
  4. 0
    15 September 2016 15: 17
    perhaps "mattresses" are sending intelligence. I have become suspicious of something ..
  5. 0
    15 September 2016 15: 35
    We don't have time to build ourselves, let's all go sideways
    1. 0
      15 September 2016 17: 58
      Quote: Slavyn
      We don't have time to build ourselves, let's all go sideways

      If Russia closes in on itself, they will destroy us ... Now is a different time! We have such a proverb ... "Don't have 100 rubles, but have 100 friends .."
      They tried to isolate us ... No, gentlemen, we have already passed this lesson!
  6. +1
    15 September 2016 19: 25
  7. 0
    16 September 2016 11: 49
    Friendship is friendship, and tobacco apart ... But if you are smart about the future, then everything can work out. good
  8. 0
    16 September 2016 15: 58
    Will they have money especially for:
    lines of combat aviation and helicopter supplies "

    Although you can drive old crocs if the new mi 28 and 35 are not enough.

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