Changes, changes, changes, big changes await us in the exposition of the Museum of “Military Glory of the Urals” in the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma


I wish all readers "IN" health. Honestly I didn’t think that I would have to address the issue of changes in the exposition of the museum of military equipment in the city of V.Pyshma of the Sverdlovsk region so soon, but the person assumes, and the management of this museum has the necessary forces and means to make positive news about their fruitful work appeared with enviable regularity and rather quickly. For what I personally can say, THANKS to both the museum management and the UMMC company that organized it.

Well, now about the main thing.
a) The exposure has already changed.
1. In the open air aviation technology from the Second World War, this is to the right of the entrance, in a friendly company from I-16, SB, BI-2, R-5, MBR-2, IL-2, Yak-9U, Kingcobra and Tu-2 appeared another exhibit is our famous Pe-2 dive bomber, "Pawn" or "Queen", as our pilots called it.

Pe-2 dive bomberrestored after a long "lying" in one of the swamps of north-west Russia

2. In the open area of ​​the combat equipment of our allies, there are also "novices", this is the English tank MKIII "Valentine".

English tank MKIII "Valentine", with the classification of which there were always difficulties: for the "infantry" he had a thinish "skin", for the "cruising" he was slow-moving. One thing I will say, the tank looks very "okay" in layout and is very low, its height is slightly more than 2 meters 20 centimeters than, by the way, our grandfathers very skillfully used.

Namely, this:

... And then it's time to find out what these Tanks can do in battle with the Tigers: Valentine was a more advanced machine, with small dimensions, good maneuverability, sometimes on the Valentine it was possible to get to the Tigers unnoticed. There was such an incident during the Kamenetz-Podolsk operation. A tank platoon went into reconnaissance - three T-34 tanks. In the shrubbery, they ran into a German Tiger standing in an ambush, who shot them and let them go for 500 meters. Then we sent a 57-mm Valentine, which went around the Tiger on the side, crept through the bush to a distance of 250-300 meters and knocked it out with a single shot. The tiger caught fire, and the path forward was open! And so the whole tank brigade was detained for three or four hours. In general, “Valentine” was found by chance, somehow he got into the motorcycle battalion of the brigade, with the scouts ...

And this was not the only case of the “Tiger” massacre of “Valentine”: “When we were already in the second period of the Kamenets-Podolsk operation and when we were controlled and not allowed by the Tigers under the Skalat, we were rescued by the“ Valentine’s ”. They burned three "Tigers ... We have 76-millimeter cannons, and they do not pierce in the forehead. It is necessary to go to 500 meters. And try to come up? He will burn you for 1200-1500 meters. They were not shy and not afraid. They were arrogant and hoped for their armor. Two Valentine's from the control squad of the 7 Motorcycle Battalion passed through the bushes. Tank something low. If our tank T-34 had been let in, the whole tower would have stuck in it, and they would have been burned down. They beat them from a distance of about 300 meters. They burned the next two "Tigers", and then dealt with the third "Tiger". The fourth, the most distant from them "Tiger", was not visible, it was behind the slope, which descended to the river. In essence, this tank did not see what was being done on the other flank. Thus, the 3 tank, covering the left flank, were destroyed.

"This is from the story "Valentine" - the Tigger tamer and the almost helpless T-34 – 76 "Maxim Kupinov"
and the American M-4 Sherman.

M-4 "Sherman" - "tank mountain". "overgrown." He simply suppresses with his height, being next to him, you understand how the German tank crews and artillerymen said that "Sherman" is the main thing to notice and bring guns in his direction, but there is no way to miss ...

b) Changes are coming in the exposition.
1. Not cardinal:
- the open line of cannon and rocket artillery is shifted to the center and a platform has formed near the spare entrance gate, according to some information, this entrance will soon become the main one;
- on the site of armored vehicles there are still two empty seats, which suggests the appearance of at least two more new exhibits.

2. Cardinal:
These future changes are hidden behind the tin fence of the railway equipment site during the Second World War. The construction and arrangement of the TWO open-air grounds, with an area equal to the entire existing area of ​​the museum and one closed pavilion, is in full swing there. If this is a continuation of the exposition, and some “rumors” allow us to assume this, then I suggest that everyone who has already visited this museum assume that HOW MANY new exhibits can and should appear there.

Honestly, in our difficult times, such an attitude to the preservation of memory can cause nothing but HUGE HUMAN RESPECT.
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    1. +3
      16 September 2016 07: 50
      Tomorrow morning we will go with my son to see the new exhibits! thanks for the info
      1. +3
        16 September 2016 08: 57
        Yes please. One tip, at the entrance there is a schedule for the departure of the bus to the second, "automobile" pavilion. It is located on the territory of a copper smelter and can only be accessed by being accompanied by a bus. Guess the time and visit it as soon as possible, since the interval between trips is 1,5 hours. And there is something to see, at least this:

        A visit to the closed pavilions is PAID, the cost, for an adult is 100 rubles, for children I don't know how all of mine have already passed the age at which the benefits are supposed, tickets are bought at the box office located in the hall of the first pavilion. Ticket ONE to visit both indoor pavilions. Yes, the stopping point is located behind the site of modern aviation technology, an excellent landmark is a submarine of the "M" series
        1. +1
          16 September 2016 12: 27
          thanks for the info hi
    2. +1
      16 September 2016 07: 56
      Well what can I say? Good luck to the museum and plus to the author.
    3. +2
      16 September 2016 15: 29
      This is the best museum in Russia!
      I was there and so stunned by the quantity, quality and quiet dignity.
      There - that’s how it should be. As you imagine - in your dreams - imagine a military-historical museum - it is. Miracle.
      All this requires a lot of money and effort - thanks to the people and plant managers.
      Everyone who visited the museum is in shock.
    4. +2
      16 September 2016 15: 40
      An excellent museum is usually there once or twice a year. They say the Tu-16 is on the way.

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