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President Putin is going to start with tough measures

Of course, the main political event of the current year for Russia will be the presidential election. It would seem that their results have already been predetermined: Vladimir Putin is the undisputed leader of the race, there are no rivals who can compete with him. But after the recent fall in popularity of the ruling party and the many thousands of protest actions among voters expressing dissatisfaction with the results of elections to the State Duma, Putin’s victory in the first round of elections has been called into question. In the event that a second round is needed, a radical change in the balance of power in the next six years of Putin’s rule is possible: he will lose the status of an undisputed leader, whose power is final and not subject to discussion.

For the time being, the presidential candidate is conducting maneuvers, trying to assess the seriousness of the intentions of the protesters and find a limit for possible concessions to the authorities. The public has already promised political reforms, but these promises were voiced by the outgoing president, which naturally reduces the likelihood of its implementation. Only one thing is for sure: a victory for the main candidate will be ensured by all possible means. It is likely that the lack of public support is compensated, as in the elections to the State Duma, at the expense of the administrative resource.

The problem is that the new president will have to compensate for the obvious lack of legitimacy of his rule. The mechanism of this compensation is quite obvious: to replace the attempts to portray the search for a compromise will come the policy of "tightening the screws." Most likely, for this, a specious excuse to fight against extremism will be taken, because, as the parliamentary company has shown, almost any criticism of the authorities can be qualified as an attempt to incite socially discord. Indirect evidence that the Kremlin is considering such a scenario is the replacement of Sergei Naryshkin as head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, as well as the transfer of Vyacheslav Volodin to the post of Vladislav Surkov. Both new appointees prefer force-based methods for solving emerging problems to avoidable maneuvers and confusing combinations.

Presumably, Dmitry Medvedev will be the head of the government, because such is the mutual agreement of the participants in the ruling tandem. Most likely, this is the price of the voluntary refusal of the current president to participate in the presidential election. However, the electoral point of view allows Medvedev to consider ballast rather than a full-fledged supplement to the future president. Having lost the last of the remnants of the image of a liberal and ardent reformer during the parliamentary campaign, the current president did not acquire a new political capital. Nobody took seriously the initiative of Medvedev to create a “big government”. However, the resignation of Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin showed that Medvedev did receive the opportunity to influence the future composition of the Cabinet of Ministers. In the near future it will become clear how far his powers extend. Recall that, even at the United Russia congress in September, Medvedev, if he was appointed prime minister, promised to make drastic changes to the government.

The impetus for the renewal of the image of the government, which Vladimir Putin is currently personifying in the eyes of the voters, could be a thorough personnel purge. Among the most likely layoffs are the resignations of unpopular ministers, including Tatiana Golikova, head of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, and Andrei Fursenko, head of the Ministry of Education. Also on the sidelines there is talk of a possible combination of "shake-up" of the government with the reform of the public administration system: it is possible that the authorities will abandon the three-tier system of departments adopted in 2004. It is possible that the ministries united in the course of administrative reform - the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Health, science and education, mass communications and communications - will be divided again.

It also remains an open question about the length of time Medvedev will be serving as head of government. Most observers are inclined to think what is left of him for long: he can turn into a political victim of unpopular economic reforms that the government will have to conduct after the elections.

The general growth of discontent and the mass protest movement opened new perspectives for the opposition. The only question is whether she will be able to use them.

The December events showed that the result obtained for the systemic opposition became more than satisfactory, since it exceeded that which could be expected in the implementation of the inertial scenario of elections. Representatives of the parliamentary opposition refused to surrender deputy mandates, they are not interested in the early dissolution of parliament. It is also unknown whether the parties will take part in large-scale control over the presidential election. It is this kind of observation, and not the webcams proposed by Putin, that can ensure the holding of fair elections: according to the law, only observers from candidates and media representatives can be at the polling stations. But since the participation of leaders from the systemic opposition in the presidential elections is mostly nominal, the fact of the presence of broad public control in the elections remains questionable.

The non-systemic opposition continues to fully comply with the metaphor Putin gave her, the “Brownian Movement.” The only element that unites her is the reluctance to see Vladimir Putin as president over the next 12 years. In addition, at the moment there is no opposition candidate who can be supported by the majority of the country's population. However, the situation may quickly change, recently the middle class has demonstrated a high capacity for self-organization, and this can create new leaders. If earlier a fundraising was carried out for a new anti-corruption project of Navalny "RosPil", now this scheme is used to mobilize participants in rallies. Alexander Navalny gradually acquires the status of a political leader from the people, without creating any political structure for this. By launching the slogan "the party of crooks and thieves," Navalny managed to turn the parliamentary elections into a referendum on distrust of "United Russia" and the existing vertical of power. And the 15 days he spent in the SIZO together with other rally participants made him a hero — December 24 greeted him with a standing ovation on Sakharov Avenue. At the moment, Navalny prudently does not declare his political positioning, which allows him to like many. However, he does not exclude the possibility of creating a new political party, as well as participation in elections, but only after the registration of all parties by the Ministry of Justice, and the CEC - the registration of all candidates.

Next year, the process of active formation of new political movements and parties can begin, but this can happen only if amendments to the laws on the political system initiated by President Medvedev after the December events are made. If this happens, then the creation of the party will not require 45 thousands of votes, but only 500. However, this does not at all mean that powerful parties will immediately appear in Russia, since if their leaders do not overcome their own ambitions, freedom to form political associations will only lead to their atomization.

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  1. Bad thing
    Bad thing 12 January 2012 08: 19
    That's right! Tough and even cruel measures are needed against those who dare to rock the yacht of a friend of our python Kaa. Cruelty, cruelty and cruelty again. 12 years of stability, 12 years of innovative development, more optimism and the day is not far off when the Russian Federation will finally rise from its knees and become the world leader in nanotechnology.
    1. aktanir
      aktanir 12 January 2012 09: 22
      Honestly, for the sake of general peace of mind, Putin could have given Medvedev another legal term to "steer" the country, especially since he would not have lost anything from this, remained the same shadowy and sole father of the Russian Federation. But in the person of the West, not without whose help the opposition rallies took place in Moscow, would not have caused so much excitement and accusations of organizing democracy in the Russian way. And there was no need to touch the constitution and extend the presidential term. All the same, after all, the GDP kept the situation under its control.
      Elections to the head of state for a new term of Liberal Democrat Medvedev would suit the entire civilized world better - in this case, at least the semblance of a course for democratization of Russia remained, where everything is supposedly decided by the people themselves, whom Medvedev "suits", so he left him as president again. And the reverse castling demonstrates the obvious and unsightly - that it is not the people who choose, but they, the Pahans, appoint themselves.
      1. Sokol peruna
        Sokol peruna 12 January 2012 10: 07
        V.V Putin will not have enough life to lift Russia off its knees, and I.V. Stalin had 5 years to restore the country after the Second World War.
        1. Patriot of Russia
          Patriot of Russia 12 January 2012 11: 19
          quite right, and his goals are completely different. unfortunately between the patriotism and personal well-being is now winning the second
          1. Nick
            Nick 13 January 2012 23: 03
            Quote: Patriot of Russia
            unfortunately between the patriotism and personal well-being is now winning the second

            Where does the conclusion come from? If you have specific information, share.
          2. oleg-sochi68
            oleg-sochi68 15 January 2012 15: 01
            Without defending Putin-do you agree how in Stalin's time to give up all the benefits in the name of lifting the country off its knees? I doubt very much. So Putin and Stalin, to put it mildly, in different conditions lead the people to a happy future. But Putin did not promise him to anyone.
        2. Joker
          Joker 12 January 2012 11: 34
          Oh, you don’t need to recall Stalin, by his methods you would have worked in a concentration camp for the good of the motherland, and I bought a car, a thief-shot, you didn’t like your face, shot him, in the concentration camps he rotted as many people as his friend Adolf Hitlerovich . No, I do not need Stalin, there are other methods of raising the economy that are not based on slavery.
          1. J_silver
            J_silver 12 January 2012 12: 20
            Of course, it’s better to sit on a stump, tapping it, and dream about the power of Russia ...
            1. Patriot of Russia
              Patriot of Russia 13 January 2012 02: 11
              like that, silver! desperate man !!! wink
            2. oleg-sochi68
              oleg-sochi68 15 January 2012 15: 04
              Silver! You forgot that when sitting on the stove you just need to complain about the staleness of the served bread, the lack of sour cream, garbage in the hut, bedsores on the body. Yes, and a neighbor!
          2. Samsebenaum
            Samsebenaum 12 January 2012 12: 27
            A pretty one-sided performance, however, dear, Joker.
            For some reason, few people recall that the whole Soviet people at that time was seized with a desire to revive everything that was destroyed. It was an unprecedented surge of enthusiasm, patriotism, to make the homeland even more beautiful than before the Second World War.
            There was a single construction site and people sang songs, rejoiced, gave birth to children and made plans for a brighter future. Ask those who lived at that time about this.
            And no one hit their backs with a stick ...
            In a record time, they rebuilt cities, infrastructure, huge factories, etc.
            So, it’s unfair to smear those times with one black paint ...
            1. 755962
              755962 12 January 2012 16: 30
              Sorry, do you think you need to destroy everything again, so that later you can start a single construction site and sing songs and rejoice and give birth to children and make plans for the future, or did I not understand something? DESTRUCTION IN THE HEADS!
              1. Samsebenaum
                Samsebenaum 12 January 2012 16: 46
                "Sorry, you need to destroy everything again"

                I wrote somewhere that you need to destroy everything? Where? Give me a quote.
                What a bad habit, to ascribe my speculations to me, and then make conclusions on this.
                1. 755962
                  755962 12 January 2012 18: 09
                  I have nothing against your quote, after the war the people lived on enthusiasm, they had something to strive for, there were ideals. And now? Forgive me if not right, correct it. That's the discussion
                  1. Samsebenaum
                    Samsebenaum 12 January 2012 19: 50
                    Man, that's all right. There, above, the talk was about despot Stalin. Supporters do not like the parallels between C and P. in terms of economic recovery.
                    And C's successes are associated only with the most severe discipline, punitive measures, fears, etc. .. Because the alignment is clearly not in favor of the only one.
                    I’m talking about what the supporters of P, as a rule, are silent about.
                    1. 755962
                      755962 12 January 2012 20: 53
                      I understood everything, how many people, so many opinions. As a rule, in disputes is born .... although now anything can be born. Eh times
                2. Boris S
                  Boris S 14 January 2012 00: 12
                  This is exactly how it was ... in feature films ("Kuban Cossacks", "Spring on Zarechnaya Street") and newsreels "Along the Don and Kuban", etc. Only contemporaries can judge the past. I remember my impoverished childhood (born in 1949) and my father's only costume. More or less began to live in the late sixties. So there is no need for "songs in the fields and the rapid growth of the economy." There was no slavery, and there was criminal responsibility for a spikelet picked up in the field after the harvest, truancy and even being late for work, and the collective farmers were actually serfs (the passports were kept in the Village Council), without the right to move to another (urban) area. This lasted until the end of the 50s. Perhaps this was true for that situation, but which of the current "bulk" and other "swamp" agrees to repeat, in general, the feat of that generation
              2. Nick
                Nick 13 January 2012 23: 01
                Quote: 755962
                Sorry, you think you need to destroy everything again, so that you could then begin a single construction

                It’s been destroyed for a long time already, back in 90’s, you are our digital ...
            2. Alex63
              Alex63 13 January 2012 05: 27
              I put you a plus, Samsebenaume. I completely agree with you. Putin could have done a lot for his two previous presidential terms and four years of premiership. Agree, twelve years is a pretty long time. If you take the countdown from 1945 plus 12-1957, where was the USSR in those years? What level then did industry, agriculture, housing (people were given apartments, not mansions, of course, but now they don’t), the armed forces, the military-industrial complex, the automotive industry (our cars were competitive on the world market), the USSR launched the first artificial Earth satellite , science, education, factories and factories were built. Crime, at last, was not in such a rampage as it is now. Soviet specialists worked all over the world. They were appreciated. Our country was respected and feared (is it bad?).
              Now, as before the election, Putin was talking about improving the welfare of the people, about compliance with laws, about the dominance of bureaucracy, about the theft of officials, about the incompetence and professional illiteracy of ministers. But didn’t it all bloom even more with him? Is not his government all the time composed of only close relatives, friends and lovers? Under him, nepotism in power echelons reached enormous proportions. Who prevented him from fighting this?
              1. Nick
                Nick 13 January 2012 23: 11
                Stalin was a genius in government. Such statesmen are born once every hundred years. Yes, and the ideology was creative. The people really believed in it.
            3. oleg-sochi68
              oleg-sochi68 15 January 2012 15: 06
              Our great people had a great idea. And now the rich are shaking for millions, and the hard workers are for a piece of bread and a stash from his wife
          3. alexander hjcnjd
            alexander hjcnjd 12 January 2012 23: 43
            You are right. Even if Stalin is in power again with all the consequences, 91 will happen again.
          4. es.d
            es.d 13 January 2012 02: 37
            Let the Russians repent for 60 million people killed by Stalin personally? Only then you can gently, not intrusively, say "..that's like-your Mother, I'm sorry, to understand ..". In "Stalin's concentration camps", I quote you "... for the good of the Motherland ...", Petlyakov worked, etc. (Korolev?). Comparison of Adolf Aloizych with Stalin is the edge. Propaganda takes its toll. An economy based on non-exploitation .. where?
            1. oleg-sochi68
              oleg-sochi68 15 January 2012 15: 11
              Russians can only repent of being overly patient. For centuries, all of them suck blood, and they endure. And how many Russians can be blamed. It's just not decent. What? Are the others white and fluffy? Read the names of the "main fighters" for a brighter future. Somehow there are not many Russians there.
    2. Joker
      Joker 12 January 2012 10: 16
      Yeah, especially the new president’s innovativeness will be manifested when, after the elections, they increase the cost of housing and communal services that they suffered so that people would not be scared in advance smile instead of 4 000 p we will pay 6 000 p. beauty smile pensioners for 6-7 thousand rubles get what they will pay? but in order to avoid this, it is necessary to develop the economy, and not to live off the sale of natural resources, this is where innovation and stability will be, and there is no need to sell the country a special mind. Over the course of all those 12 years, have we at least brought one thing to the end? All reforms in the middle were abandoned (in the police, in general, only the name was changed wink ), new taxes appear every day, soon we will pay for air, Putin says we will introduce a luxury tax, as a result, it seems to me, whoever has more than 10 000 000 property will pay extra 10% 5 000 000- 5% and in decreasing order, 5 000 000 is a ridiculous amount, how much is an apartment now and a car with a garage, just this money, there is nothing supernatural in these things, it is everywhere considered to be the middle class, as a result, we have our own luxury tax generally the middle class will be strangled, and the rich are all in the Duma, they they will find how to cut their expenses on a piece of paper. Putin himself has 5 millions, 722 thousands, and 551,7 rubles published by the Central Election Commission such data, is it not funny for you to read such figures? His wife is the owner of MTS, he set his friend’s route to lay Moscow-S. Petersburg and it has 5 million rubles? Once again, our brains are powdered and there is no innovative development in this.
      1. Sokol peruna
        Sokol peruna 12 January 2012 10: 29
        What are you writing about? He just has a kopeck piece in St. Petersburg, a cornfield, and 4 million rubles in a bank account. Do not stipulate the president. wink
        1. AleksUkr
          AleksUkr 12 January 2012 15: 56
          Do not call him president. It's too early. Let him still fight for this chair. He has not that authority among the population. And if someone does not notice this, I sympathize with him. We are waiting for the elections. Although he will become president anyway, but not as victorious as before. The people are no longer the same.
          1. oleg-sochi68
            oleg-sochi68 15 January 2012 15: 13
            Do you doubt what will be the president? In vain. While no one can stop this. There is no alternative figure
      2. Chuck-norris
        Chuck-norris 12 January 2012 10: 37
        Give proof to your words.
        1. Sokol peruna
          Sokol peruna 12 January 2012 10: 49
 There almost at the end.
          1. Chuck-norris
            Chuck-norris 12 January 2012 11: 28
            “In terms of corruption, Russia ranks 154th out of 178 countries. This data is provided by the influential international organization Transparency International for 2010. Next to us are the most backward countries in Africa (Congo, Guinea-Bissau), as well as Papua New Guinea and Tajikistan. Transparency International has named Russia the most corrupt country among the world's top G1 countries. "

            I didn’t read further who composed this report? Why didn’t anyone subscribe to it? Are you shy? I understand why wink

            The international press comments on the latest Transparency International report on corruption in the world. She accepts the conclusions of this document without asking questions about the authors, their methodology and ultimate goals.

            Transparency International presents itself as “the organization of the global civil society leading the fight against corruption.” In other words, its goal is to open up new markets for multinational companies by accusing the governments that oppose them of corruption and, ultimately, fostering economic globalization.

            Although the organization claims to be non-governmental, Transparency International is an offshoot of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the main agency for legal intervention by the US and British governments. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main leaders of Transparency International are associated with the US CIA and the British MI-6.

            Transparency International was created by Peter Eigen, a German lawyer who worked at the World Bank for 25 years before becoming a consultant at the Ford Foundation, a philanthropic screen for the CIA. Today, Mr. Eigen works at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, another screen for the CIA. Eigen also became one of the managers of Crown Agents (literally: Crown Agents), a former British Crown service (UK investment agency for overseas investment - approx. Per.), Privatized in 1997, authorized to support foreign governments in the privatization process. It was in this position that Eigen played an important role in the privatization of the Iraqi economy under the conditions of the Anglo-Saxon occupation, since Crown Agents is a subcontractor of USAID (US Agency for International Development - approx. Per.).

            Mr. Eigen is married to Gesine Schwan, a German university lecturer specializing in exposing anti-Americanism, who was a loser from the SPD for president of the republic.

            Canadian Uget Label (Huguerre Labelle - so in the text, approx. Per.) Became the successor of Mr. Eigen as head of the organization. Ms. Labelle herself is a former president of the Canadian Agency for International Development, that is, similar to the US USAID.

            Mr. Eigen created an advisory board that serves as a guarantee for the organization. His friends from Crown Agents and the Carnegie Endowment work side by side with him - former Presidents of Germany and the United States Richard von Weizsaecker and Jimmy Carter, CEO of the World Trade Organization Pascal Lamy and t .d.

            Transparency International has branches in hundreds of countries. The most important among them is, of course, American. It was founded jointly by two notable personalities:

            - Frank Vogt, another former World Bank employee, singer of globalization. Today, he works at the American Enterprise Institute with his friend Paul Wolfowitz, a former director of the World Bank.

            - Michael J. Hershman, a former military intelligence officer who was the second person in the USAID, today manages the anti-terrorism department in the US Chamber of Commerce.

            The French branch of the organization is led by Daniel Lebgue, former vice president of BNP (Banque Nationale de Paris, one of the largest banks in France - approx. Per.). The Board of the French Branch is chaired by former OECD Secretary General (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development - approx. Per.) Jean-Claude Paye; while Supreme Council former president Jacques de Larosire is on the Supreme Council along with Pierre Rosanvallon, former Secretary General of the Fondation Saint-Simon Foundation.

            Transparency International strives to be as secretive as possible regarding its financing. This is understandable given that its main sponsors are none other than the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and USAID, followed by the Soros Foundation and Ford Foundation, as well as many multinational corporations (BP-Amoco, Exxon, Rio Tinto, Shell ... ), the honesty of which is known to all.

            1. Sokol peruna
              Sokol peruna 12 January 2012 11: 34
              I have not read this report at all. You asked about a kopeck piece in St. Petersburg, a cornfield, and 4 million rubles in a bank account. There it is. And if you need about the first comment, then when during the eight-year victorious rising from knees the submarine fleet receives one almost completed submarine, and the Air Force 3 aircraft is normal?
              1. Chuck-norris
                Chuck-norris 12 January 2012 11: 51
                Just sat on the site and saw one comment, I will copy you =)

                "Well, howling again, these are crumbs. Look for information on the plans and what has already been laid on the stocks, only you need to spend a little time and there will be fewer questions. There is a lot of information in Runet, about the construction of new shipyards, go at least to the site" United Shipbuilding Corporation " , it was created for many years, shaken out "effective" owners, at the same time pulled out of all legal traps, made up of fragments of a single whole, which was under the USSR and is still being assembled, from Pugachev and the OPK only now have they bankrupted "Baltic plant" - "Severnaya shipyard "and turned in favor of the state, and now they began to implement a program for the modernization of the entire shipbuilding industry, have developed a program and are already building the infrastructure. They have clearly explained to everyone, they are building a TRANSPORT EMPIRE, look at the map and everything will become clear, or even better look at the globe, another the projection is even clearer there. The shipyard for aircraft carriers is already in the plans and is being worked out, some even have terms of reference. England is already tying up with aircraft carriers, and the plan I tried to build as many as 4 pieces, but the navel began to untie, France also dreams and also pierces new holes on the strap. Don't cry, everything will be fine! Let the seeker find it! "

                And I would like to add on my own that during the victorious rising of the knees, Putin rebuilt and restored the fact that the fight had failed, although a lot of work remained. I remember 90 and what happened on IZHMASH! My father works there, and now every year everything is better.
                1. Sokol peruna
                  Sokol peruna 12 January 2012 12: 18
                  In terms of military shipbuilding: From 2000 to 2008 nuclear submarines pr. 955A -2 "Alexander Nevsky", Vladimir Monomakh "there are no more nuclear submarines. Destroyers - not a single one. Frigatov -1" Admiral Gorshkov ", Corvetov 5 pr. 20380, MAK pr. 21630 - 3 units of landing boats for memory no more than ten. Yes, an indestructible armada. Yes, even BDK Ivan Gren. If the Corvette Smart has been built for almost 8 years, this is certainly an achievement !!!
                  1. Chuck-norris
                    Chuck-norris 12 January 2012 12: 33
                    Well, the fight drank the whole industry, and even signed an agreement under which Russia gave almost nothing for natural resources. In 2004, they were only able to refuse it, because there were too many sent-in Cossacks in the government. Yes and now scum enough wink
                    Destroy not build!

                    PS Would you know what was happening on Izhmash then fellow
                    1. basal
                      basal 13 January 2012 20: 33
                      Come on you. Now, here, some will begin to remember the falling rockets, the non-flying satellites ... It seems that they are written by those from 5 to 15, or absolute humanities, who believe that bread on trees grows directly in plastic bags. I am one of those who survived the devastation of the 90s and, frankly, I am surprised that something in general is capable of flying and walking on the sea. To such a degree of devastation brought the country liberals - democrats, and most importantly - knocked out a whole generation of scientists, engineers. But Putin ... And what about Putin? He is a product of his era. It acts as it can. If someone can do better, good luck in the presidential election.
                      1. Boris S
                        Boris S 14 January 2012 00: 28
                        "Acts as best he can. If someone can do better - good luck in the presidential elections." Earnestly!
                  2. CEO
                    CEO 12 January 2012 14: 15
                    And he that, by the magic of a wand, should appear .. Everything takes time.
              2. Chuck-norris
                Chuck-norris 12 January 2012 12: 15
                Etc. 20380 "Guarding" Russia, 2008 Corvette --- 1 built 4 laid
                Etc. 22460 "Rubin" Russia 2009 PSKR --- 1 under construction
                Etc. 22350 "Admiral Gorshkov" Russia 2011 Frigate --- 1 under construction 1 laid down
                Etc. 21630 Buyan Russia 2007 MAK --- 1 built in 2006 2 under construction
                Etc. 20370 Russia, 2001 y. Boat Communications --- 4 built
                Etc. 20180 "Zvezdochka" Russia, 2007 PTS --- 1 in 2007 1 under construction
                Etc. 20120 Russia, 2008 Experimental diesel-electric submarine 1 built by the Northern Fleet - B-90 "Sarov"
                Etc. 18280 Russia, 2004. Communication ship 1 was built by "Admiral Yu. Ivanov"
                Etc. 11711 "Ivan Gren" Russia, 1 BDK built in 2009 5 in perspective BaltF
                Etc. 16180 Russia, 2007 g. The deep-sea vehicle 1 built
                Etc. 14230 "Sokzhoy" Russia, 2002 PC 2 built
                Etc. 1244,1 "Thunder" Russia, 2009 TFR 1 in 2009
                Etc. 1431 "Mirage" Russia, 2001 PC 3 BF - 2, KF - 1.
                Etc. 1161,1 "Gepard" Russia, 2001 MPK 1 built 1 under construction
                Etc. 1244,1 "Thunder" Russia, 2011 Frigate 1 to 2011
                Etc. 266,8 "Agat" Russia, 2007 MT 1 built by BF
                Etc. 10410/2 "Firefly" USSR, 2003-2007 PC built 6-8, 1 under construction
                Etc. 955 / A "Borey" / "Kasatka" Russia, 2007 SSBN 1 built 3 laid
                Etc. 885 "Ash" Russia, 2010 SSGN 1 under construction, 1 laid down
                Etc. 667 "Lada" Russia, 2010 DPLT 3 under construction
                Etc. 10830 "Gate" Russia, 2003 AGS 1 built
                PLANNED TO BUILD:
                Etc. 667 "Lada" Russia, 2010 DPLT 3 under construction 4 by 2015 Construction planned 50
                Etc. 955 / A "Borey" / "Kasatka" Russia, 2007 SSBN 1 3 laid It is planned to build from 5 to 8-12
                Etc. 885 "Ash" Russia, 2010 SSGN 1 under construction, 1 laid Planned construction 6
                Etc. 20180 "Zvezdochka" Russia, 2007 PTS 1 in 2007 1 under construction 5 in perspective
                20380 "Prospect Steregushchy" Russia, 2008 Corvette 1 4 laid Planned construction 20
                Etc. 21630 "Buyan" Russia, 2007 MAK 1 in 2006 2 under construction KF
                It is planned to build from 5 to 7-15 to 2020.
                Etc. 22350 "Admiral Gorshkov" Russia, 2011 Frigate 1 under construction 1 laid down Construction planned 20
                "Yaroslavl" - Project 887EKM submarine, launched on September 25, 2009
                Nuclear submarine "Project 210" "Losharik" was built in 2003
                In 2008, the Caspian Flotilla (CF) of Russia received two small landing boats "Serna" and 1 on the Black Sea Fleet (the plan is 30 pieces). A total of 7 pieces were built, one is under construction.
                A new generation patrol ship for the Border Guard launched
                total order for PV - 20 ships of this type, plus for PV, another order for 30 (?) PSKA boats, pr. 12200 "Sobol" and 20 (?) cutters, pr. 12150 "Mongoose", plus new patrol boats "Sprut" and border patrol ships "Mirage" (not to be confused with the missile boat "Mirage"?)
                For the Russian Navy are still under construction:
                * Project 12700 base minesweeper "Alexandrite". Currently, two ships of this project are under construction.
                * Project 21820 Dugong small landing ship in an air cavity.
                One ship of this project is currently under construction, an order for up to ten Dugongs has been announced.
                * Communication vessel of the 18280 project. Currently, one vessel of this project is being built, an order has been announced for a total of two vessels of the 18280 project.
                * Rescue vessel of the 21300С project. Currently, one vessel of this type is being built, an order has been announced for a total of four vessels of the 21300С project.
                * Rescue vessel "Igor Belousov"
                OJSC "Admiralteyskie Verfi" is under construction. Laid down on December 24, 2005. Delivery to the fleet was announced for 2011.
                * Sea transport of weapons of project 21130 "Discant". One ship of this project is currently under construction. Laid down in 2008, delivery in 2011.
                * Marine armament transport (search and transport vessel) of the 20180 project. One ship of this project is currently under construction.
                * Crane loader vessel of project 20360 "Dubnyak". Currently, one vessel of this project is under construction, an order for two Dubnyaks has been announced.
                * Experimental vessel of project 11982. One vessel is currently under construction. "Seliger" Laid down on 8 July 2009. Delivery to the fleet was announced for 2011.
                * Marine rescue tug of the 22030 project. Currently, one vessel of this project is being built, the order of three such tugs has been announced. Delivery of the first - 2011 year.
                * Project 745MB sea rescue tug "Morzh". Currently, two ships of this project are under construction (in the 745MB modification), an order for a total of four "Walruses" has been announced.
                * Small hydrographic vessel of project 19910. The lead ship ("Vaygach") entered the fleet in 2008. Currently, one vessel of this type is under construction, an order for a total of four vessels of project 19910 has been announced.
                * Large hydrographic boat project 19920 (19920Б). The lead boat of this project, BGK-2090, joined the fleet in 2008. One boat of this type is currently under construction.
                * Raid tug of the 90600 project. Since 2003, 18 tugboats of the 90600 project have been built (including one for the Russian Navy). An 2 vessel of this project is currently under construction, and an order has been announced for the Russian Navy for a total of five tugboats.
                * In addition to this ordered:
                JSC "Baltic shipbuilding plant" Yantar "" (Kaliningrad) Oceanographic vessel project 22010 2013
                OJSC "Vostochnaya Verf" (Vladivostok) Landing craft 2011
                OAO "Okskaya shipyard" (Navashino, Nizhny Novgorod region) Crane-loader vessel of project 20360 2010
                JSC "Khabarovsk shipbuilding plant" Two sea rescue tugs of project 22030 2011
                JSC "Zelenodolsk Plant named after A. M. Gorky" (Zelenodolsk, Tatarstan) Two sea rescue tugs of project 745MB in 2010 and 2011
                Astrakhan Shipyard Yard tug of the project 705Б 2011 year
                JSC "Leningrad shipyard" Pella "" Two harbor tugs of project 90600 2010 and 2011
                JSC "Sokolskaya shipyard" (Sokolskoye settlement, Nizhny Novgorod region) Harbor boat project 1388NZ 2010
                October Revolution Shipyard OJSC (Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region) Two self-propelled barges in 2009 and 2010
                35 shipyard (Murmansk) Project boat 1394 2010 year

                I was looking for a minute, I think you can still find it. But no time winked
                1. J_silver
                  J_silver 12 January 2012 12: 23
                  But not everyone considered the boats ...
                  so much more announcements, they’ll lay it here, but there they’ll put a heap on a heap: they burn down the nuclear submarines, a brand new boat snoops on the pier ...
                  1. Chuck-norris
                    Chuck-norris 12 January 2012 12: 31
                    Hi wang wink
                  2. Patriot of Russia
                    Patriot of Russia 13 January 2012 02: 16
                    here they will lay, but there they will lay a bunch wink
                    ah ha !!! it's about our defense industry !!!
                  3. Boris S
                    Boris S 14 January 2012 00: 31
                    It would be better to keep silent, there was a chance for getting smart.
                  4. oleg-sochi68
                    oleg-sochi68 15 January 2012 15: 17
                    Silver! why so angry? After all, everyone sees that with all the shortcomings and theft, a lot is being done. It is clear that I want more, but ........
                2. Sokol peruna
                  Sokol peruna 12 January 2012 12: 32
                  Here you have about Prospect 677 Lada, so they began to build it under Yeltsin, and completed it 13 years later under Medvedev. Admiral Gren in the fleet !!! yes amber wink he has not yet been drained from the slipways and has been swimming for 3 years now. Picked up trash. But nothing at all I neighing. Just write a minute, I’m still spoiling.
                  1. Chuck-norris
                    Chuck-norris 12 January 2012 12: 45
                    Good lesson to me, then I won’t trust LJ anymore. Sorry. fellow

                    And about "Ivan Gren", the commissioning is planned in 2013 year. (According to Wikipedia)

                    And about the Lada project, it’s amazing that they started to build at all, if you look at the graphs of the fall of industry and production ... well, you understand wink
                    1. Sokol peruna
                      Sokol peruna 12 January 2012 12: 51
                      Chuck-Norris buddy. I like you for a strong Russia. It makes no difference to me who will be at the head of the State, if only Russia would again become a great Empire.
                  2. AleksUkr
                    AleksUkr 12 January 2012 15: 59
                    Ships go, and only shit floats in the hole.
                    1. Sokol peruna
                      Sokol peruna 13 January 2012 06: 23
                      Yes, I'm in the subject of a man like a ship. I don’t know how I wrote it myself.
              3. Boris S
                Boris S 14 January 2012 00: 24
                "Normal" - from the word "norm". How can you judge the state of the Navy, the Air Force without being a specialist ??
      3. Samsebenaum
        Samsebenaum 12 January 2012 12: 41
        And here, Joker, I fully agree with you.
        It is worth adding that the benefits for the disabled and juvenile prisoners will also be greatly reduced. Do they have high incomes?
        If only this category of citizens were not touched. Stalin in this regard was more humane, oddly enough it sounds.
        And only ordinary people will continue to be pressed. Everything that happens speaks eloquently about this.
    3. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 12 January 2012 13: 38
      Bad thing Margaret Thatcher introduced all sorts of harsh measures and this did not badly affect her political career, how many protest demonstrations, how many strikes and everything to her "like water off a duck's back", even if Putin and Medvedev will put everything in place as it should be for the good of the people. It is not necessary to attach great importance to these rallies, it’s just some number of well-organized people to peacefully be indignant, this is their right,. In the West, these protests were treated as a show, and we will also look at these buffoons
      1. Samsebenaum
        Samsebenaum 12 January 2012 17: 01
        Quote: SAVA555.IVANOV
        let Putin and Medvedev masterly put everything in its place, as it should be for the good of the people.

        Let, who is against? I am for it"? What's in the way?
        That’s probably why the good of the people (these are the key two words) in the sweat of their brow "plow" honored professionals, docks, favorites of the people, nat. heroes of Russia - Serdyukov, Golikova and Khristenko, Fursenko ... and others like them?
        Everything is arranged in a businesslike way, you can’t say anything, reliably.
        1. Nick
          Nick 13 January 2012 23: 27
          And Stalin had problems with the cadres, dear Samsenebaum.
    4. alex-defensor
      alex-defensor 13 January 2012 16: 28
      Do not get tired of mouth Ill? And it’s just somehow uncomfortable ... it stinks ...

      I haven’t read the article yet, but you already want to seal your mouth ...
    5. oleg-sochi68
      oleg-sochi68 15 January 2012 14: 56
      Hello! Based on the successes of Chubais’s chief nanotechnologist, the Bright Future will shine on anyone, but not on us. So get the knee pads ready, otherwise the panties will quickly hold out.
  2. sazhka0
    sazhka0 12 January 2012 08: 39
    Whoever said anything .. Well, it’s not clear how the former KGB officer can be a great economist and politician .. Well, not that level .. So far, apart from words and promises, NOTHING has been done ...
    1. mar.tira
      mar.tira 12 January 2012 08: 48
      Quote: sazhka0
      KGBman can be a great economist and politician

      Yes, he doesn’t have to be an economist himself, everyone has to do his own business. We just need to look for smart people who are sick for the country, and not for their position in society among people who are not connected with the top of the Kremlin. And not from the circle of close associates (St. Petersburg). saw, and drank their activity.
      1. Samsebenaum
        Samsebenaum 12 January 2012 13: 25
        Quote: mar.tira
        You just need to look for smart and rooting for the country, and not for their position in society, people not associated with the top of the Kremlin.

        Where are they? Why have there been none in the government for many years? But they quickly found "scapegoats", from which they will soon get rid of, in order to emphasize the great undertakings of the One ... An unpleasant smell comes from this.
        1. mar.tira
          mar.tira 12 January 2012 14: 13
          Quote: Samsebenum
          Well, where are they?

          Yes, I won’t conceal, while there are few of them. But this is the fault of the country's leaders, and no more. If the deaf does not see the blind, what can you do about it? Putin will have a chance to correct this failure, I hope. Well, if he steps on the same rake, what , worse than it won’t be right now. But time will tell him how to steer after that.
          1. Samsebenaum
            Samsebenaum 12 January 2012 14: 34
            Quote: mar.tira
            Putin will have a chance to correct this failure, I hope.

            I’m not catching up with something ... He has that, before that and at the moment there is no chance?
            Is he the doorman at the entrance or the prime minister?
            You can hope, of course. After all, she dies last ... "And the terms of these forty forties" (Vysotsky), and my limit of trust has already ended.
            1. mar.tira
              mar.tira 12 January 2012 14: 43
              Quote: Samsebenum
              my trust limit is already over.

              Yes, most likely he added all the homies. Now you need to work out the trust of the people.
          2. alexander hjcnjd
            alexander hjcnjd 12 January 2012 23: 50
            I’m afraid that it will still be worse if he doesn’t raise the economy.
      2. AleksUkr
        AleksUkr 12 January 2012 16: 01
        He selects successful managers. Professionalism in a certain field does not bother him.
        1. Samsebenaum
          Samsebenaum 12 January 2012 17: 14
          Amazing approach. So, in the end, everything will be reduced to buying and selling.
          God forbid that this method does not affect aviation, medicine, etc.
    2. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 12 January 2012 08: 50
      And why, I'm sorry, he needs to be a great economist, do not you say?
      On horseradish goat bayan?
      In your opinion, can only be an economist president?

      And nothing, that in Germany at the head of the country a physicist?
      And Obama has a full barrack to form ...
      And Sarkozy is a real estate lawyer ...
      And so it is possible to infinity.
    3. dimaas
      dimaas 12 January 2012 08: 51
      The main motive behind voting for Putin is fear of uncertainty and possible upheaval. Yes, a scoundrel, but we know him, but from others it is still unknown what to expect.
      1. aktanir
        aktanir 12 January 2012 09: 39
        And where is the evidence that Putin is a scoundrel, how is this confirmed? Take your time, comrade, with conclusions. It's just that people are tired of the same people. We live in the times of the market, not Soviet stagnation, because we are used to chewing sausages today, and tomorrow we will fork out for whiskey. And in the government no diversity has long been gone, respectively, people are fed up ...
        1. dimaas
          dimaas 12 January 2012 09: 59
          Search engines are not needed for this. Everything is on the surface. Only the blind do not see.
          A couple of links:

          1. 13 January 2012 17: 11
            Quote: dimaas

            Well, read. What is criminal there?
            Regarding the report, this is a laughing matter to the chickens. In the same USA, corruption is legalized and is called the civilized word "lobby". Whole companies are engaged in this business! So the place in the world list is still a very big question.
            Nemtsov, of course, tried.
        2. alexander hjcnjd
          alexander hjcnjd 12 January 2012 23: 52
          And you go out or think what the average standard of living.
      2. Khabarov
        Khabarov 12 January 2012 10: 04
        dimaas. Yeah, I have not heard such an argument. To vote for a scoundrel, a thief and a scoundrel only because we know him is something new.
        1. AleksUkr
          AleksUkr 12 January 2012 16: 03
          Although this is shit, but this is our shit !!!!
    4. CEO
      CEO 12 January 2012 13: 41
      Argenty, where the arguments are real. Speak up. NOTHING IS DONE ???
      What does it mean?? If this is your personal feeling of life, write it. Nothing has been done for me. I was not given oil dollars. and I was counting on what they would give me. What is not done ?? The points. Only the manifesto take not Navalny, but real promises.
      I promised (I took it from there). I didn’t.
      1. Khabarov
        Khabarov 12 January 2012 17: 00
        I recommend reading the rabid putinoids that are observed in some posts, an article by Valery Morozov on NEWS.BCM.RU "Corruption in the administration of the President of the Russian Federation." Open, honest, with names, numbers, etc. or argue about the moral qualities of the "only" with the deputy. gene. the prosecutor of the Russian Federation, the chief military prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky, who writes about corruption in the Ministry of Defense. It is not possible that the turnover of such amounts occurs without the participation of top officials.
      2. alexander hjcnjd
        alexander hjcnjd 12 January 2012 23: 55
        And everyone is guided by personal feelings and for the majority they are bad, and Vova knows how to tell fairy tales
    5. Boris S
      Boris S 14 January 2012 00: 41
      But what about R. Reagan (a former Hollywood clown), and the Leader of ALL PEOPLES you revered (a "professional" revolutionary and criminal in the past), the idol of modern hamsters Navalny, Edichka Limonov, etc.?
  3. Roman Skomorokhov
    Roman Skomorokhov 12 January 2012 08: 40
    About blocked for namaz prospectuses forgot!
    1. Bad thing
      Bad thing 12 January 2012 08: 45
      You can not mention them. Since a renewed, rising from its knees Russia is a country with a booming economy, in any case, it will need a huge amount of labor. Unfortunately, the irresponsible Slavs are rapidly dying out ... so they will have to be replaced by unpretentious Central Asian migrants. The country's leadership acts very wisely, which keeps the borders between the Russian Federation and the Central Asian republics open and virtually transparent. Avenues that were blocked for prayers, ethnic gangs, the rapid change in the ethnic composition of Russian cities, illegal dugouts are all trifles compared to the brilliant prospects of the Russian Federation as a world leader in nanotechnology.
      1. CEO
        CEO 12 January 2012 13: 58
        Finally, I read from you something really obykvatnoe, with which I can agree. And not blah blah.
      2. AleksUkr
        AleksUkr 12 January 2012 16: 05
        "Unfortunately, the irresponsible Slavs are rapidly dying out .." ----- and how did you help in bringing them to consciousness? Or are you not a Slav? If so, then it's understandable.
  4. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 12 January 2012 08: 41
    Looked into the future, now it remains to wait.
  5. baskoy
    baskoy 12 January 2012 08: 58
    "... lack of support from the community ..." - which "society"? Again, the Moscow get-together is equated to the whole people. Peerlessness bordering on stupidity.
  6. denis29_82
    denis29_82 12 January 2012 09: 31
    Enough to play democracy already. Not that now is the time. Arrange all the swamps and authors of such articles for the year 37 and the end.
    1. Bad thing
      Bad thing 12 January 2012 09: 41
      This will never happen. And if it starts, Putin and his entourage will instantly find themselves in the position of the restricted travel father of Lakashenko and his assistants. But so many representatives of the Russian elite in the sweet Western countries have everything ... under the protection of the evil NATO bloc smile kids, bills, real estate, yachts and alternate aerodromes. Combine the comprador elite and repression on the model of 37 years will not work.
      1. Kyrgyz
        Kyrgyz 12 January 2012 10: 24
        In one of the posts you were given a fairly accurate layout of the mobilization and conduct of hostilities in the event of an attack, the 37th unfolds about the same, you don’t even have time to understand that everything is serious and the first batch of 10 people is already carried away in the sheets and your ten are next to the wall, and somehow lumpy exhortations in the throat of the values ​​of freedom and democracy, the right to self-determination and other garbage, may come out and give the tearful mercy of my children - but the soldiers had an order to spare the order to spare them.
        1. Bad thing
          Bad thing 12 January 2012 10: 33
          I read that nonsense. It is a pity that it is not written how top officials and court businessmen with servants will be evacuated. It’s an epic picture - on the earth, the workers and peasants’s soldiers selflessly throw grenades under the NATO tanks and above them, by private planes, far away the best people of Russia fly away into beautiful Courchevel. I remember old Baturin was also a fighter with NATO, and where is he now? wink
          1. Kyrgyz
            Kyrgyz 12 January 2012 10: 54
            ravings, it’s been run around more than once, and as for the elites, they didn’t sit in a trench in any country in the world, they are many and citizens are conditionally
            1. Bad thing
              Bad thing 12 January 2012 11: 03
              So decisions will be made by the elites. And if the West keeps the "elite" by the balls through their property there, then what to expect? winked
              1. Kyrgyz
                Kyrgyz 12 January 2012 11: 04
                recent events show a split in the elites, and as practice shows, democracy is not the power of the people but the competition of the elites
            2. CEO
              CEO 12 January 2012 15: 02
              The head of Ingushetia was sitting in the trenches. Or there are objections.
              1. Kyrgyz
                Kyrgyz 12 January 2012 16: 05
                before becoming an elite, are there any objections?
        2. alexander hjcnjd
          alexander hjcnjd 12 January 2012 23: 59
          Bloody Sunday was also merciless, and then appeared 17
      2. xoma
        xoma 12 January 2012 12: 01
        Tell us more about children and accounts abroad, please?
      3. Boris S
        Boris S 14 January 2012 00: 50
        It is this confidence in impunity that gives the "swamps" the courage to "bark at an elephant." Still the great poet-fabulist Krylov!
    2. alexander hjcnjd
      alexander hjcnjd 12 January 2012 23: 57
      and then get the 17th
  7. denis29_82
    denis29_82 12 January 2012 09: 56
    Yes, you have to be smarter. Car accidents, heart attacks. Or, in general, on a plane, a crowd of them and a birch along the way to plant them. A good method, the main thing works) One birch and minus 200 bad ones)
  8. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 12 January 2012 10: 18
    Moral obligations to yesterday's colleagues and those whom he himself brought would not allow him to act harshly with respect to those whom he should, all this talk about changing Putin is such nonsense as the newcomer will squeeze oligarchs? Does he have something to put pressure on them? How will the power block of the state accept it?
    Putin, in turn, did a lot of good, but did he not exhaust himself? Does he have anything to offer next?
    Progressive dynamics is falling
    HZ, I will stay stable for the oldest batch, I am against the results of privatization
  9. SmacXnumx
    SmacXnumx 12 January 2012 10: 23
    there is no choice either for chaos or against
    for Putin or against common sense
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 12 January 2012 16: 08
      Or maybe the other way around? New people are new thoughts and deeds, and as a rule, better than the previous one. And Putin has been in power for almost 12 years. And he clearly wants again for 12 years (6 + 6). And where do we find ourselves?
  10. denis29_82
    denis29_82 12 January 2012 10: 35
    Kyrgyzstan, moral obligations ?! You are serious) Morality and politics are incompatible things. It will be necessary to be friends, it will be necessary to kill, put, alive rotten. The main thing is what you need at the moment.
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 12 January 2012 11: 03
      For example, he pulled up his long-standing Kent important and responsible, and Kent took and got into the muddy scheme, and burst into sleep, asks repents, the wife doesn’t drip on your brain endlessly friends for many years with his wife go to rest with him, and that will you send him to the bunk? nothing like this! you’ll remove from the post you will transfer to another, not so important but not in the trash, and that’s all - this is a moral burden in front of the environment, but in the end he himself will remain a crap for everyone, and rightly because he did it.
      And if you took from the side through professional selection and shoot it would not be a pity, and you look at the professionals it would be more
  11. Chuck-norris
    Chuck-norris 12 January 2012 10: 58
    You can recall our recent past, when we lived happily, calmly and well! Does everyone remember? How not to remember! Every ordinary citizen of the "new" Russia wanted to join civilization. All the successful 90 years, then we had true democracy, every self-respecting free citizen of Russia, dreamed of acquiring a foreign car. Naturally, these foreign cars flew away just with a whistle, well, who would refuse a "fresh" twenty-year-old, show such an eccentric. All of Europe and Japan were delighted, the smaller and naive brothers from behind the former "Iron Curtain" turned out to be good ecologists and sewers. As if by magic, all the junk from Europe and Japan flowed endless river to Russia. Europe and Japan were immensely grateful to the ordinary and unpretentious Russian. He gratefully and without compensation, freed citizens from civilizations from spending on the mandatory and paid disposal of their cars. Friends from the west were lucky, they even had a profit, their junk can be discarded and added to a new glamorous tsatsku. The USA is not very lucky. They were also transported from them, but it was not enough, far and expensive to transport "scrap metal". So they have cemeteries, automobile, more than for people. Well no luck! But in Russia new car cemeteries have grown, near each garage parking! Everything for civilizations has developed well, it simply does not get better. The sale of a new car in Europe and Japan is provided, but auto trash? Auto trash for younger brothers. But here in Russia the power has changed. Everyone began to ask. Who is Mr. Putin ??? They asked in time. Mr. Putin began to introduce barrage duties on auto trash. Europe with Japan and the USA began to resent, this is not in the traditions of civilized countries. You can not limit the private entrepreneur, the market will judge everything. Ordinary Russian will choose a normal Beushka, this is his right. Want new cars? Please, we have a lot of them! Do not want to take new ones with us? Oh, you want to build factories in Russia. Well you cranks. Who will build you new plants. With the support of all progressive and civilized humanity, in now totalitarian Russia, mass protests of the oppressed distillers and all the accompanying bulls began to take place. But everything was useless, Mr. PU rested and bent his line. Good gentlemen, do you want to work in the Russian car market? Want to! Then you are welcome to build assembly plants. Who will build new plants will receive tax breaks for the first time! And then you finish a bit more, to a certain localization, at least 30%. Eventually? There were still black sheep in a noble family who began to build assembly plants. They built it, so fast and so much, that now the bloody tyrant KAA lowers the barrier and posted an ad: Whoever did not have time is late! Especially the Chinese were not lucky! For some reason, their investment plans for assembly did not go through a strict commission. There the letter was crookedly imprinted, and here the comma is bold, and here the sheet is completely gone. Where did the sheet go? And who knows, our bureaucracy is the most bureaucratic and irresponsible !!! Look at the WTO 17 years entered, finally entered, or maybe not! Distracted. Let's go back to our sheep, they are also automakers. Our dear investors have explained to those who have taken root, you should all bring localization to at least 60% or not 70%. And who wants to and to 100% can bring. Do you want to produce engines? Нет! We will wait, it’s not long to wait. Where will the market still grow for many years in a row? In Europe? Japan? USA? And in China! India! Brazil! And in Russia you yourself see! Of course they will grow if trade wars do not start and all markets do not close. All conditions for you are created! Recently, in the summer, Russia launched the production of Stan-2000 at MMK, it is one of the best in the world, some say that it is better not! Such mills do only if they told you that you will have work for 30 years in advance. Such a mill costs 1,5 billion dollars, and it takes many years from a project to production, from plans in the 2005 year. There has never been such a production in Russia, the highest quality rental. This one mill will calmly cover all the need for a sheet, the entire auto industry, even in other sectors will be left in excess. This is how simple and calm whole clusters for the auto industry appear. Here is the answer to the next stupid collective farmer, Uncle Zyu, who does not see new industries in Russia. The entire auto industry has literally grown by itself, also by magic. It’s just that the KAA was engaged in tyranny, bent almost all the world auto giants and achieved its goal. After all, Vovochka, if he said he would, will fulfill his promise. This KAA, a bloody ghoul and a tyrant was asked to close this VAZ with its basins. This VAZ only eats the people's money and no one buys it. Or maybe someone is buying? Of course they buy, but not stupid hamsters! Such a constructor is not for a hamster, they will laugh at all! The hamster loves only if tyts in the iPhone and ready. Well, as a last resort, a serene "Samobranka Tablecloth", just not glamorous! And he did not fulfill Vovochka's universal desire, did not close the VAZik-Tazik, and he spends all the people's money. He left with the work of 2 a million working cattle of VAZ and allies. It came to that that he sold part of VAZ to sharks of the Renault auto industry with NISSAN. Now, these sharks are delighted, as if in a fairy tale, they take everything to fly. They grab both VAZs and brothers in the concern, like hot cakes! Everyone is happy and plans to expand production. And what do you think, the country is in poverty. More and more cars are sold, hamsters are starving, but they are saving up for a credit Ford. And there almost everything is free !!! I want it there, only tyts on iPhone and the agent is already here! That's the service! There, even plumbers speak two or even three languages, not a cheat to our bydlot! Well, an agent who appears both from a casket, as in a fairy tale, only there are two young men. Take it dear, take it, we will only issue a loan, how much do you owe? Few!!! Then make out. And in this country you need to save, as it is not glamorous! The dream of all hamsters to get into a fairy tale. And how do you get here with this ghoul KAA. He fucked us all his life, we can’t get into a fairy tale with him, ahh !!! Give us freedom, it’s not enough for us, we cannot bear the same air with this dictator! The whole progressive public must rebel, in a single impulse, against the terrible persecution and repression of the cannibalistic regime, the bloody KAA! We ask for the forces of freedom, occupy us, we surrender !!! Only Vovochka does not blow in her mustache.

    (c) Pirmanov
    1. fellow misha
      fellow misha 12 January 2012 14: 40
      Quote: Chuck-Norris
      The entire progressive public must rebel, in a single impulse, against the terrible persecution and repression of the cannibalistic regime, the bloody KAA! We ask for the forces of freedom, occupy us, we are already giving up !!!

      Quotation of the comments of the Marsh Sakharovsky from LJ about the prospects for the overthrow of the KAA

      .... Putler is not like that. This swearing beast, not a snotty sniff. And it should be wet in the same way as Gaddafi - literally the whole world. Only here is the misfortune - Putler’s watering of the entire civilized world has been detected since he has non-visitor’s reserves of a not-so-peaceful atom in rocket mines. Unlike the recently killed Gaddafi, who did not have such reserves.
      And they who didn’t come to Boltno-Sakharovskaya and to Lenin Square, ...., ... in your hometown they simply call: cattle
    2. 13 January 2012 17: 18
      Chuck-norrisPirmanov well done as always!
  12. alatau_09
    alatau_09 12 January 2012 11: 18
    History shows that the current, most prosperous states at the beginning of their development went through dictatorship, the same: b. USSR, France, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, China, Israel, b. Libya, etc. etc. and mind you, with executions for economic crimes ...
    The total economic recovery is akin to a military operation, and therefore in most of these states there were military people who ruled with an "iron hand" with "iron discipline" and self-discipline ...

    What do you dislike about Vladimir Putin? softness?

    "If you are afraid - do not do, if you do - do not be afraid!"
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 12 January 2012 16: 11
      The stagnation of thinking. Nothing new. All the same words, but only spoken differently. It’s all for innovation.
  13. Gekas
    Gekas 12 January 2012 11: 37
    That's right, tough measures are needed. And what about Navalny - what kind of hero is he? Is this a person paid by Western partners, a dick revolutionist, scum, he still called himself a political prisoner after 15 days, isn’t he funny himself? We don’t need such people.
  14. runway
    runway 12 January 2012 11: 45
    The author of the article is trying to find positive trends in Putin's actions to reshuffle his cabinet members .... But these are the same people who destroyed and plundered everything in their previous section of work, and now they are appointed to a new one, as a rule, even more responsible. ... I just want to say to these gentlemen: "And you, friends, do not sit down, but musicians, no good!"
    Putin is clearly in a stalemate. In addition to "tightening the screws," his intellect does not work in any other way.
    But it would be nice for our EVERYTHING to recall Newton's third law. About the fact that the force of action is equal to the force of reaction. Or, in our opinion: "SEW THE WIND, - YOU WILL REGEN A STORM!"
    1. J_silver
      J_silver 12 January 2012 12: 29
      What is the tightening of nuts if there is no twist? It’s even funny to read ...
      1. Patriot of Russia
        Patriot of Russia 13 January 2012 02: 18
        Silver! ask them !! you are my idol!!!! wink
  15. Ascetic
    Ascetic 12 January 2012 12: 22
    Only the lazy did not blame our government, most often implying Putin under it, for theft and cutting.
    Most often, the thesis of Putin's theft is presented as something completely undeniable, requiring no proof. However, this is not new, and there is nothing wrong with that. This is what mathematicians do, for example, who claim that non-parallel lines necessarily intersect. Well, in fact, is it possible to imagine mathematicians who argue about this axiom? No, they just understand that if the lines intersect, then this is one theory, the so-called Euclidean geometry, and if they do not intersect, then another theory, for example Lobachevsky. In one theory, one set of axioms, in another theory another set.
    So do the liberals, they have a theory, and axioms are needed to make this theory converge. One of them is Putin the Thief.
    So, let us examine the liberal axiom critically, and suppose that Putin is a thief. He stole a lot of money. No matter how much it matters, liberalists have estimates varying from a few billion to hundreds of billions. In one version, there was at least two trillion dollars (supposedly from the sale of resources, the Government received so much in 10 years, which of course), though it was not specified whether Putin shared with someone or not.
    Well, let's take the amount of 40 billion, as the most plausible and reasonable. So, you have $ 40. Presented? They are on the account in a Swiss bank, and are waiting for you, beckon with their brilliance, with the opportunities that they will give you. Yachts, cars, villas, golden sands and the warm sea ... There is a problem. In order to spend money, you need to resign as president. And there will be more time, and not so closely the journalists will follow, and indeed, leave this oh rushka somewhere, buy an island ... 000 comes, Putin is at the peak of fame, the highest support, the Russian economy is growing, people are getting richer, oil is flowing by the river. And there is a receiver, a normal guy, and if it’s crazy, it’s even better, everyone will say "But under Putin this was not ...."

    Here is the moment! You can’t imagine any better! But Putin remains in power, and becomes Prime Minister. WHAT FOR? The bank has 40 billion American rubles! Ratings at the very top, fame and honor, a separate chapter in the history textbook is provided! What else can you dream of?
    Here the theory would have crumbled, but usually on this liberalists do not give up. They immediately replace one axiom with another. The second axiom of Liberastov states that power has intrinsic value. That is, the power that Putin has is much more valuable than the money that he managed to steal, and he is not ready to exchange power for this money, so he holds onto it with all his might.
    But suppose, let’s say Putin is just that, he is only for the sake of power is ready to give up money. But then what prevents him from working for the good of the Motherland? Not only that, the more well-fed the people of the country, the more he loves his ruler, the stronger the power. By the way, any ruler, any country, in principle, is advantageous for his country to flourish and people to be happy. And not even because the rulers are so good, no. On the contrary, if the ruler is a thief, he should just dream about the happiness of his people, since then it will be much easier to steal. If the people are happy with everything, then what matters to him how their president lives, if they themselves have everything. They are ready to wear it in their arms.
    Everything seemed to be proven. But no, then suddenly a new axiom emerges - power has been put here by the West in order to ruin the country. This doesn’t fit into any framework at all, especially from the lips of liberalists it sounds simply ridiculous. I must say that liberals rarely say this, usually this thesis is put forward by emo patriots. It is enough for liberals to look at the accounts from which money comes to them to understand that the West does not make sense to maintain a non-systemic opposition that is against Putin, while Putin himself does everything that is necessary - destroys Russia. Well, tell me, why should the West poison Putin, as all Western media do? On the contrary, if Putin is ruining Russia, the media should sing sweet odes to him, like they sang them to Yeltsin. Again, he doesn’t get stuck if he is a protege of the West, he works poorly, is ineffective, he missed two points to complete the project, after Yeltsin and most recently in a crisis. For some reason, Russia was pulled out, instead of drowned. For some reason, Russia stubbornly does not use the services of the IMF, although everyone knows that this is a step towards the loss of sovereignty. If you open your eyes, cast aside emotions, it will become completely clear that Putin is a bad comprador, useless right.
    Well, the last thesis remains - Putin represents the interests of an internal group of oligarchs, or the shadow elite. Again an unsubstantiated statement that crumbles upon the first attempt to think. If this is so, then tell me, why is it for Putin himself? As we found out, he does not have profit from this, and if he does, then for some reason he does not want to use it. Putin has real power, public support, ties in government agencies, law enforcement agencies. Why should he serve? There remains one option - they keep Putin forcibly. But why the oligarchy itself? Now she has Medvedev, why does she need Putin, let her go to her seas, enjoy, relax. Why leave him in power? And the experience of all other countries shows that it is better to change presidents more often than to leave one, because he can get a taste. And Putin, with such a rating, is a real danger. There is no point holding him.
    Usually, here liberalists admit - yes, we didn’t say that Putin is a thief, you aren’t just that all power is thieves, but Putin is not, he is honest, but we are not talking about him personally, we are talking about power in general, and Putin covers it. What for? Why should Putin cover thieves? There is no answer to this either. In fact, it is in his own interests to fight corruption, in his own interests to have honest people around. Why should he close his eyes to this if he does not steal? Or is he still stealing? Then we read the article again ...
    See the full article at
  16. Phoenixl
    Phoenixl 12 January 2012 13: 54
    President Putin is going to start with tough measures


  17. dred
    dred 12 January 2012 13: 58
    Hard elections. Dibilism.
  18. fellow misha
    fellow misha 12 January 2012 14: 06
    A-ff-t-ar do not make people laugh with a stupid set of words
    Alexander Navalny gradually acquires the status of a political leader from the people
    The "bulk" project will sink into oblivion at the end of the March elections, Mr. Analny will still be very lucky if his employers leave him alive, the delicious topic will bite Russia "Bloody Poo wets competitors, here the bastard promised to kill terrorists."
  19. recruit
    recruit 12 January 2012 14: 24
    The graph is urgently needed against everyone so that conscience does not torment.
    1. petor41
      petor41 12 January 2012 18: 07
      The same articles day after day! How tired of all this pre-election garbage to throw on our heads! It would be better if these elections were not at all! And why is everything about Putin and Putin, publish an article about Zhirik, he distinguished himself the other day in his statements about the Uralites!
  20. marauder
    marauder 12 January 2012 18: 51
    The general growth of discontent and the mass protest movement opened new perspectives for the opposition. The only question is whether she will be able to use them.

    Mintint on the swamp planned and prepared before the election.
    The people went out to earn some money.

    If all such smart "democrats" suggest another presidential candidate. Such that the ass Pindos did not lick and did not chew ties.

    And just do this article seems to be written or paid in the Pentagon.
  21. sashalenovo
    sashalenovo 12 January 2012 18: 57
    I read somewhere today, this year, $ 80 billion was withdrawn from the country. These are two military budgets. I think the authorities need to do something about this.
    1. Kyrgyz
      Kyrgyz 12 January 2012 19: 28
      Withdrawal of money is not a theft of money, if you are a foreigner and sent your salary home it is a withdrawal of money, if you gave a loan to a foreign bank or the foreigner sold something here and transferred the money it is also a withdrawal of money, if you bought something abroad it is again a withdrawal of money , even if you went to rest over the hill it is again a withdrawal of money. It’s good that Putin was smart enough not to build obstacles to money during the crisis, otherwise they would never come.
      And so that the money they don’t withdraw here should be comfortable and safe, and even more difficult to do than rearm the army, the states did, the result is visible to everyone - the debt is 16 trillion but the loot continues to come, and we have a debt of 120 billion and everyone has hysteria and the prediction of bankruptcy in 2000
      1. sashalenovo
        sashalenovo 12 January 2012 19: 36
        I lucidly put you +
    2. KamikadZzzE
      KamikadZzzE 12 January 2012 20: 08
      you don’t have to do anything with these. And what about those who, according to the president, stole 1 trillion rubles in a year?
      1. Kyrgyz
        Kyrgyz 12 January 2012 20: 31
        in general, if you delve deeply, we stole this trillion with our connivance to distribute bribes and kickbacks and admiration for expensive cars from those who should not have them
  22. LiRoy
    LiRoy 12 January 2012 22: 55
    Putin needs to pay attention to the stick and jackdaw system that has developed in the management system, when all instructions are executed only for a check in the report, and then kicking the problem along the chain of command without making a concrete decision. I met many statements to resolve a specific problem, but these statements had so many stamps and stationery numbers when kicking from one service to another without making a specific decision that it was impossible to read the text of the statement itself. At the same time, every day there are more and more securities and controlling services, but they are not getting any sense.
  23. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 12 January 2012 23: 07
    previously, the champion faced up to 15 years in prison, and now - up to two years. probably the photo is called "I HAPPY KILLING RUSSIAN"

    More details:
    Well, who took it into his head to say that Putin is a tyrant, tough measures, unauthorized rallies are dispersed, he is simply "substituted" spitting on the law, here is the proof of who, it turns out that a person will take a gun in his hands and, inadvertently, will shoot at the investigator who softened the article, and he is a maximum of 2 years old ?? !!!
    1. LiRoy
      LiRoy 12 January 2012 23: 36
      The latest changes to the Criminal Code (criminal code) were published on December 09.12.2011, 129 immediately after the elections, which for some reason remained unnoticed by the media. Art. 130, 165 of the Criminal Code (defamation, insult) have lost force. Persons with drug addiction are granted a deferment from serving their sentences. The threshold of crimes of minor gravity category was raised from the sanction in the form of imprisonment from two years to three years in prison. In Art. 250 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Causing property damage through fraud or breach of trust) the threshold for major damage was raised to 115 thousand rubles. In relation to the person who committed the crime of minor gravity, a sentence of imprisonment in the absence of aggravating circumstances cannot be taken. (Let’s say someone crumbs anyone within the framework of Articles 116, 40 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and if you have money up to XNUMX thousand rubles, you will only get off with a fine). A person for economic crimes shall be exempted from criminal liability if he has made amends for the harm caused. (That is, he paid the damage out of the money that he stole earlier and walk quietly). A person is not placed in a pre-trial detention center in the presence of poor health confirmed by doctors. (you buy certificates, and instead of bunks in a pre-trial detention center, you sit at the investigation stage and watch TV). Correctional labor institutions are introduced even to persons who have committed serious crimes. (These institutions work according to our most humane labor laws). And also in a number of articles the words are entered: the court has the right; may be; also; which themselves introduce an essential corruption component in the interpretation of the disposition of the articles of the code.
      At the exit, we have a gangster criminal code with the ability to pay off the rich, as well as the desire to unload prisons. Another criminal amnesty is not far off, the tax amnesty is already in full swing. GDP can say a lot, but for some reason there are big discrepancies with reality. Where is the "landing" of GDP?
  24. alexander hjcnjd
    alexander hjcnjd 13 January 2012 00: 20
    If Putin suppresses the protests and does not raise the average standard of living, then there will be a bloody bathhouse. For example, bloody Sunday, the cruiser Potemkin, 1906, these events preceded 1917. Before calling me a provocateur, prove that my logic is wrong. My political position is clear. I explain: for me the main thing is material well-being and security, it makes no difference to me who will rule then.
  25. Volkhov
    Volkhov 13 January 2012 00: 22
    Most want to restore the destroyed, strong power, new leaders - study military communism and civil defense, dreams come true ...
  26. suharev-52
    suharev-52 13 January 2012 01: 02
    The closer March 4, the calmer the soul. Who to vote for? Who to cast your vote for? Well, I don’t see a decent one yet. For GDP-I do not want to. Well, I do not believe these promises when I saw behind the window - fields overgrown with weeds, rickety, empty village huts, with gaping holes instead of windows. And the terrible desolation in our near and dear to the heart of the North. Yes, we have not found any oil or gas. And it remains only to sigh while remaining on the sidelines of life. And now, in the expanses of the North, someone else's guttural speech begins to sound. Volodya, when do you remember the RUSSIANS who have always been the backbone of Russia. Which, together with other peoples, built a great empire. When?
    1. Commoner
      Commoner 13 January 2012 08: 46
      Stop believing in Santa Claus and then your "Volodya, when will you remember about RUSSIAN" will be funny even to yourself. Unfortunately, you and I are to blame for the fact that Volodya does not remember about ... because we are sitting and waiting for someone good to take care of us. There are no good politicians. But they may or may not be wise. Every nation deserves its government, says folk wisdom. We ourselves must take care of ourselves through meaningful choices, and that shameful stagnation, called stability, is a consequence of the fear of changing our lives. "Partners" buy our energy resources on the basis of investing the profits from these sales in the securities of Western companies. The general manager, Uncle Volodya and the redhead, is the transport, security and accounting of this process. This "drain" of Russia will continue if we think: "nothing needs to be changed, if only it doesn't get worse," instead of "something needs to be done to make things better." It never occurred to anyone why our "partners" are not very scared of the staggering allocation of funds for our rearmament? That's right, those funds that will break through the blockade of corruption schemes will be spent on the purchase of Western technologies, and something will fall on the wages of the lowest link serving this entire process, so that there is someone to serve. At the same time, the commander-in-chief and the entire accounting department are not working to ensure that all these weapons protect you and me.
      And further. Do not watch TV a lot, and then you will understand that without hypnosis the world looks completely different.
      1. 13 January 2012 17: 31
        Quote: Commoner
        "Partners" buy our energy resources on the basis of investing the profits from these sales in the securities of Western companies. The general manager, Uncle Volodya and the redhead, is the transport, security and accounting of this process. This "drain" of Russia will continue if we think: "nothing needs to be changed, if only it doesn't get worse," instead of "something needs to be done to make things better."

        And now, reasonably without speculation and emotion

        "It never occurred to anyone why our" partners "are not very scared by the allocation of staggering funds for our rearmament? That's right, those funds that break through the blockade of corruption schemes will be spent on the purchase of Western technologies, and something will fall on the salary of the lowest serving the whole process of the link, so that there is someone to serve "
        These are just your fantasies.
  27. Security2012
    Security2012 13 January 2012 04: 09
    right! it's time for some to step on the throat. change the whole army leadership.
  28. Hippopotamus
    Hippopotamus 13 January 2012 13: 03
    It's time to tighten the bolts and nuts. A plague of liberal libelous broom from the Russian court.
    1. SmacXnumx
      SmacXnumx 13 January 2012 16: 18
      It's time to tighten the bolts and nuts. Plague liberal bastard a broom from the Russian court.

      no, it’s better to burry our Russian yards instead of Tajiks wink
  29. NKVD
    NKVD 13 January 2012 18: 31
    It’s high time to tighten the nuts, otherwise you see they lack freedom ....
    1. sprut
      sprut 13 January 2012 20: 44
      I agree! The order is not enough ...
  30. 101
    101 13 January 2012 23: 20
    I won’t say anything about Putin’s priorities. I don’t know. But Putin’s puncture canceled out a lot. An attempt to create simplified working conditions led to an unpredictable result. I think any of us would stand on this rake
  31. Pallryerore
    Pallryerore 28 March 2012 05: 03
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