Russian officer was forced to interrupt an online report from Aleppo because of the shelling of militants

A report by Sergei Kopytsin, a representative of the Russian Center for Conciliation of the Parties in the UAR, was interrupted for some time because of the shelling of the Castello road by militants connecting the western and eastern parts of Aleppo, reports RIA News.

Russian officer was forced to interrupt an online report from Aleppo because of the shelling of militants

Video channel broadcast was conducted by the Russia-24 channel. Almost at the very beginning of the report of Lieutenant Colonel Kopytsin, shots rang out - the militants began to fire at the road.

The moderated video link of the Deputy Head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Victor Posnir, ordered to take security measures.

A few minutes later the report resumed.

Recall, on Monday in Syria, the cessation of hostilities came into force, which was agreed last week by the heads of the US and Russian foreign ministries. It is assumed that a seven-day pause will further develop into a more lasting truce and will allow for the disengagement between terrorist groups and groups of moderate opposition.
  • RIA News. Mikhail Alaeddin
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  1. +3
    14 September 2016 09: 06
    Here it is - the online "truce" in action ...
    1. +11
      14 September 2016 09: 08
      They won’t let the USA enter the world there, they need to be driven and then it’s possible to restore order there.
      1. +5
        14 September 2016 09: 54
        Exactly - the same thing happens with the ceasefire in the Donbas. We need our observers to go not with the Syrian stenders, but with the staff, and if necessary they would hide behind them like a shield, and let them tell the moderated.
        Our lieutenant colonel, a fellow, was waiting for the team and tried to cover the Syrian, he was without a helmet and armor - that’s a military brotherhood, the Americans would have already put in his pants and would have gone for rehabilitation because of the stress ...
      2. +5
        14 September 2016 10: 19
        I repeat ...- the so-called "truce" of the budea was used by ISIS and those who "feed" ngo for replenishment, rest, delivery of weapons and ammunition, reconnaissance, redeployment and other measures that will allow continuing hostilities against the supporters of Assad.
        1. +1
          14 September 2016 11: 06
          Nobody made a truce with ISIS.
      3. 0
        14 September 2016 11: 09
        The United States must be driven not only from Syria, but also from all countries where they are present.
      4. 0
        15 September 2016 10: 47
        in all honesty - we also don’t really care about it, Iran needs peace and restoration, then their oil will go like a river to Europe, and we need it? here is a difficult game of "friends-enemies" ..
  2. 0
    14 September 2016 09: 07
    The TV is working at the moment. This video shows that the Syrians and ours have no losses.
  3. +8
    14 September 2016 09: 21
    A full-length truce, so to speak .... And Kopitsyn - respect and respect, until an order from above is received, he has not left his "battle post" ... Man, what!
  4. +2
    14 September 2016 09: 25
    The US will say that it was "self-defense" of the opposition from "Russian aggression."
  5. +4
    14 September 2016 09: 32
    "Truce" has become the main type of hostilities in Syria and in the Donbass. At a time when pro-Russian forces are withdrawing troops and do not respond to shelling, pro-Western terrorist groups are regaining their lost positions and rebuilding their strength. Of course, a bad world is better than a good one, but playing politics with those who accept only forceful arguments is dangerous.
  6. +3
    14 September 2016 09: 51
    Now this is not shelling, but a new form of truce !!!
  7. +2
    14 September 2016 09: 59
    Whoever has the opportunity, lay out the current map of territorial control in Aleppo today.
    Is the breakthrough of the greens liquidated?
    1. 0
      14 September 2016 10: 54
      Which province map do you want?
    2. +3
      14 September 2016 11: 16
      Here is the official map from the briefing.
      1. +3
        14 September 2016 11: 17
        But the unofficial one is just a combat summary report, quite probabah if that.
  8. +1
    14 September 2016 10: 23
    It hurt to watch. Shelling. The "moderator" could not say anything useful for a very long time. Looks like a real "moderator" and not a military officer.
    1. +2
      14 September 2016 11: 14
      He would have barked a commanding voice and on an army battle slang - but he was on the air, choosing words so that without ten-story mats and not very abstruse at the same time.

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