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Russian experts have established a scheme for laying an explosive device on board an airliner in Sharm al-Sheikh

Newspaper Kommersant publishes information from experts of the investigative group, who established a scheme for laying an explosive device on the plane of the Russian company Kogalymavia in Sharm-al-Sheikh, Egypt. Recall that the 224 passenger and crew member of the airliner were killed in a terrorist attack, the wreckage of which fell after an explosion in a deserted area on the Sinai Peninsula.

Russian experts have established a scheme for laying an explosive device on board an airliner in Sharm al-Sheikh

According to experts of the investigative commission, the terrorists placed an improvised explosive device in the compartment of the so-called. loose cargo This compartment is located in the tail section of the aircraft. "Hell's Machine" was located between the strollers and wicker furniture, which Russian tourists carried with them from Egypt.

From the statement:
An explosive device triggered the detachment of the tail section of the aircraft, which caused the aircraft to go into an uncontrolled dive.

It is noted that the full exposition of A321 fragments, which 31 of October 2015 of October followed the route Sharm-al-Sheikh - St. Petersburg, helped come to such conclusions of the commission.

Recall that the Egyptian authorities say "a significant increase in security measures at airports in the country." According to the head of the Egyptian Ministry of Egypt, separate “registration corridors” can be opened for Russian tourists to facilitate passage of border control and “better security”.
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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 13 September 2016 06: 59 New
    "По словам главы Минтуризма Египта, для российских туристов могут быть открыты отдельные «регистрационные коридоры» для облегчения прохождения пограничного контроля и «лучшей безопасности»."

    And what does it give for safety if the barmaley can plant a bomb in the cargo compartment on their own? As if Russian tourists carried a bomb. No.
    1. cniza
      cniza 13 September 2016 07: 44 New
      Apparently, they also have many ideas that have nothing to do with security.
      1. The black
        The black 13 September 2016 08: 31 New
        Once again - the earth they rest in peace. It is scary to recall pictures of families with children before take-off. (((
  2. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 13 September 2016 07: 14 New
    And here is some more interesting material about the Boeing near Donetsk, read it, you won’t regret it (the link is checked, it works):
    1. Delink
      Delink 13 September 2016 07: 54 New
      Interestingly, your link is blocked by a normal browser. Until I opened it in Tor browser.
      1. Makk
        Makk 13 September 2016 08: 28 New
        Copy the link into a text document, make it in one line, copy and paste into the address bar of the browser (any) ... then it works.
      2. Drzed
        Drzed 13 September 2016 08: 51 New
        everything opens normally: select, then follow the link
        1. ruskih
          ruskih 13 September 2016 09: 52 New
          I confirm, select, follow the link - everything opens normally.
    2. just exp
      just exp 13 September 2016 07: 58 New
      does not work .
      1. Delink
        Delink 13 September 2016 08: 19 New
        Download and install Tor browser.
  3. ImPerts
    ImPerts 13 September 2016 07: 15 New
    And in the Sinai already all the boormogloths have been reasoned? Or do they only bookmark planes, do not attack hotels and groups of tourists?
  4. Dalmatia
    Dalmatia 13 September 2016 07: 49 New
    I would like to know the details of how the explosive device was carried aboard the aircraft, and whether this could have been avoided.
    1. UnclePasha
      UnclePasha 13 September 2016 07: 54 New
      Whoever cannot be bought for money, then one can buy for big money ...
    2. Delink
      Delink 13 September 2016 08: 01 New
      Most likely someone was thrown into bags during the search. This is one of the options.
      1. Deniosf
        Deniosf 13 September 2016 08: 26 New
        This is not an option, but stupidity.
    3. Monarchist
      Monarchist 13 September 2016 08: 09 New
      A reasonable question: how did they bring the bomb to the plane and is there a guarantee that it will not happen again?
    4. ohtandur
      ohtandur 13 September 2016 10: 32 New
      there was news that it was the Egyptian airport employee who loaded this thing on the plane that loaded it on the plane. Something like a can of Coca-Cola. So separate lines for tourists are nonsense.
  5. Barakuda
    Barakuda 13 September 2016 08: 18 New
    "коммерсасант" еще тот идеолог , печатает ,что не лень, Проверять надо.
    1. aba
      aba 14 September 2016 09: 01 New
      "коммерсасант" еще тот идеолог , печатает ,что не лень, Проверять надо.

      Но тем не менее, этой осенью в Египет направилась вторая инспекция(первая была весной), так они уже "оптимистично" заявили, что у них есть претензии к египетской стороне. Вообщем, получается египтяне хуже турок.
  6. roman72-452
    roman72-452 13 September 2016 08: 26 New
    А голландские "иксперды" никак не могут понять как Украина сбила индонезийский Боинг над Донецком.
  7. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 13 September 2016 08: 44 New
    The most important thing is that this does not happen again, and this one cannot guarantee
  8. Nimitz
    Nimitz 13 September 2016 09: 12 New
    A huge amount of time in the media, using the opinions of experts, was inculcated in the version that this was an accident caused by poor operation by the airline (the plane is then a repair one). Confirming photos were shown. For a long time, it was not even announced that traces of explosives were found or could not be found, but the airline was bent quickly. It’s sad. Not the best demonstration of the power of our law enforcement agencies.
    It is unfortunate that people died, the saddest thing is a lot of children.
  9. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 13 September 2016 09: 14 New
    Полная бредятина. призванная усыпить бдительность россиян - грузчики бомбу пронесли в грузовой отсек мощностью в 900 (?), взрывом оторвало хвост? На самом деле есть и вина спецслужб аэропорта, и вина экипажа - нельзя было пускать внутрь воздушного судна (территории РФ) этих "шнырей" "для уборки салона"? Понять погибший экипаж можно, люди валились от усталости - за неделю 14 рейс?! Бросили уборщикам ключи и пошли в гостиницу спать, а бармалеи под видом чистящего средства (в жестяной банке вроде "Пемос") занесли взрывчатку с таймером - хотели, чтобы самолет взорвался над морем (как французский), а рейс на 10-15 минут задержался? Поэтому взрыв произошел над пустыней, что и позволило понять причину взрыва! Короче, чихать Власть хотела на нас - лишь бы снова "задружить" с Египтом - слишком сладкий дружок - пирожок! Политическая, понимаете, "прерогатива" - приоритет страны дороже жизней рядовых россиян?
    1. UnclePasha
      UnclePasha 13 September 2016 09: 35 New
      And ordinary citizens at gunpoint in Egypt or in Turkey driven ???
    2. roman_pilot
      roman_pilot 13 September 2016 11: 12 New
      The keys to what? From ignition? You, apparently, have little knowledge of aircraft maintenance technology. Cleaning is carried out under the control of the cabin crew. And after it, all the niches and pockets are inspected for the bookmark of something outsider. So the explosion in the beam seems most likely.
      1. Kudrevkn
        Kudrevkn 13 September 2016 13: 32 New
        Да 100 египетских фунтов (10 долларов) и все ключи ... "под контролем кабинного экипажа"!? Устал экипаж, заездили руководители кампании - бдительность потеряли,контроль? Вот сразу и получили по.... Ладно, о покойных только хорошо - Царствие им небесное! "Взрыв в балке"? Опять же не соглашусь с Вами - именно этому борту поменяли хвост на новый, усиленный!? Да и 900 граммов в багажном отделении мгновенный отрыв хвоста не сделает, а вот в кормовом гальюне (WC) на раз - два! Так что "Ваши не пляшут" - я прав!?
        1. roman_pilot
          roman_pilot 14 September 2016 00: 57 New

          Как видите задние "гальюны" целые, а хвост срезало аккурат по люк балка. И забудьте Вы про ключи! Нет их на самолётах, на Аэробусах уж точно.
  10. masiya
    masiya 13 September 2016 11: 24 New
    100% safety has never been - no and never will be, these scumbags always have something to be found, as the latest mass terrorist attacks show, and a machine and an ax are also weapons ...
  11. Svetlana
    Svetlana 13 September 2016 12: 04 New
    I read the version on the Internet that it was not an explosion, but the hijacking of an aircraft with the subsequent replacement of a pile of debris in a supposedly falling place. Almost all the passengers were Russian and were needed alive by a certain international mafia sect for their black, eerie goals. Confirmations of this version were presented quite a lot and convincing enough to at least start checking it with our special services. But the strictest ban has been imposed on this topic, all who can speak about it will be immediately declared a psycho.
    But, in principle, the point is not how people died, but that no one can provide complete security so far. Perhaps other times will come.
  12. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 13 September 2016 12: 47 New
    Quote: Svetlana
    But the strictest ban has been imposed on this topic, all who can speak about it will be immediately declared a psycho.
    Oh, just don’t have to scare us with a psychiatric hospital, If you saw the material where, share the link. For this, they will not hide you in a psychiatric hospital, but they can pull you to the Lubyanka. Link plz.
  13. metanik
    metanik 13 September 2016 15: 56 New
    Our aircraft must be serviced from start to finish by Russian specialists. Otherwise, repetition is inevitable.
    If the Egyptians want money from tourists, let them make zones under Russian ownership, like embassies.
    1. Kalina
      Kalina 14 September 2016 11: 26 New
      There is a certain logic in your words, but how will it look technically and financially?