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During the forum "Army-2016" acted aviation a cluster at the Kubinka air base, from which planes and helicopters took off for their demonstration at the Alabino training ground, as well as the Russian Knights, Swifts, Falcons of Russia and Golden Eagles aerobatic flights.

1. This Saturday we managed to shoot the work of our pilots on the magnificent aircraft. Fortunately, the weather is very contributed)

2. MiG-29MT and MiG-29 (9-13) "Swifts" - two different aircraft

3. This time the statics could not be shot.

4. Training and combat aircraft Yak-130 refuel

5. Parking Su-27 "Russian Knights"

6. Su-34, named in honor of Oleg Peshkov, a pilot bomber who died in Syria, with containers of the Khibiny electronic warfare

7. Su-27 with onboard №27

8. IL-22

9. Su-35C (red 03)


11. Su-30M (red 55)


13. Su-30M

14. An-30 "Open Sky"

15. An-26 (Red 35)


17. Single aerobatics Mi-28H "Golden Eagles" on the background of the Tu-160

18. Salute from Mi-28H

19. Yak-130 (white 57) is preparing to fly

20. MiG-29 (blue 30) "Swifts" is preparing for departure

21. Characteristic black smoke of the working engines RD-33

22. Taxiing to the place of executive start

23. Simultaneous take-off of the four "Swifts"


25. "Man" constantly hit the frames)))

26. Take off in thunder clouds

27. Meanwhile, on the rise they rule "Russian Knights"

28. The rapid rise, too, fours, but the Su-27-x



31. Beautiful sky

32. "Vityazi" passed with a small program over Kubinka and went to Alabino

33. The weather helped us

34. Yak-130 (white 59) warms the engines before takeoff

35. and starts taxiing

36. Behind him begins taxiing MiG-29CMT (blue 23)


38. Su-34 (red 15) is ready to taxi at the start

39. Technician jumps, touching the Su-34 pylon, one of the elements of the preparation of the aircraft and its wires in flight


41. Beautiful plane

42. Meanwhile, Swifts are starting to set down.

43. MiG-29 (blue 29)


45. Greeting from "Swifts"

46. "Swifts" on the background of the "Swifts" of the old livery

47. A group of helicopters is going to group flight

48. Having missed the take-off of helicopters, the Yak-130 takes off



51. Takeoff MiG-29SMT



54. One of the most beautiful aircraft in the world, the Su-30CM, is mass-produced in Irkutsk at the aircraft factory of the Irkut Corporation.

55. The sky is a match

56. It is based on the Su-30MKI Indian Air Force (more than 200 units), as well as the Algerian Su-30MKA and Malaysian Su-30MKM

57. Blue burners Su-30CM

58. The largest aircraft of the Su-27 family - the Su-34 bomber

59. Su-34 give out original dual "bicycle" carts of the main chassis

60. and solid tail boom

61. A few weeks ago, in Novosibirsk, at the aircraft factory - a branch of the Sukhoi Company, commemorated the production of the 100th Su-34

62. Fighter generation 4 ++ Su-35С, whose production is carried out in Komsomolsk-on-Amur - a branch of the company "Sukhoi"

63. Massive EW containers give su-35C brutality (and who designed and manufactures these containers?)


There will be more detailed photos from this wonderful Saturday and not only from Kubinka!
Продолжение следует ...
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  1. bober1982
    bober1982 13 September 2016 07: 38 New
    A selection of photographs is brilliant, thanks to the author. A small clarification, in photo No. 8 - IL-20m, an electronic reconnaissance aircraft and electronic warfare, and not IL-22 (airborne CP)
  2. FID
    FID 13 September 2016 09: 09 New
    I apologize, but:
    - "black smoke" is not ... a characteristic sign of an airplane, it is a "start" of the engine (photo 21)
    - photo 25 is a scarecrow ...
    - photo 26 - there was no thunderstorm in Moscow at that time ...
    - photo 34 - planes DO NOT heat engines ...
    - photo 65 - EW does KRET ...
    1. jjj
      jjj 13 September 2016 19: 20 New
      Quote: SSI
      - photo 34 - planes DO NOT heat engines ...

      Drive off after preflight service
  3. Max repp
    Max repp 13 September 2016 10: 56 New
  4. EvgNik
    EvgNik 13 September 2016 13: 10 New
    Handsomely. And can not not like it.