Following the talks, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Arkady Dvorkovich with Greek Prime Ministers Alexis Tsipras learned that Athens would support any gas pipeline project from Russia to southern Europe. It is not yet spoken about which gas pipeline is specifically in question - the Turkish Stream (with the subsequent actions of the Europeans themselves) or the South, but the Greek side said that it would support the project in cooperation with the Russian Federation anyway.


The Greek authorities are puzzled that Brussels is trying to prevent energy cooperation with Russia, given that the Nord Stream gas pipeline is already in full force.

RIA News cites a statement by the adviser to the Greek prime minister on energy, Dimitrios Velanis:
You can ask a simple question: Europe is supplied with billions of cubes of Russian gas. How does she prohibit any country from missing 10 billions for neighboring countries? This is incomprehensible. 160 billion cubic meters of gas last year, Europe bought in Russia. Therefore, we believe that we will find a common language both with the European Commission and with other commissions. And in this direction, in order to find a common language, the Russian government itself works. I think we will all find the best, peaceful, logical solution.

Velanis added:
We will definitely go to the project. And Europe knows that.

An adviser to the Greek prime minister said that other countries in southern Europe, Italy and Bulgaria, are interested in the project. At the same time, Velanis noted that the European Commission, declaring the need to move away from the monopoly on gas supplies to the EU, contradicts itself. After all, if you move away from a monopoly, you need to provide equal conditions for all suppliers, and Brussels is trying to squeeze Russia out of the market, which itself violates European antitrust laws.
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  1. +2
    12 September 2016 12: 50
    Brussels and Greece things are incompatible ...
    1. +2
      12 September 2016 12: 56
      Quote: dmi.pris
      Brussels and Greece things are incompatible ...

      It’s not enough to say that Greece will have to toughly resist pressure from the EU and the USA. Is it a question? One desire is not enough.
      1. +8
        12 September 2016 19: 15
        her, Tsipras will bend. Now, if HA were in power, it would have bent their policies, and Tsipras only ... clicks the bloom. corrupt type, very slippery. do not believe Tsipras. the Greeks as a people have always looked towards Russia, and the government is getting over the ears of Brussels and they obediently carry out their will. Kostas Karamanlis won when he wanted to keep pace with V. Putin, riots broke out in Greece, barricades stood on the streets for two months, well, Maidan is shorter ... and how much I hung around there, I didn’t see a single Greek. all foreigners were. 10 out of 2 people were Greeks (some kind of anarchists, corrupt skins) and the rest were never Greeks. As a result, Karamanlis was removed. so it will be now. HA (Chrisi Avgi) would immediately begin cleaning, all non-Greeks for deportation, and they would sort it out quickly, but any brainless critters call them fascists and do not want them because they are afraid of losing their feeding trough. and meanwhile, only HA conducts the correct policy. they can leave the EU if they begin to put pressure and offer unfavorable conditions for the Greeks. they generally have the main move is rapprochement with the Russian Federation. if Tsipras fails this project, then they will throw it off. because the Greeks do not like such jokes, everyone will immediately go for HA. and if HA comes out, it will sharply start an artificial famine in Greece, Greece will be crushed from all sides, perhaps even the Turkish army’s invasion of our islands, but apparently everything will work out. and there will be a severe impoverishment in Greece, the people will starve, that’s what everyone is afraid of and they will not let the KhA to power, because they will go to the EU and bring the country to hunger, but we will be independent. I personally am ready to starve, I still do not live richly, and those who live richly they can not stand the impoverishment. and Tsipras will bend. he already caved in once when we here 62% voted to leave the eurozone and return to drachma. and this time will bend too.
        1. +1
          13 September 2016 14: 50
          Quote - "her, Tsipras will bend. Now, if HA were in power, ..."
          If you are truly Greek, I must tell you that you, the Greeks, show miracles of patience, no matter what.
          As you know, Greece has long been in the EU, in comparison with other "recruits", and has already tasted the "charms" of the European Union in all - it has lost many industries and agriculture that existed in independent Greece, "lost" the ability to independently determine its credit and financial politics, joined NATO, probably in order to feel even closer the shoulder of a "friend" from the neighboring coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, became one of the "leaders" of the EU on debts and a gateway for migrants from Asia and Africa, and nothing, almost complete calm ...
          Probably still not very hot, and sometimes from Brussels they throw money into small expenses for patching social holes.
          Why am I saying this, but at least from your conclusions "... and meanwhile only the HA is pursuing the correct policy. They can leave the EU if they begin to pressure and offer conditions unfavorable for the Greeks ...". It turns out that now Greece is still profitable in the EU, or, let's say, profitable because of necessity.
          So the Greeks do not face any hunger and no one will starve them with hunger, do not invent it.
          Greece will simply be presented with an account (or accounts) by the main debt holders if it decides to exit the EU.
          It turns out that by swallowing the bait in the form of loans, Greece fell on a big debt hook, which the US and the EU now skillfully use.

          It is very difficult for small countries with weak economies and large debts to get out of the dictatorship of large creditors if there is no desire or opportunity to re-lend somewhere.
          Judging by the actions of Tsipras, during the period of his election campaign for power, he had neither the desire nor the opportunity to get out of the custody of the USA and the EU, therefore, now nothing depends on him.
          The words of the representative of the Greek government regarding the desire to conduct a gas pipeline from Russia through the territory of Greece, as well as the words of representatives of the government circles of Bulgaria, on this issue remind me of a child for whom the main thing is to express their desire without having any opportunities for their realization without adult participation.

          Therefore, the point is not whether Tsipras will drive out near Brussels or not, the main thing is what Brussels will decide, because he is the master of the situation and not Greece.
          1. +1
            13 September 2016 21: 15
            the fact is that in Greece for 40 years, only two parties, Nea Dimokratia and PASOK, ruled, they collected loans, but Greece had its own production. no need to say that we had nothing. everything worked fine until 2002. after 2002, the FPA tax was raised from 12 to 18%, and production began to quietly go to neighboring Bulgaria and Romania. until everything is gone. then there was a ban on growing grapes and olives in excess of the norm, this is when it was decided that Greece could live and pay only on tourism. and at the same time reduced the flow of tourists from the EU at the expense of Turkey and Egypt. another blow to the economy, and to hell with them, we began to work with Russian tourists and pilgrims. that at least somehow saved the country at first. now there is none of this, the country has flooded with refugees. and the people are patient, yes, but not indefinitely. according to official data, over 2010 suicides motivated by impoverishment occurred in our country in the period from 2015 to 11.000, and you are telling me that the people will not starve? Yes, our people are already starving, especially pensioners who cut everything. about loans ... you don't know yet. that all this debt is inflated figures, inflated to the point of disgrace. KHA will not just leave the EU and NATO, they will start cooperating with Gazprom to extract oil and gas from our reserves, 50/50, so this pipeline is not really needed here. it will be much easier to start exploiting your own hydrocarbon deposits. Greece has the second place in the EU in gold mining, first in osmium mining, there is still lignite, aluminum and other rare earth metals. we are not a poor country at all. so if you think that we need something from you, then you are mistaken, we do not need your gas or money, we need friends. who would not try to rob us, but would cooperate as a friendly state. and what for Tsipras, so he is a bastard. I personally voted for XA, not for him. and I am not responsible for his words or actions. he destroyed everything, the army and the police and the economy, and flooded the country with "refugees" who are not refugees at all. but nothing ... we'll remove it, but then we'll see who is our friend. we never had them anyway, so we have nothing to lose. and you don’t need to offend us .. I’m not inventing anything about hunger. hunger will begin because it will be organized by someone else's hands. and you know very little Greeks. if the Greeks get angry, they will send three letters to NATO and Brussels, and we are already angry, only there are no guarantees on your part that we will not be left alone again against everyone.
    2. +5
      12 September 2016 12: 59
      Quote: dmi.pris
      Brussels and Greece things are incompatible ...

      It can be said more precisely: Brussels is "superior", while Greece is "subject to full approval, sir". Well, about the "fighter" - Tsipras and no words. Long after the militant rhetoric, he merged all of Greece, and his wife turned out to be principled and left him ...
      1. +2
        12 September 2016 19: 46
        Quote: tiredwithall
        Long after fighting rhetoric, he merged all of Greece, and his wife turned out to be principled and left him ...

        This is true. Greece, as a country, the Turkish Stream - manna from heaven (gas hub and free money for transit). But (IMHO) Tsipras is not Zeman, not an eagle, but a chicken. And for Greece, everything will turn into a Bulgarian option. Yes
    3. +3
      12 September 2016 13: 48
      Tsipras is a weather vane. Now he is trying to intercept part of the gesheft from Turkey and Bulgaria.
  2. +6
    12 September 2016 12: 54
    Therefore, we believe that we will find a common language with the European Commission and with other commissions.

    Nu-nu .... Dahl's dictionary to help you. And do not forget to take lessons from Lavrov.
    1. +2
      12 September 2016 14: 13

      Nu-nu .... Dahl's dictionary to help you. And do not forget to take lessons from Lavrov.

      I think the dictionaries of T.V. Akhmetova and F.N. Ilyasova will be cooler.
  3. +2
    12 September 2016 12: 58
    Oh, and when the Greeks used to be a great empire, dictating their will to other countries, it is a pity that they made a 180-degree turn. recourse
    1. +3
      12 September 2016 13: 07
      In the time of Alexander the Great? So it lasted exactly until his death. And then his comrades-in-arms grappled with each other ... Rome, yes. Greece is not an independent player. They say they will jump - they will jump through the hoop, and that she thinks about this, she will not interest anyone.
    2. +2
      12 September 2016 13: 10
      Danil Larionov "once upon a time the Greeks were a great empire"

      A very long time 2 years ago, according to Mr. Scaliger.
    3. +7
      12 September 2016 19: 36
      Are you talking about Byzantium? yes, for almost a thousand years the empire stood. but it was destroyed by the crusaders, and the Turks finished off. and now the Greeks are friends with the crusaders, although the people do not want any friendship with them. if in due time the RI did not fall apart, then perhaps history would go in a different direction. Russian soldiers along with the Greek liberated Macedonia from the Turks. Thessaloniki was liberated in 1922, and then went on to Alexandropolis. if not for the revolution in 1917, then all of Greece would be liberated. Russia successfully fought on the eastern front in Erzurum and Kars, but ... Lenin began to avenge his brother, then Voroshilov helped the Turks, then another betrayal in 1937, 74.000 sent to Kazakhstan from the Black Sea. 40 thousand died there, and as much as the Russians did for Greece, no one else did. Ioannis Kappodistras knew that besides Russia no one else wants good for Greece, therefore it was he who raised the Greeks to rapprochement, which is why he was killed later. because the State of Seven Ostrovo (KrAtos Eptanison) was formed under Kappodistra when Admiral F. Ushakov (by the way we are very revered as a saint in Greece) freed Kerkyra (Corfu in Russian) from the French, then Nicholas II patronized Athos and his Cossacks fought for Macedonia and Thrace. everything could have gone differently if not for Lenin with his revolution. when the Greek army went east in 1974, the second army of the USSR Airborne Forces landed in Bulgaria, by order of L.I. Brezhnev, and the so-called black Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos was in power in Greece. Papadopoulos ordered the army to stop, said that the Greeks did not fight the Russians. and for this he was sent to prison, all his tails were squeezed, the same Ioannidis, sold Cyprus with giblets, and dumped everything on Papadopulo and Patakos. and now those in power here are those whom they, Papadopoulos and Patakos did not allow to power, all the left, atheists and skins ... here we have what we have for today. sad
  4. +6
    12 September 2016 13: 04
    "You can ask a simple question: Europe is supplied with billions of cubic meters of Russian gas. How will it prohibit a country from letting in 10 billion for neighboring countries?" What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to a bull ... ask the Bulgarians ... such a naive wink
  5. +2
    12 September 2016 13: 10
    RђS "RoRЅS <P" SЂRμS † RoSЏ RїRѕRґRґRμSЂR¶RoS, RїSЂRѕRμRєS, RіR ° F · ° RѕRїSЂRѕRІRѕRґR RЅR SЋRі ° F • RІSЂRѕRїS <Röhr · P RѕSЃSЃRoRo
    cipras will support at least that, weather vane ... at least to someone, at least that, at least where, at least when. the slippery type ...
  6. +2
    12 September 2016 14: 35
    The dream of another village boy, adult uncles from Brussels are fulfilling a team from Fashington, and he is here with his dream. Do not bother the boy.
  7. 0
    12 September 2016 14: 53
    And we need it, this Greece, are we without it?
  8. +3
    12 September 2016 14: 56
    The EC + USA has so many times sagged Greece's "principled" positions that it is now possible to trust it no more than Bulgaria. As much as Tsipras does not push, but will do what Washington orders.
  9. +2
    12 September 2016 16: 43
    Tsipras has caved in more than once under the pressure of the EU, I think that in this matter it is not worth trusting him.
    1. +4
      12 September 2016 19: 47
      definitely yes. skin he. we must wait until the ultra-right come to power, only they can take such a risk and even get out of the control of the EU and NATO. no one else. neither Tsipras nor Kammenos nor Alec Papariga nor even this puppy G. Papandreou, this one will even sell people into slavery .. they will all bend. except the ultra right.
  10. +2
    12 September 2016 20: 45
    Nobody wants to heat with dung and firewood. BUT! To begin with, let us completely gasify our country, and then add "blue fuel" to others.
  11. 0
    12 September 2016 21: 30
    Greek prime minister, worse gypsy fortune teller! First he pinned the EU, then they refused to build on his territory, and now he wants to participate again. Chairs in the evening, money in the morning!
  12. 0
    13 September 2016 06: 13
    Liars. You can talk with non-sovereign countries only after they leave the EU, or, at worst, vote against sanctions. The gut is thin? So finish the boltology.
  13. 0
    13 September 2016 07: 50
    Oh, Tsipras promised a lot of things in his election speeches, and then the EU put him before a choice and that’s all ..., forgot about the promises. So what will stop him from cheating again and again? Perhaps even if it is against his beliefs, they will be presented with a choice and that’s all, Tsipras was blown away

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