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The Russian military arrived in Kyrgyzstan for the SCO peace mission “2016”

The Russian military units arrived in Kyrgyzstan at the site of the joint SCO Peace Mission-2016 exercise, reports TASS Post press service of the Ministry of Defense.

“The solemn ceremony of the meeting of Russian servicemen took place on the territory of one of the military units of Kyrgyzstan. The Russians arrived in the republic with their military equipment, in the next two days the arrival of contingents from Kazakhstan, China and Tajikistan is also expected, ”the message says.

The antiterrorist exercise of the Shanghai Organization member states will be held from 15 to 21 in September at the Edelweiss training ground in the mountainous areas of Issyk-Kul region.

"The purpose of the exercise is to work out issues of coordination of the control bodies of the armed forces of the SCO states in preparing and conducting a joint anti-terrorist operation, increasing the readiness of the governing bodies, forces and means of the SCO states to combat terrorism, extremism and separatism, and improve the experience of joint training SCO in mountainous conditions ", - Reported in the Ministry of Defense of Kyrgyzstan.

Recall that the SCO includes Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
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  1. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 12 September 2016 10: 36
    in NATO, such operations, they say, take from one to three weeks)
  2. Tusv
    Tusv 12 September 2016 10: 41
    Brought the United States a normal economic organization to a military bloc. Rejoice Americans. You are geniuses. Today the SCO exercises, tomorrow the dollar is demolished
    1. dimonl
      dimonl 12 September 2016 12: 43
      They promise us a demolition dollar for two years already! Wherever he goes - the dollar! We have it more than in the states themselves, see the news!))
      1. Tusv
        Tusv 12 September 2016 13: 45
        Quote: dimonl
        They promise us a demolition dollar for two years already! Wherever he goes - the dollar! We have it more than in the states themselves, see the news!))

        Well, never mind, history does not teach you. laughing Take it higher. In a year, namely November 7, the decaying West will mark a century. And we only break through the social hi
  3. newcomer
    newcomer 12 September 2016 10: 47
    you have to study, study and study again. good teachings on time. we need to prepare for what might be a tip into the language of experts, but the igil with the submission of the Yankees will soon begin to test our Asian borders on the CST.
  4. 79807420129
    79807420129 12 September 2016 10: 52
    In the photo, by car numbers with our 76th region, nothing from Yaroslavl.
    1. UnclePasha
      UnclePasha 12 September 2016 11: 11
      on military numbers, figures do not apply to the region
    2. igorka357
      igorka357 12 September 2016 17: 43
      Ural Military District.
  5. cap
    cap 12 September 2016 11: 03
    I think the exercise will continue until the "white flies" and beyond.
    The situation is not very good. It is unclear what will plug the hole in the authority of the world-class "son of a bitch".
    You can’t relax in any way, and no one canceled the cohesion of the troops.
    After all, you will have to take not quantity, but quality.
    It is not entirely clear what, or who will have to "convince", but "infantry is infantry", without it anywhere.
  6. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 12 September 2016 11: 27
    It's nice to look at the equipment when it is new, well-groomed and in an explicit order.
    1. Artur Loginov
      Artur Loginov 12 September 2016 16: 01
      It’s good if it’s new, otherwise we are in China in 2009 on the BMP-1, the 70s. years of release, played.
  7. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 12 September 2016 11: 35
    What a name! "Peaceful mission"!
    Not really after this name, the Americans will again say that the exercises in which Russia participates, leading to instability in the regions, creating tension.
  8. sgazeev
    sgazeev 12 September 2016 12: 45
    “Peace Mission 2016”, this is in our SCO.

    And here is the NATO mission: Stage 1. Lightning strike on a conditional enemy with the subsequent seizure of territories. Codenames: Quick Response and Saber Strike.

    a) working out the interaction of special teams to filter the local population of the Liberated Territories (OT), in order to identify undemocratic and intolerant persons with their movement to special camps called “Freedom Camps”.

    b) development by the quartermaster and the rear services of activities for sending from RT resources (healthy children, black soil, fuel, cattle and small cattle, milk, hens, eggs, etc.) and valuables (museum collections, jewelry, gold tooth crowns and etc.) to Europe and the USA. angry

    c) development of measures for organizing local self-government at the OT (elders, sheriffs, mayors, etc.) from among local loyal and liberal aborigines.

    d) holding a celebratory gay parade at the OT, with the participation of NATO troops. laughing