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Tactical RK "Luna-M" with unmanaged BR 9М21

The main purpose of TRC "Luna-M" - the destruction of manpower, equipment, weapons and fortified structures located in the tactical zone of the enemy's defense.

Tactical RK "Luna-M" with unmanaged BR 9М21

In 61, the Soviet army adopts the RK "Luna". The composition of the new missile system:
- SPU 2P16;
- rocket 3P9 - 3P10;
- Crane K-51 for loading missiles;
- 2U663 transport vehicle with 2-missiles.
Key Features:
- nuclear warhead 3H14;
- SPU 2P16 crawler based tank PT-76B;
- The range of 32-45 missiles kilometers;
- KVO 800-2000 meters;
- weight of SPU 18 tons;
- weight rocket 2150-2300 kilogram;
- travel speed up to 40 km / h.

During testing and further use, a number of shortcomings were identified, the complex was constantly being finalized. In 1961, the USSR Council of Ministers adopted a resolution on the commencement of work on the modernization of the complex, with the elimination of the identified deficiencies and an increased range of the missile complex.

The modernization work led the designers to create a new complex:
- created a new rocket 9М21;
- created a new PU on a wheeled chassis;
- created a new vehicle for transportation.
The upgraded complex receives the name "Luna-M".
The first test of the 9М21 missile of the upgraded Luna tactical complex took place at the end of the 1961 year, and the complex was entered into mass production in the 64 year. Production was carried out by the factory "Barricades".
Tactical RK "Luna-M" in the Soviet Union became one of the most popular in its segment. On the 86 year, these complexes were released around 750 units.
The export version of this complex 9K52TS, without missiles with a nuclear warhead, was developed in 68 year. The main foreign users: Iraq, North Korea, Cuba, Egypt. Only about 15 states have adopted this complex.
The first baptism of the complex took place abroad, in the Arab-Israeli military conflict 73 of the year. The complex participated in hostilities in Afghanistan, the Iran-Iraq conflict in 80, in hostilities in the Gulf of 91.
One of the drawbacks of the "Luna-M" TRC is the low accuracy of fire, even using a nuclear weapon, there was no guarantee in the destruction of the enemy’s armored and well-fortified command posts.
This led in 66 to the issuance of the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on the commencement of work on the creation of a missile with a QUO no more than 0.5 kilometers. But the very first tests of the "Luna-3" showed even more QUO.
Works are considered unsatisfactory, and further development is terminated.
Another modernization of Luna-MB, initiated by the decision of the USSR Council of Ministers in 62, reached the process of creating prototypes. However, the difficulties experienced in implementing the project in 65 year lead to the cessation of work on Luna-MB.
TRC "Luna-M" in foreign sources is called "FROG-7".

TRC "Luna-M" consists of:
- ballistic missile 9М21;
- launcher 9P113, chassis ZIL-135ЛМ;
- vehicles for transporting missiles 9Т29, chassis ZIL-135ЛТМ.
The first advantage of the "Luna-M" before the "Luna" - a crane for loading ammunition missiles was made on the launcher. This made it possible to abandon a separate crane.
Payload hydromechanical own crane - 3000 kilogram.
Increased speed of movement of the complex, it was 60 km / h, due to the wheeled chassis and more sustainable performance PU. The whole complex has a very high cross-country terrain.
Launch TRC "Luna-M" is designed to perform 200 ballistic missile launches. Fixation of PU for launching missiles is provided with four supports with screw-type jacks. The 9P113 launcher is equipped with a hydraulic actuator to control the rocket guide and is provided with pre-launch equipment.

The composition of equipment PU includes:
- communication equipment;
- equipment for orientation and navigation;
- equipment for life support;
- equipment for power supply;
The rocket for use in the complex was created in various versions:
- 9M12B having a nuclear warhead 9H32;
- 9M21F with high-explosive fragmentation warhead 9H18F;
- 9M21G having a chemical warhead 9H18G;
- 9М21Д has a propaganda warhead 9НХNUMXА.
The 9H18F warhead had 200 kilograms of TGA-40 / 60 and ensured the formation of 15 thousands of fragments during blasting. In the 69 year, the complex received a new 9H18K cassette type warhead. Weight 420 kg KG, 42 striking an element weighing 7.5 kilograms each. The striking effectiveness of the enemy's manpower was not provided for a few hectares.
Nuclear warheads did not have the equipment to maintain the temperature parameters of storage, so the complex had special thermal covers. The covers had electrical heating, with a temperature sensor that turned on or turned off electrical heating when certain temperatures were reached. The number of covers was equal to the number of missiles.
To warm up the warhead, the complex had a benzoagregat, which was located on the left side of the PU between the 3-m and 4-m bridge.
9М21 has three solid-fuel engines: starting, sustaining and turning.
Different flight range is achieved with the help of brake flaps and guide angle when launching a rocket.
The engine for the production of rocket launch is located along the diameter of the main engine nozzle. Provides rocket movement along the launcher guide. Starting the start of the engine is provided by penetrating gases from the main engine passing through the special holes. The starting engine has a charge of gunpowder drafts RSI-60. Checkers are located three in a row, around the circumference.
Marching engine ensures the achievement of a given range of flight. Powered by an active flight trajectory, the final flight trajectory of a rocket passes by inertia.
Marching engine has a charge of checkers with a special powder MF-2. The ends of the checkers have a reservation, which supports the combustion process throughout the charge and additionally performs the centering of the rocket.
The charge of MD is divided into two parts. Each of them is held in the solid propellant solid by its own diaphragms. This placement of the charge almost halves the load on the mount.
The operation of the main engine is influenced by the initial temperature characteristics of the charge. They also affect the thrust of the main engine. One of the ways to eliminate these effects is to make the appropriate corrections to the elevation angle of the guide rocket.
In addition, there are bushings for different temperature characteristics: with an increased cross section for high temperatures and with a reduced cross section for low temperatures.
The rotary engine provides compensation for the moment that occurs when the thrust vector deviates, located at the equilibrium point of the rocket. As well as the starting engine has a powder charge RSI-60. 0.4 rotational engine running time seconds. Getting started - rocket gathering from the guide.
The tail section of the 9М21 is equipped with stabilizers to ensure flight stability.
When making calculations for launching a rocket, it is necessary to take into account field weather conditions: wind direction and wind speed at altitudes. To obtain this data, a vertical shot is produced from the ballistic weapons. By the fall of ballistic bullets determine the direction and speed of the wind.

The main characteristics of the Luna-M SEC:
- range to 70 kilometers;
- dead zone to 15 kilometers;
- The mass of PU 16400 kilogram;
- rocket weight - 2500 kilogram;
- rocket speed 1.2 km / s;
- team PU 5 man;
- team transport vehicle 2 man.
- permeability: rise to 30 degrees, ford to 1.2 meters deep.

Additional Information
There were means to ensure the safety of the use of nuclear missiles. TRC "Luna-M", capable of using these missiles, was provided with code blocking devices.

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