Crimean terrorist attack. What turned the MTR of Ukraine

The noise raised by the Ukrainian SSO during an unsuccessful operation in the Crimea began to calm down. Already no longer heard statements by politicians and "patriots" on both sides. No one is already looking for evidence on the Internet that there was a group or there was no group. The Russians were reassured by the fact that the FSB and special forces worked more or less well. The opinion that "the border is locked" has become stronger in us.

Ukrainians, on the contrary, overwhelmingly believed in the non-participation of their elite fighters in this operation. Media and a variety of opinions have done their job. And most importantly, Russia, having frightened the Ukrainian politicians with the presence of indisputable evidence, is in no hurry to make this evidence public. The photo of Panov, which was posted by one of the commanders in his blog from the meeting of the leaders of the SSO, was deleted.

The fact that there is such evidence is a fact. This is perfectly illustrated by the reaction of our president. Moreover, the reaction of the leaders of those countries, which cannot be called friendly to us, speaks of this. Merkel fell silent, Hollande fell silent. Even the President of the United States is thoughtfully silent about sabotage in the Crimea. One feels that Lavrov still “showed” something.

However, for the majority of readers it remains a mystery about what happened. Why so "clumsy" worked specialists in Ukraine. What is more in what happened - chance or "clumsiness".

Forces special operations of Ukraine "copied" from the US MTR. But, a copy is always worse than the original. And the desire to "improve" and "strengthen" the MTR at the expense of the "jumble" of training methods led to a completely opposite result. Best the enemy of the good. A "mixture of" wonderful "dishes" often becomes just garbage.

Many readers wonder: "Why did the Ukrainian saboteurs decide to" work out "the Crimea?". Why for such a work picked up such a strange group of groups. Judge for yourself, the staff officer of the SSO Panov, the criminal Zakhtey, the Crimean Tatars from the inhabitants of the Crimea.

On the fresh footsteps of events, we wrote that the operation too “looks like” a PR action. A lot of noise. Lots of shooting. Many political statements. And ... zero in the end. Why?

A person, who is not even connected with the special services, due to the fact that there are enough sources of information today, knows that the saboteurs work according to a simple scheme. Quietly came, did his job and quietly left. Work MTR does not like noise.

That is, in principle, done. Panov and his subordinates arrived legitimately in the Crimea. We carried out reconnaissance, mapped out sabotage sites, made bookmarks. Border security mode allows you to do this. But then the questions started.

Judging by the actions of the group commander, and by open sources and the media, we know that this is Panov, he has experience in conducting operations. It is an experience. And where could he gain this experience? In Russia? Hardly. Most likely, Panov worked in the republics. Probably, for the LDNR special services it will not be a big problem to study the movement of this subject through their territory. Especially knowing his "roof".

The driver, even with a pronounced obesity, is unlikely to cause interest in the relevant services. Brought something. Back something lucky. Today, many of these drivers have already become familiar at checkpoints. By the way, this may explain the "strange" disappearances of the performers after some major terrorist attacks. Such as the murder of the most authoritative leaders of the Republicans, attempts on the leaders of the republics and so on.

Probably, this experience of successful operations played a cruel joke with Panov. Belief in one’s “genius” and elusiveness contributes little to the success of an assignment.

Now about the "caches". Judging by what we were shown, the saboteurs were preparing for serious operations. Moreover, it seems that such a number of "tools" clearly exceeds the capabilities of one group. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that the ammunition and explosives were intended for completely different people.

After the first explosion, the FSB of Russia would have “turned on” all its capabilities in searching for saboteurs. And the success of other operations would be very doubtful. Then, who is the "addressee" of caches? Who should "get out of the shadow"?

Most likely, this is a radical group of the number of "chicks Islyamova." Those who once belonged to the radical groups of the Crimean Tatars, who were in the battalions in the Kherson region. Those who "fell asleep" today. I think that what is called in the messages “the liquidation of the network of Ukrainian saboteurs” is the main merit of the FSB. And the fact that today the media "forgot" about the saboteurs only proves that the blow was serious. But the “clean up” still needs a lot.

The criminal in the group. Zakhtey only proves that the attacks were planned in a one-time mode. MTRs use felons precisely as an expendable material. Why create a network if you can use ready-made criminal connections? But, on the other hand, as soon as crime understands that it has passed into the category of terrorists, criminals have no choice. Or go to the end, or die. There is no way back.

In general, the task that the Kiev authorities set for the Ukrainian MTR was completely failed. Scare the tourists terrorist attacks failed. The holiday season, no matter how Kiev would like, is successful. It was not possible to organize the "Crimean-Tatar resistance". To arouse interest in the Crimea from the Western countries and the United States too.

I want to talk about another task. Let not so clearly visible, but relevant for Kiev. About visa-free regime for Ukrainians. It is no secret that millions of Ukrainians in Russia are viewed as potential enemies of the existing regime. Even "washed" brains, without constant "feeding" start to think. And the fact that Ukrainians really see in Russia forces them to simply juxtapose the facts.

Likewise with the "vacationers". How many video reports about trips to the Crimea posted Ukrainian bloggers. How many eyewitness stories were in private conversations. And all this plays against Poroshenko and the company.

Close the border Kiev is not solved. I am well aware that many families today live off income from Russia. But hoping to push Russia to the introduction of a visa regime. In general, it did not work out. But look at the blogosphere of Russia. How many such offers and even requirements appeared?

But back to the Ukrainian SSO. What preliminary conclusions can be drawn today about the state of these units? We did not learn anything new. MTR part of the army of Ukraine. And she got exactly the same problems as the APU.

To resist a serious "counterintelligence" USSO can not. Yes, and there is no such task today. Soldiers and officers of this "office" are more adapted to work against Republicans. The operation in the Crimea was clearly "demonstrative" in nature. And it was designed for the reaction of the West and Russia.

American instructors played a very bad joke with the Ukrainians. The “beautiful wrapper” with the opening of the training center, with the preparation by American methods, with the dispersal of really serious professionals, like Colonel Krivonos, turned out to be filled with just earth. Candy there and did not smell.

Like most of what the Ukrainian government has done over the years, the MTR turned out to be just a beautiful picture. The picture, calculated on the "washed brain" Ukrainians. However, it is the unpredictability and lack of professionalism of Ukrainian intelligence and saboteurs that is of particular concern. Even a cat, cornered, becomes a tiger. Dies, but harms. And we need it?

What happened today in Ukraine will “haunt” us for years. And it will not take long for the workers of counterintelligence and other special services to "sleep" in the service. And the strengthening of the protection of borders with Ukraine, not only in the Crimea, but throughout its length, today is an urgent need. In order not to say our "friends" from NATO and the United States about our aggressive plans, this should be done. And we will do it. Leperosarium is necessary to "enclose" cordons of protection. To even the desire to come to us with weapons and BB did not occur.

Come relax, come to work, come live, but never come with a weapon. How many years have passed since the warning of Alexander Nevsky. And everything does not reach ...
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  1. +6
    12 September 2016 13: 14
    Our "sworn partners" will not calm down on this .. We must wait for the next provocations ..
    1. +6
      12 September 2016 13: 50
      From the author’s article, I did not understand why the visa regime is not beneficial to Russia.
      He's kind of against it. Send them back home, with the exception of those from the republics, even if they themselves deal with the piglet.
      1. +7
        12 September 2016 14: 39
        So that those who come to Russia, see how everything is really with us and tell others.
        1. +1
          13 September 2016 04: 11
          Unas has whole areas where things are "more or less" still in the regional centers, and a little further into the hinterland - not so watchable. They steal more there, or BB's hands don't reach, I don't know. However, this is felt even at the border of the regions, when the quality of roads suddenly changes.
      2. +4
        12 September 2016 20: 08
        Send them back home, with the exception of those from the republics, even if they themselves deal with the piglet.

        Pralna. Russian to send, and here to bring more from Central Asia. After which he himself left. What Obama needs.
  2. +12
    12 September 2016 13: 34
    All this Ukrainian Shapito will end with the words of Taras Bulba: What, son, did your Poles help you? no "Omeriga is with us!" will not help
    1. +3
      12 September 2016 14: 10
      And "Chapito" will not end as long as Omeriga helps ..
  3. +7
    12 September 2016 13: 42
    No luck Ukraine. They did not have their own Stalin, Khrushchev at last, and Lenin themselves was stolen. The stubborn ghouls, who stood all the years after the collapse of the Union, turned the country into a trash, people in sheep unable to perceive realities. Banderlogs rule the country, lick asses to everyone who does not offer to lick for a penny or a loan. The visa regime must be entered unambiguously, otherwise this sewerage will one day break through and the fical will flood to us in a continuous stream.
    1. +9
      12 September 2016 13: 59
      I with you, Alexander, absolutely agree on the assessment of us, but I am worried about the visa regime, travel to Crimea is for many of us Ukrainians as a trip to the sacred land of freedom.
      1. 0
        12 September 2016 19: 37
        (... but about the visa regime, I worry, trips to Crimea are for many of us Ukrainians as a trip to the sacred land of freedom.)

        So take away these very "rogulys", throw out foreign instigators from your territory, then the visa regime is useless and go to your health in the Crimea, to the Urals, fish in Baikal, walk along the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka, drink koumiss in Altai. All in your hands. Yes
    2. +2
      12 September 2016 19: 26
      we are also unlucky that we do not have Stalin. For here they forget that these saboteurs slammed 2 of our fighters, which is not a word about in the article. Under Stalin, the Finns for such jokes lost the Karelian Isthmus, and we only remained menacingly silent again. Let the saboteurs be thrown further, experience already exists
      1. 0
        12 September 2016 20: 16
        Under Stalin, the Finns for such jokes lost the Karelian Isthmus,
        What kind of jokes?
        There are no jokes. There, a hundred and a half thousand were killed for starters. Thanks to wise leadership. Meretskov was immediately imprisoned. Arms in the woods were thrown unmeasured. Are you trying to fight?
  4. +2
    12 September 2016 13: 54
    At an illegal border crossing, shoot. Others will not climb. These from Kiev think that our brothers were mistaken.
  5. +10
    12 September 2016 14: 22
    It seems that with us, pink glasses will never fall. There are few photos from Donetsk, Lugansk with mutilated, murdered children and their parents, old people. Allegedly, this is the work of the mythical Bandera. This is the work of all who live in the rest of Ukraine and no one else.
  6. +4
    12 September 2016 15: 58
    Quote: avg-mgn
    The visa regime must be entered unambiguously, otherwise this sewerage will one day break through and the fical will flood to us in a continuous stream.

    This "once" happened a long time ago - have you noticed ?! Amazing blindness.
    The first wave came immediately after 1991 - all those who previously wanted, but could not because of the tough institute of registration and fear of OBHSS, began to buy real estate in Moscow / Moscow region, in St. Petersburg / Leningrad region, in southern cities and resorts. At the same time, automatically acquiring the citizenship of the Russian Federation. These people were not only from Ukraine, but also from all former allies.
    The second wave from Schenesdohlia went in 2004 - in the forefront was a non-venerable ukronational intelligentsia - actors, directors, entertainers, writers, journalists, etc., etc., and former party activists who had already stolen.
    The third started at the end of 2014 and has already developed into the "Ninth Wave". And this time everything is already breaking - according to unofficial estimates, more than 10 million. And the percentage of "sewage" in this endless stream is 99%. The worse and more expensive their life becomes, the more they burst to us.
    The visa regime must be introduced urgently, otherwise at home we will get a mess and ruin, a surge of crime and epidemics (for many very serious and dangerous diseases in Mazepia they stopped vaccination and prevention). Well, the patience of the Russians is also not unlimited - such a number of pseudo-brothers who came in large numbers is fraught with ethnic conflicts. Moreover, uninvited guests do not bother to behave normally - they all owe it to them, let alone Russia.
    And further. Many criticize the FMS for the fact that it is difficult to obtain Russian citizenship. And I think that the rules for obtaining should be seriously tightened and the terms extended. In the USSR, everyone knew the Russian language; it was not only the state language, but also the language of interethnic communication. An Uzbek with a Moldavian, a Georgian with a Kyrgyz, and a Belarusian with an Armenian could speak only one thing - Russian. Therefore, Russian-speaking was simply a necessary use of a single language, and it cannot and should not be a reason for acquiring Russian citizenship.
    1. +5
      12 September 2016 20: 39
      Well, the patience of the Russians is also not unlimited - such a number of pseudo-brothers who came in large numbers is fraught with ethnic conflicts. Moreover, uninvited guests do not bother to behave normally - they all owe it to them, let alone Russia.

      That is, you decided to betray the Russians in Ukraine.
      At first, they gave Kiev Russian lands along with the serfs who lived there, then they deny Russian people the right to return to their homeland. Because your selfish interest. Voronezh or Oryol is a Russian city. And Kharkov, 100 km from the Russian border, is not a Russian city. Get out, the Russians from Kharkov, here in Russia now the Orphans numbered 63 rule! There would be no Russia if kurkuli built it.
      German can return to Germany.
      A Jew may return to Israel.
      Pole - to Poland. There is a map of the Pole.
      But the Russian cannot return to Russia. Because "local compatriots" are afraid for their rations. I can't even imagine more meanness.
    2. 0
      14 September 2016 02: 16
      orphan 63. Do not carry nonsense. no nation Ukrainians. they are the same Russians with Ukrainian citizenship. so Ukraine was born and created by Russians. so you need to correct your mistakes. I wonder if it would be better if instead of educated Russians from Ukraine, uneducated Uzbeks Tajiks Azerbaijanis came to us ....?
  7. 0
    12 September 2016 16: 50
    The special operations forces of Ukraine are "copied" from the US MTR.

    Wow. Ukrainians swung at the US MTR. Judging by the actions of the MTR of Ukraine, Ukrainians are to Americans, as to the Moon.
    1. +1
      12 September 2016 19: 51
      soldier Very controversial statement about the moon. Just to expand my horizons, tell me a couple of operations where the US MTR has really distinguished itself over the last 20 years. Where not to poke around, everywhere heaped up nonsense ... Only in the movies and remba ..
      1. +2
        12 September 2016 20: 45
        Quote: domokl
        soldier Very controversial statement about the moon. Just to expand my horizons, tell me a couple of operations where the US MTR has really distinguished itself over the last 20 years. Where not to poke around, everywhere heaped up nonsense ... Only in the movies and remba ..

        You are unlikely to find out about successful operations. Such a specificity.
        We know about Sorge. He failed. We know about the Cambridge group.
        She failed. . Red chapel ... and so on
  8. +2
    13 September 2016 00: 21
    A visa-free regime with Ukraine is a huge mistake of the Russian government, if not deliberate sabotage of any openly dispatched `` Cossacks '' like Romodanovsky, Grib, Yarova and the like. Outright Banderites come to Russia, who are engaged in sabotage, intelligence and recruitment on the territory of the Russian Federation. Every visitor from Khokhlostan is a potential terrorist.
  9. 0
    13 September 2016 02: 44
    After reading the article from Oleg Chuvakin and Alexei Volodin, this one is just an essay on a free theme! Already in the middle of the article, it became clear that he was simply "writing". There is a bag of such knowledge and analysis on every page of social networks. It is all the more obvious that the author cannot give an objective assessment of combat training and the state of the MTR, since knowledge is zero - probably, only in "cinema" I saw it. All conclusions and assessments are exclusively for the hat-takers, from the hat-takers!
    1. 0
      13 September 2016 02: 55
      Can you make a similar analysis?
      1. 0
        13 September 2016 03: 47
        Why would he write an analysis? Here, in my abrupt question. Type, specifics come on bully.
        1. 0
          13 September 2016 14: 07
          Quote: domokl
          Here, in my abrupt question. Type, come on specifics
          The question, like the answer, is one - VO is not a tabloid press to offer materials of low tailoring. I have cited above the authors whose articles are really relevant to VO, professional, interesting and do not belong to those who write for Pionerskaya Pravda.
      2. 0
        13 September 2016 13: 55
        Quote: Monarchist
        Can you make a similar analysis?
        The analysis and conclusions are made by the commission - its conclusions are always closed. Everything else is blah blah blah. But, unlike the author, I have some ideas. And I know that the level of training of the MTR is not lower than that of other similar structures.
  10. 0
    13 September 2016 03: 01
    Oles, you are right. The FSB also turned out to be mildly speaking, not up to par. MTR also clumsy work.
  11. kig
    14 September 2016 05: 00
    And if it was a distraction? Is there a lot of noise everyone should be running for? Meanwhile, someone quietly came, did the thing and quietly left.
  12. 0
    14 September 2016 19: 14
    Maybe not in the subject. But after the coup in 2014. I am interested in the question. What sent with the SBU officers who were against the junta. Remain in the service of the junta? They quit (and they just don't let them go).? Or quietly disappeared (Some secret paths far away from the country 404, some in the dungeons of the "native SBU" and other options. Who has any opinions?
    1. 0
      16 September 2016 15: 45
      who were against the junta

      Were such people in principle? My opinion is not there and there never was ... Ukrainian by nature KHATASKRAYNIK, and will lick, sorry, the ass of ANY government, even if he lives in a concentration camp ... Such is the plebeian nature. The freedom-loving Cossacks from the Zaporizhzhya Sich have long been hanged by the rulers who come alternately (Poles, Turks, the tsar's father, communists, now "democrats" hang them). What remains is an obedient mediocre, ready to uncomplainingly pull the yoke for any power ...

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