Donald Trump - American Boris Yeltsin?

Less than two months are left until the day of November 8, the election of a new US president. In general, this presidential campaign is unprecedented. Previously, the American presidential election was a game of a thimble, where there was actually one candidate, although in two persons, and the Americans chose only the image of the president, then today is a completely different matter. Today, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton proclaim really different political programs, and swear by this name of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Clinton recently revealed to the world that the United States is a “radiant hail on a hill,” but this is after all a communist “bright future of humanity”, a new edition of communism in the form of “American democratic leadership.” Why? Clinton is from the camp of neoconservatives (neocons), that is, permanent neo-Trotskyists, and therefore dreams of global leadership in communist Trotsky. In the program "The Right to Vote", experts say that Clinton represents 2% of the American elite, infinitely divorced even from the middle, wealthy layers of America. This 2-percentage class is the American "Central Committee of the CPSU", and Clinton is its general secretary.

And who is Trump? An isolationist, a traditionalist, a pragmatist and a realist, one might say, a billionaire from the middle American class. And he says, on the contrary, that America is not in order, and promises to make America great again. The concept of "shining hail on a hill" is in clear contradiction with the concept of "hail, where everything is not in order." In general, Donald Trump is somewhat similar to President John F. Kennedy, who also proposed a new political course, and a rapprochement with Russia-USSR, and changes in America, but he was killed and slandered, however, as president. Bad analogy for Trump.

But there is a more optimistic one. The intensity of the struggle between Trump and Clinton can be explained by a deeper historical by analogy. Trump, in fact, threatens to destroy the neo-Trotskyist CPSU Central Committee of Washington, and this reminds him of Boris Yeltsin, who destroyed the Soviet CPSU Central Committee.

The neocon neo-Trotskyist group came to power in Washington somewhere at the end of the 80 of the twentieth century, both in the ruling parties. And the United States, in fact, began to fulfill the Trotskyist dream of a world permanent revolution, replacing, for conspiracy, the communist flag with a democratic one. That is, the neocons build permanent communism after Trotsky, calling it world democracy. And the United States became the base, or, according to Trotsky, "a bundle of firewood for the world revolution."

By the way, the homosexual component of American democratic communism speaks about the kinship of Russian and American Trotskyism. Homosexuality was a characteristic feature of Soviet communism in its initial period, and it was not only the theory of “love as a glass of water” that Commissioner Alexandra Kollontai, namely Trotsky: he invited his old acquaintances in the USSR, Freudians, to educate the communist young people and even children.

Naked demonstrations of Komsomol members under the slogan: “Down with shame!” Reached distant provinces, but Trotsky was not lucky: Stalin’s son Vasily suffered from progressive education of Freudians in a kindergarten for children of the Soviet nomenclature: children were taught onanism. Stalin and his party comrades were, to put it mildly, furious. After sending Trotsky out of the country, Stalin, in a revolutionary way, did away with Freudianism / Trotskyism, adopting in 1934 a law on criminal punishment for sodomy, and then came the year 1937 ...

This is where the piquant question arises: was it possible that Trotsky was ... It’s not at all necessary, the theoretical constructions can also be manically perverted. Homosexuality comes to the fore in communist / trotsky world projects precisely because they are global!

Theoretically, for any global world project, national and religious borders and traditions of nations become an obstacle, and revolutionaries need to somehow erase them. It is clear that national traditions regulate and rely on family and moral relations - hence it is not difficult to make a discovery: by removing moral restrictions through sexual emancipation, it is possible, as it were, to “naturally” solve the national question on a global scale!

Hence, apparently, a revolutionary Trotsky has an interest in Freudians, in the sexual revolution, or "love as a glass of water." Today, it is promoted by permanent revolutionaries in the form of a struggle for the rights of a homosexual person all over the world. US Vice President Joe Biden said so directly: everyone who does not respect the rights of our LGBT brothers and sisters will “pay their price for this!”

The American concept of world democracy is essentially a new concept of the world communist permanent revolution, it just took a step back, returning to the democratic banner. The color revolutions are all the steps of the world revolution, of which the permanent communists — the Trotskyists — have always spoken!

Since America became the base of the new Trotskyist communism, it received all its “permanent” and homosexual delights in the largest volume. Hence the phenomenon of Donald Trump, not only a billionaire, but also, let's not forget, a father of many children, hence his support for traditional America, which has not yet lost the good old human traits. The fact is that the red-haired billionaire Trump loves his America more than the idea of ​​global neo-Trotsky leadership / domination in the world, especially at American expense. So when Clinton defends his “cherished values,” Trump calls them simply “stupidity.”

The burden of the world revolution is hard to bear even for the States: today, in terms of livability, the United States is inferior to Western Europe and Japan, to its satellites! Just like Russia-USSR, it was inferior to its satellite windows. Clinton's "radiant hail on the hill" Trump calls "fake economy" and threatens to deal with it in order to bring back the greatness of good old America. But can trump repeat the path of Boris Yeltsin and destroy the American Central Committee of the CPSU? ..

The latest CNN poll says that Donald Trump became the leader of the presidential race, 45 percent of respondents are ready to vote for him, Clinton percent - less than 2 percent ...
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  1. +15
    12 September 2016 13: 03
    Yeah, a very good comparison of the author, you will not say anything. If anything, then Yeltsin made a direct contribution to the collapse of the Union itself, staged a robbery and genocide of its people. Do you think Trump will destroy the United States and reduce the country's population? I don’t think so.
    1. +6
      12 September 2016 13: 45
      Very literal understanding of the Engineer, but politics is not an electronic circuit, where everything is unambiguous. The tasks of the heroes of the article are similar, but how they will solve them, and what will come out of it is another matter, the story is never repeated literally. The Russian communists were repelled by the experience of the French revolution, and how similar is the Russian revolution to the French? Although some turns and events are repeated, for example, the Russian revolution also devoured its children, although it postponed it until the year 1937 ...
      1. +1
        13 September 2016 01: 55
        This is not an analytical article, but a savory kitchen profanity!

        The author had to think the same. belay so draw and shoot fellow that from his eclecticism in all seriousness, some members of the forum have completely “melted” their brains! laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +9
      12 September 2016 16: 19
      But can Trump repeat the path of Boris Yeltsin

      Quote: Gormengast
      Then Trump is Gorbachev

      Colleagues, Yeltsin, Gorbachov request It will be too small. Won that Ukrainians nadybal: belay
    4. +3
      12 September 2016 16: 43
      Kamnev's article resembles the song "I blinded him from what was." Well, the conclusions are appropriate laughing She is clearly not attracted to any serious analytics.
      1. 0
        12 September 2016 18: 31
        "The US elections are governed by Putin .." in many Western media. headlines .. But in fact, so men! Even in the days of the USSR, a mighty superpower, I don't remember this ... bully
    5. 0
      13 September 2016 10: 39
      Does Trump know?
  2. +4
    12 September 2016 13: 24
    No, you are the only Yeltsin and not repeatable, he will not surpass it.
  3. +6
    12 September 2016 13: 30
    just do not believe it, I made the exact same comparison of trump with Yeltsin when I realized that the struggle would be between trump and Clinton.
    1. +6
      12 September 2016 16: 23
      I don’t know which Trump Yeltsin will turn out to be, but the fact that from Khirali you get a drop dead Khrushchev is a sure thing, comrades.
      1. +2
        12 September 2016 16: 25
        Aaaaaaaaaaa !!!!

        Ah ha ha ha !!!
      2. 0
        12 September 2016 18: 33
        Gray Brother Today, 16:23 ↑ New
        "I don’t know which Trump will make Yeltsin, but the fact that Khirali will make an awesome Khrushchev is a sure thing, comrades"....

        Slipper shoes in hand is not enough ... laughing
  4. +3
    12 September 2016 13: 31
    The American political establishment is becoming smaller ..
    1. +8
      12 September 2016 13: 52
      This is exactly what you want? Thirty years of unhealthy, perverted LGBT lifestyle does not pass without a trace. Well at least Trump was found! But Clinton's nature won back ...
  5. +3
    12 September 2016 13: 56
    Yeltsin is synonymous with concepts "assign","steal","break up". And what, and in what place is Trump going to ruin?

    In the fact that democracy - this is essentially homocracy - I willingly believe. But this does not concern the Clintonites, but the American lifestyle in general.

    About the sodomites are terrible laughing the Communists rightly said that they are decomposition products of the exploiting classes that have nothing to do and nowhere to put your ass.

    This is the case. Individualism and hedonism not without reason rhyme with homosexuality.

    And it is necessary to decompose in such a way as to raise to the shield as a democratic ideal, which is incapable of analysis. am
    1. +1
      12 September 2016 13: 58
      aggressive US foreign policy Yes
      1. +2
        12 September 2016 15: 53
        And what, Yeltsin ruined the aggressive foreign policy of the USSR? belay

        Gorbachev (Cat Leopold laughing ) even Afghanistan ceased without any help from Yeltsin.

        Then Trump is Gorbachev, because Trump hints at an analogue of the collapsed Gorbachev ATS - NATO. laughing
        1. +1
          12 September 2016 16: 45
          and I’m not for comparison, I’m just saying that it will ruin foreign policy.
          1. 0
            12 September 2016 18: 38
            AdekvatNICK Today, 16:45 ↑
            and I’m not for comparison, I’m just saying that it will ruin foreign policy.

            They won’t give ...
    2. +2
      12 September 2016 18: 37
      Gormengast Today, 13:56
      “Yeltsin is a synonym for the concepts of“ appropriate, ”“ steal, ”“ ruin. ”So what, and in what place is Trump going to ruin?"...

      Assign ... Steal ... Break apart ... To drink ...... White House...
      No, it won’t work ... They won’t ...
  6. TTX
    12 September 2016 14: 26
    [/ i] "This is where the phenomenon of Donald Trump grows, not only a billionaire, but also, let's not forget, a father with many children, hence his support for traditional America, which has not yet lost its good old human traits." [i] That's just for this, normal Americans should vote for Trump, although if you look closely, he is a dark horse, in contrast to the frenzied Hilary
  7. +9
    12 September 2016 14: 39
    Very dubious comparison and far-fetched analogies. In my opinion.
  8. +4
    12 September 2016 15: 19
    And I liked the article. Unusual train of thought. And this is always interesting. No one says that her (article) should be taken "literally".
    But gives food for thought.
    This is the main thing. good
  9. +4
    12 September 2016 16: 24
    the author has a mess in his head
    sorry cons canceled
  10. +3
    12 September 2016 18: 17
    Donald Trump - American Boris Yeltsin? No, a misunderstanding like Yeltsin could only be allowed to power in Russia, and only in Russia could the army support (which he was stubbornly falling apart). In the states, the president does not have absolute power like the Russian tsar, general secretary, president, so if anything, he’s whoever does not give it will simply be removed or brought to life wink
  11. +8
    12 September 2016 18: 22
    All this is a circus for the plebeians of the American so-called society. Whoever is in power in this country, he will do everything that is usual. To kill weak countries that do not want to obey them, to provoke civil wars with the help of revolutions, as their predecessors bequeathed (the English, we were touched that we are still chopping) ... Whoever the president in this country will harm the whole world. Parasites. This is their reality, their faith, the English. And they themselves understand this very well. They do not consider us fools. All sorts of different, real, real, stupid people we are doing with fury for them. for some reason, then generally talk.
  12. +3
    12 September 2016 18: 31
    " But can Trump repeat the path of Boris Yeltsin and destroy the American Central Committee of the CPSU?.. "...

    Hmm ... If he creates such that he created EBN with Russia in the 90s, he will be destroyed as well as D. Kennedy ... Only the reasons will be somewhat different ...

    Well, linking Trotsky - world communism-homosexuality - Hillary Clinton, etc ...
    I, in general, agree that all of them are ... SUS (or STU), but too twisted ...

    Well, if Trump passes for the presidency and builds a state based on universal human values, all the more so, he will stop this entire bacchanalia - the arms race, the constant global tension, and make relations with Russia human - this can only be applauded ...

    Only I don’t believe him, although he is better than Clinton ... First, where did you see the politician fulfilling his election promises? And secondly, nevertheless - he is a normal, ordinary billionaire capitalist who will blow in the same tune with the gop company on Wall Street and the shadow world cabinet ...
  13. +1
    12 September 2016 18: 54
    Trump is a businessman (and more than once survived bankruptcy and rose again) You can negotiate with him! And here is Clinton’s bitch (a deceived woman, ..) She will take revenge on all the men of the planet, for the humiliation her husband husbands Bill made her ... Just look into her eyes and behavior, she is eager for power to prove to her husband ... (I think Bill, she periodically beats, he does not appear in public at all ..)))))
    The show goes on...! hi
  14. +2
    12 September 2016 19: 55
    (A recent CNN poll says Donald Trump has become the leader of the presidential race, 45 percent of those polled are ready to vote for him, Clinton - 2 percent less ...)

    This means nothing. In the "light on the hill" it is not the people who elect the president, but the electors, whom you can buy wholesale and retail, blackmail, and in extreme cases slander and exclude from the list. Yes
  15. +4
    12 September 2016 20: 07
    My friends, it is sad to see that we do not see the obvious, and we are falling under the influence of liberals, for whom everything is a "phenomenon": Stalin, the USSR, Trump, and the sexual revolution. Although a pimple will never just jump up on the body. A non-standard line of thought ... And the fact that in 1934 Stalin suddenly sends homosexuals to the camps is his whim, as liberals like the historian Chubais assure us? Is 1937 crazy? And then the "crazy" Stalin wins the war with Germany, and negotiates with Churchill on equal terms! Although, I myself "did not see" for a long time.

    Most of all, the state of Russia in 30-s is determined, for me, by the fact that they introduced separate education in schools for boys and girls - now the educators have reached what point, and we are going to it again ...

    I realized that the history of the 20s of Russia, of its sexual corruption, is the greatest secret of our history, because it is "shameful", and we know much less about it than about 1937, and we do not understand the 30s. because they grow out of the 20s, which are still hidden from us in the archives. Old people told me about naked demonstrations in Ulyanovsk, but where can you read that from historians? And what does this mean? Our history of the beginning of the revolution has to be guessed as the history of Pompeii from the remains of amphorae.

    And the United States ... We also approach them as an amazing phenomenon, recently the USSR seemed just as surprising. However, the mole of the story of Marx does exist ...
    1. 0
      12 September 2016 22: 55
      What our story has to guess is at the very point. And not only with regard to the beginning of the revolution, the whole history, from Tsar Gorokha to the present day, is considered political ammunition and each one keeps in its cache, from time to time releasing torn pieces to the world that are currently advantageous.
    2. 0
      13 September 2016 14: 08
      Marx is a recognized classical representative of German philosophy. His scientific conclusions in the field of economics to this day are not refutable. And it is naive to "flutter" with short stories about the generalization of everything and everyone without fundamental scientific training. On the site "VO" there are a lot of respected, well-educated citizens who do not want to discuss "regular delusional thoughts" in the style of "Dunno on the Moon" at least because of their good breeding.
  16. 0
    12 September 2016 22: 18
    Why Presidential Power to 70-year-old Old Trump or 68-year-old Clinton? They do not cherish themselves, oh do not cherish ...
    Remember how blooming young man Obama came and what he looks like now, huh?
  17. 0
    12 September 2016 22: 20
    Quote: STARPER
    Trump is a businessman (and more than once survived bankruptcy and rose again) You can negotiate with him! And here is Clinton’s bitch (a deceived woman, ..) She will take revenge on all the men of the planet, for the humiliation her husband husbands Bill made her ... Just look into her eyes and behavior, she is eager for power to prove to her husband ... (I think Bill, she periodically beats, he does not appear in public at all ..)))))
    The show goes on...! hi

    That "Bill's friend" is not visible, it's you to the point!
  18. +2
    12 September 2016 22: 34
    In vain we abandoned the red project. With competent leadership, the USSR would crush the west. At first, we had no allies at all, and at the end of the 70s half the ball was in our camp. I understand perfectly well that the loyalty of many countries was bought by deliveries of food, weapons, equipment, but we also received something in return. The capsystem must constantly expand, otherwise it starts to devour itself. The collapse of the socialist system allowed the West to delay the collapse of the liberal model of the economy by 30 years, but not prevent it. 30 years ago, the West had two options - to arrange a world nuclear war or to go through an internal crisis that would demolish the liberal model of the economy as a hurricane.
  19. 0
    12 September 2016 23: 00
    Trotsky democracy is freedom of relations (homosexuals, lesbians), the foundation of the destruction of any country, one of
    methods of destruction, at the dawn of Soviet power, the majority in the government were tribesmen
    Trotsky. Today they are again at the edge of destruction, their flags are different. One goal is the destruction of states and countries, the ultimate goal is the world government, which they should lead.
    1. 0
      13 September 2016 14: 36
      Yes, you at least read Trotsky. The author carries nonsense and others after him. What does Trotsky have to do with homosexuals? The term "permanent communism" invented by the author is the same as the permanent moon. For permanence is a property of a process, not a state. Trotsky defended the idea of ​​a permanent (unceasing) revolution until Stalin sent his man with an ice pick to him, so that he would not pervert the ideas of communism, which is what the respected author does, at least in a different guise. And in fact - "decommunization of all mankind" - the essence of the destruction of the millennial social order. Either the author does not understand this from lack of education, which is forgivable, or he is a provocateur and pours water on the mill of liberoids, destroying any social relations in society from family to state.
  20. 0
    13 September 2016 16: 04
    If earlier on Trump the campaign-trump will come ---- put things in order (that is, the sanctions will be lifted and recognized by the Crimea)
    is now the hope that will destroy America? So there is a kaput and a volcano to the dollar. Not?
    I’m inclined to think that little is changing from rearranging the backs of American presidents. So the black ass will be replaced by a female or Trumpovsky little change. Rhetoric except. Actions will remain the same.
  21. 0
    13 September 2016 17: 47
    Amazing You read the comments and the impression is that 50% of those who commented on did not advance beyond comparison with Yeltsin.
    Yes, I agree, the analogy is somewhat unfortunate. But the article is not about this, but about the policy of the United States, as the policy of the 2nd (or whatever) International of Trotsky. Here everything "hits" 10-ku. Nobody paid attention?
  22. +1
    14 September 2016 10: 58
    I would not really hope so. Rather, Trump resembles Reagan. Only at Reagan's managerial abilities were not particularly visible at first, and then they got out, as if by a bonus.
    With Trump, everything is very clear. And I would not particularly hope for his current rhetoric friendly to Russia.
    We may very well regret later that we did not choose the silly Hillary. She would have miraculously poked fun at America. But alas! Democrats will now save only a miracle.
    1. 0
      19 September 2016 22: 01
      Do not despair, I still believe that the clans of the Fed masters supporting Hillary are more powerful than the clans supporting Trump. All the same, the absence of an equal opponent for 25 years contributed to the "psakism" of the brain even in them.

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