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Anniversary Day tanker

The second Sunday of the first autumn month in our country is one of the professional military holidays - Day of the tanker. And it is celebrated in the anniversary - 70 time. The decree that this holiday appeared in the calendar of military dates, was published in the post-war 1946 year. The Presidium of the USSR Supreme Council 1 July 1946 establishes the Day of Tankmen to commemorate the great merits of armored and mechanized troops in defeating the Nazi invaders in the Great Patriotic War.

Tanker Day is one of those military holidays that are widely celebrated in the Russian Federation. It is especially widely celebrated in those settlements in which it is located. tank production, or which are directly related to the largest tank battles of World War II.

Anniversary Day tanker

The first official celebration of the Day of the Tanker is considered in all senses a remarkable event - the march of the Guards tank Kantemirovskaya division in Red Square.

Muscovites saw the passage of armored vehicles and other divisional weapons on the main square of the country. Eyewitnesses of this truly monumental spectacle still recall that parade as one of the outstanding events that they had to witness during their lives.

I.V. Stalin, C.K. Timoshenko and K.A. Vershinin on the podium of the Mausoleum VI Lenin during the march Kantemirovskaya division along the Red Square. Date taken: 08.09.1946 (Photo by RGAKFD)

Archival chronicle:

Historical document:

№ 27
July 16 1946 city

I declare the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from 11 July 1946, “On the establishment of an annual holiday - Day of the Tankers”.

Deputy Minister of the Armed Forces of the USSR
army General


Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR
“On the establishment of an annual holiday - Day of the Tankmen”

July 11 1946 city

Considering the particularly important importance of tank and mechanized troops and their outstanding services in the Great Patriotic War, as well as the merits of tank builders in equipping the Armed Forces with armored vehicles, to establish an annual holiday - “Day of Tankers”.
“Day of tankers” is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of September.

This day is celebrated in all the capitals of the Union republics, as well as in Leningrad, Stalingrad, Chelyabinsk, Gorky, Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk, Kharkov, Omsk, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok with twenty artillery salvos.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR
Secretary of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR

Moscow Kremlin

A few days before the 70-th celebration of the Tankman’s Day in our country, the main defense department of Russia published a short animated film for children - “What is a tank?” In the comments to the animation, liberal whiners had already managed to distinguish themselves, where "the tank is moving man." The fact that the commentators call the “man” in this case the Nazi warrior who came to conquer the Soviet (Russian) land, who killed, robbed, raped - perhaps everything you need to know about “our” liberals.

The cartoon itself from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation:

Today, tank servicemen receive a real professional gift. The point is that the first production tanks of the new generation T-14 "Armata" went to the army. More than a hundred combat tanks under test are sent for “running in” in various operational conditions. At the same time, the Ural specialists are working on the development of robotic tanks on the “Armata” platform. The plans of the Ministry of Defense include equipping troops of approximately 2,5 thousand Armata T-14 tanks over the next ten years.

Despite the change in the economic situation in the country, there is no talk about revising the plans yet, and I would like to hope that all these plans will be brought to real implementation.

"Military Review" congratulates all those involved (not only the tank crew, but also the creators of the tank equipment) on the holiday!
Photos used:, РГАКФД
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  2. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 11 September 2016 05: 38
    Great guys.
    Happy Holiday !!!
    We are all of the same Mazut - Armored.)))

    What is ... a tank?
    A piece of armor stuffed with mechanical computers and electronics?
    This is cold "iron". This is not a living horse, which neighs joyfully at your approach.
    This is a TANK that has an armored character.
    And we know HOW to wake him, this cold hulk - with his DAILY blood on the palms, with his stubborn character, with his fury, to know this fighting machine.
    And Tank will always answer you if you love him as yourself.

    And there is no better holiday in the soul than the hum of the MZN ... a Machine warmed up in 40 degrees frost ... and then pull the "air" hook)))
    - and hear with your whole body how the heart of the tank wakes up - its diesel.
    There is no better holiday in the soul, when all AZRs go obediently "forward" and not one breaks.
    - and see how the Tank comes to life.
    There is no better holiday in the shower when the gyroscope of the weapon stabilizer begins to howl and the cradle does not tremble when the FCS is turned on.
    - and feel that YOU and the MACHINE are now - ... one unit ... LIVING TANK.
    How sweet this roar ....
    A tank is a harmony of crude iron and its understanding crew, a tired and soulful CREW, in whose eyes a live fire of iron, diesel and lithol burns.
    Then - beware, the dog is angry))).

    Happy holiday to you Men. From the heart.

    The first toast is for us, for the Armor. Lift it looking into the eyes of our children. We survived only in order to transfer ourselves to them - our Soul and Heart.
    The second toast is for our Parents and Homeland. Because it is one and the same.
    The third toast is for those who ... stayed in the ARMOR. Forever and ever.
    Military Greetings.

    Today is Tankist’s Day.
    We remove the dosilnik in the treasury, and ... let the whole world breathe calmly today, while we rest.)))
    Tankers hate war more than anyone else, because we all ... remain. Nearly.
    Everyone hits the tank on any theater, because we ... our fate is like that. And we are always ready for this. We were taught that way.

    And this is OUR Feast of the Survivors and the Dead. And people and cars .. And we will be with one, one hand, on the torsion bar - raise a toast to ALL.

    Happy holiday, Mazut.
    drinks drinks drinks
    Happy holiday to you, Country.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 11 September 2016 05: 47
      Aleks tv, Lyokha! Happy Holidays! shake your hand tight! Your Brothers are cooler than the "terminators"! for you drinks !
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 11 September 2016 06: 00
        Quote: Andrew Y.
        Lyokha! Happy Holiday!

        Andrei, just recently, he drove from Red Aduy to Chebarkul ...
        Well, I couldn’t look at you in Rezh ... and at the guys in Ekb ...
        Eheh, sorry, buddy.
        I love my Ural.)))
        Be sure to give my son a greeting, he’s done well with you, worthy of the Father.
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 11 September 2016 06: 21
          Quote: Aleks tv
          Sure hello to your son,

          There is ! soldier life is a tricky thing, maybe it will put us at the same table! drinks
        2. WUA 518
          WUA 518 11 September 2016 14: 04
          Great armored! You save the whole world! Happy Holiday! soldier
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 11 September 2016 14: 36
            Happy holiday to you, dear male tankers and all those who created, are creating and will continue to create tank equipment! Hooray!

            As a woman, I wish you all today especially delicious and festive dishes, mutually joyful female and girlish smiles, and great happiness in your personal life!

          2. Aleks tv
            Aleks tv 11 September 2016 15: 14
            Quote: WUA 518
            Great armored

            Hi, bro.
            Happy holiday !
            Congratulate my grandmother from all of us.
            drinks drinks drinks
            1. WUA 518
              WUA 518 11 September 2016 15: 20
              So surely Comrade Guard Major. Father congratulated. The old tankman was cheerful and cheerful. drinks
              1. WUA 518
                WUA 518 11 September 2016 15: 54
                Hold Lesh. Your favorite, epic cut between 34 and "mustang" laughing
              2. Aleks tv
                Aleks tv 11 September 2016 22: 34
                Quote: WUA 518
                So surely Comrade Guard Major. Father congratulated. The old tankman was cheerful and cheerful. drinks

                Gavel, Brother.
                Tankers of the previous generation, this is the most valuable thing we have.
                They taught us hard, talked hard. But they loved us as their own children.
                Deep to them for this Respect with a capital letter.
                Low bow.
                Military Greetings.
                Health to your Bati, Sanya.
                The second black, Soviet, tank jumpsuit is waiting for him)))
                Keep him safe.
                Well, finally, the tasks for today are over due to their solution.
                You can grunt several times for a hundred grams.
                You can remember ...
                1. svp67
                  svp67 11 September 2016 22: 39
                  Aleks tv
                  Happy Holiday !!! Alex, so for a good mood, today we watched the guys laughing for an hour, discussed for two hours ...
                  1. Aleks tv
                    Aleks tv 11 September 2016 23: 04
                    Quote: svp67
                    Aleks tv
                    Happy Holiday !!! Alex, so for a good mood, today with the guys watched an hour laughing.

                    I am writing and laughing ...)))
                    I found myself entertainment for the night, I'll show the guys.
                    laughing good
                    Happy holiday Sergey. Happy holiday, Guard Lieutenant Colonel of the Armored Forces.
                    1. svp67
                      svp67 11 September 2016 23: 09
                      Thank. "Panzer - Marsch!" drinks smile
          3. Aleks tv
            Aleks tv 11 September 2016 23: 24
            Quote: WUA 518
            Great armored! You save the whole world! soldier

            No, Sanya, just a brawl ... ugh, damn it ... I teach the younger generation.)))
            We have normal guys.
            Normal - OUR. They love "Iron". A worthy change. They can be trusted with armor, but they don't even ask ...))) They just crawl into all the holes of the Machine and revive the Tank. They don't even notice the blood on their hands, rub it with lithol))).
            A worthy change.

            This clip and song is the best I've heard.)))

            Thank you brother.
            1. WUA 518
              WUA 518 12 September 2016 00: 57
              Leshka, Serga, our aviation congratulations, God bless you and your loved ones all the best!
              1. Aleks tv
                Aleks tv 12 September 2016 02: 08
                Pros ... !!!!
                Sanya, how great it is to feel in Your War Machine ...
                And it doesn’t matter if it’s a tank or an airplane.
                Youth, aphids ...
                Oh, our fingers still feel, and the spine still obeys the commands.)))

                And the war ...
                There is a film by Balobanov - War.
                Good film.
                Kind and understanding in its real rigidity.
                At least something was filmed so that civilians understood us.
                For us, Army men.
                For you, Aviation.
                For real Pros!
                Eh ... Memory, aphid ... where to put you ..........
                1. WUA 518
                  WUA 518 12 September 2016 02: 21
                  All of you correctly said Lesh, just to feel, you are the progress of the car! One unit!
                  1. WUA 518
                    WUA 518 12 September 2016 02: 23
                    1. WUA 518
                      WUA 518 12 September 2016 02: 27
                      Remember we talked in August? Everything is ready, come ......
    2. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 11 September 2016 13: 44
      Happy holiday to you, cavalry guards of our days !!! Full ammunition and smooth European autobahns!
      1. svp67
        svp67 11 September 2016 22: 40
        Yes, God be with him with the autobahns and the country road, if only the bridges to the city of Paris and further were strong ...
        1. PHANTOM-AS
          PHANTOM-AS 12 September 2016 00: 08
          Tankachi! happy holiday again !!!
          Grandfather, burned down on the Kursk Bulge, foreman.
          Dad, you are from the whole Soul, mech-waters. 34 matches, 1956-59th city of Nakhchivan, health to you, patience and longevity !!!
          Thanks you!!!
    3. WUA 518
      WUA 518 11 September 2016 14: 06
      Quote: Aleks tv
      What is ... a tank?
      A piece of armor stuffed with mechanical computers and electronics?

      1. OLD FART
        OLD FART 11 September 2016 15: 40
        Tanks are all! If they rush to the attack. .... Happy holiday!
  3. shalim
    shalim 11 September 2016 05: 43
    Happy holiday to us men!
    1. Finches
      Finches 11 September 2016 09: 01
      Happy Holiday! From the heart!

      Although I am a professional military signalman, my service began in the tank forces in Transbaikalia and the first entry in my personal file begins with a mark on the service in that regiment, and the first military specialty is the T-72 tank operator! What I'm immensely proud of! Therefore, 100 grams for myself on this day, I always consider it reasonable ...

      Once again, all a Happy Holiday! drinks
      1. OLD FART
        OLD FART 11 September 2016 15: 31
        Do not disgrace our grandfathers and great-grandfathers ....! I do not scream hooray., Just like that in our hearts with many ..
        Forgive the Libers! soldier Let's hit it clearly .. bully
  4. Knowing
    Knowing 11 September 2016 05: 45
    Well, Happy Holidays! BRonia is stronger than ever, and the tanks are fast as always !!!
    1. lelikas
      lelikas 11 September 2016 16: 15
      Congratulations ! Exactly as an "electronic-plastic" tanker, I join;)!
  5. mamont5
    mamont5 11 September 2016 05: 57
    Happy Holiday Armored Carriers! soldier
  6. SPACE
    SPACE 11 September 2016 06: 04
    "The tank commander asks the crew members:
    - What is the main thing in the tank?
    “A tool,” one answers.
    “Armor,” says the second.
    - The main thing in the tank is not to go crazy! "
    Armor is strong and our tanks are fast
    Well, Solarium Happy Tankist Day! drinks
  7. EvgNik
    EvgNik 11 September 2016 06: 11
    Guys, I congratulate you, may the day be sunny and kind:

  8. Bayonet
    Bayonet 11 September 2016 06: 20

    In a harsh, restless battle
    You certainly have no equal!
    On a powerful armor-piercing tank
    You are waiting for victories!

    Today I congratulate you!
    Success in life, without barriers!
    And on Tank Day I wish you
    More from the fate of the rewards! drinks
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. piter-tank
    piter-tank 11 September 2016 06: 26
    Happy Tankista Day! Do not creak or rust !!!
  11. aba
    aba 11 September 2016 06: 28
    Happy holiday to all tankers!
    And thanks for the video - I didn’t know that there was a parade dedicated to Tanker Day.
  12. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 11 September 2016 07: 05
    Happy Tankista Day Brothers !!!! Good and Good Health to everyone !!!! Good luck and luck !!! and shooting only on the Directrix!
  13. avg-mgn
    avg-mgn 11 September 2016 07: 23
    The Iron Army with the Jubilee.
    True, the anniversary countdown is somehow incorrect, but this is history.
    All the best to you, good luck in war, prosperity to you and your loved ones!
    A low bow to the Veterans of the Armored Forces, health and pep!
    May St. George the Victorious and Commander-in-Chief keep you!
  14. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 11 September 2016 07: 24
    To each tankman, a tank !!! Each tank has two refueling tanning beds, and forward - to tolerasts and liberoids !!! wassat But in general, a holiday, with the 70th anniversary, and live to see us celebrate the 150th anniversary of the tank troops !! drinks Order in the tank troops !!! soldier
  15. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 11 September 2016 07: 26
    Here it is, the most elegant tank of all time -
    As a kid, I still remember how these vehicles stood in the fleet of military vehicles.
    Even in storage, a roar of destruction came from them.
    Calm Armored Monsters.
    And when they wound up ... then I realized that I would become a tanker.)))
    Handsome man power.
    Respect for the difficult service of the crew of these machines.
    1. Andrew 447
      Andrew 447 11 September 2016 21: 06
      Alex, happy holiday !!!
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 11 September 2016 22: 45
        Quote: Andrew 447
        Alex, happy holiday !!!

        Mutually, Andrey.
        Raise the glass and ... Turnovers !!!
  16. Masya masya
    Masya masya 11 September 2016 07: 34
    Happy Holidays! love
  17. tundra
    tundra 11 September 2016 07: 51
    Happy Holidays! And especially the former colleagues, workshop 765, from UVZ!
  18. Monos
    Monos 11 September 2016 07: 51
    HAPPY HOLIDAY, "mazut" !!!

  19. Amurets
    Amurets 11 September 2016 08: 08
    Happy holiday to all tankers and tank builders! All the best to you and good luck in life.
  20. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 11 September 2016 08: 28
    Although according to VUS I am a "mortal enemy of tanks", I love tankers. And congratulations on the holiday!
    Yesterday I was in Alabino, on the Army. I saw everything, did not shoot anything, there was no time. We have a powerful technique. And aviation, "Alligator" impressed with maneuverability and firepower, and artillery, and TANKS. And I went to "Kalashnikov". He held Lebedev's pistol in his hands, RPK 16, and so on. A good weapon, well done. It is a pity that today is the last day. But everyone who wants to can do it. Only wear the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes! I ran - in earnest.
    The pedometer showed 10 km, but it was necessary to watch - and touch. All is well with the organization. Only do not take knives with you, bottles and other things - in short, as at the airport ...
  21. family tree
    family tree 11 September 2016 08: 28
    Happy Holidays, tankers! For the ground strike force! drinks
  22. tinibar
    tinibar 11 September 2016 08: 36
    Urraaaaaa !!! drinks
  23. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 11 September 2016 08: 46
    Set the annual holiday - "Tankers Day".
    “Day of tankers” is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of September.
    Tankers on the occasion of you, from the gunner. How do you fit everything there? At one time, from the commanding officer to the place of the mechanic, I tried to seep out, got stuck. For Them, for you, for Tech. Armored heads.
    1. Grenader
      Grenader 11 September 2016 10: 09
      Happy holiday to all tankers! s.melioxin remove the Chinese tank, put the Russian.
      1. s.melioxin
        s.melioxin 11 September 2016 11: 23
        Quote: Grenader
        Happy holiday to all tankers! s.melioxin remove the Chinese tank, put the Russian.

        Respected. It can be seen that you better understand such nuances. But change is no longer possible. The main thing is to express gratitude and respect to the tankers. Of the 2500 draftees from Voronezh who arrived in Germany, most were sent to tank training. Among them were many of my comrades. How it happened, it happened. But from a pure heart he wanted. Thank. Once again with the holiday.
  24. Mentor
    Mentor 11 September 2016 09: 13
    I heartily congratulate the tankers on the day of their pride and glory!
    Tanker, but alas, only in dreams.
  25. cap
    cap 11 September 2016 09: 30
    Happy holiday tank!
    A new technique of good luck, happiness in life and good health.
    hi drinks
  26. PKK
    PKK 11 September 2016 09: 33
    Buryatov with your holiday! You can take zero beer on your chest, but not stronger, or the enemy doesn’t sleep, you still need your maneuvers and powerful shots. In Debaltseve, your guys did not weakly throw dill, that they fled in panic, shooting their commanders. Your job impressive, Health to you and success!
  27. moskowit
    moskowit 11 September 2016 09: 34
    "Robyaty, tankers ..." I sincerely congratulate you on the holiday! How we envied our tankers when they were released on holiday on holiday. The whole battalion. And we, motorized riflemen, did not have any holiday ...

    Now on the article. The third photo has an incorrect caption. In the photo, Stalin I.V., Marshal of the Soviet Union Voroshilov K.E. and Marshal of Aviation (not to be confused with the Chief Marshal of Aviation) Vershinin K.A. On the left you can see the "Kalmyk" eye and mustache of Marshal of the Soviet Union SM Budyonny.

    Vershinin K.A. The title of Chief Marshal of Aviation was awarded
  28. moskowit
    moskowit 11 September 2016 09: 52
    Continuation of the previous comment:
    Title Chief Marshal of Aviation K. Vershinin was assigned on May 8 of 1959 of the year ...
  29. avt
    avt 11 September 2016 09: 59
    Happy Maeutu!
  30. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 11 September 2016 10: 10
    Happy Holidays! For those who are in the tank and for these very tanks, our tanks drinks soldier
  31. AleBors
    AleBors 11 September 2016 10: 16
    Thanks to the congratulations and join all the congratulations!
    Happy holiday armored brothers! Mighty health to all, inexhaustible optimism and a healthy sense of humor!
    The armor is still strong and the tanks are still fast, and the guys, thank God, are not flimsy either. Hooray! Cheers cheers!
  32. Altona
    Altona 11 September 2016 10: 37

    Happy holiday, Happy Tanker Day! Everyone who drives and services this sophisticated technique! All. who served! Everyone involved! soldier
  33. Linda
    Linda 11 September 2016 10: 46
    Happy Tanker Day all involved! Separate congratulations to the forum-tankers: Aleks TV, svp67, Alekseev and others. I forgot to name anyone - I apologize.
  34. ruskih
    ruskih 11 September 2016 10: 47
    Happy Holiday! Health to veterans, successes and victories to today's tankers, all happiness and love.
  35. Andrew3000
    Andrew3000 11 September 2016 11: 13
    Tanker - Karaoke
  36. Laksamana besar
    Laksamana besar 11 September 2016 12: 39
    Congratulations to the tank crews of the USSR, the Russian Federation, Belarus, the LNR and the DPR on the 70 anniversary! drinks

    Today, the assistant commander of the Central Military District Yaroslav Roshchupkin said, -
    “A new tank formation is being created in the Central Military District, which is already equipped with more than 70 percent. The unit will bear the honorary name of the 90 Guards Tank Vitebsk-Novgorod twice of the Red Banner Division. Formation will be completed before December 1 2016 year »
  37. avt
    avt 11 September 2016 13: 20
    ZRAADA! I went to the ,, Corr "so they posted there - Trupchinov VSUkskikh tankistiv congratulated on the holiday! Yes, yak zhezh tse! ?? Happy Moskal holiday .... even worse - with the SOVIET! And the law on decommunization is not afraid of the zradnik! bully Or maybe I missed something? Well in world history? Maybe 150 million years ago, a kind of Cossack Gavrylyuk covered himself with a copper basin, or covered his ass at the approach of Moccalli? The axis of the bullet is the first self-styled tank at the WORLD!
  38. Aleksey_K
    Aleksey_K 11 September 2016 13: 30
    I join all the congratulations on Tankista Day. Happy holiday to everyone related to tanks!
    And here is my beginning of service on the T-44 near Severodvinsk (beyond the Arctic Circle). I am daily in the park, standing next to the T-44 and holding on to the barrel of a gun. The uniform is still a very old Soviet gymnast.

    And here I am already a lieutenant. I am in Petrodvorets with fighters (from left to right): Muldarov, Chaganava, your humble servant and from the right - a fighter from the neighboring 276 regiment.
    1. moskowit
      moskowit 11 September 2016 21: 18
      The photograph is dated 1971-1972. Soldiers have metal letters SA on shoulder straps, which later became scarce, with the advent of everyday shoulder straps with glued vinyl letters ... The lieutenant, in his everyday uniform, has a chin strap on his cap, which later changed to a twisted cord (the straps remained only for warrant officers, just introduced) and buttonholes without edging with a metal border, as on a ceremonial uniform ... On the right, the corporal is completely "disheveled", the belt is lowered to disgrace ...
  39. UzRus
    UzRus 11 September 2016 13: 34
    Happy holiday to all tankers! And they did a cool cartoon, well done!
    1. OLD FART
      OLD FART 11 September 2016 15: 54
      Our tanks ...! Oh gentlemen, if they break out into the tactical space ... Mom do not grieve!
    PHANTOM-AS 11 September 2016 15: 33
    Happy Holidays, Guys!

  41. Trevis
    Trevis 11 September 2016 15: 44
    Anniversary! Congratulations!
    KGBESHNIK92 11 September 2016 16: 45
    Tanks would be newer. And so Happy Holiday !!!
    1. OLD FART
      OLD FART 11 September 2016 16: 57
      Eternal memory to the guys! .. Without clinking glasses ...:
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 12 September 2016 00: 06
        Then, without clinking glasses, we will remember the older generation of heroic Soviet tankers of the Second World War!
        Our relatives also had a tanker - he died in 1941 in the battles near Leningrad.
        While the older generation in the family was alive, they almost always remembered him on holidays and sang this song at the table under the button accordion.

        And then they sang this song, which our family loved very much. True, they sang it in our kin more fiery than the singer in the video.
  43. Fidel
    Fidel 11 September 2016 20: 00
    With Przdnik, Bro !!!
    T-80U, this is what I can hastanut)))
    Glory to the USSR !!!!
    1. You Vlad
      You Vlad 12 September 2016 13: 42
      Happy Holiday, Brother !!! drinks
  44. oldzek
    oldzek 11 September 2016 20: 48
    the guardsman sergeant thanks everyone for congratulations and, in turn, congratulates on our holiday, especially those who served and are serving in the 6th Kiev-Berlin.
  45. Andrew 447
    Andrew 447 11 September 2016 21: 02
    Colleagues TANKYSTS !!!! HOLIDAY !!!!
  46. Old warrior
    Old warrior 12 September 2016 11: 28
    Happy Holidays, Dear Comrades! The armor is strong and our tanks are fast ... soldier drinks