The development of the latest BMD has begun in Russia

Military scientists began to shape the technical appearance of a promising assault vehicle (BMD) of the 5 generation, reports RIA News a message from a representative of the Volgograd Tractor Plant at the Army-2016 forum.

The interlocutor noted that "recently there has been a trend in the design of front-wheel tracked combat vehicles in the countries of NATO and East Asia with the crew stationed in the reserved part of the hull."

“In connection with this (in Russia), a prospective BMD scheme with a combat compartment 100 + 30 (30-mm gun and 100-mm gun-launcher) developed for the Dragoon BMP-3 is proposed.”, - he said.

According to the representative of the plant, in the proposed layout, the crew and troops will be located behind the engine-transmission compartment, which provides additional protection.

“The increased habitable volume of the vehicle facilitates the movement of the crew and the assault force inside the vehicle and the placement of personal property. The large aft hatch provides a quick and safe exit through the opening ramp, ”he added.

The specialist noted that in the combat module it is supposed to use "two practically identical" Krechet "sights, equipped with rangefinder, thermal imaging and television channels."

  • RIA News. Alexey Filippov
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  1. +2
    10 September 2016 12: 05
    Well done, good news in the development of the military-industrial complex
    1. +9
      10 September 2016 12: 21
      At one time, there were many developments and plans, there was no money, now for every taste and somewhere, even busting.
      1. +5
        10 September 2016 12: 37
        The interlocutor noted that “recently in the countries of NATO and East Asia there is a tendency in design front wheel drive tracked combat vehicles with the crew in the reserved part of the hull. "
        A new word in technology! bully
        1. +8
          10 September 2016 12: 49
          I can’t judge whether it’s too much or not, it’s none of our business, and the Moscow Defense Ministry is even more visible. Well, even a little too much, but it's better than a shortage and it’s scary to remember the 90s ...
          1. +8
            10 September 2016 14: 13
            Quote: RUSIVAN
            Well, even a little brute force, but it's better than a shortage and it’s scary to remember the 90s ...

            ... it is better not to remember, but you need to remember - the lesson is due ... but, in fact, the stated ... the author was terribly afraid to violate the IPDITR (methods of countering the activities of foreign technical intelligence) ... the above work is not in the interests of the Airborne Forces, they have BMD-4M and she completely suits them for the near future ... this is for our naked and barefoot marines now ... in the video BMP-3F ... but, not BMP-3M ... accordingly, the conclusion is simple, BMP-3F + developments on "Dragoon" = BMD for the Marine Corps, moving the engine forward and the stern ramp ... in the photo BMP-3F Indonesia, from which they are just delighted ... hi
            1. avt
              10 September 2016 14: 48
              Quote: Inok10
              on the BMP-3F photo of Indonesia, from which they are simply delighted ...

              request Which did not go to our marines, as "hopelessly outdated" according to Makarov - Serdyukov .........
              1. +3
                10 September 2016 20: 18
                Quote: avt
                Which did not go to our marines, as "hopelessly outdated" according to Makarov - Serdyukov .........

                ... there was a case, whoever argues ... and for the same reason did not reach the "green" BMP-3, although it was put into service ... well, this is the case of bygone days, in fact ... now the BMP -3 goes to the troops and the Marines do not forget, the BTR-3F is already discussed a week ago, I remember the horror of the "Shell" of the Airborne Forces, but the BMP-3 base ... hi
      2. 0
        11 September 2016 07: 09
        So I think whether there is too much development and what BMD-4M did not please ???
    2. +4
      10 September 2016 13: 55
      BMD-4 first entered service in 2004 (but no one saw it in the troops). In 2008, the BMD-4M appeared, but it began to enter service only at the end of last year (they saw it in the troops!). And the development of the fourth-generation BMD began in the early 90s, it is scary to think about what and when (?), It will appear in the troops.
  2. +1
    10 September 2016 12: 07
    Why is the BMD-4M bad ???
    1. +4
      10 September 2016 12: 25
      the news said - there is a desire to increase the protection of the crew and the landing. BMD4-M, according to the body (and level of protection) leads the family tree from BMD-3.
      The question, of course, is debatable. A new layout solution may make landing more difficult - the MTO ahead may upset the mass balance. plus if you want more armor - the mass will also grow.
      On the other hand, the Airborne Forces already have tanks. So the "landing capability" of a number of subunits will be reduced anyway. others are assigned tasks.

      1. +3
        10 September 2016 12: 40
        A heavy system for landing 20t is already being made. hi
        1. +2
          10 September 2016 15: 57
          here the question is not so much to the system as to the carrier. when dropping, the equipment is not dropped as in a "bomb carrier", but is moved to the hatch. the center of gravity shifts, which causes problems for the transporter. basically, this imposes restrictions on the mass.
          1. 0
            11 September 2016 17: 04
            this is not a very urgent problem, now sensors + autopilot systems can easily solve this problem, for a long time on fighter planes the pilot hasn’t been directly controlling the control planes there are so many of them and their interaction is so complicated that the person can’t cope. So, theoretically, it’s quite possible to remake the transporters, and remaking parachute-jet systems is also not a problem, it just takes time, money and specialists ...
    2. 0
      10 September 2016 12: 34
      The partners will not stand still, from the beginning of design to the delivery of equipment to the troops many years will pass, it is necessary to start working on a new machine now, then it can be too late.
  3. +1
    10 September 2016 12: 14
    Well, what, the goals are set, funds for development are allocated.
    The only thing left is to assemble the existing one in the new layout.
    1. 0
      11 September 2016 17: 06
      this is just not small, but the main thing ...
  4. +1
    10 September 2016 12: 18
    Aliens will help again
    1. The comment was deleted.
  5. 0
    10 September 2016 12: 22
    the arms race never stopped.
  6. +3
    10 September 2016 13: 00
    Excuse me, but what, "military scientists" work at the Volgograd Tractor Plant?
    1. +4
      10 September 2016 17: 21
      Today, 13: 00 New
      Excuse me, but what, "military scientists are working at the Volgograd Tractor Plant
      Is it true that at UVZ, not only cars are made ??? lol
  7. +2
    10 September 2016 14: 39
    It was high time to make the BMP and BMD with a front-mounted MTO and an airborne landing similar to that of western vehicles. New combat modules allow the ammunition to be carried outside the airborne squad, which will significantly increase the safety of people. The maximum mass of new machines can be increased to 18 tons, which will allow for parachute landing.
    1. +5
      10 September 2016 16: 40
      As for the layout, I completely agree. quite another thing when the rear ramp. , and if you strengthen the sides with armor, then the severity of the MTO in the front part is significantly neutralized. And the front-wheel drive gives the best jerk from the spot, which is very important, and easier to overcome vertical obstacles, there are all kinds of walls. and here’s also not an unimportant nuance, that shield in front, which he lowers afloat, needs to be slightly enlarged. Let’s say a third, and the tracks on the water that could literally stick to the bottom of the machine to reduce the resistance in the water. Then the speed will increase afloat a little more, he really starts to sail like a boat. there, the Chinese did just that, slammed at the American car, and which car is rushing like a boat on the waves precisely because of this. but there the armor of the city is clear, and it is very high, weakly armed, and does not feel well on dirt roads. but on the water goes like a glycer. Well, this is a specialized machine for the marine corps. and then just add a little shield and lower the clearance to zero. if you need to quickly overcome a water obstacle. in general, I hope this will be taken into account.
      1. 0
        11 September 2016 20: 13
        Quote: parkello
        and front-wheel drive gives the best jerk from the spot, which is very important, and easier to overcome vertical obstacles, there are all sorts of walls.

        You are very mistaken!
        If some caterpillar equipment better drives into obstacles backwards, then this is due to a less massive rear. And the jerk depends on the engine thrust.
        With front-wheel drive, there is more loss during normal movement, more loaded nodes working for wear.
  8. +1
    10 September 2016 17: 07
    Quote: Bronis
    there is a desire to increase the protection of the crew and the landing.

    Well, yes, 2 guns (one tank caliber) + solid ammunition + weight limitation, we get a "cardboard car"! What is not enough for a BMD of one automatic cannon (and good protection)? You can include special fire support vehicles (on At the end of the day, the paratroopers have both tanks and self-propelled guns. hi
  9. +1
    10 September 2016 17: 22
    The car is good, I served on BMD -1. I envy kindly.
  10. 0
    11 September 2016 07: 41
    Good news almost every day.)

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