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The interest of the Chinese special services in Taiwanese Mirage has a strategic background.


A single modification of the Mirage-2000-5Ei light multipurpose interceptor fighter of the Taiwan Air Force. The interest of the Chinese special services to the car is justified by many factors, one of which is the use of MICA-EM medium-range missiles as the main armament of air combat (in the photo at the inner suspension points). These missiles are the most advanced and maneuverable in service with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region: they are equipped with military equipment and large aerodynamic rudders, which allow, when intercepting a target, to go to overloads up to 50 - 60G

Military-political events occurring almost daily in the Asia-Pacific region are the main indicators of the rapid entry of the world into the long-term stage of the global opposition to the multipolar and unipolar concepts of building foreign policy interaction. The erection of an American military campus and base with more than 40 thousand personnel, as well as its cover with the help of the regional anti-missile complex THAAD, directly threatens the capabilities of the PRC 2 artillery corps to preserve at least some equal positions in comparison with with the 20-th Air Force of the US Air Force Global Strike Command. Intercontinental ballistic missiles deployed in the eastern provinces of the Middle Kingdom to deliver probable attacks on the West Coast of the United States have a trajectory that passes just over the Republic of Korea. The initial part of the trajectory is included in the high-altitude lines of interception (150 km) of the THAAD interceptor missiles. At the same time, the ICBMs in the arsenals of the 2 of the artillery corps are no more than 80, and a couple of divisions of the American complex can seriously drain the PLA’s strategic strike potential.

The threat to Russian ballistic missiles from the South Korean missile defense position area is less significant, since the trajectories of our missiles are more likely to pass over the Arctic region, but here is another unpleasant moment - a powerful high-potential radar with active AN / TPY-2 (GBR), which is capable of “peeking” »Into the stratospheric section of the airspace of Russia over the Primorsky Territory, and track the various aircraft used by the Pacific fleet and the Air Force of Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly pointed out the inadmissibility of the deployment of THAAD on the Korean Peninsula because of the likelihood of an even greater militarization of the PRC, but the Americans completely ignored these calls. APR continues to “grow” with modern American anti-ballistic missile weapons. The Chinese are far from simple guys, and literally every successfully turned out situation is used by Beijing to realize its strategic interests, especially in the direction of conducting intelligence.

For example, in recent years, Taiwanese security forces have identified and disclosed the organization of a large agent intelligence network under the Taiwan Air Force, consisting of a group of Taiwanese officers and their supervising agent 2 of the PLA General Staff Zhen Tsizhzhang. The network was engaged in ascertaining the detailed tactical and technical characteristics of the Mirage-48-2000Ei and 5 twin-seat Mirage-12-2000Di, which are in service with the Taiwan Air Force 5 and the MiNX-XNUMX-XNUMXDi. It would seem that what is interesting to the PLA specialists is not a completely new French-made tactical fighter that is in service with the enemy? Naturally, their onboard radio-electronic equipment, as well as flight-technical characteristics, as reported in the article “Les Mirages, cibles preferes des Chinois” on the French resource “Intelligence online”.

Complementing the opinion of the French newsletter, it should be clarified that the Chinese people are most directly interested in the RDY-2 radar operating modes, and in particular the MICA-EM // IR medium-range missiles with active radar and infrared seeker, which in the amount of 960 units were purchased by the Taiwan Ministry of Defense for the national air force. It would seem, what can be special in the modes of operation of a conventional on-board radar with an effective detection range of up to 100 km and 8 simultaneously accompanied targets?

Firstly, it is almost complete compliance with the algorithms of the RDM radar installed on the Mirage-2000H / TH Indian fighter jets: due to direct access and study of the parameters of the fire control system and the radar modes of operation, the Taiwanese officers could provide the Chinese Air Force with comprehensive information on the RDM operation / RDY, which in turn would help the Chinese specialists to quickly find the most optimal type of electronic suppression, which would become effective against both the Taiwanese and the Indian Mirage.

Secondly, it is the presence in service of the Mirage missiles MICA-EM. The characteristics of the active homing radar of this AD4A missile are of interest to the Chinese Air Force command no less than the avionics of the Mirages themselves, because very soon, according to the 7,9 billion contract, the Indian Air Force will receive 36 multi-role Rafale fighters, which may be in future conflicts applied against chinese tactical aviation. Here, the Chinese special services could work for the long term: if the exact parameters of the active radar seeker AD4A were found, the basic principles of the operation of similar homing anti-aircraft guided missiles VL-MICA, Aster-30 and MBDA Meteor long-range aerial missiles would automatically open. These products will soon occupy a serious niche in the global arms market, and it will be vital for the Chinese electronic warfare system to be able to withstand these homing heads.

Chinese specialists are no less interested in the maneuverability of the Mirage-2000-5, which, thanks to the tailless aerodynamic design with a low-lying delta wing, is almost as good as machines like the F-16C, J-10A / B or MiG-29CMT steady reversal at angles of attack to 28 degrees. If you look at the performance of “Mirage-2000-5” at the MAKS-2007 aerospace show, you can see a unique “energy” pilotage with high angular speeds in pitch and roll, for example, for Falcon or Super Hornet. given quite difficult. The load on the wing with a normal take-off mass is 254,4 kg m2, which indicates a decrease in the bend radius and the best bearing qualities of the fuselage. Afterburner on the midsection is 3233 kgf / m2, which is enough for the excellent acceleration qualities of the car from 600 to 1200 km / h. And finally, the G-limit of the Mirage-2000-5 airframe is 13 units, which can be found only in single types of tactical fighter jets.

Modernization of the Mirage with new radars with AFAR can turn a light multipurpose fighter into an advanced aviation system for intercepting and gaining air superiority of the 4 ++ generation, and therefore the regular hunting of the PRC for the technical data of this machine will be maintained.

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  1. Bongo
    Bongo 13 September 2016 15: 40
    Chinese experts are no less interested in the maneuverability of the Mirage-2000-5, which, thanks to the aerodynamic tailless design with a low-lying triangular wing, is almost as good as such machines as the F-16C, J-10A / B or MiG-29СМТ in steady reversal at angles of attack up to 28 degrees.

    Whatever one may say, and "Mirage-2000" - this is already yesterday's day of military aviation, this aircraft has been in service since 1984.
    Modernization of Mirages with new radars with AFAR is able to turn a light multi-functional fighter into an advanced aviation complex for intercepting and gaining superiority in the air of the 4 ++ generation

    True? And will he be able to fight on equal terms with the Su-30MK and Su-35С? No. Why then did the French create "Rafale", it would be worth "Mirages" and beyond.
    1. 4bas
      4bas 13 September 2016 16: 03
      With the MiG-29 it is quite, and this is the weight category of the Mirage, in contrast to the Sushki.
    2. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 13 September 2016 17: 25
      Quote: Bongo
      "Mirage-2000" - this is the yesterday of military aviation, this aircraft has been in service since 1984.

      And what about the MiG-29? wink Only the MiG-29 of the early 80s is just like the MiG-29SMT, as the Mirage-2000 of the 84th on the Mirage-2000-5E.
      1. hirurg
        hirurg 13 September 2016 19: 44
        The interest of the Chinese special services in the machine is justified by many factors, one of which is the use of MICA-EM medium-range missiles as the main weapon of air combat
        Is that a joke?
  2. Leeder
    Leeder 13 September 2016 15: 51
    In vain, the Americans angered the Chinese.
    Now, for sure, the "American" friendship will not fail.
    And the union with us is necessary for the Chinese like air. For EW technology, they can only get from us.
    1. Hapfri
      Hapfri 13 September 2016 17: 20
      And the union with us is necessary for the Chinese like air. For EW technology, they can only get from us.

      Will we give them everything again?
      1. OLD FART
        OLD FART 13 September 2016 19: 22
        Thank you ....! Why not, but there will be an opportunity to control (in which case)
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. OLD FART
            OLD FART 13 September 2016 20: 56
            Quote: mav1971
            Quote: STARPER
            Thank you ....! Why not, but there will be an opportunity to control (in which case)

            Did you control the release of J-11, J-13, J-15 a lot?
            Giver ...
            Give your wife to someone, anyway, just eat in your head ...

            Rude .. and seriously! Or are you a provocateur ..? Son learn Russian ... I hope you understand me boy? hi